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Post by Adrian Wed Sep 09, 2020 11:08 pm

Name: Kallik

Age: 16


Bending?: Waterbender - she's actually a top healer, but her waterbending needs some more practice.

Personal History: As a member of the Northern Water Tribe, Kallik has always been exposed to traditional, patriarchal beliefs. Her father Kanosak (a non-bender) is an advisor to the Chief, while her mother Anyu teaches the other girls in their tribe the art of healing, and Kallik had no other choice but to follow suit.

To her credit, Kallik seemed to have a natural talent for healing, quickly outpacing the other students in her classes. But as she watched the male benders practicing with a waterbending master, her feelings of pride quickly turned sour. She knew she was more than capable of being a skilled bender, but it felt to her that such a dream was just that - only a dream, and nothing more.

To make matters worse, Kallik has just turned sixteen, and there's rumors of an upcoming betrothal. The aching, fluttering sensation growing in her chest only seemed to get worse day after day; soon, Kallik realized, it would be time to make a very difficult decision.

Personality: Kallik has always shifted between selflessness and self-preservation. She is happy to offer help when it is dire or asked for, but she doesn't necessarily go out of her way to give charity to others, especially if she's afraid it would require sacrificing her dignity or freedom.

Other: She keeps a protected pack of water behind her, like a reverse fanny pack

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