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As Night Falls

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As Night Falls - Page 4 Empty Re: As Night Falls

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Fri May 02, 2014 6:39 pm

I'm going to post two chapters instead of one. Beacause I wanted it to be a nice first may post. Smile

As Night Falls - Page 4 64008dfad6ce0340d7c7f4b4bda49998
"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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As Night Falls - Page 4 Empty Re: As Night Falls

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Wed Jun 04, 2014 2:44 pm

Hello children of the universe, or whatever you wanna call yourselves.

I'm trying to tweek some thing with chapters and such and i'm also working on a few things for another site and such, (they want me to make a story for them) since i'm working hard on this atm, i might post it, on the site for fun. So, yeah that's my beautiful update.

As Night Falls - Page 4 64008dfad6ce0340d7c7f4b4bda49998
"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Adept Creator

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As Night Falls - Page 4 Empty Re: As Night Falls

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:54 pm

YESH 500 vies doh! Thank you guys so much. Enjoy guys!
Chapter 11: Korosu
Effican Manor
“I’ve heard that Opolio has a great selection of reads on the Royal Garden Invasion. Maybe you could look at those and see if she’s in one of them.” Ofire advised. He was sitting with his energy pistol slung around his waist, sitting cross- legged at the nineteenth century desk. The wind blowing from the open window gave in a nice summer breeze, and cooled down his aching back and sore neck from all the months on the job.

“No, Lillium wouldn't be there. If anything she would’ve paid millions of lumina to make sure that her records were never found. She took every step precisely, there has to be a reason why she wanted to hit rewind. She has to be hiding something. Ofire, when was the last time you checked her reports?” Fitz fiddled with his mustache.
“About a hundred years was the last time a general checked a commanders Mock reports. Why would you ask?” Ofire, now more interested in the subject.

“Lily knew the ends and outs of the system. She knew that if anyone were to wonder where she had been-”

“It says she was taken captive in the R. War.” Says Ofire, who is checking his state of the art holographic phone.

“No, she was released. I remember somebody telling me that they saw her at the Light Source.” Fitz says.

“Then the girl was smart enough to get in and out before anyone could notice that she wiped herself off of the face of the Earth. She was the smartest in her class, and has been one of the most greatest minds of angel history. How do you know that she didn’t want to just restart.” Ofire said.

“I know, but we need her more than ever. The people are tense. How is our North Guard Commander doing, is he keeping order in Maryton?” Fitz says.

“The townspeople like the Sentra Angels better. They think that they treat them more fairly, since their powered by pure light.” Ofire said.

“Then fire the commander, I want you to find the prince and give him the job. Then give him an assignment.” Fitz thought as he spoke.

“What assignment?” Ofire asked.

“I want you to tell him that his main goal is to find the Lillium. If he does not find her within three months. He will face serious consequences.” Fitz ordered.

“My graciousness, that is the prince your talking about. What would his punishment be in the event that he does not return Lillium?” Ofire, now more engraved into the subject than he was ten minutes ago.

“That is for his ears not yours. I’m sure there are better things for you to be doing. Go along with my orders. I want a report in my mail by midnight, and no later.” Fitz waved him away.

Ofire stood, put his knuckles to his forehead, and bowed. Then turned and walked away. If Fitz was playing his cards right, he would have Lillium in a few weeks. But if he didn’t. He guessed that would mean the Angels have finally come to an ending.

“It’s a great assignment really, it’s basically just some study abroad type work. I think you’ll need a few things from the Library before you leave. Harold, I think you’ll be especially pleased with my collection of potions, dusts, wands, staffs, anything you can think of.” Li says, as he walks down a grand hall in the H.Q Deadgrove. Everything is underground, but it looked as if the earth had swallowed a cathedral.

“Wow, did you collect them all yourself?” Harold asked in amazement.

“Yes, and no. There was a ten century year old wizard who died a few months ago. He’s shipped everything here. Of course I’ve took to documenting all of his fascinating creations.”

The doors open, and a spire of spectral colors swirls across the shelves. Books, potion, bags filled with unknowns, wands, staffs, and a beautiful isle of Mante. Mante were clothes that were known for channeling magic, they were also signs of great power. They were worn on wizards almost every day of the week.

