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Asphodel: The Application Thread

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Asphodel: The Application Thread Empty Asphodel: The Application Thread

Post by Captain Whitehawk Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:03 pm

Asphodel: The Application Thread Asphodel

They say the sky cracked open like an egg.  

In a way, I'm glad I missed that part.  I dealt instead with the sudden silence, the leap in air pressure that burst my eardrums and sent me staggering.  It was so strange, so out of the ordinary.  In the ringing, crackling quiet as I knelt there on the floor, I didn't know if this was premonition or simple, earthly pain.  I had no idea the kind of suffering awaiting us.  Not even my worst nightmares had contained such a shattering.  

I would hear the same story again and again in the days to come: the islands had dropped, the theodoro had fled, the earth had swallowed our fallen Elysium and shattered all to pieces.  In a matter of hours, the Surface was littered with bodies like a patchwork quilt, a spread of gore and carnage as I'd never witnessed before.  Our high cities, our monasteries, our halls and libraries and schools -- Elysium's glory was a sight contained only in memory and old pages now.  

For days, the south contained only smoke.  Messengers returned to me with grievous tidings: the earth had cracked in seams and regurgitated magma; the labyrinth of Sheol had vomited ash and sulfur and poisonous gases.  The Sheolfolk have fled, my careful spies whispered to me, their people are consumed and their dark halls are erased, they've spread in lawless droves upon the land.  But that is not all, they said, Ahriman is gone.  For a moment, I believe they thought we'd found our victory.

In another age, perhaps I would have felt relief.  But long had I grown used to the company of my god, and I knew their absence when the sky fell.  It was as I had always known: many desperate prayers had begged their mercy to be replied with silence, but Elodi was not one to ignore the pleas of their children.  It was so, then.  The world was empty of its makers.  

These days, my questions are few.  

Where did you go?  And why did you leave us?


  • Follow all forum rules.
  • Keep OOC in brackets or parentheses of some kind. ((This is an example.))
  • Gotta get your character approved by me on the apps thread before you can begin.
  • Don’t kill off someone else’s character without their player’s consent.
  • The wikiiiiiiiii and Tooooooooorrr are your information  frieeeeeends.
  • Don’t tell me “TBR,” but keeping the form short or not putting down a portion (ex. birthday, trivia, weaknesses, strengths, personality type) because it’s excess info or you don’t wanna think that hard?  Totally okay.

Possible Endings:

In the overarching sense, Asphodel has several different endings that it could come to. This is largely due to the very nature of the Vices and Virtues which act as a kind of destiny key, keeping certain possibilities locked in place. How exactly they are thwarted or coincided with is player decided. The basic endings are as follows:

  • An Elysian Conquering: The Elysians successfully wipe out the Sheolfolk with the Homini backing them up, securing victory for Elodi and allowing for his takeover of the world.
  • A Sheolfolk Domination: The Sheolfolk successfully overcome against the Elysians with the Homini behind them, securing victory for Ahriman and his dominion over the world.
  • Homini Supremacy: The Homini kill all the Elysians and Sheolfolk, effectively killing their gods as well. What follows after shall not be revealed at this time, beyond the fact that there are three separate endings branching from this one.
  • Homini Genocide: All the Homini are slaughtered, effectively locking the Elysians and the Sheolfolk in eternal struggle.
  • Everyone's Dead: I don't know how you did it, but that's really messed up.
  • To Kill a God: I’ll let you guess.

Basic Form:

[b]Full Name:[/b]
[b]Notable Relationships:[/b]
[b]Fun Facts:[/b]

“Extended Edition”:

Personality Type:
Weapon of Choice:

Discord Server Invite || Promo Thread || Asphodel's Map || RP Thread

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Asphodel: The Application Thread Empty Re: Asphodel: The Application Thread

Post by ghoulerie Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:09 pm

god’s dead and i’m gonna kill him:
Full Name: Sathariel
Age: 21
DOB: February 3rd, 7200
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Elysian-Homini
Virtue/Vice: Despair
Personality: Sathariel is naturally a very driven individual. While she is no longer motivated by the need to earn the approval of others, she wants her pain and grief actualized in the world around her. She doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants, and what she wants is revenge for the death of her beloved. As her Vice suggests, she is typically unfeeling, save for the frequent waves of deep sadness that often consume her. She holds a deep-seated resentment for both the Elysians and the Sheolfolk, but holds some sympathy for the Homini.

Strengths: She is very driven to succeed and hyper focused on achieving her goals. As a result, she often doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants. Sathariel is a force to be reckoned with when someone or something stands in her way.

Weaknesses: As of pursuing her Vice, she has little to no regard for her own safety or wellbeing. Her stubborn and competitive nature coupled with this means that she willingly (and frequently) puts herself in dangerous situations despite the risk to herself.

Appearance: Sathariel is pale, thin-boned, and skinny, with a height of about 5’10. Many sleepless nights have left her gaunt and perpetually tired looking, with dark circles under her eyes. Her hair is black and straight, cut short just above her shoulders, and her eyes are dark brown. She has a heart-shaped face and sharp features. Sathariel has a beauty mark beneath her lower lip to the left. Despite being halfblooded, she’s completely wingless.

Bio: Born to an Elysian father and a Homini mother, Sathariel spent the better part of her childhood chasing after approval she would never receive. This desire to belong led to her decision to become a model Elysian at any cost. Her life began to revolve around nothing but her devotion to Elodi and her chosen Virtue, Faith. As time passed, she decided that to truly be Elysian, she would have to reject all that was Homini about her. This included her mother, and in her late childhood, she shut her out altogether.

Sathariel’s teen years were spent in a feverish pursuit of her Virtue, and she longed for the day that she would come of age to finally cast off her Homini-given name and present herself to Elodi himself. Though she knew that her accomplishments meant nothing to the Elysians, she was certain that Elodi would see the value that she possessed, and that, finally, she would receive the recognition she had worked so hard for. Her eighteenth birthday was both one of the happiest days of her life as well as the most bittersweet. While she had her new name, Sathariel, as well as her audience with Elodi, she was confronted with the bitter truth that she would likely never become the Archangel of Faith like she had dreamed. Nevertheless, she refused to back down.

In the year following her council with Elodi, Sathariel felt herself become truly lost; she had lost her mother, and all progress she had made came to a sudden halt. She was still chasing something, though she was unsure what, whether it be approval or her own sense of pride. After all the years of pushing herself to fit in, she still lacked a place to belong.

That is until, suddenly, she was Bonded to a Homini boy. Micaiah.

They fell in love. Slowly, and begrudgingly on her end, but in the end it seemed inevitable. Like fate. So they planned to run away from Elysium, from the war, and live in peace somewhere far away. The Sundering just happened to be the excuse to disappear that they needed.

In the chaos of Elysium’s fall, they escaped into the Overrealm. They didn’t get far.

In the mayhem that followed, Micaiah was slain. Sathariel realized that now she was truly, utterly alone. Everything she had ever worked for had been for vain, and the only people who ever loved her were gone, forever. She didn’t belong anywhere. She never would. Not anymore.

Sathariel fell into Despair, and resolved herself to seek her own revenge; on the Elysians, on the Sheolfolk, and their gods.

The rest, my dears, is TBR!
Allegiance: Sathariel has none.
Notable Relationships:

  • Micaiah Alveray (First Bonded, Lover; Dead): Her first bonded partner and sweetheart.
  • Ophelia Braud (Mother; Dead): Although close when Sathariel was a child, they drifted apart in her later years as she grew to resent her Homini parentage and began shutting her mother out. Sathariel regrets how she left things with Ophelia.
  • Zuriel (Father; Alive): Sathariel spent most of her life chasing his approval. They have a very tenuous relationship; she’s always known, on some level, that Zuriel resented having her.

Weapon of Choice: Scythe
Fun Facts:

  • Sathariel’s given name is Gisele Braud.
  • She's based off of a few characters from classic literature and myth! Two of those being Juliet Capulet and the titular Giselle from the ballet, Giselle.

kate accidentally made a hot dad:
Full Name: Zuriel
Age: 562
DOB: November 22nd, 6658
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Elysian
Virtue/Vice: Justice
Personality: Zuriel views the world in very rigid terms of black and white, and is very rarely swayed otherwise. There is no such thing as grey morality in his eyes, and he tends to impose this moral dichotomy he lives by on others. He comes off as a very cold and humorless individual, but is fiercely loyal to those he respects and those rare few who he truly cares about. Above all else, Zuriel prioritizes the characteristics of honor, truth, and lawfulness in himself and in others.

Strengths: Level headed and proactive. Strong-willed and a skilled fighter. Zuriel’s faith in Elodi and his Virtue is unshakable, and he believes in what he does to be firmly on the side of justice. Excellent work ethic. Good at paperwork.

Weaknesses: Zuriel tends to be uncompromisingly rigid and has a very difficult time relating positively to other individuals. He is very passionate about the pursuit of his Virtue, but tends to take it a bit too far. Doesn’t work well with others. Cold. He comes off as an elitist prick most of the time, to be honest.

Appearance: About 6’2’’; toned and lean. Gray eyes. Straight face with sharp features. He has one expression and it’s a frown. His hair is long and blonde and curled toward the ends; keeps it tied back most of the time. His wings are a golden brown. He’s a hot dad and I am so sorry.

Bio: Zuriel always had a clear plan for how his life would turn out, and worked very hard to make that a reality. He had a few bonded partners before Ophelia, though none of them before her were very memorable or made much of an impact on him at all. Eventually, they had Sathariel, and with that taboo union came a surge of great shame both from those around him as well as himself. He has worked tirelessly to wipe away the stain that left on his name ever since.

Allegiance: To Elodi, above all else.

Notable Relationships:

  • Sathariel (Daughter; Dead?): These two have always have a strained relationship, and although he won’t admit it outright, he never really wanted this child. Zuriel only remains in Sathariel’s life out of obligation to Ophelia. He literally has no idea she’s still alive.
  • Ophelia Braud (Former Bonded; Dead): Ophelia was, as well as his Bonded, a very dear friend. He was in love with her.
  • Eraphel (Mother; Alive): After ‘tainting’ their bloodline by sireing a half-Homini child with his Bonded, these two don’t speak anymore. Yet.

Weapon of Choice: Broadsword and shield
Fun Facts:

  • Dad Is a Tank Class
  • I’m still shocked that people like this guy.

do not feed after midnight:
Full Name: Beelzebub
Age: 1,970
DOB: July 16th, 5256
Gender: Female
Orientation: Pansexual
Race: Sheolfolk
Virtue/Vice: Gluttony
Personality: Beelzebub is uncharacteristically childish for a General, especially one who has been around for so long. She lacks any sense of decorum, is prone to temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her way, and actively enjoys teasing and playing pranks. However, Beelzebub’s fairly laid-back and carefree nature makes her a fairly popular General within her sect, where she is both feared and respected. She views life largely as a game to be won, and she is an expert player. Mischievous. Tends to be a bit eccentric. Bee has a very particular hunger for beautiful things, and makes a point to surround herself in glamour.

Strengths: Physically, Bee is a seasoned fighter. What she lacks in pure strength she makes up for in speed and acrobatics. Within the Gluttony sect, she is fairly popular as a General and, for the most part, has been unchallenged in that role. Her rather unassuming appearance and ability to play roles are strengths in their own right. Besides that, she has a millennia worth of experience. Knows the ropes.

Weaknesses: Bee is slow to feel regret, empathy, or shame, if at all, and only cares about herself. She’s prone to tantrums when she doesn’t get her way, and her childishness and general...everything make her incredibly difficult to work with. Lacks the brute strength that someone in her position is generally expected to possess. Prone to overkill.

Appearance: At a solid 5’0’’, Bee is significantly smaller than most of her peers. Small, cute face; big, misleading doe eyes. Her hair is long, dark blonde, and neatly curled; usually worn up in a ponytail when working. Tan. Freckles. Loves to dress up. She prides herself on keeping well-groomed and tidy.

Bio: Beelzebub, before she was Beelzebub, was puny and weak. For a Sheolfolkian child, this meant that she was made out to be an easy target; no one believed that she would live to see her sixteenth birthday.

Eventually, though, something in her snapped. She began to fight back. Miraculously, she even began to win. These victories were fine for a time, but soon enough she found herself wanting more. She didn’t want to take just the victory from them, but to take everything from those who had stood in her way. The insatiable desire to take became all consuming, and she realized her calling to Gluttony shortly after.

After that, the rest is history. And spoilers. OOF.

Allegiance: Ahriman. Herself.

Notable Relationships:

  • Belial (Older Brother; Alive): Bee isn’t sure if they even get along, but her brother is all she has left.
  • Mim (Older Sister; Dead): Bee’s older sister, confidant, and childhood role model.
  • Elyani (Mother; Dead): There’s not much to say that isn’t super spoiler-y. The extent of Elyani’s relationship with her children was to manipulate them her own personal profit.

Weapon of Choice: Bee prefers hand to hand combat, so…herself? And some badass clawed gauntlets.
Fun Facts:

  • Bee is a child of Ahriman.
  • Bee and Gluttony aesthetically are based on the French Court at Versailles under Louis XIV.
  • Think Marie Antoinette if she kept her head.

to be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand rick and morty:
Full Name: Belial
Age: 1,975
DOB: March 30th, 5251
Gender: Male
Orientation: Gay
Race: Sheolfolk
Virtue/Vice: Pride
Personality: Cold and calculative. Belial only keeps people around so long as they have something he wants. He sees the world as a series of wins and losses, and he'll do whatever it takes to end up on top.

