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Post by Adrian Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:45 pm

Where does an idea go when it is forgotten?

In the Marches, the world is shaped by the lost thoughts and discarded plans left behind by the Makers - those that craft worlds of fantasy, realms of science fiction and magic, stories of loss, hatred, friendship, and love. Those that live here in the Marches may be forsaken by their creators - ideas of people that fell through, or have even been shifted irreversibly by the ravages of time.

And while they may not know how they ended up in the Marches, or why, they do know they have one goal - to live. Live as they have, or never have, before.

But, of course, every hero, every villain, every character has their adversaries. And in the Marches, they are known by at least one name. The Dark Confluence.

It has come in many forms throughout the entire multiverse. But in the Marches especially, it is able to take on its true form as the legions of pure shadow. From vicious dark-animals to monstrous beasts beyond one’s imagination, they seek one common goal - to claim the entire Marches for the Dark Confluence, and theoretically convert everyone there into shadowy versions of their former selves.

When it comes to the Marches… well, it’s a strange new world for some. For others, it’s business as usual. In an ever-shifting world where the rules seem to shift every few hours, each day is different from the last.

You’re no longer where you once were. The place that you call home is out of reach.

Now, you’ve joined the liminal space.

[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Limina13
It’s not just a fantasy story or a sci-fi space epic. It’s an RPG crossover.

The “World”
(For What It’s Worth)


Nobody’s really sure how big the Marches are. For all they know, it’s an infinite world. In some places it’s a radioactive wasteland. In others it’s a thick, humid jungle. Or a draconic lava flow. Or even a beautiful, sunny beach resting along a purple ocean. Its continued discovery is made possible by its inhabitants. All they know for sure is, wherever they are, it’s a place where stars - even the sun - don’t seem to exist. Or, if they do, they’re very far away.

The inhabitants of the Marches aren’t quite sure how their new world works, either. Magic works about as well as physics seems to, with arguably even greater efficacy. Travel is facilitated depending on the individual’s abilities. For the totally non-magical, portals can be found occasionally, taking the person to where they mentally wish to go. Self-teleportation has even more range. Regular and magical machines work the same as they would in their respective worlds. It’s almost as if the laws of this realm are working in perfect harmony. What’s possible is ultimately determined by one’s abilities.

And time doesn’t seem to work well here, or at all. Nobody ages, and what seems like a centuries on the “outside” ends up being 30 seconds in the Marches. Sometimes it reverses, and time actually moves slower in other worlds than in the Marches. For all intents and purposes, time as we know it doesn’t really exist at all.

There is at least one settlement open to all who seek refuge, however, referred to as Lacuna. Nobody is really sure who started it - it almost seems to be as old as the Marches themselves - but the inhabitants do know Lacuna is a safe space for anybody who needs a place to rest their eyes, hide from the beasts of the land, or just call home.


The Marches are diverse lands. People of all kinds - human and otherwise - reside here, doing whatever it takes to get by. Some may build farms, settlements, or even cities. Others prefer to live in solitude. Those that may hit the scouting jackpot (that is, find regions of the March that are completely identical to worlds from other universes) may claim a permanent home. There’s other possibilities, of course - the Marches are seemingly infinite, filled with an unknown amount of people.

There’s one type of person that may end up here, though. Those that seem to know a great deal about many of the other characters here, and have powers unparalleled to other people, even the godlike ones. They tend to call themselves Makers. Nobody is really sure as to what that means, though.


The Marches are rife with more unsavory types, but if there’s any common ground people have, it’s against the Dark Confluence - a monstrous, greedy race dedicated to snuffing out any and all “light” - essentially, those free from the control of the Dark Confluence. It doesn’t seek truce or allegiance to any other group. All the Dark Confluence wants is control and corruption, to extend their master’s grasp on the Marches so it can potentially destroy other worlds as well.

Monsters belonging to the Dark Confluence appear more often in times of literal darkness - night time, in shadowy caves, etc. Their intelligence varies, from mindless rabid things to cunning and ruthless warmongers.

(more like tips but w/e)

Any character is allowed, so long as you own it (or you have permission from the owner). These can be from CC, from Central, or even if you want to bring a character over from another RPG game (text based or video).

Restriction will be on a case-by-case basis. Obviously this is a very malleable world. Remember Where Borders Fall (which I totally and definitely did not rip this off of without Athena’s permission (no really I made sure to get their permission first))? Think that. I will rarely restrict you guys, though, unless another player has a serious problem with what you're doing - then I'll look into it and decide.

Your characters, including their memories, are in your hands. Will they be exact copies, or from a previous point in their respective role-play? Or will they be completely different? The only big rule is that you can’t use other people’s characters without their permission.

Yes, the Marches really don’t have much limits in terms of what can actually be done. But this comes with a caveat, which I am sure most of you are aware of at this point. Please don’t obstruct other people’s stories. Not to say don’t interact - please, interact. But don’t try to dictate what other people can and can’t do, respect their decisions and ask to make big changes, etc. We're all the writers here, and it's a big enough space that we shouldn't have to bump elbows!

