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Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:57 am by Adrian

(It's been one year since I made a news thread, oops)

Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

2017 was a pretty busy year IRL for most of us - according to forum statistics, our busiest month was in June with 1671 total posts, meaning our post rate has been a little …

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Hi all,

We're aware of a peculiar forum glitch that's causing some subforums to be locked.

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Just a news, update test. Trying to get this thing to work.

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Avatar Fanfiction

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Post by Kane on Mon Dec 09, 2013 6:54 pm

I wrote this a long time ago and never finished. It's really awful too xD

Book One


Many years before this war there was a mystical peace established by Avatar Ginova. Avatar Ginova was a fine and respected air avatar who established the United Commonwealth after the United Republic was destroyed by an arrogant Earth kingdom war lord. The nations grew larger but technology remained largely as it was in the time of Avatar Korra, a long forgotten name in history. Despite the slowing of technological progress, things like art, exploration, culture, and diplomacy flourished. It was a golden age for the world. The United Commonwealth started a program to repopulate the air temples and bring back the air nomads in full force. Avatar Ginova advised against it, saying the world was having food shortages and the like. The magistrate would not hear it. He had grown tired of the Avatar calling the shots and giving the final say. A plan was hatched to overthrow her and establish the rule of the Magistrate. Alliances were formed right under the Avatar’s nose. The United Commonwealth killed avatar Ginova without much difficulty due to their numbers. The water tribes, air nomads and earth kingdom revolted against The United Commonwealth while the fire nation stayed with the government. Magistrate Uni sent waves of troops to the watertribes to capture the newly incarnated Avatar. This is the beginning of the war of nations...

Chapter One~ The Farmer Boy

“Mom” Ozai Fong calls as he wipes his hand over his brow “I finished planting the ash bananas and I watered them!”
“Good job honey” Mrs. Fong, His portly mother, calls with a smile from the kitchen window that overlooks the small field of vegetables “You need to come in and wash up for dinner mister”
Ozai stares into the purple sun setting over the small farm before he enters the house to wash up. He looks over the dinner table where his family sits as he exists the small lavatory
“Ozai how was school today” His mother ask as he sits and receives the dumplings
“School was great. Did you well in the market today?”
“We sold over five blankets” She says as she looks at her husband  “And your dad sold over twenty Komodo chickens to the Wealth soldiers in town today”
“Wealth soldiers here? Aren’t they fighting they pushing the fight on bai sing sai?” he says relaying what his friend Roku had told him earlier today “What do you think dad?
Mr. Fong stares out the window absent minded at the lights of town in the distance, as if he was a deaf man who hadn’t heard his sons question
“Apparently they are here for something special” His dad finally says still in the trans like  state “Ozai has anyone approached you? Anyone at all? Any one following you?”
“What do you mean? I’m the farmers son not the magistrate. I’m not exactly famous dad” Ozai replies with a smile before a knock at the door startles him into dropping his fork
“Who could that be?” Mrs. Fong ask as she wipes her mouth and stands to answer the door
“Ozai there’s something you should know” Mr Fong starts before the door knocked down by a blast of fire and three soldiers rush in brandishing swords
“What do you want?” Mr fong ask with a cool head about him to the soldiers
“This house is under property of The Commonwealth and you two are under arrest for harboring a criminal” A solider says to my parents before turning on Ozai with the glint of fire in his eyes “And you son are under arrest by crimes of the avatar. Come quietly, there is no need to cause a scene”
The solider holds out three sets of chains before Mr. Fong hits him square in stomach and he falls down
“Dad!” Ozai yells in shock
“Run son! Just run and take this” He throws a letter at his son
“I am not leaving you!”
“Just do it! Don’t be stupid” Mr. Fong kicks another solider in the stomach as Ozai runs out the door to the large Sato truck his dad had and rockets down the road

Chapter Two~The Letter

Ozai pulls into the town in the dead of night looking over his shoulder constantly
“Breath Breath” He repeats to himself as he hides the truck near a noodle house before pulling out the letter reading his fathers neat handwriting

