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Soulblade [Roleplay Thread]

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Soulblade [Roleplay Thread] Empty Soulblade [Roleplay Thread]

Post by WritingBookworm Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:20 am

- Cassia -

Death couldn’t come sooner.

I toss the ball at the steel wall. It ricochets back to me, landing in my hand perfectly. I toss it again. It comes back. When I first started doing this, the ball would just end up straying somewhere on the floor of my cell, and I’d have to stand up from my cot and fetch it. But there’s nothing to do here. I’ve had time to practice and perfect my ball-throwing technique, learning the timing behind getting the ball to bounce off the wall.

What a sad, mindless mess I’ve become.

I catch the ball again. The motions become robotic. Toss. Catch. Toss. Catch. Tossing and catching, all in an endless, pointless cycle.

“Where is he, again?” A man asks a question just beyond my door. It’s not a voice I’ve heard before.

When my fingers close around the ball again, I rise from my cot, walking over to my cell door. It’s entirely made of steel, with only a small, glass window at the top to see through. I raise myself on the balls of my feet, peering through to see a finely-dressed man walking in time with two prison guards. I would have dismissed the man as some typical, stuffy Federation officer if not for the silver shield hanging from his back, inlaid with a large blue stone.

“Wait a minute . . .” I mutter to myself. That shield. Is that . . . ?

The stone on the shield glows, radiating a blue light so bright that I have to turn away, because looking at that sucker is like staring at a sun.

“What in the world?” The man — the Soul Regiment Leader? — says. He starts to turn his head my way, and I duck down, crouching on the floor.

The footsteps paused. “This resonance,” I hear the man say. “I’ve never seen anything like it. Who’s in that cell?”

“I’m sure it’s nothing, sir,” one of the guards say.

“The Soulshield is choosing someone,” the man argues. “They’re not even touching the Soulshield and they’re already resonating with it. That doesn’t happen every day.”

The man’s footsteps come toward the door. I scrabble onto my cot and lay down, trying to look like I fell asleep. Before I can close my eyes, the door opens.

“You,” the man says. “Could I have a word with you?”

Soulblade [Roleplay Thread] Tumblr_psuz0sQPWk1t2vv2no5_500

"I'll tell you where the real road lies: between your ears, behind your eyes. That is the path to paradise, and likewise the road to ruin."

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Soulblade [Roleplay Thread] Empty Re: Soulblade [Roleplay Thread]

Post by Paradox Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:30 am

Mersh Lanat, Grishal

As the sun fell, the winds rose.  Already, flurries of ash were spiraling up and down the street, driven by the few winds that had made it over the crater’s edge, looming high above.  Bells rang in the distance, calling the faithful to worship, as they always did before an ash storm.  After all, what better time is there to worship Lord Tarish then when his power is most obvious.  Darus took little notice, however, he was headed to a very different set of prayers.

Ducking into an alley, Darus adjusted the veil that covered his nose and mouth, wiping his eyes with the inside of the cloth.  He had considered wearing goggles as well, but wearing them inside the city would have given him away as a foreigner in a second, and all his work to make sure all his skin was covered would be worthless.  He glanced up at the grey sky, wondering how anyone could live on this miserable world, let alone happily.  Shaking his head, he returned his gaze to the alley before him and his mission ahead.

“Do you come to bring about the night, brother?” Asked a woman standing at the side of the alley, in one of the thickest Grishaln accents Darus had heard since being on the planet.  He was glad that she was speaking Miramakian instead of Grishaln, but he had never really understood their slurred, nasal way of speaking.  At best, he hoped that his accent didn't immediately give him away as a foreigner.

“I merely wish to greet what is inevitable, sister.”

“Welcome brother,” she gave a smile, or something close to one under her veil, before knocking on the door a couple times and opening it for Darus, revealing a narrow hallway.  He could hear the echoes of voices at the other end, no doubt the sermon was already underway.  He had arrived a few minutes late, after all.  Darus took the moment to check over his weapons, his knife, strapped loosely to his upper arm, and his gun, holstered at his belt.  It would take a few seconds to pull the gun out, if the scene became dangerous, but Darus was unconcerned.  He was a good enough fighter that if something bad happened, it would be over before the gun was needed.  Still, it was good to have it.

