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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Lady Senbonzakura
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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by Sal Sun Jun 17, 2018 12:25 pm

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 3txluBL
⊱ Desirée Chardon (dɛ.zi.reɪ (c)har-don)

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 OcwcTil
⊱ 18 {{ September 2nd }}

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 OieGaxh
⊱ Female

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 UWesYxb
⊱ Stands at 5’6” with a curvy build.

⊱ Natural, long dirty blonde hair, falling to a little bellow her chest.

⊱ C-cup.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Hc3l7IT
Desirée has had a life full of various luxuries, there’s no denying it. And with that, came an entitled and prideful personality that she’s aware of. She’s extremely proud of the skills she possesses, usually getting pissy when she’s left at the bottom of the heap, and even more so she sometimes doesn’t want to accept the simple fact that there will always be someone better than her (not including her parents, who she knows are much more skilled than she is). Desirée also can be stubborn, despite the fact she’s a very flexible girl and could probably do whatever she’s told when she’s asked or ordered to. It mainly comes into play when people are bossing her around, seeing as she likes to be her own boss and is used to being her own boss of sorts.

Desirée also tends to hide and lie about what she really feels. Especially when it comes to her loneliness. She’s grown practically on her own, molding herself into what she believes is right. Even with butlers and maids alongside her she crafted herself by herself, which is where the loneliness comes in. Desirée doesn’t want to be alone at the very end, even though she contradicts herself by acting in ways that would be a turnoff for most. On top of all that, she stopped celebrating her birthdays and various holidays that her parents missed to make it seem like they missed nothing. Though, she’d have to say Christmas was the worst time for her because she got presents no matter what whether they were here or not. Birthdays are the same way for her.

Desirée also had a semi-hard time killing people, mainly when she was starting out. This also comes into play when she knows little to nothing about them, has to learn about them through conversation they have, or if they don’t seem like terrible people. So, she makes things up in her head, creating and molding the men into monsters until she feels they deserve to die. It doesn’t work everytime, of course, and sometimes it’s not needed especially when the seduction and charisma bring out the horrible sides to them that give her motive to end their life.

Another thing about her she won’t ever confess is that she’s deathly afraid of when she’s left alone with men, mainly due to a bad experience of almost being raped on her fifth mission. The fear helps her with her job of when they get that far, and it's motivation to end their life, but socially it can be pretty awkward and unsettling for her and the unlucky male who 9/10 times doesn’t have any plans to harm her. Along with that, she's been constantly living in a silent fear that she'd be raped during her missions, but hasn't told anyone. She also would prefer not to disappoint her parents, which is why she continues to partake in her jobs despite not being 100% okay.

As odd as it seems (especially if you take into account what she does as a job) she doesn’t like the unwanted attention even though she acts like she adores it. Part of this is because unsure of how to go about correctly handling it and she has gotten used to showing herself off, mainly because she knows it's a part of her job and she has to do it anyways.

Desirée of course isn’t completely foul minded. She has a good heart, hoping to rid the world of evil men and help keep those around her safe. That’s another reason why she continues to force herself to do her job. Because, well, bad things will happen no matter what, and someone has to be there to help prevent it. It may seem like an odd mindset, especially for what she’s gone through, but sometimes sacrifice has to be made and she’s willing to take it even if it hurts her in the end.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 NP8U1Mj
Desirée Chardon was born to Josué Chardon and Solène Chardon, two wealthy assassins living on a Chateau in Loire Valley, France. They had gone on hiatus with the birth of their first and only child. Desirée being an only child because Solène found difficulty staying pregnant and continued to find the same difficulty after Desirée’s birth. Even for her parents being assassins, they loved their child, lavishing her in gifts and a the most wonderful life two wealthy assassins possibly could give a child. Of course, their hiatus was taken down at a fairly young age for Desirée--who was only four at the time--and they vanished for weeks and months at a time while little Desirée grew up.

The Chardon family had a legacy of of being top-notch assassins working for various high priced clients and even the government when they were in need of assistance. Their methods of assassination dealt with two variations: the females typically went for the “Honey Trap”, usually a seduction method to gain information or cut down the victim; while the males prefered a more forward approach to the typical infiltration before murdering. Although, they all had a sense of charisma and some form of skill in the musical arts: may it be piano, guitar, singing, and much more. Despite what Desirée might have wanted for her future, it was already set in stone that she’d be an assassin whether she wanted to be or not. Luckily, she quickly grew up to want to be like her parents and accepted her training at the age of five.

Training wasn’t entirely all about killing, especially not at first. When she first started it was solely in the art of charisma, vocals, piano, acting, and language. That continued throughout her main first course of her childhood while having a private tutor for the simple subjects of school that she excelled in also. Even for being homeschooled, Desirée still kept some sort of social life by going out to various parties and participating in community activities. Through those means she kept a small number of friends, but none ever got close either because she couldn’t keep up with them by not being in their lives everyday or because her parents thought it would be too dangerous.

Aside from all that, Desirée didn’t see her parents as often as she wished. They would come home for periods at a time but leave immediately after. And if they were home for long periods of time they were trying to enjoy their days off. Sometimes, they would miss birthdays, special events, and holidays. After a while, Desirée became used to it and didn’t bother her parents about it, knowing they had even more important matters. Despite how much it hurt her, she kept her mouth shut and ended up not celebrating her own birthday and holidays in general.

Unlike some assassins that started at an early age, Desirée was forced to wait until her 16th birthday to begin her actual work. Her clients were directed through her parents to her, after having finally been accepted officially into the family business. The first mission she ever took on almost ended in a failure after she stammered before the kill, but, as time progressed and she became more familiar she became (not exactly okay with it) but accepting of her job and the reasoning for it. In her head, she gave each man some sort of horrible backstory and sick personality that she felt would make it easier for her to strike them down, using it as a method to keep herself moving forward in her dirty work. Her fifth mission changed everything, though. This one leaving her practically traumatized and frightened of the work she does after almost being raped. When she returned home, she told no one of what occurred and forced herself to continue her work, not wanting to upset her parents and let them down.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 HgFktxf
⊱ Josué Chardon (father, alive)
⊱ Solène Chardon (mother, alive)

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 K05cv8g
⊱ Charisma is one of her huge bonus points and is where she is most valuable. She’s great at conversation and keeping a conversation, knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. She’s also good at squeezing out information and getting people comfortable around her.

⊱ Desirée also has a strong acting skill she knows how to put to use. Being an actress comes extremely useful when acting like someone she’s not, or having to lure in her target or even fool someone. She can play all sorts of parts, from the naive, innocent young-lady to the flirtatious and taunting women. On top of that, she knows how to keep it going for a while, but prefers not to throw the acting away once it’s done.

⊱ Distraction is something she’s learned how to use to her advantage. This mostly involves her vocals and piano playing, using them in ways to get a crowd or a specific person engaged on her for various reasons. This can also include the Charisma.

⊱ Fluent in many languages, allowing for a broader range of work and great for negotiation and versatility.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 IOIzwZe
⊱ She is made to work solo, having worked alone for almost three years. She finds difficulty in actually working alongside people, especially when there is someone bossing her around and telling her what to do. Also, her main methods and fact she’s made to either gather information or assassinate someone may not always be beneficial for a team atmosphere.

⊱ Being alone with another male. This is, despite how weird it may sound, a weakness, especially if it involves a teammate. Whether it’s someone she’s working with or her target, she gets extremely anxious whenever she’s alone with another male in places such as rooms or somewhere secluded where it’s just the two of them. Sometimes the anxiety gets so bad she’ll drop her act or completely flip.

