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Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Lady Senbonzakura
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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Empty [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by Hime Sat Jun 16, 2018 3:10 pm


Revival Applications Thread

Welcome, returning or new students! The second semester of your freshman year is about to kick off. To successfully apply OR reapply, post your information forms below!


* teams will be edited as new characters are submitted.

Levi Durov:

> Levi Blaine Durov {{lee-vai   doo-rov}}

> 18 (born August 3rd)

> [ESTP] Levi’s life had little to no positives within it. Strangely enough, he always seemed to be optimistic, but realistic at the same time. He was always determined, bent towards improving his life even when there was minimal hope. As a result of his environment, Levi grew up tough and slightly detached from other people, save his mother. To strangers, Levi comes off as a disgruntled jerk, hotheaded and mouthy at the worst of times. He’s also unapologetic and considerably selfish, but not purposefully. Deep down, he longs for the ability to connect to people on an emotional level once again.

This desire for connection is one of Levi’s only weaknesses. Though he wants very few close companions for reasons linked to his childhood, he is still able to hold others to a friendly and respectable standard if they return the favor. Those who are able to get close to Levi never fail to leave a profound impact on his heart, and he has an everlasting affection and fierce protectiveness of them.

Two of Levi’s most negative traits are his temper and his stubbornness. He refuses to act on anyone’s regard but his own, and he has a tendency to be set in his ways, even if they aren’t practical. Levi is extremely rebellious, and if someone tries to control him, he often shuts down and detaches himself from others. If you piss him off, well… Good luck.

> Levi was born to Valentina & Ruslan Durov in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was accompanied by his older sister by four years, Alina, and a few other children his age who lived nearby. Throughout most of his younger years, things were considerably fine, although the family was poor and lived in subpar conditions. His parents rarely fought, but their relationship had been rocky since before he was born.

Shortly after he turned 11, Levi’s parents filed for a divorce upon the grounds of domestic abuse. Alina, who was 15, had gone missing for a few days following the decision of her parents. When Levi eventually found her, she was dead, with a cracked skull and a gun still clenched in her fist.

Levi and his mother fled to America and settled in New York City. They were often shamed and sneered at there for being immigrants from the SRSIA country, and they were also near poverty. Valentina eventually regained her footing and got an occupation as a nurse with the ESO, so Levi no longer had to work. Unfortunately, it was too late for him to go back to public school, so he remained home.

> Ruslan Durov [[father, alive]] - Ruslan was a gruff and unaffectionate father when Levi lived with him. Due to his abusive attitude, Levi developed a deep resentment for him that still dwells within.

> Valentina Durov [[mother, alive]] - Valentina is a paradox; she has a gentle spirit and a strong heart. She is very nurturing and kind, always willing to give love. Levi is very protective of his mother.

> Alina Durov [[older sister, dead]] - Alina was playful, bright-spirited, and intelligent. Although she always tried to dress him up in girl’s clothing, Levi loved and adored her nonetheless. Upon her suicide, his life changed forever, devastation hanging above his head like a cloud.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Levidu10
[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Screen10
> Levi stands at a height of 6 feet.
> His weight is 160 lbs.
> His hair is a dull blond.
> His eyes are golden brown.

> Good with weaponry.
> Alert.
> Good stamina.
> Strong-willed.
> Independent.
> Tough.
> Socially adept.
> Charismatic.
> Bold.
> Natural leader.

> Emotionally detached.
> Unintentionally selfish.
> Stubborn to the point of death.
> Hotheaded.
> Impatient.
> Inflexible.
> EXTREMELY impulsive.
> Irrational.

> Ironsoul

> Levi is a major dog person. He finds their loyalty and optimism refreshing.
> As much as he denies it, Levi is quite a big softy.
> He loves anything spicy.
> He is an extreme health nut.

Sadie Alden:

> Sadie Esmee Alden

> 17 [born May 5th]

>   [INFP] Sadie is a good-natured person, having been surrounded by positivity her whole life. Although she does struggle a bit with inner personal demons, she remains optimistic, with a bright spirit and hopefulness around her that is hard to find elsewhere. She is shy, but loving, and open to make friends with anyone who is also willing. She’s open and forgiving, which can be simultaneously her greatest weakness and her greatest strength.

Since she grew up sheltered, Sadie is a bit naive. She’s socially oblivious and tends to not pick up on obvious hints. She also sees herself as weak and as a burden, which puts a damper on her confidence and energy.

Being an emotional and sensitive person, Sadie’s gentleness and kindness somehow always shine through, even in the darkest of times. She’s clumsy, loyal, a bit ditzy, and a good companion to have.

> Sadie was born just outside of Cambridge in England while her parents were stationed there briefly by the ESO. Promptly after her birth, her mother took a leave and returned to America, specifically Ithaca in New York. Following Sadie’s birth came her father’s sudden disappearance, which startled the family and devastated Rosie.

When Sadie turned six, Rosie was called for duty overseas. Charlotte Alden, Sadie’s grandmother, volunteered to care for Sadie and her older brother of 5 years, Leonhardt, while her mother was sent elsewhere for the war. The three of them lived together in peace up until Leonhardt turned 18 years old on Christmas. He was abruptly drafted, leaving 13-year-old Sadie and her grandmother alone for the next 6 years.

>  Shaun Smirnov [[father, unknown]] - Sadie never knew her father, but she hopes that one day she can find him. She heard great things from her grandmother, mother, and older brother.

> Rosie Alden [[mother, alive]] - Sadie was very young when her mother was called off to help, but she remembers her well.

> Charlotte Alden [[grandmother, alive]] - Sadie is extremely close with her grandmother, since they’ve been consistently together for her whole life.

> Leonhardt Alden [[older brother, alive]] - Sadie and Leo were close until he was sent off to war. He was very caring and nurturing towards her, and naturally, is extremely protective.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Sadieg10
> Sadie stands at a height of 5’4.
> Curvy build.
> Her hair is white blonde.
> Her eyes are a teal color.

> Loving.
> Open.
> Caring.
> Inherently good & pure.
> Genuine.
> Loyal.
> Acrobatic.
> Passionate.

> Low self-confidence.
> TOO selfless.
> Naive.
> Forgetful.
> Bad with weaponry.
> Easily discouraged.

> Angelwing

> Sadie loves small furry creatures, such as bunnies and kittens.
> Her favorite color, unsurprisingly, is pastel pink. She’ll use it in decorating every chance she gets.
> She’s a very touchy and love-y person.

Avenir Kiel:

> Avenir James Kiel {{ay-vin-ear  kee-el}}

> 18 [born on November 22nd]

> [ESTJ] Avenir is known for his goofy and humorous disposition. He’s always trying to make the situation lighthearted, no matter what it is. He also gets rather flustered easily, even though he’s not considerably self-conscious. He’s always out to impress people. Avenir is also known for his pretty prominent perverted side, which is something he’s extremely bad at hiding. Women are his favorite things in the world, after all.

Despite his comedic flaws, Avenir never fails to have good intentions. He’s trustworthy in most situations, although he can fall short due to his laziness and tendency to whine. However, he is loyal and caring towards those who are his friends and is always good-natured.

> Avenir was born to a pair of rich German entrepreneurs. His life has had little to no tough spots, although he feels quite detached and disconnected from his parents. He’s an only child, which made his isolation and loneliness worse. He had all of the material goods he could possibly want, but no emotional connections to anyone.  Avenir always felt as though his parents were hiding something, although he barely ever gets to spend time with them.

> Milo Kiel [[father, alive]] - Milo is a very materialistic and two-faced man, Avenir has decided. He treats him kindly, but it’s not in a genuine way.

> Liezel Kiel [[mother, alive]] - Liezel is very submissive to Milo and is more standoffish and cold towards her son.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Avenir10
> Avenir stands at a height of 5’10.
> He weighs 150 pounds.
> His hair is reddish brown.
> His eyes are dark brown.

> Lighthearted.
> Humorous.
> Intelligent, although it’s not apparent.
> Quick wit.
> Encouraging.
> Personable.
> Easy to get along with.

> Perverted!
> A bit loud-mouthed.
> Easily confused.
> Uncoordinated.
> Can sometimes lack necessary seriousness.
> A bit socially awkward due to isolation.
> Overeager.
> Too blatant.

> Kamikaze

> Avenir often has romantic fantasies.
> Avenir loves games that challenge the mind, such as chess and cards.
> Avenir is allergic to chocolate and envies those who can eat it.
> Avenir has a terrible eating habit.

Natalya Grishin:

> Natalya Grishin

> 18 [born June 25th]

> [INFJ] Natalya is a well-mannered and polite young girl, despite the hardships that her childhood handed to her in St. Petersburg, Russia. She’s quiet, though not shy, and only speaks when she has something intelligent to say. She’s dutiful as well as kind, but is cautious of other people. Her words are always eloquent and she never fails to amaze people with them. Natalya is also very intuitive when it comes to people’s feelings, and she’s extremely understanding and forgiving.

Growing up in her large family, Natalya learned quickly to be disciplined. Although she is considerate of the thoughts of other people, she tends to be altruistic and true to herself. She’s extremely respectful and gentle, never losing her temper. Everything Natalya does is in full seriousness, and she makes everything as meaningful as possible.

> Natalya’s family was well off, but that didn’t mean that her life was of good quality. Her parents were extremely strict, and as were her 6 older siblings. They all set primary examples that she struggled very hard to follow, and therefore, she was named the incompetent child. She faced years of abuse in her early childhood, and as soon as she hit age 9, the entirety of her family was executed by the SRSIA for political uproar and unbalance. Orphaned and homeless, Natalya sought help from the only friend she knew -- Levi Durov. When he moved away when he was 11, she adopted an alias and admitted herself into a correctionary boarding school in order to stay hidden from the SRSIA.

> All of Natalya’s family was executed during the political uproar.
> She had 4 brothers and 2 sisters, all older than her.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Nataly10
> Natalya stands at a height of 5’7.
> Her build is slender.
> She has nearly-black hair.
> Her eyes are mint green.

> Polite
> Disciplined
> Genuine
> Excellent stealth
> Intelligent
> Well mannered

> Often blinded by emotions
> Cannot handle weaponry
> Cannot think on feet
> Easily overwhelmed
> Out of touch with modern world

> Mishka

> She is a very modest person -- this shows through her dress and behavior.
> She is very talented in playing the harp.
> She has a fascination with books and writing.
> She speaks very little English.

Camari Biris:

Name: Camari Biris {cuh-mar-ee bee-rhis}

Age: 18

DoB: November 12th

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Camari10
[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Screen11
> Stands at a height of 5’5

Personality: [ENTJ] “The Commander” — Camari is a passionate spirit, but only for matters that concern her. Otherwise, she’s quite indifferent. She’s a natural-born leader thanks to her dominant personality and her willingness to accept challenges. She’s extremely prideful & protective of her self image, making her a hothead at times. Camari has a ‘larger than life’ attitude and is extremely stubborn & often finds herself trapped in her own ideals. Her sensitive side, though present, is very rarely shown. She’s extremely fun-loving and liberal, often finding herself annoyed by those who are more conservative and judgmental. A grudge is something Camari definitely knows how to hold for a lifetime. . .So, better make a good impression.

Biography: Camari was born in Sibiu, Romania to her unmarried parents, Crina Albu & Anca Biris. Her mother was abused intensely for about five years before finally taking her leave, unfortunately losing all custody of Camari after being cheated out of the case. Well into Camari’s teenaged years, she faced her father’s abuse as well, primarily sexual abuse. When she was 14, the SRSIA discovered Anca’s secret occupation as a neutral hitman (an infamous one at that), and ordered to have him executed. In that process, Camari was abducted and forced to comply to their rules, or else she would be sold into the black market prostitution business.

