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Camp Half-Blood App Thread

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Camp Half-Blood App Thread Empty Camp Half-Blood App Thread

Post by Ace Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:01 pm

~Welcome to Camp Half-Blood~

This OP will be focusing on aspects of the RPG specifically, such as the camp itself and how this RPG will be structured. If you need to know more about the CHB universe, I suggest looking at the official CHB wiki:

The Story:
You are a Half-Blood. A Demi God. What does this mean exactly? It means that one of your parents, your birth parents, is not mortal, not a human. They are a Greek God or Goddess, an Olympian to be exact. You are probably thinking that this is crazy, those are just myths! But you would be wrong, the Olympians are very much alive and influence our everyday society by architecture, literature, and more. Monsters are after you now due to your heritage. Their goal is to kill you. The only safe place for people like you is Camp-Half Blood, a seemingly normal summer camp that really houses Half-Bloods and helps them stay safe and train their abilities. This is where you start your adventure (and this RPG).

The Camp:

Camp Half-Blood (from here on referred to as CHB) is a demigod living and training facility disguised as a simple strawberry field and located in Long Island Sound. Key features of CHB include the following (but feel free to expand what there is if you wish):
>The Cabins: One cabin is set up for a majority of the Greek gods and goddesses. Children of each god and goddess reside in their respective cabin.

>The Big House: Where the camp directors reside and where cabin counselors meet when necessary.

>The Climbing Wall: An enchanted rock wall designed to train campers.

>Camp Borders: The Camp Border is situated on the hill of CHB and is guarded by a large oak tree. The border is magical to allow only demigods and friendly magical creatures to enter and to keep mortals and monsters away.

>Dining Pavilion (commonly known as the Mess Hall): A place where all campers gather to eat. Enchanted cups and plates allow whatever food or drink the camper requests to appear. There is also a large bonfire to sacrifice one’s food to their godly parent.

>Stables: Stables where pegasi are kept and cared for.

>Armory: Where the majority of the weapons at CHB are kept.

>Camp Forge: A forge where campers of Hephaestus (and occasional others) are found and able to construct their own weapons and armor.

>The Forest: A thick, expansive forest where dryads live and monsters are stocked to train campers.

>The Arena: A large gladiatorial arena where campers can train and fight one another.

>The Lake: A lake where naiads are found and various water activities take place. A small sand beach and dock can be found here.

Common Gods and Goddesses:
Gods and Goddesses:
Zeus- God of Thunder and Lightning
Hera- Queen of all Gods (Had no children)
Poseidon- God of the Sea and Earthquakes
Hades- God of the Dead
Athena- Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy
Ares- God of War
Artemis- Goddess of the Hunt and Wild Animals (Had no children but you can make Hunters of Artemis)
Apollo- God of the Sun and Music/Poetry
Hermes- God of Messages and Thieves
Aphrodite- Goddess of Beauty and Love
Hephaestus- God of the Forge and Metalwork
Demeter- Goddess of Nature and Plants
Hestia- Goddess of the Hearth (Had no children)
Dionysus- God of Wine
Iris- Goddess of the Rainbow
Hecate- Goddess of Witchcraft and Sorcery
Hypnos- God of Sleep
Nyx- Goddess of Night
Deimos- God of Terror
Khione- Goddess of Snow
Mythical Creatures such as Satyrs are allowed but only if you get approval

For the most part, you have free reign in creating an ability for your character. Your ability must be related to your godly parent's sphere of influence (i.e. you can't have a Poseidon character that controls shadows). Also, if I feel like an ability is too over powered, I will not accept it. Sorry.
However, there is one exception. Since Hecate is the Goddess of Magic, her sphere of power is much larger than other's. To prevent any godmodding and to keep characters at a reasonable level, if you make a child of Hecate, you must pick your two abilities from this list. If you have an ability you want to be added to the list, please let me know! (ty to Salphirix for the guide!!!)

Summoning- Basically just what the name implies. Summoning creatures to fight for you or items to use. Seeing as Hecate is a goddess of the Underworld, summoning the undead would fall under this category.
Dark- Control over darkness. Little is known about this form.
Elemental- Control over the elements, fire, water, earth, and air.
Arcane- Use of pure magical energy (i.e. creating magical blasts to attack. Advanced forms include influencing the magical energy of others)
Nature- Manipulation of the natural objects around, such as trees, earth, and other plants.
Light- Control of light.
Rune Magic- The ability to cast various magical spells and enchantments through the use of runes. This power includes many effects and is all influenced by a character's experience and imagination. Limitations to this include time necessary to cast runes.
Alchemy- Involves the ability to create and use magical potions and purify, mature, and perfect certain objects.
Mist Manipulation- Altering of the Mist that results in various effects such as illusions, disguising people and items from others, and teleportation via the Mist.
Telekinesis- You can move stuff around in the air. Pretty self explanatory, eh?

This RPG will be heavily quest-based. I suppose you could consider “arcs” of a normal RPG to be viewed as quests here. I will be enacting main quest lines throughout the RPG but I will also allow people to construct their own quests if they so wish. Any quest MUST have approval from me before starting and will be given through an Oracle in the RPG. I reserve the right to deny or edit quests as I see fit.

Counselors for each cabin will be decided and will play a role in this RPG. If you are not a counselor, don’t worry, you will still have relevance in this RPG. Being a counselor doesn’t necessarily give advantages in terms of character themselves, though there will be counselor-only situations in this RPG. To become a Counselor, you must first apply. To do so, simply put it in the designated spot in your form. More than one person can apply for Counselor of a Cabin, so don’t be discouraged if someone applied for the cabin you want already! Once I have a good amount of submissions per cabin, I will look at the forms and decide the best for the position. I will attempt to give everyone at least one counselor character if they wish, but no promises!

Additionally, it is possible to challenge another character for their counselor spot in the RPG. You are only able to have a character challenge for a Counselor spot once a week (real time, not RPG!). This process will consist of a duel and a vote taken by all other Counselors that exist at that point. A character must win both the duel and the vote to become Counselor. If either the duel or the Counselor vote ends in a tie, a vote by all members in the cabin will be performed as an alternative. If after this there is still a tie, the defender of the title wins by default. (I know this might sound confusing to read, but I have a system for this, don’t worry xD. If anyone ends up challenging, I’ll explain it more then and it’ll make sense probably).

Additional Information/Rules:
~Each camper receives two special powers MAX based on their godly parent
~Each camper gets a pegasus from their godly parent
~Weapons with powers (aside from having smaller, portable forms) and magical items are NOT allowed at the beginning of this RPG. They must be obtained on quests or through special events; please notify me if there is a special weapon that you would like your character to have
~Counselors can RP the god/goddess they are the child of, but only very sparingly and only if cleared with me first
~You can make children of a god or goddess or make a Mythical Creature
~This RPG is very character driven. I will be planning major events and quests sporadically, but much of this RPG will be mostly consisted of what you all decide. All I ask is that you please run major events/quests/etc. by me before starting them. Once again, I reserve the right to halt or edit any event that I do not approve of. But don't worry, I trust you guys to do amazing things for this RPG xD
~Ronan (and Salphirix, if she wants to) will be assisting me with the running of this RPG, though all characters and events must be approved by me before they can begin
~This RPG is no longer a continuation of the one from Wizard101 Central. Think of it as existing in the same universe, so characters from there can still exist, but we're starting a new storyline branching in a different direction than before.
~NEW RULE: Limit of 3 total children for Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, as well as limit of 5 for all others.

The Form:
Age (and Birthday):
Parent (Can be Unclaimed or Mythical Creature):
Ability (Two special abilities that are related to your parent):
Weapon (if any):
Would you like to be Counselor?:

My Forms:
Jayce Raiden:

Name: Jayce Raiden
Age (and Birthday): 21, July 31st

Appearance: Camp Half-Blood App Thread Jensen_ackles_14

Biography: Born in Los Angeles, Jayce grew up in a suburban neighborhood just like any other kid. His mom was an intelligent and stunning woman who held a job as a lawyer, and a great one as that. He had a pretty normal childhood, and his mom made sure to have time for him since they didn't live outside of their means. However, everything changed when Jayce hit puberty, and not for the reasons you're thinking. Monsters began to find Jayce, and soon targeted in and out of school. Fortunately for him, instead of just being the monster's next meal, he suddenly developed his powers with lightning and electricity at the same time. It wasn't easy, but Jayce was able to fend the monsters off until the eleventh grade. Meanwhile, his mother had known nothing, and he'd grown stronger and stronger as a fighter, relying not only on his powers but on his wits. The monsters had started off small, but quickly grew in strength and numbers, and by the eleventh grade they'd become too much for him to handle. However, he wasn't ready to give in just yet. He was only required to take two classes, English and a final social studies class, and that's what he did. He was already ahead in math and science, so it was no big deal anyways. After second period, he would leave and go to a secluded area, somewhere like the beach or the warehouse district, and fight any monsters that came his way. Some days he got lucky and didn't have to fight, or only found a lone opponent, but most days it wasn't that easy. There were a lot of close calls, but somehow he made it through until graduation. Maybe it was just pure luck, but on graduation day not a single monster appeared. After that, however, he knew he couldn't endanger his mom, and he told finally told her everything he'd been through. She didn't want to believe it, but after he showed her the scars of the many battles he'd fought, she agreed he had to go. Before she did, however, she knew she needed to reveal a secret she had long kept hidden from him, because this very well could've been the only opportunity she had. She told him that, when she had been young and fallen in love with Zeus, she had still been beginning her career when she had gotten pregnant with him. However, she didn't think she could be a good mother and also focus on her job, and with Zeus having already left she knew she wouldn't be able to support a child. So she had used the day after pill to prevent herself from getting pregnant, but fortunately for Jayce his godly heritage protected him from the worst of the pill. Due to this however, his demigod aspects were damaged to some extent. The normal ADHD and dyslexia associated with demigods, which allow them to react quickly during fights and read Greek, will never be as present in Jayce, which would hinder him in close combat fights against faster opponents or other demigods, since his reaction speed wouldn't be as quick as theirs. On the bright side he is better able to concentrate, which explains how he made it through high school and has developed a love for reading which is uncommon even for Athena kids due to the dyslexia. Another side effect was that his demigod scent, which would begin to attract monsters towards him at a young age, was stifled by this as well. It was thanks to this that he was able to, as a child of one of the Big Three, get so far in life without having to go to Camp Half-Blood. As the years went on, however, his demigod scent (enhanced by puberty) began to attract monsters to him, and now his demigod scent would be at normal levels. Fortunately for him, his powers weren't affected, or else he would've stood no chance. At any rate, luck was definitely on his side, but that is a story for another day. Jayce was definitely shocked by his mother's secret, but he wasn't angry. She was crying and asking him to forgive her, and Jayce did without any hesitation. She had raised him with love even though she hadn't wanted him, and that's all he could've asked for. While he had no idea what was coming, she arranged for a flight to New York, and a few days later he arrived at Camp Half-Blood.
He was there for a year before he met Alyssa, who he slowly began to fall in love with. They began dating on February 29 after the Valentine's Dance, and they've been together for two years now. Jayce's only wish now is to be able to live a long life with Alyssa. As a demigod it won't be easy, but he won't give up hope.