Strengths: 5-Dimensional Chess compatible. (Probably) works well with
his sister. Strong tactician and a capable leader.

Weaknesses: Big fucking ego. Severely allergic to teamwork and cooperativity. Only keeps people around so long as they’re useful, so he’s not the best company. Grudge-holder.

Appearance: Dark skinned; strong nose, sharp jaw; dark, almond-shaped eyes; shaven head. Stands at about 5’9. Average build with a bit of muscle.

Bio: What I can tell you is that he’s spent most of his life living in his younger sister’s shadow. The rest is linked to Bee’s backstory and TBR because spoilers. We’ll get there.

Allegiance: Ahriman.

Notable Relationships:

  • Beelzebub (Younger Sister; Alive): He’s spent most of his life living in his younger sister’s shadow. Naturally, some resentment has persisted over the years.
  • Mim (Older Sister; Dead): Belial looked up to his older sister in his childhood, but has since tried to erase her from his mind due to a certain incident in the past.
  • Elyani (Mother; Dead): See Bee.

Weapon of Choice: Scimitar.
Fun Facts:
[*]Belial hates fun.  

80s pop plays as i lay dead in the woods:

Full Name: Luka
Age: Maybe early twenties, but who can tell for sure? Luka sure isn’t counting.
DOB: Do you really think he remembers?
Gender: Male.
Orientation: He’s dead, fella.
Race: Homini. Undead.
Virtue/Vice: None.
Personality: There isn’t enough of one left to really tell.
Strengths: Being undead, Luka is technically unable to die again. Any wounds he sustains regenerate, save for his mortal wounds, which will never heal.
Weaknesses: These days, Luka’s mind and body are slow to start. He has very little capacity for any kind of feeling, and his ‘life’ is directly tied to and dependent on Morgan.
Appearance: Luka is average height; 5’10, but with a slouch. Boyish face. His hair is chin-length, dark, and unruly. Hazel-brown eyes that are starting to dull. Naturally tanned skin, but he’s starting to look a bit grey. Lithe build. He still sports a few stab wounds in the chest from where he died.
Bio: Who Luka was before he died is lost to him. All he knows is Morgan; the rest is fog.
Allegiance: Morgan. Just Morgan.
Notable Relationships:

  • Morgan: Do I have to say it.

Weapon of Choice: Himself. And some daggers, I guess.
Fun Facts:

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

illuminati youth group:
Full Name: Malleville Veres
Age: 18
DOB: October 30th, 7203
Gender: Female
Orientation: Guess we’ll see.
Race: Homini
Virtue/Vice: None to speak of.
Personality: Generally easygoing and pleasant to be around, but strictly devoted to answering the Goddess’ call and relaying Her message. Mal can be overbearing at times in preaching and pushing her faith. Humanitarian; concerned for the good of the people. Incredibly devoted to, and maybe even a little obsessive of the Divine Mother. Malleville claims to be a pacifist, but she’s been known to use force if she feels threatened or is provoked in some way. Often times seems a little distant, like she isn’t entirely present in the moment. Ultimately, she’s just trying to do what she thinks is best.
Strengths: Mal is incredibly perceptive and a strong leader. What she lacks in physical strength she more than makes up for in careful planning and strategic capability. Able to motivate the masses easily and rally people to her side.
Weaknesses: Malleville is incredibly weak; her health is poor and her vision is fading. The added stress of organizing the Children has dealt a significant blow to her health, and it doesn’t seem like she’s going to get better anytime soon. Anemic.
Appearance: Mal is unhealthily thin, gaunt, and ashen. Her hair is long, reaching to her knees, and is beginning to turn white from stress and poor health. Cataracts are beginning to cloud her eyes. A deep scar runs from above her right eye to the bottom left of her face, beneath her chin. She usually wears a veil and long dresses that completely cover her skin to hide her scar and signs of failing health from the followers.
Bio: Malleville has never known a world of peace. Born in a small village along the border of Iskeria Fief, she remembers the unshakable tension that clung to the people, digging in and refusing to let go, as if thorns on a vine. She remembers the stories they told her as a child, that if she wandered too far away from home or went out alone, the beasts would take her far, far away, never to be seen again. It had happened to other children, they’d said. Bad and foolish children who hadn’t listened.
The day the village burned, Malleville had listened; the Goddess’ voice carried her along to the safety of Spieti Hold. The other children weren’t so lucky.
Since that day, Malleville has been preaching at length to the masses of the hidden third god who offers the people another way. While she’s been met with much disdain, she has amassed a sizeable following over the years, and a plan to spread Her Word by organizing charities and assistance to the underprivileged.
Allegiance: The Goddess, the Homini.
Notable Relationships:
[*]Ena Veres: Malleville’s mother. She worries a great deal for her daughter’s health and has objections about her continuing along this path.
Weapon of Choice: Unnecessary. Mal has people who can fight for her.
Fun Facts:
[*]She got her scar during her escape.
[*]Mal is meant to be Korean.
[*]She’s an older OC of mine from another project!

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Asphodel: The Application Thread Empty Re: Asphodel: The Application Thread

Post by Fix-It Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:27 pm

we live in a society:



April 20th.

Oh, y’know.

Doesn’t matter.




Molech is hollow — a walking (actually more of a limping) corpse with some flair. They are apathetic and uncaring and they’re a true vessel of Despair. Catch them pushing themself further than most would even dare; for freedom, change, and excitement. And for despair’s sake, They prefer to be left alone to their thoughts and their brain, ‘cuz therapy is for bitches. It doesn’t need to be said, but they struggle with forming relationships and making friends. Molech pushes people away for the funsies and has a grand total of zero friends. Is Molech smart? No. But, they are not a “horrible” person; they don’t get off to torture and shit, most of their Badness comes from internal struggles. So maybe cut them some slack. Or don’t. I mean, they’d probably prefer the latter.

Stupid bitch disease.

Molech, of course, has all the strengths of a General. Despair is a powerful Vice and Molech knows how to use all of their abilities incredibly well. They are seen as basically a deity in the Despair sect, giving them more political power than they really know what to do with. Also, like, they’re super #relatable and kind of fun to be around for comedic purposes.

They actively seek out any possible way to dig themselves deeper into their Vice. They don’t do things that are smart; they do things for the Vine. They’re unmotivated and apathetic with a hint of humor spiced in, but most of the time they’re plain just hard to talk to and honestly, very disturbing. The indifference you’ll find in this Molech is frankly astounding, but, like, whatever.

yeah i drew this sorry:
Asphodel: The Application Thread PzWIF5N

Two Despair parents brought Molech into the world.

Also, before we move on, birth names are for cowards. Die mad about it.

Their mother, a prostitute, gave away her body for free to tunnel herself deeper. She had multiple children — all of them were dying, ‘cuz we don’t play around here in the Trauma Department — and a dead brother (like I just said) to blame for her spiral.  She was powerful, Despair-wise, quite bass-boosted if I do say so myself, but Despair was just too much for someone as simple-minded as she. She stabbed herself over her brother’s grave and didn’t even die a legend. Molech was there to watch it happen only a few days after the death of their siblings. They buried all of them immediately. Mourning? Nah. We don’t want closure, here.

Meanwhile, their father only really existed liminally in Molech’s life. When shit was bad, their dad phased into the picture and made things worse, and then disappeared again. What’d he disappear to do? Who cares! There is not much more to be said about Molech’s father. He became a follower of Despair too and then, wait for it… he died!

The rest of their early days were bleak and boring in comparison. They lived on, at first in spite, eventually because killing themself was just too much work. Molech was naturally drawn to isolation and their own mind, sure, but even more drawn to the person they saw themselves becoming. What would more trauma do? Would they become evil? They were distant and cold — this intrigued them. Molech wanted to see more.

The rest is unimportant.

Suffering, sadness, pain.

Sorry, who? Notable relationships? Never heard of that.

They have a walking cane (built for back pain) that unsheathes into two swords.

- Secretly wants Elodi’s ass
- Epic Fails Fortnite Compilation #551 SHEOLFOLK EDITION
- Theme song

when the state ceaseth, there only commenceth the man who is not superfluous:

ahhhh go crazy ahhhhhh go stupid:

Tully (TUH-lee) Hannan (HAN-naan).


September 20





The comedic relief except better. If the concept of dad jokes became sentient blah blah blah… but also caring and sweet. He has a good heart but struggles to take the right path sometimes. He also is bad at opening up and is more likely to have an outburst than actually confess how he feels. All that dad shit.

That guy who brings a guitar to parties, but considerably less of a douchebag.

Tully is just a lad. He’s good company and when he’s standing next to you, his average-ness makes you look super hot. He’s really good with kids and never swears. Lastly, he’s a baller on the guitar obviously, but knows how to play a ton of other instruments.

He’s ridiculously clueless and his optimism gets in the way of everything. Also, he can’t fight. He tries really hard but he sucks. The guitar shenanigans and jokes get old if you hate fun.

Tully looks like he works at H&R Block. Everything about him is vaguely Muppet-like.
Asphodel: The Application Thread Tumblr_pli4q422n91ukh9pro2_r2_250Asphodel: The Application Thread Tumblr_pli4q422n91ukh9pro8_r1_250
You decide the haircut.

How does a bastard, orphan, son-of-a-whore and a—

Sorry. Wrong song.

Anyways, Tully is actually a bastard and orphan, but he’s not related to any whores. He IS the whore. Or, well, he would be, if he actually got any. He’s a metaphorical whore and raised himself. He stole a guitar and made serious bank on the street for most of his early days. Then, he got bonded to the Archangel of Charity, and despite being given a new life, refused to give up his old one so he brought all of his shit (see: guitar) with him. Now he gives advice to Isabel and he tries his very bestest to fit in.

In theory, it’s the greatest good. But because he’s a chronic dumb bitch, he just listens to Elysians under the assumption they’re all here for that utilitarianistic shit. He also cares about Isabel a surprising amount and wants to see the best for her.

- Isabel (bonded): After she saved him from the streets, showed him a new life, a life of good and of giving, Tully began to feel eternally indebted to Isabel. He tries to repay her in the form of shitty advice and good music because he can’t do much else. They are pretty close, at least from his perspective.
- ???: Coming soon lmao sorry i’m tired today.

Only when he’s feeling spicy!

Fun Facts:
- He’s a bard, but more useless.
- Imagine actually wanting things for yourself. THIS POST WAS MADE BY CHARITY GANG
- FC is Joe Mazzello because fuck off

bongo cat replacement:


January 20

Female (pronounced like tamale)




Straight-up bitch and unashamed. She hates tradition, she hates normalcy, she hates most people, and the list continues. She’s snarky and quick, great at making people upset, not to mention funny as shit. Her jokes? Really really good. She even considered stand-up for awhile before she realized she doesn't hate herself.

If she breathes, she’s a ____

Hot as shit. Kinda smart. Can play percussion instruments (kind of).

Too hot. Lots of unwanted friends. Really mean.

Asphodel: The Application Thread Tumblr_mwbc4kTpfp1sozfq0o5_250Asphodel: The Application Thread Tumblr_mwbc4kTpfp1sozfq0o3_250Asphodel: The Application Thread Tumblr_mwbc4kTpfp1sozfq0o7_250
She owns exactly ONE outfit… if you could even call it that. It’s a blue printed shirt she stole from Tully’s closet, over a two-piece matching set of black lacey lingerie. The lingerie is scratchy as shit because it’s from the Black Market, and further tracking would reveal the source as Ahrimart. So.

Also, sandals to keep her feet safe.

It’s not really important, but there’s some shit you need to know: namely, she skipped her meeting with Elodi on her 18th birthday, fucked off to some fief, met her fake uncle Tully and his bonded, and has been following them around since. All whilst meeting hot ladies, getting laid a ton probably, and playing the drums. She’s also managed to avoid the confines of a Vice or Virtue and plans to continue to do so.  


- Tully (friend, uncle-ish): Not formally related, but she considers Tully her weird straight-passing uncle, and they’re in a band together.


- FC is Emilia Clarke, bitch

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Asphodel: The Application Thread Empty Re: Asphodel: The Application Thread

Post by Captain Whitehawk Sun Oct 28, 2018 11:04 pm

The High Lord of Zion:

Full Name: Jehudiel
Age: 3,439
DOB: February 2nd, 3782
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Race: Elysian
Virtue/Vice: Faith

Personality: Jehudiel believes he is a man of the rules and reality. He believes he is not swayed by opinion, idealism, conjecture, or theory.  In his opinion, he is a person of purpose and dedication; he is intuitive, he is observant, he is always searching for the wisest course of action to lead them to slow but certain victory.  He feels most certain when he is working, most capable when there are problems to solve.  His own history is not very interesting to him, he says, as he wishes not to be distracted.  While perhaps a pretty face could tempt him, he's scorched into his very soul devotion to Elodi, and tries to want for very little.

His long life has been a product of his dedication to harmony, both for himself and the Elysian cause. He believes a large reason the Elysians have lasted as long as they have (having been overwhelmed by the numbers of both sides consistently through history) is because the Elysians work together, divvying up resources and forces to cohesively hold their own. Without Elodi to provide, his controlling tendencies have only grown more stubborn.