“You’ve got about half an hour to get everything you need before your chaperone arrives. I hope you use your time wisely.” Li bows off and walks down the long hallway, not looking back for the life of him.

Harold has already taken to grabbing a satchel and using the enchanted ladders to looks around. His face lights up like a child in a toy store. He screams names of things in joy as he finds them and sometimes put them in his various compartments.

“Oakwood potion! That’s great for leeches!”
“Spider’s eye and lions tongue! A great boost of magical flows!”

Soon he slides down the ladder and goes to grab a suitable wand for himself. Gemness stood there, arms crossed and eyes locked. Harold took less care towards Gemness after each passing minute. He studied each one, and the carvings in them. He would smile at one, and then frown at others. He finally picked one, a silvermoon goldtip. It was about sixteen inches long, and he handled it well. He also took a strap and grabbed a staff, an amberwood staff.

“Amberwoods are good for round casting. They last long and their durable.” He says.

“Why do I get the feeling we’re in a Harry Potter book?” Gem recalls.

Then he puts a long sleeve Mante on, it’s hood and coat tail hold many ancient writings. Gemness can make out some of them. As he see’s Harold’s arm he notices something.

“Are you a sworn in Majester?” Gemness says.

Harold pauses and then looks at his scarred art arm. “ At twelve, my grandfather took me in. He said it was now or never. I guess he was right.”

Gemness stared in awe. Majesters were high class, compared to regular wielders, majester were gods. Capable of spectacular things. Such as turning a wave into a tsunami in a matter of seconds. He had read about them in a uncle’s…

“ Majesters are like the princes of the wizards. They’re amazingly powerful. Some are said to wield uni- magic. Which, ever since the Darkmoon times, has been very rare.” Uncle Anther, recites, once in a while adding in his own opinion. His eyes filled with wonder at the sight of the old journals.

“Your father was brilliant, before he … he became corrupt.”

“But what about your … side effects?” Gemness says, scared to even ask the question.

Harold looks at Gemness as if he had just hit him with a brick.

“My side effects are my business. I can handle myself, I’m different.” He says, and starts to walk towards the door. Gemness lumbers after him.

“That’s what they all say. Then they get killed.”

Bermuda Triangle

The plane seemed to stop after they reached a the cloud wall. In fact, after a while the plain begins to angle down and fly through a thick vapor. Then the sun gleams down on a beautiful city on the water. Even from the sky you could see people bustling and hustling.

“Devion. It’s the first stop. You’ll have to take a faerie to get anywhere else.” The pilot says, as the wheels lock and they’re skidding on the water and into the uphill run way. The stop is even and nice and subtle. Gem itches to get on the grounds, and figure out there first objective.

“You’ll meet with Mr.Shancaster. He’ll then lead your forward to your next objective. Hurry, we have an eruption coming in about two or so hours. You’re supposed to be there.” The pilot says, almost to innocently.

Harold looks towards Gem with a look on his face as if they were about to crash. So unnerved that if he were taking apart a bomb, he would be the one to blow it up by his very function. Harold grabs his headset and softly whispers. “He’s joking right.”

Gem laughs. “You can fly right.”

Harold unbuckles and they get out of the multi-engine. Gem is first out, and a chauffeur is already there to greet them.

“I didn’t know they had Mini Coopers in Devian.” Gem laughs, so quaint with the situation it scares Harold to the core. In less than three weeks, Gemness has become completely and utterly in tune with the situation, as if a light had shone through his darkness so bright, he basked in it’s radiation.

“Come on,” The chaffeur chided, “We wouldn’t want you to be late in saving an island from impending doom.”

Two Weeks Ago

“Okay so I’m supposed to go to Nox?”

“Yes that’s all you need to do, and then everything you need will be presented to you. Your origin’s, your purpose. They’ll have everything there if you go. I’ll even include the ticket. Can’t just order them on Expedia.” The man with the the onyx ring finished his wine.

“I don’t have any more money on me. What’s in it for you.” Lily dance with the fire that was the unfathomable.

“I know that your mind was erased when Phireo aged you down. Vampires have an amazing brain capacity, it’s peculiar he did such a thing to you. Did you ask him to erase your mind for a reason?” The man pulled out his checkbook and wrote out a check for the wine. Then he wrote another one and handed it to Lily.

