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Bloodwillow {APP THREAD}

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Bloodwillow {APP THREAD} Empty Bloodwillow {APP THREAD}

Post by Lady Senbonzakura on Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:17 pm

At the end of the far-too-long night, there’s a chorus that awakens the dawn.

The northern land of Hjemsted has been thrown into turmoil. Mahon Bloodwillow, Head Raven of the Pack of Everwinter, has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Though no one knows for sure the motive of his disappearance, theories have begun to circulate…

The Kingdom of Santuario, far to the south, has been a technological powerhouse for decades. Their leaders have watched the lands of Hjemsted for many years, their envy growing at the prospect of obtaining the north’s unique resources to further their own research. The monarchy, in recent decades, has had a remarkable disdain for those who possess magical abilities, and current crown-wearer Princess Madeline shows no signs of abandoning this trend. These have all been factors in the tense and uneasy relationship between the Packs of Hjemsted and Santuario, and many worry that the actors have already been cast for a war on the world stage.

With the possibility of Bloodwillow being in Madeline’s clutches seeming more and more certain, the Alpha of the Everwinter pack has taken drastic measures. The presence of Hjemsted warriors in Santuario would be more than enough to incite war, but he has agreed to let his son, Milton Jewelshard, undertake a mission to travel to the southern lands and investigate Bloodwillow’s disappearance, with the aid of a Raven caretaker. To stay under the radar, they will not be granted an official escort, and instead must travel on their own terms. Of course, the road to Santuario is long and full of obstacles, so they have opted to travel in a party of others who, for various reasons, either wish to reach Santuario or a destination along the way.

The main characters of this RPG will be the members of a party heading from the northernmost land of Hjemsted to the prosperous nation of Santuario in the south. To get specific, Milton Jewelshard and his companion have put up advertisements in the merchant town of Handelssted, near the border of Hjemsted, where the most outsiders and travellers gather. The advertisements ask for a few companions to join a party, who can chip in on costs for room and board and provide safety in numbers. It’s perfectly alright to make a character who isn’t a member of the party, but as I said before, the main characters will be the party members; and the easiest way to follow the plot is to join it.

Your characters will have their own personal reasons for joining, but along the way there’ll be opportunities for character development as they become familiar with the strangers they’re travelling with and why they’re travelling. Most characters will start in Handelssted, where the RPG begins, but you’ll be able to have a character join later on the journey, or leave at any time if you’d like. If you’ve got a more complicated subplot you’d like to carry out, always feel free to message myself or Comrade Squid for our assistance.

All magic users, whether called Ravens or Magicians or otherwise, have abilities that function the same way. It draws from the body’s energy, and thus using one’s abilities can physically drain a user, even to the point of unconsciousness (or death.) The Coven believes that magic is “assigned to the soul by the gods,” and the body is merely a channel by which the magic flows through. Magic can be used without assistance, but only at a small fraction of power and accuracy of a user’s potential if they are not trained.

Every user has two abilities, one of which they will find more dominant or potent (much like being right or left-handed – you can still do things with your non-dominant hand, just not as well). Magic is often grouped into three categories – natural, psychic, and astral.

Natural magic deals with the manipulation or creation of physical objects or elements. This includes manipulating and/or creating fire, water, air, earth, and plant life, while also raising or lowering temperatures in an area, and healing injuries.

Psychic magic deals with abilities that are created with mental willpower. This includes telekinesis, mind-reading, thought projection, thought communicating, and communicating with animals.

Astral magic only has three abilities in it, but they are important. Magic users have the ability to see glimpses of the past, clairvoyance into the present, or visions of the future, all of which are often referred to as “sight.”

Users are gifted with two abilities, but only one from each group. For example, one can have thought projection and water manipulation, or thought projection and past sight, but not thought projection and telekinesis.

Ravens, like all magic users, are born indistinguishable from Wolves, their powers only beginning to manifest between the ages of 6 and 8. Of which time, they are taken to the Coven to be trained. When they are between the ages of 14 and 16, they are paired with an older Raven, under whom they receive more specific training as a personal apprentice. Some apprentices may request to train under a Raven currently serving a Hjemsted pack, usually when the apprentice is in their late teens and early twenties, desiring to learn skills in the “real world” rather than the controlled environment of the Coven. However, many Raven choose not to return to Hjemsted, and thus spend their lives as mentors and teachers in the Coven.