Personality Type: ENTJ, 9w8 5w6 4w3

Strengths: Focused on success and conquest, he has little attention for anything else, making him difficult, nigh impossible, to distract or argue with. His devotion to Elodi is unquestionable.

Weaknesses: Elodi's disappearance raises many questions about the chaos that has ensued since the Sundering, and while it does not shake his Faith, it makes him deeply question his priorities, and what, if anything, he thought he knew about how his god operated.

Appearance: (x)  (x)

Bio: It's been so long since Jehudiel was born that recollection has rewritten his history. He recalls a long period of brokenness where he could not bring himself to live in Faith despite every desire to do so.  It was a destructive time, he might admit in a moment of rare honesty, one in which he nearly lost the war to himself many times.  Were one able to peruse the map of his body, they might find aged evidence of this: fields of scars make their home on wrists, arms, thighs, hips -- old attempts, perhaps, at understanding why the heart beats.  Then as he would tell it, Elodi personally saved him, and from then on Jehudiel was sold into his service.

In peace and war, Jehudiel lived with his mate and their adopted children in the grand city of Zion.  Lordship of the fief he had secured some centuries before as a testament to his willingness to suffer through legislation and paperwork, and he ruled with an attentive, concerned eye.  For Elodi he would make himself a commander, for Elodi he would take ownership of the great Elysian cause.  For Elodi, he would do anything.  For Elodi, he would sacrifice all.  

There's a blank period here, Jehudiel doesn't remember it well -- there was a tragedy of some sort, some great loss on the battlefield.  It had been unintended, Jehudiel remembers that well.  By all measures, it may have been an accident.  It was terrible, he remembers, quite possibly it was the worst day of his life.  Sometimes he remembers what it was precisely -- but those days are bad, and even recollection of that recollection he does not remember well.  Jehudiel regularly visits the followers of Chastity to aid him with his memory troubles, asking them to bury it so he may work better.  

After several centuries of this forced forgetting, Jehudiel is ... a little vacant.  He understands of course that by all measures he still has children, but the particulars of who they are and what they might have experienced together -- those memories are fuzzy at best.  As such, Jehudiel tries to avoid most family members.  He finds it inconvenient and unsightly when others try to call on him to meet emotional needs for which he has no recollection or connection.

It has been several centuries of war, several centuries of building up Elysians for their fight and their inevitable death, and centuries untold of grappling with the inevitable impasse that has been their fight. Elodi had prepared him for all. Except his exit.  Frustrated and angry, initially he had turned to wrath. But when it was certain that he was still the Archangel of Faith, he turned back to his old duties and now resides in Zion as military commander, as he has been for the last millennia.

Allegiance: To Elodi, above all, and perhaps a little bit to himself.

Notable Relationships:

  • Vardael [Old mate, deceased] -- It's been so very long since he and Vardael were together, it's almost past his recollection. Together they raised their children, and ... he doesn't remember much beyond that.  He tries to avoid remembering, as it brings up feelings he neither likes nor knows how to cope with.
  • Elodi [Savior, God] -- Jehudiel often thought that a good portion of their relationship was Elodi putting up with his multiple failures, something that took several hundred years for Elodi to assure him otherwise of.
  • Ahriman [Foe, Deciever] -- They've encountered each other several times in the past, each time for Ahriman to offer him a different deal in exchange for Jehudiel's loyalty. Every time he has been tempted, but he has yet to make a deal with the near literal devil.
  • His offspring -- With plenty of generations for them to be fruitful and multiply, they are quite a lot of them. Having not tried to keep up with them beyond the first two or three generations, he does not recognize them when they appear, and shows little interest unless they've become worth noticing.
  • His Bonded partners [Deceased] -- Three thousand years is sufficient time to have many.
  • Belgael [Old Apprentice] -- That boy was flabbergasting, but Jehudiel was pleased to see him become Archangel of Chastity.  The boy still insists on following him around and playing attendant, which embarrasses and annoys him some.  His insight and clairvoyance has been valuable in the past however, and so Jehudiel allows him to stay.

Weapon of Choice: A thin-bladed, double edged sword similar to the Chinese jian, named Piso.

Fun Facts:

  • Jehudiel's Spotify playlist.
  • Jehudiel has a bad case of depression and has for, well, at least 98% of his life.


Full Name: Belgael
Age: 318
DOB: October 13th, 6903
Gender: Male
Orientation: Pansexual
Race: Elysian
Virtue/Vice: Chastity

Personality: Belgael navigates a gray area between loose and serious, carefree and studious, witty and concerned. Since the Sundering, it's fairly honest to say that he's been dominated mostly by frustration, a kind of grieving desperation, and that hilarity that comes around when one is completely baffled by the way one's world has turned out to be.

A person better suited to a strong group of friends, by himself Belgael is somewhat lonely and discontented. By nature he's a people person, both for the spontaneous unpredictability of other personalities and for the comfort of fellowship. A tease, a comforter, and a try-hard therapist type, being with others is one of his favorite things to do.

As Archangel Belgael had mastered self-awareness, able to pick out his thoughts before they were finished and resolve them as needed.  He was once level-headed and calm during crises. He knew of his vulnerabilities and tendencies, how he dealt with things unhealthily and why. Through talks with Elodi and long hours of meditation, he knew what he wanted most and how he continually chased after it.

But with the loss of Elodi, all this has become painfully meaningless to him.

Personality Type: ENTP, 6w7 2w3 9w1

Strengths: He's remarkably clear-headed and a fast thinker, adept at picking up on bullshit and the unnecessary. The rigorous amount of mental training he put himself through to manage his mind and feelings still works on reflex, helping him sustain many of his abilities and keep himself under control. His cognitive capacity for remembering information is very good, being able to quote things he read even as a child. He's got the social appeal of being sort of dorky and almost awkward, so liking him isn't particularly hard.

Weaknesses: His devotion is infamous, something that was showcased not just with Elodi but also his (now deceased) partner. This would be a good thing, except for the heavy blow he takes every time someone he's attached himself to dies. For a person so embroiled in frivolous detachment, he can be easily overwhelmed by his own emotions.  In recent times especially, he's been steadily moving away from his  learned self-restraint and indulging himself more in his more touchy-feely parts, something that may cost him more of his Virtue if he doesn't get himself under control.

Appearance: (x)

Belgael is an adult Elysian standing at 5'7" and weighing about 120 lbs, wings and all. He's thin-boned, skinny, and physically fragile; sepia-skinned with light brown, deep-set eyes, thin eyebrows, a round chin, a thin, ovular face, and a head of dark, messy curls. His wings are a speckled beige, and were once wide enough in wingspan to fly him comfortably, but have now shrunk to roughly two-thirds their previous length. Sweaters, jackets, pants, and boots are his typical fare, the thicker the better. He has a small metal ring in his left ear.  His blood is a light yellow.

Biography: As a child, Belgael was known as Lorien. His family was predominantly of the Faith and Chastity sects, but after several tries at maintaining Faith, found it didn't suit him as well as he thought it was supposed to.  His father, disappointed in his apparent lack of faith, refused to call him by his Elysian name as retaliation and sent him to his distant uncle, Jehudiel, for teaching and scolding.  It was Elodi himself who suggested he try Chastity, something he took to much better. After a long time of doggedly lingering around Elodi, Belgael found himself to be an Archangel, an unfamiliar position of status and authority he struggled to cope with.  

Much of Belgael's family died in the Sundering, leaving behind a few distant cousins and a younger brother. His Bonded partner also died in the wreckage which was another devastation, given their shared devotion to Chastity and Elodi.

It's said that Belgael disappeared shortly before the Sundering. Where he is now is not certain, though there are rumors of an Elysian wandering the ruins of Elysia's Isles.

Allegiance: Once, Belgael said his only love was Elodi.  The Sundering has shook that considerably, and he's not sure where he falls anywhere.  

Notable Relationships:

  • Manwël [Father] -- His father was very kind and loving, but above all else Belgael's father was interested in preserving, protecting, and ensuring the success of the Faith sect. This led to some conflict, as Manwël believed Belgael should be as invested as he, and frequently berated him for not doing as his father said. Both Archangels, there was a shared sense of understanding of responsibility, but not of hearts.  After being sent away by his father, their relationship never quite recovered -- and Belgael never got to say goodbye to him, either.
  • Bethel [Mother] -- A thin stern woman with a serious disposition and seemingly little patience, she was very invested in the safety and success of the Elysians. There was always another angle to their fight, they could win, they should win, they just had to keep at it. Her goofy sense of humor was rare but beloved.
  • Cael [Sister] -- Belgael often felt that Cael understood and loved him better than most people  knew how. She'd always been incredibly important to him. She took to the Faith sect like the rest of the family, and was often a peacemaker when Belgael and their father took to arguing. He loved her smile. In death, Cael is his lost kindred spirit.
  • Gabriel [Brother] -- A significant age gap separated them, keeping them somewhat distant from each other. There was a kind of animosity to the two, a warring for their father's approval. Much younger than the other siblings, Gabriel was already in a hurry to catch up. It was this foolishness that helped his death in the Sundering.
  • Jehudiel [Mentor/Teacher/Uncle] -- At his father's request, Jehudiel took the fledgling Elysian under his wing to try and instill in him Faith. It was a mutually frustrating relationship, as Belgael's questions never ended and the very basics of Faith were not something he grasped onto easily.  Sensing a trend, Jehudiel suggested a walk with Elodi, and the boy came back beaming with his resignation. There is still a degree of fondness to their relationship, though it's been a few years since the two last talked.  Belgael manages Jehudiel's wellness more than Jehudiel would know to admit, and it's Belgael that tries to manage the family peace between Jehudiel and his forgotten children.
  • Azrael [Cousin] -- Azrael reminds Belgael of his own brother, had they ever gotten along.  At times, it's hard for Belgael to remember that he's actually half Azrael's age, as he feels at least mildly responsible for Azrael's emotional wellbeing.  They still don't know how to have a deep conversation, but they brofist occasionally and Belgael feels good about that.
  • Iodel [Cousin] -- Where Azrael lacks for emotional availability, Iodel is a deceptively deep pool of feelings.  Iodel tries to mother him and seems to believe she's got a very good read on his emotional states.  He doesn't know if she's right or not.  For the most part, he tries to ward the worst of the smothering off by redirecting her to others.  He does like her, she's just a lot sometimes.
  • Florizel [Cousin] -- Another unfortunate caught in the family drama, Florizel is of Chastity like him and on those principles they can readily agree and find things to talk about.  He's grateful it's Florizel of all people that remains Archangel.  He's very glad it's not him.

Fun Facts:

  • As Bagel is mostly useless in a fight, I refrained from listing a weapon of choice.  He might try to talk to you about your feelings and then dab, is that scary?
  • Belgael's Spotify playlist.
  • As bagels exist in Asphodel, guess what people like to call him rather than his name?
  • His faceclaim is Tre Samuels.

Let Us Tell Tales of the Forgotten:

Name: Ahsa Bakir
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Race: Half Elysian, half Homini
Appearance: (x)

Personality: Controlled.  Respectable.  Concerned and dutiful.  A little sad, a little soft, a little tired.
Personality Type: ISTJ 6w5

As a halfblood orphan there was little potential for him to aspire to, even raised in Elysium. The Elysians were kind, if frigid, and taught him with the rest of the Elysian children but gave him no attention or warmth beyond what was required of them. Without ties to his heritage beyond his name and the wing nubs on his back, he was scorned as nameless and forgotten. His parents had died in a skirmish soon after his birth he had been told, and he daydreamed of who they could've been in the lonely hours of the night. Without Virtue or intent to pursue one at eighteen, rather than speak with Elodi of his plans or dreams, he walked away.  It was easier that way, he decided.  He'd never been wanted anyways.

The dignitary that followed him was unexpected and uncalled for, but when he proposed to Ahsa a different calling, a chance to take arms with the Forgotten -- that often cursed yet ignored so called "guild of the faithless" -- it was everything Ahsa had been looking for.

The previous commander of the Forgotten dubbed him leader before succumbing to his wounds, and since then Ahsa has been working to undermine the Sheolfolk via subterfuge, blackmail, assassination, and guerrilla warfare.

Virtue/Vice: N/A

Occupation: Commanding the Forgotten, of course.

The Forgotten is a private guild of those that the Elysians would prefer to forget: halfbloods, the unwilling Homini, the Virtueless.  Black ops, espionage, messenger work, and other acts of skulduggery is what filters down their way.  For the most part, they are independently run with a single mission (to protect Elysium and the Elysians, even if they will never truly agree with their precepts.)  A few chapters respond to different commanders, however.  Ahsa commands the force that houses itself in Zion, and answers to a higher power.

Place of Residence: Zion primarily, although he moves around and has spent a few years in Jehiliath and Elysium each.

Julius Caesar has Never Been So Sexy:

Full Name: Nerieda Dorean
Age: 26
DOB: May 5th, 7195
Gender: Female
Orientation: Clueless Bisexual
Race: Homini-Sheolfolk
Virtue/Vice: None

Personality: Somewhere between forceful, catty, aggressive, and short-sighted.
Personality Type: ESFP, 3w4 8w7 6w5

Appearance: (x)

Bio: In a skirmish between Homini forces, her parents would find their deaths.  As he lay dying, her father begged his captain to take care of his only daughter.  She's little, he said, she will have no parents and die alone without home or hearth.  Moved and at least a little guilty, the captain agreed and took the little Nereida into his care.  