Darus reached the end of the hallway, looking out over the room where they gathered. It was a fairly large space, with a raised platform at one end, probably some kind of worker’s meeting area, back when Grishal was a mining colony.  He could see posters for political parties, businesses, even a few for the fledgling Presbytery.  Darus thought it was strange that those ones hadn't been torn down.  These people were demon worshippers, after all, and to see posters dedicated to the Triumvirate in their sanctum seemed odd, to say the least.  The man on the platform giving the sermon was familiar to him, Mikiel Riozh was an accomplished water merchant, with a monopoly on water coming into Mersh Lanat from the water mines on the Plains.  He also happened to be a demonic cultist.

“We who suffer, shall prosper when they come.  We who bleed, will be rewarded then.  We sacrifice ourselves and our lives to bring them into our world, and we shall be kings when they reshape the world in their image!”

Darus had to roll his eyes at the sermon.  These men and women had never even seen a demon, unlike Darus, and yet were fanatically faithful to what they thought they were, unaware of what demons could really do.  He pushed his way through the crowd, towards the stage and the man standing on it.  Mikiel caught sight of Darus pushing his way through the crowd after a few seconds, breaking out into a wide grin at the man approaching him.

“It appears our brother has decided to give something for our cause.”  He announced, beckoning Darus forward and motioning for the crowd to let him through.  Darus kept his head bent towards the ground as he tripped his way up towards Mikiel.  “So brother, what will you give?”  He watched as Darus shuffled towards him, “it seems like our brother is a little shy!” He laughed, before looking back down at Darus, “what will you suffer, to bring us that much closer to glory?”

Darus moved to whisper to him, his left hand absentmindedly moving towards his upper arm.  He grasped the hilt of his knife, and swung for Mikiel’s neck.  Mikiel crumpled to the ground, and Darus turned to look at the crowd, looking for his most important target.  While most of the cultists had tried to flee, some had charged at him, and even more were bottlenecked by the door.  He saw the man he was looking for over the sea of heads and drew his gun from his belt, keeping his eyes on the man he would certainly kill in the next five minutes.

“May the Sky Mother have mercy on you all,” he whispered, “for I have no more to give.”  Darus launched himself into combat, shooting the charging cultists, using his knife when anyone got too close.  He slowly made his way across the room, getting closer and closer to the one man he was here for.  While he was less skilled with the knife and gun then he was with his old Soulsword, he was still a capable fighter, capable enough that his target was losing ground on him.

As Darus closed on the man, he turned around, revealing the face of Daren Makutha, Federation ambassador to Grishal.  Darus breathed deep, raised his gun, and fired.

Seven Hours Later

Delta-3 Common Room, Ailil Vestra Federation Military Academy, Miramaki

“Federation Ambassador to Grishal Daren Makutha was found dead in a secret shrine to demons in Mersh Lanat this morning, after being discovered to be missing last night.  At the moment it is unknown what killed him, or if he was killed in the shrine itself, since the Grishal Holy Police have locked down the site until they have conducted a full investigation.  Congress has announced that they aim to fill the ambassadorship by the end of the week. In other news…”

Sitting in our common room, my squad clustered around the small view screen Ravel owned, watching the news.  Gazin leaned back in his chair, it squeaking as it bent. “Where is Grishal anyway?  Never heard of it before.”  Ravel rolled her eyes,

“Planet just outside of Federation space, cold ash world, ruled by a theocracy.  That's the gist of it.”

“So this ambassador was murdered there, in a demonic shrine? Doesn't look good, especially if it’s allied territory.”

“Grishal’s allied territory,” Ravel confirmed. I nodded agreement, while Gazin considered the implications.  Eiser let out a loud groan.

“Why couldn't it have been somewhere we could actually fight?” He asked, “Hell, I'd give anything to go up against some Saaran Marines.”

“Sean…” Ravel warned as I glared at him, moving over to my own console to check emails.

“So what if Vaisea heard me, I’d still say I'd love to fight his peo…” Sean Eiser’s voice trailed off as our squad captain walked in to the room.