Dear Ozai,
To start this letter without an apology in advance would be wrong on my part. So I am sorry for what you are about to read...Sixteen years ago your mother and I had saved enough for a tour of the world. At this time the plot to overthrow Avatar Ginova had just started to be set in motion, so this course of history had not yet taken it’s turn. We were visiting the southern Water tribe. I can still recall how cold it was, but how kind the people where. While there we dinned with people we had met earlier, Arrok and his very pregnant wife, Naru. They were so elated to be having a child the healers identified as a boy and as very‘ strong in mind and body’. That night as we all slept on the warm buffalo yak skins, the United CommonWealth attacked. The defenses of the southern tribe where not as strong as those of the northern tribe so they broke through easy. So much killing They did to exterminate the Avatar. To make matters worse at that very moment Naru gave birth to you Ozai. You were given the name Hakoda meaning Captain as your father was one. When Naru saw them coming she begged us to take you, to keep you safe while this passed. Because the fire nation had sided with the common wealth the soldiers could not kill us as to not break diplomatic ties with their only ally. We wrapped you in fire nation clothing and fled the house they lived in. We believe they...killed your parents trying to get information. We took you to our boat and left then and there. It was cowardly I know but I felt something special about you. When you where five my suspicions where confirmed. You bent a rock at a mean kid who was pulling your unnaturally long water tribe hair. After the rock you sent a tiny fire blast past his head which you extinguished with water when it caught a leaf on fire. Thank goodness the child was too scared to tell anyone or you wouldn’t be around right now. It was then when I realized you where the Avatar. It all made sense then and there. You were born when Avatar Ginova was killed by magistrate Uni. I was a fool not to at least find a firebending master for you but I was scarred. Both your mother and I were. If you are reading this, you are on your own. Your mother and I are either dead or captured. Start with meditating on waterbending you may find it in your blood or memory. Than find a waterbending teacher as fast as possible. You are vulnerable with no bending training under your belt. Visit Mui in the the tavern he has something for you. Find a team whatever you do. And always  remember we love you so much.

Love Eternally,
Father and Mother

Ozai looks up from the letter a single tear coming forth from his right eye “They never told me. I could I have saved them, but they never told me!” He scream inside the van in anger before he breaks down crying “I could have saved them” he whispers as he sobs before trying to compose himself “I must see mui” He says as he hops out the truck and walks the silent streets of town
“Hey mui get me another round!” Ozai hears as he walks into the tavern.  The tavern was the only building in town with the lights on
“Ozai it’s past your bed time! Meeting up with a girl in town?” Mui teases in his drunken state from by the door
Ozai turns to him “It’s Hakoda now, and I believe you have something for me”
“Well Mr. ‘Hakoda’ as a matter of fact I do. A rare find here. I’ll meet you in back”

Chapter 3 A friend forever~

“What is that thing?” Hakoda ask as he stares at the large animal in front of him
“A sky bison” Mui says as he scratches his head “Illegal in the united common wealth due to the fact they can only be used by air nomads by law 47”
“Does it have a name?”
“Not yet and it’s a she. Your old man paid bank to keep it here. It ain’t cheap to hide something illegal in my tavern ya know”
“I’ll name her Jinora. I read a story about an airbending master named Jinora”
“Yeah great kid. You read so what. Now take her off my hands”
“I will and thank you Mui” Hakoda says as he hops onto the giant saddle “Go” He orders as Jinora walks out the massive doors onto the street
“HEY HEY WATCH IT!” A small female voice yells from the ground below
“ I am so sorry” Hakoda apologizes as he jumps from the saddle and lands on the prettiest girl he’s ever seen
Her brown hair flowed down her back in a braid with a silver line entertained in it. She was a cute height of 4’7 with freckles all over her nose. She look about fifteen years old
“Good job Graceful” She teases as Hakoda stands up “I’m Valencia”
“Hakoda. I’m so sorry I hit you”
“Is this a sky bison?” Valencia ask in awe as she goes up to pet Jinora
“Yep. All mine. Wanna go for a ride?”
“Sure” She says as she jumps up and down with happiness before jumping onto Jinora
“Go go”
“Go Go? How lame! How about Yip?”
“I like that” Hakoda says with a smile as he takes in the scenery. The whole town of Isis was surrounded by mountains with cascading waterfalls and fields of flowers in the pale light of dawn “So what are you going out here alone, Valencia?”
“I’m a traveling nomad every since my parents died”
“Oh I’m so sorry. What do you do as a nomad?
“I seek adventure, but have never found a good one”
Hakoda stares off in front of him as he steers Jinora in a circle around a mountain top
“Hey” Hakoda says with a look of realization oh his face “Do you wanna travel with me?”
“Sure. but to do what?”
“Listen well. Here’s where things get complicated” Hakoda says as he lands Jinora in a mountain meadow and starts the tale