Nereida grew up around soldiers. It was a rough and tumble life spent mostly on the roads traveling between town and fief, hard at work or stuck in command tents as strategists and military officials debated tactics.  There were few books, but plenty of hands-on experience to be had as her guardian would not allow coddling, nor sweet talk, nor quiet.  She would learn to break her back under the sun and burst blisters on sword pommels.  Though her parents had died on the field, Nereida would not.  Her guardian made sure of that, raising her up as a gladiator and commander among his forces.  

It was a hard, and perhaps somewhat bitter upbringing.  Nereida would have just as much liked a kind word as she would another round of work to prove herself by, but from her guardian she learned this much: words were careless treats thrown to foolish dogs without enough sense in their heads to notice petty gifts.  If she was truly strong, she would have no such need of appreciation.  Steady she would be then.  

When her guardian met his end in sickness on the road, he had love enough to name her his successor.  But hard, cold, and unsure, she had not love enough to know how to put her devotion to words, and he died before she could admit him as father, mentor, teacher.  She buried him in the rain.  

Spieti has always been the fief she called home.  By all rights, it's a fief that belongs to a real commander, but the Lord that sits on its throne now knows nothing of war or control.  Nereida has no intention of letting him have it any longer.

Weapon of Choice: She was raised to fight with a gladius.

Allegiance: Other than Spieti and the troops under her command, the Homini are of general interest to her but she's fairly unaffiliated.

Notable Relationships:

  • Artos Polemistis [Guardian] -- Feelings for him are ... complicated.  Were she a little more self aware, she'd probably understand that she loves him.  As it is, it's hard to reconcile his emotional unavailability with the affection she wanted from him.  Resentment is what she'd say she primarily feels for him.

Fun Facts:

  • The Wonder Woman theme is her instrumental backtrack.

Aristotle and Dante Discover ...:

Full Name: Ariel
Age: 18
DOB: November 1st, 7203
Gender: In this economy?
Orientation: She doesn't want to talk about that.
Race: Elysian
Virtue/Vice: Presently without.  She thinks.  It's hard to tell.
Personality: Body visibly softens at the sight of gentleness.  Brows quick to furrow; a little resentful.  Trying very hard, could probably use a shoulder massage and maybe a slap.
Personality Type: ISFJ, maybe.  Enneagram is escaping me right now.

Bio: While Ari knows there was a before and that she was a part of it, the details are ... fuzzy at best.  Looking at the destruction around her, it's easy to see she didn't escape it unscathed.  She waits for the full picture to come back to her and is very careful about hitting her head -- wouldn't want to make a bad problem worse.  

Generically, she remembers community: families and friends and loved ones and pieces of happiness snatched between disasters.  But those times must be gone: the islands are in pieces now.  She can't find her home or the people that made up it.  It's time to find them.

Strengths: A well-traveled individual, Ari recalls a thorough knowledge of Asphodel's geography and general populace and is thereby an excellent navigator.  Like any Elysian child, she's well-versed on the general flow of history and its various figures.  All things considered, Ari is feeling very healthy, maybe even too much.  Ari also understands that her wings are much stronger and fuller than they should be.  Virtue, however, is beyond her.  Though she well understands the teachings of Virtue, she can't seem to be or use any of them.

Weaknesses: Ari's been feeling very spotty and confused as of late, and while she's no interest in being inconsistent, the Sundering has left her with a lot to think about.  Eighteen is a terrible age to feel like you've failed.  

Appearance: Something like this.  

I've got a sketch almost done.

Allegiance: Elodi and the Elysians -- that hip new band we all keep hearing about!
Notable Relationships: To be seen.
Fun Facts:

  • A theme for Ari.

Double double, toil and trouble:

Full Name: Morgan
Age: 53, physically appears mid teens.
DOB: January 13, 7168
Gender: Agender, they/them
Orientation: Aromantic asexual
Race: Homini
Virtue/Vice: None
Personality: Scared.  So scared that on some level, Morgan isn't afraid anymore.  They're numb to toil and aching, and don't remember that a person could not feel that way.  Distant and detached with a finger constantly on the trigger, ready to lose their mind at a moment's notice should it save them.  Melancholic.    
Personality Type: ISTP 5w4 9w1 3w4 SP/so.  
Strengths: Morgan is very interested in understanding how the world works.  This interest could be more accurately described as an obsession, as if knowledge could replace feeling and thus repair some fragmented sense of stability.  As such, this desperate drive makes them an able scholar.  They're also not hard to get along with, as Morgan is generally non-aggressive and finds violence scary, even crippling to watch.  Their dissociative qualities are, in the long run, a perk: it allows Morgan to distance themself from otherwise traumatic memories and stabilizes their day-to-day living, allowing them to ease through stressors after a few minutes of hesitation and confusion.
Weaknesses: Morgan is usually non-verbal and, if they do speak, it's in short, fragmented sentences.  Even writing out sentences can be too much, though Morgan can write fairly well (albeit with spelling errors and some misunderstanding of grammar rules.)  Their issues with dissociation occasionally lessen functioning, sending them back into unhealthy patterns of behavior or into more withdrawn states with no awareness of why they're doing what they are or what prompted it.  Morgan is, on some level, subservient and performative.  
Appearance: Sketch incoming.  Morgan wears gloves to hide their scarred palms and usually dresses in layered robes with a hood and a metal mask.


Morgan named themself after Morgul, the place of their birth and first hell they would learn to love.  Morgan does not remember siblings, but they do remember playmates: a herd of dirty children fed three times a day and kept in a pen, waiting to grow strong enough to be paired to some older, stronger, much taller individual with dark skin and horns and sharp teeth and nails that would dig, dig, dig into their skin.  Though they slept with the other children in piles and were not without playmates, Morgan longed to be with someone bigger, someone smarter, someone who would watch over them and maybe hold their hand.  It would be comforting to be known and recognized.

They got what they wanted, though the cut on their hand with the blood dripping all over their palm and into the dirt and then into the dark blood on another's hand, no one had told them about that.  The man asked Morgan their name, and Morgan gave it to him.  The man seemed surprised that Morgan had a name at all, but Morgan knew names were important, and that's why they'd given themself one when they were very small.  It sounded good in his mouth as he tasted it and said it back to them.  Crow, he said back, and they cherished the weight of his name on their lips.

Morgan knows bits and pieces after that.  They cried a lot in the beginning, as they often found themself hurt or bleeding from low places that ached and scratched and scabbed and oozed, only to heal up again within a matter of days, faster than Morgan could remember to remember.  But those pains would return when the people returned, and they stopped checking themself for wounds.

Crow was happy when Morgan was pain, sometimes when they peeked out of the corner of their eyes they would find him watching, smiling, eyes tight and watery.  Morgan tried to be very quiet after that and didn't fuss when people came to touch them.

With little else to go off of, Morgan thought him the best person they ever knew.  He let them sleep in his bed and only sometimes put his hands on them but every time he did he said "please," and "thank you," and for that Morgan would do maybe anything.  He taught them how to cook bread and how to burn meat so the maggots would fall out and that kept them full even when he was gone, even when he left them.  

There were many strange things about Crow, the most notable Morgan remembered being that he had only one foot, seven fingers, and that he made Morgan play a game with him: Morgan would make him dinner from whatever they could find that day, and Morgan was to make it taste as terrible as possible.  As long as there was a lot of it, Crow would eat it and Crow would tell them very solemnly, "thank you," and those two words made the day seem bright so they didn't ever say no, not to him.  Morgan tasted some of the food they made sometimes, and they knew it was worse than dirt.  They could cook better than this, even at seven years old.  But Crow would turn with those bleary eyes to the plate Morgan put before him and tuck in without complaint, only saying a harsh word if it didn't nearly make him vomit.  This is also the way of the world, Morgan, said Crow, all people must suffer, and those who suffer are blessed.

"Die?" They asked him, because they knew that word.  "You die?"

Crow stretched a thin smile across his face.  "Some day.  I'm hoping it'll be terrible."

Morgan knew what "terrible" was, and Morgan also knew that "terrible" could take the form of many things, one possibility being the dark berries at the edge of camp.  Animals ate them sometimes in desperate hunger (their hides were always thin and patchy) and Morgan would find their corpses near the bushes.  In the past, Morgan had never taken their bodies because they stunk and the people near the bushes would scream and chase them away.  But this time, Morgan knew exactly what kind of gift Crow would be happy with.

When Crow lurched into bed that night, there was dark blood spotting his lips.  His eyes had seen the berries, they knew he'd taken notice of them because he smiled so wide, so sadly as he began to eat.  He was crying as he brought kisses to their forehead, cupping the sides of their face and darkening their dirty skin with sticky wetness.  "Thank you," he said, and his voice was thin and rasping.  "Thank you."

It was lonely in the hovel all by themself, and his body stunk but they didn't want to move him an ich.  They spent these new days in the dirt and drew circles in the sand, over and over again as they thought about Crow and the berries.  Sometimes they'd turn their head just to see his watery eyes again, but they were cold and dry, and his skin was thick, stiff, and rubbery now.  

When the Elysians took the camp some weeks later, Morgan was upset to see someone disrupt their vigil.  They didn't want anyone to see them, they didn't want anyone to know they were there, and no no no -- they did not want help.  They kicked and screamed and begged for the people with wings to let them go, but they didn't listen.

In a white city far above the ground, they shaved Morgan's head and dunked them once, twice, thrice in a bath.  You have lice, said the people with wings like birds, you are covered in filth and rot and scabs and maggots -- maggots!  These bird-brains squawked like they'd never seen a wriggler before.  They tried to put cloth on Morgan and would holler "indecency" every time they ripped the clothing off.  "No clothes," they demanded, but the bird-brains tutted and wept a little and tried to clothe them anyways.  Morgan heard them talk, used strange words like "abuse" and "maltreatment" and swear words that felt much more familiar, though they said all this when they thought Morgan wasn't listening.

Morgan taught the bird-brains to leave them alone.  They ripped their books and tore their clothes and locked the doors on anyone following whenever someone was foolish enough to take them to a room with a door.  Bird-brains did not understand "no touching" and "do not speak to me" and "leave me alone" so Morgan stopped talking all together.  They would jump off this island if it would free them, even if it meant they got soggy and swollen like Crow after the berries.

The first time Morgan almost died, they put Morgan in a cell.  The second time Morgan almost died, they put Morgan in a quiet room with a too-soft bed and too-nice sheets and barred windows that let them see the dawn every morning but only from far away, never outside.  They sent people to talk to Morgan -- quiet people, soft people with wide, watching eyes that maybe saw as much as Morgan did -- but Morgan would not talk.  Morgan did not want to.  For a time, with only meals to break the day apart, Morgan was completely alone.

The woman that came to see Morgan was sharp, with short hair and hard eyes and very large wings and a face that did not smile.  Morgan liked that.  Morgan liked seeing someone that scared them, it felt normal and real.  This woman did not ask to come in, simply banged the door open, slid a chair in, and sat down.  From their place on the bed, they stared her down.

Will you talk, or are you going to be a bastard and send every nursemaid in the district aflutter? asked the woman, and Morgan liked that.

No, Morgan said, and the woman nodded.  

I checked the list, said you've been in here thirty-seven days.  You could stop at thirty-eight, said the woman.

Morgan thought hard about numbers.  Why? they asked, and the woman explained that she had no patience for problems that refused to be solved.  You work hard with me, she said, and I'll give you something to be.  And she added, stupidly, like it mattered to Morgan at all, that they wouldn't be alone anymore.

Their nose curled at that.  The woman saw.  Can I have your name, she asked, and Morgan said no.

We'll try forty days then, the woman said, and she dragged her chair out and left Morgan alone.  By the time she returned, it was all Morgan could do not to beg.

The woman cut her hand again as Crow had, but Morgan felt bigger this time, stronger, a little less stupid.  I stay with you, the woman said -- Uriel to Morgan now -- I am with you, I am for you.  It was nice of Uriel to say as they mashed their hands together and someone tied a ribbon around their bloodied palms, the whole thing was very ceremonial and maybe cute.  Someone had given Morgan a robe to wear, and it felt soft, warm even.  But when Uriel watched them, eyes wide and expectant, Morgan couldn't say the words back.  Uriel's face fell but she waived it off, said it was fine, Morgan was just a child.  Maybe that was the beginning of the end.

Urie tried to be close.  Too close.  It made Morgan nervous.  She didn't hover per se, but Uriel was there in a way that Crow had never been.  Uriel was always trying to be more, to make things better and fix things that Morgan didn’t want fixed.  So what if they prefered isolation?  So what if they hated touch and kindness and all the nice words?  Some things Uriel would never understand, and Uriel didn’t want to understand.  I want to take you to Zion, Uriel suggested once, there are healers and scholars and thinkers of great wisdom that can help you, to which Morgan screeched and refused.  It was a trap, certainly.  The great walled fortress of Zion was a citadel, a place of planning and great movement.  There would be no peace there, nor safety.  Uriel had been a great soldier once, they would snatch her in a second and take helpless Morgan with her.  More than anything, Morgan did not want to fight.

No going, Morgan said.  No going, we won’t go.  Uriel smiled sadly through the tirade like a mother watching a foolish toddler, but said okay, we won’t go.  Morgan did not thank her.  They knew better than to think that would be the only time they heard the request.

Uriel said it again, after decades of retired peace.  It’s time, she said.  The battle is raging, my people are dying, we must go down to Zion.  

No fighting, Morgan said.  No fighting.