Badass: Not only by his age but through his experience, this guy is a certified badass.
Batman Gambit: He's ordinarily a very straightforward guy, but can be devious and strategic when he wants to.
Beware the Nice Ones: He's a nice guy, but it's not wise to test his patience or get in his way.
Big Eater: What can I say, he's a big guy.
The Big Guy: Couldn't resist. He's probably one of the oldest at camp.
Decision Maker: He is pretty good at figuring out which scenario will turn out the best.
Disproportionate Retribution: If you hurt him, he'll hurt you back, but worse.
Genius Bruiser: He's pretty clever and while he has restraint, he's strong.
Gentle Giant: Jayce is a mountain of muscle who loves and protects the friends he towers over.
Good Is Not Soft: He's an immensely likable and fun guy who will smash your face in if you threaten him or his friends.
Hunk: He's both ruggedly handsome and muscular to boot.
Learned The Hard Way: He had to learn how to fight and survive by himself, all while going to high school. Tell me about it.
Lightning Can Do Anything: His powers all revolve around lightning, and he knows how to use it.
Shock and Awe: Having lightning powers, while draining, is definitely an impressive trump card.
Smarter Than He Looks: Even though he looks like he's just all muscles, he's actually really smart and a reader, interestingly enough. His Greek isn't very good though.
The Stoic: He's not the most emotional of guys, but he's still nice.
Team Dad: Because he's the oldest, it sort of comes naturally.
Warning Giver: He'll tell you when you've made a mistake, then come the consequences.
Zero to Hero: He wasn't very attractive before puberty. At all.

Parent (Can be Unclaimed or Mythical Creature): Zeus

Ability (Two special abilities that are related to your parent):
Electricity Manipulation (includes generation, redirection, and induction): Jayce can manipulate electricity in any way he chooses. Creating it himself takes quite a large amount of focus and power, whereas redirecting currently existing electricity is a much easier task. Finally, he can also absorb electricity, which allows him to gain an overall power boost from it, similar to how Poseidon kids who stand in water draw power from it.
Superstrength: Although not to the same extent as Hercules, Jayce’s strength is certainly something to behold. He can’t exactly tear apart a lion with his bare hands, but he has lifted a truck with them in a pinch.

Weapon (if any): A silver spear dubbed Thunder.

Intelligence: Along with his HS diploma, Jayce is naturally intelligent and a great leader like most Zeus kids.
Solid: Whether you just need someone to count on or to keep you safe, Jayce is pretty tough and can take a beating. He'll listen to your problems and be a shoulder to cry on if you need one.
Powers: Definitely a big part of his strengths, he uses his powers with lightning to fight. If he's around an electric object, he can drain it to power his own abilities, and he's had a lot of practice with it.
Social: He's really easy to talk to, charismatic and charming.

Claustrophobia: He can kinda handle elevators for a short time, but definitely not packed ones, and even then that's pushing it.
Unacrobatic: Jayce is about as limber as a log.
Overly mature: Can sometimes intimidate others because he's older than them, which makes it hard for him to relate to people that are younger than him.
Long Fuse, Bad Temper: If he gets made angry, which isn't common since he does have lots of restraint and self-control, he won't be calmed down easily. His fighting also worsens when he gets mad. Bothering Alyssa is probably the best way to anger him.

Would you like to be Counselor?: No

Other: He wears a silver earring in the shape of a lightning bolt in his left ear; it transforms into his spear when he passes an electric current through it.
Regina George:

Name: Regina George

Age (and Birthday): 20, November 14th

Camp Half-Blood App Thread Regina-George-regina-george-the-queen-bee-25222823-364-454

Biography: Regina's father is the owner of a small flower shop in Evanston, Illinois. He met Aphrodite on accident, accidentally rear-ending her; it was only his charming good looks and his apology with a bouquet of a dozen red roses that garnered his forgiveness, and also blossomed into a romance between them. While they dated, Regina's father's business only grew larger and larger, partly due to Aphrodite's help. Regina, however, only saw her mother as she grew up, and so to become like her and get her mother's recognition she decided from an early age to become fabulously famous. Once her mother left at the age of 7, she grew even worse and became much more of a brat. Her father, seeing how she was growing up, decided he had to do something to keep her from become addicted to the glitz and the glamour. Without any other real options, he sent her to Camp Half-Blood, knowing she would be safe there. However, this didn't change her personality one bit. She's still just as spoiled as ever, and she's going to make sure she's on top, even if she's stuck in a place like this. She's been at camp since she was fifteen, and her current desire is to make Camp Half-Blood a play in which she is the star.

Alpha Bitch: She's a leader, albeit not with a good moral compass.
Big Bad: You know it. She's top dog, at least in her own mind.
Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Although she doesn't bother with it for long she can seem nice enough at first if she wants to.
Blondes Are Evil: Blonde, gorgeous, and evil to the core.
The Chessmaster: She's devious, but only when it's something that will benefit her.
Jerkass: Pretty much how to describe her in one word.
Manipulative Bitch: She's extremely skilled at twisting people's words and actions to get what she wants, or even just a cheap laugh.
Meaningful Name: "Regina" means "queen".
Narcissist: Regina shows many traits of narcissism such as: seeing herself as superior to everyone at camp (when really, nobody likes her), treating others like crap to make it to the top (even going so far as to backstabbing the other Aphrodite kids), valuing her appearance a lot, and lacking empathy for others (except herself, of course).
Pink Means Feminine: especially on Wednesdays.
Rich Bitch: Have you seen her clothes? Yeah.
Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Regina's a specific example. She could rattle off several mostly-illegal weight loss drugs (most of which either were expensive before being banned or would be expensive to ship from countries where they're still legal). Yet, she doesn't know enough about health and nutrition to know whether or not butter is a carb.
Shrouded in Myth: Regina makes up rumors about herself to increase her own allure. Talk about conceited. Apparently she's even killed one of her crazy exes. Go figure.
Smug Snake: Regina is damn proud of every little manipulation that she pulls off.
Spoiled Brat: She comes from a wealthy family and she's gotten everything she's ever wanted to date. Spoiled rotten.
Twisting the Words: She's a master at this. You never know what she really means.

Parent (Can be Unclaimed or Mythical Creature): Aphrodite

Ability (Two special abilities that are related to your parent):
Charmspeak: Charmspeak is a type of hypnotism or persuasion in which it allows the speaker to convince someone else to do or get whatever they want. The strength of the command depends on the tone and the emotion of the charmspeaker's voice, as well as their skill with it. Eventually, charmspeak wears off and the person has no recollection of why they did what they were commanded to do.
Anthokinesis: She is able to create various types of flowers which have different effects based on their scents. However, she can only create one type at a time. Additionally, the amount she can create is limited to a small area near her, although she is able to create a single especially potent flower moderately far away from time to time.
Roses – Causes whoever smells it to have feelings of love.
Jasmine – Causes whoever smells it to feel calm and focused, increasing defense.
Frangipani – Causes whoever smells it to feel revitalized, increasing stamina.
Dracunculus vulgaris (Stink Lily) – Causes whoever smells it to feel nauseous and disoriented.
Cherry Blossom – Causes whoever smells it to gain increased attack power.
Bird of Paradise – Causes whoever smells it to fall into a trance, making them believe that they have been transported to a tropical paradise.
Poppy – Causes whoever smells it to feel drowsy, and eventually fall asleep if they continue to breathe it in.
Dahlia – Causes whoever smells it to be cured of pain and minor illness, and the pollen can be rubbed on them to heal small wounds. Only one can be created at a time.
Lotus – Causes whoever smells it to fall under Regina’s control, only lasts for about 5 minutes and it takes a while to bloom beforehand. Only one can be created at a time.
She uses both of these abilities in concert to weaken her opponents, so she can take them down at her level of strength.

Weapon (if any): None, although her nails have drawn on occasion

Attractive: Just as with the rest of the Aphrodite kids, she's hot. Like, drop-dead gorgeous, if that kind of thing is your type. She pretty much always wears make-up, but still, it's hard to find flaw in her beauty. At least, on the outside.
Manipulative: She's really good at getting others to do what she wants. One way or another.
Agile: She's actually really flexible and fast if she needs to be, although she never usually uses this since she's wearing heels or doesn't want to break a sweat.
Smart: In the devious sort of way, she's actually pretty clever.

Raging bitch: She has no real friends. Her personality allows for some people to want to follow her, but most people just dislike her. She knows how to handle herself socially, but she doesn't really have a confidant or anyone to talk to.
Lack of fighting skills: Like most Aphrodite kids, she's not a good fighter. She has a dagger, and she kinda knows how to use it, but put her up against more than one enemy and she has no shot in a physical fight. If you piss her off though, you're in for a fight.
Flying insects: Hates these. They're evil.
Insecure: Deep down, she doesn't think she's all that perfect. If you can find out what she doesn't like about herself, you can take her down.

Would you like to be Counselor?: Yes

Other: She's fluent in French, the language of love.
Xavier Del Mar:

Name: Xavier Del Mar

Age (and Birthday): 19, March 19th

Camp Half-Blood App Thread Xavier10

Biography: Xavier was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, he moved to Miami when he was 9 years old. Growing up in a middle class family, Xavier didn't have the easiest life growing up, but nothing was particularly bad. His mom worked to keep the family aloft, seeing as how his dad had left when he was born. Due to his mother having to take on a job, Xavier grew up to be pretty independent, but he always cherished the time he had with his mom. Over the years, school got harder and harder, but he gave it his all anyways; he just wanted to make his mom proud. Who would've known that things could change so fast.

During the beginning of 5th grade, Xavier's mom had to take on a second job as the cost of living in Florida went up. And so it went that he came home to an empty house, and whenever he saw his mom he saw how stressed and tired she was. It was inevitable that all of this pent up pressure would burst out eventually, and unfortunately it happened at school. Xavier got into a fight with another kid who called him a bastard, saying his dad didn't love him. However, he didn't stop there; he went on to say that his mom never wanted him either. That was too far. In the next moment Xavier had pushed to boy to the floor and began wrestling with him, and then the strangest thing happened. Out of nowhere, the fire alarm system turned on, dousing everyone. Everyone, that is, except Xavier. No one noticed, but he was completely dry when the students were sent home for the day. His mother, however, did notice, and she knew what had to be done. However, she put it off until summer, hoping everything would be alright. But of course, it wasn't. A month and a half later, a pack of very large pitbulls very nearly ate through the fence surrounding the playground, dogs which were all illegal in Florida. That's what everyone said they saw, at least. Xavier saw something much different.

After getting home, he told his mom what he'd seen, which made her fears all the more real. Although she didn't want to, she'd send Xavier to the place his father had told her about. A place called Camp Half-Blood.

From then, Xavier's been on a single quest in which he, along with a child of Athena and a child of Hermes, were made to retrieve a handful of flowers from a garden for Persephone. However, this wasn't any ordinary garden. It was the garden frequented by a particularly troublesome creature known as the Erymanthian Boar. It liked to graze in the area, and was extremely defensive of its territory. The best flowers grew in the center of the area, and to get past him the child of Hermes snuck in while Xavier and the Athena kid waited near to the boar. The wind changed, however, causing the boar to smell the Hermes boy. With no time to lose, Xavier and the girl pounced; with both of them working together, Xavier froze the boar with some water of a nearby stream while she distracted it to buy him time to freeze the water, giving them the chance to escape before the monster could break free.