⊱ Fighting, like brute force fighting. She’s not strong at all and cannot depend on brute force. If someone were to get a hold of her she wouldn’t be able to break away. And if she can’t reach her hidden knife she’s even more screwed. So, the point is, she can’t fight upfront or she’s done for, all her assassinations and work revolve around getting close but not close enough so that she can’t defend herself or be left completely open and useless. And, if you think about the line of work she does and what she would have to do in the future it’s a huge downfall.

⊱ Prideful, and a little too much for her own (and everyone else's) good. This becomes extremely obnoxious for those around her, leading her to gain more dislike than like, and possibly even get into arguments.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 ZfiPNQB
⊱ Venus

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 KhqR7iB
⊱ French and English are her main languages, but she can fluently speak Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, and Swedish.

⊱ She can sing in any language (as long as she knows the song and has had time to learn it), but it doesn’t mean she actually knows the language itself.

⊱ Speaking of singing, Desirée has a strong main of Second Soprano while being able to range around the start of First Soprano and a bit of Alto.

⊱ Her main theme song, and what was one of the two inspirations for this character, is Je T’Aime by Kelly Sweet. Her other inspiration is based off “Professor Bitch” from Assassination Classroom.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 SgtVEf8

List of Tropes:
Adult Fear: The possibility of Desirée being raped during her missions.

Anti-Hero: She wants to help rid the world of horrible people, and will kill them if she really has to.

Attempted Rape: On the fifth mission of her entire career, Desirée was almost raped after the man she was supposed to assassinate gained the upper hand, using his brute strength to hold her down until she was lucky enough to grab her hidden switchblade while he was trying to remove his own clothes. It ended when Desirée stabbed the man repeatedly and fled, knowing she had to keep moving after that. It left her with some pretty intense fears.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Mainly occurs during her missions when she acts naive and harmless, when in reality she’s only acting that way to get information out of them or to end their life when she gets the opportunity.

Bad Dreams: After the Attempted Rape she often had bad dreams about the mission, and fearing it would happen again/he’d come back to finish the deed. She's never told anyone about this and at first became extremely sick over them. Now they're just reminders of what happened, bringing her a sickly feeling for the rest of the day.

Birthday Hater: Believes there’s no reason to celebrate her birthday, also because she hates celebrating it alone.

Broken Ace: She’s extremely good at her job, beautiful, and gifted in the art of vocals and piano. But overtime she’s come to fear being alone, being left alone in a room with another man for the fear he may rape her, and hates her own beauty.

Celibate Hero: She's aware of what romance is; she speaks the language of love for crying out loud. Although, very quickly she found herself pushing away any sort of form of love brought on her. Her main reason for it she's afraid of being overpowered in a relationship, and afraid she'll be unable to protect herself while her guard is down around them. The second reason is because her line of work will later involve sex, even though she's opposed to it, and flirting with just about any kind of man, making it extremely uncomfortable for her if she's tied down.

Code Name: Venus.

Consummate Liar: Overtime she’s been able to lie unbelievably well, which she had to pick up quickly on for her missions. Best part about it is that she can keep a straight or believable face while lying, making it even harder for someone to pick up on them and convince those around her.

Crippling Overspecialization: Desirée is skilled greatly in the arts: vocals, piano, language, acting, and charisma. Although, because of that her downfall is upfront confrontation where she’s down to brute strength alone. She cannot fight worth crap and prefers not to.

Cultured Badass: Her language and communication skills place her in this spectrum, along with her ability to play the piano.

Dangerous Sixteenth Birthday: On her sixteenth birthday, Desirée was thrown straight into the family business and was sent on her first mission (that being an assassination).

Deadpan Snarker

Dumb Blonde: Averted.

Family Business: The Chardon family is a family full of assassins on all sides of the family. They've been in the business for a long time, too.

Forceful Kiss: Done to her during the Attempted Rape. She's had to do it a few times during her missions.

Girly Girl: Loves dresses, frilly things, makeup, dolls, and other things of that sort. And thanks to her family’s rich status she’s been able to have as much of it as she wants.

Hates Being Alone: She really doesn’t want to end up alone in the end, though she doesn’t show it.

Hidden Weapons: Has a knife hidden in her clothes both for job reasons and in case she’s being overpowered by her target.

Honey Trap: G-Rated version, not partaking in the intercourse that typically comes with it. She’s typically sent in to gain the trust of someone, get close to them, but usually if not gaining information she’s striking them down.

Hypocrite: Dislikes or hates a specific thing, yet acts a specific way to make it seem as if she doesn't. Also comes into play with So Beautiful, It’s a Curse where she once again flaunts her beauty and fuels the unwanted attention. Even more so, she Hates Being Alone and yet doesn’t do anything to fix it, acting in such ways she would turn people away from her.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Outwardly, when she’s acting as herself she usually falls into the category of a prideful jerk. But really, she has good intentions and can be a nice person.

Lonely Rich Kid

Omniglot: She fluently speaks seven languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, and Swedish.

Private Tutor: Had many of these growing up.

So Beautiful, It’s a Curse: Thanks to her looks, she tends to gain unwanted attention even from outside of when she’s on a mission and trying to get the attention of her target. She tends to find this annoying and unnerving, despite acting like it’s something that doesn’t bother her.

Tears of Fear: Mainly during the Attempted Rape. Has done it on occasion though when her anxiety and fear takes her over in similar situations after that.

The Family That Slays Together: All three work as assassins.
»» Badass Family: And they’re really good at it.

The Grinch: Has an extreme dislike for Christmas. This is because she hasn’t been able to celebrate a Christmas with her family since they started working again. They still send presents though, which only fuels her dislike by being a reminder she has to “celebrate” it alone.

The Mole: She’s this during her missions, though, she’s typically not one for very long and usually finishes with someone dying.

The Power of Acting: Able to fool rooms of people that she’s something she’s not. This involves personality, who they are, their status, etc. She can play just about anything and convince just about anyone.

Weak, but Skilled: On a physical level, she’s no match for most people and especially not an adult. Though, because she’s skilled in areas such as charisma, lying, and minor seduction, she can gain the upper hand and end it before she has to face them head on.

Weapon of Choice: A gun, mainly because it allows for distance between her and her target.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 WUldMVM

Name ♣
▪️ Eliott Fetsch (EH-lee-uht feh-tch)

Age ♣
▪️ 17 {{October 2nd}}

Gender ♣

Looks ♣
▪️ Eliott is only 5’10” with a slender-like build.

▪️ His hair is short, dark brown, and is medium length.

▪️ His eyes are Reddish Brown.

Personality ♣
Eliott resembles closely to his father, being more relaxed and laid back than most people in basically any situation. It’s not like he doesn’t get worked up or gets angry, but he doesn’t tend to show it because it either is something he sees as unneeded or just doesn’t hold onto long. He also believes that as long as he looks and stays as calm as he can he’ll be able to think clearer, which is usually true for his own self.

Also, while he’s a quiet guy he’s not shy or timid. He’s actually pretty forward and honest when given the chance. Which, on top of that he’s an ambivert, neither falling into the category of extrovert or introvert. Along with that he’s also good at keeping steady conversation but usually needs someone to initiate it first. He’s also probably a True Neutral if anything, though of course as shown by his choice to join Evergreen he plans to do things he may need to do. Whatever things he would have to do.

Eliott is also kind of stupid when it comes to other people, despite being very intellectual elsewhere. He can rarely tell what people are feeling, and knows little on how to take care of others aside from himself. He can even come up as cold and apathetic to other’s emotions. Eliott does care for other people though, even though it's not easy to see on the outside.

