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Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:57 am by Adrian

(It's been one year since I made a news thread, oops)

Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

2017 was a pretty busy year IRL for most of us - according to forum statistics, our busiest month was in June with 1671 total posts, meaning our post rate has been a little …

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We're aware of a peculiar forum glitch that's causing some subforums to be locked.

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[APP THREAD] Superior RPG Empty [APP THREAD] Superior RPG

Post by Adrian Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:43 pm

(Yes, yes, I said I'd post it on the 28th. It's the first of March now. My bad)

(Thank you to @Cana for inspiring me to do this! And thank you @WritingBookworm for giving me ideas, whether you knew you were doing it or not.)

△ ▽ △ ▽ △ ▽ △ ▽ △ ▽ △

Somewhere beyond space and time…

“Are you confident this is the best place to do this, my liege?”

“No. But we don’t have a choice anymore. At this point, it is the only place.”

The clanking of steel boots echoed off the cold, hard floor as a bipedal figure paced back and forth in front of a series of holograms and blinking screens. It was not quite human, but rather close to it – it had the complexion of a blue sky that was beginning to darken with an oncoming storm, white eyes that glowed faintly in the dimmed lights, and bizarre, tribal-like patterns that criss-crossed its slender yet imposing body. The black cloak that draped the figure billowed softly with its owner’s movements, which had stopped in front of a complex control panel.

The being’s companion, similar in features (save for a plain complexion and yellow eyes), drummed its fingers on the arm of its chair. “Is it really fair to do this, Va’drah? To risk another world? Especially what happened to the last one…”

Va’drah shook its head, closing its eyes at it remembered the events of the past realm. “Nothing is fair anymore, Daalus. You know this as well as I do. We’re fighting a war against the primal forces of the Great Beyond. We learned from our mistakes this time, and our allies are counting on this to succeed.”

Daalus leaned back in its chair, contemplating the scenes playing out on the screen. Before the two creatures, the nonchalant lives of countless humans played out in a vast, beautiful city. Businesspeople carried onto their jobs, children played in the park with friends and family, lovers took each other in their arms and made their eternal vows. How little they realized that their world was about to shift forever.

Daalus had grown numb to the countless Upliftings their race had performed. Kingdoms, continents, planets and solar systems had been called forth to fight their own evils with the help of Va’drah, Daalus, and their people, but so many of them had fallen as well. And then, there was the matter of the Dark that slowly encroached upon them…

“It’s time.” Va’drah opened its eyes, gazing at the skyscrapers that jutted out across the screens. “I can sense a culling. Thousands of destinies await our command.”

Daalus sighed. “And so, we shall deliver from evil. Or, try.”

A blue hand reached out to a series of buttons on the dashboard before it.

Within moments, the course of humanity would change forever.

August 31, 2018

[APP THREAD] Superior RPG Superi10
Run by @Cana and @Adrian

Welcome to my 2018 reboot of the Superior RPG, 3 years in the making! Please take the time to get to know the RPG-verse, since it has been revamped a bit from the last time we visited. I hope to have the RPG up sometime within the next couple of weeks.

For brevity's sake, I have placed each key point in a spoiler (save Rules and Form).

City Information
The Uplifting
Powers + A New Humanity
The "Main" Plot


Mount Superior, Oregon
The Strange City
The Surreal Capital of America!


City Population:
1,959,840 (2018 estimate) (Ranked 5th)

Metro Population:
6,507,780 (2018 estimate) (Ranked 6th)
(Mount Superior-Oakland-Myrtle Creek, OR Metropolitan Statistical Area)

Nearby Cities:
Pierce Point, OR, USA (32 miles)
Eugene, OR, USA (45 miles)
Medford, OR, USA (58 miles)

October 31, 1848

Welcome to Mount Superior, a shining city located on the West Coast of America. With a population of about 1.95 million, "the Mount" bears many similarities to the comic book worlds of Gotham City and Metropolis.

Mount Superior has always been known as the “Weird City.” Artists, musicians, and micro-brewery enthusiasts have flocked to the city for years, rivaling Portland to the north. It’s a diverse, cultured city with a long history and a bright future ahead of it. The city has elements of New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and many other shining cities in-between - a harmonious hodge-podge of Americana.

Nationally (and internationally) speaking, superhumans aren’t entirely unheard of. Confirmed sightings of levitation, superhuman strength, and much more have been reported throughout human history. However, superhumans were rare, and those that did possess incredible powers were also subjected to persecution and stigmatization (especially as monotheistic religions became more prominent). As a result, superpowers were considered a taboo, often suppressed by governments and societies.

However, all of that was about to change.

The official city of Mount Superior has 12 districts (ha) with varying degrees of aesthetics and culture.

1- Downtown Mount Superior
The hub of Mount Superior. Features most government buildings (including the UNSTF Headquarters) and business HQ’s. A bustling center, it is where many in the city commute to work.

2- Roseburg
The wealthy district of Mount Superior. Divided into Roseburg and Roseburg North, though there’s hardly a difference between the two (except that Roseburg North is considerably more conservative). Very posh and fancy. Once attempted to secede from Mount Superior in 1978 (they failed, of course).

3- Cleveland
Not to be mistaken for Cleveland, OH. This is the industrial center of Mount Superior. A very blue collar place, but not completely rough and tumble unlike Melrose. Not too terrible to be caught in, if you don't mind the occasional strange smells.

4- Looking Glass
A popular tourist center. Lots of artists reside here, and its many boulevards and fountains make it a hot spot for millennials. It’s commonly referred to as the hipster neighborhood and is regarded as Mount Superior’s “gay village” due to the amount of LGBT+ citizens living there. Every city has one of these, and for Mount Superior, well, it just happens to be here.

5- Willow Hills
More of a park than a district. A very wooded, natural area known for its picturesque landscape. Many cabins and cottages can be found, as well as a variety of flora and fauna. Including bears. Lots of bears.

6- Wilbur
Known as the agriculture center of Mount Superior. Everything north of Wilbur is farmland, including grain, livestock, and orchards. Directly to the south is Umpqua Community College, which holds some land in Wilbur for its agriculture science students.

7- Melrose
The place that your parents warn you to stay away from. Despite being fairly close to downtown, Melrose has been plagued with a serious crime problem for decades. Gangs, mafias, ruffians, and much more prowl the streets, causing trouble for those unlucky enough to wander in.

8- Greenhook
The entrepreneurship center of the city. Many startups find their home here, and also their graves. There's been a recent spring of micro-breweries here, much to the chagrin of the older folk who live nearby.