Adorkable: He can be a dork sometimes, but it's pretty cute. He shows this when he jokes around.
Character Development: After everything that happened in his past, he's trying to start anew at camp.
Character Tic: He always bites his lip when he's trying to think.
The Ditz: He's a bit of an airhead. He can see if something's obviously wrong, but he'll have no clue what it is.
Experienced Protagonist: While he doesn't act like it, Xavier has a lot of experience as a demigod since he's been here for seven years now and has done as much with his time as possible.
Goal in Life: He just wants to fit in after all that's happened.
Heroes Prefer Tridents: His only weapon is a Celestial Bronze trident.
Heroic Vow: He never backs down when he has to defend someone in need.
Humble Hero: Doesn't take credit for anything good he does, but usually does for when he messes up.
Icy Blue Eyes: One of his most prominent features. His eyes are typically sharp and cool.
It's Not About Me: Xavier is pretty selfless; he usually thinks about others before himself.
Man Child: He can be immature sometimes. It's just how he is. On the other hand, he can also be extremely mature if the situation is serious, but he prefers not to always be so strung out.
Master of the Mixed Message: He's not very outright in how he feels. You have to figure it out yourself.
No Sympathy: For people who hurt those he loves, prepare to die.
Poor Communication Kills: Well, causes him a lot of problems. He's not very good at saying what's on his mind, but wants others to be open with him even if he doesn't say it.
Tranquil Fury: He can become extremely mad while fighting if it's against an opponent who has hurt his friends, but he does not lose his composure.
You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry: Angering Xavier is a bad idea because it leads to making him much more fierce and powerful in battle.
Parent (Can be Unclaimed or Mythical Creature): Poseidon

Ability (Two special abilities that are related to your parent): Hydrokinesis and Thermo-hydrokinesis

Weapon (if any): Celestial Bronze trident with a large aquamarine imbedded into the center of it called Tsunami.

Fighting: Whether it be with his trident or with his powers, Xavier is reliant on his skill as a fighter.
Strength: Not only physically, but emotionally and mentally; Xavier is a pretty solid, but there are some things that cannot be messed with.
Compassion: He truly cares about others, even though sometimes he doesn't know what's going on. He's always willing to lend a helping hand, and he can listen to anyone's problems.
Humble: Xavier gets along with everyone due to the fact that he never tries to put the spotlight on himself; he's much more comfortable supporting another person.

Gullible: Although he's not necessarily dumb, you can definitely pull the wool over his eyes without too much effort due to the fact that he's really just a nice guy and doesn't see the bad in others.
Indecisive: Xavier is a terrible decision maker on his own.
Clueless: While he isn't self-centered, Xavier doesn't really know what's wrong in a situation unless it's explained to him.
Overprotective: He may be prone to thinking he knows what's best for others, and can get jealous as well.

Would you like to be Counselor?: No

Other: Xavier is fluent in Spanish and English.

Name: Judal

Age (and Birthday): 18, November 20th

Camp Half-Blood App Thread 10363735._SY540_

Biography: Judal was born in a poor village in the Middle East. Right after he was born, his father, along with everyone else in his village, were killed by an organization called Al-Thamen. Judal was taken by the organization, and was taken advantage of before he was able to understand anything. He was taught magic there, and had been in this situation since infancy. However, once he became powerful enough, he wiped out the organization that had killed his village and his father. His mother's identity was revealed to him by the leader of Al-Thamen, a man who turned out to be related to him on his mother's side. However, it didn't matter - his "brother" was evil, but not strong enough to stop him. To get in contact with his only living family member, he left to Camp Half-Blood in order to one day meet his mother. However, once he got there he realized things don't just work like that, so he's been trying to become an ever better magician in hopes of impressing his mother. Having been here for three years, he's slowly getting better and better, and he'll do whatever it takes to meet his mom. However, he is still pretty cruel and sadistic after having grown up as he did.

Bare Your Midriff: Have you seen his clothes?
Braids of Action: His single long braid is really a major part of him.
Elemental Powers: Part of being a child of Hecate. Specializes in water and ice magic.
An Ice Person: The magic he's best with.
Shock and Awe: He's also very interested becoming adept at lightning magic, due to the fact that he likes to read a lot about various types of magics in the camp's library and it's the first one that has caught his eye.
Guyliner: Yeah, but it's pretty.
It's All About Me: He can be a bit selfish.
Jerkass: Only sometimes, but yeah.
Lack of Empathy: He doesn't care much for other people's problems. Just not in his nature.
Nietzsche Wannabe: He qualifies to a certain extent, but in the end, he probably just doesn't give a damn. He's deep, but lazy.
Rapunzel Hair: Hair game on point.
Rebellious Rebel: He doesn't take orders from anyone.
Red Eyes, Take Warning: He's a bit dangerous. Just enough to be interesting.
Smug Super: He's does think he's better than others sometimes.
Squishy Wizard: Beyond his magic offensive abilities, it doesn't take much to knock him out.
Trademark Favorite Food: He loves peaches.
Tykebomb: He was born into a normal family, but right after his birth, Al-Thamen kidnapped him to use him for their plans. However, he later took his revenge and is free to do what he wants.

Parent (Can be Unclaimed or Mythical Creature): Hecate

Ability (Two special abilities that are related to your parent): Elemental and Mist Manipulation

Weapon (if any): His magic wand, which is black with a red ruby at the top.

Magical ability: He's honestly a really great magician if nothing else.
Pretty boy: He's attractive, although not a hunk. He knows how to use this to his advantage, too.
Resourceful: He's really good at thinking on his feet, something which comes in handy often.
Clever: He's pretty smart; performing magic isn't as easy as you'd think it's actually quite complex. He also is a bookworm, which lends to his intelligence. He knows a lot of stuff. His wits are top notch.

Physically inept: In a hand to hand fight, he'll lose.
Short temper: He doesn't like to be messed with. He will blow up in your face.
Loud mouth: He tends to speak his mind, even when it doesn't help his situation.
Closed book: He's not really open with someone unless he gets to know them, which makes it hard to make friends.

Would you like to be Counselor?: Yes

Other: He's fluent in Arabic, and has pretty good English.
Diane Luna:

Name: Diane Luna

Age (and Birthday): 22 (Immortal), September 22nd

Camp Half-Blood App Thread Tumblr_o3rcladH8O1qlekogo1_500

Biography: Diane was born in Salem, Massachusetts, 21 years before the time of the Salem Witch Trials. For some reason, Diane was born with strange white hair; it was an indicator to everyone else around her that she was different. During the trials, both of her parents were condemned as witches. Diane didn't know what to do; she was all alone, with no one to look out for her. In her grief, she sought out the books that had gotten her parents both condemned. She hoped that if she read them, she could die with her parents, instead of having to suffer living helplessly and alone. However, once she did read them, she realized why her parents wouldn't pronounce themselves as witches and live with her. These books spoke about the moon, and of an ancient goddess who had existed long, long ago. With nothing else to live for, Diane ran out of the house and into the woods, a place which the Salemites abhorred. The forest was a place of the devil. For this, Diane could be proclaimed a witch, but she didn't care anymore. She ran out, deep into the forest, and up into the tallest tree and began to climb. When she finally reached the top, she could see the full moon in all its glory, shining down upon her face. In that instant, Artemis came to her and asked her to join the Hunt. For a minute, Diane was too shocked to answer. Could her parents' books be true; was that why they had not proclaimed themselves as witches? With no where left to go, Diane accepted the offer to join Artemis in the Hunt. To help take her mind off of her parents' demise, Artemis gave Diane her silver bow and arrows, as well as giving her an unusual mark on her forehead. Unused to receiving gifts, Diane thanked the divine woman, and off they went into the night.

Action Girl: A talented archer and warrior.
Archer Archetype: She's not the best archer of the Hunt, but she's still really good.
Animals Like Me: She has a connection with forest animals.
Cool Under Pressure: She's confident and calm, even while fighting.
Disproportionate Retribution: Especially if it's a guy.
Does Not Like Men: Pretty obvious.
Facial Markings: Her signature emblem on her forehead.
Femme Fatale: She's beautiful and deadly.
Improbable Aiming Skills: Just like the other Hunters, she received Artemis' Blessing.
Lunacy: To be explained
Mystical White Hair: It's one of the major aspects of her appearance and also affects her confidence by association.
Virgin Power: She must to be a maiden to be a Hunter of Artemis.

Parent (Can be Unclaimed or Mythical Creature): Hunter of Artemis (Unclaimed)

Ability (Two special abilities that are related to your parent): None yet

Weapon (if any): Silver bow and arrows.
Also, a crescent bladed weapon that Artemis gave her after 300 years of being by her side.
Camp Half-Blood App Thread Latest?cb=20130309023455

Fighting: Whether it be in archery or with her weapon, she's an amazing fighter and hunter. She's quick and strong, precise and poised.
Bond with animals: Due to being a huntress, but also to be explored further
Leadership: She's actually very good at leading others when she needs to.
Experienced: She knows how to take care of herself and has experience with a variety of things after living so long.

Stubborn: Extremely so, she doesn't like to compromise, which can makes things hard for her.
Emotionless: She's not very good at sharing how she feels, which makes it hard for others to understand her.
Fire: She's traumatized by it, due to the fact that her father and the woman who raised her were both burned at the stake.
Fury: Once she gets mad, there's nearly no stopping her. Which can lead to bad choices.

Would you like to be Counselor?: Nope

Other: Not yet
Dante Deparise:

Name: Dante Deparise

Age (and Birthday): 20, September 11

Appearance: Camp Half-Blood App Thread A6ab9f296dd47abbb70981d7e27ba7c4

Biography: Born and raised in New York City in the Bronx, Dante knew from an early age that life wasn't fair and that he had to harden his heart if he was going to survive. He was an orphan, his mother passing away during childbirth and his father nowhere to be seen. He was put into a foster home where he was unloved and uncared for, but no foster parents ever wanted him for long. He moved from house to house at an alarming rate, never sticking with a family more than a few months. Those around him usually became sickly and weak, and those that already were sometimes mysteriously died. Eventually, at the age of seven no foster parents would take care of him anymore, so while the system tried to figure out what to do with him he just disappeared one night. He wasn't a renegade long, however. Away from other children, monsters began to appear from the sewers and dark alleys, drawn to his strong scent. However, buildings crumbled and fire hydrants burst, and the monsters were no more. These freak accidents appeared on the news, and Dante was the one causing them, albeit unintentionally. Eventually, a saytr who had been in the foster system and heard about him found him and took him to Camp Half-Blood. Although Long Island wasn't that far away, monsters appeared from all sides. As they ran, Dante flooded the road behind them by rupturing sewer lines, caused storms to disintegrate flocks of Stymphalian birds, and caused earthquakes and huge fires to occur to disperse the tons and tons of monstrosities that had appeared. Upon reaching Half-Blood Hill, the strongest of the monsters were waiting for them, some which hadn't been seen in ages, and things were looking down. However, the campers came to the rescue, taking on as many monsters as they could, but there were many and they were strong. Not knowing what he was doing, Dante channeled all his hatred at the beasts who had followed him day and night and made his life a living hell, causing Half-Blood Hill to crack open and spew from magma from deep beneath the ground. The campers thankfully backed off, but as the lava disintegrated monsters as it made its way down the hill, it also drove them all towards Dante and the satyr who had brought him this far. Unable to protect himself, Dante just stood and watched, waiting for the demons or the lava to end his life. However, the satyr gave his life, playing his flute to enchant the grasses to hold down the monsters so that they would not be able to flee from the lava. The lava kept coming, and while Dante just stood there, unable to move out of fear, the satyr grabbed him and pulled him towards a nearby tree. He pushed Dante onto the first branch, but the lava caught up with them, and the satyr was lost. Dante, his instincts to live finally kicking in, climbed as high as he could, tears falling from his cheeks. Not from fear now, but sadness; he hadn't been able to save the one who had gotten him so far and risked so much. When at last the tree began to melt away and Dante felt that his life was forfeit, that the satyr had risked his life for nothing, some of the campers appeared at the top of the hill and caused the waters nearby to flood down the hill, cooling and solidifying the lava just in time. Dante was only seven at the time, but it was a day he would never forget. He spent the rest of his days at camp, not leaving often or at all if he could help it due to what occurs if he went beyond the walls of camp. He will try to avoid such a tragedy again if possible, so he worked alone to bring his powers under his control, and his last shaped him to become the man that he is now.