Biography ♣
Eliott was born in Switzerland as the eldest of three boys. His father and mother were average citizens, having nothing important tied to their name. His mother was extremely strict and known to be snobbish, which was a contrast to his father who was more relaxed and had no defining traits. It was a surprise the two got married and had two kids before they finally separated when Eliott was eight. Because he was young, and wasn’t entirely close with his mother, Eliott didn’t have a hard time with the divorce. When his father remarried four years later, they had a child not even a year after that, leaving a large age gap between the two brother and half-brother.

He and his siblings rarely got along, more so his actual brother who was a completely different person and more like their birth mother. There were times where they could get along, obviously, but most of the time Eliott got annoyed with the fact his brother was so immature and looked down on education, while Eliott spent a lot of time studying and preparing for his future.

Speaking of education, Eliott attended a private school and achieved many academic praises. He took an interest in human biology/physiology, excelled in science & math, and lacked in Language Arts. History was a decent subject for him, but he only found it exciting when it was about wars and the development of tools and weapons throughout the centuries. On top of school, he played various sports such as Ice Hockey, and enjoyed competitive Skiing. Most of his after school activities revolved around training for the two sports.

At least one good thing came out of the divorce. His step-father was an extremely funny man who liked to tell stories of made-up spy missions. Eliott enjoyed these stories, and bonded with Michel over them. He liked to claim he was apart of a top-secret organization that took down the bad guys, but Eliott knew a crippled man like himself had no possibility of making it in the stories he came up with. That changed in his last year of Secondary school.

Through his step-father, who had been apart of a spy organization, he was accepted into Evergreen. At first he was extremely unsure if he wanted to attend. But after motivation from his parents and step-parents, he decided to go in the end.

Family ♣
▪️ Wolf Fetsch (father, alive)
▪️ Cispia Fetsch (step-mother, alive)
▪️ Ellen Müller (mother, alive)
▪️ Michel Müller (step-father, alive)
▪️ Dorian Fetsch (younger brother, alive)
▪️ Oliver Fetsch (younger half-brother, alive)

Skills ♣
▪️ Physically fit. This is thanks to the Ice Hockey and Competitive Skiing he's done throughout his years. His legs are probably the strongest part of his body, though his upper strength can be equally comparable in terms of fitness.

▪️ Able to keep calm in almost any situation. At least outwardly, and usually he can get himself to act rationally mentally also. This isn’t 100% every time but he can keep this up a good amount of the time. This helps in high-stress situations where impulsive actions could lead to harmful outcomes. And most of all it helps him look composed for other people.

▪️ Elliot is intelligent in sciences, math, and history of the development of technology and weapons. Or, at least that’s what he excels in the most--science being his top and best subject. It might not seem like something that may always be important, but it’s good for various work he might do in the future. You never know.

▪️ He has a lot of potential to become a spy. While he has no prior training for spying and such, he has endured many hours of training for Ice Hockey and Skiing. This gives him the needed determination and stamina to actually fufil duties and missions.

Weaknesses ♣
▪️ Communication skills for him lack greatly. Because he only knows SwissGerman language and just enough SwissFrench and English to barely get by it will be hard for him to understand if the communication method is English.

▪️ Trouble with understanding/recognizing other’s emotions. This could come into play as a weakness because others will find him cold or apathetic, when really he’s just sort of dumb in this aspect and doesn’t work well with emotions in the first place. Even his own is questionable, but because he really doesn’t feel a need to work on his own it tends to not be a focus anyways. It’s quite strange, actually, because he does care for other people but usually just doesn’t know how to take care of them. So, he leaves it.

▪️ He has no prior spy training. All of his training has been for sports, which he could incorporate possibly into his new training, but he’s a complete newbie to this sort of thing.

▪️ Honestly, he’s probably not going to be good at having to end someone’s life, and will struggle greatly with the idea if it ever comes into play. He thinks highly of human life of all kinds, even horrible people.

Codename ♣
▪️ Omega

Trivia ♣
▪️  He speaks SwissGerman as his main language, but can speak a little bit of SwissFrench. Because his birth mother was from America he picked up enough English to hold really basic conversation, and even then sometimes struggles with it.

▪️ His FC is Kaizuka Inaho.

▪️ Like Des, I didn't give him a personality type because I don't think I know the character enough to give them one. Once the RP starts and I get the chance to RP with them I'll give them one. For now, I'm giving him none.

Tropes ♣

List of Tropes:
His tropes are a lot smaller, mainly because he'll be getting most of them throughout the RPG!

Academic Athlete: Eliott is an honors student and has gotten into competitive Skiing, winning first and second place in many of the tournaments he takes part in nationally.

Beneath The Mask: Underneath the emotionless mask he seems to keep up often, he's a good guy with good intentions.

Brutally Honest: Eliott has a blunt honesty that people usually don't want to hear.

Code Name: Omega.

Emotionless Boy: The rare male version of the Emotionless Girl. He's aloof, distant even, and has a hard time understanding/socializing with others.

Like Father, Like Son: He resembles his father a lot in the way he acts; passive, ambivert, and sort of average.

No Social Skills: He’s unfamiliar with most social situations and conversations, especially when it comes to another person's emotions. This also ties in with being Brutally Honest. It's not that he grew up in isolation but he just simply dumb in social settings.

Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training: His education is a great strength for him, but his social skill is extremely pathetic.

Tranquil Fury: You can feel his anger, but you’ll probably never see it.

Thou Shalt Not Kill: Has trouble with the idea of killing anyone, or having to put anyone near death.

Weapon of Choice: Handgun or knife. Though, he prefers not to use these to kill anyone and just for self-defense.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 WiqR2Mz
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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by WritingBookworm Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:10 pm

Name: Ashleigh ‘Ash’ Harrison Underwood

Age: 41

DOB: August 13th

Zodiac Sign: Leo


[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 1ca58810
[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 8f2b8710
[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 0f8cda10

Those are a few reference pics. The first two are her in her Evergreen days while the last one is close to how I picture her as an adult (though without the colors in her hair, and not as pretty — I almost passed on using Sailor Jupiter as a face claim because Sailor Jupiter is much prettier than Ash). It’s also worth noting she has green eyes instead of the brown portrayed in the first two pics.

Personality: Ash acts bubbly and cheerful, and though she lost most of her teenage mischeviousness with age, that said mischeviousness still shows up too. She’s quick to swear and crack dirty jokes, and will even sing classic rock songs during fights, which might lead some to deem her more immature than her own kids.

But a word of advice? Don’t be fooled. That happy-go-lucky woman you see there is practically the ESO’s best agent, second only to Rune Allheart in terms of skill and talent. Ash will absolutely drop her happy-go-lucky persona whenever things are getting serious, showing just how brutal and ruthless she can be. This is a woman who spent a good portion of her life pursuing vengeance, after all. But at the end of the day, she also has a big heart, which shows itself even more rarely than her brutality.

Biography: Ash was only nine years old when she saw her mother get shot in front of her and swore to find whoever killed her. For the next few years of her life, she made a point to be a troublemaker, pranking principals, slipping worms down fellow students’ shirts, and getting no grade higher than a C-. She was touted around from school to school, and got expelled from each one — until Evergreen.

Evergreen was the first school where she cared. Part of this was because of her friends; Rosie Alden, Shaun Smirnov, and Max. Another part of this was because Evergreen was also where her mom, Eva Resnik, attended school and became an ESO spy. Her grades started to climb, and though her troublemaking behavior wasn’t entirely gone, she did start to do better. She and her friends uncovered a plot by a man named Winston, who turned out to be SRSIA, and ultimately saved the world from him. Ash did another heroic act at seventeen, in her last year at Evergreen, where she confronted SRSIA General Vivian Calder (her long-lost aunt as well as the woman who killed her mother), ultimately gave up her quest of vengeance, and accidentally killed Vivian’s daughter and son-in-law, prompting Vivian to instead seek vengeance on her. Vivian sent a warhead after Evergreen, and would have succeeded in blowing it up had not Ash dived out of the plane, grabbed a remote, and cancelled the war head at the last second. By eighteen, Ash was already a legend.

