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Pokemon: Ivory and Ebony

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Pokemon: Ivory and Ebony Empty Pokemon: Ivory and Ebony

Post by Immortal Being on Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:35 am

Chapter 1:

Toni was walking along in the forest. He smiled when he saw a flock of Keywees running around on their tiny legs. He skipped happily towards them, but the tiny birds ran away, attempting to use their puny wings to fly. He saw this as a game, and proceeded to chase after them. He ran as fast as he could, but try as he might, he could not catch them. He had to stop to catch his breath.
Then, Toni saw a family of Mousofones preparing a nest in the roots of a few trees. He picked a few berries from some of the trees and bent down to hand them to the Mousofones. They sniffed the berries and greeted the food happily. He stood up and wiped his hands clean from the berry juice.
Toni could hear the sound of Breeziuses floating gently above his head, riding the wind to their next destination. The little clouds looked so blissful in the spring air. He lain down in the soft grasses and watched them hover around. He wished he could be like them, free to float about in the warm sun. He loved Pokémon.
“Wake up, sweetie.”
Toni grumbled. He didn’t want his mother to wake him up anymore. He was tired of it, enough to make him want to sleep more. He rolled over and buried his face in his pillow.
“Toni A. Peters! I want you to wake up this instant!” His mother yelled in his ear as she grabbed a hold of his leg and pulled him straight out of his blissful sleep. Toni hit the ground with a loud thud.
“Mom! What did you do that for?” Toni said as he rubbed his underbelly to check for any damage. He was glad he didn’t land on any of his action figures that were strewn all around his bed. He really needed to clean his room.
“You are going to be late, young man.” His mother replied as she began to walk out of the room. “You don’t want to end up having to wait for a Pokémon, now do you?”
“Oh crap!” Toni replied as he dove towards his cabinet. He frantically sorted through his clothes, tossing unwanted shirts, pants, socks, and an assortment of other items across the room. He finally found the clothes he wanted. He pulled a black shirt, with a slight shade of purple, out of the cabinet. He threw it on, along with a pair of jeans.
“Bye mom!” he yelled through the house as he grabbed his dark green backpack, threw on his favorite pair of black and white sneakers, and ran out the door. 
“Have a nice day, sweetie.” His mother replied as she began working on her daily chores. 
Toni ran down the road, took a left, then a right. The dirt roads of Landis Town were complicated, even though it was the smallest town in the area. Toni ran straight into Professor Fern’s laboratory.
“Here I am, professor!” He called out.
“It’s about time.” A voice said from behind Toni. It wasn't Prof. Fern’s voice. The boy stepped out. He had brown hair that spiked out like a sticker bush, blue eyes that shifted like the sea, and a stance that said he meant business.
“Jonathan. What are you doing here?” Toni asked, slightly surprised.
“I am getting a Pokémon, duh.” Jonathan replied as he walked over to Prof. Fern, who hadn’t even noticed the two boy’s entrance. “I am here to get my Pokémon, Professor.”
“Hmm?” Prof. Fern said. He looked behind himself and at Jonathan. “Ah, yes! You must be Jonathan,” He replied with a smile, as he wiped his hands clean from the device he was tinkering with. “And you must be Toni. Come, the both of you.” He motioned to a table, where three Pokéballs sat. “Choose your first Pokémon, boys. Choose wisely, for you will be with that Pokémon forever.”
It was time to choose a Pokémon.