“What’s this for?” She said, eyebrows arched with caution.

“You wouldn’t believe this. But I’m obliged to give you this money. The first thing you’re gonna do, is cut that long hair of yours. Shoulder length, then get some clothes, leather and silk only, next get a gun, silver bullets. That might be tricky, so put him to sleep with one of tricks, I’ve seen you do it. Then get combat boots, and shades, dark enough to hide your ever changing eyes.” He tells her, and makes sure to look directly at in her eyes.

Lily didn’t know how to respond. Was this guy giving her pointers or leading her to her impending doom. The money he gave her was enough to set her up for about a year. What did he really want her to do.

“Your joking right.You’re tying me into a damn knot. How can I trust you?” Lily couldn’t help but raise her voice. Her eyes turning well black.

“ You can’t. You can’t trust anyone anymore. The stars are falling into place. It is time for everyone to take their place. Do you even know who you are in the slightest?” His words hit like daggers making their mark in her aching heart. His eyes pounding on her close doors. The fires in his lips, burning down her barriers.

It was true. Everbody double crossed her in the end. All her fortresses were falling. Her barricades wouldn’t hold any longer. Lillium couldn’t hide anymore.

She put the check in her pocket book. Then, with a thoughtful sigh looked straight into his eyes.

“What should I do?”

He smiles, somehow, Lily can’t read him.

“When you see Gemness Overton. I want you to kill him, with this.”  He pulled out a bullet. But it was enwrapped in a blue coating, and when Lily looked at it, she could almost recall seeing it move. Like a spider ready to kill. A snake waiting for it’s prey.

As Night Falls - Page 4 64008dfad6ce0340d7c7f4b4bda49998
"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Adept Creator

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As Night Falls - Page 4 Empty Re: As Night Falls

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Mon Aug 04, 2014 2:03 pm

Just finished chapter 12, I'm going on 13, and once I finish chapter 14, I will post, sorry I just want to finish this part in the book. It's a nice part.

As Night Falls - Page 4 64008dfad6ce0340d7c7f4b4bda49998
"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
Adept Creator
Adept Creator

Join date : 2013-12-08
Posts : 692
Age : 21
Location : Los Angeles

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As Night Falls - Page 4 Empty 3 Chapters

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Sun Aug 24, 2014 4:00 pm

Excuse the typos in this version, I hope you enjoy it! Oh and I'm trying out the new font. Like I kinda forgot to double space on Chapter 13 and 14 so my apologize, I'll make a better one.

Chapter 12: Speak

The ride to Nox was bumpy.

There were a few unpaved roads leading up to the highway, and the five mile bridge was really intense.  
Gemness bit a pen while he struggled to hold open a book. He then swerved out of the way of a wayward driver, cussing as he went.

“ My uncle has taught me everything I know in the manner of a day. The reason why we can do this amazing things is because of who we are.” Gemness says, and Harold notices that he’s being more serious than he had been in the last fifteen hours that Harold had known him.

“ In the matter of a day, that’s not possible, even for someone like you that shouldn’t be.” Harold, denying anything and everything that Gemness tells him.

“ You need to know who you are, so you’re not as confused as some of the people like us in the world are. We were created during the birth of the universe. During this time there were many earths, and many places where people like humans resided. In this time there was chaos. Scientist say it was because of the birth of many stars such as our sun. But it wasn’t, it was because, the essence, which is an ever-present, omnipotent being, which in fact, created us.” Gemness says. Then he hands Harold the journal that he had.

“ I can’t understand these symbols. I don’t even think they are symbols, it just looks like scribble.” Harold puts on his glasses, and stares in confusion at the book.

Gemness laughs, “Neither could I, but my Uncle told me how. Stop thinking human, and start thinking as if you could understand the coding of life itself. Stop saying you can’t, and start saying. ‘Whatever you think is impossible, I can do it’.”

Harold looks at Gemness.This was all coming at him so fast, in fact he didn’t know how he could even think that way, but he closed his eyes, and, for a brief second, it was as if the earth stood still, and when he opened his eyes:

We were born from the very beginning of creation. Before time had a name, before form took it’s place in the darkness. We were given the power of The Essence, who is beyond all understanding. We are capable of all things, and can make the stars grow cold.

