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Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

2017 was a pretty busy year IRL for most of us - according to forum statistics, our busiest month was in June with 1671 total posts, meaning our post rate has been a little …

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Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Michael DeathFlame
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Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Empty Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Post by Hime Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:54 pm

Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] SO_LONG_AS_YOU_DON_T_STOP

This initial post will contain all basic information about the roleplay. Any extensive plots or ideas can be found on the wiki page.
Thank you for the opportunity to continue a legacy I have grown to love so dearly. These characters we have developed have found an eternal place in my heart and have refined my sense of imagination and wonder. This story has been here through my life’s ups and downs, and although a simple RPG may not seem significant to anybody else, it certainly is to us. My writing nor my creativity would be what it is today without Infinity’s Row, and Infinity’s Row would not be here without your dedication and contribution. Again, thank you.

Let the legacy continue.

- Hime

. . .

“What defines a hero? I’m sure you’ve all heard that question before. And I’m sure many of you think the same thing — it’s someone willing to sacrifice their lives for the wellbeing of the innocent. Someone ideally flawless, brave, selfless, powerful . . . All of these things, thrown into that mix. But in my mind, it was never like that.

A hero, to me, could be anyone.

They didn’t have to be strong. They didn’t have to be selfless, and they had room for flaw.

To me, a hero was anyone willing to fight for what they believed.

It saw no bounds between good and evil. Even the nastiest and most corrupted person on this earth could see themselves as in the right. I’ve always had an unbalanced perception of the world, and of myself: What heroism could an arrogant and cocky kid possibly possess? And this, friends, is where Runite’s Row came in.

At least . . .For me.

We were all completely different. Some of us were genius, some were more gifted socially. We had every kind of weapon imaginable. We came from different backgrounds — some were orphaned, some were privileged. Some were more pure-hearted than others.

Despite all of these differences, we still managed to function as one. And in my mind, we were all heroes.

We were all heroes.”


“The New Era of N’al Ren”

“The Society of N’al Ren”

“Darkness Strikes Back”



“The New Era of N’al Ren”

The year is 724 AW, over 20 years since the conclusion of the Second Great Clan War. N’al Ren, after recovering from the horrid damage left by the scourge of battle, has adopted many new elements to its regrowing society. This period of time is known to inhabitants as the “New Era,” a time of hope and prosperity during the peaceful post-war decades.

In 716, the acclaimed clan Runite’s Row became merely a memory. The citizens, as well as the members themselves, agreed that allowing the organization to fade away would diminish potential controversy and uprising. However, their bravery and sacrifices were far from forgotten, though still wrought with controversy.



The Embassy of N’al Ren is the new political approach in 724 AW. It was established in 716 AW, when Runite’s Row was eventually disbanded.

Ultimately, the embassy is simple. There is the High Branch (The Ministry) and the Low Branch (The Council): The High Branch is the more powerful and authoritative, and the Low Branch is primarily legislature.

There are a total of four ministry members, one from each geographical area of N’al Ren.

Ald Ruhn: The head minister, in charge of making sure everything is executed correctly and efficiently. He oversees the work of both the ministry and the council.
Swynborough: The member in charge of economic execution.
Bul Irsa: The member in charge of justice execution.
Fa’alwind: The member in charge of legislative (or laws) execution.

There are a total of six council members, two from each geographical area of N’al Ren.

The Council is the Low Branch of the embassy, consisting of twelve people; each council member elects two councils to the board. These Lower Branch members are more minor politicians who debate and propose potential laws to the High Branch. They are re-elected every 4 years on the first of Hanellat.

Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Screen_Shot_2016_12_21_at_10_24_06_PM


724 AW marks a new election year for The Council.



ARA – “Ald Ruhn Academy”
est 705 AW
Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Screen_Shot_2016_12_21_at_10_36_56_PM
N’al Renian intelligentsia established a meritorious educational system soon after Runite’s Row ceased to exist. It became known as Ald Ruhn Academy, located in the mountainous (Vernoun Downs) borders of the city. Academy age begins at 8 years old and ends at 18. Enrollment is optional and ultimately free.

Children enrolled into the academy must choose a field of study by age 10, after their basic education has finished.

Students who live far away have the option of living on campus in dorms.

Students in a particular field of study will reside in one lecture hall from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. Studies are primarily independent. Degrees are awarded upon graduation at age 18.

Grades are based on monthly exams.

ARK (Ald Ruhn Knights)
Culinary Arts
Engineering & Technology
N’al Renian History
Performing Arts

RANKS (adjusted each year based on grades)
The highest grade awardable in studies is a 2000.
Class S – prestigious students; make above 1500 consistently  
Class A – exceptional students; make above 1200 consistently
Class M – average students; make above 1000 consistently
Class F – below average students; make below 1000 consistently


Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Type_0_Alternate_Outfit

Above, the required school uniforms are pictured. (The gloves are NOT included, however.) Failure to show up to school in uniform will result in penalties.

- Airborne Express (a blimp that takes riders all around the city; round tickets are relatively inexpensive); this is the most popular mode because copious parking is not available at the academy

- Personal hoverboards or vehicles may be used by those who are permitted to park on school grounds



Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Hermio15
EPON KIIN — the eastern region of N’al Ren. The capital is Swynborough.
N’ODE — the western region of N’al Ren. The capital is Bul Irsa.
MAR GAAN — the center region of N’al Ren. Here, the capital of the entire nation, Ald Ruhn, is located.



“The Society of N’al Ren”


The conventional religious belief in the land of N’al Ren is the faith in 12 gods/goddesses. Each deity has a respective element to their identity and is believed to control this aspect upon the earth.

Ciel is the god of fortune and power. His animal representation is a stag. Ciel is presumed to be the chief god.

Draenei is the god of festivity. His animal representation is a monkey.

Tormos is the god of death. His animal representation is a raven.

Cleona is the goddess of royalty and wealth. Her animal representation is a peacock.

Magnus is the god of pride and arrogance. His animal representation is a lion.

Phaehastraa is the goddess of cleverness and trickery. Her animal representation is a fox.

Hanella is the goddess of the heavens and skies. She does not currently have an animal representation.

Rememora is the goddess of architecture and art. Her animal representation is an owl.

Eredeall is the goddess of spring.

