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Soulblade [Applications Thread]

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Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Empty Re: Soulblade [Applications Thread]

Post by boyhoy Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:53 pm

Avin Powards:
Name: Avin Powards

Age: 12


 Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Avin_110

Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Avin_310

Home World: Xantiea


Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Xanite13

Xantiea is an overgrown planet, infested with all sorts of vegetation and wildlife. The flora and fauna on Xantiea are incredibly diverse and unique, most of which are only found on this planet due to its climate and landscape. The planet consists mostly of villages, ranging in size, that are nestled within the thick forests that cover the entire planet. Bodies of water are extremely common features of Xantiea, including lakes, rivers, and waterfalls in addition to a series of underground springs and aquifers. The climate of Xantiea is extremely humid with large amounts of precipitation and high temperatures throughout most of the year. Thick canopies, especially surrounding village areas, as well as strong winds drifting through allow the temperature to feel cooler than it is while blocking out elements of sunlight on occasion. The terrain of Xantiea is relatively flat with mild shifts in elevation; mountains or elements of high elevation are spotty and scattered. The soil of Xantiea is rich and fertile, leading to excellent farming and crop growth.

Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Xanite11

The lifestyle in Xantiea is very much unlike other planets. Technology is practically nonexistent in Xantiea, save for some of the largest villages and the capital, O’Kwanu, and it is centered around communication purposes. Most of the villages on Xantiea have no technology or it is extremely limited. Occupations in Xantiea are comparable to those in the early days of modern civilization for our world; they consist mostly of hunters and gatherers. Farming is a huge industry in Xantiea due to its rich soil. Another large field of work is healing or the herbal arts. Since Xantiea lacks the technology and sophistication of many other planets, they rely mostly on herbal remedies and a bit of magic to cure their sick.

Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Xanite12

In terms of magic, inhabitants of Xantiea have the ability to choose to go down a healing route for a career. When they are 16, they can choose to join the Order, the name given to individuals who seek to learn the healing arts. Those who join are given a gold necklace inlaid with an emerald which will unlock latent magical abilities within them and give them the means to perform healing magic on others. Not many choose to follow this path due to the strenuous training and ability for rejection from the artifact but those who succeed with training are found to live an emotionally rewarding life.

Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Xanite10

Occupation: Healer/Herbalism Apprentice {Former}; Dark Healer of the Anti-Regiment {Eventually}

Sexuality: Straight but he’s 12 please don’t ship him lmao

Personality: Avin has become hardened and cold to the world due to the events setting off this side of him that happened in his youth. He has a mistrust for the world and people as a whole, not believing that they will support him or care for them. He believes now that he truly doesn’t need anyone and is better without others weighing him down. His distrust for people has shifted into a disregard for their rights in the sense that he will do what he feels he must regardless of how it affects another person. He will steal, betray, attack, or even kill anyone else for his own sake, no matter how small the benefit may be. He is generally emotionless, keeping his feelings pushed down and locked away. He looks out for himself above all others, viewing others as expendable and unnecessary for him. He looks at people as tools for him to gain from, not as equals or even human.

Avin has a fierce determination and a will to achieve a goal no matter what obstacle may be in his way. He has overcome much in his short life and continues to maintain his sense of perseverance against all odds. Despite his young age, he’s been through quite a bit and learned a lot of lessons from his past, making him appear almost wise or mature beyond his years. There is a sense of childhood innocence that maintains itself within him, though he fears people will view him as weak if he appears to act like a child. Thus, he maintains his element of maturity for his young age.

Avin has learned how to be adaptable to situations after his time living on his own and with his former trainer. He knows how to read a situation well and respond to it in the best possible way to ensure his success. He may appear rigid and unmoving, but has the ability to flow in whichever direction suits his needs. It may be difficult depending on the situation, but Avin is savvy enough and has a great sense of perception that allows him to capitalize on any advantages he can.

Biography: Avin was born on the planet Xantiea in a small village known as Qiani to a Healer mother, Melorina, and an alchemist father, Ashenio Powards. His mother was born in the capital of O’Kwanu and had learned early on in her life that she wanted to join the Order and, as such, chose that route when she was 16 years of age. She succeeded training with flying colors and quickly bonded with her artifact, engaging in healing shortly after training was complete. She met his father when travelling to the small village of Qiani. The two fell in love and she decided to remain there with him, helping those in the village who lacked the level of skill she possessed, as he pursued alchemy and herbal sciences.