Personality: Dante is reserved and cold, although not intentionally unfriendly. His mind is calculating, not emotional, which makes him hard to relate to. He's very focused and goal-oriented, stubborn to the point that he will do whatever it takes to accomplish a goal once he sets his mind to it.

Parent (Can be Unclaimed or Mythical Creature): Moros

Ability (Two special abilities that are related to your parent):
Impending Doom - Dante has the power to curse those around him with bad luck, the force of which he does so depending on how long it has been since he last used his powers and how strong his anger or hatred is towards his opponent. After not using his powers for about a two week period, he can cause natural disasters and epidemics, but on a day-to-day basis if used multiple times in a row to converse power it is mostly just sprained ankles or other simple misfortunes. The twist to this is that the longer a fight goes on and the angrier he gets, the more dangerous his powers are.

Sense of Dread - He can easily unsettle his opponents with his presence, and unsettling an opponent will cause any attack they are using to end and stop them in their tracks for a few moments (max ten seconds) and then weaken them and any further attacks they make for a max of five minutes as well. The amount of time depends on how many opponents it's used on, with less opponents making it more effective, as well as how powerful his opponents are.

Weapon (if any): Twin pistols which shoot Celestial Bronze bullets, and his fists are registered weapons

Control - Dante has great self-control to keep his powers in check, and his emotions along with them
Pent Up Rage - His anger actually makes him get stronger and more powerful, so drawn out fights are to his advantage
Confidence - He is very confident in himself in many ways, although not arrogant, which allows him to be independent and have great initiative
Presence - Dante has a tall, lean, attractive muscular build and an impressive aura which makes him stick out immediately. This seems to attract more monsters, unfortunately, but helps him intimidate enemies

Man of Few Words - He isn't exactly the most talkative and sharing person due to bottling up his emotions
Lone Wolf - He often ends up alone because of many things, but mostly because of his powers and what they entail and the fact that he keeps to himself. Usually it requires someone else to try to interact with him for him to actually interact with anyone at all
Friendly Fire - His powers when used on a larger scale can end up affecting allies and enemies alike
Monster Magnet - For some reason he seems to attract more monsters than even some of the children of the Big Three

Would you like to be Counselor?: Ye

Other: He smokes like a chimney

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*SCREAMS IN JOY* I'm gonna post any other forms on this one later maybe!

Alyssa Serrano:
NAME: Alyssa Taylor Serrano

NICKNAMES: Lissy, Lyssy, Lyssa, Lys(s), Lyssie, etc.

BIRTH INFO: 19 - May 2nd - Taurus


Thank you so much to Ace’s friend for the picture <3
Camp Half-Blood App Thread PW3DWaC
Camp Half-Blood App Thread UI53qCY

x 5’6”
x Straight, dirty blonde hair, lighter blue eyes, peach skin. Original hair was dark brown.

ESFJ - “The Caregiver” or “The Consul” - Extraverted Feeling with Introverted Sensing

Over the years, Alyssa has gained a reputation for being an outgoing and bubbly camper, seemingly free from the horrors of the real world. And while the outgoing nature partly true, and she can be classified as probably the most happy-go-lucky girl in camp, she also bears a lot of unattended and untreated issues. Her social skills are lacking still, and her brain doesn’t seem to handle things the same way as others might. For her age she’s pretty immature and not sure how to act.

She mainly suffers, more so now, from Borderline Personality Disorder. It didn't start developing until after she was 16 during a close moment between Jacob and her, and developed fully before she turned 19. Because she has BPD she has extreme highs and lows that can last for longer periods of time than most; her highs typically being the “over dramatic” and outgoing personality people know and love. Her lows are usually hidden away where she makes them worse and not dealing with them, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t stop the problem and tends to make it worse with her outbursts. Because she ends up hurting herself, she tries to find things to help her cope with the current issue of hers, not thinking of the long term problems. She usually tries to cope through Jayce, but he’s denied her each time for her own sake after taking notice of her issues. She has a low self esteem and holds onto guilt and shame for her actions and her choices. Her mood swings pretty often, sometimes over things you wouldn’t expect. And she still finds it difficult to understand the grey area between her “black and white” outlook towards people. She has an extreme fear of abandonment and has already shown to go to extreme lengths to prevent it from happening. Alyssa also has become somewhat clingy to her current partner. On top of it she has a sort of distorted sense of identity, not really being sure of herself in the first place. The BPD mainly is driven from her history and her environment, but the relationship with Jacob set off the spark. She’s in a sort of denial that she has a mental disorder, and has called out Jayce before over him trying to explain it to her. Speaking of which, her friendships have seemed to become strange because of it, especially with her outbursts and mood swings: each relationship varies. Not to mention, her sensitivity to things are high and she tends to take things more personal than they need to be.

PARENT: Apollo - God of Music, Sun, Healing, Poetry. . .

Major -
x Photokinesis - This is her main and overall power that she’s been using since she was eleven. While using this, she’s able to manipulate the light around her into tangible or intangible objects such as weapons, shields, light boards (her signature item), and other things. She’s also able to “generate” small ounces of light into spheres by using whatever limited source she can. Of course, this power works well in the daytime and is not as strong during the night.
x Minor Healing - Unlike the above, this is her side. She can heal minor cuts, bruises, burns, and scrapes. But nothing major. It also drains her significantly.
Minor -
x Can speak in accents that she come in contact with, may that be through listening indirectly or speaking directly to someone. She can also copy voices for short periods of time after speaking with them.
x Naturally, she’s an expert at bow and arrow. Yet, she doesn’t like using it unless she must.
x Alyssa can sing in just about any female range, but her strong points is first soprano.

Pre Camp-
The girl was born in an area very close to San Isabel National Forest, Colorado, to a single mother by the name of Taylor Serrano. From birth, the girl was kept secluded from the outside. Her mother, having lost her first child, was afraid to lose her next child even if Alyssa wasn’t what she expected her to be. By that, I mean Taylor wanted another blonde hair boy to replace the one she lost before Alyssa’s existence, but only got the blue eyes.

Because of her mother kept her away from other kids and kept her out of school, Alyssa had to turn to books in order to learn aside from the speaking portion, and her mother homeschooled her the best she could. Overtime, she actually grew to be a avid reader despite what those might believe. And, reading became her part time hobby starting at the age of four despite having trouble reading it. Social interaction was also at a low, and often times she would end up talking to her stuffed animals and later on in life the sun. Yes, you heard me, the sun. Because this was how she grew up she never really questioned her behavior and thought of it as normal.

Furthermore, Alyssa didn’t have much connection with her mother. The two of them didn’t get along that well and often times her mother would get mad at her because she wasn’t what she wanted. But, overtime it grew more into being pissed off that Alyssa wanted to be able to go to school and meet other people, along with leave the house for long periods of time. She also became curious about her missing father, who, when brought up, sent her mom into an everlasting rant about the “asshole who ruined her life”.

Even though she was secluded, Alyssa was allowed to go outside. But due to the picket fence around her house she couldn’t exactly go anywhere that far from her house. And, even though Alyssa was brave enough to adventure out, she was always afraid of what her mother would do.

Life was boring for the girl until her tenth birthday. It was like any normal time, and one of the rare occasions where her mother treated her nicely. However, even though it was what seemed to be a nice day, Alyssa was losing her cool. She was tired of having to live how she was, and she wanted to go off on her own. And, to do so, she left beyond the fence gate when her mother called her in.

After that, things changed. She had been running for a long time now, and her feet were sore and legs burned. Her skin had been scratched by twigs and bushes, and sounds all around here caused her to be frightened. One sound in particular seemed to be her threat, and, it turned out she was right. Behind her a giant Python like creature had been stalking it’s prey. The prey being the helpless child.

Finally, once she was no longer able to run, Alyssa believed it was the end. She curled up in a ball against the mountain side and waited for the monster to strike her down. But, instead, she was saved.

Her mother being the one to do so.

Upon saving her, Taylor’s life was taken instead. And she watched as her mother “vanished into specks of gold”. After that the girl got dizzy, but swears she remembers a blonde man around in his twenties talking to her and telling her it was alright now. Alyssa also remembers a really warm light, like, seriously warm. And then it just sort of blends together until she’s standing alone at the entrance to “Camp Half-Blood”. In the back of her mind a voice seemed to be telling her to go find a horse man by the name of Chiron.

And so she did.

x Upon arrival, Alyssa was placed into the Apollo cabin at the mere age of ten. It took her a few months, but she finally came around to realizing the reality of things and started trying to blend in with the social norms of life. Most of her years there were spent training day after day, making sure she was able to fight and defend herself from all the creatures that wanted to kill her.

x She made many friends, one of her best friends being Esmee Hope, a Poseidon girl who she found comfort in. The two are still very close and can be found together often.

x During her time in camp she also went on her first major quest at the age of 16. During this quest she was given a bow--one she barely uses--and had an accident involving strawberries that changed her hair from dark brown to dirty blonde. Other than the hair incident the quest went fine, she returned home in one piece.

x Sometime at the age of 16, she fell for one of her best friends half-brother, Jacob. They two were close for the period of time, but it didn’t last too long before he left, telling her that he would probably be going off to his death and to move on. She spent a while looking for him, ignoring her own safety, before she gave up and returned home without any luck. She assumes he’s dead.

x She’s now been dating Jayce for roughly two years, their anniversary is February 29th, and they typically stay up until midnight on February 28th to celebrate.

Alyssa has been training in camp for many years, proving to be very proficient in her weaponry and abilities. She also tends to stay dedicated to things, whether or not it’s the healthy kind she will still devote herself to something. She also is very good at cheering people up when she’s in a good mood, being able to protect those around her also due to her very protective nature.

With her more recent development of BPD, she’s struggling to understand herself and keep her relationships stable. So, out of anything, it’s her biggest struggle at the moment. She also takes things much more personally, leaving her with more low self-esteem. Her social skills are wonky, and even still she has trouble with really being connected. She has an intense fear of abandonment, even before being diagnosed, and tends to do worse when she’s alone.

x Prophemi - A sword made of pure, solid light. It’s her main weapon and over the years it’s been easier to summon. Because it’s light she’s been able to manifest spikes from it and change its form depending on the situation.
x Sunny - Her bow given to her by her father during her quest at the age of sixteen. It has what seems to be a mind of it’s own and only appears when it wants to: which is usually never.


x Her fears include Strawberries, snakes, small spaces, and being abandoned.
x Alyssa's hair was actually dark brown before she ate a magical strawberry on her first quest and it became blonde forever.
>> Hair dye, magical hair dye, trimming, or anything that will mess with her hair does not work on her hair. It will always turn back to it's normal length and blonde color.
x She hates her father and tries to stay away from his as much as possible.
x She has a Pegasus named Delphi.
x Lyssy has also been at camp since she was 10.
x She wants to become a professional singer. But, she knows it won't happen with her situation as a Demigod.
x Alyssa has a magic-infused, black leather jacket that helps hide her scent while she’s outside the camp borders.
x She also has a build-a-bear bunny named Jade who wears a yellow sundress.
x Alyssa has two OST’s I like to consider her theme songs.
OST 2:

Tessa Royale:
Name: Tessa “Tess” Royale

Age & DOB: 17, July 14th

Camp Half-Blood App Thread B2vKPtZ
x Tessa stands at roughly 5’4”

Biography: Tessa Royale was adopted by the Royale family as a baby, learning fairly early about it. She was their only child because of their inability to have kids, and they treasured her dearly as if she was their blood daughter. Because Tess never remembered or even knew her birth parents, and from further investigation found that they were both in prison for drugs and crimes, she decided not to pursue in reconnecting with them. Instead, she turned to forgetting they even existed and pretended she really was born to the Royale family.