Veredia is the goddess of summer.

Cemdniir is the god of fall.

Gaius is the god of winter.



The months of N'al Ren are named mostly after the gods, with the exception of Runos and Jundiel. They add up to 413 days, with an average of 34 days a month. The months (along with notable events) are as follows:

HANELLAT [35 days in length]

1st — New Year’s day

REMIEL [32 days in length]

EREDEAT [35 days in length]

PHAEAT [34 days in length]

DRAENAT [35 days in length]

VEREDIAT [34 days in length]

MAGNIEL [35 days in length]

RUNOS [35 days in length]

CEMDNAT [34 day in length]

JUNDIEL [35 days in length]

CLEONAT [34 days in length]

GAIAT [35 days in length]

19th — Gaiat Festival (also known as “Winter’s Festival”)

35th — New Year’s Eve Festival



Runite's Row was formed 700 years ago during the Clan Wars - a series of battles between clans vying for control of the Reactors - by Oulwind Runite, a powerful military general. At the time of the Clan Wars, the Row butted heads with two other groups - the Kryze Legion and the Mortal Godhood. Out of these three groups, Runite's Row was the victor, and established headquarters in Ald Ruhn.

Runite’s Row eventually disbanded in 716 AW, when the government decided there was no use for its existence anymore.



“Darkness Strikes Back”

Despite the decades of peace that followed in the wake of the Second Great Clan War, not all evil was put to rest. Subtle yet frightening events have occurred across the country, inciting a mild nationwide worry. However, nobody is quite sure the causes of these periodic violent incidents. . .



Row Membership?:
Unique Strengths:
Unique Weaknesses:

Weapon Type: (axe, sword, guns, scythe, etc.)
Weapon Information: (appearance, abilities, etc.)



Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Date1

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Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Empty Re: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Post by Adrian Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:18 pm

Here we goooo~

Delilah Fa'alwind, Host of the Wasp Jun:

"The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence."

- Denis Waitley

Name: Delilah Fa'alwind
Age: 22 (born Magniel 12, 701 AW)
Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Delila10
Personality: Though Delilah is outwardly sardonic and edgy, deep down she's in a turmoil. Between her mother's wishes and her own, she has no idea on what her personal philosophy should be. Therefore, she tends to be indifferent and open-minded, while continuing to be adamant in her core beliefs. She gets along okay with other people, but when it comes to her, don't overstay your welcome.
Biography: Delilah Hyacinthe Fa'alwind was born on Magniel 12, 701 AW - the same day her father died at war. For the rest of the war, she and her mother sought exile in Triese di Mare, waiting out the rest of the fighting. Afterwards, the single mother helped rebuild Fa'alwind with the help of the Fa'alwind Regime, which in 704 AW underwent major reform to become the Fa'alwind Guard, and the remnants of the Farenart clan. Despite growing up with one parent, Delilah developed a strong, independent personality that sometimes conflicted with her mother - but the two nonetheless had a special, unbreakable bond. During her time with Parivion University's online college, she became the host of Sfika, the Wasp Jun, which instantly became dormant for unknown reasons. At the time of IR2, Delilah has just finished her online college course, majoring in N'al Renian and Global History.
Family?: Lord Perseon Fa'alwind (father, deceased), Lady Ferrera Fa'alwind (mother)
Row Membership?: No - but she will become an essential ally.
Unique Strengths: Delilah is a bit of a badass - she doesn't give up easily, she can fight, she's intelligent, and she doesn't give a damn. Growing up without a father meant, to her, making sure she was the best image of Perseon.
Unique Weaknesses: The problem is, Delilah, as a result of conflict with her mother, hates being told what to do. Her constant desire for independence causes her to be extremely stubborn. Therefore, she isn't always the most reliable - also a reason she won't join the Row.

Weapon Type: Sword (Apocrita)
Weapon Information: She's holding it in the picture. It's laced with wasp kinin - a special substance that causes pain when it enters the bloodstream

Other?: Delilah has a personal artificial intelligence assistant (PAIA) named WADE (Waterproof Automated Destruction and everyday assistance Equipment). It exists in the form of a floating sphere and two antennae sticking out from the bottom. It's a product of Lendohar Industries™.

Jordan Ialis, Daughter of Silvien and Aven:

"I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing."

- Socrates

Name: Jordan Ialis
Age: 17 (born Verediat 2, 707 AW)
Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Jordan10
Personality: Jordan values wisdom over everything. She dislikes incompetency with a burning passion and strives to be as rational as possible. This makes her social life difficult - Jordan struggles to find other people with similar ideals, and instead opts to find groups via the Internet. Because of this dependency, her friendship making skills could use work.
Biography: Jordan Neva Ialis was born to Silvien Dalakanth and Aven Ialis, Runite's Row veterans who fought in the Second Great Clan War, in Swynborough on Verediat 2, 707 AW. Right from the start, she was destined for academic success - throughout schooling, she would instantly become a Class-S student, striving for a career in International Politics. However, her entire devotion to studies costs her dearly in social standing - she finds herself near friendless, instead holing herself up in her room surrounded by books. It would take a lot to get her out in the open...
Family?: Silvien Dalakanth (mother), Aven Ialis (father), Rafael Dalakanth (uncle)
Row Membership?: Yes
Unique Strengths: Intelligence. Aside from politics, Jordan has intensive knowledge of mathematics (thanks to her mother, who works at the academy), philosophy, and geography. If there's anything she doesn't know, she can usually find out fast.
Unique Weaknesses: She's pretty turned off by emotion. Jordan is very reserved and sees heightened emotional states as reckless and unnecessary, which tends to ostracize her sometimes.

Weapon Type: Pistol (Reciprocity)
Weapon Information: It's a simple-looking firearm that actually doubles as a deadly boomerang.

Other?: Nope!

Liam Farenart, Son of Aidec and Yuffie:

"Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion."

- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Name: Liam Farenart
Age: 17 (born Hanellat 24, 707 AW)
Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Rayne-10
Personality: Liam is fiery, but not in the short-tempered way. He has a spark in his heart that refuses to be extinguished, and always seeks to do good - even if that gets him in sticky situations.
Biography: Liam Century Farenart was born to Runite's Row veterans Aidec Farenart and Yuffie Abatan-Bliss in Ald Ruhn on Hanellat 24, 707 AW. As a child, he loved hearing the stories of the Row's adventures, striving to become among the esteemed members himself. Those dreams were shattered when he was 9 however, when the Row closed its doors for good in 716 AW. Despite this setback, he set his eyes on the Ald Ruhn Knights during his time at the Academy, hoping to one day revive the clan and bring glory back to Ald Ruhn.
Family?: Aidec Farenart (father), Yuffie Bliss (mother), Bianca Farenart (sister), Lyall Farenart (grandfather)
Row Membership?: Yes
Unique Strengths: Liam is a go-getter. He loves doing good, for the good of the people. He views all Row veterans, living and dead, as heroes, and is proud of his heritage - a heritage he one days hopes to live up to.
Unique Weaknesses: Liam is always afraid he isn't good enough. The reason he keeps wanting to do better in the world is because he feels he has big shoes to fill; shoes worn previously by his parents. This leads to terrible self-esteem when he doesn't always achieve what he hopes.

Weapon Type: Assault Rifle (Blitz)
Weapon Information: Incendiary bullets!

Other?: The Farenarts adopted ARNOLD (Automated Rendering Nexus Output and Learning Device), a personal artificial intelligence assistant (PAIA) from the Bul Irsa Library. It's a product of Lendohar Industries™.

Last edited by Adrian on Sun Mar 21, 2021 9:29 pm; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : When I put 780's instead of 680's.... -_-)

Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] A64726_6bab724690da4cbabd281635add02e0a~mv2
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Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Empty Re: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Post by Hime Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:45 pm

Posting my first form rn! I have three done, three more to make!!

Raiden Archambault, son of Resh Archambault:
Name: Raiden Teshem Archambault

Age: 17 [born Remiel 7th, 707 AW]

Appearance: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Raiden_Archambault
✧ Raiden’s height is 6’2.
✧ Raiden’s eyes are blue-green, a nearly balanced mix of his parents’.

Personality: [ISFJ] Raiden is almost a perfect combination of both of his parents. He has the bull-like resilience, stubbornness, and hot-headedness of his father, but retains a more caring, compassionate, and more resigned nature from his mother. Unlike Resh, Raiden is more logical and enjoys staying on the safe side of matters. He dislikes drawing attention to himself and is considerably easier to approach and get along with. Rather than being the go-getter, Raiden tends to stay off to the side and allow things to approach him first. Despite this, Raiden is not shy, just tends to keep to himself. Those who know him well acknowledge his innate charisma and charm, as well as his likable demeanor. Though he doesn’t possess the same commanding presence as Resh does, Raiden still retains excellent leadership qualities, possibly even more so than his short-tempered and arrogant father.  

Biography: Raiden’s grandfather was a journalist, and after the Row disbanded, that’s what his father became. Shortly after his parents got married, he came along, and his mother settled down for a more domestic role until Raiden was old enough to be enrolled into the ARA. Unlike his father, Raiden began to take a more practical career path into his own hands and began to pursue the business field of study at school. He wished to be a successful entrepreneur in adulthood, so he studied for years, anticipating a successful graduation when he at last turned 18. He had no intent to seek out adventure or thrill of any kind, dismissing his father’s previous interests as “childish” and “impractical.” Little did Raiden realize that fate didn’t quite see things his way…

Family?: Resh Archambault (father), Laylet Archambault (mother), (twin sister currently in the works)

Row Membership?: Yes

Unique Strengths: Professional, focused, charismatic/charming, compassionate, independent, practical.
Unique Weaknesses: Short-tempered, close-minded, closed off from others, hesitant, overly critical.

Weapon Type: (axe, sword, guns, scythe, etc.) Dual pistols
Weapon Information: (appearance, abilities, etc.) Raiden’s two pistols can shoot flaming bullets on command. Both are gunpowder grey, unlike the picture above.


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Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Empty Re: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Post by Shaybaysasuke Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:22 pm

Liatris Altir:
Name: Liatris Altir

Age: 16 [Jundiel 10th, 708 AW]

Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Liatri10
Liatris stands at 6’0

Personality: Liatris gained his calm and collected demeanor from Jacobe but still holds an adventurous spirit. As he grew up he became the voice of reason, always the one to call off unnecessary fights and keep his friends and sister from doing anything too drastic. He understands when it is time to let go of this peaceful attitude, however, and if he ever encourages a fight you know you’ve ticked him off, an extremely hard  thing to do. He tries to act like the cool guy and the jokester but he really does care for his friends and family with all of his heart.

Biography: Liatris and his sister were put up for adoption when he was 7 years old, being adopted by Jacobe and Jason one year later. Liatris doesn’t remember a lot about his real parents, only the fact that they weren’t good to him and his sister. (Iris remembers much more about their life than he does)  
The orphanage was even worse. Because he was always so docile the other kids would pick on him constantly, wanting to break his kindly spirit and get him to fight back. He hated it, and wanted to just lash out at them but he held back. He never really liked violence for no reason, although he could never really explain why he felt like this because of the memory loss, but he knew these kids were not worth fighting. This never stopped the nuns in charge from punishing him, however. He was branded as the “troubled kid” and was always blamed for picking the fights in the first place because more kids wanted to go against him. The nuns used harsh punishments (belts, paddles, endless chores) in order to straighten Liatris up but he never lost his caring and calm spirit.
The day Jacobe adopted his sister, Flora, and him was the happiest day of his life. He finally had a supportive family who understood who he was and never got angry with him. He finally had a home where he could be himself and that was all he ever needed.

Family?: Adopted parents- Jacobe Altir
Sisters- Iris and Flora
Biological parents- Nora and Hansen Decesare
Other- Uncle Dederick, Aunt Farron, cousin Circe

Row Membership?: Yep

Unique Strengths: Compassionate, reasonable, kind, peace-maker, healer, loyal

Unique Weaknesses: Passive, hates fighting, amnesia, short attention span, little memory loss

Weapon Type: Sword

Weapon Information: Oathbreaker. He received this longsword from Jacobe, which was passed down to him to continue the family tradition.

Other?: He gets a lot of random headaches from an attack by his biological father and this is why he can’t remember anything about their life there.