We are unfathomable, nigh omnipotent. But there is always something holding us back from taking our true form, from being what we were created to be. Because everything that is good has a counterpart, even us.

That is why I am giving this book to people like us. So that they may hear and understand my words. If they know, they can achieve anything. So you must practice, and work hard everyday to perform the most astounding of tasks. They must fight for The Essence.

Once all there work is done, once all of the evil has been vanquished, then they may take their place beyond that stars, they may become their true form.  And on that day, when the Night Falls, and all time will stand still, they will be there, omnipresent, omnipotent, and everlasting.

- Harold the Great


“This journal says that I wrote it. I’ve only lived seventeen years. Most of that i don’t even remember. So this is all bull, or I have the worst case of amnesia ever known.” Harold could feel his heart beating faster than ever before, he was in such a state of incertitude, that his mind seemed in a daze.

Gemness blew a big breath, “ I think it’s something to do with the times that we have lived in. I think that’s why we’re Nigh Omnipotent. Because we would go crazy knowing all of this at once. It needs to be eased in, like walking. Soon enough, we won’t forget anymore, soon enough, we’ll know exactly how powerful we can become, and just how immortal we can become.”

Kamori Island

She knew what she was doing, but she didn’t know how she was doing it. The smoke was rising from the volcano, like she had planned, and as soon as Gemness Overton got their, she would trigger it to explode.

Lillium was about to make a volcano erupt.

All around her people were running to boats, children and woman were running as fast as they could. Lillium couldn’t help but laugh, weren’t vampires supposed to be the fastest creatures on the earth? She just stood there, hands on her hips, long black ponytail swaying, and leather five inch boots tapping. She touched the ground and the earth started shaking. Everything she wanted, just happened.

Then soon enough she saw a figure. Sandy beach hair, jade green eyes, about five nine.Then somebody else got off the boat with him, a built boy, red hair, beautiful orange eyes, and an aurora that read, why am I doing this?

Lillium loaded her gun with the one bullet she had. She was sure she wouldn’t miss, because she seemed to know that this wasn’t her first time shooting someone. She held it up, and put took of the safety.




Lava and ash poured out of the volcano, the earth shook with rage. She saw Gemness look at her, as if he knew her before all of this. And in a few seconds, Gemness was right there, he grabbed her shoulder.

“Do you need help ma’am. You shouldn’t be here.” Gemness said, his voice soothing her to the point where she almost forgot that he was her mark,

“Actually, you shouldn’t be her.” Lillium grabbed his shirt and dug her feet in to the ground. Then threw him like a football to the very tip of the volcano.

“Gemness!” She heard a yell, a shock hit her back, and sent her flying forward. She hit the ground in a daze. Then she was lifted up again, but not by a person, but by a pure energy surrounding her. It was the boy, he was using a wand. Lily could tell he didn’t know what to do. So she overcame the energy and sent a volley of fire at him. She surrounded him a circle of flames.

“You’re … like us?” Harold whispered, but loudly enough for Lily to hear.

“No, I’m stronger than you. Let me demonstrate.”

She lifted her hands to the sky and a torrent of lava rose from the volcano, and with all the force Lillium could manage, hit Harold.

She made her way up the mountain.


Her heart seemed to burn. She felt as if she was on fire. What was happening to her? She fell to the floor, and James ran to her side. Guin had never been this close to him before.

“Are you alright?” James said, Guin could discern the worry in his voice.

“Some things wrong, I can feel it.” Guin yells, as if she just been stabbed. Her body jolts up, and her face is emotionless.

James lifts her up and moves as fast as he can to the nurses office on campus.

The nurse moves her hands over Guins body, she flinches and shakes her head.

“She has an empathy link to someone. It’s common for an angel when they’ve bonded extremely well to someone. She needs to go to that someone, because I think they’re being beaten.” The nurse tells James, who is tortured to look at Guin sweat and jolt around.

“Guin, can you tell me who it is?” James whispered into her ear. Her eyes opened to reveal blood red eyes.

James was overtaken for a second.

“I know who it is.”

The nurse’s eyebrow raises, “ How?”

“I think she just told me.”

Chapter 13: Listen
Kamori Island

Gemness had blacked out, in fact when he woke up he forgot what had happened. Until the girl came, her eyes were as red as blood. She was smiling as if victory was assured, and the toxic fumes were nothing to them, because they didn’t have to breath.