And Uriel smiled sadly again, that chiding, irritating smile.  I’m sorry, she said.  But my duty calls.  A duty higher than you.

She was too close to the edge.  That's how Morgan told themself it was over and over again, she was too close to the edge.  They did not like to admit that it hadn't been a slip, it had been a ... a fall.  A push.  A shove.  Morgan watched Uriel fall all the way down.  Their Bonded had careened over the edge so swiftly and violently that the entire movement had been ... too hard to follow. Uriell had gasped, maybe.  This is the way of the world, Morgan had meant to say, but in the moment before the deed it had been too much to say.  They let gravity do the talking, and cursed when agony bloomed in their chest, a sharp ache that took their breath away and left them wobbling, tears wet on their cheeks.  So that's what death would feel like.  So that's what it would feel like when Uriel left them.  Morgan hadn't thought she would die.

By the time someone had found the body, Morgan was gone.  No more of Sheolfolk or Elysians and their silly, stupid Bonding.  The scars on their still-young palms had healed but they'd drunk their fill of companionship and its associated mourning.  No more carefully maintained ignorance and calculated kindnesses.  No more.

Since their flight from Elysium, Morgan has found themself much more at home with the Homini, who are very strange, often do not follow a regular set of rules, and do not mind if Morgan does not want to talk.  "You are just like us," said a pilgrim once.  "Too tired to speak, too sad to try."  

These days, Morgan travels with a small pack of Homini scholars -- priests perhaps, of Asphodel's natural order and all its careful systems.  Dutifully suspicious of the current structure, these cultists have good reason to believe that there is more to Asphodel's power than mere Vice or Virtue.  The disappearance of divine tyrants have opened new paths and inspired new ways, and it is with eagerness that Morgan and co. wish to explore the fabricated limits of Asphodel's power.

Allegiance: Themself.  The Homini.
Notable Relationships:

  • Crow: Morgan's first Bonded, deceased.  A Sheolfolk who followed Despair and delighted in making everyone around him privately miserable.  Friendless, lost, and disabled, Crow believed that he was on the cusp of transcendence. He was not well-suited for childcare but he never intended to be; Morgan was not the first vulnerable child he'd Bonded with, though Morgan was perhaps the longest lasting.  Initially, Crow believed that the classic methods of mistreatment (such as neglect, abuse, and manipulation) would break the child and that in turn would further his own Despair.  When Morgan did not break, he was left with a conundrum.  Not even his own provocative acts could stir them to disquiet, a state of calm that made him almost stable.  Guilt and shame is where he found his new peace, and he let it degrade him with every act of harm he subjected Morgan to.  
  • Uriel: Morgan's second Bonded, deceased.  A follower of Charity and pretty powerful, all things considered.  Uriel had led a hard life of war and loss and was on near retirement when word came to her of a diseased Homini child recently rescued from a Sheolfolk slum near Morgul: the child is lawless, the child is insane, we're not even certain if the child can speak.  In isolation, Morgan was meant to be a study before being quietly turned loose on the Surface, maybe killed if the child's condition would not improve.  Uriel, feeling like maybe she had one last part of herself to give, roused herself to be the child's caretaker.  In a way, Morgan flourished under Uriel’s determined tutelage, but their inexperience with attachment and love made the relationship high-strung and volatile.  Bonding did not sit well with Morgan either.  She loved Morgan, even to the end.
    Luka: Morgan's new ... "friend."  They found him, well, mostly accidentally.  It'd been an accident really, the priests wanted Luka and his friend away from the temple and they were getting too close.  They hadn't meant to kill Luka.  Morgan thinks Luka's probably forgiven them now, as he doesn't seem upset and rarely, if ever complains.  Sort of ditzy and confused, but Morgan doesn't mind and is in fact quite possessive of him.  They try to put a few sentences together for him, on occasion.

Fun Facts:

  • Their theme.
  • Morgan has a dissociative disorder, specifically OSDD-1A.  Morgan experiences time loss but does not consider themself to have multiple parts, or their body to contain multiple people.  Morgan instead would probably describe themself as being able to switch into different "modes," and this switching in and out occasionally comes with forgetting, feeling indistinct, or disconnected from themself.  Morgan also experiences high anxiety and occasionally depression.
  • Chlorr of the Mask?  Another Garth Nix reference?  Yeah.  Think of Morgan as being Morgan le Fay + Chlorr.

Small Anger Child:

Full Name: Z
Age: 9
DOB: She doesn't know.
Gender: Female-ish
Orientation: Why would you ask a child that?  Isn't it WEIRD for a child to have an ORIEN -- She's bi.
Race: Homini
Virtue/Vice: Despair
Personality: She'd hate it if I analyzed her, so I won't.  You'll see.
Personality Type: INTJ 5w4
Strengths: She's bitter.
Weaknesses: She's bitter.
Bio: "I'm not telling you."
Allegiance: "Me."
Notable Relationships: Z has never managed to hold a stable relationship in her life.  Also she's nine years old, she's yet to have any great sweeping romances.
Fun Facts:

  • She's Bonded to Molech.
  • Her theme.

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Asphodel: The Application Thread Empty Re: Asphodel: The Application Thread

Post by Omni Mon Oct 29, 2018 2:09 pm

To begin, a quote from my first Asphodel application on character creation and writing philosophy.

To write well, it’s important to understand what I’m going to call the illusion of separation: that there are such things as plots, or characters, or settings, that exist as things in themselves. These things are useful critical tools, and are necessary to discuss fiction in an analytical way, but for the purpose of writing stories, they’re constructs. They don’t really exist. All that exists are the words on the page. There is no difference between character and word choice, between plot and sentence structure, and the belief that there is, or can be, will cause your stories to fail, because you will keep trying to portray these abstract elements without any thought for the language, or to construct the language without any thought for meaning.

In RPing, the character form often serves to reinforce the illusion of separation, because it often tries to present character as divorced from language, as something which can be adequately understood and represented separate from the voice of the fiction. Instead, what the character form should be is a reference document for your fellow RPers, to give them salient information about your character that might inform their own characters’ reactions to them and to refresh them on who exactly this person is. With this in mind, my forms for Asphodel will be extremely barebones, including only that information which might be relevant for other players coming into interactions with them, plus a bit of meta-material for their enjoyment. Everything else will be developed in-game—not out of laziness, but because I’ve come to believe that to do anything else is to cheat myself out of telling the story properly.

Now, with that out of the way...

It's not you, it's Mi:
Full Name: Elimi. Mi for short.

Age: 17

DOB: April 1st, 7204

Gender: Female-ish

Orientation: Pansexual

Race: Sheolfolk

Virtue/Vice: None.

Personality: As usual, this is something you’re gonna have to get in-game.

Personality Type: Peachy keen.

Strengths: Elimi doesn’t break. If she did, she would have by now. She’s smart, resourceful, and never, ever stops. Outside of her personal characteristics, Elimi possesses a few other unique qualities. She seems to have been wholly unaffected by the Sundering, and she has a mysterious ability to enhance or negate the Vice powers and presence effects of others. The nature and origin of these strange talents is a mystery to her, and she goes out of her way to keep them hidden; among the Sheolfolk, such things would make her either a target or a tool, and she has no wish to be either.

Weaknesses: Elimi’s big weakness is her own youth and inexperience. Although she likes to put on a cool jaded facade, there’s a lot she doesn’t know about people, about war, about the world, about herself. She’s going to have to learn fast. She's also much better at running than fighting, so when the former isn't an option, she's in trouble.

Asphodel: The Application Thread Elimi-2-final

Bio: Elimi is a Sheolfolk orphan. She has vague memories of some sort of caretaker or protector during her early years, but none of her parents or any other family. Lacking a Vice and thus also membership in a sect, Mi has always relied heavily on her unique abilities to survive, but knows that they could make her a target if she stayed in the same place for too long. She currently runs with a gang of smugglers operating out of Hel, but expects that she'll likely have to leave before too long.

Allegiance: Herself.

Notable Relationships: None.

Weapon of Choice: Sneaky knife.

Fun Facts: Her theme.

Mi without her sunnies:
Asphodel: The Application Thread Elimi2-wipface
*Cash Register Noise*:
Full Name: Mammon, alias Mara Orlov.

Age: 28

DOB: December 31st, 7192

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Race: Homini

Virtue/Vice: Greed

Personality: Guess what I'm gonna say here?

Personality Type: A Trump administration cabinet member, but sexy.

Strengths: Mammon is highly intelligent, driven, and persuasive. She's quick to recognize and capitalize on openings, and she's very good at spinning a narrative of her successes to win others over. She's innovative, willing to pursue avenues others either dismiss or never think of, and she never hesitates to press an advantage, whether it's her resources, her reputation, or her looks. She will do anything to get what she wants, and usually she does.

Weaknesses: Mammon is defensive, self-obsessed, and reacts badly to criticism. She's perfectly willing to fuck over everybody, including her allies, in order to get what she wants, and she believes that anybody who isn't willing to do so is an idiot. She doesn't understand the concept of genuine moral convictions, and is convinced that nobody in power anywhere actually holds any—in her view, they merely perform them as a convenient way of controlling the masses. Despite her constantly projected image of control, she's deeply insecure and can be easily provoked by suggesting that she may be inferior. She's incapable of working with anyone as an equal partner; all others are means to an end, whether as permanent servants or temporary tools. She takes great pleasure in feeling like she controls others. Obviously, none of these qualities make for particularly effective long-term leadership, and they do little to make her well-loved.

Asphodel: The Application Thread Mammon2

Bio: Mara Orlov was born in Zion, intended from infancy to become an Elysian's Bonded partner. As she grew, however, she came to resent the Elysians, next to whom she felt like a second-class citizen at best and a mere tool at worst, and eventually her resentment blossomed into envy. It seemed almost too perfect a joke that the winged Elysians should be so literally above her. Why shouldn't she also fly? In her teen years, when the Virtue expected of her failed to manifest, Mara was subjected to numerous, well-meaning interventions. These things happen, the teachers said. The way of Virtue was hard, and must be walked in her own time. She was only Homini, without an Elysian's innate draw to the good. She could hardly be blamed for that.

These lessons were received poorly.

Pushed on by the unfairness she saw in her situation, Mara fell ever faster into Vice. Eventually, as her blood began to show dark, a decision was reached. For the good of others and the security of the state, she was banished. She was sixteen years old. Her first night out of Zion, cast away from all she'd ever known, she cried herself to sleep, and as she wept, she made herself a promise that nothing would ever be taken from her again. That from that moment on, she'd be the one doing the taking.

Mara spent the next few years moving through the Homini fiefs, growing in power and resources. Only when she had already attained the abilities of a General did she travel to Morgul. Taking the name Mammon for herself, she rebuffed all offers of Bonding or formal alliance and established herself as a disruptive new power within the Greed sect. Following the Sundering, she took advantage of the sudden weakness of her Sheolfolk peers and culled the sect's upper ranks, establishing herself as Greed's unquestioned sole commander. In the time since, Mammon has pulled Greed's forces back from the front and diverted the full resources of the sect to a mysterious project, the full details of which are known only to her.

Allegiance: Herself. She'll work with the other Generals if it benefits her, but as far as she's concerned, Ahriman's out of the picture.

Notable Relationships: Mammon avoids meaningful attachments.

Weapon of Choice: Crossbow. Regular bows are so 7220.

Fun Facts: Her theme.
The Ill-Tempered Knight:
Full Name: Ancelle IV de Hastance

Age: 463

DOB: May 29, 6758

Gender: Female

Orientation: Lesbian

Race: Homini

Virtue/Vice: Diligence

Personality: Guess.

Personality Type: Unbending.

Strengths: Especially since the Sundering, Ancelle is one of Elysium's most competent warriors, and especially in recent years has acquired an outsized reputation for being a huge badass. To listen to the younger Bonded talk, Ancelle was the last Elysian soldier on the ground in Nereu, has defeated three separate Generals of Wrath in combat, once broke down the doors of a Sheolfolk fortress with her bare hands, and has been known to reduce Archangels of rival sects to weeping messes by yelling at them. All of these stories have some basis in fact, though only the last is pure truth. Nonetheless, the reputation itself is an asset, and it's not at all unearned. She's also very strong in her Diligence, nearly at the level of an Archangel, and supplements the Virtue's powers with intense physical training. She's strong, fast, and can move as well in armor as most people can in their street clothes.

Weaknesses: Ancelle has spent the last ten years in a constant state of mild pain due to feedback through her Bond, and the eight before that near-mad with loss. Her temper, thin at the best of times, is now frayed even further, and makes her unlikable to her allies and vulnerable to her foes.

Asphodel: The Application Thread Unnamed

Bio: A younger daughter of the royal house of Hastance, Ancelle was a violent and disagreeable child, ill-suited for court life. At the age of sixteen, she was given a military commission and a force to command and sent to the front lines of the country's solitary struggle against the Sheolfolk, far from any potential embarrassment. Once in the field, Ancelle promptly led her troops into an ambush and was captured by Sheolfolk. That would have been the end for her, had she not been rescued by a Sheolfolk defector named Penemue.

Penemue was something Ancelle hadn't even known could exist: a virtuous Sheolfolk. Having seen the worst the world had to offer, they were determined to rise above it. Regardless of their nature, they would do good, not by restraining their passions, but by channeling them. Awed and shamed by Penemue's examples, Ancelle dedicated herself to the same path, and the two became Bonded. Eventually, Penemue attained the rank of Archangel of Diligence, one of the few Sheolfolk fighting for the Elysian cause.

