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Asphodel: The Application Thread

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Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 Empty Re: Asphodel: The Application Thread

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:31 pm


Sanctus "Sansa" Hellsing
Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 NXOUGhqOKvdh6
"Careful dear, you have your Gods and I have mine."

Full Name: Sanctus "Sansa" Hellsing
Age:19 going on 75
DOB: The year is unknown but the day is July 21st
Gender: Male presenting
Orientation: Gay  Not Impressed
Race: Sheofolk-Homini Half-Blood (50% Sheofolk 25%Homini 25% Elysian)
Personality: Sansa is completely pious and lustful due to his innocuous upbringing, raced by a his mother's Homini family after his father was killed in a fated contest with a Elysian, he grew up in a very wealthy and affluent neighborhood. He's very well read, competently eloquent with his speech, and vulgar in the most subtle ways possible. He's a bard at heart, careless and reckless and doesn't give a damn about it. He's very detached extremely divided, and bitter. Though so carefully, he holds all of that behind a gorgeous smile.
Virtue/Vice: Gluttony
Personality Type: DEBATER (ENTP-A)
- Sansa is dominant, he doesn't really feel the need for anyone to validate his actions or his thoughts, he's a go-getter. When he wants something, he takes it, and more than likely he takes it without asking.
- Sansa is very handsome, and that's gotten him a lot of unfair advantages in life. While there are an equal number of terrible things that come with beauty, his divinity is the devil in which he entertains.
- Sansa is intelligent, he's well read, very detailed, doesn't like to waste time on the little things. He's used to always being hidden or having to lie and keep secrets, so making plans on the fly is a part of his nature.
- Sansa is emotional, in his deepest heart of hearts, Sansa can be procured into falling in love. It happened once before, and it broke his heart, god knows if it'll ever happen again. It's driven him into complete madness.
- Sansa is lonely, due to his sociopathic nature created by the abuse he got from both sides of his blood. He's never felt loved or wanted enough. He's learned that people are damned to use him for what he is and not who is he is.
- Sansa is beautiful, and again, he can never tell if people actually like him or hate him because of his beauty. He's tried thousands of times to cut himself over his face and arms to make himself ugly, but due to his blood, wounds heal, and little mark is left on his flesh. Sansa's horns are his saving grace, as his Vice grows, so do his horns.
Sansa is an adonis looking man with curly blond hair, almond shaped eyes with a honey dew color, golden red skin, dimples, and an athletic stature. As of recently, he now has two small horns perturbing at both sides of his widows peak. He stands at six foot two inches, and smells like raspberries and brown liquor.
early life (girl she long):
Early Life:
Sansa was born in an affair between a half-blooded Sheofolk (50% Elysian 50% Sheofolk) and a Impure Homini mother (who's paternal grandparents were Sheofolk). Abandoned at the ripe old age of six months and left at the gates of his Mother's family estate in Homini villa, Sansa was raised without the knowledge of his impure blood. Sansa took quickly to school, learning trade secrets and philosophy, he had a familiar love of plants and bugs of all sorts. He'd meditate in the gardens of the Til'Titus Manor every afternoon. He was truly a happy child, fun to be around, fun to talk to, fun to enjoy. His grandparents spoiled him rotten, with anything that he could possibly want.
Ahriman called to him on the day he fell in love with a Homini boy, Ro'tha Snow, a handsome and quite frankly doeish boy who was completely fascinated with Sansa and his brief background. Unable to persuade Sansa to ask his Grandparents of his heritage, which to Ro'tha looked Elysian in nature, Ro'tha took it upon himself to sneak into the chambers of Sansa's granfather's library and rummage for clues. Ro'tha and Sansa soon discover that Sansa's mother Iden, was a travelling physician. Before Ro'tha could find out anymore about Sansa and his mother, the two were found out and expelled from the chambers, never to visit it again.
Sansa and Ro'tha fell deeper in love, and with it came a sensation that Sansa had never known before, in his dreams he would hear a voice call to him, a woman in long purple robes, thick black hair that moved like smoke, and dark yellow eyes. A complete mystery.
It wasn't until Sansa and Ro'tha first connected that Sansa realized what this meant for him, sort of bloodlust and unquenchable taste for a beating heat. Ro'tha's baren chest against his, the pulse of his Homini blood running through him, the sweat, it all called to him. And so before he was even aware, Sansa had sank his fangs into Ro'tha's neck and tasted first blood.
There that day he saw Ahriman for the first time. In the body of shadow cast among the flames. His hands warm and wet with the blood of Ro'tha, a taste in his mouth oh so vile but sweeter than milk and honey. Moving from the shadows did the women walk, her eyes now redder than the Blood Moon, her delicate hand reaching out to him.
"Come with me child, my sweet Pride."

Middle: Sansa was removed from the presence of his Homini side, and in the presence of the General of Pride did he show Ro'tha's blood. Drunk on the high of a Vice, Sansa took to Sheofolk culture and tradition immensely well. Routinely did he make himself familiar with sacrifices, his horns growing and fangs sharpening. Sansa became known as 'Hellsing', as his victims were usually that of the screaming variety when they died.
This was all fun and games until he happened to kill the sister of an Elysian by the name of Rori'El. Rori'El tracked Sansa down with a hoard of her followers and beat him down within an inch of his life. They took his unconscious body and dragged him to the edge of a river, in which he was saved by (you guessed it) a piteous Elysian. Recovering from his bruises and mending his broken bones, he plans on returning back to the caves in which is beloved in, and to seek vengeance on the winged creatures which caused him such great pain.

Allegiance: Sheofolk
Notable Relationships: Rori'El, an enemy of his.
Weapon of Choice: Delilah's Golden Fangs, Sansa went through hell (haha) to mold pure golden fangs for his Sheofolk teeth. They allow him to bite into flesh and rip throw leather.
Fun Facts:
- Sansa has a bloodlust, literally, and his favorite blood is from young Elysian men (with Virtues)
- Sansa is compulsive, and though he's calculated, a lot of that talent comes from having to dig his way out of things.
- Sansa's bloodlust is derived from Michael Langdon's sacrifices, and he also reminds me of Lestat from interview with a vampire
- If anyone does art like (portraits) I will pay you ten bucks to make a painting of Sansa for me, preferably in 2d graphics, hmu.
- Sanctus (Sansa's actual name) is from an Angel from ADB. Michael Langdon (the Antichrist) has an angelic name. Lucifer was an angel. You see what I did there (Wink) I gave him an angel name because he's the opposite haha.
- His faceclaim: Jude Law (in youth) is one of the most beautiful people on the planet and if he could be anyone he should be Sansa.
- Looking for the villain squad, where y'all at????
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 Empty Re: Asphodel: The Application Thread

Post by Adrian Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:53 pm

What?? Is Adrian actually posting his fuckin' form? You bet he is.

this boy ain't right:

Late official song for Levi. Of course, it's gonna be explicit.