Ash married a fellow student, Ace Underwood, less than a year after graduation. They were both ESO agents, after all, and they didn’t know what could happen to them, so they acted fast. Ash was offered several promotions in the ESO, but she kept rejecting them for a few reasons; she didn’t want a desk job, she wanted to stay on missions with her husband, and she was going to be a mother soon and wanted to devote some more time to her children.

It was difficult for Ash and Ace to raise Travis and Harriet. Rarely were both parents there at once, and their lifestyle meant the Underwood family always had to be on the move. The dangers in their lifestyle were exemplified after Travis and Harriet went to Evergreen, when the SRSIA attacked Ace and Ash, putting Ace into a coma and forcing Ash on the run. She only came out of hiding when Vivian abducted and tortured both of her children. Now, after they faced so many dangers at Evergreen, Ash finally decided to return to Evergreen herself — not as a student, but as faculty.

Family: Eva Resnik Harrison [mother, deceased], Jim Harrison [father, alive], Ace Underwood [husband, comatose], Travis and Harriet Underwood [children, alive], General Vivian Leigh Calder [aunt, alive]

Strengths: Talented, with thirty years of experience up her belt. Deadly close-range combatant. Not afraid to torture and kill, if absolutely necessary. She’s good at keeping a cheerful mood up, and she’s smarter than her attitude might suggest. She’s freaking daring — like, “oh let me just drive a helicopter into a bUNCH OF EVIL PEOPLE LIKE A KAMIKAZE AND KILL THEM THAT WAY” kind of daring. Also a great escape artist; she’s renowned for basically being the Houdini of the ESO, as the SRSIA attempted to capture her multiple times and she’s always escaped.

Weaknesses: Though she absolutely does take things seriously, at the end of the day, her attitude may lead others to think that she doesn’t. She can be rude and coarse, and though she’s still a good shot, she isn’t quite as deadly if you fight her long-range than if you fight her close range. Ash arguably isn’t as ambitious as she should be — she could have been the second in command of the ESO by now, but she isn’t because she just doesn’t freaking feel like it. And, at the end of the day, one of her biggest weaknesses is that Ash will show mercy when she should not.

Codename: Asheart

-She’s such a Gryffindor
-Ash was my primary character in the very original Evergreen thread. Which means I made her when I was thirteen.
-Her main weapons are a hand-buzzer she rigged to electrocute people and a pocketknife. And yes, she actually still calls her pocketknife ‘Mr. Pocketknife.’

Tropes because Syd and Lyss posted them and I want to be like the cool kids:
Action Girl: One of the most infamous ones to have attended Evergreen.
>>Action Mom: Hasn't lost one bit of badassery since becoming a mom. Now she's helped Travis and Harriet learn how to fight.

A Day in the Limelight: Evergreen 1.5: Confrontation is all about her, and the pinnacle of her character arc.

Belligerent Sexual Tension: Has this in spades with Ace in Confrontation.
>>Deconstructed in Incalescent. Ash fights with her husband so often that it made Harriet start to worry whether or not they would get divorced. Travis reassures her that everything will be fine between them, in the end, because they really do love each other.

Blood Knight: Ash loves the thrill of battle, and has even been known to sing Queen or Volbeat while kicking SRSIA's butt.

Boisterous Bruiser: Has a lot of fun getting into action.

Damsel Out of Distress: Ash got captured a lot. But she also escaped, A LOT, to the point where she was basically starting to become Evergreen's Houdini.  

Dark and Troubled Past: When she was nine, Ash watched her mother get murdered before her very eyes. This incited a long history of rebellious behavior in school, and her drive for revenge throughout her character arc.  

Disney Death: To stop a plane from crashing into Evergreen in the first RPG, Ash took control of the plane herself and crashed it in a location far from the school. Most thought she died, but she survived.

The Dreaded: At this point in her life, she’s such a legend in the ESO that most SRSIA agents are afraid of her.

Green Eyes: Ash has her family's trademark.

Happily Married: By Incalescent she's married and started a family with Ace.

Heroic Sacrifice: Pulls one of these off in the first RPG when she crashes a plane to stop her friends and several other students from being killed.

Jerk With a Heart of Gold: Ash was selfish, reckless, self-absorbed, and one of the most immature people at Evergreen. But she really did care about others, at the end of the day.

Motif: We Will Rock You by Queen. It captures both her personality and her backstory very well.

Rebellious Spirit: Before going to Evergreen, she never passed any of her classes, and got kicked out of seven different schools.

Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Her objective throughout the first Evergreen RPG was to find her mother's killer, and make them pay for what they've done. She eventually does find her, in Confrontation.

Ship Tease: With Ace in Confrontation. Upgraded to a Happily Married Official Couple in Incalescent.

Tomboy and Girly-Girl: The Tomboy to Rosie's Girly-Girl, though Ash can make anyone look like a Girly-Girl in comparison.

Took a Level in Kindness: While she still has a lot of her fire, Ash is notably more mellow and mature in Incalescent, where she's an adult rather than a fourteen-year-old.

Tragic Keepsake: Her most precious possession was a small Hawaiian coaster that her mom brought back from a business trip (read: ESO mission) to Hawaii. It was the last thing her mom ever gave to her.

Weapon of Choice: A pocketknife and a handbuzzer she modified to actually electrocute people. She affectionately dubbed them Mr. Pocketknife and Buzzy, respectively.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Tumblr_psuz0sQPWk1t2vv2no5_500

"I'll tell you where the real road lies: between your ears, behind your eyes. That is the path to paradise, and likewise the road to ruin."

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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by Lady Senbonzakura Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:38 pm

She wants revenge I guess??:
Name: Lei Ming Zhao
Age: 18 (February 11th)
Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 SoWOOMf 

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 WSUxyAI Images of Umi Sonoda from Love Live!. I do not own the character nor the images.
Personality: Though very mature and responsible, Lei Ming is fun and outgoing person. She enjoys playing just as much as she enjoys working. She also does her best to be helpful to others, and is almost always respectful. However, the loss of her parents has taken a slight toll on her, as her heart is weighed down by their absence and her need for justice.
Biography: Lei Ming was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, and lived there for the first six years of her life before her family snuck out of China to move to Seattle. She lived a normal life with her parents until they died in a car crash when she was 17. In her grief, because of the odd nature of the accident, she reasoned that her parents were murdered by the SRSIA agents as retribution for leaving China, and now wants vengeance.
Family: Cheng Zhao (father, deceased), Jingyi Zhao (mother, deceased)

--she speaks English, Standard Mandarin, Cantonese, and some Portuguese.
--being of Chinese descent, she could possibly be used as a double agent
--she’s very determined to avenge her parents
--has good physical health and stamina

--has very little combat and weapon training
--has no connection to the ESO
--may be a little blinded by her need for revenge
--will likely be untrusted because of her heritage
Codename: Shenlong 
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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by Comrade Squid Sun Jun 17, 2018 4:19 pm


[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 2E1288FDB5A52393870057B8627B0CDA04CC5B57
"Feelings? You wanna know who's got feelings, mate? Blokes that bludgeon their wives to death with golf trophies. Professionals. Have. Standards. One: Be polite! Two: Be efficient. And Three: Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

Name: Richard "Rick" Mundee

Age: 38

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Tf2_sniper_by_doubleleaf
Height is 6'2"

Personality: Mundee is a ruthless, calculating professional with a terrifying disregard for human life. He views his working as a mercenary assassin as no different than working as a mailman or chef; simply day-to-day business to make a profit. But he doesn't just do it for the profit in this case; he does it for the thrill, the thrill of hunting the world's most dangerous prey, and the bragging rights that come with it. He's loud, arrogant, and egotistical, frequently trash-talking both his enemies and his allies, and viewing himself as the world's expert on killing people.