Their family wasn’t perfect, just like any other family, but she didn’t have that much to complain about. Her life was full of various friends, and she participated in various sports such as swimming, soccer, and volleyball outside and inside of school. Tess also did community service all through middle school and into high school, all while keeping up a GPA of roughly 3.5.

Tess also had been able to see through the Mist since she was a child. When she told her parents they assumed she was making it up until it got serious, which led her to have therapy. It never helped, and one day she lied and convinced them she no longer saw the things she mentioned. At the age of 13, however,  she ran into a Demigod and Satyr (who mistook her for another Demigod), they brought her to CHB where she was found to be a mortal, later that day taking the oath to become the Oracle. She has been the Oracle for CHB ever since.

Personality: Tessa is an upbeat person who gets along with practically everyone. Being a mortal and such, she doesn’t understand a lot of the campers struggles and knows that, so she refrains from complaining as much as possible. Even outside of camp she doesn’t like to act like her life is horrible; she knows she’s got it better than a lot of people. She’s also extremely supportive and helpful, wanting to actually go into a major of Psychology later on in life, meaning she enjoys giving advice and working out problems. Whether or not she needs to budge in is another thing in itself.

Tess of course isn’t the most perfect person, she has her flaws too. Often times she lets people walk over her if she’s afraid talking back will cause drama. She also can’t fight and isn’t in any physical shape to protect herself. She also tends to be a little naive in certain topics, often missing a joke and acting like she understands when she really has no clue. Tess might also be found disconnecting herself from others occasionally. Usually when she does this it's best to leave her alone.

Parent: --

x As the current oracle of CHB she is able to host Delphi, allowing her to use the past, future, and make prophecies for demigods.
>> When she’s in the oracle state giving prophecies and such, she cannot remember anything of what she says. Which is why it’s usually smart to pay close attention to what she says. She also has little to no control over her body when in this state, and often times will fall back when she’s returning to normal.
x Unlike the average mortal, she can see through the mist very well.

Weapon: Tessa isn’t required to have a weapon mastered, but she occasionally gets help from the Ares kids to teach her how to use a dagger.

Tess is generally good at keeping people on her good side, leaving her with less people to worry about. She’s also good with dealing with drama and tension for the most part--typically being the one to end conflict. She’s also great at giving advice and providing assistance to ease any conflict the campers might have. Also, because she’s played many sports her body has a large amount of stamina built up, even though she might not really need to use it often.

She has trouble actually defending herself, that is, when it comes to fighting. Tess also sometimes can be a pushover and doesn’t like to start conflict, so will either try to change the subject or just let's them at her. Something she hasn’t admitted is that she feels disconnected from the demigods at camp because she’s not one of them. Because she’s a mortal and doesn’t have to worry about monster attacks or having trouble learning, she doesn’t fully understand what it’s like to be one of them or how to properly help them/approach them.

Would you like to be Counselor?: --

x mlep

Clyde Montesano:
Name: Clyde Montesano

Age: 18 - November 2nd - Scorpio

Camp Half-Blood App Thread D0ddHVxm
x 6’2”
x Italian American heritage
x Black hair / dark eyes

x Born in New York City
x Claimed by Eris at the age of 10.

His father's grandfather had been apart of the mafia that had been taken down by the government. And because his father had been raised in a more stricter setting he too was trained in a strict manner. Only, his father did so in a way that would be labeled as physical and mental abuse.

See, the thing was his father was an alcoholic living on whatever he could take. And constantly, the man was angry, usually leading for him to beat down Clyde. Because of all the abuse Clyde turned to staying out of the house at a younger age, and didn’t even attend school, he also got a pretty stone cold personality from it too. It was weird to think he was only just a child with the personality he donned.

At the age of 10 his mother had claimed him, visiting him after realizing he was low on money and lost in what to do. Eris, after speaking to the boy and explaining all she could (and mentioning camp half-blood), she gave him a few hundred dollars, one of her appleseeds, and was off on her way.

After living a few more years on the streets, he finally decided to go to camp at the age of 12. He was mostly there for the summer, and left during the other seasons especially as a teenager to return to the streets. Later on, he began dealing drugs--but never doing them--to make cash. He also took part in a lot of fights, later even doing illegal fighting matches to make money.

Throughout the whole thing he had visited his shithead of a father every now and then, telling him off and getting into more fights with him. Because he was no longer scared of his father, he was able to go against him, but the two never actually fist fought.

Once he hit 17 he began to stay at camp year around, the monsters being something he no longer wanted to deal with.

Calling the old man Out: He’s done it before and he’s not afraid to do it multiple times.
Death Glare: Prone to give them to those he doesn’t like.
Jerk with a Heart of Gold: The gold, however, isn’t so easy to come by.
Satisfied Street-Rat: He looks at his past as something to boast about rather than sob over.
Sir Swears-a-lot
Street Smart: Self explanatory.
The Stoic

Parent: Eris - Goddess of Discord

x Can induce emotions to those around him such as greed, envy, and hatred when he’s in a bad mood.

x Uses a celestial bronze sword.
x He is able to shoot handguns. But, they don’t allow those at camp for good reason. . .

x Street Smart
x Strong - Physically and mentally, he lets his mistakes and bad times build him rather than kill him.
x Independent - Doesn’t need to rely on others.
x Hand-to-hand combat - Can fight without his sword.

x Cannot work in teams
x His power - It often causes unneeded fights and outbreaks.
x Trust - Or, more like his lack of it.
x Cold - Yea, don't turn to him for support.

Would you like to be Counselor?: Uh, only if he’s the one cause he doesn’t really care tbh xD

x Speaks / reads Italian, American, and Greek.
x He has no idea what the Appleseed his mother gave him does, and she hasn’t told him.

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Camp Half-Blood App Thread Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood App Thread

Post by Kane Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:57 pm

Zhang Zetao:
Name: Zhang Zetao
Traditional: 張寧澤濤
Simplified: 张泽涛

Age: 18 (Chinese Age 19) August 13th

Appearance: Camp Half-Blood App Thread Original
✗ Zeatao stands at 5'10"

Biography: Zetao was born in Zhujiang New Town in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China to his father, Zhang Han, a highly talented and beloved model and Mandarin Language movie actor. Growing up in a rather southern swath of China, Zetao uses both Cantonese and Standard Mandarin as most southern people are comfortable in both. Whether walking through Zhujiang Park or sitting in any movie theater across the southern region, it is all too common to hear someone speak in one and someone respond in another. Growing up, Zetao always felt effectively isolated in an albeit beautiful prison. While he was surrounded by the most elite, worldly, and wealthy of China’s upper class, he found that they all seemed to look down on his father who made his money through what they regarded as too easy and common. This distaste extended into their offspring, leaving Zetao alone in the city with only his father to occasionally keep him company.

Given his father’s talents and abilities, he was also prone to pride, greed, and narcissism even in the early days of his career. Dangerous rumors had always seemed to accompany the star and, specifically, what happened to the men and women he worked with in his productions. Ranging from the smallest whispers of his ego and self-importance to the quietly swept aside tales of violence, these stories were never far from the public image of Zeato’s father. He had weathered scandal after scandal, emerging victorious when others would have failed. Ultimately, his method of acting and style had so enchanted Hecate that she had granted him a gift beyond their child in the form of a ring that granted an eternally youthful complexion that never seemed to age or show any sign of flaw.

As what so often happens to humans, this only drove his ego and pride to new heights beyond the realm of entertainment. He began to lust after objects of supposed magical power, pursuing artifacts across the world to match the power of the ring. Soon, he began to leave his son at home for long stretches of time to pursue bracelets that granted flight or talismans that gave immortality. Zetao had to grow up as the son of the man that everyone recognized from their movie screens but hadn’t seen anything of him in years. During one of his father’s trips to the farthest reaches of the country to become a member of a supposed fringe spiritual group that promised everything he had craved, Zetao was attacked and driven across the world by a band of Scythian Dracaena who had disguised themselves as red dragons during the Chinese New Year festivities. He's been at camp for close to five years now.

Personality: Zetao is exceedingly humble and caring towards everyone. He's made sure that his life didn't turn him into someone who lacked humility and respect. He is also extremely honest and cares deeply about others and others emotions. He always tries his hardest to not be misunderstood so he tries to be careful with his words. This is somewhat difficult as he often has trouble with American expressions and idioms. Zetao is also funny in a way that doesn't try to be constantly funny. He has his own charming and almost childish brand of humor. Additionally, he also tends to hide his feelings if they are at all going to hurt someone else. He can, however, be very forgetful. This happens often but it most often happens when he is the center of attention as he is somewhat shy but he tries his best to get past his shy nature.

Parent: Hecate


✗ Rune Magic: Zetao has the ability to perform magical feats and tasks through spells and incantations that he can draw in the air. This allows him to still perform magic even if he is unable to speak. Interestingly, he actually draws in Chinese characters to accomplish his goals.

✗ Arcane Magic: Zetao can attack using magic energy as well as feel and try to influence the magical energies of others. Additonally, he can make constructs with it such as shields and steps. The color of his magic is a steely silver.

Weapon: A set of dual celestial bronze butterfly swords

Strengths: He is extremely magically skilled as well as skilled in combat. His fighting style is one based on quick, acrobatic movements and swift attacks. He almost seems to be a different person when he is in a fight or training. Zetao is also exceedingly genuine and able to make most people feel very comfortable being around him.

Weaknesses: He is somewhat easily frazzled because he is so shy. Zetao hates having to show authority or make decisions that could hurt someone's feelings. He also is almost childishly naive and trusting of other people no matter their intentions.

Would you like to be Counselor: No thanks tbh

✗ His FC is Zhang Yixing

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Camp Half-Blood App Thread Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood App Thread

Post by Shaybaysasuke Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:13 pm

Serenity Erebus:
Name: Serenity Erebus

Age (and Birthday): 16 (December 4th)

Camp Half-Blood App Thread Screen12

Biography: Serenity had no idea where she came from until she found Camp Half Blood. One day she just woke up, like she had appeared out of thin air. All she had with her at the time was a knife and a scroll that read Vade ad Castra. Inveni me. "Go to the camp. Find me." The only reason Serenity knew what to do was through her dreams. Every night she dreamt of a man shrouded in shadows and a sleeping woman with new instructions on where to go. After finally reaching the camp she was claimed that very night to the god Morpheus. That night when she slept in his cabin her dream changed. Now she was standing in front of Morpheus alone and he explained what all the dreams meant. He told her she was born of a nightmare and her mother was in a deep sleep, hidden away from harm. One day Serenity would find her mother and her fate will be determined by the sleeping woman. If her mother wakes then Serenity will fade out of existence, remembered as nothing more than a dream. However if her mother remains asleep Serenity will live and her mother will never wake up from her sleep. Now Serenity finally enjoys a normal life at camp, always haunted by dreams of her mother and the nagging fear of their meeting.

Personality: Serenity is always tired. She has so many nightmares that she rarely ever sleeps. This also makes her very quiet since she is never awake enough to hold a full on conversation. However despite this she is always very kind and protective, willing to do anything to keep people safe. She has a very good sense of humor and has a very easy time making friends, as well.

Parent (Can be Unclaimed or Mythical Creature): Morpheus

Ability (Two special abilities that are related to your parent):
-Nightmare control- She is able to send nightmarish visions to people to scare and disarm them but they will not actually hurt the victim.
-Taking away nightmares- Serenity is like a vacuum for fear, able to take it away from her allies to help clear their minds. However she does take this fear for herself and feels the effect of it.

Weapon (if any): The knife from her father.