She summoned lava from a nearby stream, and it wrapped around her arm and continued to flow. She was unaffected by any level of heat. Gemness tried to get up but it was becoming harder to get up. He was healing, but it was slow, as if she she knew, she took her time.

“Who are you?” Gemness yelled, his fangs bared. His eyes, almost killer.

“I’m supposed to kill you, I mean it’s no big deal. I don’t know who you are, so this will be easy.” She takes out her gun and aims. She shoots the volley of lava towards his arms, and it cools like chains.

“You shouldn’t do this Lilly. We’re all the same. You just don’t know yet Lilly. If you pull that trigger you’ll never find out who you really are.”

Then Gemness saw something spark in her eyes. Behind the wall of protection that she had to rebuild. Lilly continued forward towards him. She held up the gun, and took a deep breath. Gemness closed his eyes.

And nothing happened.

Gem opened his eyes, Lily had fallen, her eyes rolled back in her head. Above her was Harold, not the Harold Gemness knew, but a snake eyed, big fanged harold. With bat wings to match. He held up his fist, as in an attempt to end her existence.

“Harold, don’t kill her. She’s one of us, and we need to her.”

“She tried to kill me, and with no hesitation whatsoever. She deserves to die.”

Gemness said nothing, but with his eyes, Harold could tell the worry. Soon Harold had collapsed, and started to deform into his regular form.

Gemness tried to melt the cuffs, but before he could muscle up all the strength, Harold tore them off with brute force. Gemness had healed, so he got up and picked up the limp body. Harold created a shield, and the lava flowed around it, sometimes it leaped in, but never made it to the center.

“Harold, get her to the boat, and try to revive her. Do not come back, I can finish this on my own.” Gemness yells over the roaring of the lava, and soon the shield is diminishing.

Harold shakes his head, “ You can’t handle this on your own, you’re not powerful enough.”

Gemness gives another telepathic message to Harold, and Harold complies and takes down the shield, and with pure magic he cools the lava in front of him until he has a clear running path. Gemness is left to his own demise.

Gemness knows that he’s made a stupid decision. He knows that he can’t take this alone.

“Okay, well. Let’s try this.” He sighs, and sits down. Then he crosses his legs and digs his fingers into the ground. Then he recites the words that come naturally to him.

Listen and obey.

A sharp pitch rings through the air, and tears through the loud roars of the earth. It’s almost as though the entire island had started to pay attention.

By forces of the universe and the powers of The Essence. I command you to stop.

In suit, the volcano stops, and the ashes, spitting out of the volcano, are sucked back in moments. The lava resides to the ocean and ceases to exist anymore. The depression that were made swelled, and grass grew over them. The ash that had coated the houses blew away.

And Gemness collapsed.

A Few Weeks Ago

Mita was tired, but he felt as if he could take down an empire in a moments notice. So he shifted back into his normal self. Which seemed to glow with glory, and shimmer with power. The Wise One, who was not the least bit astounded by his quick transitions, soon came along.

“You fool, you’ve come out in broad daylight.” The Wise One said, letting out every hint of annoyance as she possibly could.

“Mother, there is no one out here. I am totally free to use my powers.” Mita said, speaking with a thousand voices.

“Don’t get so naive. It is the Emekra effect I am worried about.” The Wise One said, as she picked up some dust.

“The Emekra affect, what is that?” Mita, still a young boy, and still as curious as anyone his own age.

Then she threw the dust into the air, and it turned into white smoke, and the first images appeared.

“When the universe was born, there was a loud clap, and out of that clap came the beings. First The Essence, then his council. The Kar, The Rah, The Tah, The Sah, and The Hah. They’re names were the first words of time. Kar-Rah-Tah- Sah- Hah.
They established the first rules, and these rules could never be broken, and the only The Essence itself could change them. A by-product of this was the Emekra effect, with everything comes an opposite. So they set keepers to protect these laws, and out came people like you. They gave them power to make the stars fall, and the mindset to take down worlds if they did not obey.
But there was also Chaos.
So there were born people born with powers of the shadows, of fire, and the god like power to make a dent in time and space. But Chaos can’t make them evil, they have to become that way, and when they are defeated they do not return to Chaos, but there powers are amplified. They become stronger. and more transcended than they were before. One strong enough could learn how to harness The Essence itself. That would end our universe as we speak.”