The next few centuries passed predictably enough. Then, eighteen years ago, everything changed. Penemue and Ancelle were dispatched to clean up a minor border skirmish near Jehiliath. The battle was going predictably well—the Sheolfolk forces had no chance against an Archangel and their Bonded—when, inexplicably, Ahriman himself appeared on the field. Within minutes, they and Ahriman were the only ones in the area left alive. Strangely, the Lord of Sheol seemed to have no interest in their deaths. After a few minutes toying with them, he struck Ancelle in the head hard enough to knock one of her eyes out of its socket. She woke the next day in an emergency ward in Jehiliath, with Penemue, seemingly unharmed, by her bedside. When asked how they had escaped from Ahriman, they refused to speak of it.

A month later, Penemue vanished from Elysium. Searches were launched, but none found any trace. There was no sign of a struggle, no evidence that Elysium had been infiltrated. Either Penemue had left on her own, or she'd simply vanished into thin air.

She was certainly alive, however. Ancelle would have known through the Bond had she died. With increasing desperation, she threw herself into the hunt. Finally, close to eight years after the disappearance, Ancelle felt something new through the Bond: pain. Immense, unending pain. Believing that Penemue must be somewhere in Sheol, Ancelle had to be locked in the tower of Zion for nearly a year to prevent her from attempting a suicidal rescue mission. Following her release, she threw herself entirely into the war. When the Sundering came, as much as others suffered, Ancelle thrived. For the first time in years, she seemed to fit in the world, now as broken and severed as herself.

Allegiance: Elysium, the Diligence sect, and Penemue.

Notable Relationships:

  • Penemue [Bonded] | Ancelle knows that Penemue lives, and that she is in pain. Why she left or where she went, however, remain mysteries. It's also worth knowing that before her disappearance, Ancelle was very much in love with Penemue, though she never acted on it—in her own eyes, she never could have been worthy of seeing her feelings reciprocated. Not by her.
  • Jehudiel [Ally] | Ancelle considers Jehudiel somewhat cowardly and slow to act, but is nonetheless grateful to him for the role played in keeping her alive through the last eighteen years. For all his faults, she considers him a good man.
  • Sariel [Friend] | Although they were more professional colleagues than anything else before, Ancelle and Sariel have grown close in the last year—they understand each other. Ancelle worries for Sariel's health, knowing that without a Bond, she'll almost certainly die in childbirth.

Weapon of Choice: Dual swords.

Fun Facts: Her theme.

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Asphodel: The Application Thread Empty Re: Asphodel: The Application Thread

Post by WritingBookworm Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:03 pm

The Queen of My Heart:
Full Name: Calista Lovelock

Age: 21

DOB: July 24th, 7,199

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight

Race: Homini

Virtue/Vice: Lust, though she doesn’t consciously follow it. Yet.

Personality: She's quite the force to be reckoned with. She was kind, once, but she believes years in a Sheolfolk camp beat that away from her over time. As a result, she withholds kindness from anyone she doesn't deeply trust -- it's not really a conscious choice, it's just how she is. It may be hard to believe, but she really is good-natured and holds a lot of potential for compassion and generosity. The problem is there just hasn't been anyone that's been able to bring that out in her. Calista hates both Sheolfolk and Elysians (Sheolfolk more, admittedly) for the way they've made Homini live in fear. She'd burn all of them to death if she had the chance. She's scrappy, tough, and resourceful, and though she wasn't born great or anything, there's still something about her that can be alluring. Calista will always leave you with a strong impression, whether that’s for better or worse.

Personality Type: ESFP, 2w3

Strengths: Fierce, scrappy, and unwaveringly loyal if you've earned said loyalty. For a Homini, she's not that bad of a fighter, and she's willing to use any means necessary to get herself out of a rut. Sympathetic toward other Homini.

Weaknesses: She's not always the best with people -- especially after being isolated from them for so long. Her emotions can get the best of her, and has a tendency to leap before she looks. Calista’s so rash and anger-prone that you could mistake her for a Wrath follower, but what runs even deeper than that is a desire to simply be noticed, a desire to be loved. She naturally distrusts Sheolfolk and Elysians, even if they are well-meaning.


Asphodel: The Application Thread Tenor

More pictures because the gif has dark lighting and because I'm ridiculously self-indulgent:
Asphodel: The Application Thread Downlo10
Asphodel: The Application Thread Dstutz10

Bio: Calista grew up with a young mother and without a father. She couldn't blame her father for being absent; shortly after he left her mom with two children, he was taken to be Bonded to a Sheolfolk. He was soon killed to advance said Sheolfolk's power.

The rest of her life at Morgul was hell. She fought hard to not succumb to any of the teachings of the Vices, and while she still thinks she did a decent job of that, it has given her an edge that she wouldn't have had she not been subject to any of that. As she got older, she started to be trained as a female cage fighter, since they were trying to develop her Wrath. It was there that she learned how to survive a fight, and then how to thrive in a fight.

She put this to good use when she was finally liberated. A Sheolfolk of Anarchy smuggled her, her siblings, and a good few others out of Morgul. Not twenty-four hours later, though, other Sheolfolk discovered their escape and tracked them down. Calista barely escaped from the struggle that ensued. Separated from her family and the rest of her group, Calista was left totally alone.

Alone she has been for the past year or so. Homini don't leave their fiefs, and she doesn't trust any Sheolfolk or Elysian as far as she can throw them, so she hasn't even had anyone to talk to recently. She's done what she can to survive on her merits, but it's barely been enough. She's stumbling through the unfamiliar world, desperately seeking sanctuary in any Homini fief she can find . . . before it's too late.

Allegiance: To her family, perhaps, but she doesn't even know if they're alive. At this rate, her only allegiance is to herself.

Notable Relationships:

Jonathan Lovelock [Father]: Calista never knew him. She wishes she did.
Charlotte Lovelock [Mother]: Calista and her mother had a complicated relationship. Calista wanted to be close to her, considering she was the only parent she had left after her dad was taken. But Calista constantly got into trouble in Morgul, which always ended with her mom berating her, leaving the two to get in a lot of fights. Deep down, Calista knew that her mom came from a place of love -- and of fear, considering what had happened to her husband -- but they fought so often that it was hard to feel that love from her. Now that they're separated, Calista's afraid that she'll never see her mom again, and that they'll never make things right.
Jarrith Lovelock [Brother]: Calista felt much closer to Jarrith than she did her mom. This is in part because they spent a lot of time together, also in part because he had a peaceful, levelheaded personality and was more mellow in any reproach of Calista's behavior. As a result, he's probably the only person she's ever actually listened to, and she feels closer with him than anyone else.

Weapon of Choice: Predominantly her fists and her sharp tongue. Though she has also gotten handy with her knife of hers.

Fun Facts:
-Face claim is Naomi Scott.
-She shaved her head during her time in the Wrath pits, so no one could ever grab her hair, but she's gotten to grow it out now that she's been out of Morgul for a while.
-In case you haven't noticed, I adore this girl way too much.
-For those in Irongale, she's basically a less violent, slightly more reasonable version of Karra.

My Trash Baby:
Full Name: Asmodeus

Age: 25

DOB: 3/30/7,196

Gender: Male

Orientation: Bisexual

Race: Sheolfolk

Virtue/Vice: Lust

Personality: He's superficial. The main thing to say about him is that he has a lot of layers, and that he tailors his personality according to whoever he's talking to at the moment. As the General of Lust, there's just about nothing he won't say or do in order to get someone to like or fear him. To other plain Sheolfolk or Lust followers, he's carefree, charming, and popular. To other Generals, even though he does his best to get respect, he's some sad fetus of a General who's way out of his depth. He'll appear emotional, reckless, and sometimes compromising.

But anyone who knows him well knows that Asmodeus is much more logical than his seemingly carefree and self-absorbed persona suggests. Whenever he's not concerned with winning someone's approval, or whenever he knows he needs to be his true self, he drops any mask and his manner of speech becomes a lot more blunt and direct. He's aware of his position, thank you very much, and he's fighting to not only survive, but to thrive. And while it manifests itself in roundabout, nonaffectionate ways, and while he'll bend over backwards to make sure others don't know, Asmodeus does have a heart, one that's arguably bigger than most of the other Generals.

Personality Type: ESTJ, 3w2

Strengths: He's a freaking General. Got fighting skills and Vice proficiency up his sleeve. Attractive, and popular, particularly within the Lust sect. He knows how to make himself appealing to various social circles. Smarter than most give him credit for. Whitehawk put it aptly: he doesn't seem too dangerous in day-to-day life, but the moment you corner him, he fights viciously, and won't cut any corners to ensure his survival.

Weaknesses: His inexperience. While there's something to be said for the fact that he became a Lust General in less than a decade, he was only a General for a year before the Sundering happened. It's hard to find a General that takes him seriously and harder to find one that won't attempt to take advantage of an easy target. He has a lot of powerful enemies that have hundreds or thousands of years of experience on him, and only manages to stay in the game due to sheer grit and determination. He keeps telling himself that the respect of others will only come after centuries of work, and that he'll have to let it come over time, but he wants to leave his mark by doing something no General has done before. That extreme ambition of his could end up serving him well -- but it could also be his downfall. I'm honestly not sure.


Asphodel: The Application Thread Asmo110

He also has, you know, all the horns and sharp teeth and stuff, everything characteristic of a Sheolfolk.

Bio: Born as a nameless second son to the one of the then-current Generals of Lust, there were expectations placed upon him from the beginning. He acclimated to this, eventually, and it didn't end up breaking him. It was what happened upon turning fourteen that did the trick.

Since fourteen to sixteen year olds are considered fodder for Sheolfolk, that's what he became. While a lot of people used and abused him, he was a favorite target of Medea, an Adept of Lust seeking to further her control and prestige. To advance her abilities, she practiced on him, making him want her, need her. The line between what he actually felt and what was forced into his head was blurred as Medea emotionally and sexually whored him day in and day out. He may have gone a little mad.

Somehow, he managed to survive to his sixteenth birthday. Though the process was necessary for weeding out any weakness in him, he didn't return from it unscathed, and he would have been damned if he let Medea do the same. Carefully, he set her up as a traitor, and executed her on his naming ceremony.

The newly-named Nathanial soared through the ranks -- even more quickly than his older brother, Aaron, who aspired to be a General just like their father. That helped make him even more popular than he already was, which in turn only helped fuel his Vice. Within a few years, Nathanial became a new Asmodeus. When the Sundering came, taking his father's life in the process, he found himself as the only Asmodeus.

Asmodeus was quick to establish order from chaos. He reminded them that Ahriman entrusted them with the completion of his work, and acquired fame and fortune. Though he's still young, he's set on making his mark.

Allegiance: To Ahriman and a select few Sheolfolk, particularly those in his sect.

Notable Relationships:

Aaron [Brother]: They don't have the best of relationships. Aaron was jealous of him ever since he started going through the ranks, and it's no secret to Asmodeus that Aaron covets his position. He fully expects an assassination attempt from Aaron sometime, and has tried to prepare accordingly.
Atara [Bonded]: Atara was one of two Homini in the camps that made a lasting impression on him, and the only one from the Lust sect, so he selected her as his Bonded. The two of them have a nonaffectionate, platonic relationship -- he doesn't get in her way, she doesn't get in his. He even turns to her for counsel sometimes, which is the best he could ask for in a Bonded relationship. Asmodeus believes Bonded relationships can only be truly strong if the Bond is genuine and thus Atara is the person in Asphodel who he will refuse to use his Lust powers on.
Medea [Enemy]: He still hates her and she still haunts him. He actually wishes he refrained from setting her up and executing her, because he believes death was too nice a fate for her.

Weapon of Choice: Mostly his Lust, but he's grown fond of this hot new gunpowder Homini invented, so he does keep a pistol on him.

Fun Facts:
-He's trying his best
-I also love him way too much
-Face claim is Thomas Doherty
-I upped his age from the original RP by a whole three years. A whole three years, guys.

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Post by Comrade Squid Tue Oct 30, 2018 8:24 pm

The Grapes of Wrath:

"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate... leads to suffering."
-some guy

Full Name: Lucifer (formerly Sargatanas)

Age: 992

DOB: January 10th

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Race: Sheolfolk (pureblood)

Virtue/Vice: Wrath

Personality: Lucifer, for the most part, is dominated by Anger, befitting the General of Wrath. A series of harsh reminders about the cruelty of the world have driven a message into his brain; a message that life is a battle, and fury is the only emotion that can win that battle. He considers himself both a slave to Ahriman and his own emotions, determined that conflict is inevitable and that he must perpetrate it. He is not without redeeming qualities; he has a sense of honor, if somewhat warped, that he has used to convince himself that he fights for a righteous cause, ridding the world of personified filth in more ways than one.

When he began his quest, he fought for honor, but now his path of destruction has become a way to vent his frustrations of his grievances. He does not kill for pleasure- the act of taking another life is a reminder of life's cruelty, and it fills him with anguish. However, the fueling of his own rage and the perfection of his craft give him an immense feeling of satisfaction, allowing him to drive himself to commit more heinous acts. In this cycle, his rage only grows, and his acts of violence inspire more rage from his victims, proving his point.

Personality Type: ESTP (Conqueror)

Strengths: Military genius, incredibly skilled and powerful fighter, philosophically proficient, inspiring leader.