Strengths: Her kindness, she's very smart, she makes friends easily, she's quick, she excels at close hand combat.
Weaknesses: Ranged combat, her excessive tiredness, all of the fear wears on her although she tries to hide it, she can be very spacey.

Would you like to be Counselor?: Yes please!

Luna Eventide:
Name: Luna Eventide

Age (and Birthday): 14 (November 16th)

Camp Half-Blood App Thread Luna10

Biography: Luna was born from moonlight. Her mother, Artemis, wanted a daughter of her own but did not want to break her vow of maidenhood. When Luna was born she was cared for by servants of the gods for 10 years until she was old enough to fend for herself. She was brought down to Camp Half Blood in a flash of moonlight and her memory of Olympus had been wiped and replaced with memories of a normal home. It took a year for Luna to be claimed, the gods not wanting to try too early and spark memories of her mother in Olympus. Luna always held the potential of her mother in her hunting and archery and when she had refined her skills Artemis sent for her to become a huntress. Luna did not want to take the position her mother was offering. She had already made so many friends at camp and really didn't want to give up a chance to have a boyfriend. Artemis was angered and disappointed in her daughter and punished her, dropping her in a forest with the wild boar, wanting to show her the dangers of mortality and the weaknesses of non-huntresses. But Luna surprised her mother. Using her wits and her abilities with a bow she was able to kill the wild boar. Artemis was very impressed with her daughter and apologized, allowing Luna to do as she pleased even if she was still very disappointed in her decision.

Personality: Luna is very charismatic and loves talking to people. She is a total night owl and hates mornings with a passion. She will never leave a person in need and will do anything to help anyone, even if it would cost her her life.

Parent (Can be Unclaimed or Mythical Creature):

Ability (Two special abilities that are related to your parent):
-Marksmanship: She inherited almost perfect aim from her mother with a bow and arrow
-Lunar healing: This can only be used at night and it won't save anyone from fatal injuries.

Weapon (if any): A silver bow and arrows that transforms from a necklace when she pulls the chain from her neck.

Strengths: She is hella good with a bow and arrow, she's quick, she can be very stealthy, she feels stronger at night
Weaknesses: She isn't good at close-ranged combat, she doesn't know much of the outside world, she can freeze up if the situation is scary enough

Would you like to be Counselor?:
Nah fam her momma's mad at her

Other: Her relationship with her mother is still very shaky but it is almost mended.

Avner Baldrick:
Name: Avner Baldrick

Age (and Birthday): 18 (November 2nd)

Camp Half-Blood App Thread Avner10

Biography:Avner was not born into a good home. His mother was an awful person, before and after his birth. She drank and partied constantly before he was born (which most likely attracted his father) and even continued during and after. Avner was lucky to be born without debilitating birth defects from all the drugs and drinking his mother did while he was still in the womb. She was never there for Avner, forcing him to work early on in his life to pay for her lifestyle. He grew up hating his mother and whoever the hell his father was and left his home when he turned 15, tired of living with her. Many thought he would shy away from the things that haunted his mother but it was the exact opposite. Avner coped with drugs and alcohol on his own, paying with the money he had saved up over the years and on occasion even his body. He hated himself and the only thing that saved him was a satyr coming to bring him to camp. He received help and love that he never had before and he swore he would never go back to his old life ever again.

Personality: Avner is still a partier despite getting clean, he just has safer methods of having fun now. He is friendly and loud and brightens up any room he goes in. He loves people and now that he has felt love he likes to return it to everyone else. He sometimes has really bad days when the withdrawal from the drugs and alcohol is too much to bear, so on occasion he will lock himself away in the cabin until the shaking and moodiness go away again. He's also hella flirty

Parent (Can be Unclaimed or Mythical Creature): Dionysus

Ability (Two special abilities that are related to your parent):

-Shape shifting (not mastered yet): Can take the form of a cat, mouse, bird, fish, and
dog but no people or other animals since he hasn't practiced it much.
-Growing grape vines: It seems lame but he can control the movements of the grape
vines to latch onto others and it comes in handy on quests if you don't have food.

Weapon (if any): A sword with grapevines wrapped around the hilt.

Strengths: Swordplay, friendly, strong, sneaky (when needed), clear mind when not under the influence, smart but can't really show it due to lack of schooling.
Weaknesses: Loud (when not sneaking), Could easily slip back into old habits, During a withdrawal episode he loses his calm demeanor and clear mind.

Would you like to be Counselor?: He'd like to try!

Other: He's bi but even leans closer to pan, he just really likes people

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Camp Half-Blood App Thread Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood App Thread

Post by Fix-It Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:03 pm

Kathleen Lester:
Name: Kathleen Lester

Age (and Birthday): 13 (June 19th)

Camp Half-Blood App Thread Giphy

Biography: Kathleen was born in a small middle-class family (in Maine) with two children. Her life was pretty awesome until her step-father was killed in a home robbery by a tall guy who remains unknown. Kathleen had bonded a lot with her father and was pretty much her best friend, so it was natural she would react badly to his death. No one had expected her to hurt as much as she did, though. After spending many years trying to deal with the trauma and her own mind, she began fixating on one thing: the truth. She did as much research as she could, but drew only blanks. Kathleen still knew nothing. She felt helpless and felt like she couldn't control her own life. Her mother sent her off to CHB, guilty for leaving her own daughter in the dark for so long. The rest is history.

Personality: She's... well, y'know.

Parent: Hades

Ability: Mediumship and spirit summoning.

Weapon (if any): Prefers working with a knife. Carries three syringes with her if she can, but her supply seems to be running low lately...

Strengths: She's sneaky and cunning. Kathleen knows how to get what she wants and how to leave without a trace left behind. She's a tough opponent, to say the least.

Weaknesses: Kathleen is very dis-attached from reality and her emotions. She has horrible coping methods and honestly, has no idea what she's doing. She's just a kid. Besides that, though, she's physically weak and has poor social skills.

Would you like to be Counselor?: no

Other: She's been at camp for awhile.

Savannah Lammesfelder:

Name: Savannah Lammesfelder

Age (and Birthday): 20, December 30th

Camp Half-Blood App Thread Cg3WhTX
Camp Half-Blood App Thread ZqPtCmz Located on her hand.

Biography: Savannah was raised by her step-brother, Stephen, for a majority of her life. Her father was present, but did not care for either his children and only remained so he could die guilt-free. Their mother (who would later be revealed to be Nemesis), had left them all when Savannah was born.

Despite the circumstances, Savannah lived a decent life. She went to school, made friends, and won participation trophies. She was a pretty good kid, too. She obeyed her brother and her dad when they asked. She even got decent grades. But... it didn't take long for her to discover something was up. Before she could do anything to stop them, monsters killed both her brother and her father. She was hopeless and lost -- a wandering child. Not wanting to be stolen away by government employees, she buried their bodies in the backyard and dropped out of school to get a job (illegally, considering her age).

One day, when she was searching under the couch-cushions for any spare money, she found a notebook explaining who she was. It briefly mentioned Camp Half-Blood, and that was all she needed. Within a days time she had gotten out of that rotting home and high-tailed it for the Camp. Savannah was claimed unusually fast; she already knew who her mother was before she even arrived thanks to the notebook. Since then, she's been practicing her skills and has gone on several quests -- even on a solo quest.

Personality: Savannah is a friendly girl! Really! But, it's kind of hard to see that considering how shy she is. She has issues talking to other people and forming relationships and finds it even harder to talk about her feelings. She struggles with self-esteem issues, too, but she'd rather die than have anyone find out about those insecurities. Savannah is very trusting and dependent, despite it all. She's a great friend... just good luck reaching that level with her.

Parent: Nemesis

Ability: Savannah has a tattoo on her hand which utilizes the property of equivalent exchange and allows her to perform transmutation through alchemy, however, it can only be used in very specific circumstances: whatever she wishes to transmute must be found naturally in the Earth and it must be no larger than the size of her tattoo. Not to mention, equivalent exchange must always be upheld or she could seriously injure herself or possibly die. Just for reference, her tattoo is about the size of the back of her hand (give or take a few cm). Due to the nature of her alchemy, she theoretically could draw a larger transmutation circle with a stick in the dirt, but it would take a long time to get each measurement precisely correct let alone construct the necessary runes and pieces... and even then, it wouldn't be worth her time.

**For anyone concerned, think of it this way: She can change the shape of rocks and plants but can only even attempt to do so if the plants and rocks are smaller than the palm of her hand. This limits her greatly and if she messes up she is in serious trouble, both physically and even mentally.  

Weapon: Her hands and her wits.

Strengths: Considering her age, she is very naturally intelligent. Her education was nothing special -- she just knows what she's doing. Her ability is also strong when used in tandem with her smarts. She's been at camp a long time, and therefore, is trained in several forms of combat (but is strongest in hand-to-hand). She's a tough foe in close combat... but that's about it.

Weaknesses: She's shy and feels worthless most of the time. Savannah hates reaching out for help, though, so she is left to struggle with all of those issues by herself. She also has no real way of fighting at range, considering both her alchemy skills and her hand-to-hand skills are only used in close quarters. She also struggles when coordinating with others in combat.

Would you like to be Counselor?: if theres no one else

- Half German and a quarter Japanese
- Has been at camp since age 15
- Only has 9 fingers due to an accident using her ability
- FC is Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul
- Power is inspired by the alchemy used in the series Fullmetal Alchemist

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Camp Half-Blood App Thread Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood App Thread

Post by WritingBookworm Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:11 am

Name: Clarissa Montreal

Age (and Birthday): 17, born on June 30th


Camp Half-Blood App Thread Image15

Biography: Clarissa used to be an upbeat girl, all things considered. Despite having had a father who left her at a young age, she had a mother who was full of life, and, as a nurse, would work dilligently to preserve life. Her mom worked overtime, but she made sure Clarissa received nothing but the best education in a private school in London. As a student, she was often hyperactive and inattentive, but at the end of the day, she was still sweet, and she did want to make her mom proud, so her grades weren't shabby despite her behavior.

But then one day, when she was twelve, her mom inexplicably appeared and said they were moving to New York, without any explanation. Confused, Clarissa tried to ask questions as they left Britain to fly to the United States, but all the answers she got were vague and unconvincing. Her mother drove them as fast as possible through a forest, and Clarissa was in shock when a monster attacked in their car. Her mother told Clarissa to run, and in her fright, she did -- straight toward a camp.

After arriving in camp, she learned her mom had been killed in the attack, and she discovered that her parentage was, on her father's side, divine. A week into camp, and a pair of black wings hovered above her head -- Thanatos's claiming of her.

Ever since, she's tried to hone her abilities, never going outside of camp, just trying to keep her head down. The once bubbly, enthusiastic girl mellowed out, and even years later, she's never opened up. She's stayed within camp for years -- and she intends to stay there.

Personality: Quiet, can seem initially creepy due to the eerily pale skin and her parentage. Really nice, though. She seems chill, but in truth she's always tense or worried about something.

Parent: Thanatos

Ability: Clarissa can turn invisible at will.

Weapon: A celestial bronze scythe, in the vein of her father.

Strengths: Intelligent, hardy muscle due to swinging that scythe around. Pretty good team player, despite being so quiet.

Weaknesses: Timid, tense. Her first appearance to someone can be unsettling. Overly passive. Won't mention anything about a problem with someone until she blows up.

Would you like to be Counselor?: Sure!

- IDK who the face claim is, but I've been dying to use it.
- Despite being born British, Clarissa's lost her accent.