Biography: Rick Mundee was raised in the wilderness of the Australian outback, and quickly learned how to shoot a rifle and kill animals. He found hunting to be a bit "boring", so he decided to move up a bit and start poaching. He successfully killed and harvested many rare animals, and used his profits to upgrade his equipment. After growing tired of slaughtering elephants in Africa for ivory, he decided to increase his pay even further by acting as a mercenary sniper for the highest bidder, killing targets for exorbatant sums of money. His talents were very renowned, and most of his work was performed for the SRSIA.

Family: Nobody of noteworth; all deceased.

Professional- Takes his work very seriously.
Resourceful- Trained in a multitude of weapons and could survive in the wilderness for days.
Skilled- Shooting a rifle and swinging a blade come naturally to him.


Arrogant- Constantly trash-talks his oponents and sometimes his allies, regardless of whether or not they can hear him.
Egotistical- Vain and prideful, very confident that no one else is better than him. Except at dying. Everyone's better than him at dying.

ESO Intelligence initially referred to him as "The Kangaroo" when he started working for the SRSIA. He's officially adopted the name.

Other Information: Technically not a part of SRSIA, just works for them a lot.
Fluent in English and Australian
Loves to kill the freshest meat, and has been looking forward to fighting Evergreen students for sometime.
Never speak about anything around Comrade Squid:
Name: Irene von Searchenschtaffen IV

Age: 15 (December 3)

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 MMs4tpx
She's 5'3"

Personality: Out of the many prima donnas in the world... Irene is one of them. Might be in the top thousand or so. That's pretty impressive though, given how many people there are in the world. Her aristocratic upbringing has given her a skewed moral compass, a narcisstic personality and a disregard for the lower class, which when compared to her, is just about everybody. Her interests reflect her vanity well, prioritizing her own comfort and using her beauty, wealth and status to influence others and get whatever she wants.

Irene is not without her positive qualities, though. She can befriend people, and genuinenly value and appreciate them, but even it is in a derogatory and demeaning manner, as if they were a beloved pet. Maybe she'll mellow out, though- after all, she's only fifteen.

Biography: Irene's life can be described with one word- "pampered". Experiencing her entire childhood in the glamorous Searchenschtaffen family castle, she never had to worry about anything, besides servants taking too long to attend her or her dinner being slightly cold. The Searchenschtaffens had once been one of the biggest families in Austria, but they were unable to keep up with the modernization of Europe and now their expensive lifestyle is becoming less and less possible.

Irene's mother was a complete pushover, who gave in to her baby girl's every want and whim. However, her father, a great, unpleasant, bull of a man, decided that his daughter and only heir was quickly becoming a useless, pathetic whelp. Threatened by the possibility of the SRSIA pushing into Austria and taking over his property, he reached out to the ESO, convincing them to take Irene to Evergreen and train her as a spy, figuring it will do her some good.

Family: Adelaid von Searchenschtaffen (Mother; Alive), Herman von Searchenschtaffen (Father; Alive)

Strengths: Sophisticated, charming at times, and a natural liar- she'd be good at infiltrating high-profile areas.

Weaknesses: Cowardly, weak, indecesive, and rude. She won't have many friends.

Codename: Madame

Other Information:
henlo female Eric
Also she can speak Austrian, English, French and Latin
The Renegade...:
Name: Jessica "Jess" Hunter

17 (June 17)

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 McCree.full.2043466
Height is 5'9"
Angel Eyes:
[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Accipiter-gentilis

Personality: Jess is a fairly wild and indepedant free spirit, with a natural disregard for rules and a desire to be her own master. Nevertheless, she will follow the orders of somebody she respects, though in rough situations she's still be quick to deviate the from the plan. She's also a romantic, pining for a special girl for her to take and explore the world with her. She hasn't been successful so far, but hopes that Evergreen will have plenty of lovely ladies for her to court. In the meantime, most of her social time is dedicated to her bird, Angel Eyes.

Biography: Jessica is the very definition of a cowgirl. Raised on a ranch in Wyoming, she quickly became accustomed to a rural life. Though she was, to her dismay, not very good at riding, her aunt was quick to tutor her in two fields that would prove to be very important to her later in life; shooting, and falconry. Beyond that, her life was pretty much par for the course for an average farmgirl, though she did briefly consider pursuing a field in academia when she discovered her talent for physics. Two years ago, she acquired a black goshawk which she named Angel Eyes, and trained him for falconry.

Family: Franklin Hunter (Father: Alive), Jane Hunter (Mother; Alive), Sydney Hunter (Aunt: Alive)

Strengths: Strong, rugged, good with a gun, good with animals, and agreeable.

Weaknesses: She's unpredictable and has a tendency to ignore orders, she can lose her temper easily, and she doesn't actually know how to ride a horse

Codename: Deadlock

Other Information: yeehaw
Speaks good ol' American English
(Yes, she's taking the bird with her)
(Yes, he's named after that Angel Eyes)
...and the Anarchist:
Name: Xavier Vox

Age: 18 (October 17)

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 A7xXifk
Stands at 5'11"
Frequently wears a gas mask of this variety:
[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Gas-mask-solo-web

Personality: If there is a standard for 'normal' personalities, Xavier is the farthest thing from it. Bizarre, anti-social, downright aggressive at times and with a warped obsession to carrying out his organization's goal, he can very easily be downright unpleasant even at the best of times. However, as part of his contract with the ESO and Evergreen, he has been placed on meds which somewhat regulate his strange personality. When properly medicated, he can, at the very least, 'mimic' the behavior of a 'regular' person, though he avoids taking meds whenever possible.

Biography: Xavier hails from the isolated micronation of UNO(Union of the New Order), a small, sovereign state located on an island off the coast of California. Though formed by disgruntled American separatists and political extremists in the 1950s, the ESO recognizes it as an independant nation. They would likely revoke this recognition, however, if they knew about the cult-like paramilitary operations held on the island, and the ties that UNO's government has to Gray Cell, an anarchist terrorist organization.

Xavier's mother, a refugee from North Korea, ended up on the island and quickly fell in line with the party's anti-authoritarian views, and had a child with a senior officer in their military. That child was Xavier, and after nearly dying from heavy exposure to chemicals from a bioweapon test gone awry, his father realized the potential he had as a soldier and began training him as soon as he was old enough. A soldier, an anarchist, and a terrorist at heart, Xavier was deemed ready for service at seventeen and was enlisted in Gray Cell.

His first mission had him in four others taking a senator(an SRSIA sympathizer) and her family hostage. They held out for eighteen hours, until his four compatriots were killed by law enforcement, the hostages rescued, and Xavier taken prisoner. Initially, he was imprisoned in a high-profile detention center, until the ESO, realizing his potential, reached out to him. They offered him his freedom in exchange for him becoming a high-security student at Evergreen, where he'd receive more training before being sent to fight the SRSIA. Xavier already hated the SRSIA due to his mother's stories of living under SRSIA rule, and their authoritarian nature. Though he knew he was just trading one cage for another, he was more tthan ready to accept their ofer.

Family: Ha-Yun Moon(Mother; Alive), Kilian Vox* (Father; Alive)

Strengths: Emotionally distant, well-trained, physically strong and surprisingly cooperative.