“You’re the avatar?” She ask Hakoda in disbelief “I read a story about an avatar once named  Korra. The water one before you, I think. Can you bend?”
“No. My dad told me to find a waterbending master and master my native element. Do you bend anything, Valencia?”
“Nope but I’m the best chi blocker this side of the great divide!”
Hakoda laughs and smiles “Well nice to have you on Team...”
“Avatar” Valencia finishes with a smile
“I really like that”
“Of course you!”

Chapter~ 4 Leaving

“Land Hakoda” Valencia pleads as she eats the last ash banana “It’s been three days since we hit land and we need more supplies”
“I wanna get out of common wealth territory before we land. I am wanted you know”
“Once we past a small chain of islands it’s open water for weeks. We really do need to land”
“Fine. How about that town down there?”
“That’s fine”
Jinora lands on the outskirts of town near a dirt road lined with flowers. Jinora lets out a yawn and Valencia  jumps down as she says “I swear when she ‘yawns’ it sounds like growling”
Hakoda pats Jinora and tells her to rest before starting on the path to town. Valencia skips along the path and picks some flowers as she waits for Hakoda
“You are the worlds fastest skipper ever” Hakoda says with a laugh as they cross through a gate to the town
“It’s a gift”
Hakoda smiles at her and looks at the town. The town was small yet beautiful with red roofs and a pond of lotus flowers in the center of town with trees all around it. People walked around with common wealth soldiers mixed into it “GET BACK HERE KID” Hakoda and Valencia hear as a boy runs through the people. He had the orange, yellow, and reds of the air nomads. His whole head was also shaved and he had the traditional arrow tattoos on his head and arms. Defiantly not a local. CommonWealth soldiers run after him shooting fire in his direction as he runs “Let’s go” Hakoda says to Valencia as they run towards the boy who was shooting air at the soldiers. Valencia runs up and chi blocks three of the soldiers “Hey kid!” Hakoda yells at the running monk “Come with us” The kid nods and flips down by Hakoda as Valencia runs up “We better get going. More soldiers are coming!” Valencia says to Hakoda
“We still need supplies”
“I have some on the outskirts to the south” The air nomad chimes in as they start to run to Jinora “I’m Gyatso” He introduces to Hakoda and Valencia as they jump onto Jinora and take off. Gyatso tells him the location of his stash in the woods and Jinora starts to fly over to it
“So what’s an air nomad doing all the way her in the fire nation?” Valencia question Gyatso as Hakoda steers Jinora through a cloud
“I move around a lot. It’s the spirit of the nomads”
Jinora lands next to a humble shed hidden by leaves to look like a bush from a far
“I have these in all the places I visit often. All the foods nonperishable” Gyatso says as they start to load it onto Jinora’s saddle before they take off into the sky