Unfortunately, the SRSIA became displeased with her weaknesses and forced her into sexual trafficking regardless. Until she was 17, she was forced to sell her body among numerous agents and lieutenants under SRSIA supervision, and was finally allowed back into the combat lines after they gradually became unsatisfied with her work. During her time with them, she met a girl her age named Sabina Mihai and ended up having relations with her, ultimately revealing her true sexuality. Sabina, however, was soon sent off to battle and killed. Now, at 18, she plans to make her escape for Evergreen Academy.

Family: Crina Albu (mother, alive [missing]); Anca Biris (father, deceased)


> Natural leader
> String-willed
> Charming
> Weapon-savvy
> Open-minded
> She’s a decently good strategist, although it’s not her major strength
> Self-confident


> Overly prideful
> Selectively ignorant
> Self-protective
> Represses feelings
> Quick-tempered
> She’s rather slow speed-wise
> Poor stealth

Codename: Valentine

> Camari identifies as bisexual
> She has a liking for alcohol
> If she has any chance to wear a bikini top, she will
> She speaks English, Romanian, Russian, French, and Italian

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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by WritingBookworm Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:47 pm

Name: Mallory Cora Atkinson

Age: 18

DOB: August 5th

Zodiac Sign: Leo


[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent 3ea50610

-Height is 5’9
-Though the above picture is close to how she looked while attending Evergreen, her appearance has changed slightly ever since becoming a full-fledged SRSIA officer. Now she looks a lot more militaristic, with her hair tied up in a rigid bun.

Personality: Mallory is a very interesting individual. On the exterior is a perfect girl groomed to be a perfect ESO agent. Underneath the facade of perfection lies her true thoughts, which are often cold and ruthless. She is secretive, quiet and passionate. She's a bit of an introvert and makes an effort not to be noticed. That's because she's a calculating, manipulative individual, and she'd really prefer to keep that under wraps, thank you very much. She's very ambitious and has incredible drive.

Mallory, however, also has a sense of honor, if only because she doesn't like owing anyone anything. Should she owe a life debt or something similar, then she will usually make an effort to repay it, even if the one she owes it to is an enemy. Repaying someone, after all, is exactly why she went to Evergreen in the first place.

However, despite everything, Mallory’s time at Evergreen proved she genuinely does have a heart. Though she ultimately threw all of her friendships at Evergreen away, just the fact that she came to care about them at all despite her assignment speaks to her yearning for affection. Mallory has been a notably unhappier person since her betrayal.

Biography: On one eventful night, Ashleigh Harrison stopped Vivian Calder's plot to bomb Evergreen and destroy the next wave of ESO spies. In the process, however, she accidentally killed SRSIA agents Ben and Cora Atkinson -- who, little did she know, had a daughter.

It wasn't too long before the ESO found out about Mallory Cora Atkinson, the daughter of two ruthless SRSIA agents. Just like Vivian, two ESO agents realized the importance of the role the next generation would play, and decided they should make a small dent in SRSIA's organization. These two ESO agents, Elena and Jared Everhart, just so happened to be in the area Mallory was in at the time. So, in a move unsanctioned by the ESO, they swooped in and took Mallory. Now, a would-be SRSIA spy would grow up to be an agent for the ESO.

For the first fourteen years, their plan was working. Mallory grew up alongside an older brother in an gilded childhood. She got good grades, became kind to others, and was well on her way to Evergreen, the school she'd dreamed of being accepted to for years. And when her brother was accepted, she worked harder than ever to make sure Evergreen noticed her.

She got the attention of someone else instead.

Her perfect life was shattered on the day she was abducted by a pair of men, shortly saved by Vivian Calder, a General of the organization Mallory had been taught to hate. Vivian revealed that the men who had abducted Mallory hadn’t been SRSIA, but rogue ESO agents who sought to use Mallory against Vivian — because she was Vivian’s biological granddaughter. Vivian told her the truth about her real family, and how she was instead meant to follow the footsteps of a SRSIA spy. She told her how the ESO had lied to her, but how SRSIA would gladly tell her the truth.

Mallory didn't want to believe it. But at the same time, it did explain a few things in her life. So she came to her parents, and dropped hints about how she knew the truth. About how she was giving them a chance to come out, and reveal the truth about her origins.

They did not.

Enraged by their audacity to keep lying to her, just like they had all of her life, Mallory slowly became bitter. She came to Vivian for much-needed truth, as well for ruthless combat training that even her parents could not offer her. And over time, she changed. Elena and Jared Everhart had tried to make an ESO agent, but in the end, all they did was solidify her status as a SRSIA spy.

Not like the Everharts knew that, of course. Because while Mallory wanted to do nothing more than to kill them for all of their lies, Vivian managed to convince her to hold back . . . for now. Vivian had done Mallory a great favor by exposing the truth, and she expected Mallory to repay the favor. Mallory had to lead Vivian to the one ESO agent that had helped bring all of this pain in the first place.

All she had to do? Go to Evergreen.

But going to Evergreen wasn’t as simple a task as she thought it would be. Though she told herself not to care, she did. She dealt a lot of damage to the ESO in the short time she was at Evergreen — guiding the Underwood siblings into a trap so they’d be abducted, triggering Madison Leslie’s SRSIA conditioning, and, finally, sending a total of 15,000 SRSIA soldiers into the school in the biggest attack ever led against Evergreen. Unfortunately for Mallory, the ESO scraped by and came out triumphant, ultimately driving SRSIA forces from the school.

Needless to say, General Calder was not pleased with Mallory.



Jared and Elena Everhart [adopted parents, alive]: Though Mallory had a happy childhood with them, she became disillusioned with them upon finding out the truth behind her origins. She’s become extremely vindictive toward them ever since, and they’re arguably the people Mallory hates the most — even though Jared and Elena genuinely do love her, even after hearing about everything she did to Evergreen.

Julian Everhart [adopted brother, alive]: Breaking Julian’s heart was the hardest part about betraying Evergreen. As far as Mallory was concerned, he was innocent in this whole mess, and she’s tried not to think about him ever since the attack.


Ben and Cora Atkinson [biological parents, deceased]: Mallory never knew them. They died on a mission right after she was born. What she knows of them is that they were fine SRSIA agents who were killed by Asheart. Seeking justice for their deaths is main reason Vivian targets Asheart so much, and why Mallory got involved in this mess.

General Vivian Leigh Calder [grandmother, alive]: Oh geez. Mallory adored General Calder after she revealed the truth about her origins, and gladly spied on Evergreen for her. Because Mallory craves affection so much, she did everything she did at Evergreen to make Vivian proud. However, what Mallory has failed to realize so far is that the relationship is twisted and abusive; the more Mallory failed, the more Vivian lashed out against Mallory verbally. And after Mallory failed, and once she was within range of Vivian, the beatings became not just emotional, but physical. Mallory has not spoke out against any of it, because Vivian tells her she deserves it for her failure. Mallory is inclined to agree with her.

Eva Resnik Harrison [great aunt, deceased]: Mallory doesn’t know much about Vivian’s twin sister. Vivian makes a point not to speak of her.

Ashleigh 'Ash' Harrison Underwood, Codename Asheart [first cousin once removed, alive]: Mallory has never met Ash, but Asheart remains a prominent figure in her life nonetheless due to Vivian’s quest for vengeance. Mallory has studied Asheart’s life, constantly preparing herself for the day she’ll face off against the infamous ESO agent in her grandmother’s name.

Travis and Harriet Underwood [first cousins second times removed, alive]: Mallory also feels like they were relatively innocent and didn’t deserve to be tortured by SRSIA. She feels regret for what she’s done to them.

Strengths: Mallory is great with almost anything physical. She's in top health, and has had extensive training. She's been trained in hand-to-hand combat, long-range combat, etc. She's especially good with a rifle. She's cunning, precise and a very skilled liar. Evergreen may have been training spies, but she already was a spy -- for Vivian.

Weaknesses: She's hypocritical. Despite being such a good liar and masquerading practically her every though, she hates being lied to. Given her bad past with being lied to, even one lie might destroy a relationship with her. She has a burning desire to make her foster family pay for all of the lies, and this desire that has been kept for four years now is ready to consume her. And despite everything, she’s desperate for companionship, and the fact that she briefly found that at Evergreen only to have to throw it away, as well with the added strain of being unknowingly abused by Vivian, is slowly starting to make her lose her mind.

Codename: Requiem

-Believe it or not, Mallory’s a Hufflepuff.
-Adores classical music, loves Mozart.
-To add to that, she ain’t bad with the viola.
-At Evergreen and for most of her life, Mallory went by Mallory Everhart. But now that her allegiance is in the open, Mallory has completely dropped the Everhart name, and is know known consistently as Mallory Atkinson.
-Something important I want to add here: remember the part in her bio where she got kidnapped by rogue ESO agents, and Vivian saved her? Yeah, so, it wasn’t actually rogue ESO agents who did that. The people who kidnapped her were actually SRSIA agents deliberately hired by Vivian, all as part of a set-up to help Vivian gain Mallory’s trust. That means despite everything Vivian said about the SRSIA telling the truth, the SRSIA lied to her. Mallory is absolutely unaware of this.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Tumblr_psuz0sQPWk1t2vv2no5_500

"I'll tell you where the real road lies: between your ears, behind your eyes. That is the path to paradise, and likewise the road to ruin."

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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by Lady Senbonzakura Sat Jun 16, 2018 5:43 pm

Arthur Kirkl- uh, Blake:
Name: Arthur Blake
Age: 17 (April 23rd)
Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent UqTYrh7 image of APH England. I do not own the character nor the art.
Personality: Born to be a gentleman, Arthur is polite to all strangers, no matter the situation. He is charming and articulate. However, he senses his own attachment to others, and is quick to treat those who find themselves getting too close with biting sarcasm and denial of affections, even if he shows said affections at the same time. He's generally hardworking, persistent and maybe a little stubborn, but he's a good companion and a fun person to complain with.
Biography: Arthur was born in the Kent area of England, with his older brothers and an older sister. After the sister moved out, he closed himself off from his brothers, who he had once been the doormat of, and refused to make any amends with them. Since his father died, he had only really connected with his mother. In his first semester at Evergreen, he met and has made an intimate relationship with his boyfriend, Kdin Eaton.
Family: Alice Blake (mother, alive), Scott Blake (father, deceased), Genevieve Blake (sister, alive), Kdin Eaton (boyfriend, alive), three brothers
--actually kind of smart
--better at hand-to-hand combat
--good at charming and collecting information

--speaks English and knows Latin
--just a tad hotheadish
--stubborn little brat
--lacks some emotional communication
Codename: Gentleman

It's Ran Mao just with a new name and new fc calm down:
Name: Ryuunosuke Tsunaka
Age: 15 (September 30th)
Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent DqxN90X 
I own neither the art nor the character.
Personality: Ryuunosuke is very shy and almost always quiet. He tries to stay out of other’s way and not be intrusive, but this means he usually gets overlooked. He quickly takes on the hardest challenge so that others will not have to, but never believes he has the strength. His self-esteem is dangerously low, to the point it could make him depressed if anything were to trigger it. He often stress-eats and will shut himself away when emotionally strained.
Biography: Born to a Japanese family, Ryuunosuke was raised by his parents in the suburbs of Nevada. From an early age, he embraced both Japanese and American culture, and found a love for archery. With his mother being former military, she decided to teach him how to best use his bow and a few fire arms. By becoming a spy, he plans to follow his mother’s example of service.