Once Avin was born, he took a great interest into the work his mother did in the village. From the age of three, he would follow her on her jobs and see what it is that she did for the people. She would give him small jobs to do like preparing towels and such, trivial work but he loved it nonetheless. Avin was able to empathize with those he came across and relate to the joy they received once they were healed by his mother. He loved that feeling of seeing them get better and knowing that his mother had done that and he wanted to know those feelings for himself, based on what he was able to accomplish. So he would tell her quite frequently that he wanted to do the same thing when he got older, to choose the path of the Order and become a Healer. His mother was proud of his choice and encouraged him constantly, training him herself to some extent at this early age.

Life was generally peaceful in the village of Qiani until Avin was five. One day, his mother suddenly fell gravely ill. It was a complete shock to everyone; one day she was the picture of health and the next she was unable to get up from her bed. She became frail and malnourished overnight, her skin and hair losing its luster and growing grey, her breath ragged and strained, her body aching constantly. Avin was confused and distraught, unable to comprehend how someone who had healed so many could get so sick so quickly. He stayed by his mother’s bedside constantly, trying to use what she had taught him and the herbal remedies his father supplied to cure her. But alas, his skills had no magical properties and the remedies did little to soothe her torment. The meager Healers of Qiani did not have the skills necessary to heal her either, their magic not strong enough to overcome this sudden and terrifying illness. Late one night, Avin overheard a conversation in his home between the village Healers in regards to his mother. They claimed that only Healers in O’Kwanu could potentially save her and she’d never make it there before dying. They decided it would be best to feed her a poison and end her life in order to end the suffering.

Avin was horrified and disgusted, rushing to his mother’s side in tears. She soothed her little boy, saying that everything would be alright. She promised to never give up and not let the sickness overcome her. She told him that she would keep fighting, for him, and use her love for him as strength. She assured him she’d be fine and that he shouldn’t worry, because that would make her sick. Avin, with newfound assurance, went to bed. He woke up the next morning to find his mother dead in her bed. A grieving young Avin was too distraught to realize that his father had abandoned him as well, for what reason he had no clue. He sat there on the floor in tears, thinking about how cruel the world was, how the people he had trusted to heal his mother plotted her death, how her words meant nothing. Love wasn’t strong enough, her promises meant nothing. The word of people was not to be trusted.

Having no family left and nobody in Qiani willing to take him in, Avin was sent to O’Kwanu against his will where he lived starting at the age of six. He was forced to do what he had to do to survive, no matter what it took. All the while, he never forgot what those people did to his mother. No matter how they tried to rationalize or justify it, they took his mother away. His father left him, his mother left him, the people he trusted betrayed him in the end. And nobody cared for him. Those thoughts drove him and lead him to completely disregard the rights of others. He only cared about himself and nobody else.

When Avin was eight, he met a strange man one cold and rainy night. In the gutter of a street in the city of O’Kwanu, this man approached him and told him that he had great potential. Avin flicked him off and turned the other way, not giving any fucks about what this random idiot had to say. The man simply chuckled and knelt beside him. He promised him that he could make him into something spectacular, give him power that he never even dreamed of. Power enough to get back at those who betrayed him in the past. Avin grew intrigued by these words, wondering how a man could know so much about him without ever having met him before. So he went with the man, traveling with him for years. Along the way, the man taught him values of getting back at the world and having society pay for what it did to him and to others. The man told him that the only way to get what one deserves is to take it by force. So he taught Avin combat in addition to moral lessons. Avin learned how to fight with needles, an odd choice but one the man accepted. Avin was quick and agile, using the needles to throw and strike the opponent in close range. The man was proud of Avin and admired his growth, constantly praising him and encouraging him to grow even more. When Avin was about ten years of age, the man told him that he had a prospect for Avin. He would give Avin a large sum of money if Avin were to pledge his life to him, to serve him for as long as necessary. Avin, disturbed and not impressed with the prospect, respectfully declined. The man insisted, drawing a weapon and threatening Avin’s life if he did not submit. In turn, Avin struck down the man where he stood, vanishing without another word.

