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End of Year News (December 2017)

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(It's been one year since I made a news thread, oops)

Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

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The RPG Relationship Meter - Page 2 Empty Re: The RPG Relationship Meter

Post by Michael DeathFlame Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:29 am


*Sigh* Well time to do all my characters, one by one xD I'm not going to do the color coded things, just because my computer is being screwy. More characters to come once my head cools down.

Finsa Lanta:
Monica Lanta (Close friend, Trust, Like family). Pretty self-explanatory. Monica was Finsa's only sister. Finsa loved her despite their differences.

Jezebel Zeidan (Friend, Trust, Like family). Finsa's been in the Redemption for less than a week (scary). She's not exactly close to anyone yet. She's probably the closest to Jezebel out of anyone and, for better or for worse, sees a lot of Monica in her. Finsa blames herself quite a bit for her sister's "death" and thus takes her "job" as Jezebel's mentor a tad extreme, which is why she gets the "like family" aspect.

Luke Zeidan (Friend, Trust, Very minor attraction). What? Luke's got a nice butt.

Skada Zuster (Curious, Neutral to negative view). Finsa finds Skada to be interesting, and she thinks that the other girl seems to be a fine person. The fact that she's Syntrai kind of goes against her quite a bit.

Aila Lovell (Respect, Negative, Head over heels in love). Finsa respects Aila as a fighter and for what she's done with the Redemption, but she's also still kind of pissed at her from their first encounter. Also, Aila's smoking hot.

Chase Spiterwetch (Hate, Fear).

Chase Spiterwetch:
Lauren Murr (Trust, Close friend, Person is like family, Head over heels in love). Yeah. Poor, poor Chase.

Caden Murr (Respect, Person is like family, Unsure/confused about, Minor attraction). If I ever write that damn Chase backstory, you'll understand why.

Monica Lanta (Trust, Close friend, Person is like family). Monica is literally the only person that Chase trusts at the moment. He also adopted her as his daughter, so yeah. He cares about her.

Therese Zeidan (Respect, Close friend, Unsure/confused about). Chase could never trust Therese completely, even though he wanted to. Chase was still scarred from Lauren's death, and trust did not come easy to him, especially considering Therese's young age and family; little kids aren't the best people to trust with secrets. Still, he cared for her deeply, and still does. He hasn't seen her since she was six, though, and he knows that she became a Cruelty Bearer. He hopes that she's still the person he befriended, but he has a terrible feeling that she isn't.

Lucian Zeidan (Hate, Fear).

Avon Dasilva II (Hate). When Chase was young, he idolized his biological father. The older he got, though, the more he loathed the man who brought him into the world. Avon left him with his mother in the prostitution center; for some time, Chase blamed solely Avon for his lot in life. Although he doesn't quite hate him with the same ferocity as he once did (he has too many people to hate now), he's still not too fond of his father.

Avon Dasilva III (Negative view, Unsure about, Respect?). Chase doesn't hate Avon III, as he wasn't responsible for anything, but he still has some old envy in him. He hasn't gotten a good sense for the Emperor yet; although he respects him out of necessity (the Emperor of an entire nation needs to be taken seriously), he really doesn't know what Avon is about.

Charitia Dasilva (Positive view, Unsure about). Chase doesn't know too much about his Bastard Buddy, but he thinks she's well-meaning.

Odessa Jarvis (Neutral view, Unsure about, Respect). Chase is still trying to figure Odessa out. He respects her composure and Hate, but he's not totally sure where her loyalties lie. He knows she's not totally with him, which is fine by him. He just wants to know if she's against him.

Ash Kuz (Neutral view, Respect?). Chase respects the fact that Ash is very good at hurting people. That's about it.

Jayce Guerre (Hate, Respect). Chase knows that eventually he'll need to cross paths with Jayce, so long as his plan actually works. Naturally this would mean he'd have a negative view of the Warlord. On top of that, he thinks Jayce is a massive dick (he'd be right). Still, he respects Jayce's position and power; he'd be a fool not to.

Adam Guerre (Neutral, Unsure about). Chase is still trying to figure out if Adam is everything he says he is.
Yarra Dixon (High Interest). Chase was amused by Yarra. He'd like to meet her again.

Monica Lanta:
Chase Spiterwetch (Trust, Close friend, Person is like family). After her family basically blew up (minus her asshole mother), Monica really attached to Chase. Sure, he's not the most affectionate person in the world, but she knows he cares about her, and she does too.