Weaknesses: Unhinged, very politically charged, socially-awkward and beyond untrustworthy.

Codename: Blackout

Other Information: * Vox was not Kilian's birth surname but rather a name he adopted after joining UNO.
Speaks English and limited Korean.
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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by Hime Sun Jun 17, 2018 8:19 pm

Momma Alden:
Name (please include first & last): Rosemary "Rosie" Alden [definitely hates the name 'Rosemary' & will off anyone who calls her that]

Age: 41 (born June 23rd)

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Rosie10

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Rosiea10

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Sadie_10

> Her general appearance makes her look young for her age. For example, when she was 16, people thought she was 13. Though she's in her early forties, she definitely only looks early-to-mid thirties.
> Her height is 5'5.

Personality: When Rosie was a teenager, she was very meek, gentle, and compassionate. Though she hasn't lost these qualities of herself when she grew older, she's definitely changed a lot. Now the Evergreen alum is much tougher and more confident, likely thanks to her husband's influence on her. Working with the ESO, especially in isolation away from her children, has made her a lot more restless and "bitchier," for lack of a better term. Rosie is ultimately easy to get along with, but can get intimidating pretty fast.

Biography: As evidenced by her relatively young age, Rosie settled down a bit too fast following her graduation from Evergreen. Since she and Shaun were moving around so much and overworking themselves, they wanted to start a family at any possible time. So, at only 19, she has Leonhardt. Then, at 24, she has Sadie. Soon after, her husband disappears, which places a great weight of worry and stress on her shoulders. At age 30, Rosie was called overseas, which forced her to leave her domestic life behind.

She works as an acrobatics specialist for the ESO & has simultaneously been trying to find her husband. A new job may be on the horizon for her, however...

Family: Jeremy Alden [father, deceased] -- Charlotte Alden [mother, alive] -- Shaun Smirnov [husband, missing] -- Leonhardt Alden [son, alive] -- Sadie Alden [daughter, alive]

> Agile
> Experienced
> Determined
> Well-rounded
> Loyal & loving

> Too emotional
> Not as skilled with weaponry
> Slightly scatterbrained
> Allows turmoil to affect her
> Obsessive

Codename: Her codename is technically Angelwing, but she told Meridian to give her daughter that title when she was safe at Evergreen. Since Rosie doesn't do foreign affairs, she doesn't really have a codename.

Other Information (optional):

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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by WritingBookworm Sun Jun 17, 2018 11:45 pm

Name: Travis Ace Underwood

Age: 17

DOB: February 29th

Zodiac Sign: Pisces


[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Travis10

- He's 5'8

Personality: [ESFP] Much like his mother, Travis is an impulsive individual. Of course, this is natural if you have severe ADHD like he does. He isn't afraid to speak his mind or get his opinion out there, which can land into some tricky situations. He is extremely passionate about everything he does and has a short temper. But along with his great negative emotions stems a great compassion and love that can only come from Travis.

Biography: Travis is the son of two famous ESO agents, hence his life has never been normal. Due to not wanting anyone from SRSIA (primarily a member of its leadership, his traitorous great-aunt Vivian Calder), he has never stayed in one place longer than six months. At last they finally decided to skip all that crap and live in a trailer, so he's had a mobile home ever since. He and Harriet were homeschooled by either his father or his mother -- often one would be off on a mission while the other stayed with the children -- which has led to a restlessness, as well as a disjointment from the rest of society. Now, with a burning desire to just live a normal life already, getting a letter from Evergreen may very well be the best thing that might have happened to him.

Or, perhaps, the worst.

Family: Ashleigh 'Ash' Harrison Underwood (41, mother), Ace Underwood (42, father) Evelyn Harriet Underwood (twin sister, 17)

>>Extended Family: Eva Resnik Harrison (grandmother, deceased), Jim Harrison (grandfather, 67), Vivian Leigh Calder (great-aunt, 62), Aaron Calder (great-uncle, deceased), Cora Calder and Ben Atkinson (first cousins once removed, both deceased)

Strengths: Travis is exceptional in the physical side of spying (particularly in close combat) and, while not especially a genius, is pretty good with tech as well. He's optimistic so he can always see the bright side of a dark situation. He is very brave and not afraid to take risks. Travis is also protective of his sister as well.

Weaknesses: He's too not afraid to take risks. He can completely screw up missions because of he's impulsive and stubborn, so if he's dead set on doing something, he'll do it no matter what. He doesn't exactly have a knack for thinking ahead. He's very defensive.

Codename: Fireheart

- His birthday is February 29th.
- Travis is younger than Harriet by two minutes and twelve seconds, and resents this fact with every fiber of his being.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Tumblr_psuz0sQPWk1t2vv2no5_500

"I'll tell you where the real road lies: between your ears, behind your eyes. That is the path to paradise, and likewise the road to ruin."

Infinity's Row: Interlude l Anaphora: Pariah l Infinity's Row: Uncontrollable l Anaphora: Vengeance]

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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by Ace Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:25 am

Weeby af:
Name (please include first & last): Leona Ikaruga

Age (13 – 18): 18

Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Leone_by_animefanno1-d82fsr9

Personality: She has a very relaxed, upbeat, and cheerful personality, and tends to display a lack of ladylike manners. She serves as a sort of big sister, often referring to herself as "onee-san". Despite the morally dodgy nature that she can sometimes display, Leona is not one to tolerate injustice, and can be especially vicious to those who commit the most vile of acts. She also enjoys fighting her enemies, and it brings out a fiercer side of her.

Biography: Born to a Japanese father and a German mother in San Francisco, Leona is a Japanese American who lived a mostly normal life. Her father worked in Silicon Valley, having graduated from the University of Tokyo as a computer engineer, while her mother was a stay at home mom, at least on paper. In reality, however, her mother was hardly home; she came from a rich family, although Leona had never met any of them save her grandmother and grandfather, and was always travelling to social events that lasted a few nights. At least, that's what Leona was told. In truth, her mother was a spy, and she had first been assigned with stealing some of the technology her father was inventing back in Tokyo. However, things changed when her mother slowly began to fall in love with her father, Kiritsugu. Eventually they started a life together, and her mother got enough information on the project to keep the organization she worked for happy, allowing her to continue being a spy. Now, however, it is Leona's turn to follow in her footsteps, but she has no idea what is really in store for her.

Family: Kiritsugu Ikaruga (father), Diana Ikaruga (mother), grandparents

Strengths: Speed (quick thinker, actor, and also physical speed), physical strength, acting

Weaknesses: Reading the room, untrained, intellect, and easily startled

Codename: Rising Sun

Other Information (optional): Speaks Japanese and German fluently, and can also understand Spanish fairly well after living in San Francisco for so long, but doesn't speak it

Dig Bick:
Name (please include first & last): Priapus Okeanos

Age (13 – 18): 19

Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 8a260c506c7002517c6953f49856cd63

Personality: ESFP - The Entertainer
Priapus is a very friendly person, always hoping to make connections and relationships with those around them. He's very much a people person, and while there are times he does decide to be alone, it's rare to find him without people around for the most part. He is able to read people very well, always knowing what is the right thing to say, especially around women, but generally in most situations - something he improved during his time as a sailor in various ports and parts of the Meditteranean. He's very perceptive, able to size up situations or opponents and decide how to deal with them in the best way possible, and his way with people as well as his natural charisma draws others towards him.