9- Winston
The “Silicon Valley” of Mount Superior. Lots of technology and Internet businesses are headquartered here or open up regional offices. Many people consider Greenhook and Winston to be one single district due to their natures.

10- Coles Valley
A large hub for logistics, transportation, and shipping. The Mount Superior International Airport is located north across the river (ironically outside of city limits).

11- Umpqua
A largely residential district, complete with plenty of parks. Condos, apartments, and other kinds of housing can be found here, including the suburbs that expand away from the city.

12- Millwood
Mount Superior’s newest district, absorbed in 2013 after the Millwood government disbanded. It has since become a burgeoning green energy powerhouse and espouses many environmental awareness initiatives.

Also nearby are the cities of Oakland & Myrtle Creek, which are counted as part of the Mount Superior Metro Area. Another notable location is the coastal city of Pierce Point to the west, which rests comfortably on the Pacific Ocean.


At the end of August 2018, a vibrant, bright light was reported high above the skies of Mount Superior. Satellite imagery couldn’t determine a precise altitude, but the light was seen as far away as Chicago, Juneau, and Mexico City. The “light” lingered for roughly 4 minutes and 38 seconds, before exploding in a wave of undetectable energy throughout Earth’s atmosphere.

Throughout the next 30 days, hundreds of thousands of humans across the globe began noticing strange things, such as apparent flight, telekinetic abilities, control over elements, and much more. An emergency meeting was called by the Security Council of the UN to determine the cause of this sudden shift in human nature, referred to as the Uplifting, and after a week of discussion, a task force agreed upon by the US, Germany, Argentina, South Korea, Australia, and Morocco was formed to help control those who used their abilities for selfish desire. Beyond the task force, however, the chosen members of humanity has no idea what to make of their newfound abilities. Some seek out their own destiny. Some choose to live their own lives, using their powers as tools. Some just try to get by in this brave new world.

So, the question remains: What will you do, now that you are superior?


Mission Statement: To ensure the protection and preservation of humanity, through diversity of skill and fortitude.

Main HQ: Mount Superior, OR, USA
Other HQs: Frankfurt, Germany; Rosario, Argentina; Busan, South Korea; Canberra, Australia; Casablanca, Morocco

The United Nations Specialized Task Force (UNSTF) was formed on September 21, 2018 to combat potential threats to humanity as a result of the Uplifting in August. It is an international police force consisting of regular humans and superhumans that elect themselves to train in various cities to fight against those that would use their abilities for evil. So far, the coalition seems to be working as intended. However, humans will always be humans, and corruption may just be one idea away...


The Uplifting gave rise to many superhumans, altering their make-up in various ways. Some gained enhanced senses and powers, such as superhuman strength, agility, and eyesight. Others discovered psychic abilities, elemental powers, and even skills that allow them to alter space-time around them. Still others realized abilities that, for all intents and purposes, were completely magical in nature.

However, some researchers believe that throughout history, many more humans have had latent superpowers waiting to be unlocked. The estimates on these humans is not entirely known, due to social stigma throughout the millennia. However, ever since the Uplifting happened, those who have had powers before August 31 have become more prominent in the world, perhaps due to feeling more comfortable.


Throughout the weeks following the Uplifting, a sort of “identity” has cropped up amongst these new humans (because, why wouldn’t we? Dividing ourselves is what we do best).

First, of course, is the average human (what scientists refer to as Homo sapiens). These humans were unaffected by the Uplifting and inherited abilities, thus having none. The sentiments regarding superhumans among these non-endowed people vary wildly. Some humans see their new brethren as blessings, heroes and friends to rely on. Others see them in a more negative light – as demons, potentially corruptible creatures, or a race that needs to be extinguished to protect “pure” humanity. In other words, "normal" humans haven’t at all changed.

Next up are those affected by the Uplifting (who scientists refer to as Homo elevatur, and who others refer to as the Uplifted). These are people who were once ordinary (mostly), but have been changed by the shockwave of October 31, suddenly gaining amazing powers that separate themselves from the rest of humanity. They are quite like other superhumans, except in the fact that they are likely to be more inexperienced with their abilities.

Lastly, we have those who gained their abilities separately from the Uplifting whether by genetics or otherwise (who scientists refer to as Homo legatum, and who others refer to as Legacies). These are quite like Homo elevatur, except that they are more likely to be experienced with their powers and are thus considerably stronger, more often than not.

All three “categories” of humans, despite having their collective traits, are as diverse as they come. They have their own morals, fears, strengths, and convictions that continue to shape the societies they are in.


Alright, time to speak frankly now.

After a bit of discussion with @Cana, I have decided to put in a “main plot.”

Note the quotations.

This is just a “subplot” of sorts. Obviously, there’s gonna be a Big Bad (as you might have guessed from the intro) but in no way should you feel obligated to partake in this plot (though you certainly can! I welcome all). I want to set this up much like the way Harwell’s is, in that the narrative is reliant upon your imagination and ideas for your characters. Mount Superior is a complex city, with people of many different walks of life.

This will be an alternate timeline from the original RPG – both for practical reasons and another reason I’m not gonna get into quite yet (although it’s certainly plotty). With that being said, you can bring over characters from the first iteration of the RPG if you like, or you can start anew.


Yes, alignments are back. Obviously since this is an open-ended RPG I will allow fluidity with this section, but these will just be a sort of guidebook if you’re stuck.

"Heroism is accessible. Happiness is more difficult."
- Albert Camus
Heroes are the mutants we've all grown to admire - Superman, Green Lantern, Thor, etc. Their goal is simple - protect society and ensure justice and peace are upheld. The good news is simple - you're the good guy! You don't have to worry about the stigma of evil, and you'll be celebrated. The bad news is, you'll have to adhere to morality (and city laws), due to heroic code. Damn.

"Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It's a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other."
- Eric Burdon
Antiheroes are in the middle of (but can easily land on the "good" side of) the spectrum, yet they tend to lack morality and/or don't display heroic traits. They're usually driven by their own agenda - revenge and truth are among them. You could consider them "badasses." Well-known antiheroes include Punisher, Catwoman, and Wolverine. The good news - like villains, you don't have to worry about rules (as much, anyways). You have your own agenda, and you plan to stick to it. Any morals or laws you follow are up to you. The bad news - heroes and villains have a hard time trusting you, since you tend to "flip sides." You work for no man or woman, so loyalty may not be as much of a priority to you.