“Ok guys, in five minutes we’ve got a ten mile run, then two hours of combat simulations.” She said as she pinned up our schedule to the wall, on top of the many others that had been placed there over the last half-year.

“Come on Aunge, it’s our day off,” Gazin complained, slowly picking himself out of the chair.

“Yeah, and if we want to earn the HC Award for this semester, we’ve got to go above and beyond requirements every day… or do you want Delta-5 to take it from us again?”

“Point taken,” He muttered as he walked out of the room, followed closely by Eiser and Ravel.

I stared straight at my email, barely registering the conversation.  It didn't look like spam, the email was that of the office of the Prime Minister, plus it would have had to be screened to get in here in the first place.

“Vaisea, you coming?” Captain Klara Aunge asked, glancing at me, growing more concerned as she noticed how focused I was.

“I will in a minute, Captain.”  I said, reading over this email for the third time

“Are you ok, Laure?”  I put my hand to my mouth, thinking.

“I’m fine Captain,” she looked at me, worried, “Klara, I’m fine.  I’m just trying to understand this email, I’m… I’m in the running for Soul Regiment.”

“Dear Mr. Laure Vaisea,

It is our pleasure to inform you that you have been selected as a potential candidate for the Soul Regiment of the Federation.  The Soul Regiment has carried an honorable tradition for centuries, so to be selected for such an honor is indicative of your caliber.

Should you choose to accept this honor, there will be an aircraft waiting to take you to the Soul Regiment Headquarters in Valker, Miramaki.  Be prepared by nine o’clock AM, Miramaki Standard Time.

We look forward to working with you.


Prime Minister Ava Blackburn”

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Soulblade [Roleplay Thread] Empty Re: Soulblade [Roleplay Thread]

Post by Athena Lionheart Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:11 pm

[ Cayenne ]

The wind is icy, unrelenting; it's my favorite part of my apartment, up hidden in a skyscraper, far beyond where humans were meant to spend their leisure. I love stargazing, looking down from my balcony.

A gust sends my showersoaked hair all across my face. I peel a strand of hair out of my mouth. My shampoo might smell good, but it sure don't taste it. The traces of coolness left across my face, however, receive the wind even more gladly.

On a table behind me lies my phone, glowing softly. I know the screen it's open to. I know what it says. I know what it'll mean. I know the messages I'll have to send, and to who, and by when, and everything I'll have to put on hold. There are notes in pen up and down my arms. Anticipation crawls in my gut. Anticipation, yes, and a full pint of worry.

I pull out a small roll from my pocket and light it, taking a small hit, continuing to let the news roll through my mind.

Soul Regiment.

and then you put your hand in mine and pulled me back from things divine

stop looking up for heaven
waiting to be buried

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Soulblade [Roleplay Thread] Empty Re: Soulblade [Roleplay Thread]

Post by Comrade Squid Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:37 pm

"You sent for me?" Conrad asked as he entered the small, cramped military office. He couldn't deny he was worried- even though he'd been here several times before, and it had never been for disciplinary reasons, he just couldn't shake the unsettling notion of impending punishment. He couldn't deny that his methods were unorthodox. Even though he'd followed his superiors' orders to a tee in both the simulations and the training missions, they had noticed his tendency to to perform actions he hadn't been ordered to do without telling anybody. Granted, so far it had always resulted in the favored outcome, and the officers conceded that it was the reasonable course of action given the circumstances, but he couldn't shake the feeling that they were simply hiding their displeasure.

However, it was doubtful that the Colonel had any idea to the complex web of thoughts his subordinate was thinking as he leaned back in his chair. "Yeah. Take a seat, Typhonus," the grizzled, military cyborg beckoned. "I'm sure you already know what all this is about."

Conrad nodded as he pulled out the steel chair and sat in it. "That message from the Prime Minister?"

The Colonel chuckled. "Naturally. Not every day you get a hand-typed email from P-M-O-T-F."

"With all due respect, sir, my name wasn't anywhere on it. Hand-typed yes, but sent to how many?"

"Twelve, including yourself." The senior officer clarified, taking a sip of light-brown alcoholic beverage afterwards.