Full Name: “Leviathan,” but he often refers to himself as Diatar Rapta Coma because he doesn't like it when people appoint him titles that he never asked for. Not many other people seem to refer to him by his original name, though, adhering to the age-old customs, so Leviathan or “Levi” is just as fine if you are more comfortable with that. Because honestly, he doesn't give a flying shit either way.

Age: 1,228

DOB: 6/9/5993 (nice)

Gender: Male

Orientation: Labels? Who fuckin’ needs ‘em? He likes what he likes. And he tends to like ‘em all. Guy, girl, whatever other genders exist, Sheolfolk, Homini, even Elysian.

Race: Sheolfolk

Virtue/Vice: General of Anarchy

Personality: Levi’s attitude changes on a whim. One minute he’s cool, calm, collective, cucumber. The next he might be threatening to burn down the pub for serving his chicken wings a little too mild. Then he’ll be right back into his relaxed self. Or maybe he’s drunk-singing. Or crying in the corner. Or contemplating the nature of the world. Who fucking knows with him? I sure don’t, and I’m the one controlling him. See, Levi doesn’t really concern himself with other people’s expectations, which is probably how he became the next General of Anarchy. His “personality” really boils down to a few values of his: 1) Order is impractical and useless, 2) Pretty much anything can be defined as a part of “order” and thus must be burned to the ground, and 3) That’s it. Ultimately, Levi despises rules, and the Homini, Elysians, and even his fellow Sheolfolk seem to cling to them like juvenile animals to their mother’s teat.

Levi may be among the least racist of all the Sheolfolk, perhaps even among the Elysians and Homini. To him, racial boundaries are just another fragment of rigidity and structure, suffocating and stifling all that could be possible. The true nature of all living things resides in chaos, and to him it’s best if we all return to our roots. That’s the only way to really “finish” this war. Because, after all, isn’t war just another form of order?

Personality Type: lol that’s funny

Strengths: Levi doesn't feel restricted by much, if by anything at all. He sees himself not as "above the law," but outside of it - his sense of freedom is immutable and allows him to be fearless and daring, which has been how he was able to survive for so long. Amorality can do wonders for a person.

Weaknesses: He's a fucking mess, guys. Living without rules (not even a daily routine), his life is guided by his immediate whims. At some point or another, it's going to break him. He's already slowly losing his mind, because though he still holds his beliefs tightly, there's something nagging at him at the back of his mind. Something telling him he's going to eventually fail.

Appearance: Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 Anarch10

This one was hard to choose. Still might change it at some point.

Bio: Even before becoming a General, Leviathan lived his life without rules. He ran away from home when he was 10, and quickly learned he had to be vicious and cunning if he wanted to survive to 16. So, for six years, he (along with some fellow runaways) roamed the streets of Hel, making do with shoplifting, trespassing/squatting, and the occasional mugging (almost always Sheolfolkian children of their age).

Despite his success in living without his parents' aid, however, the young Levi found himself disappointed with his "friends." He thought they were futile and weak-willed, looking up to him as a leader, and at many points in their friendship attempted to tell them off for going against their self-determined ideals. Because Diatar didn't want a family - friends, sure, that was fine. But family meant unspoken bonds, and unspoken bonds meant unspoken rules. So as the years went on, Levi began to resent his friends more and more.

It was no surprise to him, therefore, that he flourished in his naming ceremony (forced into it by several older Sheolfolk, of course) when he was presented with his oldest friend: one who repeatedly suggested that they were "brothers" of sorts, having come from similar backgrounds and even having grown up in the same neighborhood. After slaying his friend with ease, he quickly named himself Diatar and broke out of the arena, having grown tired of dusty-ass customs. From now on, he was his own man.

His years past 16 are largely uneventful. Despite wishing not to have any sort of leadership, several small groups found themselves latching onto Diatar's ideals. They, too, were becoming fed up with the war against the Elysians, and felt that all would be better off without any social or political infrastructure. A noble cause, perhaps, if they - and even Diatar himself - weren't essentially bloodthirsty pirates. If they had any motto, it would be "Take what you can, give nothing back." Selfishness wasn't seen as bad, but as a "virtue" in and of itself. It was natural to want, especially if it meant getting by, and even if it meant someone would be worse off. It's a very survival-of-the-fittest mindset.

Diatar's "followers" (often referring to themselves as Ravagers, though there was never an officially agreed-upon name) didn't see him as a leader, but as an idol, someone to model themselves after. He was an example and, quite honestly, an inspiring one at that. Though not numbering as many as other General-led groups, the Ravagers were nonetheless devoted to their dogma and to Diatar. Despite him not telling them what to do, they still seek to serve Diatar anyways. And, in a notable shift from his childhood, he lets them, because why not? They're not conscripted to him in any way and if that's really what they want, shoot, let them go for it.

The disappearance of Ahriman and Elodi only served to fuel Diatar's desire for a world without rule. Becoming the General of Anarchy doesn't change anything, according to him, and he even still wears his old name with pride. Though he doesn't see them as an army, Diatar nonetheless believes the Ravagers will help to further spread the idea of a world where everyone can equally fend for their fucking selves.

(sorry if this seems empty but seeing as there's surely a lot of background stuff on Anarchy that I don't know a lot of it will do until I can develop it/retcon more during RPG or whenever I feel like it idk)

Allegiance: ha. He'll say the Sheolfolk, but even his own kind tends to piss him off. They're more fun than Elysians, though. He does respect his cultish/piratish followers, the Ravagers, because they all want the same thing.

Notable Relationships: He tends to keep his friends to a minimum, which is good because those who are lucky enough to become his friends die later on, owing to the mortality rates of Sheolfolk. But he's not necessarily against friendship.

Fun Facts: -think of the Ravagers as Robin Hood's Merry Men except they just steal from everyone
-he decided to take his "piratey" stance a little further and now he literally lives on a ship that sails around the islands in that bay between Neren and Hel.
-sorry in advance
-fc is stephen james so i dont forget again oofy

archangel coming up next after these messages

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Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 Empty Re: Asphodel: The Application Thread

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ Thu Nov 08, 2018 5:25 pm

Lady Love


Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 Tumblr_p6qony5TKc1wd05tno5_500
Somewhere out there, my sons are waiting for me.