This is the two of them as kids:
Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Liatri11
Iris Altir:
Name: Iris Altir

Age: 14 [Phaeat 12th, 710 AW]

Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Liatri10
Iris stands at 5’8

Personality: Iris held some hotheadedness but still retained a kind nature from Jacobe. She’s fierce in a way that shows she loves you if that makes sense: like she always scolds her brother on not standing up for himself because she loves him so much and hates seeing him get hurt. She can get very angry if you mess with the ones she loves and unlike her brother she isn’t afraid to fight. She hated feeling weak when they were younger and is making up for it now that she has the ability to.

Biography: Iris and her brother Liatris were born to very abusive parents. They would always beat their children and lock them away, sometimes forgetting to feed them for days on end. Liatris always protected his little sister from their parents and took most of the beatings instead of her. Their father was an alcoholic, and their mother was addicted to drugs. When either of them was under the influence of these things they would fight, turning their anger on their children to “protect their marriage.” One day their parents took it too far. Their father came home one day, drunker than ever and he and their mother started to fight. Liatris saw how bad this fight was getting and pushed Iris into the closet, ordering her to stay put until he came back to get her. She was only five at the time, Liatris being only seven. Their father came into the room and started to scream at Liatris, ordering him to find Iris. Liatris refused, never leaving his spot in front of the closet and pushing his father away from him. Their father bellowed in rage and swung his half-empty bottle of whiskey onto his son’s head, breaking the glass and knocking his son out cold. Blood poured from a cut on Liatris’ head but Iris stayed in the closet until their parents drove off. Once they were gone Iris tried her best to carry her brother away from their house but they only reached the town not too far away from their home. Once there a doctor found them and healed Liatris, sending the two to the nearby orphanage.
This was no better. Iris was always so quiet but she hated seeing her brother be picked on. So she stepped up to help him like she couldn’t do before. She always blamed herself for what happened to Liatris, but never told him about where his memory loss came from. She would confront the bullies and they would almost always win and would continue to bully Liatris. She felt awful that she still couldn’t protect her brother but Liatris continued to assure her that it was fine and she didn’t need to pick needless fights.
The day Jacobe got them was a bright spot in her life. She never thought she could find loving family besides Liatris and her new fathers showered her with love and support and she was finally able to find out who she was and what she wanted to do. She was finally happy.

Family?: Adopted parents- Jacobe Altir
Brother- Liatris
Sister- Flora
Biological parents- Nora and Hansen Decesare
Other- Uncle Dederick, Aunt Farron, cousin Circe

Row Membership?: Yes

Unique Strengths: Kind, protective, strong willed,  passionate, supportive, good eye

Unique Weaknesses: hot-headed, quick to conclusions, speaks before thinking, acts without thinking

Weapon Type: Shotgun

Weapon Information: Since Liatris gained her father’s sword she was able to chose her own weapons. She hated melee weapons so she went with a long ranged one.

Other?: Theme:  
Circe Altir-Prose:
Name: Circe Altir-Prose [Verediat 30th, 711 AW]

Age: 13

Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Circe10
Circe stands at 5’6

Personality: Circe took after her parents perfectly, gaining both Dederick’s enthusiasm and Farron’s sassiness. She also took the determination and strength from both her parents. She’s hyper almost 24/7 and rarely shows anything but her happy side since she has not yet been presented with a terribly harsh circumstance. She understands fighting and death are a normal part of life after hearing stories from her parents but never lets the concept of morality consume her, always vowing to live in the moment and seize each day like it could be her last.

Biography: Circe grew up fairly normally, the only difference from completely normal being her parent’s profession. Even though the Row had disbanded Dederick and Farron still went off on missions to help people, sometimes bringing her uncles Jacobe and Jason along. When she was left home with a babysitter with her cousins, Liatris and Iris, the three would train with fake weapons for fun until their parents returned. When Circe was old enough she was given a real weapon and was allowed to accompany her parents on their missions. She picked up on actual combat fairly quickly and she loved the thrill of the missions and the warm feeling she received when she saved someone.  She loves the time she spends with her family but when she is asked to join the Row she will be more than ready to go off on her own adventure.

Family?: Mom- Farron
Dad- Dederick
Other- Uncle Jacobe, cousins Liatris, Iris, and Flora.

Row Membership: Yes!

Unique Strengths: Optimistic, quick, determined, makes friends easily, open, independent

Unique Weaknesses: Spacey, hyper, impulsive, naive, unprepared

Weapon type: Sword

Weapon Information: Justifier. Passed down by Dederick in order to continue the family tradition.

Other?: Her life is incredibly normal compared to my other chars XD
Psyche Arduino:
Name: Psyche Arduino

Age: 8 [Hanellat 13th, 717 AW]

Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Phsyce10
         Psyche stands around 3'7''

Normal: When Psyche has her mind to herself she enjoys being secluded. She doesn’t really know how to handle people and being alone makes her feel safe. She loves books and has a very active imagination that helps her see the world as a happier place to save her own sanity.
Controlled: When Psyche is under her mother’s spell she is pretty crazy. She craves the sensation she gets from a kill and will go to any length to end someone’s life just for the thrill. She is also loud and rude when under the spell, looking for fights and pushing people to fight her.

Biography: Psyche was born to a mother who believed she could rule the world. She was also born with a severe mental condition that would have left her helpless if not for her mother’s magic. When the first spell was cast she was partially healed, the magic filling in any missing pieces needed for her to function properly. As she grew she was forced into training, killing as early as 5 years old in order to fulfill her mother’s wishes. She isn’t happy, in any sense of the word, but she manages to keep a strong façade in order to please her mother because she still loves her mother with all her heart despite the things she has been made to do.

Family?: Her mother
She does not know her father

Row Membership?: Heckie no

Unique Strengths: She may be little but she’s strong, she’s agile, she appears innocent, people feel bad for her so she can make alliances somewhat easily

Unique Weaknesses: She’s sick all the time, her mental state is rocky, she is spacey when not controlled, she’s paranoid

Weapon Type: Needles

Weapon info: She uses small needles to hurt and kill her victims because she associates bad memories with them, mainly from the pain of multiple brain surgeries she underwent.