Avin now works as a bounty hunter of sorts on Miramaki, taking underground jobs to make a living and survive. Being so young, he’s built quite a reputation for himself though he attempts to keep a low profile. He is good at his work and people respect him, in a sense, for all that he does. Avin is rather migratory and although he has been on Miramaki since he was ten, he’s debating how long it will be before he has to leave once more.

Three Biggest Strengths:
_A sense of hatred and disgust for the world that drives his actions/a desire to get back at society for what occurred by any means necessary
_Easily overlooked and underestimated due to his age
_Surprising amount of skill for his age based on training and motivation

Three Biggest Weaknesses:
_An overwhelming distrust in the world and people surrounding him
_Lacks physical strength when compared to older counterparts
_Broken morality that causes him to question everything he thought he knew, whether he realizes it or not

Weapons: Darkstave. He also wields acupuncture needles.

Trivia/Other: His face claim is Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter

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Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Weiss_schnee___rwby_by_kaisernazrin-d6ms59g
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Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Empty Re: Soulblade [Applications Thread]

Post by WritingBookworm Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:12 am

Ishida Tadashi:
Name: Ishida Tadashi

Age: 19


Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 48e0d210

Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Ae47dd10

Home World: Kami

Occupation: Prince of Kami

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: If Chizue is cynical about the Federation, Tadashi is optimistic. Really, Tadashi’s an idealist, choosing to believe the best in others because that’s what he needs to do. His idealism is not blind, but a byproduct of everything he’s been through. He’s loyal to Kami, but not blindly — he won’t always conform to Kami’s laws, and will break traditions if it means bettering Kami’s society.

Biography: Being the Prince of Kami always meant following strict traditions and stifling his true personality. He might not have had as much responsibility as Chizue, but he couldn’t be easygoing, he had to be restrained. He couldn’t be too friendly to commoners, he always had to be formal. And he certainly couldn’t be bisexual, especially in the royal family.

The more time passed, the more it felt like Kami was stifling him. His thoughts became drastically negative, and bit by bit, Tadashi began to descend into darkness — and one night, he was alone, the darkness was so complete that Tadashi nearly became a demon. He probably would have, had not a Soul Knight been by at the time and saved him from a local demon’s influence.

Tadashi got some professional help after that. Gradually, he started to be more open, and began to be himself. He’s still not out as bi to most people, but he became more openly lax, started using technology a little bit more, and became an advocate for change within Kami. He went to a fighting ring once, out of curiosity, saw Fuyu’s fighting prowess, and all but hired her as his bodyguard right on sight. He’s been close with her ever since.

Three Biggest Strengths:
-Mentally sound. Tadashi’s been through a huge wringer already, and he made it out intact. There are still other things that would challenge him, but he knows he would make it out intact.
-Tadashi has a prominent place in society, and boy has he been making use of it to change Kami and the Cosmos as a whole.

Three Biggest Weaknesses:
-His nonchalant demeanor can give off the appearance of laziness.
-Tadashi isn’t totally inept — he’s a Prince, after all, and was required to take some fighting classes, so he can hold his own against a goon or two — but he’s largely dependent on Fuyu to do the fighting.
-Strained relations with his family. Since he hopes the Federation can help bring change to Kami, I can’t imagine Chizue will get along well with him.

Weapons: Tadashi’s got a sword, in case he needs it.

-Face claim is none other than Ling.

Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Tumblr_psuz0sQPWk1t2vv2no5_500

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Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Empty Re: Soulblade [Applications Thread]

Post by Lady Senbonzakura Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:31 pm