This will have a "Central Plot™," but don’t let that stop you from creating your own stories. The Dark Confluence is of course a threat, but there could be forces on the same level as (or maybe even bigger than!) an army of shadow. It’s a malleable world, and your only limits are your imagination.

If you didn’t understand from the “People of the Marches” part, self-inserts are allowed. If you don’t know what that is, think of what Hawk did in the Harwell’s RPG - literally making yourself into a character. I’m gonna use their form as an example of the limits “you” can have in the RPG. Obviously don’t get ridiculous. It's you, and you still have flaws, so making yourself into a Mary Sue/Gary Stu-esque character is frowned upon. Be genuine!

You can copy-paste the character’s form from the original thread, or you can make a new one with this:

Roleplay of Origin:
Possessions of Interest: (This includes their weapons)
Abilities: (Supernatural or otherwise)
Notable Relationships: (It might be good to consult others about this beforehand)

My forms will be coming soon! Obviously if you have any questions, let me know on here or on Discord. I'm sure there's a lot more you'd like to know and I'll be happy to explain to the best of my abilities.

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[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L A64726_6bab724690da4cbabd281635add02e0a~mv2
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Post by Sal Sat Nov 03, 2018 9:57 am

Roleplay of Origin: "4 Factions" (Real name unknown, I've mostly adapted her from my own thing)
Name: No. 04 || Relic
Age: N/A, claims 19
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L 3dbb8f56b2daaaeb62388de7c682226546658e86
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Icc5zGv Yes, Relic is Albino.
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Icc5zGv Yes, the horns/red tattoos are there.
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Icc5zGv No, her hair isn't that long and only goes to her waist.
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Icc5zGv 5'7" || ??? lbs
Relic is. . . more or less an interesting character. She's pretty relaxed and quiet in nature, not really possessing a threat to anyone else as she'd rather keep peace between people as much as possible. She'll seem pretty defenseless at first, but if you tried to push her buttons you'd find yourself regretting it greatly. You'll also note that as you begin to make her more angry, threatened, or upset her red tattoos will begin to fade away. As that happens she'll become a lot more dangerous personality wise (and physical wise).

On top of it, she likes to make the logical choices rather than personal ones. Also, she doesn't understand the concept of love, any sorts of it from friend to lover kinds.

It'll make more sense in RP. . .

No. 04 was a test subject. Nothing more than unconscious, poked and prodded doll that provided excellent results for their reports. Suddenly, though, she woke up from her clear casket to be met with an abandoned lab, walls splattered with blood but no bodies or sign of life around. No. 04 found a few left over reports that hadn't been ruined or rendered unreadable, however, they didn't give her much information about herself besides being called "No. 04".

Upon leaving the lab she stumbled across No. 01, No. 02, and No. 03. They were mostly in the same boat as herself, having no memory of before waking up in their clear casket of their own lab room that looked like a slaughter had happened. They also were similar in look too, sporting some sort of horn(s) on top of their head and red tattoos on their wrist.

Because they had no where else to go but outside, they declared No. 01 the leader and gave one another a real name rather than some sort of number. Relic, well, obviously became Relic. Together, under the guidance of Argon (No. 01) they traveled into the the apocalyptic world they lived in.

-Parts she doesn't remember-
After some time her group began to fall apart. No. 03, the only other girl, had betrayed them after losing her cool (and her tattoos), in doing so going completely insane and murdering Argon. No. 02, to defend Relic and himself, was forced to kill No. 3.

Possessions of Interest: Black dagger
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Icc5zGv The red tattoos keep her power bound down and limited. They become less visible as she becomes more out of control of her emotions anger wise.
>> She becomes almost abnormally strong for her size, she becomes more nimble, and she becomes a lot more ruthless. It's unsure if she can do anything else besides that seeing as that's all she's been able to show.
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Icc5zGv She doesn't need sleep. But she will do so anyways.
Notable Relationships: N/A
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Icc5zGv Fighting / Defending herself.
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Icc5zGv Doesn't need sleep.
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Icc5zGv She's not human, meaning she already has above average speed/strength/stamina.
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Icc5zGv Her anger, it tends to make her violent and a threat to others.
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Icc5zGv Her trust issues get in the way a lot, but she's not sure why she has it.
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Icc5zGv She tends to be spacey.
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Icc5zGv Relic also has a terrible sense of direction.
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Icc5zGv She's. . . not human? Surprise. . .?

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Post by ~Dylan Battle~ Sat Nov 03, 2018 7:46 pm

[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Jade-tailor-10-fun-facts

"Trouble, dear, that's what you are. I would know, that's all I attract."