Ravens that are sent to Hjemsted packs do not usually return to the packs they were born into, which often makes the transition back to Hjemsted life harder. Where Wolves embrace the casual closeness between family and friends, the Coven emphasizes total respect of one’s privacy. The Ravens that are sent are trained to keep their knowledge secret, and this often overlaps into their social skills. Thus, when Ravens first arrive, they may seem aloof or cold, and may be untrusted by the Wolves, but they do readjust and open up in time.

Also like all magic users, Ravens comes in all shapes and sizes - any gender, any skintone, any height, any body size, any hair color, etc. However, Coven Ravens share one traditional aesthetic - their long hair. Ravens grow their hair long much longer than Wolves do, and keep it in a variety of styles. Important members of a Raven’s life, including their mates, their Alphas, and their close family members, will often gift them hair accessories. Many Ravens also have a like of other jewelry, such as rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, and though they do not judge their worth by their material possessions, they do cherish these traditional gifts.

A map of the continent of Caitria
Bloodwillow {APP THREAD} XtxPOef

The route of the journey.
Bloodwillow {APP THREAD} 4AydZUJ



The packs of Hjemsted, having all originally descended from a common ancestor, also share most of their culture. Their language is unlike those of other countries, and thus is often hard to translate (for example, the Hjemsted use the word “nest” instead of “bed,” as it is a borrow-word from the Raven.) They have two general terms for people - “Wolves” who make the majority of the population, and “Ravens” who are those with magical abilities.

Hjemsted has no currency of its own, and its economy is based around bartering and trade, not only between individuals, but between packs and to other countries as well. All the land belongs to the Alpha, but crops are cared for equally by its members, and considered communal. Children are also often grouped by age and looked after by multiple caretakers, though children spend a decent amount of time with their own families as well.

Opposed to the kingdom of Santaurio, the Hjemsted believe Ravens to be the closest to the gods, and thus sacred. They are the religious leaders for the entire community, and trans-tribal law forbids any Wolf from harming a Raven unprovoked, possibly punishable by death.

Ravens have three main purposes when joining a pack - religious and spiritual leadership, assisting doctors and healers in aiding the sick and wounded, and counseling the Alpha and their trusted on matters of politics and diplomacy.

Ravens are allowed to marry whom they chose, if they so desire to, and they are also allowed to raise their own children, as long as they still serve their pack. Ravens understand that family is extremely important to Wolves, and thus involve themselves as much as possible to be closer to them. Ravens usually don't know any fighting techniques unless they are taught by their fellow packmembers, as Ravens tend rely on their powers.

The party will form in Handelssted, a town and trading outpost in the south of Hjemsted, close to its border.


The Darklands of Grimmoire may very well be the bleakest lands in all of Caitra, despite being just below the freezing mountains of Hjemsted. The stench of death and decay are rank within its borders, and it paints a dreary, grayish-brown stain on a mostly vibrant map. Forests of gnarled, petrified trees fill in the gaps between the odd crumbling-down village placed haphazardly within its territory, with only dusty unkempt paths connecting them to each other.

Grimmoire is governed by Lord Lazarus Blackgrave, sole heir to the long-lasting Blackgrave family. The Blackgrave line has governed Grimmoire for centuries by use of the unholy powers of necromancy. This “magic of the dead” is completely unnatural, foreign to even the most talented of magicians and Ravens; nobody knows how the Blackgraves have come to use it, and they have protected their secret well. Each generation has broken even more rules of magic than the last, culminating in Lazarus, the most powerful necromancer to date, who has even greater goals of undermining the natural order in mind.

Before the arrival of the Blackgrave clan, the land that became Grimmoire was governed by several elite magician families, both noble and tyrannical in their rule. The Blackgrave patriarch offered the nobles the gift of eternal life, flaunting his knowledge of the dark arts in such a tantalizing way that made his offer impossible to resist. Unfortunately for them, this was a trick, and he cursed them by turning them into Vampires, a wretched mockery of a living human; though their form and mind were intact, they became enslaved to his will, forced to give in to his demands lest he undo the process. They were able to live forever but only if they pooled most of their magic into their own crumbling body, and they gained an insatiable lust for the blood of the living. Though few in number, they still govern Grimmoire to this day, loathing Lazarus and the bloodline he belongs to but still acting as his lieutenants as they have no other choice.