Other?: Since the spell healed her mind she was left with a severe case of schizophrenia that comes in the voice of her mother, both while she is being controlled and when she is not.
I also have one more form full of some fun villainy things but she will come later on Wink

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Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Empty Re: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Post by Neela Fri Dec 23, 2016 4:57 pm

I see you Laughing

_________________'s Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] IR_gif_1
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Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Empty Re: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Post by Kane Fri Dec 23, 2016 8:00 pm

Irene Amara Royale:
Name: Irene Amara Royale

Age: 18 [born Draenat 34th 706 AW]

Appearance: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] 3de439455ad5b2be27f518257e54e59d
Supplementary Pictures:
Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Tumblr_nvo34mj5sx1ug0v10o8_400

Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Tumblr_nvjt62m5Sb1qdcel5o2_250
✧ Irene’s height is 5'4.”

Personality: {ISFJ} In a stark contrast to her mother’s personality, ensuring that Irene’s accomplishments are beneficial to humanity are more important to her than simple attention. Similarly, Irene has a passion for improving the lives of others; as a child, her wealth ensured that she could obtain anything her heart desired. As she grew older, she realized that material objects could not give her happiness - instead, she looked to make others happy for moral satisfaction. When there are worthy causes, you can be sure that Irene will work her hardest to complete them. Irene also has a talent for connecting with others. Although she is not one to go out of her way to make friendships, when she does form bonds with others, they are nearly unbreakable. Irene will always put others before herself; if she is ever feeling negative emotions, she will likely keep them bottled up as opposed to imposing others with her issues. Despite this, she needs positive reinforcement to prevent a negative mindset; Irene seeks constant approval in all that she does and is incredibly ambitious, industrious, and shrewd in achieving her goals.

Biography: Irene was born at Arden Place to Grand Duchess Azula Royale and her lady consort Mae Casmar. At this point, Azula had pursued a more private life and had turned away from most of the row’s activities. She was now a mother and a reinstated member of high society, the former being the most important. Irene lived a charmed life in the safety and comfort of the Abbey, yet Azula still exposed her to the outside world. More to come. Honestly. Truly.

Family?: Grand Duchess Azula Genya Royale (Mother), Consort Mae Casmar (Mother), An unknown Council member from Triese de Mare (Father), Theodore Royale (Younger brother)

Row Membership?: Yes

Unique Strengths:

✧Irene is a practitioner of Soie Lisse (The art of the smooth silk in which the user is brutally skilled and fast. Perfect agility and impeccable balance are hallmarks of the gift. The user is also able to slightly predict the move of their opponent and come up with an appropriate counter. The talent tends to run in the first daughter of every fourth generation of the Kryze family ever since Zoya Kryze, the older sister of Commodus)

✧She is extremely compassionate and kind

✧Irene is hardworking, ambitious, and practical  

Unique Weaknesses:

✧Irene cares too much for her own good

✧She always puts others before herself and is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good.

✧Irene is also not the strongest of leaders, but she is the kindest.

✧Irene did not inherit her father's gift.

Weapon Type: (ax, sword, guns, scythe, etc.) War Fans
Weapon Information: (appearance, abilities, etc.) Arms are imbued with a magical energy that makes them incredibly durable, lightweight, deadly, and accurate.  

Theodore "Teddy" Cabot Royale:
Name: Theodore “Teddy” Cabot Royale

Age: 17 [born Pheat 24th 707 AW]

Appearance:Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Giphy
Supplementary Pictures:

Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Tenor

Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Giphy

Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Tumblr_n97utwaTss1svb0geo2_250
✧Teddy’s height is 5'8.”
✧His hair is the color of the first gif but the style of the second gif.

Personality: Deep inside, Theodore is a good person who desires human connections more than anything else. As a result of his environment, however, Theodore’s personality hardly reflects his personal ambitions. Despite naturally being very smart, his lack of motivation and laziness has caused him to take advantage of his real potential almost never. Similarly, his incredible wealth causes him sometimes to treat other people as mere objects instead of living, breathing human beings with souls. He also often feels the need to be overly theatrical and confident to offset his insecurities; no matter what, Theodore has always believed that he is chained to Irene’s shadow. Resultantly, Theodore is incredibly charming to those he meets - he knows humans like the back of his hand and can manipulate them to obtain his desires with incredible ease. He especially has an easy time with men, as he is incredibly flirtatious and charming - his good looks combined with charm, wit, and expert flirtation makes him quite the fixation and fancy for many. Teddy can always mold himself to be what people want, and his real personality is always shifting.

Biography: Similar to Irene, Theodore was born at Arden Place to Grand Duchess Azula Royale and her lady consort Mae Casmar. However, this is where most of the similarities between their lives end. Though they both eventually grew bored of the things money could buy, instead of pursuing moral satisfaction like Irene, Theodore found other methods to satiate his thirst for pleasure. When growing up, he constantly felt like he was never good enough; no matter what, he would always be trapped in his sister’s shadow. While she was consistently ranked in the S-Class of Ald Ruhn Academy, he would sometimes struggle to reach M-Class. Despite this, Theodore was never unintelligent - he is innately very smart - he just lacked the ambition and motivation that runs so intensely through his sister’s veins. Where Irene sees education as a step necessary to conquer before continuing to help others, Theodore has never seen much value in it. He was born into incredible wealth and a prestigious stance in society, therefore why would he pursue a career for mere pocket change?  These circumstances infected him with an ordinary case of teenage rebellion. He began to seek temporary satisfaction through partying, relations with members of the same sex, and even occasional experimentation with drugs. These habits further alienated him from his sister and mother. Deep inside, he still craves a healthy relationship with his family - he just doesn’t know how to forge that bond properly.

Family?: Grand Duchess Azula Genya Royale (Mother), Consort Mae Casmar (Mother), An unknown Council member from Triese de Mare (Father), Irene Royale (Older sister)

Row Membership?: Yes

Unique Strengths:

✧Teddy is incredibly persuasive and charming.

✧Along with his charm, Teddy also has almost zero moral values and doesn't seem to care for much of anything.

✧Teddy inherited his Council father's druid gift and was even sent to Triese de Mare to unlock the gift when he was only three years old. He is said to be quite powerful for one whose blood has been mixed with a non-native even outpacing some other council members.

Unique Weaknesses:

✧His inner conflict causes him sometimes to get caught up in himself and fail to function.