Full Name: Lady Love, formerly known as Sorpori’El Morgan
Age: 1,111 (hehe)
DOB: January 1st, 6110
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Elysian
Virtue/Vice: Faith
Lady Love is very intrinsic, very empathetic in the fact that she’s always looking at the inside motive. She’s prone to asking ‘why’ in everything that she does. Why are the Gods fighting? Why did the people divide? Why did the sky fall? She’s completely intuitive, never really caring about the outcome if she can’t understand the cause of it. Lady Love is the type of person to sit with a murderer and ask him what happened to his childhood toy? Lady Love is the type of person who sits in the rain and watches the lightning strike. She ignores the past and doesn’t feel tied to it. “Above ground, always above ground.” Is one of her favorite mottos. To many, she’s a lunatic, a completely irrational and goofy woman whose spent too much of her time sniffing potions.
But some find her quite, fascinating. Intriguing almost, people who have grown to know her call her “an experience”. Few friends, does she have. But the ones that she has claimed are ones who see past her enlightment to what is truely there, a person who believes in something more than Gods and Men.
Personality Type: (I didn’t do a Myer’s Briggs Type for this but) She’s a dreamer, and a medic.
Lady Love is “enlightened” rarely is she angered by souls whether divine or mortal, and rarely does she care about the affairs of man. She literally lives in deep in the forests beneath Elysium, because frankly, she doesn’t care.
Lady Love is straightforward, truthful, never lying, never pestering. She’s disharming, when people meet her they might think that she’s crazy, but in a good way, and that’s helped her through countless centuries.
Lady Love has been living the forest for so long that she has developed an acute senstivity to hearing. She’s very good at picking up nuances, tells, shaky breath, she’s not a lie detector, and if she is she hasn’t admitted it … yet.
Lady Love is devoted to nature, she loves the simplicity of forest life, the animals, the birds, the bees, the bugs. All of it is sacred to her, and gives her faith in things unseen.
People usually don’t take her seriously, they think that she’s lost it. Anyone who doesn’t know her usually treats her like a mental ward patient. It’s frankly annoying, the girl can handle herself just fine.
Lady Love is considered “Exiled” from the Elysians, she doesn’t talk much to them, doesn’t frankly like them, doesn’t like Elodi, she’s a loner. And Elysians who know of her rarely talk about her in a loving way.
She’s quite unapproachable, if she’s in a tavern sipping on a drink, no man in there right mind is going to go up to her and talk to her, lest they be overwhelmed by her aura (which is completely unsettling, white and grey and vicious.) Charity virtues are absolutely repulsed by her overwhelming energy (it’s like walking into a perfume shop where everybody is spraying different perfume at the same time)
She’s bitter … more on that in the RPG
OOOO, she pretty. Her wings are brown, by the way, dark mahogany brown and fluffy.
Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 6a50a14d738a26bef0a06dd7f9da1ed8Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 5ea93f7a78a9b4003e6f89a64471b4bdAsphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 06022949ca50848db20a4d0176aa1516
Early Life:

Before Lady Love ever dawned the title, she was a the daughter of two priests, Ikar’El and Qui’El. She lived in the city of Zion, but was notorious for only going a few feet out of the temple for the first sixteen years of her life. Lady Love quickly realized that she was different from the other Elysian children. Lady Love saw color in a different way than the rest of the children, color was in everything, in sound, in taste, in smell. She saw the blues of the ladies that sang in the temple, she green in the taste the savory soup that her mother cooked for her in the evening time. She found a burst of white would shoot out of the edges of a rock when she hit it against the ground.
Colors became a central part of Love’s life. Sooner or later, everything had a color for her. Everything from the the feeling of fire to the words “I love you” all of it had a file in her head. Sopori’El was raised to be dedicated to Elodi and his teachings, to continuously look for him in everything that was around her, no matter what it was. But as she became more personal in her beliefs, she started to find new, unknown colors, colors that certainly were not of Elodi.

She found crimson in her first lover, Juli’El, a scholar’s daughter and an absolute criminal. Juli’El led her out of the temple, hand in hand, for weeks upon weeks. She showed her the secrets of Zion, where the kids would get drunk until dawn, which street vendors had the best food for the lowest price. Which side of the city had the best view of the sunset, she was easily falling love with her, and the adventure the she followed. On Sopori’El’s seventeenth birthday, Juli’El convinced her to leave Zion, and the temple, and come with her on a search for the Forgotten Grove.
Juli’El had said that she’d seen it in visions, in paintings, in hushed whispers among the elders. She said there, the veil between this world and the ether was thin as paper. Imagine, the new colors that Sopori’El could witness at such a place. There, Juli’El and Sopori’El could stay, protected under the spirits of a higher world forever. Sopori’El cared little for Juli’s fairy tales, but wherever Juli went, Sopori’El was to follow.

Their journey to the Forgotten Grove took them through many a city, passing stranger after stranger, beast after beast, plenty of sleepless nights, and maybe one terribly bad fight. Sopori’El was tired of Juli’s fairy tales, they were chasing wind, nothing was there that couldn’t be found elsewhere to her. And so she gave up on Juli’El to go back to a more familiar life, one among the Faithful and diligent. They wouldn’t meet again for another three hundred years.[/size]

Middle Life:
Sopori’El devoted herself to the Temple of Zion, incredibly well versed in the Songs of Elodi and the Book of Angels (she is part of a branch of the religion, where this Book is taught,) Sopori’El found herself testing her magical limits, and with that, her faith. She meditated in on the coast for seven years, (she was around 318), barely eating or drinking, and barely taking time for earthly pleasures. This gave Sopori’El a since of peace, and with time, it gave her a sense of dignity. She no longer felt as attached to the push and pull of life, and found herself more alive being still and watching the currents drift in and out of the sea.
But once again, new colors came.
She found herself in love with a Homini fishermen, by the name of Oliver Love.
Oliver Love was an odd man, he loved the water and the fish more than he loved anything else in the world. He was a child of the moon, always awake at night, always most alive during the pass of sunset. He completely enchanted her, though he wasn’t in any way divine, he was something even more transcendental, he reminded her of the color Green. Her favorite color. Oliver and his family, unlike most, invited Sopori’El into their home with open arms. Many nights did she spend hearing of Homini tales and laughing at family stories. In return for their company, she made blessed them everynight with little things, such as more fish in the net, safety from biter bugs, good music.
Oliver asked her to marry her the day he turned 100, and despite the obvious rage it might bring the Elysian people who knew her, and Zion in general, she still accepted, quoting a verse from the Book of Angels: “Let all light be true, let it be filled with love.”
Oliver and Sopori bonded before they had their first born son, Swan Lo, and soon after moved away from Oliver’s home in Speiti to the island of Nitarem. Sopori had two more sons, Na'Li and Azalon. They lived a happy life until the Vanishing happened. Sopori’El doesn’t remember most of it, but she remembered a large pair of Angels wings, white and glimmering, those wings separated her from her family. And ever since then she’s had a bad taste for the Archangels.
Sopori’El renounced her name and her religion after the disappearance of her family, but she still had faith.
Once again she was taken back to Forbidden Grove.
Sopori’El, after a whole of 400 years, finally found the Forbidden Grove. There, she met again with Juli’El, who had passed over, but was still present within the grove. She finds the animals and spirits to be her friends now. Rarely in the last five hundred years has she left it’s barriers.
And of her family? The spirits say that they don’t hear them.
Lady Love was fine with this, until the Sundering.