Peasants work tirelessly under their vampire overlords, trying to scrape out produce from the barren and infertile land. Occasionally, the Vampires’ thirst necessitates satisfaction, and they demand tribute from the peasant population in the form of a teenager or preteen sacrifice. Every family with children is required to give up one at some point in their lives, and attempts to escape are fruitless; survivors of vampire bites become mindless, mutated creatures called Ghouls, which wander the lonely roads at night and hunt down any escapees. Even death is not an escape, as those who work themselves to death are resurrected as zombies to form the rank and file of Grimmoire’s military.

Magicians in Grimmoire, besides the Vampires, are a threat and are assured to be swiftly purged if they have any business there besides just passing by. Lord Blackgrave cannot risk the possibility of a powerful magician attempting to usurp his authority and makes sure his power is secure.

Grimmoire is the 2nd country in the route to Santuario, and the party will pass there after leaving Hjemsted. Grimmoire fears outsiders, especially magicians, but a permit from Lord Blackgrave is required to enter the Santuarian border. Thankfully, he’s an ally of the Everwinter clan, or so he claims…


Xingyun is a glorious, centuries long empire defined by strife and success. Its rich history has been divided by the various dynasties that have ruled it. The Tianlong Dynasty is the current one, and has been in place for slightly over three-hundred years. Their rule has been characterized by their attempts expansion beyond their borders, opening themselves to trade and becoming more involved in the affairs of other nations more than ever before. Now, its borders have pierced the confines of Caitria, and are touching the eastern side of Dominion, providing them a direct trade route to Santuario.

The many Emperors and Empresses of Xingyun, like many world leaders, have eyed the Coven of the north with envy. To their strategists, the only thing that has kept Hjemsted on the map is their veritable arsenal of magic-wielders, specially trained by the Coven’s secret methods. Xingyun’s alchemists have been attempting to reverse engineer this unimaginable power for decades, and many a spy have tried to infiltrate the Coven to gain the secret, all to no effect.

Xingyun was formerly an expansionist empire but it has been many years since they have annexed another country into its borders. Under the Tianlong dynasty, they have become more peaceful, but no less militant, ready to back up trade disputes with force if need be. Xingyun is only the tip of a great continent east of Caitra, bridging the gap between two distinct cultures. It is still a very sizable country, however, and should not be underestimated.

Xingyun’s religion is primarily focused on the worship of accomplished, historical and famous people rather than gods. The Imperial family is seen as the closest to the gods, and usually receives the most worship from the populace as a result. Due to the amount of respect that is placed on achievement in Xingyun’s culture, many technological advancements have been made, enough to rival even those of Santuario. In fact, members of the Imperial court have let murmurs escape that the black powder technology was actually invented by their own alchemists, before being stolen from under their noses by Santuarion spies.

The empire, while largely considered an enigmatic eastern mystery in almost all aspects of life, is most renowned worldwide for its engagements in trading. Xingyese ships regularly travel into western territories to purchase the goods of Far Caitra in mass quantities, and deliver an equal amount of exotic riches from their own lands. These items are especially popular in Santuario, ranging from rare spices to extravagant furs and even benign Dragonsnakes, which are common housepets of the Santuarian elite.

Xingyun is the 3rd country on the route to Santuario, and the party will pass there after leaving Grimmoire. It would normally be a safe and pleasant journey, were it not for the fact that Xingyun is currently under siege by…


“Dominion” refers to a large expanse in Central Caitra, extending from the westernmost border of Caitra to the mountain ranges south of the bay of Hjemsted. Though the government of Dominion is technically has a king and queen, it is barely a secret that Dominion is a theocracy, controlled by its massive and far-reaching Church of the Lady. The king is little more than a puppet for the church that claims to serve him, and most outsiders wishing to deal with the leadership of Dominion simply ask to meet an Archbishop.