Sira Lanta (Hate). Monica does not appreciate people backstabbing her entire family. Especially when that person is her mother.

Finsa Lanta (Same as Finsa, Unsure about). Basically copy paste for Finsa. Add in the fact that she has mixed feelings about her sister being a Trait Bearer; she has no problem with the Trait itself, but there's a large part of her that blames her Trait for bringing trouble to their family.

Odessa Jarvis (Respect, Positive view, Unsure about). See wiki page.

Zeke Harrow (Trust, Close friend, Minor attraction). Zeke is definitely Monica's closest friend. Also, he's kind of cute.

Infinity's Row:
Yupik Vride:
Sierra Vride (Close friend, Trust, Person is his only family). This goes without saying. Sierra was all Yupik had for most of his life, and for eight years she was literally the only other human being he interacted with. This obviously resulted in arguments and disagreements, but above everything Yupik loves his sister.

Natasha Reaves (Trust, Close friend, Person is like family, Head over heels in love). Yeaaaah. Yupik's really into Natasha.

Gentry Yate (Trust, Close friend).

Ebony Marachelle (Trust, Close friend).

Elias Carstairs (Trust, Friend).

Miranda Canrinin (Trust, Friend).

Catrina Vride (Respect, Confused, Person is like family, Friend). Yupik has mixed feelings about his mother. They didn't exactly leave on the best of terms. Still, she's his mother, and he believes that she did everything with their best intentions in mind.

Amanda (Fear, Fear, FEAR). Some day, Yupik wil hate her too. He's still a little too raw to do anything but fear her.

Sierra Vride:
Yupik Vride (See above). Everything that went for Yupik goes for Sierra. Although she was first a little pissed at the fact that she had to basically dedicate her life to protecting her older brother, eventually she took the role in stride. She takes pride in being her brother's defender, and is fiercely protective of him.

Natasha Vride (Close friend, Trust, Minor attraction). Sierra hasn't forgotten the fact Natasha was there when they rescued Yupik. She appreciates her help and support, and low-key ships her with Yupik. Also, Natasha's cute, so.

Ebony Marachelle (Close friend, Trust, Minor attraction). Ebierra jokes aside, Sierra appreciates Ebony's attitude and spirit. She sees a lot of herself in Ebony. She's also pretty cute.

Gentry Yate (Close friend, Trust). Gentry may be a little upbeat, and her hair's a risky length for the profession they're in, but Sierra still trusts Gentry and enjoys her company. She's been willing to help Gentry find Elias while leaving Yupik to be defended by the Row, something that she wouldn't offer to most people.

Miranda Canrinin (Friend, Negative view, Minor attraction). She likes Miranda. Miranda just drives her fucking insane.

Amanda (Hate, hate, so much hate, also fear). Sierra hates Amanda. A lot. She also fears her, though, as she's afraid she'll hurt Yupik again.

Hunger Games:
Seth Everdeen:
Katniss Everdeen (Close Friend, Person is like family, Trust).

Rob and Lili Everdeen (Close friend, Person is like family, Trust).

Ashley Samantha Everdeen (Close friend, Person is like family, Trust).

Michael Everdeen (Close friend, Person is like family, Trust).

Nym Tonks (Close friend, Person is like family, Trust, Strong attraction, Confused).

Saphire Doeburg (Friend, Respect).

Cara Adams (Positive view, Respect).

Cassius Pickard/Victor Thane (Neutral view, Confused, Respect).

Troy Dunningham (Close friend, Respect).

Iris Allgood (Friend, Minor attraction, Trust).

Krissa Doeburg (Friend, Confused, Trust).

Chase Spiterwetch (Hate, Fear).

President Snow (Hate).

Katniss Everdeen:
Seth Everdeen (Close friend, Person is like family, Trust).

Ashley Samantha Everdeen (Close friend, Person is like family, Confused). 

Rob and Lili Everdeen (Close friend, Person is like family, Trust).

Nym Tonks (Close friend, Person is like family, Trust, Confused).

Peridot Doeburg (Close friend, Trust).

Saphire Doeburg (Hate, Respect).

Farran Harlaw (Friend, Confused, Respect, Minor attraction).

Meredith Reed (Negative view, Confused). 

Chase Spiterwetch (Hate, Fear). 

Levick (Hate).
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