✧Teddy also is hugely excessive and often unnecessary in some things.

✧He also lacks valuable leadership skills, but they might be able to be unlocked with time.

Weapon Type: (ax, sword, guns, scythe, etc.) Throwing Knives
Weapon Information: (appearance, abilities, etc.) He has a small leather bracelet that gives him the ability to summon the knives as needed.  

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Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Empty Re: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Post by Hime Mon Dec 26, 2016 10:22 pm

Bianca Farenart:

Name: Bianca Marin Farenart

Age: 16 [born Cemdnat 17th, 708 AW]

Appearance: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Bianca_Farenart
✧ Bianca stands at a height of 5’2.
✧ She does not wear the earrings shown in the picture.

Personality: [ISFP] Bianca is very kindhearted, docile, and shy-natured. She’s constantly looking for opportunities to be helpful and charitable, no matter the situation. Though more emotionally adept than practical, she is still willing to ground herself in her studies and her passions towards dance. As opposed to being crippled by her shyness, she exudes this quality in a cutesy and polite manner. Many would expect Bianca to be dependent upon others, but she’s the exact opposite — she definitely adopted her father’s independence. Bianca, in a sense, is curious and imaginative to a nearly dangerous point, a trait that can often lead her into troublesome situations. She tends to be sensitive to conflict and criticism.

Biography: Bianca is the youngest child of Aidec and Yuffie, though only a year younger than her brother Liam. She was raised in a very balanced atmosphere - not too sheltered, not too exposed. When she was about seven years old, she ran into some trouble with another young boy who ended up stalking her for years before disappearing suddenly right after she turned fifteen. During that time, she allowed her fears and inhibitions to be mollified through poetry, but most importantly, dance. Currently, Bianca is pursuing performing arts (specifically dance) as her field of study at Academy and hopes to be admitted to the professional N’al Renian Dance Company.

Family?: Aidec Farenart (father), Yuffie Farenart (mother), Liam Farenart (older brother)

Row Membership?: Yes

Unique Strengths: Selfless, kindly nature, creative, independent, very passionate.
Unique Weaknesses: Overly-curious, can sometimes lose sense of reality, naive, gullible.

Weapon Type: (axe, sword, guns, scythe, etc.) Summoning ribbons
Weapon Information: (appearance, abilities, etc.) Bianca has access to multicolored ribbons that, when prompted, can summon a certain weapon or ability. She keeps these in pockets on a leather belt. It takes a few minutes for each ribbon to recharge, and the use of these weapons requires a great deal of energy.
> RED: Can summon long but short-lasting columns of fire
> BLUE: Can summon quick and powerful bursts of water
> YELLOW: Can summon toxic gases
> PURPLE: Can summon a temporary shield
> GREEN: Can summon magic that heals minor wounds
> PINK: Can summon an intoxicating mist that inebriates enemies for a short time
> SILVER: Can summon a short barrage of needles
> BLACK: Can summon a shadow that knocks the opponent out for a few minutes


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Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Empty Re: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Post by Michael DeathFlame Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:58 am

Yupik obviously isn't a new character, but considering that he'll still be playing a large role into the new RPG, I figured I'd do a quick update to show how Natasha's my gingery cinnamon roll has been doing.

Yupik Vride:
Name: Yupik Vride

Age: 39

Appearance: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Yupik_10

Personality: Considering that Yupik became the host of Chaos at the young age of six, it's safe to say that his status as the Chaos host has completely shaped his personality. Even before he inherited the Chaos Jun, Yupik wasn't the kind of person who sought out company. He's always been shy, usually preferring quiet time by himself or with the few people he's very close to. After acquiring the Chaos Jun, this became even more prevalent; the mental strain of constantly battling against his jun makes Yupik even more withdrawn and quiet. This mental fatigue, along with his time with Amanda, has caused Yupik to zone out, have panic attacks, and in rare cases, pass out.
One of the few positive impacts of possessing the Chaos Jun is Yupik's world view. Yupik grew up in a tribal mountain camp; to say that his camp and the other tribes in the mountain were brutal is a massive understatement. Before his father's death, Yupik perceived everyone outside of his family as cruel, scary, and mean. It wasn't until Yupik inherited the Chaos Jun that this view changed. Yupik sees his jun as the ultimate source of evil, a power so destructive and merciless that it lacks any goodness whatsoever. Even though Yupik is aware that people can commit terrible crimes, he believes that no one can be as purely evil as Chaos, and thus everyone, even the worst of people, have some goodness in them. Because of this, Yupik tries to see the best in everyone. This is most obvious in Caria's case; despite her betrayal and the Row's universal dislike of her, Yupik still sees her as a friend. Yupik refuses to give up on anyone, and because of this, he also refuses to kill anyone. The few times he did break this vow occurred when he's dipped a little too far into Chaos.
Yupik's role as the Chaos host has also moved him to help those around him. For most of his life, the world has seen Yupik as a monster, as a ticking time bomb just waiting to blow them up. Because of this, Yupik has done his best to help those around him, trying to prove that he's not the monster so many think he is. Yupik doesn't want to be remembered for the people he's killed or the damage he's done; more than anything, he wants to be remembered as a person who made other people's lives just a little bit brighter. This means that Yupik tends to seek out relationships in which he feels like he’s having a major positive influence on the other person’s life. These things have pushed Yupik to become a pacifist following the events of Unbroken, and is the major reason behind Yupik’s decision to become a nurse.
As a father, Yupik is definitely the more easy-going one next to Natasha. Considering his upbringing and the abuse that Natasha underwent as a child, Yupik did everything he could to be as supportive and loving to his children as possible (while being a tad overprotective). Although he did spend more time working with his oldest daughter (considering that she still had  a high chance of becoming the next Keeper), he also made a conscious effort to be there for all of his children; he did not want to make the same mistake that his father made.
As the events of Infinity’s Row 2 drew nearer and the strain of hosting Chaos increased, Yupik’s once untouchable optimistic spirit began to sink ever so slightly. Although he’s still altruistic, seeing the victims of violence and abuse in the hospital has kindled a small fire in him, a small anger at the people in the world who seem to solely exist for the purpose of hurting others. And as Chaos comes closer and closer to overpowering him, his faith in himself and his ability to fight Them off has slowly begun to dwindle.