Dominionism is the central religion in Dominion, and its way of life is enforced as law within its borders. Though there are Dominionists all over Caitria (especially within the confines of Santuario, where Dominionism is popular), Dominion itself is seen as a holy site and Dominionists in other places regularly travel to it in pilgrimages. Dominionism is based around the worship of a single entity known as “The Lady”, who is said to represent the virtues of the religion; Honor, virtue, chivalry, innocence, honesty, and truthfulness.

Though “do no harm” is a phrase at the foundation of Dominionism, the church has acted the exact opposite of the aforementioned rule. Dominion has regularly been involved in conflict with other nations, and is regarded with fear all over Caitra. Magicians are scrutinized by the church, and those that attempt to practice even benign magic are often burned as heretics. Inquisitors lurk in the shadows wherever the church has business, waiting to intimidate or kill their masters’ enemies. Any positive reputation it has with other countries is simply a result of their fear of conflict with the church, knowing that they’ll have to deal with both the enemies outside their borders and the devoted Dominionists within who quickly become saboteurs.

For years, Dominion has had neutral relations with the Xingyese Empire, peacefully trading with them but wary of them due to the relative ineffectiveness their missionaries had at converting Xingyese citizens to Dominionism. However, in recent months, the upper echelons of the church felt that Xingyun had begun to undercut them in prices and quantity of goods, in an effort to weaken the country for invasion. As such, Dominion has declared war on Xingyun, under the guise of a crusade to “purge the foreign heathens”, and has begun to lay siege to the western border of Xingyun.

Dominion will not traversed on the journey to Santuario, but its ongoing holy war with Xingyun and alliance with Santuario will cause it to have considerable effect on the party.


The Kingdom of Santuario represents one of the most technologically-advanced and powerful nations on the world theatre. They are a bastion of scientific progress in a formerly dark age world, and are credited with bringing about a cultural revolution throughout Caitria. Their culture is said to be deeply intertwined with the origins of civilization on Caitria, and many of them consider themselves to be the direct descendants of the original Caitrians.

Santuario is a constitutional monarchy, governed by a king and queen with the help of elected officials. These elected officials help in the governing of local provinces and towns, but ultimately they are little more than advisors to the current (sole) monarch, Princess Madeline. Santuario’s chief exports are the fruit and wine provided by towns in the countryside, though its economy is principally based on its importance as a trade hub. Its marketplaces are filled with goods from all over the world, and its docks are busy with imported and exported cargo at all times.

Santuarian culture does not look favorably upon magicians. Though there are sympathizers, the average Santuarian sees magic as being an affront to their history and way of life. “Santuario earned its place on the map through superior science and engineering. Magic, spells, and anyone who uses them have no place in our society.”

Most members of the government, including Princess Madeline, harbor a resentment towards magicians. As such, the magically-inclined are typically considered second-class citizens, and while it is technically illegal to attack them, there is very little justice for magicians who are victims of hate crimes.

Santuario is a wealthy nation with a ripe upper class. Large families, typically controlling trade guilds and commerce empires, are prominent in every part of the kingdom. They live in luxury in splendor, and they host many lavish, elegant, and decadent parties that last late into the night. These events attract a variety of guests, savory and unsavory, from a variety of backgrounds, and as such it is costumed for them to be costumed or masked to hide the partygoer’s true identities. These wealthy elites flock to the capital like doves to seed, paving the streets with gold and acting as the jewel in Madeline’s crown.

For the common person, family is important, but success is also highly valued. To become someone of importance is the dream of the average Santuarian, frequently looking up to the wealthy elite as well as their folk heroes of old. Most of these people live in the countryside, working in the orchards or winepresses as a living. Some scrape by in the capital, but the price of housing makes it difficult for all but the rich to find comfort. Finally, there are those who live in squalor in the sewers, and their life is not one to envy.

Santuario’s military might is lacking in some areas, but it is growing rapidly. Their infantry counts are low, compared to other countries such as Xingyun which boast millions of soldiers, and they have no warrior culture unlike Hjemsted. However, their technological prowess makes them a force to be reckoned with, and their recent claim of mastering explosive “black powder” has led to many useful and deadly applications.