Conrad nodded in understanding. "If that's all then-"

The colonel cut him off. "-It's not. I wouldn't have called you into my office if it was. You see, in reality, your inclusion in the organization has already been arranged; the email is simply a formality."

"Well, it's an incredible honor, sir, that you'd arrange to have me in the Soul Regiment."

"Not my doing, Typhonus. You see... you've been with us seven years, and you've proved to be a very valuable field agent. We know you're trustworthy, but we can't say the same of some of the others. Not all of them were Federation Military before being selected- some were even outright criminals."

Conrad almost winced. That last line didn't exactly disclude him. The colonel continued. "We don't know how they'll react to all this. We don't know their exact loyalty to the Federation. We don't know if they'll panic in battle, or even if they'll flat out take the Soulblades and run. Because of this, we'd like you to monitor the morale and loyalty of your fellow agents while you're there. If you think there'll be trouble, tell the Soul Leader."

The young man nodded. "What if the Soul Leader is potentially compromised, sir?"

The colonel sipped again before answering. "We've considered that possibility. In that case, you'll be in direct communication with me-- in fact, I'm to be considered personally responsible for you. If things get really bad, you've got our permission to take extreme measures to ensure cooperation, including making arrests. Understood?"

Conrad stood up and saluted. "Heard, understood, and acknowledged sir." The whole thing made him uneasy, but he knew what it meant he was willing.

The colonel nodded. "Your shuttle is awaiting you outside. Get your gear ready and board. Dismissed!"
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Soulblade [Roleplay Thread] Empty Re: Soulblade [Roleplay Thread]

Post by Shaybaysasuke Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:26 pm


"...After that you will be attending speech lessons with your mother. She has informed me that this will take longer than normal since you seem to be struggling. Ms. Hana are you listening to me?" the maid who had been escorting me suddenly asked, pulling me from my thoughts.

I had definitely not been listening but smiled and nodded anyway, "Oh of course, speech lessons and my inability to grasp them, right?"

The maid sighed but gave a curt nod, "I suppose if that is the way you wish to phrase it, now-"

Once again she was cut short by the head butler approaching us, brandishing a letter in my direction, "I apologize for the intrusion, miss, but a letter has just arrived for you and your brother. It appears to be urgent."

I tilted my head and took the offered letter, a larger smile adorning my face as I spotted the insignia on the flap. I gave up all preface of trying to act proper in front of the two and started bouncing on my feet, "Oh my goodness, this is amazing!"

I heard the maid calling out to me but I was already sprinting down the hallways, bunching my dress in my hands so I could move easier. Mother and Father were way too predictable so I was able to avoid any hallways they might be in, calling out for my brother, "Kai? Kai, where are you!"


A small, warm smile stayed planted on my face as I stood in the large dining room. It felt awfully stuffy in here and the thick suit jacket I was being forced to wear. I kept my arm up, a white cloth sitting on my forearm as I waited for any instructions from Madame Doublée.

One of her dinner guests, the man I had been asked to "keep an eye on" suddenly placed his napkin down and stood from his seat, "Pardon me, but I need to use the restroom."

"Oh of course, Seth be a dear and escort him there, I would hate for him to lose his way," Madame Doublée asked, gesturing me towards the door.

"Of course, Madame," I answered easily, dipping my head before leading the man out into the hallway.

After rounding a few corners I motioned to the restroom and the man thanked me, "I believe I can find my way back, Seth, thank you."

"Oh, I apologize sir but I must accompany you," I insisted, bowing my head, "Madame's orders, you understand."

"Oh, of course," he answered, entering the bathroom and leaving me to prepare. In an instant I have my knives at the ready, pulling them from under the cloth and moving them inside of my other sleeve. With any luck it would only take one blade, there would be no commotion, and the blood would not stain my get up. The toilet flushed and my head snapped up, waiting for the sink to be shut off before moving one step closer to the door, "Alright, Seth, sorry for the wait-"

He was still wiping his hands off on his pant legs when the knife drove into his heart, hands suddenly coming up to grasp at my arms, "W-Why?"

"Madame's orders," I repeated, the smile melting off my face to be replaced with a blank expression. My eyebrow quirked up, "You understand."

