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(It's been one year since I made a news thread, oops)

Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

2017 was a pretty busy year IRL for most of us - according to forum statistics, our busiest month was in June with 1671 total posts, meaning our post rate has been a little …

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Pirate101 Fan Fiction: Resisting the Armada (Before we meet Avery)

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Pirate101 Fan Fiction: Resisting the Armada (Before we meet Avery)  Empty Pirate101 Fan Fiction: Resisting the Armada (Before we meet Avery)

Post by Ascelpius on Thu May 16, 2013 9:43 pm

This story is also posted on P101C so yeah :c. I admit this isn't my best, though :p. I'll have to change it a little bit tomorrow, since Prologue, and Chapters are bolded and Centered like they are on P101C. I'm not entirely sure whether or not to post this in P101 section, but I figured since it was a story to post it here. BTW I'd love some editors if you can :c. I honestly don't like checking back whether I did it right or wrong. Honestly if I do, I go insane if it doesn't fit my likings.

Resisting the Armada by Acelpius

I was born in a world, a world I do not know of, no one told me what it was, nobody told me what it is, or where. All I know is I moved to Marleybone with my parents when I was 2. We had so many memories, but sometimes I didn't get to go on all there adventures.Wait, What!??? Get on to the story! Rude, Much? Just listen fine I'll speed up to there death! My parents died when I was 4, Died in a Shipwreck, on the way to a battle in Valencia as I heard. They were both famous pirates, which makes me a target, a target to the Armada.I might not know much about the Armada, otherwise they caused my parent's death, are evil (aren't all bad guys evil), and they want to take over the Spiral. Well after that stuff, I was adopted by a Marleybone Family (A Cat and a Dog and their children), who was my mom's friend. My adopted dad was part of the Royal Navy. Then one day, the Armada took over of our isle. We lived in poverty, sadness, but one day they had a mini war, and I just walked out. And I blanked out. And woke up....

Chapter 1: In a New World
"Hello, You there? WAKE UP! WAKE UP NOW! KID WAKE UP," a deep voice said. I just closed my eyes, pretending I was asleep, I don't know where I was. I don't know what day it is. All I remember is-

"Poor Kid, he can't be younger then 8. Good thing we got him here, his parents were famous pirates. One of the biggest Armada Resisters ever, they would probably have his head if they saw him," a rough voice said.

"All the way from Marleybone, to Polaris, I wonder how he'll fit in the cold. Well I heard the city gets very cold," a kind soft voice said. I clenched my eyes shut, forcing myself not to see this new place. My heart was beating fast, probably loud enough they could hear it if they listened closely. I couldn't take it I opened my eyes.

"Look the kid woke up, Hey There Kid, I'm Todd," the deep voice said, I mean Todd said.

"Hey Kid. Welcome to Polaris, don't worry I'm new here to," a tall muscular bird said, who was the rough voice. I looked for the door and tried to run.

​Chapter 2: More things I didn't know
The Bird held me back, knowing what I was trying to do, they moved on and explained to me who they were. The bird's name was Asclepius and he is a eagle from Aquila, the guy named Todd is a man and a Chicken Pirate from Cool Ranch, and the kind soft voice was a Girl who was a Marleybonian Dog her name was Christie. I knew what they were talking about because of my geography classes with my adopted family, and my adventures. They were friends of my mom and dad they said, Todd and Christie went to college with my dad, I remember that name. I don't remember mom or dad talking about Asclepius though, but that was long ago. Asclepius told me my dad was his Best Friend since they were 5, when he moved into Aquila for a bit. I didn't say anything, but they ignored that and was talking like I was their best friend. I wasn't sure to trust them, but then something else caught my eyes. I looked out the window and saw snow, nevermind that. I only remember snow once, when mom and dad were in Polaris, before they were killed. I saw a beautiful city below us, and the Northern Lights. Then again, something else caught my eye. I-I-I couldn't believe it! It was Barley! My adopted Dad from Marleybone, a tall dog with a mustache, he walked up to the house, and then I couldn't see him because he was to close to the house. Todd patted me on the back, as I hear a door slam open. Barley enters the room, which I now noticed had the same wallpaper as my home in MB. Blue and Red, then I realized MB took over Polaris before with Valencia and others.

"Daddy, are they telling the truth," I say staring at him.

"Yes, you see son your parents requested for us to take care of you if they died. They are telling the truth, you see. We're all in the war against Valencia. They're attacking all of our worlds and friends," he said grumbling looking at his watch. I stared at each of them, for awhile, including Barley. I knew if Barley says its true, its true, he never lies.
Chapter 3: The Armada is coming, the Armada is coming!
I was scared and nervous, and stayed close to Barley. Barley chatted with the others, then I got bored and started to look out the window. Then I saw a penguin, with a monacle riding a Polar Bear, he opened his mouth but I couldn't hear him. I'm opened the window, and then I heard it:

"THE ARMADA IS COMING, THE ARMADA IS COMING. HURRY UP WE NEED TO PREPARE! ALL ROYAL NAVY OFFICERS AND QUEEN'S SPECIAL SERVICE MUST REPORT TO THE DOCKS," he shouted, waiting for someone to make a response. Barley, heard and pushed me out of the way and yelled "Ok!" The Penguin motioned to the polar bear, and it started to run away from the house.