Titles, Orientation, Likes, Dislikes and Other are optional, but I highly encourage you try to fill those out if you can! I also encourage that you not put “IG” next to personality. Though I do want your characters to grow, I also need to see you have a starting point. ^^

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Bloodwillow {APP THREAD} Empty Re: Bloodwillow {APP THREAD}

Post by Comrade Squid on Sun Apr 15, 2018 6:03 pm

Here we go! Two forms which might provide a nice example if you're unsure what to do.

Conrad Patenaude:
NAME: Conrad Patenaude

TITLES: Lord Inquisitor

AGE: 28

Bloodwillow {APP THREAD} Pandora-Hearts.Gilbert-Nightray.640x960-2
Without gun and cig. Stands at 5'11".
Inquisitorius Uniform:
Bloodwillow {APP THREAD} WHnt_05

PERSONALITY: Conrad’s staunch religious upbringing and surroundings have molded him into a very principled fellow with strong moral character. As a high ranking member of the ecclesiarchy, he tries his best to live like a saint in his private life, as The Lady would desire. However, his position frequently requires that he do... questionable things, but he’s not afraid get down and dirty in the service of the Church. Sometimes, he questions the actions of the higher ecclesiarchy; an action that would be seen as sin in the church, as the church carries out the will of The Lady. However, he does know that, unlike The Lady, the church is made up of mortal men.

To the others, he’d appear as a noble and agreeable person, always willing to do the right thing even if not able to because of his orders. Though he is somewhat hot-headed, and can make poor decisions on impulse, it hasn't been enough to effect his career and reputation thus far. He’s cultured, knowledgeable, chivalrous... and a darn good liar.

HISTORY: Conrad has lived his entire life in the upper crust of Dominion. His family raised him in a very unique way among Dominionists; though they taught him the loving and nurturing guidance of The Lady, they also taught him to question authority, and to be unafraid of breaking the rules here and there. He learned all too eagerly.

When he was 13, he was sent away from his family to study under the tutorship of Archbishop Elias Belmonte. There, at the holy basilica, he and seven other boys and girls were instructed on how to be a proper church servant, in the hopes that one day they may become priests or paladins in their own right. A moral code of conduct was rigorously drilled into them, and they were tested on it. They were also trained to fight, a field which Conrad excelled at. His parent’s teavjing caused him to break the boundaries of what was consideed acceptable and “honorable.” He was usually a chivalrous fighter, but he also had the capacity to be a vicious killer.

For this, he was chosen to become an inquisitor; an elite agent of the upper wing of the church, a high-ranking officer in the ecclesiarchy, and the Archbishop’s right hand assassin. While the other trainees took up their positions as apprentice paladins or assistant deacons, Conrad remained under the wing of Belmonte, from whom he received further instruction. For years, he carried out a number of underhanded tasks for the church, stalking its enemies and then silencing them either through intimidation or elimination.

FAMILY: Onesimus Patenaude(Father; Alive), Delphina Patenaude(Mother; Alive), Adrienne Patenaude(Older Sister; Alive)


STRENGTHS: Conrad is a resourceful and intelligent person with a great deal of political power. He's friendly, good at deceiving others, and knows how to use a wide variety of weaponry.

WEAKNESSES: He's somewhat hot-headed and can make impulsive and rash decisions, his moral obligations are easily compromised, and he would be feared and reviled if his position were revealed.

LIKES: Dominionism, cats, honor, intelligent conversation, being home, working alone

DISLIKES: Blasphemy, excessively strong ale, dirty jobs, being caught, working in a group

Lazarus Blackgrave:

Bloodwillow {APP THREAD} 5GZkaUh
My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!
NAME: Lazarus Blackgrave

TITLES: Lord Blackgrave, Witch-King of Grimoire, Keeper of Undeath.

AGE: 23

Bloodwillow {APP THREAD} Pandora_hearts___xerxes_break_by_pinlin-d5llc00
The one in the middle. Stands at 5'9".

PERSONALITY:  Lazarus is a very unique individual to say the least. Some would define a psyxhopath as "someone who is unable to recognize that other people have emotions." Lazarus does not qualify; he knows other people have feelings, he just doesn't care. Or at least, he cares enough to masquerade as a normal person, or to get what he wants from others. There are a few exceptions to this mindset, but for the most part, this apathy applies to everyone.