Chapter 5 An unlikely master~

“So tell me your reasoning behind going to a pacifist sanctuary to find a waterbending master” Gyatso ask as Hakoda flies over an empty stretch of water
“I can’t exactly tell you” Hakoda responds “It’s like this feeling. Well really more a voice that I hear sometimes”
“Great. Hakoda’s going crazy, He says he hears the voices” Valencia pretends to whisper to Gyatso with a smile
Hakoda laughs and looks straight forward as they pass slowly over lake Grieg where the town was supposed to be 
“I don’t see anything...” Hakoda starts before he passes over the dam and sees the orange roofs and flags “It’s not above the lake it’s below”
The small city of Nal Rolaye is built on a dock that rises out of the crystal water that gushes from the dam. The city is set up in levels, each with a distinct flag to identify each. This was where the pacifist from all nations had built a city of harmony and peace, where war was a distant reality they had detached from. Hakoda lands Jinora on one of the outstretched docks from the city as a man clad in simple grey robes walks forth from a small building to the dock “Welcome travelers. I am Malka, council member representing level five. We can offer you aid if you need food or water but you may not venture into the city under any circumstances” The man says  to the young travelers
“But sir. You don’t understand, we need to get into this city” Hakoda says as Valencia and Gyatso nod along with his words
“I am sorry but no outsiders are allowed in the city at this time”
“Sir I am the Avatar and I came here to search for a waterbending master”
“I will allow you to come in but there are some things I must tell you”
He says as he motions for them to come with him to into the building
“The city is under a strict outer watch. The council member of level two has argued that we can not allow any people in the city, for they may have malicious intent. Our city has long been a sign of hope and peace for the refugees of this war. I have a theory about this council member. She says it is to keep things out but it also says hidden in her document to keep things in. She’s creating a prison around the city. My guess she is planning something huge. We need you avatar”
Malka says as they walk into a steam elevator that traversed the levels of the city quickly and efficiently
“Sir, I am hardly a real avatar yet. I posses no bending skills. I came here for a master”
“I can not help you there” Malka says as they walk onto level five . Level five had paved gray streets with proper stone buildings lining the side. The area was well lit and clean. The air had almost a mystical quality about it “You will find your own master but you must be clad in the clothes of our sanctuary before you can run off”
The motley crew of Fire Nation red, Air nomad yellow, Valencia caramel, and pacifist grey all made their way into the home of the council member
“I think I can fit you all into my garb” Malka says assuringly as he opens up a closet filled with grey and starts handing out loose outer coverings to the children
Hakoda, Valencia, and Gyatso put on the drab grey coverings and make sure none of their colors were showing. They all bow to Malka before they start out onto the street.
“Where should we start?” Gyatso ask Hakoda as they mill around level five
“Search every level?”
“Seems slow, but it’s the only idea I can think of too”`
“Or you two could wake up and look over there at the old guy in all blue and white” Valencia cuts in as an elderly man with long white hair and a blue coat hidden under his grey outer covering
“Valencia we can’t just walk up and be like ‘Hey you! Teach me!” Hakoda says with an eye roll
“Well we can follow him”
“That just makes me feel creepy, but if the fate of world does depend on it. Guess it’s all right” The mysterious man gets in the steam elevator and shoots down to level two, the same level as the council woman Malka had warned against. The children shoot knowing glances at each other before they go to the other one and follow the man down into the city below. The streets of level two where dirty muddy paths with wooden buildings of a pale, faded red on either side. The buildings tops created a sort of slopping arch over the path. Flyers and trash fluttered about in the ever present, dirty breeze “Woah” Valencia mutters “What a change from level five. I guess each level is different. One may be beautiful, the other utterly disgusting” The streets had ditches of muddy rock water running parallel to them. Just as the kids round the corner, the slop rises up and laces them in a ball of water “Why are you children following me?” A deep voice from the shadows calls before the owner of the voice steps into the light. It was the man they had seen on level five, the one Valencia thought for certain was a bender.  Hakoda gulps and looks at his friends before turning to the large mass of man that was in front of him. Hakoda  speaks up “Hello. I’m Hakoda. These are my friends Gyatso and Valencia. I have come to find a waterbending master”
The man holds up his hands and starts to speak “So you decided to stalk me? Seems odd”
“I promise sir, we only followed you today. No other times”
“Why do you think I should teach you?”
“I’m the avatar” Hakoda looks up with fierce determination in his eyes “And I will learn waterbending”

Chapter 6 City on the Defense~

“Excellent form Hakoda!” Pau say approvingly to Hakoda as Hakoda lashes out two water whips at the wall. It had been two weeks since the gang had meet Pau on level two. Since then they have been staying at his home. Hakoda has started his training, Gyatso had perfected his Moon Cake baking skills, and Valencia had perfected her consuming Moon Cake skill. Malka had not been in contact with them at all and there had been several city announcements about  the advancing Common Wealth soldiers and air force. Even with the shadow of the Common Wealth looming over the city below the dam everything was business as usual to the people of Nal Royale. “Hakoda, keep the arms tighter towards the body” Pau warns as Hakoda bends water into the octopus form around himself “Excellent! You are on the road to a master in such short time” Hakoda moves the tentacles of his octopus towards Valencia while making fake scary noises. Valencia laughs and says to him “Don’t make me chi block you! Just because your a scary bender now does not mean I’m afraid of you”. Hakoda laughs and drops the water before he hears the thin, gentle hum of thousands of engines working towards the same goal. Gyatso looks around and says worriedly to Hakoda  “What is that? It sounds like it’s getting louder”
Hakoda runs outside to the balcony, which each level has, to scout the skies. The sky was dark with thousands upon thousands of bi planes and blimps. The city speakers crackled to life with a static sound and announced loudly “Take shelter in level seven citizens! The common wealth is coming! DO NOT ENGAGE!” A light female voice calls out over the speakers as broken glass and screams reverberate around them. “Let’s go save these people” Hakoda says grimly, trying to make a smile to his team “You too Pau”. They run outside  and up to level 7 to see what they are dealing with