Family: Shou Tsunaka (father, alive), Akari Tsunaka (mother, alive)

--crazy-incredible sniper
--can use multiple weapons
--his smaller frame misleads opponents and makes him a little stealthier
--he's farsighted, so his sight from afar is better than up close

--speaks English and Japanese

--his self-esteem is at a grand total of 0
--physically lacking as well
--he trained with archery first, so guns are still a little shaky for him

Codename: Higanbana
tropes gifted upon me by writing:
Archer Archetype: Fights from a distance, and is a rather shy and solitary individual. 
Beware the Quiet Ones: Ryuu is usually pretty shy, but don’t be surprised by his aim.
Comfort Food: Ryuu stress-eats as a coping mechanism.
Composite Character: Sort of. Ryuu is pretty much Ran Mao from Evergreen, but with Superior!Ran Mao’s aiming skills.
Extreme Doormat: Ryuu will go out of his way just to not inconvenience people.
Heroic Self-Deprecation: Ryuu’s self-confidence is, uh . . . Well, it ain’t great.
Improbable Aiming Skills: Ryuu has been described as ‘a crazy-incredible sniper.’
Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Ryuu may not look like a badass, but he is a badass, and will not hesitate to use his smaller frame against an opponent.
Smart People Wear Glasses: Both introverted and wears glasses.
Silk Hiding Steel: A male version of this. He’s small, awkward, and may not look like much — that is, until he snipes you from a mile away.
Weak, but Skilled: He’s not very physically strong, but he more than makes up for it with his aim and his overall training.

Last form to be posted later.

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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by Kane Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:35 pm

Name (please include first & last): Andy Foster

Age (13 – 18): 18 (August 1st, Leo)

Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Tumblr10

Personality: Andy is, in short, a natural-born leader, full of passion and charisma. With a natural confidence that begets influence, Andy takes a great deal of pride and joy in leading others and influencing major decisions. Andy radiates authenticity, concern and altruism, unafraid to stand up and speak when he feels something needs to be said. He finds it natural and easy to communicate with others, especially in person. He can also easily see people's motivations and seemingly disconnected events, and is able to bring these ideas together and communicate them as a common goal with an eloquence that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Biography: Andy was born to the Foster family of Washington,  D.C. His mother, Madeline, was the ambassador to United Nations while his father served as the majority whip under the Stewart administration. Later, his father would go on to be Vice President for the Murphy Administration while his mother maintained her seat on the UN under two different presidents. Together, the family spoke around 13 different languages ranging from French to Russian to English. The Fosters were incredibly well respected not only around D.C. but around the globe. Andy’s mother had been a debutante from New York while his father had been the son of the Governor of California. The wedding was heralded as a covenant between eastern and western royalty. Andy’s older brother was the first child for the newly married couple.  He was lackluster compared to the shinning, little overachieving star his younger brother would turn out to be.

Andy grew up not only in D.C. but around the world early on in his childhood. He attended St. Albans School starting in the 4th grade where he made a name for himself in the school's many clubs and extracurricular activities. Andy was student council vice president his junior year, student council treasurer his sophomore year, and student council secretary his freshman year. He also served as a member of the French, English, and United Arab Emirates UN delegations in the school's model UN club. His life was blissfully busy just the way he liked it. At 17, Andy was already viewed as a future president without challenge or question.

Family: Patrick Foster (47, Father) Madeline Foster (42, Mother) Oliver Foster (20, Older Brother),


Multilingual-Andy speaks seven languages including: Russian, Italian, Farsi, Mandarin, English, French, and Arabic

Agile-As soccer captain and gymnastics co-captain, Andy is incredibly fit and agile.

Master Diplomat- Carefully taught by three years of Mock United Nations, Student Council maneuvering and real Washington politics, Andy is a master of negotiation and diplomatic practices.

Connections- As the son of the Vice President of the United States and the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Andy has friends and “allies” as high up as the President of the United States.

Charismatic– Charm and popularity are qualities Andy has in spades. He is able to pick up on moods and attitudes of the people around him and instantly shift to meet them and capture them in their current state.


Recognizable- Andy’s face is already somewhat recognisable due to his mother’s and father’s heavy prominence in political spheres across the globe.

Overly Confident- After almost two decades of praise, Andy is extremely confident no matter the situation. This confidence can often get him trouble.

Overly Ambitious- Andy is extremely goal oriented and always seems to have an ideal and perfect endpoint in line. This goal can often overshadow other aspects of his life. His ambition however is almost always in a positive direction.

Codename: Alpine

Other Information (optional):

With his father soon to swear into the office of the president, the Foster family seems to be gaining more and more press, Andy included.

He loves Australian Shepherds and Goldendoodles

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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by Shaybaysasuke Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:03 pm

Kdin Eaton:
Name (please include first & last): Kdin(Kay-din) Eaton  

Age (13 – 18): 17 (July 9th)

Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Kdin11

Personality: Kdin is usually the risk taker in the room. Always the one to act first and ask questions later, Kdin is more of a doer than a thinker. He is usually looking for a way to prove himself to others, always feeling vastly insecure of his own abilities, but despite this usually stays to the edges of a room. He hates forcing the spotlight on himself but is never afraid to step into it when a situation presents itself. He’s a bit of a loner, never starting conversations on his own, but is very loyal and kind to those he considers his friends.  When Kdin manages to let go of his worries and anxieties, however, he’s the life of the party. He’s always smiling and cracking jokes when he has nothing to worry about so it’s very obvious when something’s bothering him. He can also be very flirty at times, with both men and women, just to have something to do and fill a need for companionship that no one has ever seemed to fill. Now that he's in a loving relationship with Arthur he is able to show an affectionate side he didn't know he still had.

Biography: Kdin would have had a normal, completely happy life had his father not gone completely crazy. The Eatons had a very normal life. Kdin, his mother, his father, and his little sister lived very comfortably, never having too little and never wanting too much. Kdin and his little sister Eva were always very close with their parents, but even closer with each other. Often they would be left at home with a sitter or other family member since their parents went off on so many missions. After attending Evergreen themselves, Kdin’s parents were very highly skilled in the field and were called away often. Kdin and Eva never complained, aspiring to be just like their mom and dad.
This happiness did not last. On one mission a piece of information had been misjudged and the entire operation was compromised. In the struggle between the target and the spies a gun went off and hit Kdin’s mother, killing her on the spot. The gun had been his father’s. Wracked with grief Kdin’s father slowly descended into madness, blaming himself for the fluke accident that left him a widower. His father started to hate Eva and Kdin, seeing his wife in his children’s every feature and move. One day he completely slipped and killed his daughter, turning his gun on Kdin but he was too quick. Kdin ran from room to room, trying desperately to get away but in the end he had no other choice. He grabbed a gun form his mother’s bedside table and turned towards his father. With a bang Kdin’s father fell to the floor and Kdin was completely alone.
Over the years Kdin still trained to be able to go to Evergreen, more following his mother’s steps instead of his father’s and to also live on his sister’s dream.
During his first semester he met Arthur Blake and the two are now in an intimate relationship.

Family: Father: Jonathan Eaton (Father, deceased), Mother: Kenzie Eaton (Mother, deceased), Sister: Evaline (Eva) Eaton (Little Sister, deceased), Arthur Blake (Boyfriend, alive)

Strengths: He’s loyal and trustworthy; rarely tells a lie; steers clear of making enemies and can easily make friends; he is a great shot; he’s agile and quick; has a good hold over his emotions

Weaknesses: He isn’t the strongest; doubts himself constantly; fear of abandonment; his impulsiveness could prove deadly;

Codename: Forsaken

Other Information (optional): Fights with twin guns, depending on them in fights

Marie Toulouse:
Name (please include first & last): Marie Toulouse

Age (13 – 18): 17 (December 7th)

Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Marie10

Personality: Marie is a very quiet girl but once you get to know her she can be very playful and fun. She can be very shy around others for a bit, but it doesn't take long for her to feel more comfortable and open. Because of her childhood it does take her a bit to trust people. She's very smart and observant but rarely speaks her mind on a subject unless it's necessary.

Biography: Marie never had a proper family. Her childhood was spent in an underfunded orphanage where the children received little care. The adults watching over the many children in the orphanage didn’t really care about the children’s needs, only doing what was necessary to keep them alive and relatively healthy to keep the government from taking their source of money. Marie would usually get sick because of this, and the constant wave of illnesses left her weak and frail. The other kids would usually pick on her because of this. Marie was miserable in the hellhole they called an orphanage but there was one thing that had her getting out of bed every morning. The only clue to her parent’s was a single paper that was laid on her blanket on the night Marie was left on the doorstep. A paper bearing the emblem of Evergreen. She trained hard every day, trying her best to ignore the sickness and bullies that plagued her. As she grew up she continued to get stronger and now she’s finally able to leave the nightmare she grew up in and go to Evergreen.

Family: Unknown

Strengths: She’s a fast learner, she is pretty smart, she excels in hand-to-hand combat, she’s friendly when needed

Weaknesses: Her lack of trust, she hasn’t had a lot of experience with weapons, she still gets sick really easily, she has a hard time being with others.

Codename: Plague  

Other Information (optional): She speaks French and English and has a pronounced French accent.

Jojo Adebowale:
Name (please include first & last): Jojo Adebowale

Age (13 – 18): 14 (April 13th)

Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Jojo10
She only stands at 5’4 and is very skinny, but hides a lot of muscle underneath her tiny frame.

Personality: Jojo is incredibly hyper and talkative. She loves attention and isn’t afraid to admit it, especially if the time comes to prove herself to be more than some tiny 14 year old. She has never denied a challenge and will do anything to protect the people she loves. She makes friends very easily, what with her talkative and kind nature, and never wants to lose any of them. Despite her lavish upbringing she is never bratty and honestly hates fancy stuff. She’d rather have a tshirt, shorts, and her goggles than a fancy dress or suit. However she is never a trouble maker, always well behaved in front of adults and kids alike.

Biography: Jojo always had a very pampered life, being the child of the ambassadors for Nigeria in Africa. Anything she wanted she would have but unlike other children of rich people she had a very good relationship with her parents. They would always schedule family time together in between meetings and diplomacy meetings and always had each other’s backs. Jojo was taught self defense and high rigor educational courses for her whole life, preparing her to take over in her parent’s footsteps.
But one day things went horribly wrong.
A gorup of mercenaries broke into their home, hoping to take down the two ambassadors. Thankfully the family got away unharmed but the encounter shook them. In order to keep Jojo safe they sent her to the States, hoping to find an organization to keep her out of trouble and out of the hands of those who wished to harm her. They found out about Evergreen Academy and asked them to watch over their daughter until she was old enough to take over the position. However during the surveillance the spies noticed how skilled Jojo was in combat training and overall intelligence. After a lengthy exchange with Jojo’s parents they all agreed the safest place Jojo could be would be at the Academy where she could learn to defend herself and maybe even take a different path in her life.

Family: Abeni Adebowale (mother), Mayeso Adebowale (father)

Strengths: She’s tiny and quick, she’s decent at hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship but learns quickly so she can improve, She’s got a knack for technology, She makes allies very easily, she can be very persuasive from growing up in the home of ambassadors.

Weaknesses: She can be full of herself, she's been pretty sheltered, since she’s young she doesn’t understand much of the world, she has a fear of robbers, she has never really been left to take care of herself yet

Codename: Mamba

Other Information (optional): She always has her goggles and the bandaid is used to hide a scar she got from the mercenaries.