The smoke resided, and young Mita finally knew what he had to do. It clicked, and once it clicked, it locked, and it was as if everything in the world made since now. Of course, there was still one more question he needed to be answered.

“So, Wise One, what do I do now?”

“That, my son, is the right question.”

Chapter 14: Blood Is Life
Gemness had not thought that he would ever (no matter how long he might live) wake up with an arm in his mouth. Especially one as hairy as Harold.
“Don’t move, just keep feeding. You’re really weak. I can read it all over your aura. You seriously need to get a tan too.” Harold says. Flinching every once in a while as Gemness sucked the blood from his veins.
Is she okay?
Harold looked at Gemness’ eyes, and somehow in the last several hours they had made a telepathic bond with each other. No matter how complex his messages were, Harold always understands, and without fail, he always answers.
“She’s fine actually, her heartbeat stopped for a moment. I just gave her some honey and ambrosia and that fixed her pretty well. I’m keeping her in a magically induced coma. You know how bad it would be to wake up with your legs and arms broken. A middle finger painted on the wall.” Harold smiles, trying to comfort Gemness’ trouble soul.
His fangs retract, and Harold’s arm is a pastel white. Then Gemness could finally take a look at his surroundings. It looked like Harold just placed them in  an abandoned home. Which were two connected tents draped in velvet. The candles were lit and it smelled like milk and honey.
“Oh, I almost forgot. There are some people here to see you. They’re outside, do you want me to bring them in?” Harold moves around the tent, gathering up his magic satchel bag, and looks at Gemness as if they needed to go now.
“People, I don’t have any people who know me like that. How did they get my location?” Gemness whispers, as if they might overhear the worry residing in his breath.
“Don’t worry, if anything bad happens I shut them down with a stun spells and we make a run for it.” Harold smiles, and helps Gemness get up from the silk and cotton bed.
Then the curtains open.
It’s as if a flood has crashed through the front door. He remembers her, and her obsession for candy apple red. He remembers waltzing around a grand ballroom with her, and caressing that silken ginger hair of hers.
But she’s different now.
She’s changed.
Her hair is pulled back, her eyes are golden. She wears an inexpensive wool cardigan sweater, and a cheap necklace to pull it off. Not like her, not like the girl her spent 200 years getting to know before finally proposing to her after asking her adopted father for permission.
Guinevere, though not herself. Was in all still herself.
“Gemness?” Guin exhaled, and smiled, and it was if she was getting her memory back also. It was as if it hurt to remember.
“Guin, I knew it. I knew you were still alive. What …” Yes, it did hurt didn’t it. “ … what happened to you?”
Guin was set off, and she stepped back, Harold refused to open the curtain though. So she turned away, but Gemness could read her, and he saw a tear fall. Then someone else comes from the curtains, someone who makes Gemness’ physique look a like a noodle. He wipes the tear from Guin’s eyes, and smiles at her for comfort.
“Thanks James.” Guin says.
Gemness can’t do anything but watch, and Harold’s expression read, “Well this is hella awkward.”
Guin turns back around, and her expression snaps back to serious. “I … don’t exactly know what happened. I felt you, you were in trouble so I had to come help. That’s when my memories started coming back. I just … I couldn’t leave you here.”
Then someone moves in the corner, it’s Lillium. When Guin sees her, her eyes shift to red, and Gemness could almost see the anger in her eyes.
“Guin calm down.” James whispers.
“That’s her, that’s the prick her tried to kill Gemness.” She yells, without any holding back she grabs her sleeping body like a rag doll and throws her, ripping the tent, and bringing in all the light. Gemness’ eyes shrink, and he tries to hide. Harold takes notice and signals for him to stay in bed.
James is already out of the tent.
Gemness needs to get up.
Harold shocks him, he punches Gemness right in the face.
And like his many dreams, everything goes dim.


Harold was now left to his own, beautiful devices.