Biography: After leaving the Row, , Yupik reached out to Caria, who had been imprisoned following the retaking of Lav’re. Although at first little came from their conversations, the more Yupik visited her, the more they began to open up to each other. After hearing about the physical and sexual abuse that Caria underwent as a bride of Antiveolus, Caria was released, with the intention of putting down the man who had used her for so long. Along with Yupik, Natasha, and a few others, the group managed to defeat and kill Antivoleus, although Caria tragically died in the process.  Following this final conflict, Yupik made a promise to himself to walk away from fighting, and that he did.
The next few years past by quickly and busily. Using the knowledge from his past lives, Yupik managed to work his way up to being a nurse, working in a nearby hospital. At the age of twenty, he and Natasha finally got married. Over the next nineteen years the two of them settled down and began their family, bringing two girls and one boy into the world. Despite the anxiety that comes along with becoming new parents, the two worked well together, and together they built a strong, supportive family.
However, as Yupik made his way into his late thirties, he began to struggle more and more with Chaos. After hosting the jun for over thirty years, the strain of maintaining this relationship has hit Yupik with a vengeance. Although he never lost full control during this time, Yupik has begun to space out at random, staring blankly at a wall as he internally wrestles with his jun. Despite the efforts of Natasha and his children to ease this strain, Yupik’s health has also seen a decline, as his appetite and sleep have both started to decrease.

Family?: Natasha Vride (wife), Ebony Grace Vride (daughter), Kendra Vride (daughter), Landon Vride (son), Sierra Vride (sister), Catrina Vride (mother), Mordecai Reaves (brother-in-law), Benjamin Vride (nephew), Alyssa Vride (niece), Andrew Vride (nephew).

Row Membership?: Ex-member

Unique Strengths:
-Personality. Yupik is generally very likable. Although he's lacking in formal social charisma, through his stuttering it's very obvious that he's a sincere person. He's made very few enemies throughout his life, which, considering his jun status, is pretty impressive. He's the kind of person who will always support the people he cares about, and will do his best to help anyone who needs it.
-Sword fighting. Although he hasn't practiced in a while now, Yupik was once a pretty skilled fighter. Although he was far from the most skilled in the Row, he could hold his own, and that's carried over into his adult life. Yupik may be a pacifist, but if someone threatens to hurt his children or his wife, he has no issue with defending them (even though Natasha definitely doesn’t need to be defended).
-Medical knowledge. Although he started really late, Yupik eventually took on a job as a nurse, a skill that can always come in handy.
-Open-minded. Yupik tries his best not to judge others, instead opting to keep as open of a mind as possible. He'll listen to anyone's opinion, no matter what he thinks about the idea or the person themselves.
-Loyalty. As shown during his time with Caria, Yupik will never turn his back on someone he sees as a friend. Despite his past conflicts with the Row, if the Row ever really needed him, Yupik would've gone back.
-Courage. Yupik was never the most courageous member of the Row, and he often yells at himself for being a coward. However, when push comes to shove, Yupik is willing to charge through a swarm of zombie soldiers to help his friends.

-Chaos Jun. At this point in his life, this really isn't a strength anymore, but I'll include it anyway. When tapping into Chaos, Yupik has the potential to become a force of nature; very few, if any, can defeat him in this state.  

Unique Weaknesses:
-Charisma. Yupik might be likable, but lord, he's not good at talking. Like, at all. Just ask Natasha. Even as an adult Yupik tends to stay to himself; very few people get close to Yupik, mostly because he doesn't talk all that much.
-Self-confidence. Something Yupik doesn't have.
-Speaking up for himself. Something Yupik never does.
-Criticism. Yupik sometimes takes criticism or other actions as a personal offense, although he'll never bring it up. Because of this, Yupik often carries frustrations under the surface, putting even more strain on his psyche.

-Loyalty. Yupik trusts most people way more than he should; although this sense of loyalty has helped him in the past, it's come to hurt him just as many times.
-Chaos Jun. Earlier in his life, the Chaos Jun was both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness... that has changed. After being a host for more than thirty years, Yupik's psyche is taken a massive toll. At this point in his life he's constantly fighting against Chaos, and unlike his earlier days, he can't tap into Them as reliably as he once could. He spends a lot of time staring into space, putting all of his effort into his continued existence. His own memories and the memories of past Keepers is also beginning to blur together, making things even more difficult for him.
-Hair color. He's a ginger.
Although I don’t want to specifically categorize this as weakness, it’s definitely something that should be mentioned. Yupik still suffers pretty heavily from post traumatic stress disorder following his torture and rape at the hands of Amanda. Although this affected him more directly following his abuse, Yupik still suffers from vivid flashbacks, and sometimes even full on panic attacks. The stimuli that trigger these attacks are usually pretty random, although being suddenly touched in sensitive areas, particularly by strangers, has often resulted in these episodes.

Weapon Type: (axe, sword, guns, scythe, etc.) Mortalsbane

Weapon Information: (appearance, abilities, etc.) You know it. He rarely uses them anymore, though.

-He's become pretty good at drawing.
-He and Natasha officially saved the world Wink
Primary Trait: Compassion
Secondary Traits: Persistence, Perpetuity, Joy
Tertiary Traits: Envy, Faith, Strength, Imagination, Restraint
Quaternary Traits: Obsession, Yare, Passion, Sorrow, Logic
Quinary Traits: Narcissism, Retribution, Hate, Cruelty, Greed, Psychopathy
64/36 (Aitra/Syntrai). 70% Positivity.