However, it would be difficult to understand this just at a glance. Lazarus appears courteous, posh, friendly, helpful, and just the slightest bit unnerving. Many might chalk this up to him being an "eccentric noble", but this quirkiness is just the tip of a significantly more sinister state of being that can be traced back through the entire Blackgrave family line.

HISTORY: The Blackgrave line has been defined by goals, both successes and failures. Each Blackgrave overlord of Grimoire has possessed a driving desire, a want that pushes the boundary of their unethical outside-magic abilities. For Lazarus's mother Alecto, the former ruler of Grimoire, this want was simple; she wanted to live forever. Naturally, this proved problematic for her prospective heir, so Lazarus arranged to have her disposed of as quickly as possible. Ironically, she had the shortest lifespan of any Blackgrave family head to date.

Lazarus quickly took up his mother's position, and with great stride. He continued his family's positive diplomatic relations with the Everwinter Pack of south Hjemsted, an oddity due to the Blackgrave's long standing friendship with the Proudstars of Santuario. He maintained a strong grip on the local vampire families, ensuring their thirst for power did not supercede their allegiance to him. A young woman from a nearby farm, Lenore Firmsoil, caught his eye and they wed soon after. His rule over the local population went unquestioned.

And then Lenore died.

They hadn't been together long, but he loved her. She completed him. She was his other half. The circumstances of her death were unclear, but her body was mostly intact. His goal became clear.

He would bring her back.

Lazarus was no stranger to necromancy, like his entire family. But bringing "something" back and "someone" back were two entirely different things. Zombies were mere puppets, merely a body reanimated. Ghosts, Poltergeists, and Banshees took the spirit of a real person, but it was twisted, remolded to bring it back to the mortal world. Vampires were close, but they were changed in a way that would be unacceptable for Lenore. And Wraiths...

There could be no substitutes. Lazarus would push the boundaries of necromancy in a way never done before. It was time for him to break not just the laws of magic, but the laws of life and death; the resurrection of a perfect, fulkly intact, unmodified human. A perfect resurrection, you might say. And nothing would stop him from achieving that goal.

FAMILY: Alecto Blackgrave(Mother; Deceased), Murugan Blackgrave(Father; Deceased), Lenore Firmsoil Blackgrave (Wife; Deceased), Mortimer (Butler; Renanimated)

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

STRENGTHS: Lazarus's mind is cunning and creative, he knows how to act and what to do to get what he once. His magic is extremely potent, and due to the accumulated knowledge of his ancestors, he may be the most powerful necromancer alive.

WEAKNESSES: He is physically weak, and does not know how to defend himself, thereby relying on his retinue of undead as his protection. He is creepy and unnerving even when friendly, alarming people to his more sinister nature.

LIKES: Cloudy days, skeletons, top hats, tea with cream and sugar, Lenore, being in a position of power, necromancy.

Sunny days, being disrespected, vampires(despite their usefulness), being powerless, Magicians/Ravens, filthiness.

OTHER: Despite his magical prowess, he insists he is not a magician. Most magicians would like to agree.

"If you think voicing such an opinion here and now was a wise move..."
Bloodwillow {APP THREAD} UhVCEBw
"...then maybe you should reevaluate your definition of stupidity."
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Bloodwillow {APP THREAD} Empty Re: Bloodwillow {APP THREAD}

Post by Lady Senbonzakura on Fri May 04, 2018 9:28 pm

Sorry these forms are so bare and terrible, my head hurts but I needed to get these posted for y'all.