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Camp Half-Blood App Thread Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood App Thread

Post by boyhoy Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:33 am

Matt Hall:
Name: Matt Hall

Age (and Birthday): 19 {July 12th}

Camp Half-Blood App Thread Chb10

Biography: Matt was born to Eric and Marie Hall in New Haven, Connecticut. His father was an astrophysicist turned professor at Yale and his mother was a doctor. Matt had a pretty average childhood, one would consider it rather dull even. He attended a private elementary school where he was immediately identified as above average intelligence. School came easy to him and he enjoyed going to learn. His home life was typical of a young child's in Connecticut with very little out of the ordinary.

However, everything changed when the fire nation attacked he turned 8. In the middle of one winter night, an empousa snuck into his home and attempted to kill him while he slept. He woke with a start, sword to his throat as this utter demon stood before him, snarling viciously in his face. Although Matt was young, he knew he was going to die here. To his surprise, his father appeared with a kitchen knife and managed to slay the demon, saving Matt's life. It was that night that his father told Matt the true story of his life. He told him that Marie wasn’t his biological mother, that the goddess Athena had given birth to Matt, making him a demigod. Eric told his child of Camp Half-Blood, a place Athena told him to send Matt if things got difficult or anything odd appeared, as it did that night. His father was informed by Athena that this would happen, though she expected it much later in his life, not near the age of 7. With fear in their hearts and safety on their minds, they packed up their car and began the journey to where Eric was informed the camp would be located.

About halfway there, everything took a turn for the worse. Matt and his father were attacked by a band of three raging cyclops who were apparently drawn there by Matt's demigod aura. His father shoved him from the car, screaming at him to get to safety. Just as his father got out, the car was crushed, leaving them without any transportation. In a fit of panic, Matt let out a yell, power bursting from his body and causing the cyclops to stagger and fall. Matt immediately dropped to his knees, breathing heavily and unable to move. His father ran to his side, scooping him up and running in the direction of camp. A couple hours passed and Matt had finally regained function and mobility. However, before even ten minutes had passed, a rogue cyclops ran up, swung his club, and completely obliterated his father. In complete fear, his instincts kicked in and Matt somehow escaped with the image of his father being brutally murdered by the cyclops fresh in his mind. A couple days later, Matt met up with a young boy, Jacob, who also happened to be fleeing to Camp Half-Blood. The two, using their own wit and Matt's sense of navigation somehow managed to survive the journey and made it successfully to camp. Matt was claimed upon setting foot into camp and has lived there ever since.

Personality: Matt is a very outgoing and social guy. He is very personable and enjoys interacting with others. Matt is very intelligent, though he doesn’t make it a point to show off his intelligence to other’s. Matt can often get lost in a book for hours without realizing it, enjoying peace and quiet every once in a while. He does his best to be accepting of all personalities and people, trying never to exclude someone or bully others. Matt is also a natural born leader, and takes the role whenever he thinks he will be the best suited for it. He will not shy away from a challenge nor the potential to lead others to victory. He is very protective of others and will always put someone else’s needs before his own, especially in a combat scenario. Matt is extremely determined and passionate; when he puts his mind to something, he will make sure it is accomplished no matter what. Although he appears confident, Matt often doubts himself, his abilities, and his decisions. The image of his father being murdered has never left his mind and deep down he blames himself for not being able to save him due to his inability to access his powers which is why he has practiced so with such dedication for a decade to hone them.

Parent: Athena

Ability: “Mastermind”- Matt has telekinetic abilities that he can manifest in an array of forms. Matt is able to levitate himself and other objects and move them at his will, though there is a limit to how much and how long he can keep them afloat. Matt can manifest his telekinetic energy in a physical form, using it as a forcefield to shield himself or use it as a beam form to attack opponents. He can also manipulate it as a pulse and use it to attack someone else’s mind, dealing damage directly to the brain.
Telepathy- Matt has the ability to communicate to others with this ability, speaking in their mind as opposed to verbally. With enough concentration, he could peer into someone's mind and read their thoughts, though this is not always accurate or feasible.

Weapon (if any): Matt generally uses his powers to attack and doesn’t usually use weapons, though he keeps two daggers at his waist in case of emergency.

Strengths: Matt is extremely skilled in his abilities, having known of them and practiced them for over a decade. Matt is very intelligent and exceptional at coming up with plans and strategies, thanks to his mother. Matt is a natural born leader and great at commanding forces.

Weaknesses: Matt’s power takes a lot of focus and energy, making him extremely drained if he uses it in excess for too long of a period. Matt’s powers are also derived from his mind so if he has any distractions or disturbances while using his powers, they can fail. Matt is indecisive and often over thinks decisions before finally settling on something.

Would you like to be Counselor?: Yes please

-His face claim is Hak from Yona of the Dawn.
-He has been at Camp for a total of 11 years.
-He has a snow white pegasus with a streak of gold in its mane named Angel.
-Matt has a decent relationship with Athena, speaking to her twice in his time at Camp. The two have a sense of respect and understanding about each other, though he would not describe them as close.
-He can speak English, Spanish, and French. He is also learning German and Korean for fun while he's at camp. Matt's stepmother was partially deaf so he picked up on some moderate ASL.
-Matt is a year rounder, not feeling safe to leave camp for long though he does go to visit once every other year for Christmas.
-Matt started a program at Camp to allow year rounders to complete school if they desire where he has achieved his high school diploma and a bachelor's degree in forensic science.

Rachel Audington:

Name: Rachel Audington

Age (and Birthday): 18 {May 23rd}

Camp Half-Blood App Thread Rachel10

Biography: Rachel grew up in an extremely well off family in Los Angeles, California. Her father was a famous actor, though he retired from acting and focused on directing when Rachel was around 5. His father had multiple girlfriends throughout Rachel’s childhood, but never a wife. Rachel’s childhood was typical for someone in her situation. She often attended movie premieres and celebrity parties with her father and his current girlfriend of the time. She lived a life of luxury and style, being extremely obsessed with fashion even at a young age with intentions of being a fashion designer when she graduated high school. She went to various private schools and was always extremely well-liked and admired for her beauty and grace. She would always be able to convince people, especially boys, to do what she wanted, so she was pretty content. Her father was barely around, but Rachel got used to it at an early age and just lived with the fact. When Rachel was 14, a freshman in high school, she had a strange dream with some woman telling her she needed to head to a camp. Rachel was extremely thrown off, wondering why the hell someone who lived as pampered a lifestyle as she would ever go to some dinky camp. However, the vision kept coming each night with the woman getting more naggy and annoying each night. Finally, after sheer annoyance, Rachel booked a flight to New York, gave her posh and luxurious life up, and found Camp Half-Blood, where she’s been for 3 years.

Personality: Rachel is extremely flirtatious, though many view her actions as over the top or slutty. She is very confident in herself and makes it known. She can be petty at times though she tries her best to be friendly to people, at least the first time she meets them. She can be very manipulative and her true motives are rarely known. She’s also very bubbly and giddy, always up for a good time and never turning down a chance at a party. If Rachel likes you, she’s very friendly and social; however, if she doesn’t like you, you’re basically dead to her.

Parent: Aphrodite

Ability: Charmspeak- Rachel has intense power in her words and can convince others to do as she wishes. Works better on those who are weak-willed and of the opposite sex.

Physical Appearance Alteration- Rachel can manipulate her appearance into those of other people. Rachel has had to have seen the person to change her appearance and if she has touched them, it’s more likely her manipulation will be successful. Rachel cannot shift her looks into anything other than human.

Weapon (if any): Rachel rarely fights with anything other than words, but she keeps a dagger attached to her thigh.

Strengths: Rachel’s beauty is her greatest strength. She often uses this to her advantage in anyway she possibly can. Rachel is also very manipulative and surprisingly intelligent, though it might be better to define this as cunning since she is more "street savvy" than book smart.

Weaknesses: Rachel is not at all a fighter. She would prefer to avoid combat by any means necessary. She’s not very fast and gets tired pretty easily. She’s not physically strong either (but her body is killer).

Would you like to be Counselor?: Nope

-She has a light pink pegasus named Rose.
-She loves kpop but doesn't usually admit it since people think it's weird.
-She has a fear of the dark which is why she has her bed in the cabin have access to moonlight, though again she never admits this.
-She leaves Camp almost every fall to go back to California.
-Rachel got through her years at high school by manipulating teachers into giving her A's though she knew almost nothing about what she was learning.

Zeke Edric:

Name: Zeke Edric

Age (and Birthday): 17 {November 23rd}

Appearance: Camp Half-Blood App Thread Zeke10

Biography: Zeke’s mom was a military general and a very good one at that. Him and his mom moved around very often and never settled in one place for long, being military and all. When Zeke was about 6, his mom married this retired military lieutenant who really hated Zeke. His stepdad would beat him pretty often, saying his behavior wasn’t “up to code” and needed to be fixed. When Zeke was 13, his mom died in battle and his stepdad kicked him out. He lived on the streets for about a year before stumbling into Camp Half-Blood when he was 14. He was claimed by Ares a week after.

Personality: Zeke fluctuates through two facets of his personality. While he doesn’t have multiple personality disorder, his personality changes abruptly and is often dependant on the situation he is in. One side of Zeke is very aggressive and antagonistic. This Zeke loves to pick fights and will beat down opponents with overwhelming joy and happiness. Aggressive Zeke can be viewed as a bully, throwing verbal jabs at whoever he sees without remorse. However, Zeke’s most common side is very childish and whimsical. This version of Zeke loves to act like a fool and takes nothing seriously. Zeke is also very. . . intellectually challenged.

Parent: Ares

Ability: "Bodily Weapon"- Zeke is able to transform any part of his body into armor or a weapon that he wishes. His entire body is able to take on the form of anything related to battle, though there are some limitations. Zeke can only transform into things slightly bigger than him. For example, he can combine his two arms together to make a large minigun but Zeke cannot turn into a tank.
“Berserk”: Zeke enters a state of intense rage in which a red aura surrounds his body and his eyes turn blood red. In this stage, Zeke loses what little control he had over his brain and acts purely on primal instinct. In this stage, his attack power, dexterity, and stamina all increase and he is unable to feel pain. While he can still take damage, he will not feel it. The duration of this state varies anywhere from three to ten minutes. Once Zeke exits this state, he almost always loses consciousness and will feel the pain that he acquired while in it.

Weapon (if any): His entire body.

Strengths: His attack power is off the charts and he has mastery over a vast range of weaponry. He is extremely strong and has intense stamina. Zeke is also very fast for his size. When in a militaristic or battle setting, Zeke is capable of following orders to the T.

Weaknesses: Zeke is flat out dumb and easily manipulated or fooled. Zeke is not very trustworthy of others and his sarcastic personality makes it difficult for others to work with him. He also can’t really function on his own and usually needs someone to tell him what to do, even though he’ll probably ignore (it unless in combat) because he’s dumb like that.

Would you like to be Counselor?:Only if literally nobody else will

-Zeke has one of those tribal tattoos on his shoulder because he thought it made him look like a badass.
-Zeke wears contacts and occasionally forgets he does.
-Zeke has a blood red pegasus named Gwen.

More to come but these are my favorites so they needed to be here.

Camp Half-Blood App Thread Weiss_schnee___rwby_by_kaisernazrin-d6ms59g
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Camp Half-Blood App Thread Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood App Thread

Post by Hero of Time Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:50 pm

Jacob Thane:
Name: Jacob Thane
Age: 20 | August 19
Jacob Thane:
Camp Half-Blood App Thread Latest?cb=20130718173627&path-prefix=de
*He has scars in the shape of an X across his back
*Jacob stands 6'1"
Biography: Jacob was raised as the youngest child of a single mother in northern Illinois. His mom, Elise, worked several jobs to keep her boys fed, though she was never satisfied. When his brother, Oliver, was old enough, he decided to leave behind his mother and step-brother for the army, where she wouldn't have to care for him anymore. This tore the Thane household in two, but Jacob was too young at the time to really understand the gravity of the situation. He still played with the other kids in the apartment complex, and he often found himself wandering out to Lake Michigan at any chance he got.