Roleplay of Origin: N/A (She's based on a written character of mine)

Name: Penelope Grace

Age: 19

Appearance: Penelope has long billowing black hair, dark amber eyes, long lashes, dimples on both of her cheeks, freckles, a pear like frame with caramel skin. She has elf like ears, wears dark makeup, and has pillowy lips. Kind of looks like a cross between Prudence from CHAOS and Jade Tailor from the Magicians

Personality: Penelope is eccentric, and high class. She's a very posh child, growing up in a time long before magic was criminalized in her home-world. She's cheerful, optimistic, outspoken, blunt, and passive aggressive. She hates small talk and will find any way possible to startle her onlookers.

Biography: Penelope grew up in the Magical Renaissance of 1100 M.D. she was among the Aristocratic party of diviners and therefore she was encouraged to entertain royals with her powers of divination and channeling of the Gods. Through her work, she was able to save her Northern Country from a great plague, and even took the hand of a gorgeous Duchess by the name of Anna Vivol.
Penelope received a message from the Triple God of an oncoming genocide among here people, and being slow to act, she was present at the assassination of not only the entire royal court, but also her wife. In an act to not turn the wrath of the Triple God on the new Republic, the assassins instead banished her to the Greenlands, where magic was frowned upon. There she meditated for two years, and in exchange for the ability to love anyone else, she received the Butterfly Mark. With it, Penelope can manipulate nature in any way that she pleases, fire, water, air, earth, and spirit are all within her grasp.

Possessions of Interest: (This includes their weapons) The Butterfly Mark, an enchanted tattoo given in exchange for something great.

Abilities: (Supernatural or otherwise)

Penelope is connected directly to the natural world and thus can communicate, influence, manipulate and control nature: all living beings and plants and natural phenomena, such as the weather and geology of the Earth, and the matter and energy of which all these things are composed. They can survive in any natural environment on earth.

Penelope can manipulate, tap into, blend and/or become elements of nature, including air, weather, lightning, earth, stone, metal, water, ice, light, darkness, clouds/mist, magma, fire etc.. She can control animals and plants and mimic their abilities and forms.

Because Penelope can communicate with nature, she becomes instantly familiar with their surroundings, the connection is so deep that the earth can respond to one's emotions and desires (blossoming with flowers and calming weather when happy, making skies stormy or cause earthquakes when angry, shifting the landscape to gain the advantage in a fight, etc.)

Penelope can purify, heal and generally influence the health of nature, and considering the fact that they're helping the environment, plants and animals act favorably towards user. They have access to every living species of animal on Earth and can also draw strength from them and acquire their abilities. Nature obeys users every command and operate on a "hive mind", meaning she can control an entire army of animals.

Notable Relationships: (It might be good to consult others about this beforehand)

Strengths: Nature Empowerment, Divine Channeling

Weaknesses: She's forbidden from loving another soul again, if she does, she loses all of her powers.

- Death Manipulation
- Chaos Manipulation
- Someone who's stronger than here
- Emotional Manipulation
- Love Manipulation
- Natural Lordship

- Penelope is based off of three distinct people, Vivienne from Dragon Age: Inquisiton, Penelope from Greek Fire, and Validus from As Dawn Breaks.
- She's desperately bitter, and needs a friend, someone who will bite back at her.
- She reminds me of Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games
- Her Butterfly Mark is an actual power from another series that I forgot the name to
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Post by Adrian Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:20 pm

Name: Malina du Asile

Age: 19 (born January 4th)

Appearance: [APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Tumblr_njxtoaeMWa1swwx3co5_250

Personality: Gonna keep this as in-game, mainly because I'm still trying to decide. But her strengths play into her personality, as do weaknesses.

Biography: Malina du Asile grew up in Toronto for her entire life. She knows very little about her parents - her mother was killed by breast cancer when Malina and her brother were much younger, and her father Troy seems to be very secretive about his past. All Malina knows about him is that he apparently went to a very closed-off, advanced school for training agents of some kind.

Just before Malina graduated from her school as valedictorian, her older brother Brett suddenly disappeared. He left no note, no trace or sign that he even existed, and no clue as to where he could have gone. The disappearance shocked the family - and by family, I mean just Malina. Troy seemed very passive about what happened, almost as if he knows something. After all, Troy was closer to Brett than he ever was with his daughter, and Malina isn't entirely sure why.

Troy du Asile (father)
Rhianna du Asile (mother, deceased)
Brett du Asile (brother, missing)

Bloodhound - Mali is very intuitive; she's good at figuring things out. She can usually differentiate between what could be a lie and what could be truth, and is highly observant of her surroundings. She doesn't know her intelligence quotient, but... it's up there.
Motivation - Mali wants to find out what happened to her brother, and will very likely use knowledge from Evergreen Academy to locate and confront him, as well as her father. Because she knows he's hiding something.
People-Person - Mali can get along with almost anybody. It doesn't take her long at all to get to know a person, and she makes a fairly good teammate.

Not A Fighter - Mali is a bit of a pacifist. She doesn't have any interest in combat (although she will defend herself if needed). Her line of thinking is that you can get anything you need if you just talk it out. Sadly not a good philosophy in wartime.
Untrained - All Mali has is her book smarts. When it comes to practicality, she tends to lack experience, instead opting for the longer route instead of a more obvious solution. She knows how to use her knowledge - but she lacks experience in the field.
In Over Her Head - Mali has too much pride in her strengths and tends to forget her weaknesses. As such, she tends to fall pretty hard when she fails at a task.