Biography: Born in Southern Greece, Priapus's father was a simple fisherman. His mother died due to complications from birth, or so he was told, but the truth was that she had been an ESO spy that was killed by SRSIA. His father tried to keep him from that truth, instead raising him on the ocean, teaching him about how to sail a ship and to read the waves, both those of the ocean and of life. Things went well until the SRSIA assassin came back to finish the job, murdering his father and nearly killing him. Priapus had gone out alone to fish, as his father hadn't been feeling very well that day, although in truth his father had heard about the assassin's arrival in the area and was trying to keep him safe. However, when Priapus arrived to his home his father lay on the floor in a pool of his own blood, dead. At that moment, the assassin struck, but although Priapus was in shock he was able to escape the lethal attack, although not without a deep scar along his right shoulder and down his upper arm. Wasting no time, Priapus scrambled out the window and made his way to the coast. It was very late, and the assassin gave chase. Eventually he made it into the coast and into his boat, but before he could get far out enough the assassin spotted him and started swimming after him. Not knowing what else to do, he grabbed one of the oars he used when the wind died down and swung down as hard as he could, taking the assassin by surprise when he surfaced. Dazed but not defeated, the assassin began to climb up the side of the boat. Left without any other choice, Priapus did the only thing he could at the time, grabbing the heavy weighted net used to catch fish and throwing it at his attacker. Tangled up in and weighed down by it, the assassin lost his grip on the ship and sank down to the depths off the coast of Greece.

Priapus raced back home, but it was too late. His father breathed no more, so he woke his neighbors and asked them for help with his father's burial. Priapus said good-bye to his father as the sun rose, taking what he could from his family home before setting off on his fishing boat. He sailed along the Greek coast, eventually joining a crew of seafaring thieves and working his way to the top. He mutinied and the crew decided to follow him; the old captain had become cruel and selfish in his old age, and that was his downfall. With an able crew behind him, Priapus became known as Sinbad. However, he kept his crew from killing and stealing, instead plundering ports where the rich stored their goods, as well as secretly gathering information about his father's death and the organization behind it. He began targeting those who gave aid to them, hoping he could at least do something to hinder them. After a year, he and his crew were well known, but one wealthy lord with a grudge against him, one who he highly suspected was with that organization, hired a fleet to track down and kill him. When Sinbad caught word, he left his men to carry on with their lives as they chose, each with enough money to live a good and happy life from all the riches that they had gathered. Priapus himself tried to disappear, but before he could the fleet that had been hired to find him had docked at the port he had ended up in, and although he tried to run he was surrounded. Wondering if these were his last moments, an ESO agent who had been following him appeared and offered him a second chance at life, but for a price: he would have to become a spy. With no other choice, he agreed, and with the spy he made his escape, eventually making it to Evergreen.

Family: Badr Okeanos (Father, deceased), Esra Okeanos (Mother, deceased)

Strengths: Reading people and situations, charm and charisma, and leadership

Weaknesses: Stubbornness, takes on burdens of others unnecessarily, and pride

Codename: Sinbad

Other Information (optional): Priapus's hair is naturally black but he dies it purple, something he started back in his days as a captain, since purple use to represent royalty. His hair is quite long because he has never cut it. His eyes, however, are naturally a yellow-gold color, due to some genetic mutation. He has two golden hoop earrings he sometimes wears as well, but usually only for fancier occasions. He speaks his native Greek as well as English, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, and Arabic as well as French, Portuguese, and some other lesser known languages of the Mediterranean conversationally.
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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by WritingBookworm Mon Jun 18, 2018 4:12 am

Name: Annika Braun

Age: 17


[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 A9f6cc10

Personality: Annika is a sassy and sometimes flirty little piece of work, quick-witted and fiery. She does her best to speak her mind, because she’s trying to get back into the habit of that. She’s doing her best to move on in general, to be honest, and though her emotional state has vastly improved since being rescued, she still has a little bit of work to go.

Biography: Annika’s life was gilded. She was born into old money, and was showered with all the love and affection she could possibly get from her parents. But here’s the thing — her parents weren’t good people. Like, at all. They loved Annika, but they were also literal Neo-Nazis, as well as major SRSIA financial backers.

Annika was close to adopting her parents’ ideologies. She would have, had she not met others and slowly learned that her parents were full of hate — and, perhaps, legitimately dangerous. For years, she was terrified to speak out against them, but when she was fourteen, she finally did.

That really didn’t end well for her.

After a heated argument with her parents, Annika stormed up to her room, slammed and locked the door, and slept for the rest of the night, hoping things would mellow out by morning. Such was not the case. By the next morning, SRSIA agents had come to take her to a SRSIA camp, where they brainwashed, trained, and subjected captured victims to a brutal amount of labor.

Annika tried to resist, but piece by piece, her hope drained, and her will to fight left her. After a year of being in the camp, she nearly submitted to SRSIA entirely. Annika was severely malnourished and nearly on the brink of death when ESO agents finally broke into the camp and rescued her, along with a certain Ren Valkov.

Annika’s recovery was a lot slower than Valkov’s. She was kept at a secure ESO facility, where she received a heap of emotional and physical therapy. It wasn’t until December 2020 when she finally decided she needed to stop being stagnant and start living life again. She’d received a ton of training at the SRSIA camp — maybe she could put that to use. Maybe she could take what SRSIA gave her and reclaim it as her own. This semester, she’s ready to go to Evergreen. This semester, she’s ready to fight back SRSIA.

Family: Gerlach Braun [father, alive], Nadetta Braun [mother, alive]

Strengths: Efficient combatant, as a result from SRSIA camp training. It’s been two years since she’s used it, but her muscle memory will help her quickly relearn. She’s perceptive, charismatic, and has made strides to learn medicine — if SRSIA wanted her to learn to take lives, then Annika wanted the ESO to teach her to save lives, as if to counterbalance that.

Weaknesses: While Annika’s made a lot of progress toward recovery, she still isn’t quite there yet. Her honesty lands her into trouble, and she might rush into situations too fast. Honestly, she’s still afraid to put her training to use, because she feels like a SRSIA-made monster whenever she uses it. Fortunately, that’s why she’s there at Evergreen.

Codename: Rosethorn

Other: I literally just made her because I loved her FC tbh

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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by Fix-It Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:19 am

Okay that format I had on my other forms was cool but i'm lazy sorry:

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 EaNITcQ
Name: Autumn Burke

Age: 18; born September 6th.

Appearance: She's 5'3" and 136 lbs.

Personality: Autumn is very expressive. She’s snarky to a fault, not to mention, short with most everyone she meets. And she’s very fond of using jokes to hide her emotional detachment. Though, there are hints of compassion to be found, especially when it comes to animals and children. She’s also a big fan of destroying things and doing illegal stuff just for the sake of doing it. Evergreen was a big wake-up call.

Biography: Autumn has a pretty bad reputation. When she was twelve, she beat the snot out of a classmate in an unprovoked incident. During the summer between her eighth and ninth grade, she set the school cafeteria on fire with some friends and was kicked out of the district. But even home school wasn’t enough to stop her reign of terror. She got a good gig and began her career as a getaway driver. This, unfortunately, didn’t last too long. Not because she got caught, mind you, but because she was "stopped" by a former ESO agent. Instead of turning her in, though, she was sent to Evergreen through their recommendation after promising to clean up her act.

Family: Joe Burke (father), Diane Burke (mother). Both are alive.

Strengths: She’s pretty funny. Besides that, though, Autumn knows how to get out of shitty situations and is quick on her feet. She’s a really good driver, too, and is a surprisingly practical person in theory: she can plan well. She can work a gun and her fists.

Weaknesses: Autumn is an unconventional idiot. Yeah, okay sure, she can plan well. But she's not going to follow those plans. She’ll do something just because it seems like it’ll be cool or awesome, and takes a lot of pride in herself for getting into life-or-death circumstances. She’s also kind of unstable and uses comedy as a fill in.