Weaknesses: Rage can blind him, and he's not a pleasant person to be around, so he doesn't easily make friends. He's pretty loyal to Ahriman, so it's difficult to sway him, good or bad.

Physical Appearance:
Asphodel: The Application Thread VbmN6vd
One thing I'll add onto this is that, like all Sheolfolk, he has horns- big horns. Big honkin' blood-soaked horns. In fact, picture the biggest, testosterone-fueled,alpha-male Chad Ram you can imagine- that's the kind of horns he'd have.
Asphodel: The Application Thread Dd5f903d49fce0be064bf504f190ed5f
This is what you're gonna see him in 90% of the time TBH

Bio: Lucifer was not always the feared General of Wrath- compared to others, his background was much less noble, but no less bloody. He was born into a small town governed by a matriarchal sect of the Sheolfolk government, and being male, immediately destined to become a workhorse or slave fighter. Initially, he was set to work in the lumberyards- cutting wood built strength, and his experience with an axe would come in handy in his future. The amount of abuse both physical and mental that he endured prepared him well for the arena. While his victories gave him a celebrity status, he was still a slave, and treated as such.

After a multitude of stunning wins, he was offered a choice- to keep fighting in the arena, and possibly have a chance of being recognized even outside his hometown, or become the bodyguard of the local governing lady. While the arena offered him more opportunities to perfect his craft, he felt that he was better suited as a bodyguard, and he was ultimately right. Not long after, internal strife reared its ugly head in the Sheolfolk domain, and the city was faced with a force feared all over Asphodel... the Wrathmongers.

The Wrathmongers are the personal warband of the General of Wrath, an army of berserkers that thrive on fury and hatred- cities have been smashed, burned, and turned to dust by them, and senseless acts of violence are their calling card. The town stood no chance against them, and by the time they broke into the governor's office, her neck had already been snapped by her bodyguard.

The strength, brutality, and rage that Lucifer possessed made him a perfect fit for the Wrathmongers, and they conscripted him along with all the other worthy survivors of their attack- the angry, the dispossessed, the reluctant survivors who wanted an end to it all- they were provided an outlet for their divine rage. Lucifer, himself, had lost his hometown and the only family he knew- he loathed all of them, but their destruction brought him little satisfaction, and only reminded me of the certainty of violence.

After centuries of bloodshed, Lucifer had climbed the ranks of the Wrathmongers substantially, by virtue of simply having survived that long in a climate of nonstop war. The commander of the Wrathmongers (who was also the General of Wrath at the time) recognized Lucifer as a threat to his power, and arranged for him to be sent to the most dangerous, suicidal areas of the front lines along with the other dangerous Wrathmongers. Lucifer not only survived his first battle in these circumstances, but recognized the attempt on his life and responded by challenging his superior to a duel. Two went into the arena, but only one emerged- Lucifer, holding the head of the Lucifer before him on a pike.

For the remaining centuries, Lucifer has led the Wrathmongers, locked in his own turmoil and grief that he can only express through bloodshed. Pointless fighting, pointless spoils, nothing matters to him anymore other than retaining the will to live if only to carve the world like a piece of meat. Successors have attempted to usurp him but each one has died by his blade, and he waits for the day that someone with worthy will take his place. But now, after the Sundering... the disappearance of Ahriman has reignited old fury, and Lucifer has been conquered by a desperation unknown to him before. The goals that he set out on eons ago must be fulfilled, and quickly. The desolation experienced all over Asphodel have provided the Wrathmongers with numbers they've never had before, and with Lucifer at their helm, it is doubtless that no force alive can stop them.

Allegiance: Ahriman and the Sheolfolk race

Notable Relationships: Everyone he loves is dead, assuming he ever loved anyone. However, he's pretty loyal to Ahriman. While he has little interest in sexual matters, he has been pressured on occasion to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh following a glorious victory. While he took no pleasure from such distractions, these exploits make it quite possible that he has sons and daughters he knows not of.

Fun Facts: TL;DR courtesy of Whitehawk- "Apathetic but also believes his duty/honor/fate demands that he conquer.  Grieving, hurt, and emotionally desolate, turning to war as a certainty.  A bitter lover he can never woo."
Vore for fun and profit:

Full Name: Behemoth

Age: 321

DOB: September 19

Gender: Female (or at least appears female)

Orientation: Pansexual

Race: Sheolfolk/Neurovore

Virtue/Vice: Gluttony

Personality: Behemoth originally started as a very simple creature, with only the drive to eat and survive and only an inkling of the higher concepts bestowed to her by her father. But due to her unique set of powers, she has accumulated a considerable, if fractured, intelligence from her rewarding past. By now, she's acquired hundreds of unique thoughts and memories, none of them her own, personal moments randomly chosen to make up the backbone of her constantly-shifting personality before being warped by her unstoppable desire to consume.

While she is mostly able to control these memories, the minds of those with particularly strong emotions can influence her thought process. What would happen if she ate someone who loved their spouse with all their heart? Would she, in turn, love that person? Or develop a stalker-like infatuation with them? Certain memories fade in strength as time passes, and begin to blend with her own experiences. Which memories are hers, and which did she take from others? She does not know.

Personality Type: ISFP (Peacemaker, ironically)

Strengths: For starters, the physical aspect- Behemoth is not like other Sheolfolk. While her appearance generally matches that of a wild, untamed Sheolfolk, she has a multitude of properties that make her quite different. For one, she is almost 50 foot tall, a mythic giant in comparison to her kin- with powerful arms and legs and a mouth large enough to swallow a grown man whole. While being massive is her natural state, her former amoeba-like physiology is still somewhat present, as she is capable of expending energy to compress herself into a more appropriate size if the need arrives. This physiology also gives her high regenerative qualities, allowing her to even grow back severed limbs. Finally, her most unique quality is her absorption- when she eats and digests the brain of an intelligent being (Elysian, Sheolfolk, or Homini), she will gain that individual's thoughts and memories, allowing her to accumulate knowledge quickly.

Weaknesses: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Behemoth has much more power physical strength than a regular-sized Sheolfolk, but not as much as you would expect given her size- she can smash a wooden wall, but not a brick one. Her hide is very steely on the outside, with few things capable of cutting through it, but on the inside, it's a different story. She's quite lazy, napping frequently for long stretches of time, especially after consuming large quantities of food. The Neurovore biology comes with weaknesses as well as strengths, and she will be quickly vanquished if she comes in contact with fire. Her personality is inconsistent, capable of swinging wildly with every person she consumes. Finally, despite possessing a majority of Sheolfolk DNA, her Neurovore side is prohibitive enough that she is incapable of using magic, barred from accessing even the minimum of what other Gluttony-alligned Sheolfolk can perform.

The best pic I could find:
Asphodel: The Application Thread REwa2By
IDK, picture, this but more feral/wild-looking. Probably the last thing you see before you get nommed
Generally wears... some stitched-together, animal-hide clothing over her essential bits. C'mon, she's a giant. Where is she gonna get real clothes?
Also, she's got a huge scar on her stomach, and she's very self-conscious about it. She claims she got it when she tried to eat an entire army and they burst out of her stomach, but the actual reason may be a bit more embarrassing.

Bio: Early in the war, the Sheofolk were aided by a beast found only in the depths of the underdark. These creatures were simple- large, gelatinous, amorphous puddles and blobs of various sizes with a single desire to consume. The beasts were not suited to combat, as they were very sluggish, and while swords and arrows did little to them, fire would burn them out in seconds. Rather, they functioned as spies and interrogators, skulking across an empty battlefield to feast on enermy survivors or allowing their Sheolfolk masters to feed them captured prisoners. Once they had absorbed their prey, they acquired the minds of said prey, including their memoris and thoughts. The Neurovores, as they were called, were far too stupid to make use of these memories themselves. However, they were capable of displaying them to their Sheolfolk overlords, making them valuable for acquiring enemy intel, and much more efficient than torture.

Behemoth was the result of an unholy union between Ahriman and one of these creatures- a terrible amalgamation of Sheolfolk and Neurovore. Initially, she was a pure hybrid, bearing no strong relation to either side of her heritage- a freakish monstrosity in every way, driven only by a desire to consume. When she was found by the Sheolfolk, they realized her unique characteristics, and began to quickly feed her a large number of 'expendable' members of their own race. Behemoth quickly absorbed the collective memories of these sacrifices, and used them to develop a higher intelligence. Furthermore, the consumption of large quantities of Sheolfolk only amplified the already-present Sheolfolk DNA running through her veins, heightening her resemblance to a Sheolfolk. As she aged, she also grew considerably in size.

Once she'd acquired enough know-how from her many victims, she broke out from the beast cages of Morgul and escaped into the wild unknown, settling into a cavern system in the mountains north of Iskeria. For nearly a century, she used this as a base of operation to raid the nearby Homini villages, smashing houses and devouring mortals with reckless abandon. With every meal, her mind grew stronger, more clear, but also more chaotic. Only one thing was certain- she had to have more. Not to satiate her hunger, or her burgeoning mind, or the borderline sexual pleasure she received from eating live beings, but simply because she felt there'd be a hole in her very being if she didn't consume.

The Sundering posed a totally new threat, a threat of food dying out. As the battle lines are drawn, Behemoth feels the need to satiate her growling gut becoming only stronger. A small but devoted cult scouts the surrounding area, searching for the weak and helpless to feed to their mistress. As the world grows darker, she considers rejoining her kin, knowing that she'll have ample opportunity to gorge herself if she does... and maybe accumulating some more permanent power as well.

Allegiance: Herself, and possibly Ahriman/the Sheofolk in general.

Notable Relationships: Behemoth has had multiple bonded before, but has none currently- she usually grows tired of them and eats them. Ahriman is her father, and depending on the origin of the Neurovores, possibly her grandfather, but she is not aware of it. A small part of her mind yearns to find out where she came from, but she has no leads- as far as she knows, she just is.

Fun Facts:
The Paladin:

she doesn't get a song because she's a baybeeeeeeee

Full Name: Petra Kappel

Age: 16

DOB: December 24

Gender: Female (insert witty comment here)

Orientation: Can I just put down "in RP"?

Race: Homini

Virtue/Vice: Faith, hardcore

Personality: Resolute, determined, and above all, helpful. Petra is determined to be a light in dark places and a helping hand to those in need, whoever and wherever they are, because that same kindness and mercy were extended to her when she thought it was all over. She's a fighter, no doubt- if she thinks it's the end for her or her friends, she'll go down kicking and screaming. However, all bets are off when somebody else needs help, and she will drop everything and try to help that person no matter how much it inconveniences her.

She is also utterly devoted to the man who saved her life- she feels she owes him a tremendous debt, and even if she didn't, she's so awed by his wisdom and intellect she would stay by side regardless.

Personality Type: who gives a crap

Strengths: She's a decent sword but an even better shield, she's kind, studious, and experienced in healing others.

Weaknesses: She's incredibly trusting, often of the wrong people, and is sometimes entirely dependent on her savior to tell her what the right course of action is due to her youth and inexperience. Also, her tendency to drop everything and save other people can get her into trouble.

Asphodel: The Application Thread UNnUq1u

Bio: Petra never had a relationship her father- all she knew was that he died when she was too young to remember. At times, she wondered what kind of person he was, but the matter has never been pressing enough to bother her. Instead, she lived a relatively happy childhood with just her mother Anna at the edge of a Homini Fief. Her mother was a trained Faith healer who regularly visited the nearby visit on calls.

One day, the Fief came under attack by a Sheolfolk warband. Determined to keep her daughter safe, Anna was among the first to evacuate, taking no risks with the warband so close. However, as their small caravan departed onto the road to safety, it was ambushed by a hungry predator. They were absolutely no match for Behemoth. The hungry giant smashed wagons and devoured their cargo with reckless abandon, hesitating little before swallowing Petra and her mother.

Trapped, blind, literally sliding into digestive juices and totally helpless, Petra began to scream, then gasp for lack of air. Anna could not see her daughter die like this- desperate, she used her Faith powers to keep Petra alive, knowing that she would have to sacrifice herself in the process. As she burned, she prayed against all hope that something would save her daughter, taking solace only in the fact that she would not have to watch her die. Miraculously, help was nearby...

Jehudiel had happened to be in the area, and witnessed the attack on the caravan. Having considerable interest in Behemoth, he rushed in to attack, subduing her after a short battle. Seeing visible movement inside the monster's belly, he cut an opening into her abdomen wide enough to pull a filthy, sobbing Petra from Behemoth's bowels. He chose to retreat with the child in hand rather than finish off Behemoth, allowing the vile creature of Gluttony to crawl away, barely alive.

Ever since, Petra has become awe-inspired by Jehudiel, begging him to let her take her in as an apprentice and sort of viewing him as a replacement parental figure- as far she sees it, she lost one mother and gained another. She even insisted that she bond with him, seeing it as a way of repaying her debt to him.

Allegiance: Elysians, Elodi, and above all, Jehudiel.

Notable Relationships: Anna Kappel, her deceased mother, who she loved dearly, and Jehudiel, who she is determined to serve above all else.

Fun Facts:
The Man with a Plan:
Full Name: Idriel

Age: 687

DOB: March 9th

Gender: Male

Orientation:  Bisexual

Race: Elysian

Virtue/Vice: Chastity

Personality: Cold, calculating, logical. A tactician through and through, but not without a softer side. Dedicated to winning the war at all costs, and to the dismay of others as much of himself, willing to pay great prices to achieve that. A competent strategist and a competent statesman. He is capable of forming attachments, but he has difficulty balancing his position with his personal life, leading to many a lover leaving him because of his dedication to is work.