Codename: Ariadne

Other Information (optional): Malina can speak English, French, and Spanish.

Name: Your mom.

Alias: Octarine. I like it, because it's unique, like me.
(It's also nonexistent...)

Age: 18. Barely legal [APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Icon_wink (Inappropriate.)

Appearance: Ugh, dammit, you ask a lot of questions...
#selfie!: [APP THREAD] L I M I N A L 25380-960541374
Wow, really Adrian? You were too lazy to go find RL face claims?

(I mean, none of them would really match what you look like.)

Unbelievable. Well, FYI, I don't always look like this. Sometimes I'm not even a dude. All depends on how I'm feeling, I guess. You can use masculine pronouns though. I don't really care honestly.

Abilities: Let's see, I can talk to YOU, so that's one. I'm not really fond of staying in one form for too long, so I switch things up. Make things spicy. But my real claim to fame is doing the impossible. Doing an infinite amount of things in one minute? I can do that (though it gets terribly exhausting after the first 30 seconds). Pesky scientific laws getting in the way? I know a guy. (Me. The guy is me.) Need me to get Adrian off of his procrastinative ass and actually post somewhere for once? That might be a little out of my realm... but I'll see what I can do ; )

Sexuality: yes

Personality: Fabulous. I'm a very likeable person. One of the most likeable. People are in awe of how likeable I am. Nobody is likeable like I am, I'll tell you that.
(He's the worst.)

Personal History: Long ago a man and a woman fell in love and had a beautiful baby, and life was grand.

Just kidding, they died.

The man and woman, not the baby. The baby is me if you haven't guessed.

That baby was adopted by this real harpy of a woman in Berlin, but her mean spirit didn't stop him! Soon, he would travel to beautiful Lebanon (the NH city, not the Middle Eastern country), with new friends enemies? people that can tolerate him enough to not kill him too much.

Nobody's sure why I'm able to do all this stuff either - not even me. I don't even remember when my abilities first manifested. Maybe Adrian just hasn't decided on a suitable backstory... or he's keeping something from me.

Strengths: I think I'm a really good team player. I'm smart, kind, funny, well-bred and educated and - oh, this isn't my Tinder profile. Fuck.

Weaknesses: If you must know, I can't really do anything for too long. There was this one instance where I almost broke reality and nearly deleted myself. That was scary, embarrassing, and probably unhealthy. I guess if Adrian the universe doesn't like something breaking the rules, its best course of action is to delete it. Yikes.

(Did I mention he's a pain in the ass?)

Birthday: February 31st. (It's April 12th)

Hometown: Hamburg.

Likes: Indian food, (being a pest), rainbows

Dislikes: These damn questions.

Notable Relationships: I'm best friends with Jesus.

Other/Trivia: I don't even know what to put here

Name: Bridget Baumgartner

Alias: Lambda

Age: 17

Appearance: [APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Svcklr10

Hometown: Cheyenne, WY

Personality: Split. See Powers

Personality Type: ISTJ (Logistician)

Sexuality: Asexual

Divided Mind - Perhaps the most interesting of Bridget's abilities, and the explanation for her dissociative identity disorder. Bridget Baumgartner is effectively two different people in one. She is aware of this. Her two sides are:
* Bridget - Her natural side, the personality she is in most often. This side uses soft analysis and intelligence. Slightly erratic, eccentric, and emotionally unstable at times.
* Bridgett - Her other side, which manifests in dangerous settings. This Bridget is more strategic and militaristic - she even seems more powerful combat-wise. However, she also grows more confident and may ignore information that comes to her.
Claircognizance - Bridget, regardless of minds, has the ability to gain intelligence through intrinsic means - knowledge just randomly comes to her. It can be arbitrary as well. It was in a dream at the age of 7 that she suddenly gained a high level of proficiency in Afrikaans, and she inexplicably understands quantum mechanics and C# coding despite not having a proper education.
Accelerated Probability - Bridget, regardless of minds, has the ability to physically see all possible options of a current situation as well as the outcomes for those situations. However, the more variables there are, the less accurate the foreseeable outcomes are. When using this ability, her mind works in overdrive - meaning time from her perspective slows down, even though it's still moving at the same rate. This is mentally exhausting for her to perform.

Personal History: Bridgett never had an easy life. Born in Montana to an unknown mother and father, she was swiftly put into a girl's home at the age of 10 after being diagnosed with severe dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia. Little did she know that these were the symptoms of a unique grouping of abilities.