Chapter 7~ The Twins

“Yes father” Sesi and Ursa repeat together as their father wanders about the large, padded room.
“I do not want any mess ups children” Magistrate Uni responds with a head shake as he looks forlorn out of the window of the airship. The twins, Ursa and Yugoda, are the children of the Magistrate. They held the looks and talents to which nothing could compare. Ursa is the girl of the two and an excellent, cool headed fire bender. Her brother, Sesi, on the other hand is an impulsive, headstrong waterbender. Together the two had conquered everything their father set them on. From the walls of Ba Sing Se to the sinkholes of Isis. This time was different for the twins for they where not the leaders but an elite strike team of two bent on the detainment of the Avatar. “It will be done father” The two twins repeat before slipping out of the room to prepare for the hunt.


Hakoda’s feet pound rhythmically along the dirt paths of level two with his team in sync behind him. They raced around the screaming people to the elevator and shot up to level seven. What they saw took their breath away. Level seven was in utter chaos. People ran about with flailing arms and loud cries. Some lay still on the ground killed by a stampede of running people or by fright. A group of seven regal and confident people walk out onto the stage of the council hall. Malka was among them in the fifth spot in the line. A small, beautiful woman steps up from the second spot in line to the microphone“People of Nal Royale” calls the same soothing voice of the loud speaker announcer they had heard earlier “Be at peace. The common wealth does not come for our destruction but of another. Malka has illegal smuggled the Avatar into our city. They come for him not us. In the spirit of our city I declare we simply give them the avatar” The crowd goes crazy with joy and starts to chant “Find the Avatar! Find the Avatar!”. She quiets them with a simple raising of her hand and starts to speak again “Not to worry my fellow citizens. The common wealth has been so kind as to agree to our terms as they hover above the city in their great machines. They have sent us a team of two who’s sole purpose is to find the Avatar”. Two twins clothed in the capitol’s plum purple and angel white walk onto the stage. The girl holds a simple palm of fire and the boy has water skins at both of his sides. The whole group starts to back up slowly into the elevator bay. Hakoda steps forward from the group and yells “I’m the Avatar. Take me and do not harm this city!” Valencia wears a look of pure shock while Gyatso shakes his head repeatedly. The girl twin swirls her hands and points two fingers at Pau. A strike of lightning tears through the air and strikes Pau before he can react “NOOO!” Hakoda yells as he kneels next to a near death Pau”No master. Don’t go! I haven't learned it all yet!” Pau hands him a slip of paper before going limp. Hakoda sheds a single tear before he sees the twins running through the crowd “We have to get out of here” Valencia says as she pulls Hakoda and Gyatso into the elevator . She presses button one and they plummet down. They all hear a blast of fire cut the wire and two sets of feet hit the top of the capsule. The capsule plummets down, not to level one but to some sub level hidden below the water line. The capsule hits the floor with a horrible smash and the gang is thrown against the walls. This room was a fair size, made of all stone, and had two hallways on either side. The twins float down on an ice platform without a word as Hakoda starts to stand. “This will be the crown jewel if my all my fights” The boy muses as Hakoda stands in a fighting stance with Gyatso “I doubt it will be tough though”
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Avatar Fanfiction Empty Re: Avatar Fanfiction

Post by Adrian on Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:19 pm

That was well written! Just a couple of typing errors, but easily overlookable. Great work, Pika!

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Avatar Fanfiction Empty Re: Avatar Fanfiction

Post by Kane on Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:20 pm

Thanks Adriana! That's so nice
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Avatar Fanfiction Empty Re: Avatar Fanfiction

Post by Mythie on Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:38 pm

That was great..... someone was a bit unoriginal with names though

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