Codename: Maple

Other Information: She only has vision in one eye and one ear. The cause? It’s a secret. Also, she only speaks English bc/ she's American.

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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by WritingBookworm Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:31 am

Name: Evelyn Harriet Underwood

Age: 17


[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 1e973f10

- She's 5'4.
- Her eyes are green, not purple.

Personality: [INFP] Harriet is literally the complete opposite of Travis. While Travis is at home center-stage, Harriet is content to paint the backdrops and hand out props. She is kind, modest and humble. She knows how to keep her emotions in control to the point where even if she's on the brink of despair, she'll still find a way to make someone's day. However, Harriet is defensive about her capabilities, being desperate to prove herself, and is mortally afraid of being useless since she has asthma -- as a result, she cannot quite reach her full physical capacity in the way Travis can.

Another thing to note is that after Harriet was on the run for a few weeks (due to Mallory’s machinations), Harriet returned to Evergreen a bit hardened. While she’s overall still a nice girl, she’s more driven, more intense, and less inclined to overly apologize.

Biography: Harriet was born from two famous ESO spies, hence she and her family have constantly been on the move- something really hard for Harriet when she found out she was diagnosed with asthma, and made even worse by her anxiety. Her younger brother became protective due to this, which was nice, at first. But then she wasn't so sure she wanted that anymore. When she recognized this, her mother worked with Harriet especially to train her, and has done her best to give Harriet full confidence . . . which has made Harriet, while giving her a desire to prove herself, all the more afraid of failure.

Family: Ashleigh 'Ash' Harrison Underwood (39, mother), Ace Underwood (40, father) Travis Underwood (twin brother, 17)

>>Extended Family: Eva Resnik Harrison (grandmother, deceased), Jim Harrison (grandfather, 67), Vivian Leigh Calder (great-aunt, 85), Aaron Calder (great-uncle, deceased), Cora Calder and Ben Atkinson (first cousins once removed, both deceased)

Strengths: Harriet is well-rounded. She is intelligent, cooperative, and being a medic makes her a great supportive role on a squad. She has a good aim and isn't half bad at fighting if it's long-range — and she’s vastly improved fighting close-range, too, after her time at Evergreen. She's levelheaded, so she knows how to think ahead and can sense when something's wrong. She’s become more confident after being at Evergreen for a few months.

Weaknesses: She’s never been as good at close-range combat like Travis, and she has a weak stamina. Her asthma can break out at any moment, and sometimes it can cause her to collapse entirely. She's clumsy, and due to not having much experience with other people her age, she's far too timid, and has trouble stepping up as a leader when the situation calls for one. She wants to be independent, and break free of the shell that's hardened so much over the years, but she just doesn't know how. Essentially her weaknesses drag her down, but the insecurities that have sprouted from her weaknesses drag her down even further. After her time on the run, she also became more sarcastic, particularly to people she doesn’t like, and some unneeded comments can make her difficult to work with sometimes.

Codename: Aquaheart

- Her birthday is February 29th.
- Harriet was named after the late Evelyn Harrison, so she goes by her middle name to distinct the two of them.
- Harriet is older than Travis by two minutes and twelve seconds, and she will never let him forget this.

Name: Adir Arian

Age: 19


[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 0b0a5210

- He's 5'11

Personality: Adir's rather quiet. Sometimes, he might even be described as shy. He's got a pretty friendly appearance, he's charitible, and he genuinely wants to do good . . . so no one initially knows that he's technically committed 50+ crimes. He has a burning desire to see everyone safe -- which is what motivated all of his crimes -- and has some very strong opinions on certain subjects pertaining to his religion. Overall, generally a nice guy. Just don't piss him off.

Biography: The earliest years of Adir's life were the worst. He was an Iraqi born in 2002, and 2002 was not a good year for an Iraqi to have been born, as it had come under US occupation. At only a year old, his life immediately began tearing apart; his father lost his job. His mother was attacked for not wearing a hijab, and was kidnapped and held for ransom. She was returned a few days later, but not without traumatizing experiences Adir didn't understand until later. And then, when he was 4, his town came under heavy fire, which killed his father and oldest brother when they tried to save lives. Finally, in 2007, Adir's family was finally able to flee the country, move to Great Britain, and quickly obtain refugee status thanks to the help of a master forger.

Adir's life was far calmer there. He enjoyed stable electricity, running water, and the peace of not hearing gunshots in the distance every night. He got an education, and quickly learned English. His life was good.

But that didn't mean that the lives of others were good. Just like him and his family, there were several Iraqis, Syrians, and other Middle Eastern people that were desperately trying to flee their country, not only due to terrorist attacks, but due to the growing war between the ESO and SRSIA. Adir couldn't sit by and let this happen. He had to do something about it . . . even if it meant going outside of the law.

When his efforts to lawfully help Middle Eastern refugees weren't enough, he remembered the help his family had received from the forger, and took to forgery. His illegal activity slowly became not restricted to just that -- he helped arrange smuggling, housed illegal immigrants, and even stole from others to help some refugees get on their feet. After four years, his activity was noticed by the government.

Normally, he ought to be going to jail. But the ESO just might find some of his skills useful . . .

Family: Akbar Arian (father, deceased), Batul Arian (mother, 59), Jalal Arian (oldest brother, deceased), Hasna Arian (older sister), Adar Arian (older brother), Daniyah Arian (older sister)

Strengths: He's skilled at forgery of all kinds. Decent hacker, too. He has a good heart, and has as such learned a thing or two about medical treatment, but has enough backbone to deal with nasty kinds of people, as he was involved in illegal activity for a good three or four years before coming to Evergreen.

Weaknesses: Little combat experience. He’s gotten better since Nad’a became paraplegic, because someone has to protect her, but he’s still not on others’ level. He can honestly be a dumbass in strenuous situations, because he doesn’t always do well under pressure. He isn't always honest with himself, and is far more bitter about the American occupation of Iraq than he'd care to admit.

Codename: Lightheart

- His birthday is September 13th.
- He's a Muslim.

Name: Julian Everhart

Age: 19


[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Ad435310

- Height is 6'0.
- The tips of Julian's bangs are dyed pink. Hot pink.

Personality: At first sight, Julian is a basic extroverted, music-loving, "go-with-the-flow" sort of guy. This initial demeanor, along with some sarcastic quips he gives whenever he's assigned to a mission, gives off an air of nonchalance and laziness. But anyone on his squad will know that despite his sarcasm and complaints, Julian's actually an ESO prodigy, and has helped lead his squad to victory several times before. However, he has become noticably more quiet after learning of his sister’s true allegiance.

Biography: Julian has had a relatively normal life for the son of two ESO agents. He had two loving parents that tried to be there as often as they could, despite them being away on missions all of the time, and he had a sister, Mallory, whom he loves very much. He was called to Evergreen Academy at age fifteen, and has since then soared through the ranks and gained his own renown.

Family: Elena Everhart (mother, 47), Jared Everhart (father, 46), Mallory Atkinson/Everhart (adopted sister, 19)

Strengths: While he doesn't initally show it, Julian's actually an excellent leader, as well as a capable combatant. He's creative, and is more than willing to look outside the box in any tight situation, no matter what the risks. Plus, he's a mean guitar player.

Weaknesses: His nonchalance and initial lazy demeanor gives off the wrong impression. He often likes to work solo, and it wouldn't necesssarily be out of character for him to endanger a mission so that he could pursue an interest of his own, if he deemed that interest important enough. He was blindly loyal to people he was close to, which bit him in the butt at Mallory’s attack.

Codename: Forté


- He's gonna stay as a TA so yaaaayy

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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent - Page 2 Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

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