Milton Jewelshard:
NAME: Milton Jewelshard
AGE: 15
APPEARANCE: Bloodwillow {APP THREAD} LwFL394 I do not own the image.
PERSONALITY: Milton, like his father Mahon, is friendly and enjoys spending time with others. He likes to help where he can, and wants to learn the different skills necessary for his community to run smoothly. However, as the child of a Raven and an Alpha, and the younger sibling of an heir, he sometimes struggles with finding his value when compared to his very important family members. He loves his family dearly, and does his best to make them proud.
HISTORY: Milton was born to parents he has no memory of, as they died before he was one. Luckily, he was adopted by Alpha Aiden Everwinter and Raven Mahon Bloodwillow, and became half-siblings with Aiden’s daughter Kestrel. Kestrel was already in line to be Alpha after her father, and had begun training for such a role, so Milton has no claim to the title. As per Hjemsted customs, he was raised equally between his own parents and other Wolves who specialized in child care. His family made an effort to spend time with him as he grew, and he kept close to them. He recently received his divine name, “Jewelshard,” and soon will be placed in a role in his pack.
FAMILY: Aiden Everwinter (father), Mahon Bloodwillow (father), Kestrel Daysword (half-sister)
-He’s very kind, and ready to make friends.
-He’s hardworking.
-He’s willing to learn and pay full attention to those with knowledge to give.
-He’s not particularly skilled in anything.
-He may often be too eager to jump into something he doesn’t fully understand.
-He’s pretty unsure of his purpose and path in life.
OTHER: His family members have nicknamed him “Millie,” to his occasional embarrassment.

Princess Madeline Proudstar:
NAME: Madeline Proudstar
TITLES: The Princess of Santaurio, “The Queen of the Uncrown”
AGE: 19
APPEARANCE: Bloodwillow {APP THREAD} XfRCnnf Image from Love Nikki Dress Up Queen.
PERSONALITY: After years of being sheltered by her parents, Madeline has grown to be quite shy and wary of others. She is always nervous about the future of her people, as it was a topic her father spoke much about. However, for their sake, she is trying to put up a front of confidence, and is determined to do what she feels is necessary to keep her country intact and thriving.
HISTORY: Madeline was born the only child of the monarchs of Santaurio, and was sheltered by her parents for her own safety. Never being allowed to interact with others outside of the castle, she grew up very shy and often scared of the world outside of the protection of her parents. Her parents assumed they would be having more children, so they did not rush her into learning the necessary subjects she would need to become queen. However, less than a year ago, they were killed in a carriage accident, leaving Madeline alone to inherit the throne. Having no idea what to do to help her country, she ordered the kidnapping of a magic user who could see the future, even if the only one known to them have in Hjemsted.
FAMILY: King Proudstar (father, deceased), Queen Proudstar (mother, deceased)
-Being the ruler of Santaurio, she has an entire country at her disposal.
-She can be very determined.
-She is completely and utterly unequipped for the role of monarch.
-She is blinded by her grief and worry.
OTHER: She is still called "Princess" because she continuously puts of her coronation as queen, thus the nickname "The Queen of the Uncrown."
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Terisia Rosehelm:
NAME: Terisia Rosehelm

AGE: 19

APPEARANCE: Bloodwillow {APP THREAD} Latest?cb=20150817035321
She is around 6' tall.

PERSONALITY: Terisia was always a shy child growing up and wasn't too big of a fan of crowds. This tended to make her a bit distant from the other children she was grouped up with. Terisia began to slowly grow out of this as she aged, but still has her moments of shyness, often choosing just to follow and stay out of conversations. Once close to her though, she will become your friend for life. The best way to describe Terisia is a warm brownie covered in icecream- you just have to get past the coldness. Though she may seem cold, she will usually offer her help to most.

HISTORY: Terisia was born and raised in Hjemsted. It is all she has ever known. Since she was small, Terisia was always behind her mother, tending to stay as close a possible to her. The other children terrified her. Her mother would often force her out to her caretakers, against Terisia's wishes. In the long run, this did help with her social anxiety, but not completely. Terisia became comfortable around her pack when she became older and is fiercely protective of it, though she does not show this.

Terisia always had a interest in the Ravens. When she was very young, she secretly hoped manifest the powers to become one. After turning 10, she gave up on that hope. Still, when she was young and to this day, she would quietly watch and follow Ravens.

Her father was the one who taught Terisia archery around the age of 7. Ever since she picked up a bow, she fell in love with the feeling of an arrow flying out of her hands and the loud thud of of it impacting the target. Later on, her father began teaching her hunting techniques to get furs to trade.