"Son, stay here with Asclepius, Todd. and Christie, I'll go. No matter what happens, promise me you'll stay with them," Barley said frantically. I nodded yet, as he rushed out of the door. I started to cry, I tried to hold it in.

Asclepius put his hand on my shoulder and said, "It'll be alright. He'll be ok, and I hate to sound discouraging. Though if anything happens, we're here for you, your parents were great friends of ours. It's late you should go to bed now. Follow me," he says getting up. I follow him into a giant room, the place with all the entrances, then I realized this is a mansion not a house. I follow him not saying a word. We walk down the steps and walk into a room, with a bunkbed.

"Goodnight," he says smiling. I climb up on a ladder that leads to the top bunk, the sheets on the top looked very warm, and they were. I climbed under the sheets. As Asclepius slowly walks out the door. I fell asleep quickly.

​Chapter 4: NO!
I slowly opened my eyes, drowsy. I was in a Captain's Quarter on a bed, I guessed it was Ascelpius's because it was decorated with Aquilan decorations. Was I alone I thought. I turned my head and saw Todd, and Christie looking at a picture. Dad's picture. I knew something was wrong, I crawled out of the bed and walked over to them.

"He's gone..., defeated by the Armada," Christie looked at me sadly. I was to stunned to speak, he was my closest family, except the rest of the family back in MB. He didn't know what happened to them though. A tear fell down my face, and I tried to stop it knowing Barley would want me to be strong. I wanted to yell and scream and cry, but I hold it back for Barley. I can't believe this happened. I ran out of the Captain's Quarters, and ran to the side of the ship looking at the skyway to calm me down, Todd or Christie didn't try to stop me. The ship stopped, and I saw it. We were back in Marleybone, I could tell from the smoke, and the city lights. I doubt we were going back to my growing up place. Ascelpius walked up behind me, and he almost scared the wits out of me, I didn't see him. I calmed down, and he giggled a bit. Then my face turned to sadness, remembering home and dad. Asclepius looked sad all of a sudden too. Asclepius called for Todd and Christie, they walked up with frowns. The ladder to the dock lowered, and we walked down.

Christie said we should hold hands since Marleybone was busy and crowded, so Asclepius and Christie took my hands as we walked into the city. Surprisingly, there wasn't a gate, anyone could come in. Crowds of dogs, cats, foxes, and tigers rushed past us, it was very crowded.

"Many people have been moved here because of the war with the armada. It's not safe for people to live in their villages," Christie said calmly. We walked to a big building that said Elizabeth's Hotel Palace! A dog in a fancy suite was standing at the door, from the entrance it looked very pretty. It had a fountain inside, not so many people were in there. By the looks of it it was very expensive, they probably made the prices higher because of all the people here. Todd walked up to the dog, and they started talking. I couldn't make out what they were saying because so many people were talking. Todd walked over, and beckoned for us to come, Asclepius and Christie still held my hand. We walked inside, and I saw the rest. It was so beautiful, so many plants. There was a fountain, with a statue of the Queen of Marleybone. We came up to the stairs, and on the wall as we walked up we saw pictures of people who stayed at this hotel. We stopped when we saw a door that said "1" on it. We walked in and entered a hall. Todd walked up and pulled a key out of his pocket. I realized that I completely forgot that I hardly knew these people, and they weren't humans either. But I could tell they were telling the truth of knowing my parents, and I could trust them. Todd opened the door and I saw a huge room. A main room with huge windows, a overview of the city, and a fountain also. Four doors was connected to the main room. Christie let go of my hand and walked up to a room, Asclepius still held my other hand. Asclepius led me to a room, with three beds in it, it looked like the room back in Polaris when I first met them. He told me you'll explore later, it's late.The light was off so I had to rely on the light coming from the main room. I crawled into the bed, which was more comfortable then the one back at Polaris. I fell asleep slowly, sad about what had happened about my dad.
Chapter 5: A New Start​
I woke up, the light was on in the room. Asclepius and Christie were in the room, chatting nervously.

"Should we ask him? He might not, since his parents he had before died. But if we don't they'll take him to a orphanage possibly," Christie looked worried into Asclepius's eyes. I crawled out of bed, and they saw me. Asclepius nodded at Christie, mouthing probably: It was time.

Christie looked at me with kind eyes, " Hey Kiddo. Could we ask a question?" I nodded wondering what they were going to say, since they were probably talking about my parents and the adopted parents.

Asclepius coughed and said "We were wondering uh. Well. Would you like to be our Adopted Son? It's fine whatever you choose, we know it's hard loosing both your parents and your adopted parents." I struggled and surprisingly to me and to them I let out a yes.

Asclepius smiled at me, "Welcome to the family. Son. And if you were wondering, uh me and Christie are married. Sorry we never told you. We promise to take good care of you, and by the way your parents never told me your name. Do you know your name, you don't have to answer. I just wanted to know since your now my son and all."

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