With a few more choked off words the man was dead before me, his lifeless body laying on the ground. I quickly took a plastic bag from my jacket pocket and went to work on tying him up inside, my movements quick and precise. Once he was bound I went back to the dining hall, double checking for any blood and working my face into another warm smile, "Madame, I regret to say that Sir Michaels had to depart. He gives his apologies and thanks you for the meal."

"Oh that poor man, I hope he is alright," she said, a hand coming up to cover her heart. The other dinner guests were blissfully ignorant of any foul play and Doublée motioned me towards her again. She slipped a wad of money into my hand, "Thank you Seth, you may go home for the evening. I believe we can sort ourselves out."

I gave another bow of my head, slipping the money into my pocket and moving towards the door, "Ah, Madame, I will take the garbage out as I leave this evening."

"Yes please do, thank you dear," she said, not turning to look.

I quickly left the room, taking off the stupid jacket the second I was out of anyone's view. That was too easy. Folding the jacket I threw it over one shoulder and picked up the body bag, hauling it outside before throwing it into the incinerator. The lady already had a story ready for how he died so my job was done. I placed my hands on my lower back and leant back, hearing something crack and groaning. I was getting too old for this. I straightened again and fished in my pockets for a cigarette, lighting it in my mouth and shoving my hands in my pockets as I made my way down the street.
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Soulblade [Roleplay Thread] Empty Re: Soulblade [Roleplay Thread]

Post by Hime Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:39 pm

- Kaito -

I sat as still as possible on my bed, my palms flat on my knees and my eyes completely shut. Stay focused, I told myself upon drawing in a deep and steady breath. Focus leads to balance, and balance is the core of everything.

A warm sensation began in my hands, then started to slowly travel up my arms.

Steadily like the clouds, moving at a calm pace across the sky...

As strong as bamboo, which bends but never snaps...

As humble as the earth, the dirt that houses all living things--

"Kai? Kai, where are you?"

In an instant, my concentration was broken, and my eyes were wide open. It was Hana, but she sounded far too excited. Something must have been wrong. A surge of protectiveness pumped through me as I slid a throwing knife between my middle and index fingers, racing for the door and throwing it open.

When I saw her running towards me, I assessed her to make sure there were no visible abrasions or signs of distress. "Sister, are you alright? What has happened? Are there intruders? Allow me to take care of them--"

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Soulblade [Roleplay Thread] Empty Re: Soulblade [Roleplay Thread]

Post by Fix-It Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:46 pm

It was a beautiful evening, the kind that makes court poets shiver with excitement in their windowed suites, and Fuyu stood upright against one of the palace’s many ornate walls, her hands tucked into neat fists at her side.

A taller, gruff man was parked directly in front of her.

“Where does your duty lie?”

“To the prince, sir.” She was firm, unbreaking.

“Yes. Why, then, were you missing at your post? He very well could have been assassinated in your hour of absence.”

“I was visiting my parents, sir.”

“That could have waited. Your absence was inexcusable.”

“Yes, sir,” is what she said, but he was entirely wrong. She had received a letter earlier that day — one delivered by a meek and trembling messenger — that said she was being considered for the Soul Regiment. Her parents ought to be the first to know news of that caliber.

“Return to your duties immediately, then. Be on your way.” He turned on his heel and changed face, then marched back from whence he came, likely the barracks.

Even if she now had permission to relax, Fuyu did not; she returned to her post with a step as rigid as stone. I must inform my liege of the letter I received. She held a dagger in her sleeve and stood at the door. Her parents had been supportive, at least. They seemed more in favor than she. They aren’t the ones paying the bills, though.

She wondered if members of the Regiment were paid well, if at all. It was undoubtedly a selfish question, but not one Fuyu could ignore — she hated to admit that she needed the money — after all, her only source of income was the position she held. It comfortably supported one person, though, she was feeding three. There was little breathing room as is. If she had to split her duties between protection of her master and whatever it is the Soul Regiment does, she would surely be met with difficulty. Would it even be possible?

The pay was not her only concern, either. Could she do her job even with new responsibilities piled on? Her true devotion only lie with one party, with one person. Fuyu could not falter; she could not be distracted from her sacred duty of protection to the young lord, prince of Kami, and her master.