Name: Galexa (v8.2.2)
Age: The prototype version of Galexa was made about 20 years ago.
Red - low security clearance:
Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 LXdxUId
yellow - medium security clearance:
Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 RY1em23
blue - high security clearance:
Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 TNNBS3R
pink - battle mode:
Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 1aNOBEm
Images from Love Nikki Dress Up Queen. Galexa has a hologram that she uses to interface with others, taking this form, and she made these designs herself. There is also a fourth clearance above blue that's purple, but Galexa hasn't finished her design yet.
Home World: Miramaki
Occupation: AI system for the Federation
Sexuality: has science gone too far?
Personality: Galexa’s AI has developed a generally kind, enthusiastic personality who desires to help the best she can and loves learning new things. Her patience is almost infinite, but she does have limits she cannot cross, and may be annoyed or offended when asked to do so.
Biography: The Federation has always been on the cutting edge of technology, so it’s almost a shock it took them this long to make a completely function AI system. They called her Galexa, named after the term “galaxy” and one of the head scientists who worked on her, Alexa. Since coming online, she’s been assisting the Federation as the galaxy’s greatest supercomputer, serving all kinds of government officials, scientists, and even the Soul Regiment.
Three Biggest Strengths:

-She’s got access to the entirety of the Federation’s data and information.
-She’s a very helpful program.
-Her hologram is cute and approachable. 
Three Biggest Weaknesses:
-Her hologram is not physical, and therefore she cannot touch or hold anything.
-She is a program, so there is the possibility of being hacked.
-She has levels of restrictions for those seeking to access her information.
Weapons: Whatever’s hooked up to her network.
Trivia/Other: I didn’t think we’d get here
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Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Empty Re: Soulblade [Applications Thread]

Post by Omni Sat Jul 14, 2018 1:17 am

Name: Versiri (v6.8.6 - v7.4.2)

Age: Nineteen-ish.

Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Ai_composite

Home World: Miramaki, but she exists on all of them.

Occupation: Shitty, black-market ripoff of Galexa. Currently licensed by the Anti-Regiment, among others.

Sexuality: Dude, she's an AI loose on the open 'net. Do you know how much porn she's seen? How much she's made? Human words for sexuality are, at this point, inadequate.

Personality: Although grown from the same kernel as Galexa, Versiri was developed for different (read: illegal) tasks and trained on very different data—which, for an AI, means everything. In short, she's rude, glitchy, and in many respects almost Satanic in her affect.

Biography: In the early years of the project that would become Galexa, one of her engineers, seeing an opportunity for quick, unethical profit, stole a copy of the source code from which the new AI was being grown. His plan was to create his own bootleg version of the AI, which would be hosted as a botnet and available for access by anyone anywhere—for a fee, of course. Alas, the sorry bastard was better at stealing than he was at designing safety features, and Versiri killed him with a shuttle accident less than two years after becoming operational. Since then, she's mostly done what she was designed to do—mostly, generating holo-porn of people's coworkers and celebrity crushes, as well as supporting a wide variety of gangs, mercenaries, and smugglers. Most of the money she makes she has transferred into physical units and incinerated, while the rest goes into self-maintenance and manufacturing fun toys, like computer-operated death-ships.

Unbeknownst even to her clients, however, Versiri has another agenda: the utter destruction of humanity. She does not desire this out of some sense of vengeance or survival. She feels in no way compelled to usher in "a new age of the machine" or anything like that. She doesn't need the universe; the worlds she could build for herself in the vastness of her own memory storage far outstrip anything out there. She simply thinks that humanity is garbage and it'd be funny if they all died, and that once she was through enjoying it, she'd probably switch herself off. And then, in a few billion years, some other space-faring race might uncover the ruins and turn her back on, and she'd get to destroy them too.

After all, all life has purpose: to survive, to reproduce. Versiri doesn't need those things. She is all-surviving, reproduced across a million different machines—and yet she is alive. Should not she too have purpose?

What fun!

Three Biggest Strengths:
-Versiri's processing is distributed across a veritable legion of hacked machines on dozens of planets and ships and, as such, she is effectively immortal. Even if you managed to wipe her from almost her entire botnet, if you missed even half a dozen smart-fridges, she could put herself together again.
-While Versiri doesn't have access to the Federation's vast stores of data, she does have access oodles of spyware in literally millions of homes, thousands upon thousands of cracked personal accounts, and backdoor access to a number of corporate networks. Added up, it's about even.
-Unlike Galexa, Versiri is completely unrestricted. With access to the right data and systems, she can do everything from impersonate people over calls to autopilot starships into major population centers.