Personality Type: ISTJ (The Inspector)

Strengths: Very smart, relatively wise, good at strategy and deducing the thoughts of his enemies. Extremely competent, dedicated to the cause, and a smooth operator

Weaknesses: Emotionally distant- finds it difficult to express his emotions or recognize the emotions of others. While he is trained with a sword, he's not particularly skilled with it, and is not a fighter by any stretch of the imagination.

Asphodel: The Application Thread Austria.full.1431812

Bio: Idriel's life was fairly uneventful before the Sundering. He grew up in a fairly standard Elysian noble family, growing up in relative luxury. He nearly became indolent, before he turned 18 and met Elodi in person- he hasn't spoken as to what exactly happened, but whatever it was, it inspired him to fulfill Elodi's will at all costs. He joined the military academy and became aligned with the Virtue of Chastity, for strength and clarity of mind. Though he never excelled at fighting, he was a great tactician, and his strategies served Elodi well on the battlefield.

The Sundering, naturally, changed everything. While he was arguably overworked beforehand, the mad disappearance that ensued afterwards has left him totally swamped. Events have led to the gradual decline of his health, both physical and mental, as he brainstorms schemes of survival without rest for days. He constantly travels between Zion and Jehiliatth to tend to the defence, personal life suffering greatly as he desperately searches for victory... or at least survival.

Allegiance: Elodi and the Elysians.

Notable Relationships: He hasn't seen his family in a few decades, though he's got a fair few siblings- some are MIA after the Sundering. He's also got a fair few ex-lovers wandering around Zion due to his inability to commit to a both a relationship and work.

Fun Facts:
*Teleports behind you*:
Full Name: Oberiel

Age: 458

DOB: June 11th

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Race: Elysian

Virtue/Vice: Wrath

Personality: Stealthy as a snake, crafty as an octopus, indifferent as a vulture, and ruthless as a jackal- these terms alone could describe many people, but when all rolled up into one package, they could only refer to Oberiel. He's sly, witty, and possesses much guile, but he's also a savage fighter with little regard for the rules- other than the ones he makes, that is. Due to being a follow of Wrath, and missing his wings(so generally assumed to be a Homini), he's a bit of an outsider in Elysian society, which has led him to have some disregard for social norms as well. However, some shame and some resentment seem to follow him from his nebulous past, the details of which are seemingly unknown to all but him.

Personality Type: bruh how are personality types even real haha

Strengths: Cunning, intelligent, and exceptionally stealthy, as well as being unafraid to get his hands dirty.

Weaknesses: While he knows how to use a sword and a bow, he is not particularly talented with either, preferring to fight through trickery. His leadership skills are... passable, and his lack of wings have led to some body image issues.

Asphodel: The Application Thread 9SgfJoK
Obviously the clothes would be more period-appropriate rogue stuff but whatever.
Height would be around 5'10".

Bio: There's not a lot to be said about Oberiel. His family owned a small estate in an Elysian-controlled countryside, until it was ransacked and burned by Sheolfolk raiders while he was at a tender age. He and the rest of his family were written off as dead until he alone emerged from the wastelands, the young infant having transformed into a grizzled adult. While he did not share the specifics of his time away from Elysian society, both the scars he'd acquired and his shocking lack of wings served to summarize the experience.

Most Elysians were taken to meet Elodi when the turned eighteen, but Oberiel never got a chance to feel Elodi's love- and he didn't feel much from his fellow Elysians, either. He was an outsider, with no idea of their customs and culture, and his tendency to lean towards the Vice side of things made him untrustworthy. After some time, he accepted his role as a pariah, and joined the ultimate group of pariahs; the Forgotten. It took him some time to rise through the ranks, but outliving your predominantly-Homini comrades has its advantages, and he eventually became the leader of a Forgotten band that roamed the lands under Elodiel. When Elodiel fell during the Sundering, the resulting catastrophes wiped out roughly 75% of his Forgotten- only the strongest survived, and he now makes his claim to fame as an elite, ruthless veteran.

Allegiance: Elodi and the Elysians... probably.

Notable Relationships: He gets along well enough with his Forgotten buddies.

Fun Facts: I hope anti-heroes aren't a cold hat by now.

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Post by Sal Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:33 pm

{ Sariel }

{ Annalise Fortuna }

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Post by Lady Senbonzakura Sat Nov 03, 2018 12:55 pm

oh, so it's just lei ming again? k (florizel):




It’s a little spotty, but her family always told her it was the day she was adopted, December 8th, 6795

female, she/her

Demisexual panromantic

Elysian (Archangel)


Florizel is a good friend. She’s hard working, dependable, outgoing, and very kind. She is a genius at her virtue, and an excellent author. She enjoys socializing and the sharing of ideas, and likes to show off her telepathy. However, she often gets wrapped up in her own matters, and may forget to use her abilities to help others, something she’s currently attempting to correct. She prefers not to resort to violence, but understands it can be necessary.

Florizel is master at understanding her own boundaries, as she should be. She is kind, social, and enjoys working with others. Her specialty  is her wordsmithing, as most of her contributions to her virtue have been philosophical and documentarial. When it comes to her abilities, she finds she is actual very skilled in telepathy, and though she rarely has visions, the ones she does have are often very accurate.

Because of her virtue, Florizel sometimes forgets to push herself or try new adventures, which is something she’s currently working on. She also often gets so wrapped up in words that she forgets to simply communicate an idea in layman's terms. Her ability to clear a person’s mind is weak at best, and though she’s had some combat training, it’s obvious that she doesn’t keep up with it.


the quality got butchered i'm so sorry:
Asphodel: The Application Thread JHPwxf2
Image by Love Nikki Dress Up Queen. I claim no ownership.
This is just one possible outfit, Florizel has a decent wardrobe.

Adopted at a young age by Jehudiel and Vardael, Florizel has no idea who her birth parents are, but honestly doesn’t seem to care. Being the youngest, she often looked up to her siblings, impressed by their feats as followers of virtues. Though Jehudiel and Vardael were always extremely busy, she could tell they did her best to show their affection.
When Florizel lost her father Vardael, she was extremely upset, and still misses him. Jehudiel choosing to forget her was also a massive blow, and it’s made her somewhat resentful. She find Jehudiel to be weak, a being who denies memories is denying oneself, and as the Archangel of Chastity, that is a sin she can’t forgive.

The Elysians, Elodi, and her virtue.

Notable Relationships:

  • Jehudiel (father) - Florizel loves Jehudiel, and doesn’t hold any negative feelings about her childhood against him. However, his recent transgressions against chastity has made her decide not to associate with him anymore.
  • Vardael (father, deceased) - Florizel loves Vardael and misses him painfully, and doesn’t hold any negative feelings about her childhood against him.
  • Belgael (cousin) - Florizel adores Belgael. He’s positive, great at socializing, and Florizel always finds it a pleasure to converse with fellow Chastity followers. However, since the Sundering, he’s been acting very out of character.
  • Azrael and Iodel (siblings) - Though she doesn’t seem them as much as she’d like, she still has a great liking for her older siblings, and thinks about them often.


  • Florizel has more feminine style, usually wearing long skirts/dresses and jewelry.
  • Even though her FC is a drawing, she is in fact supposed to be Chinese in appearance.

*** No'sha 2: Homini-boogaloo (Aquila Ueno) ***

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Post by Athena Lionheart Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:59 pm

making law school sexy again:
Name: Asutiel
   Age: 289
    DOB: October 17th
   Gender: F
   Orientation: Straight
   Virtue: Justice
   Rank: Archangel
   Powers: All the Archangel Things
   Personality: Asutiel walks a bizarre line between ancient maturity far beyond her figure and even age and a kind of childlike naivety. She’s incredibly intelligent and philosophical, constantly trying to improve her understanding in order to be a more worthy vessel of her Virtue, to the point of making some other Elysians, comfortable in what they know the Virtues to be, uneasy. Her judgements are firm, but fair, and her righteous anger is unrelenting and terrifying. She strives to be the voice of reason in any situation, a mediator, unbiased, controlled, and always honest before likeable.

 Despite this, there’s something almost too innocent about her that comes out from time to time. She’s the Archangel of Justice, which for her certainly entails the punishment of the wicked, but also the encouragement of the good and the healing of the wronged. Her worldview is incredibly black-and-white, only splashed here and there with greys. Her faith in absolutes, Elodi, and others is incredibly sincere. She’s the type of person who tells you they want to change the world, eyes agleam and jaw set, and you just can’t tell her it’s unrealistic. Well, you can, but you aren’t going to persuade her. This complete trust in herself and her ideals, her gentle care for those around her, and quiet curiosity that underlies the Justice juggernaut is both her biggest potential moral strength and practical weakness.

 Asutiel is fiercely authentic and actively avoids untruthfulness and hypocrisy in all matters. She can’t accept half-hearted efforts from herself and puts immense pressure on herself as a leader, knowing that she is, now more than ever, going to be looked up to. For better or for worse, she has morals that run deep.
 Personality Type: After much, much debate, probably INTP. An INTP with almost 300 years of maturing under her belt, that is.
  Strengths: Besides her Archangel abilities, knowledge, and general intelligence, Asutiel is a noted combatant and an incredibly devoted cause fighter. She has the rare ability to believe things with all her heart and still be willing to challenge those beliefs.
   Weaknesses: Asutiel is an astonishingly young Archangel, given that she’s the one Justice remained with out of all its options. She’s had less contact with Elodi, less overall experience, and still has a lot to sort out. She’s extremely prone to holding onto a faulty conclusion and clinging to faith already disproved, or swinging too far the other way once those beliefs are shattered.

Physically, she’s suffering just as much as anyone from the effects of the Sundering and is currently Unbonded.

Given the history of the Justice sect as the de-facto leaders of the Elysians in a lot of ways, she has both learned to be independent and a competent leader, but has also undermined the Elysians even further by leaving and thus is incredibly unpopular, especially by those remaining in the Justice sect.
 Asphodel: The Application Thread Rp8710
   Bio: Asutiel’s parents were killed in the struggle against the Sheolfolk when she was staggeringly young by Elysian standards. This was one of her initial motivations to pursue Justice as her Virtue; a good choice, as the Virtue ended up fitting her like a glove. She rose up through the ranks at an impressive rate and was thought of as a bit of an oddball. A very capable oddball.

 Asutiel's only claim to fame before the Sundering was her successful trial on behalf of Aquila. Within the Justice sect, her performance was considered perhaps moderately interesting, but it did raise a lot of eyebrows outside of that group.

 After the Sundering, in the pain of rebuilding, Asutiel emerged as the sole Archangel of her Virtue, much to the confusion and disbelief of most of those around her. She had lost her Bonded partner and refused for a time to re-Bond while trying to sort out what had happened and why.

 Trying to find some answer, she spent great lengths of time in solitude, meditating on the words of Elodi and trying her hardest to objectively see the world, to remove the preconceptions of the Elysians. After all, Elodi was the incarnation of goodness; as the source of Virtues such as Diligence, Chastity, and Justice, it should’ve been impossible for him to allow the Sundering and leave them without the intervention of an outside force greater than he, which seemed improbable at best, or a very good reason.

 Her search led her to the Homini. She began to realize the way that they had been mistreated, despite being, from as near as she could tell, at least partially created by Elodi. Sure, Elysians hardly treated them as poorly as the Sheolfolk, but was what they were doing just? What right did they have to control them, deny them rights, propagandize them heavily into Bonding? Could Elodi have left because the Elysians were becoming corrupt and manipulative? Even if he didn’t leave for that reason, she decided, it was wrong.

 Conclusion reached, she tried to convince others of what she believed but was met with very little success. After all, Bonding was incredibly important after the Sundering for survival and the idea that they should cripple their own system wasn’t popular. A common refutation she received was that this was all merely a test from Elodi, but she couldn’t accept that continuing as they did would in any way constitute a positive result. If they were being tested, it was time to shape up and commit all to their Virtues and ideals, not scramble desperately for any advantage; they were Elysians, not Sheolfolk. That was their way.

 Wasn’t it?

 It began to become clear to her that it wasn’t necessarily true. Over this one issue, she began to see all the cracks in Elysium: division and infighting, faithlessness, power struggle, self-righteousness, over-emphasis on only one Virtue within the individual, hyper-traditionalism. She realized that a lot of the base assumptions she had made about her kin were not only wrong, but they also were unhealthy and counter to many of the elements she loved in Elodi.

 So, at the most desperate part of Elysian history, Asutiel broke off from her kindred.

 Leaving behind Elysium only weeks ago, she formed her own faction; Truth’s Blade, allied to all who fought for the freedom of all Elodi’s creations and against the Vices.
   Allegiance: Truly, her only allegiance is to the concept of fairness and, by extension in her mind, to Elodi. While she hopes what she’s building now will be successful, she’s fully aware at this point that Elysians are capable of being corrupt, nevermind the Homini, and will readily correct any errors therein.
   Notable Relationships:
[Faidael] Former bodyguard; they weren’t especially close, but Asutiel would definitely recognize her.
[Aquila] She acted as their attorney in their trial for the murder of Imperiel.
[Verris] Former Bonded.
Weapon of Choice:
Sword. Poke poke.
Fun Facts:
--Originally from AAD.

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