Speaking of whom. She broke from her reverie and drew a blade between her fingers when a masked assailant came sprinting down the corridor. The figure drew a golden sword from beneath their skirting, a weapon she immediately recognized, and Fuyu met it in the middle of its arc with her prosthetic. The metallic sound elicited a cringe. She sheathed the dagger in her hand and stepped back.

“Sharp as ever, Fuyu dear.” The princess of Kami pulled off the mask she was wearing and greeted Fuyu with a gentle smile. She had made it a habit recently to check the attentiveness of palace bodyguards, and Fuyu was no exception to her game. “Though, I do confess you looked like you were daydreaming earlier!”

“Perhaps, my lady. I apologize.”

“No, no, no apologies! You still met me with that ferocity of yours like I knew you would.”

“I see. Thank you, my lady.”

“I saw the letter you received today.” That made her shift slightly, her bearing weak.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Fuyu. If it was me, I would drop everything and head for Miramaki right away! But, I know you. You’re worried about it.”

The princess was not even her master and she still could read Fuyu like a book.

“My duty lies here.”

“Yes, you’re right. But your duty can lie there, too.”

“My lady—”

“The Regiment pays well, Fuyu dear. In the 100,000s at least.” The princess backed away with a wink.

“That is of no importance to me,” Fuyu lied. “I live to serve the prince. That is all.”

“What an awful lie!” The princess broke into a fit of giggles. “Money is always important.”

“Not to—”

“Goodbye, Fuyu dear.”

“Good night, my lady.”

She clenched her jaw as the princess made a graceful exit. Surely the pay is not as incredible as she says. Though, the princess was never one for bluffing. Maybe, then…

No, I must discuss it with my master.

She reeled back into proper military stance and dropped the train of thought.

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Soulblade [Roleplay Thread] Empty Re: Soulblade [Roleplay Thread]

Post by Shaybaysasuke Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:49 pm


My eyebrows raised as he burst out of his room, knives out and ready to attack the nothing that was out here. I stifled a laugh and rolled my eyes playfully, plucking a knife out from his fingers and tearing the top of the letter, "No, silly, we got a letter! From the Federation."

I got the top of it open and pulled out the letter, unfolding it and moving to stand next to him so we could both read it.

Dear Mr. Kaito Iyasu and Ms. Hana Iyasu,

It is our pleasure to inform you that you have been selected as potential candidates for the Soul Regiment of the Federation. The Soul Regiment has carried an honorable tradition for centuries, so to be selected for such an honor is indicative of your caliber.

Should you choose to accept this honor, there will be an aircraft waiting to take you to the Soul Regiment Headquarters in Valker, Miramaki. Be prepared by nine o’clock AM, Miramaki Standard Time.

We look forward to working with you both.


Prime Minister Ava Blackburn

My eyes lit up as they moved over the page, excitement coursing through me with each word. I looked up at my brother, grinning wide, "Oh my goodness, Kai, this is amazing!"
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Soulblade [Roleplay Thread] Empty Re: Soulblade [Roleplay Thread]

Post by Hime Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:58 pm

- Kaito -

My eyebrows raised as I scanned the words of the letter, initially speechless by its proposal. "This is... Really meant for us?" I then asked, finally able to find words. "What an honor."

I paused as reality began to set in. "Hana, you know there is a very small chance that Father will allow us to take on such a task. Our duty is to the clan, not to the Federation."

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Soulblade [Roleplay Thread] Empty Re: Soulblade [Roleplay Thread]

Post by Shaybaysasuke Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:14 pm


"Of course it's meant for us! Our names are on it," I told him with a grin but my mouth dropped open at his words and I shook my head, "Oh no. No no no, none of that. Kai, you said it yourself, this is a huge honor! Sure we've got whatever duty to the clan but this is the Federation asking us to join the Soul Regiment. We could do so much more with our training there than we ever could here, this is the adventure I've been waiting for! I don't care what dad says, we've gotta do this."
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Incredible Creator

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Soulblade [Roleplay Thread] Empty Re: Soulblade [Roleplay Thread]

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