Anzeti Nour:
Name (please include first & last): Anzeti Nour

Age (13 – 18): 18

Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Anzeti10

Personality: Anzeti really hates people. Like so much he almost denied the invite to avoid all the bratty teenagers and annoying adults. After living alone for so long he has a tendency to completely retreat into himself and never ask for help or rely on anyone. He can’t stand noise and hates interaction with others so he’s basically just grumpy 24/7. He also has the largest superiority complex known to man since he literally thinks he was dropped from the heavens by the gods. It would take a lot of willpower for anybody to crack his 10inch thick iron walls.

Biography: Anzeti only knows one thing about his past: He was dropped from the Heavens by the gods. Of course this is purely his imagination since he literally just woke up in the middle of the desert near the Nile River. In reality his parents were just murdered by thieves and Anzeti was taken and dropped by the robbers where he would never be seen again. Through the struggle with the men Anzeti was hit on the head so hard he couldn't remember anything about himself, his past, or the robbers. So for 5 years he lived among the sand and the Nile and the scorpions, believing to be a gift from the gods to mankind. He would stop robbers on there way to and from the black market, guide travelers from a distance who were lost in the dunes, all to carry out his duties as a son of the gods. However he was never found or brought back to civilization so everything at Evergreen is going to be a nasty wake up call for him.

Family: Dead and unknown

Strengths: He is wonderfully skilled with a sword, he has an authoritative air to him, He can live through very harsh conditions with little supplies, he’s very imaginative, he’s crafty.

Weaknesses: His hatred of people, his superiority complex, his need to be better than everyone else, he hasn’t seen technology so he has no clue how how to work a computer or a gun, he can’t handle emotions other than anger

Codename: Ra

Other Information (optional):  He's never going to wear a real shirt and you cant make him
He can write and decode hieroglyphs
Speaks fluent Arabic, not much English

And introducing!

Dimitri Nikiforov:
Name (please include first & last): Dimitri Nikiforov

Age (13 – 18): 17 (November 5th)

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Tenorcf150480ecb01fda
[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f35715f33472d78744244707964773d3d2d3430363937383935302e313462616566643336373064313534
[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent 40dafa37e867a278b9e0fb6f28689f6e

Personality: Drunk. All the time. Honestly Dimitri probably doesn’t remember what his actually personality is without being totally hammered. While drinking he is incredibly confident, charismatic, and cool. He’s the aloof bad boy with a motorcycle and a flask at his hip that your parents warn you to stay away from. While sober, which he hasn’t been for a very long time, he’s nothing like this front he puts up. He’s paranoid, angry, and scared. Between his home life, being alone on the streets of Russia, and the missions he’s been sent on he is not in a good place mentally. The alcohol wasn’t just an addiction anymore, it was a coping mechanism. He dreads the day that he might have to face the world and his past with a clear mind, so he just keeps drinking, and his personality stays the same.

Biography: Dimitri’s parents were not necessarily good people. They were always heavily involved with the SRSIA, doing a lot of their dirty work. Even with the villains they weren’t the most honest people, cutting every corner they could and even stealing stuff from them when they could. They definitely weren’t a good influence on Dimitri. From the age of 12 Dimitri was always drinking heavily, taking whatever his parents forced on him to keep him quiet and out of the way while they worked. Dimitri didn’t know any better, so he just accepted the treatment and stayed locked away in this dark life. His parent’s actions caught up with them soon enough, though, and the SRSIA finally noticed what they had been doing. Agents were sent after him and his parents quickly after that and his parents packed away their life and ran, leaving Dimitri behind. Even though he had been out of it for most of his Dimitri realized he was in trouble and booked it out of the city. There were agents after him after all, mainly because they didn’t know how much he knew, but he managed to get away. He took to the streets, living off of whatever money he scrounged up in his house and the fake ID his parents made for him. Sadly, most of this money went towards buying himself alcohol. An addiction had rooted itself in him since his parents forced it on him so early and he couldn’t shake it.

He would have died on the streets if Shaun Smirnov hadn’t found him. He brought him back to stay with the ESO, keeping him safe and beginning his training as a spy. Dimitri started looking to Shaun as the father he never had. The only thing he couldn’t do was stop drinking. Shaun tried to help him out of his habit but with how busy he was it was just easier to let it be. He was monitored to keep him out of trouble but other than that he still kept drinking on the daily. It even got to the point that he needed about five shots in the morning just to feel normal.

He grew and trained with the ESO, Shaun being the only person he ever got close to. He excelled under their guidance and became one of the top spies trained by this program. He is an incredible shot (but only when drunk ironically) and he has been sent on many missions for the ESO even at such a young age. Things were finally looking up for him.

At least for a while.

One night Shaun and Dimitri were heading back to the base after a trip to town. It was a peaceful night but the two made it a mile away from headquarters before they were ambushed. The men seemed to come from nowhere, catching the two by complete surprise. Shaun reached for his gun, but four men rushed him and kept him pinned. Dimitri reached for his own gun and found an empty holster. He had left his weapon, a mistake he still hates himself for, because it was going to be such a short trip. He didn’t know what to do when three other men turned their guns on him, but Shaun was yelling at him to run. So he did.

Dimitri ran off as quickly as he could, somehow stumbling around enough to avoid all of the bullets being shot at him. He ran to where their vehicles were hidden and hopped onto his motorcycle, knowing that those men were probably SRSIA agents but not knowing why they needed Shaun or where they were taking him. He knew he needed help. He knew he needed to get to Evergreen.

Family: Andrei Nikiforov (Father-MIA), Saffeya Nikiforov (Mother-MIA)

Strengths: His incredible aim, carefree attitude, and dumb luck

Weaknesses: He closes himself off a lot, he can come off as an asshole, his alcoholism, he has a short memory due to his drinking

Codename: P’yanny

Other Information (optional): He speaks Russian and English

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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by Kane Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:42 pm

Name (please include first & last): Tae-hee (Taehee) Sung 승태희

Age (13 – 18): 18 (Korean Age:19) January 18th

Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent SWfm
Supplementary Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Giphy
✗ She stands at exactly 5'4"

Personality: One of the best words to describe Tae-hee is an overachiever. She has an incredibly fierce drive for success and achievement in all aspects of her life no matter how small that aspect may be. She can also be exceedingly strong-minded and mature and is always on top of the things that she needs to be. However, Tae-hee can be competitive, and she loves a challenge. She often secretly wishes to be able to take care of everything herself. At times, she can be obnoxiously materialistic and even slightly snobbish, acting as though she knows more than anyone else. She prefers tradition, pomp and circumstance, and the very finest life has to offer. One of her most admirable traits, however, is her sense of generosity and her heroic spirit to do that which is absolutely right. Besides that, she can be slightly uptight and highly adherent to rules.

Biography: Tae-hee was born in Busan, South Korea to In-sik Sung, one of the notorious first founders of the most powerful criminal enterprise in all of South Korea. Primarily considered untouchable, the organization ran everything from the import and export of illegal goods, to illicit drug trades, and human trafficking. Shortly after her birth, Tae-hee's father was imprisoned after one of his right-hand men betrayed him and turned him over to the police in exchange for a plea deal for his own murder trial. Fearing the worst, her mother sent her off to live a safer life with her Aunt and Uncle in Seoul. The couple took her in only when they were promised access to the multiple millions of dollars the family's illicit affairs had garnered them over the years. As Tae-Hee grew up, her upbringing was mainly closer to the lives of the members of the country's massive conglomerate rather than that of a daughter of a gangster. However, her life changed when her father was released from prison, and he moved his talents and skills to the capital.

At the age of 16, Tae-hee came into contact with her father for the first time in her life. Offering her a starting position in his organization, her father insisted that this was who she was always meant to be. Hesitantly accepting his offer, she was quickly trained in taekwondo, how to use various types of guns and weaponry, and how to speak multiple languages relevant to the criminal underworld. After a year, her father presented her with her first test in America to kill one of the members of his human trafficking ring. Already unnerved by hearing about her father's activities in detail, she refused to go through with the mission once arriving in America. Instead, she chose to settle in San Francisco and drain all of her accounts under her father's operation as far from her father's reach as she could get.

Family: In-sik Sung (Father, 50), Eun-hee Sung (Mother, 38), Seyeon Kim (Aunt, 40), Tae-min Kim (Uncle 43)

✗ Tae-hee can speak Portuguese, English, Italian, Korean, and Japanese

✗ She is incredibly focused and able to complete any task without getting distracted by lesser

✗ She is an incredible athlete and deadly proficient in Taekwondo, often able to act on pure instinct.

✗ Her combat skills also extend into various types of guns and other weaponry.


✗ Tae-hee has a tendency not to trust others to do work as well as she can, often preferring to do it herself to make sure it is free from error.

✗ She can be exceedingly materialistic when it comes to certain things, being noticeably fond of beautiful places and things.

✗ In addition, she is also competitive to an obsessive degree.

Codename: Saja (사자) which means Lioness/Heir

Other Information (optional):
✗ She loves to play sports. Her favorites being Jokgu and tennis
✗ As stated above, she loves beautiful spaces and objects more than anything
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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by Fix-It Sat Jun 16, 2018 11:33 pm

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent JDHwLmq
[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent 0paoTO9

❝Everyone else’s girl... ❞
❝ …maybe one day she’ll be her own.❞
Name ♜
❧ Naděžda [NAD-jesh-da] (Naďa) Stanislav [stah-nee-SLAHF]

Codename ♜
❧ Trihlav

Age ♜
❧ 17; her birthday is April 21st.

Appearance ♜
❧ She is 5’8”and weighs 135 pounds.
❧ Her weight dropped considerably after becoming paraplegic.
❧ Naďa is a C-cup.

Gender ♜
❧ Female

Personality ♜
Due to her upbringing Naďa has grown into a hardy woman who can survive difficult situations with near-ease.. She is robust, and capable of bringing down nearly anyone (given she has enough time to prepare). Although strong enough on her own. Naďa tends to work much better when put in groups. She has always seen herself as a guardian whose life deserves to be dedicated to others. However, that does not mean that she enjoys the company of others. Naďa is not skilled in communication, so she prefers to just keep her mouth shut. She has learnt not argue with others; she is a follower, not an adversary. Naďa is much weaker mentally than physically, and suffers from severe anxiety and PTSD.

Fearing that others would not let such a fragile girl help them, she holds all of her feelings where no-one can see them. She has little respect for people who look down upon others for things they have no control over (for example: mental illnesses) and is very good at forgiving others. If you were to ever catch Naďa angry, chances are you’ve done something really bad. To add, Naďa does not fare well with death. She doesn’t mind killing and acts of ruthlessness towards her enemies, but only if they are threatening anyone she feels obliged to protect. When someone dies, Naďa begins to break down, especially if there was anything at all she could have done to save them. Sacrificing her life is not an uncommon idea for Naďa, neither is suicide.

Even if Naďa is extremely selfless, there are some people she will refuse to serve. Naďa will not help or even speak to anyone from the United States; she will pretend that she does not speak the English language just to avoid them. It’s not that Naďa is a horrible person, considering her entire family was slaughtered like livestock by an American tourist (or rather: terrorist). She is very uncomfortable around Americans and is constantly afraid of their terror. The only reason she continues working around them is so that others do not think horribly of her.

It may not seem like it, but Naďa does care about what other’s think of her.

Naďa is not easily broken. Words ricochet off of her and it can seem impossible to get underneath her skin. Not to mention: if she realizes you are trying to hurt her, it will become even harder. Her expression rarely shifts from stoic.  She does not respond to attempts at seduction and will ignore someone trying to get her in bed until they leave only because Naďa does not experience attraction

Biography ♜
Naďa was raised in small attractive tourist town in the Southern Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, and born in a small cardboard box inside the Stanislav manor surrounded by a large and loving family. Her parents ran a fairly large and expensive bar down the road, while Naďa and company would stay at home and keep the home in decent condition. Nothing much ever happened in Český Krumlov. Tourists ran the town and the residents did not pay them much mind. The news would report small little crimes like robberies and break-ins every other week, but other than that there was no crime to be seen; Czechs are known for their desires of peace and serenity.

