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Original Creativity Center works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, unless stated by the owner. Permission to distribute commercially must come directly from the artist/writer. Some individual works (RPGs, stories, artwork) may have their own licenses, so be sure to pay attention and heed those as well. The above purely exists as an umbrella license.

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    Forum Rules

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    Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

    Post by Hero of Time Wed May 08, 2013 8:55 pm

    Creativity Center was created as a way for teen and young adult artists and writers to share and publish creations with much less limits. With that in mind, we also value the integrity of the forum, as well as the users. Therefore, we have specifically placed these rules in order to allow ideas to flow freely, while maintaining honesty and safety in the site.

    Feel free to post any creation (RPG, art, story, music, etc.), as long as it abides by the rules below and does not plagiarize other works.

    Cool General  Cool

    No spamming, flaming, or otherwise harassing other members especially site leaders. If you have criticism, that is fine, but please be constructive (i.e. Why do you think a love story about a computer mouse and a chicken is "idiotic"?)

    Extreme profanity is not allowed (i.e. N, C words). For a detailed guide to forum-appropriate language, click here. This applies to music posted on the forum.*

    No intense violence, gore or sexual activity. Romance and character dueling is fine, but keep things PG-13/T. Yes, this includes weird fan fiction.

    Drug references (including alcohol) are allowed, but please try not to take it over the top. We'd like to not get shut down.

    Attempt to place threads in the correct forums, please. They will be moved if they aren't, but it would make things easier on the users and staff.

    No inappropriate pictures or videos. (By inappropriate, we mean no nudity/sexual content and excessive gore. Keep it PG-13/T!)

    No personal info, period. (No addresses, full names, etc.) If desired, users may upload pictures of themselves at their own discretion. Keep in mind that the risk is yours, and we at CC recommend not using your own pictures.

    Signature size should not exceed 600x250 pixels, in order to prevent huge posts and other graphical issues. Signatures suspended as of July 29, 2015 (7/29/2015). Signatures have been reinstated as of the site revamp on March 21, 2016

    Name changes: We've had a bit of a confusing situation with name changes. We know that you have different feelings of your name at times, but it's getting to the point that members have trouble identifying others. Members are limited to 2 name changes. These names must be approved by an admin, which will go in and change the name. Subsequent name changes will be allowed every 5 months.

    Trolling and controversial topics are not allowed. They prove to be too disruptive to communities, and as such will not be tolerated. Controversy includes politics, global events, etc.

    Third party sites that involve content exceeding the restrictions of the forum must be approved by an admin/moderator before posting.

    Please try not to backseat mod. If you see someone breaking the rules, please report the incriminating post, or if it's a PM please take a screenshot and send it to a moderator, or otherwise PM a staff member.

    If you believe someone is harassing you through a PM, please, PLEASE be sure to take a screenshot and send it to an admin (preferably an active one). We cannot reprimand users without proof.

    Multiple accounts are forbidden. While some users on occasion make joke accounts and delete them in the end, keeping more than one account for selfish intent (reputation, post bumping, etc.) is not allowed. Keep in mind we do have ways to determine if a user has made more than one account. Those who have been found using multiple accounts for their own gain will be reprimanded appropriately.

    king RPGs (Role-Playing Games) queen

    If you would like a Dead RPG

    • That you previously owned to be revived, please contact an RPG Mod, Moderator, or Admin specifying which thread is to be revived. Note that this only applies to the creator of the RPG. 
    • That you did not create, but want revived, contact the RPG creator. He/she will likely give you permissions to operate it. As courtesy, please credit the original owner in the OP.
    • Whose creator has been inactive for at least a month to be revived, you have full permission to recreate said RPG.

    Godmodding and Mary-Gary Sues are not allowed. This is probably an obvious one, but it nevertheless needs to be said.

    RPGs that have been inactive (no posts on it) for 30 days will automatically be moved to the Dead RPG section.

    study Stories study

    Original stories must not plagiarize off of other stories, either on-site or off. When you post a story in the Original Works forum, we are assuming that the main ideas in it came from you alone. If you adapt ideas from another author, please be sure to credit.

    flower GFX (Graphics) and Art flower

    Please be sure to carefully read shop rules. Not all shops are the same, and there may be something you want that a shop owner can't make/do.

    Shops on the forum must not have any kind of restriction (monetary, post count, etc.). This forum is to share (and perhaps promote) your work. If you do have an off-site shop that you would like to link to, you may do so. We are not responsible for any other transaction that occurs on-site or off, unless administered by a site admin.

    Smile Skype Group/Discord Server Smile

    The official CC Skype Group and Discord Server are still functions of the forum. As a result, General rules are still in effect for the Skype and Discord chat. Profanity rules may be changed (relaxed OR restricted) beyond typically forum parameters on a case-by-case basis - i.e., spamming, flaming, excessive use, etc. - but will never include hateful speech or slurs. Skype and Discord groups made for specific RPGs or other site discussion aren't technically under forum administration, and therefore moderation falls under whoever has made those groups.

     cheers  Have fun with the forum! Despite a few limitations, you can share anything on here. Also, when in doubt, if you aren't sure if something is appropriate, don't post it, or at least ask an admin or moderator. It's always better to be safe than ban-hammered sorry.

    Thanks for taking the time to review these rules.

    Breaching of the site rules will result in appropriate punishment, up to and including banishment from the forum.

    - CC Staff

    CC GFX Credits:

    Forum Banners
    @King Ki11
    @Hero of Time
    @Athena Lionheart

    Forum Moods
    @Athena Lionheart

    Forum Emoticons
    Salphirix - Submitted/Created:
    Happy Dance (created by TheSaltyMonster)
    Fix-It - Submitted:
    Not Impressed (created by Magical Icon)

    Forum Favicon
    @Athena Lionheart

    TopRPSites Banner
    @Athena Lionheart


    Creativity Center attempts to keep literature, role-plays, and art on the forum as open and free as possible, and believes that a mature approach to writing helps loosen creative boundaries. As a result, there may be instances in fictional writing that displays content not regarded to be acceptable in society. In general conversation and in fictional writing/art, hate speech on Creativity Center is completely forbidden.

    Fiction that uses prejudiced beliefs (including character dialogue and view points) do not represent the views of the forum staff and do not necessarily represent the views of the writer. At its heart, Creativity Center is meant to be a welcoming space for writers of all origins and creeds to come together and share their works, and as a result we do not tolerate hate speech of any kind (including racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, gender, etc.) in stories, RPGs, or any other forms of art. In addition, stories and RPGs that attempt to paint a prejudiced viewpoint with their characters or plot are not allowed.

    Creative Commons License
    Original Creativity Center works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.*

    *This means that any story, graphic, or RPG purely originating from this website is automatically protected by this license. Permission to distribute commercially must come directly from the artist/writer. Some individual works (RPGs, stories, artwork) may have their own licenses, so be sure to pay attention and heed those as well. The above purely exists as an umbrella license to further protect all of our user's intellectual property.

    Last edited by Sentinel on Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:24 pm; edited 35 times in total (Reason for editing : Policy on hate speech in/out of writing (12/11/16) -Adrian)
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