"Nobody is a villain in their own story. We're all the heroes of our own stories."
- George R. R. Martin
Villains are self-explanatory if you haven't been living under a rock. Their goal is to basically do whatever they want - rule the world, destroy the human race, steal the secret formula for a burger recipe, whatever (like the Joker, Loki, Lex Luthor, etc.). They follow their own agenda and won’t let any do-gooder stop them. The good news - villains are more "free," being social, legal, and moral deviants. Any evil plan you have, you're free to carry out; you don't give a hoot about "the man." The bad news - there's always someone out to nab you. Evil plans are rather weak, when you think about it.

1- All forum rules apply.

2- No godmodding. Yes, it’s covered in the forum rules but I’ll just restate it here. This is an open-ended RPG and character strength can be very flexible. But all humans have strengths and weaknesses, and if your weakness isn’t really a “weakness” then you might need to focus on rewriting that section of the form. You all know what godmodding is and I have yet to see any serious incident on the forum, so this isn’t too much of a concern.

3- Any power that is NOT an “Omni Power” (powers on the level of literal deities/abilities that give one person unlimited, unchecked domain over a thing or concept) is allowed. The Powerlisting Wiki is an excellent source for ideas - I highly recommend it. Give a bit of explanation as to how your power works as well - its strengths and weaknesses. If you're not sure on an ability, just ask and we can figure something out. Most everything should be fine.

I will allow a maximum of 3-4 powers, but if you want to include abilities that are really more enhancement than a full-fledged power (like superhuman sight), that’s fine and I won’t necessarily count it towards your power count. Of course, don't go overboard on those.

4- The plot I will introduce does not have to be followed, so if you want to do your own thing or collaborate with others - do it! Mount Superior is a massive place, and who knows what stories lie in wait. You can have giant air battles, underground crime syndicates, secretive societies that seek to better (or worsen) the world, it’s all up to you. Just be sure not to hijack other people's narratives.

The main setting will be in Mount Superior (since it’s kind of the epicenter of the Uplifting), but on occasion I will allow you to travel outside the city. Humanity is facing a global phenomenon, and there won’t be any limits on where your character comes from or what they choose to do.

5- Unlike the first run of this RPG, moral fluidity is allowed. You can switch sides whenever your character sees fit. I won’t restrict plot in that way.

6- All ages are allowed this time. You guys are pretty good judges of what would be an appropriate age for characters in RPGs, so I’m not gonna try and limit you there either.

7- As explained earlier (if you read the whole OP, if not - go do it), you don’t necessarily have to gain your powers from the Uplifting. It can be hereditary. It can be learned from a magical cult, or obtained through experimentation (or accident). Hell, your character might be an alien. Your characters' origin stories are all up to you.


The Form.

This time around I decided to overhaul the form. I thought it would be more practical to make moral standing a fluid element, and therefore doesn’t need to be explicitly expressed in your form. I also did away with the main focus, since I figured it would be better covered in your bio (or even if you wanted to be sneaky and not let on too much). That being said…

I’d like a little bit of effort in the “Bio” and “Personality” sections of the form. You don’t have to write a whole Wikipedia page, but at least give us some semblance of who your character is. You can omit plotty details and expand upon your character in-RP, but try to think of something to at least try to start off with.

Alias (optional):

END NOTE: Because this is the middle of the semester, I'm planning on giving you all extra time to fill in these forms (I haven't even been able to start on mine yet). I was thinking about two weeks, but if you need more (or don't think you'll need that long) just let me know! I can definitely accommodate (and considering how my semester is going I may need to anyways). Thank you for joining!

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[APP THREAD] Superior RPG Empty Re: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG

Post by Kane Sat Mar 03, 2018 12:50 pm


Name: Amina Alaoui (أمينة العلوي)
Alias (optional): Afri (The Berber Goddess of Fortune and Fertility)
Age: 20
Appearance: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG F0sedY3\

✘ She stands at an imposing 5'9"
✘ Her eyes are a golden color like her mothers 

Personality: Amira radiates confidence and passion. Possessing a formidable iron will, she has been forced to fight for far more out of life than most of those around her. Her insightful ideas and tremendous personality make her a larger than life figure that merely begets both deference and sincere admiration. That isn't to say that she is entirely a distant and remote figure. Additionally, she can be slightly warm and caring to those who are in actual need but finds herself less gentle and understanding with those who have always been privileged in ways she never was. With her larger than life personality, she isn't afraid of much of anything and is still willing to stand up to defend what she believes is right and good. 

Bio: Amira was born in Casablanca, Morocco to a single mother before immigrating to the United States at the age of three. Before that, her mother had dragged her across the planet in a constant state of paranoia and fear as she tried to escape her fate of service to one of Morocco's most powerful families, where the oldest son happened to be the father of her child.  To compound such stress, her mother's powers had long since turned on her. Once a powerful healer, she had found herself falling ill from the years she unknowingly spent taking on the injuries and afflictions of others. As the pair settled into their new lives in Chicago, Amina's life was spent balancing the care of her mother, going to school in an environment that was entirely hostile to her, as well as using what she could to help her family get by.

It turned out that what she could do to help her family was rob banks. At the age of ten, her powers fully manifested much to her mother's weak protests. She found herself to be a combination of her mother and her unknown father; their abilities warped slightly when they came into contact within her. She began popping into vaults all over the world to take just small amounts from each when her family was desperately in need. As she went across the globe, she was careful to keep a running total in her head of how much she had taken and exactly where it had come from. She thought of herself more as borrowing the money than stealing it. As time went on, her mother eventually insisted they flee to the west coast as she felt they were in danger once again from her father's family. Moving to a small cabin in rural Oregon, Amira could not keep herself from popping into the closest city, Mt. Superior, just to feel the rush of city life that she missed so much from Chicago. While she could go anywhere in the world, she felt as if she didn't belong anywhere based on the odd stares she got even on the streets Mt. Superior at times. 

Abilities: Portal Creation, Transmutation, & Rapid Regeneration
Weapon(s)(?): None
Strengths: Her strong-willed spirit leads her to never give up on anything no matter the odds. She is also fearless in the face of what might terrify others. Also, she knows when to be warm and understanding to help comfort those who need it most.
Weaknesses: Because she is so confident, she never truly gives anything up, pushing her to pursue deadly goals that could get her killed. Additionally, she lacks the ability to work well with others and tends to make everything out to be a competition in nature. 
Other: She speaks Moroccan Arabic as her native language, and her English has a slight accent that can be even thicker when she is annoyed. 