FAMILY: Lorne Cinderfury (Father), Mia Mistweaver (Mother)

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

-Quiet and calcuative
-actually a pretty decent singer

-social anxiety
-Speaking with others, especially strangers

-her favorite hobby Archery
-Rainy nights

-Really hot days
-large crowds

OTHER: Growing up, her mother would call her Isa, which Terisia hates.

Sorry for the late form! Just tell me if I need to add or change anything.

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Post by Sal on Sun May 13, 2018 8:15 pm

Suri Duskrunner:
NAME: Suri Duskrunner
AGE: 24
APPEARANCE: 5’7”, athletic build with plenty of muscle in her legs and arms. Her hair is long, the color of ebony with stunning green eyes like newly grown ferns. Her skin is a pale peach, and she is often wearing things that are warm but easy for her to maneuver around in.

PERSONALITY: Suri is a good soul, her heart being in all the right places and her loyalty strong. Like any Wolf, she values family and customs, but also has a sense of independence especially being that age of 24. She likes to do things in groups and be around others, but has no problem also being alone and doing her own thing. Often, especially now growing older, she’s found herself a bit of a balance.

She’s a horrible liar, which only proves how good hearted she is. But it’s not just that she can’t lie, she just. . . gives it away. She’s a bit quick to get offended if people judge her or comment poorly about her, and she will prove them wrong in any way possible. She loves to teach other’s things, which isn’t exactly a negative trait but also can be a bit intimidating to others. It can even seem like she treats people a bit overbearingly and will even take over in doing things if she can do it.

All in all, Suri has a few personal customs she holds onto; such as praying silently after every kill, and feeding other people before herself. Being an adult at the age of 24, Suri kind of has this need to settle down and start a family--may that be with a man or woman. At the same time, though, she’s afraid of becoming a mother if she does marry a man and lose a bit of her ability to do certain things after giving birth and what not.
HISTORY: Suri was a beloved child, a good child, with a free spirit and a knack in things regarding hunting. Her father, who, got his last name for his skill in said trade, was very close to his daughter and taught her all of the skills she now uses. The two of them bonded over hunting, going out together to hunt especially for Winter when furrs would be most needed by other Wolves and things. She learned to skin, body parts of most animals, survival skills, animal calls, and most importantly how to use a bow.

With all the skills and knowledge she now had, her father and her, together as usual, went out into the woods just a few days before she was to receive her last name. During this time, Suri and her father had decided to split up and take separate routes to cover more ground. However, when they were to return to where they were supposed to meet Suri did not come. Her father searched for her for a while, then realized he had to get home with what he had caught.

The next day, Suri arrived at dusk, alive, a little beaten up, definitely cold, but triumphant in bringing back a load of furrs from mostly nocturnal creatures she had trapped. Her father and mother couldn’t have been more proud of her.

Thus, when she received her name, Duskrunner, it was a reference to that significant event of independence and success Suri accomplished.

Now, being 24, she hunts mostly on her own and often does a lot of trading. It’s a lifestyle for her, being able to barter and trade her goods with others for things she’ll need as well.
FAMILY: (Father) Flint Wildhunter, (Mother) Iridian Dawnwarden, (Elder-brother) Karic Redsword.
x Knowledge of trapping, hunting, skinning, animal sounds, etc.
x Good shot with a bow, has some decent accuracy.
x Able to stay true to her words and will not backstab. Has a problem with lying and usually the side of her lips curl up when she lies.
x Always open to options, a free spirit who likes to take chances and see new things.
x She’s pretty much a hunt nut, other skills outside of one she’s need for hunting aren’t exactly the best.
x Sometimes gets a little too carried away as a free spirit, sometimes hating rules and regulations that make her feel confined.
x Can get really offended easily if you judge her.
x Sometimes can seem like a jerk when she’s talking about things she knows and loves, such as hunting and archery as she finds herself to be a pro at both.
LIKES: Hunting, trapping, skinning, and basically being in nature and in the woods. Even while being a hunter, she’s a lover of animals and respects them greatly and knows her boundaries while hunting, she loves the night time and stars. She also likes to sing. Don’t tell anyone though.
DISLIKES: She hates people who talk badly about her, as she tries to uphold a pretty good reputation; people who disrespect nature and animals also get her pretty annoyed because they offer them lots of needed things such as food and shelter and materials.

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