The girl actually hit her out of the coma. Harold could tell that she was furious, as if some locked in emotion had just erupted. Lily got to her feet, and soon realized that there was an angry girl approaching her, a ball of light in her hand.
“What the heck just happened?” She says, under her breath. The light hits near her foot. Soon, Harold could tell  that there was no stopping this Guinevere. Lillium started to run, and soon she had reached the shore. But in a few seconds, everyone except Gemness had made it there also.
Guin had no likeliness of stopping her brutal assault on the girl. They exchanged punches, then Lillium grabbed Guin’s leg and slammed her onto the ground. Getting on top of her, she started punching left, right, left right. Soon, she was going so fast, that you could her the vibrations in the earth. So angel boy grabbed Lillium and through her into the ocean.
Harold stood there, frankly amused. After being buried in a dump of hot steaming lava for ten minutes, he was, in all means, uncaring.
Until the tidal wave came.
It was about fifty feet tall, and the water had become red, and it was moving in. On top of the beast was the demon herself, and Harold hadn’t seen anyone that angry since he looked himself in the mirror.
Volts of jet water hit Guin and then Angel Boy, Harold noticed that the red water was steaming, and they had a very hard time getting up from it.
It was as if Harold was supposed to do something. Of course he didn’t want to.
Sometimes it’s better to do things before the events set in motion.

Instantly, Harold knew what might happen if he didn’t do anything to stop them.
The girl would bring the tsunami into the shore, and flood the town. Destroying what the ash and flames had not. Then, Guin and Angel Boy would die. Gemness would wake up, realize what happened. Then he would speak Harold into non existence. Then, The Essence would reset the day, until Harold finally did something. That might take a millenium, and Harold didn’t have much more than a few minutes.
Then it faded in. So Harold spoke the words that were ringing in the back of his mind.
Listen and obey.
Just by thinking of the waves residing, the tsunami became soup, and Lilium crashed into the ocean currents. Guin and Angel Boy were released from their invisible bondages. Harold needed to sit down.
So he toppled over.


He spoke the words of existence.
Lillium knew that now that boy was one of them. She wasn’t alone. It was as if old memories were flowing back, blurry and broken, but faintly traceable. If Lily could find out how so these people were like her, then she would know exactly why she had done what she’d done, so many years ago.
She washed into the shore. The boy and girl taking no notice of her, but to grab the boy who spoke the words of existence and made the very essence shake. That was the hum that happens every time those words are spoken by one of them, it was The Essence listening and making the request happen. No matter how horrifying it might be.
The water sizzled off her quickly, and soon she was good as new, except her mascara was gone and her bubble gum lipgloss had washed away. She just followed them back, and they acted as if nobody else was there.


Somewhere In The Gulf of Mexico

Mita was never a sea lover.
The rocking waves, and the disgusting ocean sea spray always got his beautiful hair wet. Then he would smell like dog for the rest of the day. Sitting here in the boat with the Wise One, or the Wise Olive, was the most annoying thing he had ever done.
“Why do you slouch, it’s ugly.”
“Stop scratching your back, you look weird.”
“Why are you looking at me like that?”
She would say, and as much as Mita wished for her to shut up, he enjoyed her occupaniement, despite the constant nagging.
“Are we there yet Mother?” He would say, still scared of his voice, it was as if it had gotten deeper over the hour.
“Yes, we are.” She said. She took a snatched a piece of his hair, and he wince, and dropped it in the water. For a moment there was nothing. Then their was an air bubble, and soon the water around them was green.  A wierd gas emerged and formed a circle that continued to circle around until it got so fast that the speed was audible. In the center, a sea town appeared.
“When you go through, keep your guard up. Only speak with the boy named Harold.” She says, and puts her hand on his cheek, she looks at him, and he can see the wrinkles on her forehead.
“Anything else Mother?” He says, getting up.
“Just … try not to die.” She says, and she says it with so much sorrow in her voice it sends Mita back.
“You have nothing to worry about. I’m sure I can take them all at once.” Then he jumps through.
The Wise Olive shakes her head. “To bad he has to die so soon.”

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"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Thank you guys for all of your unspoken support and the 600+ views we've had. It has been a joy inviting you into a piece of my twisted mind. But I have to say that I'm ocurrently taking a break from the World of immortales, and just reading other stories and enjoy the minds of other creators will suffice me for now. I'll be here to help and answer questions if you'd like. Thanks for your support.

As Night Falls - Page 4 64008dfad6ce0340d7c7f4b4bda49998
"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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