Now, Bridgett was by no means an idiot - in fact, she may be among the smartest children in the U.S., if not among the smartest people. Her initial IQ result upon entering her mental facility came up as a resounding 267. But her confusing and debilitating disorders didn't really do much to support this evidence. The only solace she found was in a young nurse, Courtney, assigned to her. As soon as Bridgett got to know her, she could finally make sense of her turmoil and dissociation. Courtney was the only one in the facility - perhaps the entire state, perhaps the country up until Harwell's - that firmly believed Bridgett had extraordinary qualities. But it wasn't until the age of 6 that Bridgett finally got the letter for Harwell's. Without hesitation, she accepted.

Family: None. The only person she's close to is Courtney.

Likes and Dislikes: Likes forest green, books, seafood, the outdoors, and thinking. Hates music besides classical, conversations, and loudness.

Strengths: Her biggest strength is her intelligence. Her quick-thinking and critical problem solving is an essential asset to her group, and she isn't unwilling to share her findings and information.

Weaknesses: Bridget dislikes to fight. It's not that she is repulsed by it - rather, she lacks the confidence to do so. She'd rather be a strategist and intel leader.

Other/Trivia: That's confidential.

[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L A64726_6bab724690da4cbabd281635add02e0a~mv2
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Post by Adrian Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:25 pm

Oops, I forgot me.

Name: “Adrian” (aka Me)

Age: Old enough to drink, young enough to be incredibly stupid.

Appearance: Brown, fucked up hair, blue(?) eyes. Not tall, but not short. Legs up to here. White as fuck. Likes torn jeans because it makes him feel “hip.” Straighter than he looks.

Personality: But not as straight as he acts. Somehow stupid and smart at the same time. The “smart” may actually be just pure luck. Chaotic something. A bit of an ass, but means well enough.

Biography: That’s classified. And also an extremely boring story.

Possessions of Interest: His wits. All 2 of them.

Writer: Part of the writing process requires a certain level of awareness about events going on within the story you're writing.  In this case, inserting one's self into a narrative you're also writing is a pretty dumbass move since you are constrained to the laws of the story you're in.  In this case, while Writer allows [INSERT NAME HERE] to read all the posts and forms contained within the Harwell's threads and use the information contained therein, [INSERT NAME HERE] cannot manipulate or change any information set down.  It's essentially the fourth wall aware ability we see in Shayla and Octarine except nothing has to be in parentheses in order for [INSERT NAME HERE] to read it.
Limited Reality Manipulation As is reasonable and viable, [INSERT NAME HERE] is capable of writing into existence settings, objects, scenarios, and people for [INSERT NAME HERE] to interact with and observe.  Likewise, anyone around [INSERT NAME HERE] can also observe and interact with what [INSERT NAME HERE] creates, much like any regular 'ol RP character.  According to the rules of this temporal space, however, [INSERT NAME HERE] cannot kill without the permission of the intended's respective creator, [INSERT NAME HERE] cannot disrespect the rules of the RPers (including the creator), and [INSERT NAME HERE] cannot pull a deus ex machina in order to manipulate the intended plot of [INSERT RPG NAME HERE] -- unless permission is given, at which point [INSERT NAME HERE] may create as is requested in order to fulfill the wishes of others.
Flesh Form Rather than sitting snidely behind a thin wall of text posts and forum code, [INSERT NAME HERE] now lives in a corporeal form that other characters can see and interact with.
Copy-pasting from other people’s forms because he’s an unoriginal douche (he didn’t even edit the brackets)
Cross-Reality Knowledge Perception Since he’s essentially a self-insert, Adrian can not only see other posts on the thread(s), but can also see other RPG threads and posts on CC, including Application Threads. This power is highly limited by Adrian’s motivation level (which tends to be quite low)


Strengths: Expert Googler. Kinda created the RPG. Awake at ungodly hours. Honestly has pretty good ideas, even if he’s shit at executing them.

Weaknesses: Tends to overlimit himself because of “muh power trip” and the whatnot. Bad at writing. Mentally unstable. Double posts a lot. Edits posts to add a lot more information than necessary.

Trivia: don’t hurt me

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Post by Captain Whitehawk Tue Nov 06, 2018 1:05 pm

Where did you think Adrian got his form basis?  T'was me.:

Name: Tor [REDACTED]
Alias: Tortellini, Tortilla, Tortoise, Tornado, etc.
Age: 19
Birthday: February.
Hometown: Uncertain and unavailable.
Appearance: Sort of like a bread loaf, specifically a Scandanavian one.  You know how people get chunky when they live in colder climates and their body compensates for the lower temperatures with thicker layers of fat and a generally sturdier body composition?  Yeah.  Silver hair that sticks up a lot because it's recently been cut shorter and refuses to behave.  Good for cuddling.  Prone to face journeys.  Likes wearing dark lipstick.