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Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Empty Re: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Post by Ace Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:45 pm

Name: Syndra Qyenn
Age: 18
Appearance: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Syndra.full.1958513
Personality: Syndra usually keeps to herself and is very quiet. She's very focused and isn't outgoing.
Biography: Born in the outskirts of Choranthus, Syndra belongs to a tribe of people that has wandered around from place to place but became rooted in Choranthus after the previous elder realized it was time to settle down so that the next generation could begin to spread out. Syndra is part of that generation, and has learned of the tribes chi techniques from an early age. At 14, although the training wouldn't be finished until the time she reached womanhood, which was considered to be the age of 20 for the tribe, she went off to ARA to pursue an education. However, she continues to train in her tribes chi practices, and hopes to be able to use the knowledge she gains at ARA to help the tribe grow well into the future.
Family?: Arrius Qyenn (father, 50), Vyriel Queen (mother, 46)
Row Membership?: She attends ARA.
Unique Strengths: Her family is renown for their usage of chi. It has always been passed down matrilineally, and now she is the next successor to use it. Use of chi allows her to exert energy past what normal humans limits are as well as access to different aspects of chi.
Unique Weaknesses: Due to the fact that she makes use of chi, if an enemy encounters her that knows of chi and how to block the flow of chi through the body, they can restrict the usage of her powers accordingly.

Weapon Type: Black orbs of a seemingly unknown substance. They are very dense and seem unbreakable, and can condense down into one ball of hand-held size or split apart into multiple orbs, with a max of 7 at once. It takes 3 seconds for the orbs to split each time. When used, however, they are about the size of a beach ball.
Weapon Information: Not much has been revealed yet about the orbs, but they are able to absorb the user's chi and can be controlled that way. They can float through the air and be moved around.

Other?: Lit Mama

Also, Isis (Rhion) will be coming back!!!
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Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Empty Re: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Post by Michael DeathFlame Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:58 pm

First new character!

Ebony Vride:
Name: Ebony Grace Vride

Age: 18

Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD] Ebony_10
-She stands at 5'5 and weighs 115 lbs.

Personality: Unlike her father, Ebony is generally fairly confident in everything she does. When faced by most tasks, she believes in her ability to handle situations, and when faced with more serious trouble she'll keep that outward sense of ease.  To say she has the oldest-sibling complex, or an A-type personality, is a bit of an overstatement. This drive to always be the best at what she does, along with her general confidence, comes from a lifetime of dealing with pressure on her shoulders (some of it coming from herself, some of it coming from other people). On top of being the oldest sibling and being the daughter of two very accomplished members of Runite's Row, she is also in line to become the next host of the Chaos jun. She wants to succeed at everything she does and prove to everyone else that she can handle anything the world gives her; thus, she's always dealing with some degree of anxiety.
Outside of this, Ebony is usually pretty outgoing and friendly; she's the kind of person who talks the loudest and laughs the hardest. Although she used to be pretty clumsy at handling the quieter moments, when someone needs to talk seriously or just a shoulder to cry on, Natasha's gentle firmness towards Yupik with his jun struggles began to rub off on Ebony. Ebony's not the kind of person to beat up on someone for making a mistake; instead, she leads by optimism, always believing that she and her friends can do anything, and being very vocal about that belief. She's not as stupidly optimistic as her father (very few are), but she does think that most people can get through whatever life puts in front of them.

Biography: Considering that Ebony's parents were two jun hosts, she had a pretty stable upbringing. Although she was at first dazzled by the idea of her parents being heroes as teenagers, as she became older she lost any intention of wanting to be in the Row or the Ald Ruhnian Knights. Although she forced herself to stay in physical shape, she went to the Academy with the intention of going into psychology. For a while she considered going into politics, but considering that she may become a jun host in the future (as well as the fact that many people in N'al Ren have a nasty prejudice towards jun hosts), she didn't want to work in the spotlight. She's always loved helping other people and working with children, though, which has really moved her in that direction. Outside of her family, she usually hangs out with Russo Oursler, who is looking to join the Ald Ruhn Knights. More background will come as the RPG continues.

Family?: Yupik Vride (father), Natasha Vride (mother), Kendra Vride (sister), Landon Vride (brother), Sierra Vride (aunt), Miranda Kanrinin ("aunt"), Benjamin Vride (cousin), Alyssa Vride (cousin).  

Row Membership?: Yes.

Unique Strengths:
-Confidence: Something that Ebony has a lot of.
-Work ethic: Something that comes hand-in-hand with being a type A personality.
-Outgoing: Unlike her socially awkward parents, Ebony is a very outgoing person, as she's attracted to being the center of attention. She gets along easily with other people, and doesn't mind being in a social setting at all.
-Compassionate: Ebony genuinely enjoys helping other people. It may not be the main driving factor of her personality, but Ebony will willingly go out of her way to help someone in need, especially someone close to her.
-Physical strength: Although she hasn't really engaged in too many fights, Ebony keeps herself in decent shape, and has been taught by Yupik most of her life in the art of dual sword fighting. She can definitely hold her own in a fight if need-be.

Unique Weaknesses:
-Arrogant: With confidence, arrogance always seems to follow. There are very few situations where Ebony will admit to herself that she realistically can't achieve her goal in mind, or that anyone else can be better at her in something she's skilled in. This also means she'll rarely back down from a belief she holds, even if that belief isn't as backed as another one.
-Reckless: Ebony's an intelligent girl, and she's far from being anything like her Aunt Sierra (thank the gods). But she still tends to act on impulse rather than logical thinking, especially during high-pressure situations. This doesn't necessarily mean she makes poor choices in these situations; it just opens the door more to the possibility of that.
-Anxiety: As stated before, Ebony puts a lot of pressure on herself. This means that she absolutely dreads failure in just about every facet of life, no matter how minor of a failure it may be.
-Combat experience: Ebony has never been in a fight to death; as a future member of the Row, that lack of experience won't help her at all.
-Potential host of Chaos: Sure, having enough power to blow up half the continent sounds like a pretty cool gig. But having an entity in your head that constantly tries to take control of your body is by no means a strength. Although Ebony has been trained by both Yupik and Miranda in the art of dealing with spirits, nothing will ever be able to properly prepare her to receive Chaos, if that does actually happen.

Weapon Type: (axe, sword, guns, scythe, etc.) Twin swords, named Cool Sword #1 and Cool Sword #2.
Weapon Information: (appearance, abilities, etc.) Very similar to Mortalsbane.

Primary Trait: Passion
Secondary Traits: Persistence, Obsession, Joy
Tertiary Traits: Compassion, Narcissism, Yare, Strength, Imagination
Quaternary Traits: Greed, Psychopathy, Faith, Logic, Envy
Quinary Traits: Retribution, Perpetuity, Hate, Cruelty, Sorrow, Restraint
58/42 (Aitrai/Syntrai). 40% Positivity

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