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Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

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The Witcher

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The Witcher Empty The Witcher

Post by Sal Wed May 27, 2020 5:10 pm

Y 1263
Mid Spring

Act I - Tooth and Claw
Maribor, the second-largest city in Temeria, only rivaled by the Capital Vizima. As our heroes arrive, rest, and converse in the Lucky Lavender Inn, they have little idea of what destiny has in store for them.

{ Lydia }

The trip to Maribor hadn’t been as bad as I expected it to be. My horse had done most of the work for me, although I did from time to time enjoy walking on my own two legs beside him. Stepping up to the stone gates, crossing the bridge and several others traveling out, I could see there were several guards at its entrance. The majority paid no mind to me, while one tilted their head down within their helm as I passed. Maribor was a decent enough town. I would have thought with the monster hunting about, they would have more guards along the path or at least at the entrance. Maybe they were saving them for when dusk kissed the skies, as that was when it only attacked anyways.

I could only imagine what kind of beast was attacking travelers on the road. Especially with such a specific pattern and leaving behind little trace of their victims. Guessing would only get me so far and do no good in the long run, so my best course of action was finding out more about it and then go from there.

Following the main road, I passed traveling merchants attempting to sell their goods, as well as ones who looked more grounded and probably lived in Maribor. I had only been on Vizima once if my memory was correct, and it reminded me much of it. Minus, being the capital and all that. I made sure to keep my horse at a decent pace as I rode atop him. People around me were crowding and shoving, yelling, and cheering random things. Kids could be seen running amongst the chaos while being careful not to get tramped by the many horses--or people for that matter.

My horse suddenly stopped as a hooded man purposely stepped in front of me, holding out his arms, “Are you new here, missy?”

“Excuse me. I don’t have time,” I said sternly and went to tug the reins so my horse would move around him. I was used to these greedy, dirty black market fiends trying to rob new travelers of their barely accumulated wealth. Only, instead of letting me pass he moved over and kept his arms out. I was honestly annoyed by his jester.

“Miss, I think you should really hear me out. I have--”

“I don’t have time for your games,” snapping, I forced my horse to push past him and rode off faster, hearing him calling out behind me as I made for a safe place to stop and leave my horse before planning on going to the Lucky Lavender Inn. I knew I could get more information there about my target.


After having tied up my horse and entering the Inn, I was surprised how uncrowded it felt. Sure, there were a number of people. But compared to how packed this city was today I was more than a little surprised at its low numbers. Maybe it wasn’t the usual drinking hour for this city. Who knows.

I looked about the various tables, not really taking note of anything, but trying to look casual and interested. Humans had a very distinct way of watching their surroundings for no reason. Things caught their attention more than a moth to a flame. It was still a curious thing after all these years.

“Welcome to the Lucky Lavender,” the barkeep eyed me while getting another drink for the man in front of him, “what brings your kind around?”

“My kind?” I raised an eyebrow, taking my seat.

“You’re a little well dressed to be your average person, miss,” he bemused, gesturing to my outfit. I had chosen to wear something a little more fancy, but I hadn’t assumed it would draw attention or make anyone question who or what I was.

“Surely I’m not the only one who’s ever worn something so lavish. Have you ever met a mage? My garb surely can’t compare.”

He shrugged, “Eh, you got me there missy. But enough with the small chat. What will it be?”

“Just get me some Mettina Rosé.”

“Of course, a wine fit for a beautiful lady such as yourself.”

I quietly sighed, just happy enough they had the damn wine. I needed a drink or three if I was going to make it in this place. Or be able to hand any snarkiness that would come my way when I asked about the beast.

When he returned he set down my cup for me and I took in my hands, smiling up at him and asking, “So, about that beast hunting around the city.”

He stopped for a moment, looking at me with both his hands on the bar. Then, doing something I had only half expected, he laughed.

I pursed my lips and brought the cup to my lips, taking a small drink before I spoke over his laughing, “If this is about me being a woman, I assure you--.”

“Nah, girl, I ain’t laughing at that. It’s because you were a bit too late to the party. A Witcher came and slayed the thing. Werewolf. Brought the head to the guards and everything.”

“A Witcher? Who. What was his name?”

“Oh? You know a Witcher. Well, with that garb I’m sure you know plenty of men.”