  • Writer: Part of the writing process requires a certain level of awareness about events going on within the story you're writing.  In this case, inserting one's self into a narrative you're also writing is a pretty dumbass move since you are constrained to the laws of the story you're in.  In this case, while Writer allows Tor to read all the posts and forms contained within the threads on CC and use the information contained therein, Tor cannot manipulate or change any information set down.  It's essentially the fourth wall aware ability we see in Shayla and Octarine (in Harwell's) except nothing has to be in parentheses in order for Tor to read it.
  • Limited Reality Manipulation: As is reasonable and viable, Tor is capable of writing into existence settings, objects, scenarios, and people for Tor to interact with and observe.  Likewise, anyone around Tor can also observe and interact with what Tor creates, much like any regular 'ol RP character.  According to the rules of this temporal space, however, Tor cannot kill without the permission of the intended's respective creator, Tor cannot disrespect the rules of the RPers (including the creator), and Tor cannot pull a deus ex machina in order to manipulate the intended plot of  Liminal -- unless permission is given, at which point Tor may create as is requested in order to fulfill the wishes of others.  In a sense, Tor could potentially be the most powerful character in the RP, but such power is bound under the rules of public servitude. 
  • Flesh Form: Rather than sit snidely behind a thin wall of text posts and forum code, Tor now lives in a corporeal form that other characters can see and interact with. 

Sexuality: Going through a crisis.
Personality Type: // ENFJ // SO/sx // 2w3 8w7 5w6 // Slytherin // Chaotic Dumbass // 
Personality: Has previously been described as a "lesbian Griffin McElroy," as well as "my actual parent."  Intends benevolence.

Personal History: 

Warning wrote:This application (backstory.exe) requires administrative privileges to run.  Please login as administrator and try again.

Strengths: Can multi-track thoughts and read body language.  Capacity for bullshitting is high.  The harder you push down on Tor, the harder Tor pushes back.
Weaknesses: Sensitive about certain topics, pretty aggressive, more vulnerable on the inside than is typically admitted.  Selfish.
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Post by WritingBookworm Tue Nov 06, 2018 2:51 pm

Roleplay of Origin: None. She's the protagonist of Fallen Star, my novel (title's probably gonna change at some point)

Name: Astra Capricorn

Age: 18


[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Img_0410
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Img_0410

She looks more innocent, like the first picture, but the color sheme is more like her live action face claim.

Personality: Honestly, just see the Ennegram Type 2 page because that page describes her way better than I ever could. Keep in mind while reading it that she is a very unhealthy Type 2.

Biography: Astra’s childhood was normal until she was eight years old, on the day her father died. After that day her mother locked her in the house and prevented her from ever going outside. Her emotional state became such a big wreck after that, constantly fantasizing to keep herself entertained and hopeful. She pored over books in her room, rereading stories and fairy tales over and over, giving herself hope that her prince would come rescue her someday. Eventually, her mother — or the beast, as Astra grew to think of her — made her tear her books apart, leaving her without any fantasy to turn to. It was finally then that Astra accepted that no prince would come for her, and that if she wanted to survive, she had to escape on her own. She slipped away and immediately ran into a pack of wolves. Though she tried to handle herself, she might have died had not a “princely” young man stepped in and saved her. This new Levi Nocturne expressed a type of kindness for her that she hadn’t experienced in years. She assumed then and there that meant he was in love with her. He whisked her away, and Astra felt like a princess being whisked away. She at last had her happily ever after.


Possessions of Interest: Her mother’s sapphire necklace, which has mysteriously appeared in her pocket upon her arrival here.

Abilities: Her necklace has the ability to control the emotions of others. Not that Astra knows that yet.

Notable Relationships:

Rebecca Capricorn/The Beast [Mother]: Astra fears her. She doesn’t believe she’s what an actual mother should be, so she doesn’t refer to her as her mother and instead refers to her as a beast. There’s a lot more to their relationship than that, but that’s all I can say for now.
Cyrus Capricorn [Father, Deceased]: She remembers him as a fun, kind father, and his death marked the start of when Rebecca locked her up. Astra doesn’t remember what happened to him. She doesn’t want to.
Levi Altair/Nocturne [Boyfriend . . . ?]: She’s not in love with him, but she’s convinced herself she is. She doesn’t realize what he’s really like.

Strengths: Astra is extremely beautiful and deceptively innocent. When she loves, she loves generously and wholeheartedly. Stronger than she knows.

Weaknesses: So Astra’s one of the most unreliable narrators you’re ever gonna meet. She has a super rosy view of Nocturne and anyone else that shows her kindness. She has an idealized view of herself, too, because no, she’s not a monster, she’s as helpless and innocent as a princess. She hasn’t the slightest clue about how her own world works, let alone this one. Doesn’t know how to have a normal interaction with someone. Overly compensating and apologizes a lot. Shows surprising bouts of aggression and possessiveness. Sees the world in black and white, there’s no gray area. She’s quite a bit more vicious than she seems, and once you realize that, there’s no looking at her the same way.

-Her original incarnation was a major antagonist in Fighting Fate, where she had it out for this one girl for killing her brother. Eventually Writing reworked her drastically, making her twice as sympathetic as her original incarnation — but also twice as dangerous.
-Yes her live action face claim is Tiara Gold from HSM3, FIGHT ME.
-Her theme is What You Want by Evanescence. Has always been, even in her Fighting Fate incarnation. It just fits her even better now.
What You Want:

[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Tumblr_psuz0sQPWk1t2vv2no5_500

"I'll tell you where the real road lies: between your ears, behind your eyes. That is the path to paradise, and likewise the road to ruin."