Name: Amory Burke
Alias (optional): Picasso
Age: 19
Appearance: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG Tumblr11

✘ Amory stands at 5'10"
✘ His eyes are forest green with some flecks of brown 

Personality: Amory is almost your typical, high school bro type. Growing up in such an environment has formed and shaped him to be the way he appears, but that isn't necessarily the way he is. While seemingly casual and almost an every guy's guy, he is apparently comfortable with talk of sports, sex, and partying alone but such conversation pains him to even participate in. Deep down, he poses a complex personality that extends far beyond the confidence that his appearance and wealth affords him. His true love is art and painting, but he would be quick to trash it should any of his friends notice his paintbrushes or easels tucked away in his closet. Ultimately, he just seeks a place where he can be comfortable expressing all of the quirks that would have him ostracized by his friends and peer group. 

Bio: Amory was born in Pierce Point to the Mayor of the city at the time, William Burke, and his lawyer wife, Poppy Burke. The Burkes lived a somewhat average life, content to be local players in their city but never did they dream of moving to state or even national politics like so many do once they get the smallest hint of power. They often engaged in community service and came to the chief patrons of many of the city's charities and finest cultural institutions. While respected in their town, the public admiration and sometimes hatred for his parents never really affected Amory in his day to day life.  He lived a seemingly average, if not privileged life. That was until one of his classmates came in with a newspaper sporting the most shocking headline. 

His family had been taking bribes for years, turning the city over to the violent gangs that ran the docks on the coast. The gangs were universally hated and feared by the residents of the town, and they saw this as one of the most profound betrayals. The family was quickly ousted from the government and driven from their gated estate on the shore of the city, with a few citizens even breaching the gate with the intent of harming the family as they slept. Escaping to Mt. Superior, his father and mother tried their best to go about their lives but ultimately both of his parents were found and imprisoned, leaving Amory lone roam of the family's Roseburg North estate. That was when the Uplifting struck, further complicating Amory's life in unimaginable, seemingly fictional ways. 

Abilities: Enhanced Artistic ability, the ability to bring the visual arts to life and control them (whether it be paintings, sculptures, sketches, even tattoos, etc...) & Artistic Transformation
Weapon(s)(?): None
Strengths: He can be very helpful to any group effort, never preferring to really lead anything himself. In addition to his powers, he is skilled athletically as well as extremely agile and nimble.
Weaknesses: Due to his constant fear of being judged, he often holds back from others and relies heavily on his mask of nonchalance and apathy to disguise any of his true emotions. Ultimately, they will befriend someone who he even isn't. 


Name: Yve St. Clair 
Alias (optional): ---
Age: 26
Appearance: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG Tumblr10 

✘ Yve stands at the proper height of 5'6"

Personality: To those around her, Yve would never be seen as provocative or even sexual. While she possesses near a supernatural beauty, she always comes across as conservative, poised, and elegant. This carefully crafted beauty has been chosen to give her a near ethereal look that gains as much from her seeming purity and innocence as it does her perfectly silky hair and deep blue eyes. Instead, she employs her mind games to ensnare others into her beauty and let them instead turn her appearance into something sullied and depraved so she herself never falls to such a level. While she comes off as a seemingly benign and placid her real motives are always shifting and changing behind her mask. She posses an alarming level fo apathy and even sadism that could scare even the most hardened criminal. Nothing is past her, and she uses every resource she can to get ahead in goals. She has managed to keep all of her crimes a secret and now exists as one of the leading dull-witted and conservatively polite pieces of arm candy. 

Bio: Yve was born as Amélie Rochat in Vevey, Switzerland to Lars, a fisherman, and his wife Milenia, a local flower merchant. Most of her early childhood days were spent on the cobblestone street hiding under her mother's bright yellow stall filled with multi-colored blooms. While her mother had a mental disability that caused stuttered speech and intellectual difficulties, she was often just as beloved by the visitors to the market as she was by her husband and daughter. Though times were tough on such paltry incomes, the family seemed to be the picture of joy and contentment. That was until Amélie turned eight and her grandmother descended upon her perfect little world and caused it all to come crashing down around her. 

Lady Lara St. Clair was an old, sour woman whose personality left much to be desired even though she tried to disguise and mask it with carefully styled grey hair and meticulously curated outfits. Years ago, she had abandoned her daughter in a town miles away from her native Geneva leaving her with the local orphanage due to her apparent shortcomings. For years she had quietly been paying for her daughter and her husband to help them live and survive. When she had heard the news of a granddaughter she came to collect her as she thought was her right. While Milenia and Lars begged and pleaded, it didn't matter in the end. They could not win in a fight against Lara St. Clair's powers. Lara, herself a powerful Mind Control user who had made her daughters condition worse by trying to fix her as a child using her powers, took Yve back to Geneva to live and be schooled in all the things she thought necessary.

The lessons hardened Yve, turning her heart to near ice as the memories of her parents morphed into the people who had given her up. While she retained her elegance and poise, she had lost the humanity she had learned from days spent in the flower booth and on the boat with her father. It wasn't until she was 17 that things turned from the theoretical to the actual. Escaping her grandmother's estate, she ran off with a much older wealthy financier who had promised her lavish cruises around the Mediterranean. It was on the first night of the voyage that she persuaded him to leave her access to his accounts and to commit suicide by jumping into the cold, dark ocean. Since then she has existed in the US on the payments and assets of her older benefactors, those both living and dead, as she plans and schemes to her true ends. It was here she latched onto a US Senator from Oregan who has been viewed as a future candidate for president.

Abilities: Subliminal Seduction, Illusions, Enhanced Beauty & Mind Control 
Weapon(s)(?): None
Strengths: Yve is singularly focused on her goals and would never let anything derail her from that. She is always exceptionally careful and knows how to peer into the very core of people. Her subtly and subterfuge are near untraceable as no one would expect it from her. 
Weaknesses: She is far too confident that she is infallible and will never be figured out. She posses no moral compass and cares little for the assistance or help of others for they are all inferior to her anyway. 
Other: In addition to English, she speaks French as her native language which gives her a light french accent.

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[APP THREAD] Superior RPG Empty Re: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG

Post by Shaybaysasuke Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:06 pm

Name: Nico Favero

Alias (optional): Showcase (a tattoo term given to someone who wears a lot of tattoos done by one person, in this case his mentor.)