Naďa remembers lots of beautiful flowers and greenery in Český Krumlov that were watered generously, the small homes dotted across Vltava, and the festivities each Christmas that invited people from across the globe to celebrate. She remembers waking up early on Sobota (Saturday) to catch the earliest shuttle (5:00 a.m.) to Prague and sitting for 3 hours to see the tourists and their nice clothing and spending as much time as she could find playing with tourists around her age. So long as she could pay for the ride both ways and make it home before the sky went black, her parents would allow it. All of her money came from odd work around Český, and it was not unusual to see the young Naďa running down the long streets with a shovel or basket in hand.

Although Naďa never attended school of any kind, she was taught basic skills by her parents after eating their last meal of the day. She was taught to speak French and German, the most basic of  math (which she enjoyed the most), and how to read and write. Her siblings were taught the same, but they were all much more skilled in these fields. When not in Prague or working, Naďa would assist at the bar. She never found the appeal of a bar, with it’s dull atmosphere and stench. She found beer and it’s relatives disgusting and would always plug her nose and close her eyes as both her parents downed mugs upon mugs of the substance.

Naďa had never expected anything bad to happen to her; everyone in Český was considerably kind and generous. She had never seen a gun in person, so when an angry and intoxicated tourist unsheathed one from their bag, she did not know what it was. Her parents reactions told Naďa it was bad, but she did not know to what extent. But as soon as she heard the loud gunshots and a scream, Naďa understood that it was very bad. When she saw the color draining from Matěj’s face, and blood staining the flooring of the bar, she knew it was very bad. When she felt the pain in her arm, she understood it was very bad. And when the man holding the weapon pointed the muzzle towards his forehead and fell to the floor seconds later, she knew it was very bad.


Naďa remembers calling to the man and sitting near his legs and shaking his body.


The man did not listen to her pleas. She gave up and tried the same with her mother. Then her father. Neither of them would reply, or even move. Her brothers and sisters were the same. All 7 bodies sat in silence as the floorboards shifted to red. Naďa cried for one the first times in her life, but also for the last time. There would be no more trips to Prague, no watering the flowers and sewing with her mother. Her father would not be home to cook fresh meals with quality meat from the butcher and no more running through the tallest stalks of grass because it tickled.

Naďa was alone. The police arrived and Naďa fled from the bar with nothing but the clothes she was wearing and a knowledge of the town. She found refuge in a few obscure parts of town and stayed low until she could afford to show her face again. Inside, she struggled with depression. Naďa should have been able to protect them, or at least that was what she believed. Perhaps if she had realized the severity of the situation before it happened, no one would have died. Her family would still be alive to support her and push her through life.

Rage became Naďa’s primary emotion. She decided that she would not let anyone die at the hands of American filth again. She would do whatever it took to save others despite what beliefs they have and where they stand in society. Naďa began to push herself and train until she could no longer stand. Her hands and feet were constantly blistered and sore, but that did not bother her. Her health became the least of her concerns at this point.

Naďa began working again once she had turned 16, working in a small convenience store in Leipzig, Germany under the name Alena Celanská. She had managed to save just enough for a very small apartment of her own, but not from the convenience store. Most of her income came directly from jobs of crime given to her by a few shady men that lived in the alleyway next to the complex of her apartment. She would not take jobs where murder or assassination is involved, instead she would rob homes and stores and return the wares to the men. They paid her well and she was surviving, which was all that mattered.

When she was given an invitation to Evergreen, she did not understand why. She had never done anything noteworthy of a “spy” and was inclined not to accept the invitation. She gathered a box of matches and prepared to ignite the paper in flames. Just as she lit a match and was prepared to burn the note, she remembered her promise. She was to live on for her family and save as many people as she could before she, too, fell. An academy full of spies is sure to meet trouble, and she would be the one to assist them in their time of need. She blew out the match and re-read the letter of acceptance.

She was going to attend Evergreen.

Naďa initially prospered at the academy. Despite being surrounded by Americans, she was still able to dedicate herself to her training and her self-proclaimed duties. And, despite the odds, she even made a friend. But her life would soon come to a halt. When on a rescue mission, she witnessed the death of Marcel Blanc, and was also shot in her reverie. The bullet hit her back at the T9 vertebrae and she lost any movement beneath that point. She would never walk again and was wheelchair-bound.

Family ♜
❧ Zbyšek Stanislav (father, deceased)

❧ Jiřina Stanislav (mother, deceased).

❧ Melichar Stanislav (eldest brother, deceased).

❧ Ivona Stanislav (eldest sister, deceased).

❧ Matěj Stanislav (younger brother, deceased).

❧ Tobiáš Stanislav (youngest brother, deceased).

Skills ♜
❧ After losing the ability to walk,  Naďa has been forced to become a much more perceptive person. She is able to pick up on small details so that she can stay out of trouble.

❧ Naďa can be a very intimidating person. Even if she knows that there is no way she can win, there have been times where she can get her opponent to surrender out of fear. Even in a wheelchair, she’s still perfected her death stare to the point where most people would be scared away from her.

❧ Teamwork is definitely her strongest point. She is a natural guardian of others and inclined to help anyone that needs it. Although she can no longer really fight for people, she’s still a good distraction. Unless they originate from America, Naďa will even do the most mundane and stupid tasks if she is asked.

❧ Naďa has grown to develop a strong sense of determination and persistence. Even now that’s she broken and weak, she is willing to work hard to support her friends and allies. Whether this be learning a new skill, opening up more, or even just being a better person… well she’s at least willing to try. No one’s saying she’s going to be successful, though.

Weaknesses ♜
❧ Naďa is very weak in stealthy situations. She is unintentionally loud, and too large to fit into smaller hiding places, making her a terrible spy in general.

❧ She lacks the ability to communicate effectively with others. Although built to work with others, Naďa cannot express her feelings or opinions to others without unintentionally starting an argument or offending someone nearby. Her tone, word choice and overall lack of sentence fluency make it difficult to discuss anything with others. Because Naďa would prefer not to embarrass herself, she tends not to talk at all.

❧ Despite having no other options,  Naďa isn’t very strong with technology. She’s been trying to learn but she’s been struggling, considering she has no past experience with it and has never needed to know how to use it, for the most part.

❧ Any of her prowess in combat was lost when she lost the ability to move without a wheelchair. She is no longer a skilled combatant and relies on the help of others to get out of most sticky situations. She can use guns, but isn’t an amazing shot.

Love Interest ♜
❧ Adir Arian

Other ♜
❧ Her first language is Czech, but she can also speak French, German, and a bit of English. She knows enough Russian to read the language, but cannot speak it.

❧ She is a T9 complete paraplegic.

❧ She is very good at sewing and makes her own clothing most of the time, so she doesn’t have to waste money buying it.

Tropes ♜

Naděžda Stanislav is a 17 year old spy-in-training working under Evergreen. She is from the Czech Republic and can speak Czech, French, German and English.

A Shared Suffering: She’s kind of been forced to open up more to others after Marcel’s death, considering they were all there too, and there’s some bonding to be had there.

Anti-Hero: Although her true concern is the safety of others, Americans mean nothing to her. Through her eyes, none of them deserve to live and should all die.

Because You Were Nice to Me: The whole reason she was able to connect with Adir was because he actually gave her a shot when everyone else had given up with her.

Broken Tears: This also happens often, especially whenever she realizes that she failed her duty to protect someone.

Brutal Honesty: She typically speaks with this.

Code Name: Trihlav.

Dark and Troubled Past: When she was a kid, her family died in front of her, and she had to run away and live on her own.

Declaration of Protection: Although not explicit, she has basically made one of these to every non-American student at Evergreen.

Emotion Suppression: But she still has emotions. They’re just buried so deep you’ll never find them!

Emotionless Girl: After the massacre of her family, Nad’a became a distant and cold person. She is raging inside, but will not let the others see that.

Good is Not Nice: She’s still a good guy, kind of, but that’s hard to tell at first glance considering how weak she is socially.

Harmful to Minors: She experienced all of this when she was young.

I Can’t Feel My Legs: On the hostage rescue mission assigned to the Freshmen, Nad’a was shot between her T9 and T10 vertebrae by Rick Mundee and is now paraplegic.

Indifferent Beauty: I mean, she’s pretty attractive and she realizes this, too. But she doesn’t care.

It’s All My Fault: Most things are, in her head. This includes Marcel’s death, her own paraplegia, the death of her family, Adir getting shot in the simulation, and more!

Jade-Colored Glasses: She’s a huge cynic and worrier, and often calls people out for their own ignorance.
- Hypocrite: Like she isn’t ignorant herself, though.

Minor Living Alone: For most of her life. She was forced to live on her own after her parents died and never bothered to reach out for sanctuary.

My Greatest Failure: Every time she’s failed to protect someone she does or doesn’t care about.

No Sense of Humor: Nad’a does not understand most jokes unless they have been explained before.

No Social Skills: She doesn’t understand the importance of interpersonal skills.

Not So Stoic: She’s become less and less of a hardass after spending time with Adir.

Sole Survivor: Of her family’s massacre.
- Survivor Guilt: As a result.

That Man is Dead: She wouldn’t ever let someone die when she has the chance to save them. Or, well, that’s what she was hoping, at least.

Unfamiliar Ceiling: After she was shot.

Used to Be a Sweet Kid:  When she was a lot younger and still had a family, she was loved by neighbors and friends alike for her cute and kind demeanor.

Weapon of Choice: Fists, and previously feet. Also, apparently, a broom.

Wheelchair Woobie: She is a T9 paraplegic and a wheelchair user for the rest of her life.

You Are Worth Hell: Her friends, and Adir, are this to her.

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent SKQ1SaE

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent 0paoTO9

❝With your perfect wings... ❞
❝...wings can cover all sorts of things. ❞

Name ♟
❧ Her true name is Matsuura Ayane, but she solely goes by the name “Dollie Banks.”

Codename ♟
❧ Prosperity

❧ 16; born on December 13th.

Appearance ♟
❧ Dollie is 5’1”and weighs 99 pounds.
❧ She actually has brown eyes.
❧ And of course, the wings and horns aren't real. They're only in her head!
❧ A-cup.

Gender ♟
❧ Female

Personality ♟
Dollie is strange, to say the least. She is a full-blown chuunibyou with delusions of grandeur and all. She believes that she is a fallen angel who has angered God and is cursed forever with terrible luck. She does not really understand what she did to anger him, but accepts this terrible fate and does nothing to try and redeem herself. She is fairly smart and thoughtful, making sure not to spread the curse to any of her colleagues and keeping her bad luck away from them. She isn’t the smartest and can be fairly indifferent to the beliefs of others, especially if they try to convince her she isn’t cursed. Dollie is prone to blaming everything on herself, but not in a selfless way. She doesn’t really get sad, but when she does no one would be able to tell the difference.

Biography ♟
Dollie was born in the coastal city of Numazu, Japan. Both her parents worked for the ESO doing odd jobs that no one really wanted to do while she attended public school and became a school legend for her terrible luck. Although her life growing up was fairly normal, weird things began happening at home. She would hear her parents arguing late into the night on trivial things. They had never done this before, but she simply shrugged it off and expected nothing of it. Unfortunately, the behavior continued and eventually led to a divorce. She moved out with her father who had decided to go find new opportunities in America and said goodbye to her mother forever. They found an apartment in New York City, and Dollie decided to start fresh. She began going by the name she is now known by and managed to convince her entire class that she was a fallen angel. Neither her nor her father understand why she was accepted into Evergreen, but both were excited to get a change of scenery. Her father wouldn’t have to deal with her horrid luck and the daily risk of their apartment burning down, and she would have an opportunity to contribute to society. It was a win-win, so she accepted the invitation and set off for her journey.