Present Life:

Lady love is stepping out of her perfect forest home and Juli’El in an attempt to find her family, who is still alive. And she will stop at nothing until she finds them.

Absolutely nothing.

Allegiance: No Allegiance
Notable Relationships: Juli'El (Her Lover), Oliver (Her Husband), Swan Lo, Na'Li, and Azalon (Her Sons)
Weapon of Choice: No weapon so far, but she'll burn the f**** out of you
Fun Facts:
- Lady Love is based off of Our Lady of the Tree from the Magicians
- She's adorable
- I spent too much time on this form it's actually disgusting
- Lady Love is the Asphodel version of Persephone, the Greek Goddess


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~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 Empty Re: Asphodel: The Application Thread

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ Sat Nov 10, 2018 2:54 pm

Sunona's form

Azazel's Form
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Adept Creator

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Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 Empty Re: Asphodel: The Application Thread

Post by Michael DeathFlame Fri Nov 16, 2018 9:13 am

With a Kit-Kat Paddy Whack Give a Dog a Bone:

Full Name: Katya Fuan
Age: 20
DOB: October 19, 7201
Gender: Female
Orientation: Neither of us know yet
Race: Homini
Virtue/Vice: Despair
Abilities: After her fall from grace in Despair, Katya's only ability remaining is The Shadow.
Rank (consult wiki): Was an Adept, but is now a Novice
Personality: Hopefully, Katya’s strength and weakness sections will illustrate enough about her current mindset. However, it is just as important to understand where Katya came from; thus, this section will be dedicated to Katya’s personality before her capture. Katya cannot remember a life before her group; she was practically born into that life. She was raised by a group of men and women who passionately fought for the freedom of their people. To many, they were heroes, and Katya agreed with that perception. While the rest of the Homini population seemingly stood by and watched their people be farmed, Katya’s group worked virtually alone to fight back. Katya was certain that what they were doing was not only the right thing, but the most important task that one could do in life. Katya believed that if she could become stronger and smarter, she could save anyone. She was extremely confident in her own abilities, but even more confident of her moral compass.
Katya was certainly intelligent and rational, but she leaned most heavily on her emotions. She was driven by her desire to help and save other Homini, never backing down from an opportunity to smuggle someone out to safety. Katya feared failing to save a captive Homini more than anything else. After all, if she failed, what would separate herself from the countless others who did nothing to help those captive Homini? Good intentions are not equivalent to good actions, so without those actions, she would be nothing. The thought of being directly responsible for someone’s continued captivity plagued her dreams for years. Perhaps she should have feared losing members from her own group, as they were practically her family. Although she loved her group fiercely, she felt as if their own capture or failure was impossible. They were smarter than the Elysians, so they would be fine.
When she wasn’t dealing with life-or-death circumstances, Katya enjoyed being around other people. Although she longed for the opportunity to meet more people, she spent most of her free time socializing with her group, despite the massive age gap between her and, well, literally everyone else. From an early age, Katya loved to be at the center of attention, to make everyone else around her laugh and smile. When she was younger she used to put on “plays” for the group, and as she grew older she’d spent most of her quiet time coming up with jokes to tell that night. She craved affection and affirmation from her group, as they were all she had.
And then she was captured.
Personality Type: Currently ESTP
-Ex-smuggler. Katya was around her group of smugglers for as long as she could remember. Because of this, Katya has fine-tuned the skills that come along with that profession. Street knowledge, secret communication, bluffing, deception, stealth, crisis management, quick thinking, improvisation, willingness to hide in tight, gross places, and plenty other skills are all under her belt.
-Combat. Although by no means a master, Katya is fairly skilled with knives and hand-to-hand combat. Her time with the Sheolfolk forced her to hold her own when in combat, and that she did.
-Determination. Katya's determination was nearly obliterated during her years of captivity. And on certain days or certain moments, that's still the case. But Katya is doing everything she can to erase that. She fights through her Despair to make a stand against the Elysians and the Sheolfolk, and although that motivation will waiver, it won't ever break. Not again.
-Courage. Katya doesn't shy away from danger. She is more than willing to put herself in harm’s way if it means completing the mission, sometimes even too willing.
-Even tempered. Before her capture, Katya had a short fuse, to put it nicely. Just as it took very little to make her laugh, it took very little to get her raging. Since her escape, Katya has managed to keep that anger mostly in check.
-Honest. In most cases, Katya doesn't see the need to lie. To those she trusts, she's willing to open her mind out to read.
-Trustworthy. Although not easily swayed into fully pledging herself to anything, Katya will stay by a person or cause if she believes in them. If Katya promises she'll do something, she'll go through with it.
-Despair. Oh dear. Unfortunately for Katya's sake, when she escaped from the Sheolfolk she didn't escape her Vice. Not completely, at least. The strain on her health and psyche was much, much greater during her captivity, as her Despair ran so deeply at the time. Yet despite the distance between her and her partner, despite the fact that she is now fighting against her partner and his people, and despite her desire to lose the Vice altogether... she just can't do it. She believes now that there might just be hope for the world, that something can be done to help others. But she still can't believe in herself. There's a deep sense of self-hate that she still can't escape, and most of her believes that she doesn't deserve to escape it. She hates herself for giving up, for not only giving up on the cause that defined her for her entire life, but for becoming the very thing she swore to fight against. Although she hasn’t practiced self-harm for a while, she hasn’t stopped thinking about it; something needs to punish her for the crimes she committed, so if no one else will do it, she should. On top of all of this, her separation from the Sheolfolk has essentially nullified the abilities that her Vice once gave her.
-Situational arrogance. Katya lost most of her confidence after being captured, but I hasn’t left her entirely. She possesses some resemblance of confidence in certain skills, although this confidence seriously borders on arrogance when it comes to her views on her own moral code. She doesn’t merely believe that the fight against the Elysians and Sheolfolk is morally sound; she believes it’s the only option. She can get very tunnel-visioned when going down this path, which could be a slippery slope.
-Stubborn. Oftentimes, Katya’s thoughts and opinions are a bit unshakeable.
-Blunt. She doesn’t get the point of sugar coating anything, especially when talking to people she already knows.

Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 Katya10
Bio: Like many Homini, Katya was born in the crossfire between the Sheolfolk and Elysians, but that may be where the general comparison ends. Katya’s parents lived in the Elysian-occupied fief of Zion, and did not want their child to be raised in the same circumstances. Unable to get themselves out of the fief, they handed their child off to a group of smugglers, who managed to get Katya out into free country. Quietly funded by nearly Homini-controlled fiefs, this group focused on safely extracting Homini from Elysian-controlled fief, providing them safe passage to safe fiefs. Katya was raised by these people. It was this group of smugglers that Katya would call family, as they were the only family that she could ever remember. She was raised by them and, unsurprisingly enough, joined them in their cause. Although she helped in small ways, she was gradually integrated more and more into the effort, taking part in several expeditions as early as nine-years-old. For a while, this was her life.
That changed when she was seventeen. Up until that point, her group had only ever worked in Elysian-controlled fiefs. After nearly a year’s worth of preparation, they were willing to break into a Sheolfolk-controlled fief. At that point, Katya was one of the best they had; this coupled with her insistence of going along with them ensured a seat in the mission.
To put it lightly, their mission failed. Katya was separated from the rest of the group and was captured. Now alone, she was absorbed into the Sheolfolk camp, and was shortly after forced into Bonding with a Despair Sheolfolk via Blood Ritual.
Two years passed before the Sundering shook the world, and Katya along with it. Through the chaos she managed to escape, stumbling into the free world. Although she is still Bonded, she has done everything she can to put as much distance between her and her past as possible.
Allegiance: Asutiel... for now.
Notable Relationships:
-Cusco (guardian, friend). Obviously Katya was close to all of the members of her group, but she was particularly close to Cusco. Paralyzed from the waist down, Cusco was often unable to contribute physically to the group's needs, often using his brain from afar. Because of these things, Katya spent most of her young years around him. Empathetic, morally grounded, and supportive, Cusco served as the father figure of Katya's life. Cusco was not apart of the mission into the Sheolfolk fief, and Katya still does not know whether he's dead or alive, let alone where he is.
-Sorek (Bonded Sheolfolk). Katya's relationship to her Bonded partner is... interesting.
-Asutiel (allies?). They technically haven't met yet, so we'll see how that goes,
Weapon of Choice: Brass knuckles; she's also competent with a compact crossbow.
Fun Facts:
-Katya was originally created to be used in a Fairy Tail RPG. I decided I'd adept her over to Asphodel because I literally had a conversation with Writing about how much I wanted to bring her to another RPG the same day I started getting my form together.
-Her theme is the Mad World cover done by Jasmine Thompson.
-Katya's most proficient with a knife, but she refuses to carry one around with her after escaping.
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Post by Adrian Fri Nov 16, 2018 9:33 pm

Full Name: Namrael, Archangel of Humility

Age: 126

DOB: 5/8/7095

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight. Mostly.

Race: Elysian

Virtue/Vice: Humility

Personality: Namrael is largely at peace with the person she has become, though she knows she is not an immutable force. Despite being an Archangel and an Elysian, she doesn’t see herself as any better than her peers, other Elysians or Homini, or even most Sheolfolk. She lacks most inner turmoil, but she also keeps a close eye on her ego - if Namrael feels she is straying off of her path, she’ll find herself shutting out most of her peers, mentally disciplining herself until she is confident that she has corrected herself once more. She dislikes taking credit, often deferring to other people as the true heroes/workers/etc.

Despite this, she’s quite mentally stable, and tries as hard as she can to see the better parts of people. To her, flaws are commonplace and natural, nothing to be ashamed of. Even Elodi is/was flawed in some ways. Namrael is all about lifting others up, rather than just yourself.

Personality Type: ENFP

Strengths: Namrael is quite excellent at not hogging the spotlight. Not only does she recognize her allies’ strengths, she openly allows them to take the front lines, happy to take a more supportive role. Her dedication to Humility allows her to lift others up, even if it means pushing herself down. She's also willing to take risks on her own existence in order to protect those she feels might need it more.

Weaknesses: Namrael has major impostor syndrome. She doesn’t feel worthy of the title of Archangel, and constantly feels out of place in a number of social functions. Namrael feels uncomfortable when people give her what she feels is “too much credit for what she’s done,” and she’s concerned with becoming too confident in herself, because the minute she slips away from her vision is the minute she will fall from grace.

Appearance: Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 Namrae10

Bio: Namrael rarely talks about her past, as she feels it is not only unnecessary details, but too much of a source of pride for her to rely on her background; in order to shape her identity, she rejects relying on the past, instead wishing to focus on the present and future. There's also subtle hints of pain when she recalls her past, which forces her to either change the topic of conversation or end it entirely. What's only known is that she was born in Elodiel but moved to Zion immediately after the Sundering, upon which she became the current Archangel of Humility.

Namrael is well-versed in Elysian history, knowing a great deal of the history of the Archangels, and as far as many people know, her only close friend is Annalise, who is also her current Bonded. Namrael has also been a noted tutor in the art of humility and respect in Zion, and takes a great interest in Homini - not as useful tools, but as potential friends and family. Despite his vanishing, she still looks up to Elodi and hopes that he will eventually return to deliver the races from their own egos.

Allegiance: Elodi

Notable Relationships: Annalise Fortuna (Sal's character)

Weapon of Choice: While Namrael doesn't entirely like to fight, she does keep a shortsword at her side, and knows well enough how to use it.

Fun Facts: I'm sorry Namrael's background is so vague! I'm just still undecided as to the direction her history should go, and I feel like she's one of those characters where I spontaneously discover more about her with the rest of you guys (as I've done with a surprising amount of RP characters in the past). As we get closer to RPG time I may determine more about her identity and where she comes from.

Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 A64726_6bab724690da4cbabd281635add02e0a~mv2
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Post by zenmetsu Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:00 am

would unintentionally feed the trolls if on the internet:
Full Name: Yvel
Age: 221
DOB: March 31, 7000
Gender: Female
Orientation: Lesbiab. LEbs.ian.  LLE  .s ...girl
Race: Elysian
Virtue/Vice: Justice
Personality: Full of passion, pride, anger, conviction, and frighteningly open honesty, Yvel can come off as quite an abrasive creature. While rarely she begins interactions rudely, it's easy to devolve her default-state mild (or, depending on who you are, gentle) mouth into something much harsher. However, while she is easily riled up (or down), Yvel's ideals are not as easily influenced as her moods. She is someone who has dedicated herself to trying to find her own personal truth of what is "right", even if it is something that goes against the grain. Ultimately a decent, simple-minded character, with pure intentions: to find and understand an ideology that she believes in, and to dedicate herself to it.
Personality Type: some unholy blend between a shounen protagonist and a straight man sidekick
Strengths: Yvel's ability to not only find but follow the right path - even at the cost of everything - makes her a woman of immense principle while still being flexible in thought. Her loyalty and dedication runs deep, but her one-track-mind is never about an ideology. It's about what's "right". For all she may believe in something, Yvel is unafraid to continue searching for and honing her "truth" to better follow it.
Weaknesses: Yvel is simple, and in that, she is easy to manipulate in terms of her actions. Understanding her is far from difficult; she's much easier to play than a violin. If interactions between individuals are like chess, Yvel acts like it's checkers. Discussions with her can be diplomatic, but with enough barbs, you can set the volume level of the conversation loud as when you accidentally have your earbuds on the highest setting and start a song.
Appearance: 5'7". Rich, dark hair, spilling some over her shoulders, pale, sharp and large dark eyes. Strong features, but not overwhelming; very pretty, but not anything exceptional for Elysian standards. Slender and toned. Simple white, feathery wings.
Bio: Yvel was born into an Elysian family; both of her parents followed the Justice virtue, and her family frequently acted as a foster family for Elysian-Homini halfblood children. Growing up in a household of frequent intense intellectual arguments (as her parents have quite the differing opinions on what Elysians should do about the war), alongside people scorned by society that she found perfectly normal, Yvel's mind grew critical and independent in thought, and before she knew it, she was pursuing Justice with even more fervor than her parents.
Allegiance: She is still searching.
Notable Relationships: Yvel has an excellent relationship with her parents (Abel, her father, and Lanel, her mother); she also has a good relationship with most of the Elysian-Homini halfblood foster siblings she came into contact with.
Weapon of Choice: She likes the bow and arrow, and it is her best weapon, but she tries to use a sword over it as much as possible.
Fun Facts:
-shhe like ... girl

would troll people if on the internet:
Full Name: Dei
Age: 401
DOB: February 16, 6820
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual Disaster
Race: Sheolfolk
Virtue/Vice: Anarchy
Personality: What is identity, anyhow? Dei doesn't really know, and doesn't really care, either. Isn't a stable personality so boring? And so pointless? Why have just one? It's difficult to tell who Dei really is, and realistically speaking, Dei doesn't really know either, either; he sheds and shapes his behavior to fulfill whatever desire he has at the time (which is usually just not to be bored). He refuses to call them masks; he prefers faces. He believes that regardless of how he behaves, as long as it is how he wants, it is authentic and himself.
Personality Type: u kno in shrek when they talk abt the onion and the layers. that's Him
Strengths: He is selfish. He could care less about anyone else, and that is his power; every action he does is unbridled by what others think. Everything he is, everything he does; he is glad to utilize it to fulfill what he wants and thinks is best. His ruthlessness allows him to nearly always take what he wants.
Weaknesses: Dei is impulsive. He refuses to self-reflect, and doesn't care to think about consequences or anything except his own fun and enjoyment. He craves chaos, thrills in making systems tremble. All he's ever known is the moment; he is reckless with himself and others.
Appearance: 5'9". Long white hair (usually tied), deep brown skin, long and cat-like golden eyes. A beautiful face, well-defined and sharp. A lithe, well-proportioned body. Small white horns, slightly curved upwards, on the side of his head.
Bio: Dei made quite the title for himself; a good deal of his survival after he was 14 stemmed from his natural (some might argue wasted) understanding of others, and his ability to act however he felt necessary, enabling him to manipulate his way out of most situations. Using that knowledge, Dei spends most of his time messing around with the Homini out of boredom. He found inciting or setting up low-scale revolutions to be the most interesting to do and watch play out, so decided to follow the path of Anarchy. He's always looking for a good time.
Allegiance: Whatever is absolutely not cool with the kids! Or the adults! Or anyone! Unconventional systems only! Radical change is radical! Anarchy! Wahoo!
Notable Relationships: Hahahaha!
Weapon of Choice: Metal claws that he fits over his fingertips. He scratches! He bites, too, sometimes.
Fun Facts:
-made a business out of his fun hobby of starting riots and protests and etc.; bet on which revolt you think will be stamped out or will evolve!! which faction will win!!

would be trolled if on the internet:
Full Name: Chou
Age: 20
DOB: June 31, I can’t do math don’t do this to me
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Homini
Virtue/Vice: None
Personality: Chou is quietly kind. She is gentle, sweet, and patient. She has a strong sense of duty and loyalty, and obediently gives herself for the things she loves. She is understanding and trusting.
Personality Type: walking into a room in the early morning while the sunlight streams through the open window, the wind setting your translucent curtains to gently wave, and you see the person you love most kneeling in the light as they fold freshly laundered white bedsheets, humming
Strengths: Her deep love gives her strength to give and give and give, to do anything. Her altruism is often not as linked to sacrifice as it may appear. For her, the act of giving to what she deeply loves gives back to her in return. In that, she would likely call her own acts a kind of “selfishness”, in that they often make her a certain kind of happy.
Weaknesses: She is a coward. Though when it comes to anything beloved by her she may find bravery for them, she is fearful when it comes to herself. While most of her circumstance is her decision made out of a genuine want to stay, part of it is also because she feels she has to. Growing up feeling as though she had little ability compared to her peers, and feeling almost a burden, she found herself unable to find the ability to go into the unknown as those around her did. As she began to help run the inn, she came to meet even more people, and found herself lacking in comparison to the travelers. Her own lack of life experience and what she considers interesting facets frightens her off from pursuing anything that could widen it. it is because of this she ultimately found herself willing to stay, the seal on top of her already strong conviction: “if it had to be anyone, it might as well be the one who can’t do all that much.” Her fear blinds her to trying other options that could be beneficial to her.
Appearance: 5’2. Petite, thin. Light skin. Warm blonde hair often held in two long braids. Her most notable feature are her long-lashed, large green eyes, set in a delicate kind of face; a small nose and mouth. Pretty.
Bio: Chou’s mother died in childbirth. Her father had died before that. Her closest surviving relative was her grandmother, the runner of the inn of the village, who took her in and raised her as her own.