Chapter 2

“Well boys, what will it be? Flarar, Quillip, or Twiggy?” Professor Fern asked expectantly.
“Flarar definitely!” Toni replied excitedly as he grabbed the middle Poké ball off the table.
“Then I will choose…” Jonathan began, but he was interrupted.
“Sorry I’m late, Professor!” yelled a girl’s voice. Toni turned around to see a brown haired girl running through the doorway of the laboratory. She was wearing a butterfly pin in her hair, which she had put up into a ponytail. Her shirt was black and sported a few Poké balls in sporadic places. She was wearing a skirt and pink shoes that had a few Poké balls on them as well.
“Kelsie!” Prof. Fern replied happily, “I was wondering if you were going to show up!”
Kelsie ran up beside Toni. “Well, I made it.” Kelsie said as she straightened out her skirt.
“Excuse me, but I was about to choose my Pokémon.” Jonathan replied, obviously annoyed. He reached down and grabbed the Poké ball that was sitting on the right. “I am definitely taking Quillip.”
“Then that leaves Twiggy for me.” Kelsie said as she picked up the Poké ball and examined it.
“Hey Toni, how about we battle, right here, right now!” Jonathan replied excitedly. “I want to test my new Pokémon out on you; I know that I am going to win.”
“Fat chance.” Toni retorted.
“Can I join in?” Kelsie asked.
“Sure, let’s have a three-way free-for-all.” Toni replied.
“Fine by me.” Jonathan said back. “But I am still gonna win.”
“Yes, yes children, you may battle now, but do it outside. There isn’t enough room in here.” Prof. Fern said as he ushered them outside.
The trio separated into a triangle-like shape. They listened to Prof. Fern as he explained the rules.
“Once your Pokémon has fainted, you may sit out and wait until the others have finished… Begin!”
They each threw out their Pokémon simultaneously.
“Go Flarar!” Toni yelled. His Poké ball hit the ground, and out popped a little ball of fire. It floated slightly, and turned around; It looked quite angry. 
“Flarar! Flare!” It yelled at Toni.
“What is the matter Flarar?” Toni asked; he cringed when it yelled.
“That Flarar is of the adamant nature.” Fern said as he sat underneath a tree. His arms were folded and his eyes were closed, but he wasn’t sleeping. He was nodding his head as if he was agreeing with himself.
“Ha! My Quillip is gonna be better than your Flarar!” Jonathan exclaimed as his Poké ball hit the ground. A small blue hedgehog popped out. It had all blue quills, except for one, which was red. The Quillip shivered and backed up, scared.
“That Quillip is of the timid nature.” Fern said, nodding more.
Jonathan became of the adamant nature at that moment. “Timid! You gave me a timid Pokémon?”
“My turn!” Kelsie replied as she kissed her Poké ball and threw it out. It hit the ground, and out popped a Pokémon that looked like the section of a tree that was cut off. It had a large nose, small black eyes, and a small body with pill-like arms. “What nature is mine?”
“It is of the calm nature.” Fern replied. He nodded again. What was with all the nodding?
“Well, I am still going to fight.” Toni replied. “Flarar use tac-“
“Quillip use quick attack.” Jonathan interrupted calmly. Quillip quickly ran around Flarar, who was surprised. He then head-butted him from behind. Quillip then ran back to Jonathan and hid behind his leg.
“Come on Flarar, you can do it!” Toni said. “Use tackle on his Quillip. Flarar floated over in front of Quillip and threw himself onto the blue hedgehog. Quillip went flying into Jonathan’s legs.
Kelsie watched the battle. She looked at Twiggy, and he looked back at her. They both then looked back at the fight. “The must’ve forgotten I was a part of this fight too.” She replied.
“Go in for another tackle, Flarar!” Toni called out.
“Defense curl, now!” Quillip curled into a ball to raise his defense.
Flarar tackled into the hedgehog, knocking himself back. “Use Leer!”
Quillip came out of curl to see a creepy look in Flarar’s eyes. It unnerved him.
“Tackle again!” Toni yelled. Flarar hit Quillip while he was distracted. Quillip skidded across the grass. Fainted.
“Quillip is unable to battle.” Fern replied, nodding more.
Jonathan ran over to Quillip. He growled. “I will beat you sometime.” He said.
Toni did a fist pump. “Yes!”
“Ahem.” Kelsie said as she crossed her arms. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”
“Oh right, I am battling you too.”
“Right. My turn. Twiggy, use pound!” Twiggy ran at Flarar and hit him with his pill-like arms. Flarar didn’t get hit back. He only spun around because of the hit.
“Flarar, use leer!” Flarar stopped spinning and gave the same look at Twiggy as he did to Quillip.
“Twiggy, double team!” Suddenly Twiggy was moving in a circle around Flarar. He was moving so fast that it looked like there were multiple copies of him. Flarar couldn’t give the look to all of them. He became easily confused.
“Twiggy, use Pound!” Twiggy lunged at Flarar.
“Flarar, dodge it and tackle from behind!” Flarar jumped up, allowing Twiggy to slip underneath him. He then tackled Twiggy. Twiggy lain down on the ground. Fainted.
“Twiggy is unable to battle as well, Toni is the winner.” Prof. Fern replied with a smile as he stood up. “Now, I have something I was working on for each of you.” He ran inside, leaving Toni, Jonathan, and Kelsie looking at each other, confused.
Prof. Fern ran back and in his hands were 3 devices. “I modified these Pokédexs to allow you to see a map, talk to people whose numbers you have, and to record almost everything about Pokémon. My phone number is already in there. I want you to traverse the Iona Region and record every Pokémon that you find. I couldn’t copy over all of the data for the Pokémon that I had recorded, so you are going to have to do it yourself.” He smiled widely.
Toni made a fake smile. “Thanks.” He took the Pokédex and looked at Kelsie and Jonathan.
“Well, I will have to be going now.” Jonathan said as he snatched up his Pokédex.
“Where are you going?” Toni asked.
“If I am going to beat you to the Elite Four, why would I stay here waiting for you?”
“No, I’m gonna beat you!” Toni replied as he ran out the door in front of Jonathan. Jonathan chased him, and they ran off into the distance.
Kelsie sighed. She looked back at the professor and took her Pokédex gratefully. “Thank you professor. Wait for me boys!” She ran after Toni and Jonathan.
Professor Fern smiled. “I remember when I was that age. Ah, those were the times.” He said as he watched them run off. He then went back to working on other things.

Cnc is welcome! New chapters are to come!
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