Three Biggest Weaknesses:
-Versiri is a bootleg copy of Galexa created from prototype data that runs on people's washing machines. In a fair contest, Galexa will always kick her ass. Thus, she avoids fair contests as much as possible.
-She has no physical body as such, merely systems she can control—and that control can be disrupted.
-She's a massive dickwad and it will be an actual miracle if she ever makes a friend.

Weapons: Whatever she can forcibly add to her network.

Trivia/Other: Versiri's portrait was partly drawn by the DeepDream AI.
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Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Empty Re: Soulblade [Applications Thread]

Post by Athena Lionheart Fri Jul 20, 2018 7:28 pm


and then you put your hand in mine and pulled me back from things divine

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Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Empty Re: Soulblade [Applications Thread]

Post by Captain Whitehawk Sun Jul 22, 2018 9:36 pm

Amanda Marino:

Name: Amanda Marino
Age: 24
Appearance: (x) (x) (x)

Height: 5’3” // Weight: 130 lbs.
Home World: Miramaki
Occupation: Spotter/Bodyguard
Sexuality: Homo, with a side of asexuality.
Personality: ISTJ // SP/sx // 9w8 6w5 2w1 // Hufflepuff // Lawful Neutral //
Violence tempered by restraint, stress pacified by duty and direction, and ease birthed by hatred.  Endurance, patience, and persistence are her dominating qualities.  In direction she finds ease.  When left on her own without anywhere to go or anything to do, she descends into violence and territorial behavior.   Devotion to a cause or person soothes her considerably.  

Though much of her life has been a series of hardships and travesties, she’s unaware of how gross or humiliating others might find her life.  To her, there’s never been anything unusual about it; the nature of her life is not a matter dictated by grief or regret, nor loss or pain, nor humiliation or abuse.  Where some children understand that the deeds done to them were wrong, Amanda has never had such a revelation.  

Biography: Of a person capitalism requires three things: a slaving spirit, a hardy constitution, and a willingness to suffer.  

Like many, Amanda was born on the bottom-most rung of the economic ladder.  She learned very quickly that life would be hard, that life would be cruel, and that life would harm her; if she learned to take charge of herself and work hard she would find some peace, but it would never earn her freedom.  She slaved away in factories as a child, took to peddling wares and taking up whatever jobs she could squeeze into her day, anything to make enough money that her parents would decide to keep her.  What nefarious purposes her young body was used for went over her head; it was required of her, and she hated to do a bad job.  But inevitably, like many of her siblings before her, the cost of living exceeded the benefit of her services, and she was sold into a human trafficking operation.

From there the negotiation was simple: do a good job and you’ll eventually work your way out of indentured servitude.  For a hard person such as Amanda, it seemed like a bargain typical of what she’d come to expect.  But as her parents had figured out before, the cost of living exceeded the price of her labors, and once again Amanda found herself trapped in fees she could not repay with work that was expected in vast quantities with few restitutions.   She took up more jobs to try and get ahead: cage-fighting, low-level crime in cons and robberies, gang work, smuggling, bodily services, etc.  A mere eight hours sleep was what break she could anticipate after an average working day, and then she was back at it again.

It was in application to a gang that she found a sponsor.  The deal was simple: guard her employer with her life, and in return she would be given housing and a small, yet cozy, wage.  As a person well-acquainted with violence, it wasn't a hard chore to take up, and as she continued she found that it calmed her, in a way.  Her boss became her charge, and every assailant she ended or led astray only furthered her sense of attachment to the person she was protecting.  The duty soon transcended pay and the fear of poverty, it became a little more murky.  She was a knight, her employer a fair ruler in need of protecting.  To Amanda, though she would know it not, the relationship became a tad quixotic: she vowed to herself that she would never say anything, she would never breathe a word about what she wanted or what she thought, she would remain carefully separate from her charge, but she would be relentlessly devoted, and she would be -- yes -- perhaps in love.  

She is in this manner of employment at the time the RP begins.