Age: 21

[APP THREAD] Superior RPG Tumblr10

Personality: Nico is very closed off and withdrawn and he always has been. He doesn't have any family and never made very many friends and he liked it that way; it gave him more time to think and focus on what he was trying to accomplish. He's only ever fully trusted one person but if that happens again he will trust you with everything he is, and if that trust is ever broken he will never forgive you. He's calm and polite but can usually be perceived as cold in conversations with people he doesn't know, only warming up to those he has known for a while.

Bio: Nico's parents died when he was very young and he went to live with his traditional Italian grandparents in New York. It was a nice life, but he never felt like he belonged with all of the traditions they pushed on him. It all felt too structured and he felt out of place throughout his whole childhood, trying to find a place in between his home life and life at school. It wasn't until he took an art class that he finally found a place to belong. Nico was an amazing artist, but his grandparents had always pushed him away from an artistic life so that he could focus on running the family restaurant after his grandfather. However once he was allowed to explore his creative side in art class he fell in love with the color and spontaneity of it. So he kept going, making a few friends and falling into the art crowd. He even went as far as to dye his hair, to the dismay of his grandparents, and started looking for art schools his senior year of high school. He found a good one in Oregon in a town called Looking Glass and even though his grandparents tried to convince him to stay, they supported his decision and helped him pay the tuition.

However, before he left for school his grandparents fell ill and passed away suddenly. Nico was crushed, they were the only family he had left and they were gone. Just like that. He dealt with all of the legal things and the funeral arrangement before heading off to school. He felt lost but he threw himself into his studies, wanting to do something to make his grandparents proud even though they weren't there to see it. The inheritance he had been gifted was barely enough to cover his tuition for the school but he knew he would have to make money another way. He didn't know very many people but he started selling his art, commissioning his works to make a little spending money. One of his customers even came back to show him a tattoo based off of his painting. This struck something in Nico and once he had enough saved up he brought in a piece he drew to the local tattoo shop to have it done. The young artist, Justin, took one look at the drawing and offered him a job, saying that it was some of the best work he had seen in a long time. Nico thought for a while but eventually agreed, Justin becoming his boss and after a while his mentor and the first close friend he ever had.

The next two years were the happiest Nico had ever been. He had a job he loved where he was allowed to be as creative as he wanted, and Justin was incredibly supportive of him. As the two spent more time together they fell into a close friendship, gelling together and feeling comfortable in each others' presence. Justin would practice tattoo designs on Nico and he happily agreed, trusting Justin with everything he did. Nico loved Justin, but he was never able to tell him. One night after the two had left the parlor Justin drove home and was hit by a drunk driver. Nico never even had the chance to say goodbye, only able to run towards the burning cars before being pulled back by the police officers on the scene, seeing Justin's lifeless body being pulled from the wreckage. For the second time in his life Nico was completely alone. He dropped out of school, taking ownership of the tattoo parlor and trying to keep afloat despite the loss of everyone he had ever loved.

Then the light came. After that day in August he felt different, and it took him a while to figure out why. A few days after he was sitting in the parlor waiting for his next appointment and running a finger over the last tattoo Justin had given him: a raven that looked like it was falling apart into smaller black birds. He had done this a million times before but this time the birds started peeling away from his skin and growing until there was a murder flying around the tiny studio. It took a lot of cursing, pecking, and tarps to capture all of them but he managed to get them all back on his arm before his client arrived, avoiding the questioning about all the feathers and scratches on his arms. Nico realized that he had been given powers as so many had after the light and started working to hone them, hoping that he might be able to help people with them like he hadn't been able to save his grandparents or Justin.


Weapon(s)(?): One of the first tattoos Justin had given him was a minimalist picture of a sword his grandfather had hanging over the mantle in his grandparents memory, and he can pull this off of his arm and use it.

Strengths: His artistic abilities, his powers are pretty versatile thanks to all of the tattoos Justin gave him over the years, he doesn't have much you can hold against him

Weaknesses: He's never been a fighter so it's going to take a while for him to get the hang of it, he can't make friends very easily, he's got some pretty bad depression that came with losing his family and his best friend so that can hit him pretty hard sometimes.

Other: He can speak Italian from the time he spent with his grandparents

Name: Elizabeth "Liz" Brant

Alias (optional): Technopath

Age: 16

[APP THREAD] Superior RPG Liz_br10

Personality: Liz was always very bubbly and hyper, able to talk to anyone and make friends very easily. She just has such a bright personality that you can't help but smile around her. She's always optimistic and never lets anything get her down.

Bio: Liz grew up as an only child in Oregon, for the most part on her own. Her parents were pretty neglectful towards her and never really cared for her but Liz loved them anyway. She knew their work was something that took up most of their time and forgave them for all the lonely days and nights. Her parents were scientists, her mother working with living things while her father dealt with technology, putting the two together in order to make breakthroughs in medical technology and AI systems. Liz wanted to follow in her parents footsteps and showed a great deal of skill when working with technology. She was failing practically every other class but when it came to things like computer science, coding, and workshop she excelled. This drastic shift in grades was enough for even her parents to notice and they started to watch her progress with these classes. They even came home early one day to give her an old broken down computer, telling her that she could keep it if she could fix it. She had it working within 10 minutes. Unknown to her, her parents had put a camera in her room and had watched her put together the old system. The pieces started moving on their own as Liz studied the mechanics, shifting and fitting into place where necessary. Liz didn't really seem to notice and picked up the assembled bits without looking, fitting them into the computer and connecting wires without really having to think about it. Her parents were amazed and finally realized what this meant. Their daughter had super powers.

Over the next few weeks her parents kept bringing home technology for their daughter to fix, giving her more complicated pieces of equipment each day and watching the same results. It was like she just knew how all of it worked after a quick glance and could make the pieces come together with her mind. After a while even Liz began to notice and came to the same realization of her powers, working on them and honing them on her own time. After a month had passed Liz was trying to work up the courage to tell her parents what they already knew, pausing outside of their bedroom when she heard them talking. Liz froze in horror as they thought up plans to capture her and experiment on her, wanting to know how these powers worked and if they could find a way to place it in others. Without a second thought Liz ran back to her room and gathered her things, running from her home with the hopes that she could find a new place in the world and help others with her powers.


Weapon(s)(?): She can make weapons while using her powers

Strengths: She knows how any piece of technology works just by looking at it, she can make friends very easily, people tend to trust her.

Weaknesses: She's still doesn't know a lot about her powers, she's too afraid to use her powers on a large scale since she doesn't want her parents finding her, she's on her own now that she's left her home.

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[APP THREAD] Superior RPG Empty Re: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG

Post by Adrian Sat Mar 03, 2018 7:40 pm

Yes! Love it! All approved!