On his 8th birthday, he was once again drawn to the still waters of the lake. The moon cast a gentle light on what seemed like an ocean to the small boy. "Find me..." he heard in his mind. Startled, he looked around for a source but came up short. In the end, he decided to return to his home.

Upon his return, he heard sirens and found the front door caved in. In that one fleeting moment, he ran, terrified.

And just like that, he was alone in the world, wandering in both mind and body. Months passed, and though he was a child, he always managed to find what he needed to survive. Many offered to take him in, but he declined, somehow feeling drawn East.

It was there, near the coast, that he met Matt, a boy in a similar situation to his own. They became fast friends and decided to journey together. Eventually, they stumbled upon an archway that read "Camp Half-Blood." This was where his journey lie.

When they crossed the threshold, a symbol appeared over his friend's head. Later that night on the shore of the Lake, he was claimed by Poseidon. It was then that everything started to make sense to him. His mother, had been alone for his entire life, and yet she turned away anyone who tried to get too close to her. She had been protective of Jacob, and now he realized what she was defending him against. It was a cruel world, and he wept that night and many thereafter.

A couple years passed, and he was given a quest. Before this, he tended to stay on the outside of camp society, and he really only made a couple friends. Afterwards, though, he made a resolution to accept that this camp was his home and these campers his family. As it turns out, encountering a titan puts a lot into perspective.

In his mid-teens, he began dating someone who he'd had a crush on since the day she arrived at Camp Half-Blood: A daughter of Apollo. Alyssa. They were happy for a time, no matter if they were on quests together or just sitting on the dock at Camp Half-Blood in each others' arms.

One night near his 18th birthday, however, he dreamed of his Father. Poseidon stood before him a simple man in board shorts and a Hawaiian shirt and told him that he must leave Camp Half-Blood. A quest from his father, one that would cast aside years of friendships and experiences if it went poorly. For as much as he cared about Camp and the people within, he could not find it within himself to refuse. He left that night without a word, disappearing into the Lake.

Now, nearly three years later, he has returned to camp with a host of new experiences and scars.
Personality: Jacob has a kindness in his heart that he reserves for those he cares about most. He is intelligent, but he sometimes falls into the habit of defending his decision no matter what happens. In that sense, his stubbornness can be irritating to some, but he is usually relatively lighthearted and gentle.

Parent: Poseidon

Hydrokinesis: The ability to mold and shape water. After all these years, this is second nature to Jacob, and he moves as easily in water as he does on land.

Quake: Just before he left on his father's quest, he discovered that he could create small tremors. Over the past few years, he has trained in the ability to move earth.

Regeneration: While in water, Jacob can heal his own wounds. It isn't instantaneous, but he is able to seal wounds.

Hydroception: In water, Jacob can "see" even farther than on land.

Weapon: Surge and Quake, twin blades gifted to him by his father after his trusty trident was lost on his most recent quest. They appear as dark blue steel blades with celestial bronze edges. When he chooses, they become dark blue steel bands around his wrists. Due to their nature, he can control these using his hydrokinetic abilities.

Quick Thinker: He is able to come to decisions quickly and act on them, almost on impulse. This often aids him in battle, but his decisions aren't always the right ones.

Kind Heart: For all of his transgressions, Jacob means well, and he isn't afraid to sacrifice for those he cares about.

Seasoned Fighter: He has known of his godly heritage for 11 years, so he's had a lot of time to train (as well as a lot of real monsters to fight while on quests)

Impulsiveness: He's quick to judge and even quicker to decide what he believes is right. There are only a few people that he trusts enough to differ to (namely, Matt and Alyssa).

Hubris: His pride tends to get the best of him at times, and it's hard for him to admit he's in the wrong. He continually has to convince himself that what he's doing is right.

Counselor?: Yes


Nikolas Umber:

Name: Nikolas Umber
Age: 16 | March 30
Camp Half-Blood App Thread Large
*He has a small signet ring that he wears on his right ring finger.
*He stands 5'10"
Biography: Nikolas was born on a stormy night in Eastern Philly to a short, lean man and a beautiful woman with ebony hair. The doctors used to say they were going to have a rough time on their hands, for nothing they did could stop his crying. As he progressed into his childhood, his father was away on business often, and it was his mother who sat with him late into the night when his nightmares kept him from sleep. Nikolas used to weep in childlike confusion; he didn't know what he did to deserve the dreams he had.

When he was 11, his mother decided he was old enough to be alone more, so she took more shifts at the local diner to save up for a surprise trip. Nikolas found out - it was easy to find things when you could barely sleep - but he didn't say anything. He was so very thankful to his mother for always being there for him in spite of his father almost never showing up.

And yet when he did show up, Nikolas was never happier. The nightmares seemed to stop for the duration of his father's time at home, and family truly seemed like family. This did not last, and his father eventually had to leave for another business trip.

The night was stormy when his mother, cradling him as he sat sleeplessly on the floor told him it was time for their trip. She told him his father was moving them out East to Long Island, and Nikolas eagerly jumped at the opportunity. They packed their things and begin driving the next morning.

The trip was relatively easy until one car crash changed his life. There was a flash of light and the next thing Nikolas knew, his mother had been thrown from the windshield. He ran to the corpse, weeping and cursing any god that would listen until he heard a noise behind him. A growl.

He ran as fast as he could. Long Island.... Long Island...

As it so happens, he arrived at Camp Half-Blood on his 13th birthday, and he's been there ever since (except for a few unapproved outings). He was claimed by Deimos a few months later.

Personality: Deimos feels almost cursed by his power. Though he's learned to live with it to some degree, having everyone's fears dance through his head feels wrong. He innately knows so much about someone, and it's terrifying to him. For the most part, he tries to be nice, but he's always on edge when he's around people. He wants so badly to be included, yet he always manages to feel on the outs. He decided years ago to never use his powers against someone without reason.

Parent: Deimos

Terror: Though it drains him greatly, Nikolas can focus the power of his father within himself and alter his appearance to something that causes fear in those around. The appearance is different to everyone (think Mirror of Erised but for being scared), and he retains his own physicality while this illusion is in place.

Phoboception: Nikolas innately is aware of the greatest fears of those around him. His entire life, he has known what is most frightening to people.

Weapon: He has a small Stygian Iron knife that he keeps on a scabbard on his back.

Speed: Despite not being a child of Hermes, Nikolas is pretty quick. He usually dresses light and is very light on his feet in general.

Judgment: For good or ill, having such an intimate grasp on a person's feelings gives him the advantage of judging a person based off of both what they say and what they fear - who they innately are.

Weak: In mind and body, his strength comes from speed and cunning. His nightmares have degraded his mind to the point where his own fears tear him down on a daily basis. He finds himself wrought with emotion more often than not, and he lacks anything but a lithe musculature.

Counselor?: Not necessarily, but I will if nobody else wants to


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Camp Half-Blood App Thread Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood App Thread

Post by Ace Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:00 pm

Everyone except Savannah (due to pending changes) is accepted!!!
A few notes for specific characters:

-Alyssa will be allowed to keep Sunny and her special jacket as a one-time exception due to this being Salphirix's SS gift.

-Luna is accepted with the understanding that she isn't going to be accepted by the Hunters. The Lieutenant will decide whether or not you sleep on the floor.

-Avner's shapeshifting is fine as long as he actually has to work on getting any new forms and such, and they aren't OP.

-Kathleen is going to be restricted to reasonable amounts of syringes. Max 3 at a time. Syringes are pretty fragile so I imagine any more would break. Please also don't just take people's blood; giving people time to react reasonably is required, otherwise it's godmodding.

-Rachel will be bullied once people find out about her KPop trash. You have been warned.

-Jacob's weapons will be monitored for overuse, but I'm trusting you to keep it to a reasonable usage.

Thanks for joining, everyone!
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Camp Half-Blood App Thread Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood App Thread

Post by Ace Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:05 pm

Name: Damien Calore

Age (and Birthday): 19, February 29th

Appearance: Camp Half-Blood App Thread Lok__mako_reference_image_by_sxymegger-d8ptrqo

Biography:  Damien was born an orphan in New Jersey, his mother dying due to complications during childbirth. Not knowing his father, he was placed in an orphanage. However, at the age of seven he was attacked by a horde of women with the bodies of snakes, and would've died if not for a reflexive instinct to try and protect himself, which ended up setting the monsters, orphanage and all, ablaze. He ran, eventually coming across another, older demigod, who led him to Camp Half-Blood. He's been there for eleven years now, and has been on one quest.

The quest involved heading to Hawaii at 17, a trip he will never forget. They'd been instructed to deal with the telekhines who'd been setting up in the volcanoes and seemed to be planning something big. After arriving on the big island, they made their way to the volcano named Mauna Loa. Finding a way inside wasn't too hard, but once they were inside it was quite another matter to come up with a plan. Inside of the volcano was a vast assortment of weapons which would've made the armory at Camp look like a box of toothpicks. The telekhines were soon alerted to their presence, and with no time to lose they began to fight. However, it was the three of them against all of the forces of the telekhines, and sooner or later they would be worn out. Without no other resort, they climbed the pile of weapons at the center of the volcano and tried to keep themselves alive, although time was running out. When at last they reached the top and were completely surrounded, fighting for their lives but expecting to fail, Damien felt something strange, almost ancient stir within him. Unleashing this newfound power, a rumble in the earth occured, stopping everyone in their tracks, followed by a surging forth of the magma of the volcano. The telekhines were wiped out in moments; the demigods rode the pile of weapons, now scrap metal, to the rim of Mauna Loa, where Damien stopped the lava as best he could. No one on Oahu, save them, would ever know how close Hawaii had been to being the next Pompeii. However, Damien's victory didn't last long; that spectacular use of power drained him to the point where he passed out on the spot and nearly would've died had it not been for the others on his quest feeding him ambrosia and nectar. He was in a coma for two weeks, until he finally woke up in the infirmary at Camp. He tries not to use this power unless needed, and when he does it is usually in small doses.

Personality: Characterized by his stoic and brooding personality, Damien is generally aloof and indifferent, though he is not incapable of genuine kindness and a protective demeanor. He tends to act in a critical and controlling manner, stemming from the fact that he basically had to raise himself during his years in the orphanage. He always puts the interests of safety and survival ahead of other things, which can make him seem cold-hearted and cruel.

Parent (Can be Unclaimed or Mythical Creature): Hephaestus

Ability (Two special abilities that are related to your parent): Control over fire, control over lava/magma

Weapon (if any): A Celestial Bronze sword with a wick which allows it to act as a source of fire when lit. The wick must be replaced from time to time.

Powers: Definitely his strong point, Damien has a strong connection with his powers that makes him very proficient with them. He's had more practice with fire than his newer ability.
Confidence: He's always sure of himself and thinks he knows best. He is a good decision maker, having good discerning and observational skills.
Suave: He's cool under pressure and can handle most situations, whatever it may be.
Passionate: He doesn't give up easily, and won't go down without a fight.

Swordsmanship: He's honestly not much of a swordfighter, and he's taken to a bad habit of simply lighting his sword ablaze to have a constant source of fire.
Bad Teamwork: He's honestly better off alone, and if he has to work in a group then he will shoulder all of the responsibility himself.
Hydrophobia: He feels helpless in the water, and as such has never learned to swim.
Apathetic: While he cares about his friends, he doesn't have time to sit down and listen to someone else's problems. He doesn't really care for others, only doing what he can to keep them alive and safe.

Would you like to be Counselor?: Not really but if there are no other Heph kids

Other: Back by popular demand

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