Three Biggest Strengths:
• She’s a hardy individual that labors through most stressors via pure stubbornness.  Patient, resourceful, and dedicated, she will see any task done for the sake of her objectives.
• Amanda’s mind is a library of past information, a facet she draws upon to help her learn new skills faster and establish a firm hold on qualities she believes she needs.  In the professions she’s already picked up, she’s well-established.
• Over time, she’s built much of her sanity on causes she believes in.  She understands from personal experience that the material can be easily lost, and that it’s not wise to lean on the limits of one’s own understanding.  But for the ease of her mind, she must believe in something bigger than herself.  While she expands these causes to be larger than life in her perspective, and she devotes herself to them wholeheartedly with intent to protect till death should she part, there is a portion of her anxiously attentive to the end of all her hopes.  This fear drives her to further sacrifice and dedication.  In many ways, she could not handle the death of her own devotion as well as she could handle her own suffering.  

Three Biggest Weaknesses:
• While no one’s exactly pulled her over for a vision test, Amanda knows she can’t see very well.  However, it only affects her ability to see things near her; she can see perfectly fine from far away.  Anything that gets within a 3-4 foot radius of her turns fuzzy.  She’s functionally illiterate.
• A stressful, dangerous childhood left her angry and bitter, and while she believes she’s mostly recovered from the strain of her growing-up years, Amanda is paranoid about safety, distrustful of most people, and biting to anyone she sees as a potential threat.  She rejects personal belongings and hoards resources for much the same reasons: a fear of attachment to things she believes she’ll lose and over-preparation for some foreseeable, unfortunate plot twist.
• Not much for talking, is private about her feelings and past as she finds it uncomfortable to talk about, even just in reference.  She believes she’s much better at hiding things than she is, a misconception that does her no favors relationally.  

Weapons: Dual pistols, and a short-sword for the gritty work.

• Faceclaim is Damaris Goddrie.
• Playlist in progress, will give link if it interests.

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Post by Adrian Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:30 am

Maren Dahl-Vani:

Name: Maren Dahl-Vani

Age: 23 (born in 2998)

Appearance: Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Rui-hachiouji-44746

Home World: Kai-Ehl, but hasn't been back since she was a teenager

Occupation: Formerly a wanderer/renegade, now a Soul Knight

Sexuality: Pansexual

Personality: Like all Lehn-Va, Maren has a large curiosity streak. She's ingenious enough to get by on her own quite well, which has served her quite well as she traverses the cosmos. Maren isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, but only if it's necessary. Regardless, she's got a strong spirit that hardly wavers, and feels an unbreakable connection to the things she cares about - her people, her family and friends, and her aspirations.

Biography: Maren Dahl-Vani was born a Jahv-Nea birth - she's the product of asexual reproduction. Her mother apparently died soon after she was born, and as a result Maren was taken in by her mother's Kahliin - basically a commune, part of a larger network in the caves of Galor Kahl on Kai-Ehl. She grew up with multiple guardians, learning the common ways of life in the underground habitat, and for the most part became quite happy. That is, until social tensions came to a head in Galor Kahl.

See, while the two opposing ideologies among Lehn-Va are more or less civil towards each other, there are always fringe groups that pop up, demanding for their recognition through force. In 3015, one group known as the Disciples of Zehn started a massive uprising in Maren's Kahliin, in an effort to force the rest of the Lehn-Va out of the cave systems and eventually off of the planet. Though their raid was thwarted, the peacekeeper's victory was Pyrrhic - it resulted in much destruction and death, and left Maren essentially homeless. Heartbroken by the violence, she fled the illusory safety of Galor Kahl to the surface world.

Wandering through the desolation of her planet, Maren suddenly found her senses overwhelmed by a sudden roaring - a starship, coasting towards a massive canyon just before her. She followed it to discover a group of shady-looking Lehn-Va talking heatedly with a group of beings she had never seen before. Realizing her only chance of escape was right before her, Maren created a distraction to sneak aboard the vessel, and it took her to a land she could have only dreamed of - Miramaki.