Family ♟
❧ Matsuura Rokuro (father, alive)

❧ Matsuura Aina (mother, alive)

Strengths ♟
❧ She’s grown up escaping death, making her very skilled in the art of not dying in especially stupid situations. It is very easy for Dollie to identify all possible means of escape in nearly every situation possible, even if it seems there are none.

❧ Dollie is charismatic and knows how to capture the attention of others. She is a great person to throw out on the battlefield as a distraction for the enemy while everyone else sneaks past.

❧ Sure, she may have failed every test she’s ever taken. But that doesn’t mean she’s dumb! Dollie is surprisingly intelligent for her age and is a quick-learner. She has learnt a lot from her schooling so far, she just does a crappy job proving that.

Weaknesses ♟
❧ Her luck is probably the worst you’ll ever see. She always finds a way to ruin everything for everyone, or a way to almost get killed in nearly every situation.

❧ She can get annoying very quickly.

❧ She has never held a weapon in her life, nor been trained in any means of combat.

❧ It’s hard to take her seriously. Everything she does can be interpreted as a joke and often is.

Other Information ♟
❧ Dollie speaks fluent English and Japanese.

Tropes ♟

Adorkable: She’s what the locals call a ‘chuunibyou’ and this pretty much is a given for this term to be applicable.

Book Dumb: She blames this on her bad luck, but it really just comes down to her not wanting to study or pay attention. She really hates school.

Born Unlucky: See, the thing is, she thinks she’s just unlucky because she’s cursed! As in… there’s a demon inhabiting her body… which would be super cool but this isn’t Harwell’s. She is just extremely unlucky and always has been her whole life.

Code Name: Prosperity.

Cute Clumsy Girl: Whether it’s cute is up to you, but she is definitely clumsy, and tries to play this off in an evil way. It usually doesn’t come off that way, like at all, though.

Chuunibyou: She thinks there’s a demoness possessing her body and that’s why she has extreme bad luck, which leads to her acting like she has supernatural powers and abilities at the cost of awful luck.

Do Not Call Me Paul: Don’t call her Ayane. She’ll yell at you. A lot.

Elegant Gothic Lolita: When she’s not decked out in excessive japanese-styled seifuku, she’s wearing something like this. Where does she even buy this shit? Who knows.

Expy: Her character isn’t exactly creative… at all… and she’s basically her FC, who is Yoshiko Tsushima from LLS.

Fallen Angel: She’s referred to herself as this a few times.

Foreign Exchange Student:
She’s from Japan.

Forgettable Character: Most people don’t remember her. That’s mainly because she was RPed with very little in the original RPG, and also, because she’s not very interesting or relevant to the plot as of right now. Woops.
- Word of God: Is that she’ll get more screen time in the reboot!

Fun Size: She’s 5’1” and 16.

I Just Want to be Normal: She is! But she thinks she isn’t.

I Just Want to be Special:
This is the whole reason she created her chuunibyou persona. No one would pay attention to her as a kid, the only thing that made her memorable was her bad luck. She simply decided to cash off on it.

Inner Monologue: Does this often and does so very dramatically.

Large Ham: She’s extremely dramatic in every interaction she has. After all, she’s talking to mere mortals -- er, nevermind.

Nice Girl: For the most part! She means no harm and wants everyone around her to be happy. She doesn’t go about this in the best way, usually, but her intentions are nothing but good.

Satan: She thinks she has a connection with him.

Seifuku: She never wore one of these in school, but still insists that she did and that, no, it’s not cosplay! Her style varies and she owns several different sets.
- School Uniforms are the New Black: She wears them most of the time, unless she’s sporting a more gothic lolita look, so that people are reminded she’s part of a group. Even though she never was.

The Ditz: She even struggles with simple tasks because of her bad luck streak. If she isn’t tripping over the table or running into the screen door, she isn’t Dollie.

You Gotta Have Blue Hair: In this case, it’s a dark blue, almost black hue.

Zettai Ryouiki: She’s a big fan of this. Wears often.
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Bryce Coupé:
Name: Bryce Coupé (Koo-peh)

Age: 17 {Birthday June 19th; Gemini}

Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Bryce10

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Giphy10

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent F3475710
Bryce is 5’10” and was born with naturally dirty blonde hair. However, he dyed his hair black, its current color. He also has blue eyes.

Personality: Ever since he was a child, Bryce had been groomed not to form close bonds with others. He was never allowed to associate with other children his age, which upset him, but he never let it show. Thus, Bryce grew up as somewhat of a loner and never got much experience in social settings. One of the most important lessons Bryce was taught by his father was the value of family and how it was his duty to be there for his sister no matter what. As such, Bryce developed a very strong bond with Carrie while growing up. The two got along extremely well together and Bryce has become extremely protective of his little sister over the years. Bryce would do anything for her, even if it meant giving up his own life to save hers. Although the two are close, Bryce is by no means over protective of his younger sister. He knows she has the ability to handle herself and, as such, doesn't find it necessary to smother her and constantly check on her. Bryce will only show obvious signs of emotional distress if there's a highly probable chance that Carrie could be fatally wounded or die.

Bryce takes direction very well and is very loyal to those he trusts. Bryce is not one to take the lead, but will if he believes he is best for the job. For most of his life, Bryce was solitary and not very outspoken. However, due to what has happened in the past couple of years, his personality has evolved and he is slightly more extroverted. Being on his own has forced him to interact with other people to survive and as such, he has gained more experience socializing with others, though he will still avoid large groups if possible.

Biography: Born in Marseille, France, Bryce lived a very unique life, something he thought was normal that was actual quite unusual. From a very young age, Bryce was constantly moved throughout France with his family, ever settling in a place for more than a month or two before heading off to another destination. Bryce lived in isolation, never leaving the home they were temporarily in and never interacting with anyone besides his family members. As such, he developed an extremely close relationship with his younger sister, Carrie. 

Bryce did not attend formal schooling, but instead was homeschooled, most often by his father. In addition to learning necessary skills kids his age would learn, he received special lessons in martial arts. Bryce found this incredibly odd, but never spoke up to question it. In his mind, this is just what children his age did. He also occasionally got lessons from his mother, but he struggled immensely with the information she provided him so those lessons were very infrequent. As he grew older, Bryce began learning more and more about martial arts, even moving to weapon training by age seven. Bryce excelled in these lessons of fighting and his skills only grew with age.

When Bryce was 10, he was finally informed on why the family’s lifestyle was so peculiar. His parents revealed to both him and his sister that they were a family of assassins and the two siblings were to follow in the family trade. At first, he resisted the idea and was hesitant to accept, but his family assured that they only killed horrible people who deserved their punishment. This helped settle his nerves and apprehensions, so the two accepted and joined their parents as assassins. At first, Alric and Veronica brought the children on missions so they could observe and study how to perform properly, but once in a while their parents would let the children complete the mission themselves, performing their own killings. Over the years, the two got better and better at their job, perfected their skills, and became quite the deadly team.

A few years later, Bryce’s parents gave him and Carrie the job to kill a man and his family, despate the fact that they knew he was innocent. Bryce was shocked to find this out, considering it went against everything he thought the family stood for. Bryce wanted to speak out against the decision, but considering they were children and the job had been paid for already, their parents refused to listen to their concerns and demanded the siblings carry out the job. And that’s what they did. However, they instantly regretted this choice. This decision alone cause the duo to question everything they’ve done to that point and wonder if they were really doing the right thing by following in their parent’s footsteps. Of course, they made sure to never make their thoughts known to their parents and kept it a secret between themselves.

When Bryce was 15, their parents took on a job to kill a mafia boss. Everything seemed to go according to plan, just like any other mission. However, unbeknownst to them, his father was spotted fleeing the scene by one of the henchman of the boss. Soon enough, the mafia got their revenge, killing their parents while Bryce and Carrie were out on a job of their own. As soon as they realized their parents were dead, he and Carrie instantly fled to safety to try and contact relatives nearby for assistance. Only they had all been killed as well, leaving Bryce and Carrie on their own.

Upon hearing their entire family was murdered, the siblings drew the conclusion that they would be hunted down next and officially went on the run. They changed their appearance by dying their natural blonde hair dark and, equipped with fake IDs courtesy of Carrie, they fled to Romania by train where they went off the grid for a couple months. They remained in hiding, not daring to make themselves known in case they were caught. Even once they were positive nobody had followed them, they continued to stay on the move, constantly moving from city to city with new identities each trip to protect themselves. After a while, they decided to continue the family job of assassination out of desperation to stay alive. Only this time, they enacted their own rule. No innocent was to be killed. Ever. From that moment on, they lived their life with this new mantra and only accepted jobs that fell under this qualification.

Once Bryce and Carrie were contacted by the school, they were wary to accept, but ended up deciding to take the school up on its offer. They deemed the academy to be a safer situation than their current one so decided accepting was their best choice.

Alric Coupé - Father (deceased)
Veronica Coupé - Mother (deceased)
Carrie Coupé - Younger Sister (deceased inside)
Extended Family (deceased)

Strengths: Due to Bryce’s training, he is very effective in a wide array of weaponry. This spans from knives and swords to throwing weapons and guns. His knowledge and skill with these weapons is top-notch and he has yet to encounter a weapon he can’t use effectively. His specialty however, is poison. Many of Bryce’s weapons are often traced with some form of poison, be it deadly or not. He is skilled with poisons of various natures (injections, natural, pill-based, etc) and has even been able to make his own if necessary. It is guaranteed that Bryce has a vial of poison on his body at all times for use as he sees fit. Additionally, he is skilled in various forms of martial arts and knows a multitude of ways to disarm an enemy, permanently if necessary. Bryce is light on his feet and has very fast reflexes which make it easier for him to be adaptable in the field. Bryce has the ability to recognize an array of poisonous plants and animals and can remember how quickly their venom or toxins will take effect. Bryce’s technology sessions were limited and focused mainly on handling laboratory equipment in order to properly assess the poison compounds he was using. His other technology training was extremely basic since he grew anxious and panicked around advanced technology.

Bryce is able to fluently speak French and English and is fluent in French Sign Language (FSL) with the ability to pick up other dialects of the language easily. He has also nearly mastered Romanian. He knows basic Spanish (Spain dialect), German, and Italian. Bryce and Carrie have also developed a system of communication between themselves using primarily whistles.

Weaknesses: Bryce is fairly useless with any form of technology. He tends to avoid using it as much as possible and cannot understand how to skillfully operate it in the slightest. He has learned how to operate the most basic of technology (like using the Internet) but is unable to perform any complex functions and gets lost when the tech talk is being spoken. While Bryce is by no means stupid, he’s nowhere near the most intelligent person around. He highly doubts himself in his ability to construct plans that will succeed so he tends to leave this task to others. Bryce has been part of a team since birth so as a result, he generally relies on others, which can prove dangerous if he needs to work solo. He has leaned on his parents and then Carrie for support his whole life, so operating on his own is a scenario that makes him anxious and uncomfortable. He also has a very short-term mindset which makes it harder for him to strategize into the future.

Codename: Viper

Other Information:
~Bryce is always carrying multiple weapons on his person, all of which are hidden from view.
~When on missions with his parents, Bryce would fall into a support role. However, when he was only with his sister, Bryce was often the one to kill the target.