[APP THREAD] Superior RPG A64726_6bab724690da4cbabd281635add02e0a~mv2
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[APP THREAD] Superior RPG Empty Re: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG

Post by Ace Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:47 pm

Name: Rex H. Iriguchi
Alias (optional): Panty Shot
Age: 18
Appearance: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG 201
Personality: Born in a very conservative household, Rex has manners basically drilled into him. However, he was always the black sheep of the family, cracking jokes and having fun whenever he could. He wants to act serious when he needs to, but sometimes his overly relaxed nature can get the best of him.
Bio: Rex grew up in Kyoto, Japan, where he was raised as the third child of one of the very well-known, powerful families with a lineage that could be traced back centuries. Growing up, both of his older powers were expected to do much, while he wasn’t even born until the elder was 18. His oldest brother is likely to inherit the business and also developed powers at a young age, making him a prime example of what to strive to be. However, as the youngest nothing was ever expected of him, and when his powers came in his parents forced him to keep it a secret; they didn’t want to have to be ashamed of it.

Tired of living a lie,  Rex ran away to Mount Superior, hoping to start a new life and become a superhero that might even be able to make his family proud.
Abilities: Lewd – Whenever he sees something lewd, he powers up for five minutes (power up = enhanced state, so offense, defense, stamina, reflexes, etc are greatly increased. For example, he can leap over a building.) He can power down by waiting for the time to end or alternately by kissing someone/acting on what gave him the lewd impulse.
X-Ray Vision and Superhuman Sight – This allows him to see through buildings, obviously, but also to see through clothing in case he needs to power up at a moment’s notice. He has to be careful while using it while powered up, for reasons made clear in the weakness section.
Irresistible – He can lay a charm on one person and make them act as he wishes. It takes full concentration, however, which means it can be interrupted by outside forces.
Panty Shot - He can transform undergarments into weapons; the weapons are different based on what kind of clothing it is.
Weapon(s)(?): None
Strengths: He’s wholeheartedly giving his effort every time he does something, and is actually pretty capable of doing what he puts his mind to usually.
Weaknesses: His main power, Lewd, has significant weaknesses. If he sees another lewd thing within the 5 minute time frame of him being powered up, his powers will go out of control and become very difficult to control. Additionally, if he happens to see another within the 5 minute time frame, his power will explode, destroying everything within a 15 meter radius (even the ground underneath him) and knocking him out from a nosebleed for 15 minutes.
Additionally, he’s very easy to anger if people comment on how weird his power is. He really wants to be a hero and be taken seriously, but it’s kinda hard to do so with powers like these.
Other: In his powered-up state, his hair becomes entirely bright red and eyes begin to glow gold. Speaks Japanese.

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[APP THREAD] Superior RPG Empty Re: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG

Post by Ace Wed Mar 07, 2018 1:01 am

I love double posting tbh :
Name: Julian Diezhijo
Alias (optional): La Creatura
Age: 21
Appearance: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG Kurokiba_ryo_by_kayleethedreamer-daeaz7c
Personality: Pretty logical guy who realized early on that nothing comes easy in life; you have to do everything yourself in order to get far in life. This has made him a bit cold in reality, although his personality isn't really that cut and dry. Having to act like other people from time to time has made him a pro at faking personalities and knowing what people want to see most.
Bio: Born an orphan in Miami, Julian went through the foster system until the age of 12. His powers were fairly useful for escaping the home he'd been placed in and making his way across the country, drifting from place to place and making money with his powers as well as he could. He's never really settled down anywhere, but he does find it easier to make money in certain places so he tends to stick around an area for a while until there's no more money to be had, or once someoen catches on to some of the schemes he enacts.
Abilities: Shape-Shift - Transform into any living thing that you have previously acquired the DNA of (via touch). Acquires instant access to their powers/physical abilities.
Creature Creation - Allows the user to create 1 living beast from their imagination. It exists for as long as the user needs them, until the user's power runs out, or until they are dispelled. The usefulness is limited by the fact that it can only have two powers at most.
Telepathy - Allows the user to speak into the mind of others, or connect people's minds to allow them to speak together. That's the most he's been able to do with it thus far, at any rate. He mostly uses it to communicate when the creature he is transformed into doesn’t have the capability of human speech.
One more power he has not yet discovered.
Weapon(s)(?): None
Strengths: He's pretty creative, so he can come up with useful creatures to create when in battle against opponents where his current forms might not suffice. However, his power still has limits, so he can't just create creatures with Omni Powers. He is able to think of good ways to counter enemies in pinch, though.
Weaknesses: Shape-Shift can only recall the last 10 forms that have been used. Therefore, if a new form is added, it replaces one of the previous ones, until/if that previous form is recopied.
Although he gains access to abilities of what he transforms into, he does not acquire the information/knowledge of how to use them or even what they are. This can be problematic, although he has managed to discover some of the powers that someone might have given enough time.
Due to the mental strain it takes to create a creature, this power requires the user to have some time to use it.
Other: He speaks Spanish and English.

Name: Leona Ikaruga
Alias (optional): Rising Sun
Age: 19
Appearance: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG Leone_by_animefanno1-d82fsr9
Personality: She has a very relaxed, upbeat, and cheerful personality, and tends to display a lack of ladylike manners. She serves as a sort of big sister, often referring to herself as "onee-san". Despite the morally dodgy nature that she can sometimes display, Leona is not one to tolerate injustice, and can be especially vicious to those who commit the most vile of acts. She also enjoys fighting her enemies, and it brings out a fiercer side of her.
Bio: Born to a Japanese father and a German mother in California, Leona is a Japanese American who lived a mostly normal life. Her father worked in Silicon Valley, having graduated from the University of Tokyo as a computer engineer, while her mother was a stay at home mom, at least on paper. In reality, however, her mother was hardly home; she came from a rich family, although Leona had never met any of them save her grandmother and grandfather, and she was always travelling to social events that lasted a few nights. At least, that's what Leona was told. In truth, her mother was a superhero, and she had first been assigned with destroying some of the technology her father was inventing back in Tokyo before it fell into the wrong hands However, things changed when her mother slowly began to fall in love with her father, Kiritsugu. Eventually they started a life together, and her mother got enough information on the project to keep the organization she worked for happy. Once Leona’s powers came in, her mother tried to push her into following in her footsteps, but Leona wasn’t sure if it was really what she wanted for herself, living a lie like that. Instead, she decided to leave home and figure out exactly what she wants; unfortunately, this sort of open-ended quest of self-discovery has left her in a sort of bad place.
Sunlight Manipulation – Can intensify rays of sunlight to become beams of destruction, transform sunlight into solid form, and use it in various other ways depending on the intensity.
Sunlight Enhancement – Her power comes from the sun, and as such she is strongest at noon when the sun is at its peak. Sunlight Enhancement gives her a boost to her overall stats and even boosting her body’s ability to heal the closer it is to noon.
Sunny Day – Leona’s most helpful ability, she can clear out any clouds or bad weather that might be blocking out the sun’s rays. This also increases the power of her attacks and abilities by increasing the intensity of the sun’s rays.
Fire Manipulation – To a lesser extent she is also able to control heat and fire, as well as being mostly immune to even extreme heat due to her abilities.
Weapon(s)(?): She can conjure weapons out of light.
Strengths: She's pretty independent and strong. She can take care of herself; her mother taught her how to defend herself with just her fists since a young age, so  she's definitely no pushover.
Weaknesses: Her powers are pretty much useless at night. She has to rely entirely on her fire manipulation as well as she can, but it's better for her to just not get in any fights or risk badly losing.
Also, she sometimes acts without thinking first. She's pretty impulsive.
Other: Evergreen best tbh