Infinity's Row: Interlude l Anaphora: Pariah l Infinity's Row: Uncontrollable l Anaphora: Vengeance]

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Post by Adrian Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:38 am

Aidec's original form is dusty af so I'm going to be using the pre-made one. I'm also going to be using the Aidec from IR: Awakening, meaning my boy is gonna be 17 instead of in his 40's.

Roleplay of Origin: Infinity's Row: Awakening
Name: Aidec Farenart
Age: 17
Appearance: [APP THREAD] L I M I N A L 265?cb=20170128222535
Personality: In general, Aidec Farenart has a strong and collected personality. It takes a deal to set him off, but when he is, it's for a good reason. Aidec had originally been more geared towards fending for himself, but in recent months, he learned the importance of sacrifice and friendship. He also tends to have a mouth, but only uses it against "assholes" or anyone that otherwise antagonizes him or his friends. Aidec also has grown much more attached to his friends, including Yuffie, since his mother's passing, and though he doesn't always approve of her choices, he is willing to stand by them if she truly thinks they're right.

Near the end of Infinity's Row, Series One, Aidec's views of Runite's Row have begun to shift significantly. Previously believing the Row to be a source of redemption and honor, he is now starting to see it as a burden (albeit a necessary one) and a source of heartbreak. However, he still refuses to abandon it, if only for the sake of his friends and family.

Biography: oof. Abridged version: poor street urchin, turned government-appointed soldier, turned renegade, turned double-amputee, turned renegade (again), turned sad boy.

Possessions of Interest: Sentinel. It's a Zodiac weapon (I can't remember which one made it) that was destined to be given to his bloodline, and has thaumaturgic properties.

Abilities: No magical abilities, though Sentinel can surprise him at times.

Notable Relationships: Having been in the Marches for six months, he's familiar enough with Malina du Asile and Zhoten Dahl-Kora.

Strengths: Physically, Aidec is incredibly stealthy, known to randomly sneak up on people. Despite his somewhat-tall stature, he is also nimble and swift. Aidec can also spot con artists and liars through facial cues and body language. Mentally, Aidec is headstrong and stubborn. He values his allies (as well as companionship in general) greatly, and any problem that affects his friends also affects him in return. He has proven time and again to be an effective leader.

Weaknesses: However, Aidec still has a tendency to think for himself first, and has a distaste for professionalism. This has resulted in a few clashes between certain other people. In addition, he gradually struggles to cope effectively in great tragedy, and this occasionally results in some mental "breaks," causing him to become removed from reality.

Trivia: I got one more from IR coming over but he'll be hush hush atm

Zhoten Dahl-Nador; or, Pansexual Fey With a Drinking Problem

Diatar "Leviathan" Rapta Coma; or, Robin Hood fanboy-wannabe that totally missed the message

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Post by Comrade Squid Sat Nov 10, 2018 8:40 pm

my unholy creation:
Roleplay of Origin: One of those K-POP ones I can't remember the name of

Name: Sammy the Paraceratherium

Age: 23-34 million

[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L Paraceratherium_Indricothe
(He's the one on the right)
[APP THREAD] L I M I N A L 72b92ec86418d8c83252daf78a2c6d37
Sammy and Wilbur squaring off to kick some lizard tail

Sammy is, to put it simply, a straight busta'. He does as he pleases and doesn't take disrespect from anybody, and you'll be sorry if you try to flex on him. He's about as arrogant and brash as you would expect from an Oglicene-era alpha mammal. Doesn't like reptiles or thots.

Biography: Back in Oglicene-era South America, Sammy and his best friend Wilbur the Elasmotherium were professional street MFers who kicked butt and took names. Together they krumped enough reptile sons of guns that mammals became the dominant species, which only made them even more popular with the ladies. After this, they added to their list of exploits by single-handedly putting an end to anime and K-POP and together they founded Thot Patrol after exterminating approximately 50,000 thotties.

Then somehow they ended up in the Marches and they don't know how they got there but you must be on something if you don't think they're gonna whoop ass regardless.

Possessions of Interest: Sammy is in possession of a pump-action 870 MCS Shotgun that he is somehow caoable of holding and reloading despite not having fingers. Wilbur is in possession of two Colt M9s that he can dual-wield with surprising efficiency given his similar lack of digits.

Abilities: Sammy can pull out sunglasses from thin-air that are capable of shifting in size and shape to fit literally anyone. Wilbur has abottle of Jack Daniels Whisky that doesn't ever deplete.

Notable Relationships:
Wilbur is his prehistoric bro and they're an inseparable duo.

Strengths: They're large prehistoric mammals that don't give the time of day to reptiles and thots.