Living in a small village, located in Balum, but far from the prosperous and industrious cities, Chou grew up in a tight-knit community, in a land rich and beautiful in its own natural state. She loved her home and her people.

However, as she grew older, Chou began to watch those her age leave, searching for better opportunities than what could be found in the fields or in the traders who came only a few times a season.

When her grandmother died when she was nineteen, she left Chou the village’s inn. It was not frequently used, and even less so recently, but Chou took it on with a promise to herself: that she would stay here. That even as those dear to her departed, and as even the elderly left in a different way, and even as those few visitors that came eventually said their goodbyes, Chou would root herself here.

Ever since then, she has crushed any wish to explore or leave like many others have, and has managed to find contentment where she is. Yet, sometimes, she wonders ...
Allegiance: Her village.
Notable Relationships: Her grandmother; several of her closest friends from the village, most of who are gone (except one, Rian); the entirety her village, really; a few customers who stayed at the inn.
Weapon of Choice: The most dangerous thing she’s ever really used a skinning knife.
Fun Facts:
-while she’s a generally mature person, she has a surprising childish side!
-she truly loves her home and thinks it is beautiful; she would be a very good tour guide if anyone wanted to ever explore the wild plains of balum
-she’s always wanted to learn to read and write

would intentionally feed the trolls if on the internet:
Full Name: Originally went by the name “Gantz”; renamed himself to “Yang”
Age: 21
DOB: June 6, YhhHh
Gender: Male
Orientation: One Big Gay
Race: Half-Sheolfolk, Half-Homini
Virtue/Vice: HE WONDERS!!!
Personality: Outwardly, Yang is vain (or confident, depending on your perspective), both teasing and teasable, witty, and charismatic. Nothing, it seems, can phase him; he seems without a single crack. Yet, inwardly, Yang feels like he is constantly scrambling, desperately striving to prove himself. He is full of fear of falling into vice because of his Sheolfolk half, and hatred for his Sheolfolk half. It is made worse by his heavy feelings of inferiority, and his fear of being found out (both in terms of his Sheolfolk relations, and his sexuality).
Personality Type: like a porcupine but with peacock feathers instead of needles
Strengths: Yang is likable. His self-assured remarks are more endearing than genuinely annoying, and even when they are annoying, people tend to find themselves (with humiliation) to see him growing on them anyways. Part of it is his natural charm, but the rest is likely due to his genuinely good heart. His fear from Vice stems from his fear of becoming someone that does awful things, and takes strength from it. He wants nothing but to be a good person.
Weaknesses: For all Yang is likable, he never lets people get all too close to him. He feels he has too much to lose in everything he is hiding. Afraid of being seen as a monster or terrible being because of his Sheolfolk blood and upbringing or sexuality, or just as bad, being regarded as someone inferior, he refuses to let people see anything past his polished veneer. People like him, but you can only get so far with people who only know so much about you.
He also struggles with undoing the lessons and mindset he developed from Sheolfolk society.
Appearance: 5’10”
Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 DwPX4lIUcAAzwVK
Bio: sheolfolk dad, homini mom … was yeeted off as a child when he was like thirteen … survived kind of just yeehawing … Really Hates His Dad. loves him mom. the sheolfolk think he just died or smth. I DON’T KNOW WHAT HE DOES!!!! I’M SO TIRED OF WRTINGN THIS … I DON’T CARE!!! I’LL FIGURE IT OUT WHILE WE RP HE’S THAT KINDA MAN ANYWAYS!!!
Allegiance: Himself.
Notable Relationships: randos .. dwbi ...
Weapon of Choice: Sword! He prefers them on the lighter side.
Fun Facts:
-he is flirty … and … TOUCHY!!!! HANDSY!!!!!
-he is Loud
-secretly beneath the chaotic stupid exterior … neutral intellectual

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That old fart:

Full Name: Emmanuel
DOB:December 24, 2598
Race:Elysian-Piscian half-breed
Personality:A Tall, Dark, and Patient crust with Squishy, Soft inside, topped with a grandpa-complex.
Personality Type:We’ll see.
StrengthsBecause of his grandpa-complex he is superb at forming meaningful relationships. He is capable of being very rational, but doesn’t always use it. Being an old fart, he has mastered his abilities as an archangel. Being half piscian he has the ability to change his legs into a tail and breath underwater. He also has better hearing and visual prowess. He has amazing control over water due to both his archangel and piscian powers, and has figured out . He is able to create illusion out of water in the air, sorta how rainbows work. He’s skilled in combat with or without weapons.
Weaknesses:He can often be blinded by his heart.  He doesn’t have an amazing sense of battle strategy. Being Piscian he has the following issues. He is sensitive to bright light, i.e. a bright sunny day, or like a flash bang. He would be sensitive to high heat sources such as a fireplace. He is incapacitated when changing from legs to a tail/fin due to the extreme pain.
Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 5c44de7330e7d34da5ad6daa3e035ee4--jason-mamoa-aquaman-never-been-better
a very cliché story:
Emmanuel, E, for short, was born into the piscian culture. He was trained to be a hunter his mum also taught him the ways the patience sect. Drama happened…long story short his mum left his dad, he left to travel the seas, turning to the wrath sect for about 1000 years. Then he got his shit straight and finally grew up.
Allegiance: Elodi, his piscian village, Jehiliath, others, etc.
Notable Relationships: Possibly?
Weapon of Choice: A trident made out of unknown, strong metal. However in the very middle of is hallowed enough that water was placed in it and he can thus use it like thor’s hammer. He wears a belt of Bo shuriken, that he’s had since he was little, everywhere out of habit. He’s also skilled in different forms of hand to hand combat.
Fun Facts:
• Theme song: I’ll hold on by Dierks Bently
• More to come.