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[APP THREAD] Superior RPG Empty Re: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG

Post by Shaybaysasuke Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:42 am

Name: Anzeti Nour

Alias (optional): Son of Ra

Age: 18

[APP THREAD] Superior RPG Anzeti10

Personality: Anzeti really doesn't like people. He grew up in the desert far away from others and is very easily annoyed by their presence. After living alone for so long he has a tendency to completely retreat into himself and never ask for help or rely on anyone. He can’t stand noise and hates interaction with others so he’s basically just grumpy 24/7. He also has the largest superiority complex known to man since he literally thinks he was dropped from the heavens by the gods. It would take a lot of willpower for anybody to get by his rough exterior.

Bio: Anzeti only know one thing about his past: He was dropped from the Heavens by the gods. Of course this is purely his imagination since he literally just woke up in the middle of the desert near the Nile River. Anzeti had a real family, but they were murdered. Anzeti started showing his powers at an early age and the news spread quickly through the city about the boy that could bend sand. There were robbers that thought they could get a lot of money by taking the boy and auctioning him off and they broke into Anzeti's house late in the night. His parents tried to fight them off but were killed quickly, Anzeti being hit hard on the head and passing out before the robbers took him away. However, the robbers weren't very bright and didn't take very good care while transporting their cargo. The robbers fell asleep while crossing the desert at night and the cargo that hadn't been strapped down well enough (Anzeti, a chest of clothes and golden armor, and a book of the old Egyptian gods) fell from their cart and were left behind in the sand.
Anzeti woke up the next morning with no memory of the night or any memories at all for that matter. He turned to find the chest and book and while looking through them came to the conclusion that he was a son of these ancient gods and they had sent him down to earth to serve them. Over the next few years he would help lost travelers in the desert, stop theives that were crossing the desert with stolen goods, and carried out the duties he thought came with being the son of a god. He was saddened by the fact that many didn't worship his ancestors as they used to and tried to spread the word that he was their son. Some were convinced after seeing his superpowers but others just thought he was insane from being out in the desert for so long.
Once again the word of Anzeti's powers spread but this time it reached America. Some scientists from oregon wanted to see how his powers worked and how he came to have them after the recent flux of super powered people in their state. They set of to the desert and captured Anzeti, getting him onto a plane and over the seas to America before he fought them off and ran away from the airport. He was afraid, he was alone, but he decided to make the best of it. If he couldn't save people and spread the word of his gods in Egypt anymore he would do it here. However, the lack of faith in his gods was even more staggering here and it angered him. He started only saving those he thought deserved to be saved, leaving those who he thought the gods would not want saved and killing those who did horrible acts. Some feared him, some revered him, but he didn't really care what any of them thought of him. He was only doing what he thought was right by his gods.

Abilities: Sand Manipulation:
Solar Empowerment:

Weapon(s)(?): He found an old staff in the chest that held his clothes and armor that he still has. He also has a large pouch of sand that he carries on his back since he doesn't have unlimited piles of it outside of the desert.

Strengths: His powers, he has an authoritative air to him, He can live through very harsh conditions with little supplies, he’s very imaginative, he’s crafty.

Weaknesses: His hatred of people, his superiority complex, his need to be better than everyone else, he hasn’t seen technology so he has no clue how how to work a computer or a gun, he can’t handle emotions other than anger

Other: He's still never going to wear a shirt and you still can't make him
He speaks fluent Arabic and knows English but has a heavy accent when speaking it

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[APP THREAD] Superior RPG Empty Re: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG

Post by Comrade Squid Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:13 pm

The first of my three characters!
Just a girl and her unspeakable alien horror:
Name: Sarah Outterridge


M̮̰ͩ̃̂͠Ý̺̹̭̠͋ͨ͗ͧ̔T̈́͛Ḥ̜̝̉̿ͯ̊̄̄U̦̪̦̥̰ͣ̄͆̎̈́̎L̴͈̯̹Ḫ͉̱̠̥ͫU̮̞̘ͦͫ̐̌̀̚ͅ ̪̙̭̫̪̄͂T̹̅͋̐ͮ͋̉͌H̵̗͈̻͕̪̻ͤ̎̃ͨ̑ͤ̎E̷̋̃ͪ̑̄̚ ̣͉̠͚ͣ͗͂Į͉̞̱̲̤̾N̰̤͙̟̄S̠̖̗̲͇͓̓̚A̮̝ͩͪ̆͝T̡̰̦͛ͧ͐ͬỊ̧͎̩̖͉̐͗A̫̤ͭ̎̒̇͐ͮͤB̮̻̝̑̽L̮͓̺̰͚͆̋͑ͥ͂E͓̎ͨ̓̌̆̋̚͘

Alias (optional):

Sarah: 15
Mythulhu: "Older than time itself"

[APP THREAD] Superior RPG Koizumi.Hanayo.full.1426399
Stands at 5'4".
[APP THREAD] Superior RPG Cthulhu
Size varies.

Personality: Sarah is a sweet, kind girl without an ounce of resentment in her body. She was raised to be a modicum of good behavior, especially after her family moved to Mount Superior while she was young. Her parents wanted to appear "proper" to their new, more wealthy neighbors, and tried to present Sarah as a perfect little angel. For the most part, she didn't object, but as she got older a part of her did want to form her own identity. However, she's very submissive, and craves being told what to do as she's too frightened of making her own decisions. Perhaps this is what made her a prime target for Mythulhu.