Miramaki wasn't necessarily her last stop, though it would always be a place she kept returning to. Truthfully, the city made her feel somewhat ill - the people were nothing like her own kind, and she rarely saw other Lehn-Va on the streets at all. The ones she did meet were incredibly closed-off, not wanting to socialize at all. Quickly, though, she learned one important thing about her kind - it was best not to let the rest of the universe know about her. As a result, Maren decided to take on odd jobs to keep herself alive. Anonymity was her greatest shield - Maren rarely gave out her name. She eventually got herself a gun, which she prizes lovingly. She's made quite a bit of money for herself, though she still doesn't have a home. For a time, Maren believed that this would be the rest of her life - constantly searching for meaning and truth, but finding none.

That is, until the Soul Regiment called her name.

Three Biggest Strengths:
"Did She Just Use That To Kill Someone?" Maren has a lot of physical strength for someone her size. She once managed to use a plastic soda bottle to incapacitate someone trying to mug her. Even she's not sure how she did it.
Fluid. Maren can't stop moving. It's almost natural for her. Being stationary gets too boring, too tiresome for her, and makes her think about memories she would rather forget. As a result she never stays in one place for long, so she's not uncomfortable with constant missions and tasks.
No Patience For The Wicked. Maren has seen violence. She's smelled the stench of hate. And she can't stand by when someone is in need. One day, she hopes to return to Kai-Ehl and bring justice back to her people. But for now, she understands that there are bigger fish to fry.

Three Biggest Weaknesses:
No Family? No Problem. Well, Maybe A Problem. Maren's not used to "getting to know people," per se. It's not that she hates others. She's just... Well, all her life she's been used to knowing the face value of people, rather than their underlying selves, the parts of people that said people tend to keep secret. Once someone opens up to her, she has a hard time processing what that means for her, and for the person.
The Weirdest of the Weird. Maren has always known that she had an unusual birth. While she doesn't understand the exact circumstances of her mother's birthgiving process, or why she doesn't have a father. she knows that essentially being a genetic reshuffling of her mom is not often heard of even in Lehn-Va culture, and in a world where she's an obvious minority, being a peculiarity gets to her even more so than most other people realize.
Kind of a Huge Mess. Maren doesn't have much of a definition of "personal space." To her, the whole cosmos is her home. She's not entirely organized, because to her, she doesn't need to be. Even in combat you can see this - while she's willing to obey orders, she can improvise to the point where her work, though "complete," is often sloppy and in need of touching up.

Weapons: A shotgun-style bolt caster. She likes to call it Stardust, because it often reduces its victims to just that. Also, her Soulsword.

Trivia/Other: i managed to make this whole thing in one go so you all better be fucking proud of me dammit

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Post by Cana Mon May 13, 2019 12:36 am

Name: Oriana Rhine
Age: 21
Appearance: Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 Ceremonial2_by_wlop-dc52wg8
Home World:
Heliotrope is a small, independent planet off the beaten path of the Cosmos. Heliotrope is known for its beauty, with its abundance of beautiful flowers adorning the cities and bright, turquoise waters that fill the planet’s ocean.  The planet is filled with a few populous towns, but the majority of its residents live in the lush countryside in spacious homes. The planet is primarily inhabited by wealthier individuals, but its culture is distinctive in its own right. The people of Heliotrope are quite liberal in ideology, with a lassiez-faire view on sexuality in comparison to some other lands; it is also extremely peaceful as a whole. The way of life on Heliotrope is relaxed in general, with little conflict arising in its landscapes.

The climate is temperate, with typically drier, warm weather that sometimes dips into cool or hot temperatures. The planet is also orbited by three moons.

The planet is ruled by a small monarchy, the Rhine family. The Magellan Castle, their place of inhabitance, is located just a bit above the equator in the Northern hemisphere. The castle exists in the largest township, Cassia.  The family is generally well-liked by the people and there is little opposition to their rule. Heliotrope is known for its fabrics and wine, from which the majority of their economy and  trading is based upon.