Rich Man Whore:

Name:Alucard Emery
DOB:Dec. 12, 6,403
Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 38a420056cdb9e03a58856ab017319db
Personality:Head strong, free willed but has a heart of gold and a gifted mind for logic, that counteracts his stubbornness. He’s also a charismatic flirt.
Personality Type: We’ll see.
Strengths: He’s a good fighter. He has a strong and fortified mind. He’s a piscian, thus having all of the piscian strengths.
Weaknesses: Piscian weaknesses. Not very good at coping with the loss of others, thus doesn’t form meaningful relations with others. Scheherazade, who practically raised him, would be someone whom he would be terrified of losing. VERY Egotistical.
Bio:Not much is known about Alucard. There are several rumors that encircle what the four, including Alucard, or where they even came from. But the most popular, or perhaps most entertaining is that he was a pirate who roamed the sea.
Allegiance: Emmanuel, Elysian’s, Piscian’s, his lover of the decade.
Notable Relationships: E, and Scheherazade.
Fun Facts/Trivia:
• Theme song: Everybody Loves Me by Onerepublic
• Supposedly his public reputation is as follow: Rich egotistical play boy roams the continent doing what and who he wants.
• More to come.

Tough old bird:

Full Name:Scheherazade
DOB:Jan 1st, 1206
Personality:She is a very stubborn person, and is SUPER Optimistic. She’s also compartmentalizes quiet a bit, considering how old she is. Preppy and sweet.
Personality Type:We’ll see.
Strengths: She loves taking care of people and is not squeamish at all. She’s a tough old bird, and can fend off people unless shear strength is a factor. Very smart.
Weaknesses:She is divorced from grief. She doesn’t know how to deal with sad feelings. She’s a passivist.
Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 87a52a06504885cdc167b2757ccd6fe0
Bio: “It’s a secret.”
Allegiance:Elysian’s. Lord E for President.
Notable Relationships:Hates Jehood, took her position out from under her. Thinks he’s a major pain in the ass. Lord E. Her adoptive son, Alucard.
Weapon of Choice: Any Weapon. She’s also adept in poisoning people.
Fun Facts:
• Former Faith Archangel.
• Former Assassin

Loyal Dog:

Full Name:Raziel Kakabael
DOB:Feb 3rd, 6,523
Personality:Find out oyo.
Personality Type:Who knows?
Strengths:Head strong focused. All strengths of wrath. Combat trained. Listens to orders. Loyal. Good fighter. Rational and logical. Cold and calculating.
Weaknesses:Divorced his emotions. Doesn’t care as long as it’s in the best interest of the Elysians.
Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 9e527259ac04953a0defd892adbc8539
Bio:He’s a cold hearted bastard that only cares about the Elysians winning. Nothing else matters.
Allegiance:Elysians, Lord E.
Notable Relationships:Relationships? Not necessary
Weapon of Choice:Twin swords strapped to his back. Also a sharp boomerang weapon.
Fun Facts:
• Theme song: Wrong by MAX
• More to come

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I hereby formally accept all these character forms.
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Hey there Delilah:
Full Name:Delilah Ashwell

Age: 24

DOB: 8/28/7,127

Gender: Female

Orientation: Lesbian. Her original form said she was pan, but let's be honest, when has she ever shown interest in men?

Race: Halfblood. Half Elysian, half Homini

Virtue/Vice: Wrath

Personality: Honestly, one of Delilah's defining traits is her hatred for Elysians. She's vindictive toward them, and will do everything in her power to be stronger, so she can then, in turn, destroy them. Her other defining traits are the insecurity and low sense of self-worth that stemmed from said Elysians. She's been hurt by them, and though she dares not show it to anyone save Lucifer, she has several wounds she hasn't recovered from.

Personality Type: Very unhealthy ENFJ

-Vindictive and spiteful: This gives her quite a bit of fuel and drive.
-Loyalty: Her loyalty to Lucifer is unquestionable.
-Insecurity: While it does wreck her, it also gives her a soft side that can come out on occasion, making her compassionate to others that have been hurt.

-Vindictive and spiteful: This blinds her.
-Loyalty: While her loyalty to Lucifer is unquestionable, his loyalty to her is more questionable.
-Insecurity: She still has a lot of healing to do, and the longer her problems remain unchecked, the bigger of a toll on her mental state it'll have


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Bio: Delilah used to live among the Elysians. She grew up with a best friend (and later lover) named Claudia, and together they strove to pursue the Faith Virtue. She was a halfblood, which meant she wasn't always treated respectfully. But she managed to bear it, due to her faith in Elodi, and because of Claudia's support.

Things started to change as they got older. Delilah began questioning the logic of a few things, like why Elysians would treat Homini and halfbloods the way they do, and whether or not it was really good to pursue one sole Virtue. At about the same time, Claudia was bonded to a Faith Elysian named Jael, who really started pulling Claudia away from Delilah. That was when things really started to get bad.

More and more, Claudia spent more time with Jael than Delilah, leaving Delilah without the support system she'd grown to rely upon so much. Delilah slowly became embittered, and started to wonder if Elodi really cared for her at all. Her Faith began to wither. The situation still could have been salvaged, if not for what Jael told Claudia to do.

Jael persuaded Claudia that, in order to restore Delilah's faith in Elodi, drastic measures had to be taken. Claudia took Delilah out to the plains south of Elodiel, a rather inhospitable bit of land. When she was sure they were as far away from civilization as they could get, Claudia abandoned Delilah in the plains without any food, water, or shelter. Without any of these things, Jael had told Claudia, Delilah would have no choice but to rely on Elodi for help.

That was not what happened. That sealed Delilah's fall, and she totally lost all Faith. All alone, dehydration and hunger nearly completely overtook her. She came to the brink of death.

And that's when Lucifer found her.

Allegiance: To Lucifer and him alone.

Notable Relationships:

Lucifer [Bonded]: Lucifer saved her at a time when no one else would, and helped her to become strong. As a result, she's fiercely loyal to him. Since he already saw her at her most vulnerable, she'll let herself be soft around him. But deep down, there's a deathly fear that he'll eventually cast her aside when he no longer needs her, not unlike how Claudia did.

Claudia [Former best friend, Ex-Lover]: Yeaaah. After what she did, Delilah's not on good terms with her.

Jael [Enemy]: Delilah hates Jael even more than she hates Claudia. The way Delilah sees it, she took everything from her when she took Claudia. So Delilah has every intention of taking everything from Jael.

Weapon of Choice: A sword
Fun Facts:
-Her name is, indeed, a reference to the Biblical Delilah. Hopefully that's not too heavy-handed.
-Her backstory is based on a real-life story, where religious parents, after hearing their son was having doubts about serving a mission, stranded said son in a canyon.

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Asphodel: The Application Thread - Page 2 Empty Re: Asphodel: The Application Thread

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