Mythulhu is remarkably understanding for an Eldritch Abomination who exists outside our boundaries of morality. The self-proclaimed "Father of Darkness" does care about Sarah's well-being even outside of the fact that she's his only connection to the mortal world and is, at the moment, the soul provider of the sustenance he needs to return to his former glory. However, for the most part, he is alien, and considers the consequences of more unsavory actions to be "irrelevant."

Bio: The Outterridge family has always been the very model of a traditional white, suburban, churchgoing, upper-middle class American family. Initially, they were quite at home in their quaint Kansas neighborhood, however, a job opportunity for Sarah's mother prompted a relocation to Mount Superior in Oregon; particularly, Roseburg, a luxurious district that they barely qualified for. Saraah herself was only three at the time, and her parents put much effort into raising her more "sophisticated" than they did before. Ultimately, she turned out to still be the sweet country girl from Kansas, though she had a more of a propensity for larger words than her older brother Mark did.

Mythulhu, on the other hand, has a somewhat different story. He came from outside the known borders of the universe, slaved to the shadow of the Elder Gods. They left him on the barren planet of Earth, millions of years before the time of humans, doomed to slumber at the bottom of the ocean until thousands of humans knew his name. When the Uplifting occurred, Mythlhu's wandering consciousness sensed the foreign alien energy that cumulated at Mount Superior. He managed to attach himself to the young mind of a fifteen-year old Sarah Outterridge.

It was at that moment that their stories intersected. Mythulhu's mind implanted itself at the back of Sarah's, and she gradually became aware of it. Though at first she was uncomfortable with the idea of playing host to an alien being, and found it difficult to reconcile his existence with her religious beliefs, she eventually formed an uneasy deal with him at his bequest. As his end of the bargain, he assisted her with her homework. Her grades, which had previously been struggling with, shot up overnight as she scored perfect A's and wrote college-level essays on existential horror, much to the relief of her parents.

Her end of the bargain? She agreed that she would do her best to establish a cult in Mythulhu's name.

Abilities: Mythulhu's residence in her mind has come with an assortment of Lovecraftian Superpowers.  Of note, she is able to divide each of her arms into four extendable tentacles, which are useful for combat. Very rarely, she can also call down bolts of lightning at pinpoint locations, though this requires precise assistance from Mythulhu. Other powers are more minor, including things like sucking the light out of rooms, inducing momentary bouts of insanity in others, etc. However, her control over all these powers is dubious.

Weapon(s)(?): Sarah has no access to any weapons, and even if she did, wouldn't know how to use ay of them.

She's a fast runner, and a very creative person if not the smartest. She always tries her best, is loyal, and the unholy powers of Mythulhu have given her access to forces she's never dreamed of.

Weaknesses: She's got the physical strength of a butterfly and is very unconfident. She's borderline incapable of deciding what to do for herself and relies on others to tell her what to do.

Other: I regret nothing.
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[APP THREAD] Superior RPG Empty Re: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG

Post by Kane Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:25 pm

Name: Isidore Chatwin
Alias (optional):---
Age: 27 (Well kinda...)
Appearance: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG Gefh10

✘ Isidore's hair is a light brown color while his eyes are a steely blue
✘ He is just under 6'1"

Personality: Isidore is above all aloof. He carried himself with such confidence and superiority that he is often even unable to comprehend the lives of those around him and how anything he does affects them. Due to his age, he can come off as rather cynical as well due to all that he is seen but it rarely comes off as pessimism but rather as near fact. The rest of his personality is mostly comprised of a sharp and clever wit that he employs often in conversation with anyone and everyone. Finally, he has a mischievous and almost conceited air in all that he does.

Bio: Isidore was born a little over 118 years ago on May 21st, 1900, making him around 118 years old. Born in New York City at the turn of the century, his life was never defined by the progress and advancement of the era, but rather by forces that existed below the city's then cobblestoned streets. The Chatwin family were the heads of one the city's largest and most potent covens, their control reaching into near every sphere of the newly sprawling metropolis. The coven possessed city politicians, played with dangerous mob bosses like voodoo dolls, and controlled all manner of the city's extensive underground, magical town including the artifact shops, faerie brothels, and spell emporiums. Agartha, the underground world for the city's magically gifted was a playground for treachery, deceit, and power but it was the world Isidore grew up in nonetheless. The cavernous ceilings stretching miles above his head enchanted to show a perpetually cloudy sky during the day but a pristine and starry night remains one of his most vivid memories. The entire town was a sight to behold at its peak. The Chatwins ultimately found much of their own city distasteful, but they sacrificed as such to provide for their coven and keep themselves in power.

The family was not without their enemies, however. As large and as extensive as the Chatwin's coven was, they were constantly threatened by neighboring covens who had staked out similar underground cities and havens in an attempt to dethrone the Chatwins and their coven underneath Central Park. Things ultimately came to a head on Isidore's 27th birthday when Agartha was attacked, and the Chatwin family mostly exterminated as the rival covens united for their goal of seeing the fall of Agartha and their ruling family. Isidore was lucky to escape with his life, shielding himself with an invisibility spell as he ascended to the surface of the city. It was in that moment he encountered (Cana's Char) from one of the neighboring covens, a young man around his age. In his haste, he knocked him back with a small explosion and ran from him. From then on, Isidore traveled the world searching for spells and knowledge to revive the dead and reestablish his own magical kingdom. Throughout his travels, he always encountered the same boy, similarly unaging as he himself was. Fearing he was sent out to hunt and kill him, Isidore mostly fled when he caught a glimpse of him. However, one day he stopped.

Abilities: Magic, Pamnesia, Enhanced Agility, & Semi-Immortality
Weapon(s)(?): ---
Strengths: Isidore is readily skilled in his magic simply due to the amount of time that he has been able to walk the earth and collect all manner of spells and rituals.His abilities have had botht he time and the practice to flourish and he takes full advantage of them. He is singularly confident in himself and knows exactly what to employ when it is needed in either a battle, a scheme, or in a conversation.
Weaknesses: On the other hand, his ability to remember everything sometimes comes back to fight against him in the form of nightmares or even illusions if he isn't able to keep a hamper on his memory and sort it properly. These memories can completely incapacitate him for any length of time if potent enough. Also, he is very concerned with his own mortality and does not wish to waste the chance to live forever.

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all approved

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