Dante Bianchi:
Name: Dante Bianchi {Be-on-chi}

Age: 19 {Birthday is November 17th}

Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Dante10
> Dante is 6' 1" and 175 lbs.
> His eyes are sky blue.

Biography: Dante was born into your typical large Italian family in Venice, Italy. He was the youngest of seven, earning the role of baby of the family and secretly his mother's favorite. He was a fairly innocent child and slightly carefree. From a very young age, Dante constantly sought after his father's approval, trying to be the best at everything in order to gain recognition in such a large family. He would always see the other boys in the family go off with his father and he desperately wanted that inclusion as well. He would beg his mother to make them take him along, but he was always met with a sad look and a smack on the head. As such, Dante was often frustrated with his family and his life, taking to learning various martial arts to try and lessen his anger.

It wasn't until Dante was 13 that he finally got invited out with his father and older brother's. Dante was ecstatic and eagerly joined the men. They drove for a long time and ended up in a warehouse on the outskirts of town. Dante was extremely confused, and slightly terrified, but followed nonetheless. It was there that Dante learned the truth of his family. That his father was one of the heads of the Italian Mafia and that it was time for Dante to join up as well. Dante eagerly accepted, simply to be closer to his father, and began training. Dante continued his martial arts training, becoming well versed in hand to hand combat. He also spent considerable time training with weaponry, though his family used guns most often and this is what he excelled in. 

It was soon very obvious that Dante was a special case, quickly surpassing the abilities of his older siblings and gaining more attention and approval from his father. As such, Dante began receiving more solo operations and rose through the ranks of the Mafia fairly quickly. When Dante was 14, he was operating on his own and having people below him who actually feared and respected the teen. Dante was a master at what he did, often completing missions far beyond what would be expected for his age. So much in fact that his father would send him with a team out to other countries in order to collect a debt or take care of a target, traveling to countries such as Spain and Greece amongst others. At age 16, Dante become an integral part of the heroin and drug trade within and out of Italy. He would be in charge with making sure shipments came in undetected, sellers sold properly and most importantly, that debts were always paid off one way or another.

With all the recognition, Dante started getting overly confident, cocky even, in his talents. He began taking work outside of the family, just because he could. He didn't care what his father thought anymore and was simply concerned with doing whatever the hell he wanted. This is why, at age 17, Dante became a pimp. He would wrangle up prostitutes and operated a business with selling them out to those who came in. Dante was living the life, having the fear and respect of the Italian underworld and more money than a teen knew what to do with.

Everything changed when Dante blew an order. A shipment of drugs coming in through the harbor was caught by the authorities, leading to millions of dollars lost, the arrest of one of his older brothers, and the near overthrow of the entire Mafia. His father was furious, pissed off like Dante had never seen before. Dante tried to make things better and his mother even tried to help as well, but nothing could quench his father's rage. He disowned Dante, expelling him from the family and forcing him to live on his own. Dante attempted to shake it off, but inside he was devastated. Everything he had vanished in an instant. He was forced to live on his own, nobody taking him in now that he was no longer with the family. He kept in touch with his mother, secretly, because she was very concerned about his well-being. She would secretly let him come back home when his father wasn't around to get fed and check up on him. This system worked fairly well until his father randomly came home drunk one afternoon. Seeing Dante, he burst into a fit of rage, grabbing a bottle and slicing Dante across the back. His mother screamed for his father to stop and for Dante to leave, but Dante wasn't backing down. He moved to attack his father, but then his father pulled out a gun and, before Dante could react, his mother jumped in front of the incoming bullet. In that moment, Dante reverted back to a child and just ran. He fled his home, traveling to Southern Italy in order to escape his father. It was there that he got his letter to Evergreen and decided to accept the invitation.

Personality: Dante's innocent and carefree attitude of childhood has long since vanished. Dante is hardened and closed off, adopting a sort of "bad boy" persona. He's sarcastic and snide, having witty comebacks and snarky comments to make in just about any situation. Dante is extremely confident, coming off as cocky. He's suave and cool under pressure, never seeming to lose his temper and always appearing in control of the situation. He's extremely flirtatious and has an overwhelming sex drive, though he is very respectful when it comes to this. He walks with an air of natural confidence and power. However, all of this serves as walls of defense around him. Dante still desperately seeks approval, though he would never make it known. Deep down, he feels like he isn't good enough so he will always try his hardest to make others proud, especially figures of authority. Though again, he would never admit to this and would likely play off any attempt.

> Alfonso Bianchi (Father; 59)
> Darla Bianchi (Mother; 54/Deceased)
> Alfonso Bianchi Jr. (Eldest brother; 28)
> Vinny Bianchi (Older brother; 27)
> Aliana Bianchi (Older sister; 25)
> Maria and Eloise Bianchi (Twin sisters; 24)
> Geraldo Bianchi (Older brother; 22)
> Stefano Bianchi (Older brother; 20)

Strengths: Dante is very physically strong and knows how to take a beating and still keep going. He doesn't know the meaning of quit and would only stop if he basically is unable to move anymore. He is skilled in a variety of martial art forms and has mastered many of them. He is very skilled with guns and prefers to use them whenever he can. He has a very steady hand, making him a great shot. Dante is fast and has high endurance. His intelligence is average, though he has high amounts of "street smarts" due to his experiences.

Weaknesses: Dante does not usually take orders very well, often showing defiance or making a snide comment to figures of authority. He prefers operating solo and doesn't work well as a member of a larger team. Dante appears very untrustworthy to others and this combined with his closed off personality makes it difficult for others to get close to him and be comfortable working with him. His personality is very much "live in the moment" so he rarely tries to make plans ahead and acts very instinctively most of the time.

Codename: Inferno

Other Information:
> Dante is bisexual, having no specific preference in gender.
> Dante can speak fluent Italian, Spanish, and English. He can also speak moderate Portuguese and Greek.
> Dante has a small piercing in each of his ears, but usually doesn't actually wear them, especially once he decided to come to Evergreen. He has also has a tattoo of his mom's initials and date of birth on the back of his shoulder.
> Dante's faceclaim is Gareki from Karneval (Thank you Hime for helping with this!)

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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by boyhoy Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:24 am

Sorry for the double post.

WARNING! This form contains allusions to rape and other physical/sexual trauma.

Lily Jiroi:
Name: Her birth name is Park Eun Yeong. However, she goes by Lily Jiori [gee-oar-ee]

Age: 19 [April 9th; Aries]


[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Lily_410

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Lily_110

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Lily_210

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Lily_310

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Lily_110

Supplementary Images:

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Lily_610

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Lily_910

[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Lily_811

Personality: Lily tries desperately to hide her inner turmoil and weakness behind a mask of strength and sass. She appears to everyone as a fiesty and confident young woman, someone who has everything figured out. She’s not afraid to speak what’s on her mind and say how she feels. She’s flirtatious and almost playful in her pursuit of men. She’s spunky and quick-witted, using her street smarts to get her out of tough situations. Lily walks with her head high and won’t let anyone bring her down. Lily has an attitude and she’s not afraid to show it.

What she is afraid to show is weakness. She knows that deep down, the person she shows isn’t who she truly is. Lily is terrified of letting others close to her on an emotional level. Her past makes it hard for her to trust and depend on others. She fears contact with others, though she can push this aside when she’s using her womanly wiles, and grows anxious around others. She is guarded and closed off, revealing nothing of her past and not daring to let anyone in. Lily craves affection and comfort from others, but won’t allow herself to receive it. She feels that she has been hurt not once but twice before and will not let anyone do it to her again.

Biography: Park Eun Yeong was born into a family of poverty and despair living in the slums of Seoul, South Korea. Her parents suffered a loveless marriage, staying together simply out of a need for survival above all else. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother a drug addict, seeming to be a match made in hell. Eun Yeong’s mother never wanted children but her father could never resist the desire to satisfy his urges, often forcing her mother to have sex with him. One evening, in a drunken stupor while Eun Yeong’s mother was coming off her high, her father physically assaulted her before forcing her to have relations with him once more. This horrific encounter led to the birth of Park Eun Yeong later that year.

Eun Yeong was a pleasant baby, though her parents wouldn’t know due to their overall lack of care for their young infant. As a result, Eun Yeong grew to have a difficult temperament, weighed by her distrust of getting her needs met. Eun Yeong grew up in this broken household, malnourished and terrified of her surroundings. She was too afraid to stay and even more afraid to leave. She watched night after night as her father drank himself into a frenzy, her mother overdosed to ease her own suffering. And Eun Yeong served as an outlet for all of them. Getting hit by her mother, touched by her father, Eun Yeong suffered day after day, night after night. Love was a concept she never experienced, family a unit she truly didn’t understand. Eun Yeong couldn’t understand why her parents would always hurt her so badly. No matter how many times she screamed or cried for them to stop, they never would. As such, Eun Yeong was left to spend her nights huddled alone and crying herself to whatever semblance of peace she could try to find. Eun Yeong wished that she could find some escape from all of this; she was afraid to stay but even more afraid to stay. After years of being told she was worthless, scum, and meaningless, she had started to believe it herself.

Eun Yeong spent her childhood locked away in this hell she knew as her life. Until the age of 9, her torture never ended. It was the same routine, almost consistently, with no reprieve. Eun Yeong grew bruised, cut, battered, abused, and violated by her own parents and they couldn’t give a fuck about her otherwise. Until one day, some strange inhabitants came into town. Her father dragged her out of the house and presented her before these strange men in uniforms. They scrutinized every aspect of her before handing her father a sack of coin and dragging her away. Eun Yeong didn’t know what was happening, but was too weak and meager to fight.

The next few months passed in a blur. Eun Yeong was fed, nourished, and cared for until she resembled a nine year old girl for the first time in her life. She was nurtured by these strange men in uniforms and was even brought around other children who were like her - poor, meager, and unwanted. When she was 10, she was told that these men belonged to some organization known as the SRSIA and that they were going to take care of her. Not only that, but they would teach her a bunch of cool tricks and turn her into a spy. Eun Yeong was elated, as were the other children she was with. The SRSIA first insisted she have a new name, to which they named her Lily. They said that the beauty of her was so powerful, that she deserved to be named after a beautiful flower. And Lily believed them.

The next years consisted of Lily being trained as an SRSIA agent. She learned a couple new languages, some combat skills, and how to use her beauty to her advantage. Because the SRSIA were right about one thing, Lily grew to be beautiful. She learned how to seduce unsuspecting victims to bend to her will, how to use her feminine charms to gain advantage, and how to use sex to kill. Ironic that something so traumatic to her would be used as a weapon, but whenever she was using it to her advantage, the touch of another individual never frightened her. It was only when she was allowed to ruminate on her past when her trauma truly kicked in. It was as the SRSIA bolstering of her beauty, their grooming of her, the care and compassion they showed for her, all of them helped her overcome her troubled past. She was so grateful for their teachings and the way they took care of her. She learned more about how to be confident and show off what she was given, use it as her own asset. She also learned all about the SRSIA’s mission and how it was going to bring peace and prosperity to the world. Lily fell in love with her new life and how she was going to help so many people.

That is, until she was around 18. She was tasked to seduce a target at a party and then eliminate him. So she did. Following her standard procedure, the operation went off without a hitch; luring back to the room, pretending to be interested, slipping him a sedative to knock him out, everything progressed as it should. Or, at least she thought it did. Just as she was about to stab a knife through his heart, the target caught her off guard, jolting awake and disarming her. The two engaged in in combat, neither truly able to get an advantage over the other. It was then that Lily began to wonder how this man could match her skills yet not work for the same organization she did.

