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Harwell’s Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II

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Harwell’s Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II - Page 21 Empty Re: Harwell’s Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II

Post by Comrade Squid Fri Feb 07, 2020 8:15 pm

Annie looked down at the palms of her hands, which were covered in scrapes and bruises from the fall.
"...A few, but not many. I think I used up my supply on the way down. What are you thinking?"

The bodyguard bees began to circle around Hommel on the bridge, using their buzzing wings to slowly hover, gradually building up speed for what was likely an attack.
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Comrade Squid
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Harwell’s Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II - Page 21 Empty Re: Harwell’s Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II

Post by Adrian Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:10 am

(i was writing and I got *~`,-*inspired*-,`~*

so have some more fuckery)


"Maldwyn," I muttered, pulling him aside as I heard the wasps humming around us. "Get back to the coven. If this is worldwide they'll need you. Mum and Dad will need you. Please."

"Come back with us!" He hissed, and I heard him thrust one of his knives into the air. Heat enveloped me as a wasp screeched with pain, until a gross pop cut it off. "I told them it was no good letting you go. This... this must be the curse."

A shiver went down my spine. "No... it couldn't be. The Gwallgof only affects members of our bloodline... right?"

Maldwyn let out a grunt. "Mac and I thought so at first. But something's different now. Ever since the solstice, wherever we go darkness seems to fall. Maybe it's just coincidence. Maybe not. But it's not a risk I'm willing to take. If this is the end, at least be with your family. Be with your own kind!"

"You're talking madness!" I clenched my fists as thaumaturgic energy rippled from my body. "It's just like you to suggest running away from our problems. For once I have the chance to do something good with myself instead of holing myself away in a moor, and now you come along and try and tell me what to do. I won't have it!"

"Fianna," Mald whispered as he grabbed my hands, the warmth of his blood enveloping my fingers. "Please." A faint aura of helplessness pierced his words, and for a moment I faltered. He sounded just like he did on that fateful day at the beach with Aeron. Still innocent. Still the brother I knew.

Maybe he was right after all?


"This is perhaps the worst plan I've ever taken part in."

Macsen Rhydderch, ensconced in pure black from head to toe, stood with a witch and another warlock in an abandoned clearing among the trees of northern Pennsylvania, arms outstretched. The witch, Amelia Darrow, muttered in Latin as she poured a steady stream of wolf's blood in a circle around her, halfway between Macsen and the other warlock.

Mac winced at the waste of perfectly good blood - sure, it wasn't as nutritious as human blood, but it was at least better than using it on black magic like this. Just because he was a vampire didn't mean he wasn't allowed to have taste.

Across from him, Petros Nazarian lifted a finger to his mouth before bringing it to his side again. Despite his mutism, he was very effective at getting his point across when he needed to - Amelia demanded silence for this part to work. So far, it was working - the massive wasps around them bounced against an invisible force field like they were trying to enter a closed window. But more powerful elements were needed for the grand event.

Is everything in place? Eleanor's voice echoed in Mac's head, traveling all the way from across the Atlantic.

I still don't see why this is necessary, Mac though to himself - or, rather, to Eleanor. Our coven is well underground. The wasps won't get to us.

This isn't about the wasps, Mac. Eleanor's voice grew more stern. My mother's predictions are rarely false, and even the Nazarian's tomes prophesied this. A day of reckoning is-

-is coming for the arcanists of the Black Rock, yes, we've been told this many times before. But how exactly are we supposed to do this with just the three of us?

The three of you?

Yes. It's just me, Petros, and Amelia here.

You're telling me you didn't gather other witches? Amelia said it requires five people total.


Macsen we've been over this eighty times!

Mac broke from the circle, prompting Petros to tilt his head. Forgetting something? He seemed to mock-ask. It's like he was waiting for Mac to figure out on his own, instead of reminding him and saving everyone precious time.

"This won't be long," Macsen snarled, closing his eyes and concentrating on the essences of the two closest witches to him. Surprisingly, they were located in Maine.

Of course, Mac thought to himself bitterly. They were my niece and nephew. Also contending with massive wasps. This was going to be a pain in the ass.


I sent a force of telekinetic energy towards an encroaching wasp, slamming it into the wall of the cave. Though dazed, it only staggered for a few moments before it rejoined formation, slowly making its way towards us along with the rest of its group. Dismayed, I backed up, accidentally stepping on someone's foot.

"Sorry," I muttered, turning around to face... Octarine? "You??"

"You??" Octarine straightened his clothes out, sizing me up with disinterest. "'You' yourself, asshole."

"How did you get here?" I spluttered. "Why did you get here?!"

"I guess he though it would be convenient," Octarine sneered, crossing his arms and looking up at the ceiling. Clearly no situational awareness.

I rolled my eyes at his ignorance, instead turning my attention to Annie and Valerie. If they had a plan, I was all ears.


Several students were clustered with my present squad as we met the battlefield. Nandi's platforms began to dissipate as the last of the church's inhabitants fled to relative safety, leaving us with another problem - more giant insects.

"I've about reached my limit." Devika scrunched her nose at the sky, lobbing a grenade of dark energy into the sky. It exploded, sending off a sonic boom and downing three wasps easily. "Lorn, have you been able to make contact with Bobby and Reynard?"

"Been kinda hard to, what with avoiding certain death and all." He whipped his communicator out, typing in some codes. "If you haven't guessed, this is a worldwide fiasc-"

Tristen looked over at Lorn, an impatient look scrawled over her face. "Cat got your tongue?"

"The... the west coast. They're... dead?" He spluttered for a few seconds before I ripped his communicator from his hands, staring at the screen.

Sure enough. Per a message from Bobby, all waspish activity has ceased along the western American seaboard. But why? Why not here? None of this made any sense...

"Uh, guys?" Another student - I think his name was Marcus? - raised a shaky hand to the sky, towards the trees.

"Oh..." Lorn whimpered. "Oh, shit."

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