Weaknesses: They don't have any

Trivia: ur mom gay

Also Annie from Harwell's is back I guess
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Post by Lady Senbonzakura Sat Nov 17, 2018 6:29 pm

If anything happened to him or his sister I'd kill everyone on this site and then myself (Temple Reynolds):
Temple Reynolds

Roleplay of Origin:
Camp Half-Blood


Images of Ai Mikaze from Uta No Prince-sama. I claim no ownership of the character nor the art.

Temple was born shy. He lacked the confidence for social interaction, even before being cursed. He would speak when spoken to, but hardly ever initiated conversation. Now, it is even harder to communicate, even with sign language, so he hesitates to socialize even more. However, he is not completely pessimistic, and can be motivated into engaging in activities or other forms of interaction. He also has a strong sense of loyalty to those who treat him kindly, even if it’s just a passing thing. He looks up to his sister, as she is more outgoing and confident, and having spent so much time relying on her for food, shelter, protection, and emotional support.

Years ago, the goddesses Khione and Demeter found themselves bored, and decided to make a bet with one another. They chose a mortal, Jason Reynolds, and agreed that whoever could seduce him first would win. Demeter won this bet, using Jason’s occupation as a farmer as an edge, and then left their daughter, Electra, with him. Feeling as though the odds were rigged against her, Khione became angry and decided to retaliate by sleeping with Jason anyway. She then left her child, Temple, with him as well. Being about the same age, Electra and Temple spent a lot of time together.
One night, when Temple was around seven years old, he woke up in the middle of the night to find a woman standing over his bed. It was Demeter, who had only then discovered what Khione had done after Demeter had left Electra with Jason. She wrapped her hand around Temple’s neck, and before he could cry out, he felt a searing burning throughout his throat, and the pain was so powerful, it caused him to pass out. When he came to, he was in a hospital, and could no longer make any noise, but the doctors could not figure out what was wrong. Temple was rendered completely mute, and Jason deduced that it must be some form of curse. In fear of future curses from the goddesses, Jason promptly threw the eight and seven year old children out of the house.
For roughly a year or so, Electra and Temple lived on the streets of Indianapolis. They adapted by learning how to pickpocket passerbys, steal from stores, throw punches, carry small weapons such as knives and brass knuckles, ration food and water, find shelter, evade police, and eventually they developed their own dialect of sign language for Temple to use to communicate with Electra. Luckily, the two were found by an organization called Camp Half-Blood, a place where demigods such as the Reynolds kids could be safe from the monsters and gods and magic. Temple and Electra lived in the Camp for years, slowly readjusting to social and civilized life. While there, they both discovered their powers and developed them, and learned more about not only their mothers but their other many half-siblings.

Possessions of Interest:
-A notebook and pen, used to write down communication to those other than Electra.
(possibly more to come?)

-Temperature Manipulation: Temple can reduce the temperature in space to well below freezing, and can also be used to freeze water quickly. However, the potency of this will be dependent how confined the space is.
-Snow Transformation: Temple can transform his body into a flurry of snow, and travel short distances. This requires him to be well hydrated, and he cannot move more than 10 feet off the ground.

Notable Relationships:
-Electra Reynolds: Temple cannot conceive of a world where Electra does not exist. She’s been his protector, shelter, provider, interpreter, and partner since before he can remember. He is almost blind in his faith and loyalty to her, and believes she can do no wrong. He loves her more than anyone else in the world, and he tries his best not to think about what would happen to his psyche without her.
-Jason Reynolds: Jason is Temple’s biological father, but Temple has a hard time thinking fondly of him. When Jason thought there was a chance more danger could befall him, he disowned and abandoned both Temple and Electra. Neither sibling has had contact with him in seven years.
-Khione: Though she’s Temple’s biological mother, Temple has never met Khione. Temple is indifferent to her, as she’s never shown any concern for him or ever attempted to give him any assistance.
-Demeter: Temple is goddamn terrified of Demeter. She cursed him out of spite of Khione, and he’s convinced that one day she’ll return to kill him.
-Victoria Menoa: Victoria is one of Temple’s half-siblings on his mother’s side. Though an ice queen type personality, he knows she has some kindness in her heart, even if she has no intentions of showing it.

-Because of his heritage, he can withstand cold elements without any severe damage.
-He’s not likely to get into any fights.
-He’s very quiet, and thus very sneaky.
-He’s a decent runner.
-He has good eyesight.
-He’s a kind and loyal friend.

-He’s mute, so he can't give any auditory signals or information.
-He’s not well trained in fighting.
-He usually chooses to flee when Electra is not with him.
-He relies on his powers, and thus doesn’t know how to handle a weapon.

-Temple and Electra don’t know official American Sign Language because they were never taught it. They’re dialect has the basics from library books, but as they needed new words, they developed them on their own.
-In the signing community, personal name signs are given by members to non-members. The type varies between subcultures, but for Electra’s name, Temple uses the finger sign for the letter L (referencing the pronunciation of the first syllable of her name) and then the sign for love.
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