Heaven above save me, “Believe it or not, I trained with them for some time. Now I hunt down monsters.”

“Hmm… I see I see, well, too bad then. One of your little friends came and slew the beast already.”

“I asked for his name. What was it?”

“Dunno, didn’t really talk. Was kind of bulky, I guess? Didn’t get a good look at his pendant. He wasn’t here long, had already slain the beast by the time he grabbed a drink and left.”

I sighed. Fuck. Now I came here for nothing.

“Thanks, old man,” I muttered the last part before drinking down more of my wine again. I doubt he heard me cause he just nodded his head and moved on.

Having lost the beast to another Witcher was annoying enough, but if it was who I thought it was I was a little more than pissed. I wasn’t always in it for the money but I was a little less than short on coin. I needed to make money, and fast.

The Witcher WiqR2Mz
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The Witcher Empty Re: The Witcher

Post by Hime Wed May 27, 2020 7:37 pm

- Leorel -

"This is horrible," I whine, feeling the fatigue in my legs grow ever stronger as Zyl and I traveled on. "Can't you steal a horse or something? All this walking has me exhausted."

Night creatures are beginning to awaken, filling the twilight with their ambient noises. It made me wonder what lurks beyond the dirt paths we follow. I quickly banish those thoughts from my mind -- curiosity will undoubtedly kill the runaway prince of Temeria.

My eyes widen with realization when a warm glow emits on the horizon. It's coming from city lights just beyond a wall; I'd know Maribor anywhere.

"Thank god," I sigh, nudging my travel companion. "Maribor's just up ahead. Maybe we should try and find an inn or something, yeah?"


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The Witcher Empty Re: The Witcher

Post by Shaybaysasuke Wed May 27, 2020 8:15 pm


“I am not going to steal someone’s horse just so you don’t have to walk,” I say to Leo, barely suppressing an eye roll at the runaway prince, “You could probably afford one if you really wanted, but walking a few miles every day might do you some good.”

A rustle in the bushes next to us draws my attention, and my eyes flick over to the source. I can’t see any immediate threat with how dark it is but I don’t want to be letting my guard down. One of my knives finds its way into my hand, the metal glinting in the moonlight as we walk, and I only hope that I won’t require the other as we make our way down the path.

The thought of any potential danger fades slightly as Leo nudges my arm and points out the town ahead of us. I chuckle softly, flipping the blade in my hand around but keeping it at the ready, “I suppose so, I’m guessing you don’t want to spend another night camping?”
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The Witcher Empty Re: The Witcher

Post by Athena Lionheart Fri May 29, 2020 10:15 pm

[ Merrill ]

"Same luck?"

Merrill had been sitting at a table right next to the bar, only facing away. Now he turned to greet the recently arrived lady, away from his plate of mostly finished food. The witcher was not quite so obviously a witcher this evening; his swords weren't strapped to his person, his clothes were certainly sturdy but hardly what one would call armor, and his guild pendant peeked out only by chance. Those eyes, however, easily called the bluff. Those were the eyes of a predator, no matter how much they lacked in malice. He loosely held a heavily spiced tankard of beer in his right hand, the same way he held a smile. "Competition's fierce here."

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The Witcher Empty Re: The Witcher

Post by Sal Mon Jun 01, 2020 1:54 pm

{ Lydia }

I eyed the man beside me, knowing he was talking to me and hoping he was a bit more intelligent than the others that would be here. However, upon actually looking towards his direction I had no doubt in my mind that he was, in fact, a Witcher. An actual Witcher. Lucky for him he was not the one who got here and killed that thing before me. Though, I guess I can't be too mad. Especially to Witchers I don't know.

"Yea, I can tell. Cause you beat me here as well."

I pause for a moment, trying to keep from frowning despite his lips being curled into a smile. His pendant was barely noticeable and showed he was from the School of the Griffin. Their school was known to be way north, located somewhere in the Dragon Mountains. I had been born there, actually, many many years ago. And, I hadn't visited that far north in a very long time. For. . . reasons.

"You seem like a very young Witcher, compared to the old grumps I've met. I'm technically from the School of the Bear, obviously not a real Witcher. What are your plans now that your monster has been ripped from under your grasp?"

The Witcher WiqR2Mz
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The Witcher Empty Re: The Witcher

Post by Sponsored content

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