He revealed to her shortly after that he worked for an organization known as the ESO. She scoffed at the revelation, knowing from the SRSIA that he was truly the scum of the earth. That his mission was to stop her and her group from completing their own. She attacked with a further ferocity but was bested, and left unconscious.

When she awoke, she was in a new facility. She was greeted by an ESO officer and informed of where she was and how she had been lied to once again. After much deliberation and discussion, she joined up with the ESO, somewhat reluctantly.

Family: Lily cut all ties with her family as soon as she was sold to the SRSIA. There she grew close to various members, though once she left, they were cut from her life as well. She honestly has no semblance of a family currently.

Strengths: Lily is beautiful and manipulative, able to bend others to her will and wrap them around her finger. She has training in weaponry and combat and although she’s no professional, she can hold her own in a fight. Lily feigns confidence extremely well and reacts based on her gut, which is both a strength and a weakness to her. Lily often appears courageous and resilient, though it is really an act more than anything.

Weaknesses: Lily is not very bright or strategic, relying on her gut more than logic to decide what to do. Lily does not do well on a team or working with other individuals. Her trauma has a tendency to flair up when she least expects it, causing her to panic and shut down. She is extremely untrusting of others, not only as people but as the ESO itself. She is conflicted emotionally and doesn’t know where to turn, making her appear unreliable and untrustworthy to some, especially if they know about her previous affiliation.

Codename: Masquerade

Other Information (optional):
>Lily can speak fluent Korean, Russian, and English.
>Her FC is Hyomin from T-ARA.
>Lily’s Korean age is 20.
>Lily shows no signs of her physical abuse, though is still very much in the mindset of an abused victim.

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[revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Empty Re: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent

Post by Adrian Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:28 am

Name: Flavio Silva

Age (13 – 18): 18 (born December 3rd)

Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Tumblr_o5a9d2K4Vf1swwx3co1_250

Personality: Flavio is a bit on the selfish side. When it comes to preserving his own sanctity and others, he always puts himself first. In fact, he puts himself first for pretty much everything. However, he's not always a villain. He tries to donate blood and contributes to charities when he can. His biggest problem, however, is authority, mainly when it tries to impose something that wouldn't benefit him. He's a bad judge at picking and choosing his battles, but his steadfast stubbornness more than makes up for that... almost.

Biography: Born in Lisbon, Portugal, as the youngest of 7, Flavio Silva was often considered by his classmates (and friends) to be the "goody two-shoes" of his family, due to his status as the "baby." Few witnessed Flavio get in trouble, and many believed his parents coddled him too much.

In fact, right from birth, Flavio's parents imposed strict rules onto their children, and Flavio broke these rules constantly. During secondary school, he found himself running into the law for petty crimes such as trespassing, loitering, misconduct, etc. All in all, Flavio was a rule-breaker, and hardly one to look at when it came to his future....

...until he got a letter from his aunt six months before his 17th birthday. Ângela Silva, an agent for the ESO, hardly ever spoke to her family, and never even saw five of her nieces and nephews as babies. However, Ângela took a strange liking to Flavio and his lackadaisical approach to authority - she felt that such a seemingly negative trait can be used for powerful means (i.e. doing dirty work), and wrote to him, telling him to consider a possible career path with the ESO (and if he did, she would try pulling some strings on her end).

Flavio ripped the letter up. He didn't think there'd be any hope for him, and he certainly didn't want to go on a path that might force him to sacrifice any self-preservation he had. But, in the end, he ended up attending Evergreen - and not only that, he decided to go back for one more semester, all thanks to one other person from his past.

Catarina Silva (mother, alive)
Alexandre Silva (father, alive)
Ângela Silva (aunt, alive)

Self-preservating - Flavio knows how to look out for himself (and others if he needs to, he guesses). He puts his well-being on the front burner.
Crafty - Flavio can make a tool out of anything, and even cooler, can make a weapon out of almost anything.
Multilingual - Flavio can speak fluent Portuguese (as his mother tongue), English, and knows French as well.

Rebel - Flavio tends to have other plans in mind. He really doesn't like it when people tell him what to do, and he prefers to do things his own way. His aunt hopes this can turn out good in the end, but his rebelliousness can get petty enough that he can get pretty frivolous in the "doing things his own way" bit.
Antisocial - Flavio is fairly distrusting of the average person, and even more so with governmental figures. It won't stop him from doing his job, but it can create... problems in the future.
Narrow-Minded: Flavio has a hard time focusing on the bigger picture. He's the type of person that enjoys taking things one at a time, so multiple problems can overwhelm him to the point where he just tunes them out altogether.

Codename: Renegade

Other Information (optional): Sorry for the lateness!

Name: Malina du Asile

Age: 19 (born January 4th)

Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Tumblr_njxtoaeMWa1swwx3co5_250

Personality: Gonna keep this as in-game, mainly because I'm still trying to decide. But her strengths play into her personality, as do weaknesses.

Biography: Malina du Asile grew up in Toronto for her entire life. She knows very little about her parents - her mother was killed by breast cancer when Malina and her brother were much younger, and her father Troy seems to be very secretive about his past. All Malina knows about him is that he apparently went to a very closed-off, advanced school for training agents of some kind.

Just before Malina graduated from her school as valedictorian, her older brother Brett suddenly disappeared. He left no note, no trace or sign that he even existed, and no clue as to where he could have gone. The disappearance shocked the family - and by family, I mean just Malina. Troy seemed very passive about what happened, almost as if he knows something. After all, Troy was closer to Brett than he ever was with his daughter, and Malina isn't entirely sure why.

Troy du Asile (father)
Rhianna du Asile (mother, deceased)
Brett du Asile (brother, missing)

Bloodhound - Mali is very intuitive; she's good at figuring things out. She can usually differentiate between what could be a lie and what could be truth, and is highly observant of her surroundings. She doesn't know her intelligence quotient, but... it's up there.
Motivation - Mali wants to find out what happened to her brother, and will very likely use knowledge from Evergreen Academy to locate and confront him, as well as her father. Because she knows he's hiding something.
People-Person - Mali can get along with almost anybody. It doesn't take her long at all to get to know a person, and she makes a fairly good teammate.

Not A Fighter - Mali is a bit of a pacifist. She doesn't have any interest in combat (although she will defend herself if needed). Her line of thinking is that you can get anything you need if you just talk it out. Sadly not a good philosophy in wartime.
Untrained - All Mali has is her book smarts. When it comes to practicality, she tends to lack experience, instead opting for the longer route instead of a more obvious solution. She knows how to use her knowledge - but she lacks experience in the field.
In Over Her Head - Mali has too much pride in her strengths and tends to forget her weaknesses. As such, she tends to fall pretty hard when she fails at a task.

Codename: Ariadne

Other Information (optional): Malina can speak English, French, and Spanish.

Name: Hakar Bashur

Age: 18 (born November 18th)

Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent 4758-337837502
I didn't think I'd be asking for much when searching for a live Middle Eastern FC. But here we are.

Personality: With Hakar, faith comes first. He's a "live and let live" type, easy to forgive and hard to anger. He's a pretty reflective and meditative guy, and focuses on everyone else's well-being first, hardly displaying emotion (except perhaps in private).

Biography: Hakar was born to a Kurdish couple (his father being a Muslim and mother being a Christian from Turkey) in Damascus, Syria. He grew up there until 2012, at the start of the civil war, where his family then moved to Istanbul to escape the violence.

Both of his parents worked in the same field - his father was a surgeon, and his mother a nurse. After the three of them moved to Turkey to live with their extended family, Hakar's parents began to bring him to their hospital so he could shadow them while they worked. As a result, his prowess in the medical field started early on at the age of 12.

Hakar has had some unique religious influences. Because his parents were of two different faith systems, he as a result grew up with a mixture of values from both religions. However, Hakar identifies as a Christian. Both of his parents taught their only child the meaning of tolerance, no matter who the person is, and he takes their advice in stride. Because of his peaceful, pacifist ways, he and his family were quite surprised that he got invited to an organization that was... well, quite the opposite.

Fatma Bashur (mother, alive)
Ahmad Bashur (father, alive)

Believer - Hakar's belief in God keeps him well-grounded. It's what gives him a reason to keep going, to do the right thing and to keep a steady and clear mind.
Doctor - Hakar is an excellent medic. He has a vast knowledge of medicine and ailments, and he hasn't run across a problem he couldn't solve... yet.
Stronger than he looks - Hakar has a lot of body strength. He's a pretty reliable pack mule.

Used to Rejection - The thing about Hakar's strong faith is that it ends up making him a pariah in a lot of cases; many atheists tend to become annoyed by his devotion to God, and many Muslims and Christians don't like how he intertwines both religions into his daily life. As a result, he's often rejected by his peers and thus keeps to himself most of the time.
Depressed - Though his faith is unwavering, six years later Hakar is still deeply shaken by the Syrian Civil War. He had friends in Damascus and Aleppo that he hadn't heard from since his family migrated to Turkey, and he still doesn't feel fully integrated into life in Istanbul - what with a lack of social circle and all. As a result, Hakar gets periodic bouts of depression, and doesn't function as efficiently.
Not A Fighter - Hakar's focus is healing. He lacks a lot of combat skills (and doesn't have any interest in gaining any), and would prefer to stay back from fighting.

Codename: Shepherd

Other Information (optional): Hakar is fluent in Kurdish and Arabic, and can speak Turkish and some English.

"It's the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer."

Name: Catalina "Cat" Morales

Age (13 – 18): 18 (born July 8 )

Appearance: [revival applications thread] Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent Tumblr_nogfs4giHn1swwx3co5_250

Personality: Catalina is a bit awkward. She's more inclined to be surrounded by nature, and especially surrounded by her hobby - weaponry. She doesn't mind people in general, though. It takes her a while to really connect with people, but when she does, she will stand up for them and protect them whenever possible.

Biography: Catalina Morales was born in Santiago, Chile, to a biologist mother and a mechanic father, who hunted in his free time. Her father enjoyed taking his daughter out for hunting excursions, and taught her how to wield a variety of weapons, from crossbows to shotguns.

Thing is, Rodrigo didn't always... adhere to local laws. It's not that he tried to hunt anything legal. No, he was pro-conservation. His choice of armaments was just a little more... flavorful than the government would have liked. So Catalina often found herself traveling into the mountains, or even other jurisdictions to show off his pretty toys to his daughter. And Catalina took a great interest to it, to the dismay of her mother.

While on "vacation" in Cozumel once, Catalina had a fateful encounter with a Greek boy named Alexis Demetriou. After getting his phone number, she and Alexis texted back constantly, back and forth. But in the aftermath of an SRSIA-inspired terrorist attack in Athens, Catalina lost touch with Alexis, and to this day wonders if something has happened to him...

Rodrigo Morales (father)
Lucinda Morales (mother)
Horatio Morales (younger brother)

Huntsman - Cat knows how to hold a weapon, and more importantly how to use it. She's only ever killed animals before, but... if it comes down to it, she'll count humans as well. In addition to her marksman skills, she also has excellent observation abilities.
Confident - Cat has a lot of pride in her abilities - she knows her limits (of which she believes are few), and strives to push them.
Independent - Cat does really well by herself. She doesn't need other people to help her out.

Standoffish - Cat likes to keep to herself. It's not that she doesn't trust people - she simply doesn't enjoy socialization. She much prefers the peacefulness of nature.
Claustrophobic - As a hunter, Cat hates enclosed spaces. The more freedom she has to move, the better.
Not The Brightest - Cat didn't do all too well in school, much to the dismay of her mother. She was always more oriented in hands-on activities. She's her father's daughter.

Codename: Witcher

Other Information (optional): Cat can speak Spanish, Portuguese, and English. She also knows a LOT of Greek.

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