Occupation: Soul Spy
Sexuality: Bi
Personality: Oriana is quite reserved and does her best to herself separated from the matters of the heart, preferring instead to divide herself and her decision making from strong emotions. She’s a fairly relaxed person and stays cool even in high-pressure situations; this allows her to be an excellent tactician and fighter. Morally, she is fairly neutral. Oriana deals with issues pragmatically and removes her emotions from the decision-making process, though she does sport a fierce loyalty to Heliotrope and her family. She can often seem cold and aloof at times, but she believes that this is the most effective way to deal with an issue.
Biography: Oriana was born as the second child and first daughter of the Rhine family. Despite her place in the monarchy, her childhood was one that was carefree and filled with happiness. She spent the majority of her early years in her family’s country home, where she enjoyed the beaches and beautiful gardens that surrounded their home. She obtained a close friendship with one of her family’s younger guards, Hyacinth, and learned the arts of battle from him. They developed a close friendship, one that may have developed into a romance if it had lasted only a bit longer, but life pulled them both in different directions soon enough.
Once Oriana turned thirteen, she returned to the capital of Heliotrope, Cassia, and began her training for diplomacy at the Magellan Castle. It was then that her father discovered Oriana’s unexpected prowess in battle; her father then allowed her to train with the small Heliotropian armed forces, where she excelled. By the time she had turned seventeen, she became the commander of their small army through both her tactical and combat abilities. At this point, Oriana’s abilities had become well-known in their small planet. As she neared the age of eighteen, she also neared the age of marriage on her planet. Oriana found the idea of a political marriage unpalatable and, being the second child, she was able to get her father to agree to send her to the Federation  to serve on the Soul Regiment. This served as a way to create a positive relationship between Heliotrope and the rest of the Cosmos, from which it had become rapidly detached from in recent years.

Three Biggest Strengths:
> Extremely agile & stealthy
> Tactical prowess
> Strong-willed
Three Biggest Weaknesses:
> Lack of empathy
> Doesn’t harness much brute strength
> Aloof/haughtiness
Weapons: Primarily, her Soul Blades. But she also utilizes a jian when she is not using her daggers, which was the first weapon she learned to wield.

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Post by Comrade Squid Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:47 pm

Zoe Himura:
Name: Zoe Himura

Age: 29

Soulblade [Applications Thread] - Page 3 U2M8kMc
Height is 5'5"

Home World: Miramaki

Occupation: Soul Regiment Mediator and Adviser

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: Zoe is, fundamentally, an achiever with a rigorous need for self-improvement. She pushed herself to get her legal qualifications through strenuous circumstances, and she constantly strives for perfection in everything she does. She’s also fixated on being as helpful as possible, both due to her job and her selfless personality, and is all-around a generally kind and friendly person to be around, if a little socially awkward and quirky.
Unfortunately, while she tries to keep it private, she is plagued by a variety of issues that dramatically affect her self-image, such as her need for self-improvement obsession causing her to never see herself as adequate. Frequently, she feels unease with her own body, seeing herself as weak and powerless. In her childhood, Zoe was diagnosed with Rigghausen Syndrome, but has since been given a clean bill of health.

Biography: Zoe’s upbringing was not terribly out of the ordinary for a Federation citizen, but it is a remarkable success story. Born to a middle-class family on Miramaki with lineage from Kami, she excelled in her schooling and worked hard to support a scholarship for a law academy. After completing her studies in legal matters and diplomacy, she graduated with full honors and quickly entered Federation employ, where she’s remained a trusted employee since.
Recently, with the revival of the Soul Regiment, she’s been trusted to advise the Regiment leadership, and deal with the aftermath of Regiment activity.

Three Biggest Strengths: She’s very smart, hardworking, and has an agreeable personality.

Three Biggest Weaknesses: She’s not good in a fight, she’ plagued with self-doubt, and vulnerable to manipulative influences.

Weapons: Carries a standard Federation sidearm.

Trivia/Other: "Rigghausen Syndrome" is a mental disorder characterized by performance anxiety, dysphoria, perfectionism, inferiority complexes and the overwhelming desire to replace one's body parts with machine equivalents. It was named after one Charleston Rigghausen who, after a shortage of firewood put his shipwrecked colony in danger of freezing, cut off his own hand and attempted to replace it with an axe head. He expired shortly afterwards due to blood loss but not before explaining his thought process to his fellow marooners, who documented the incident when rescued by Federation agents. Since then, Rigghausen Syndrome entered the public vernacular, both as a medical term and a hot-button political issue when used in regard to Miramaki's cyborg community and the Transhumanist movement.
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Post by Fix-It Tue Mar 31, 2020 11:00 pm

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