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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II

Comrade Squid
Lady Senbonzakura
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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Empty [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II

Post by WritingBookworm Sat Jun 02, 2018 10:33 pm

"All the best heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary."
-Gerard Way

[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Harwel11

Dear Mr./Ms. _____,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional. Among the various candidates the Harwell's faculty considered for this year's incoming students, you were decided to be one of the most exceptional.

Should you accept this opportunity to study in Lebanon, New Hampshire, be prepared to arrive with your luggage to Central Train Station in Kensington, where a private, International Superhuman Organization-owned train will take you to the institution. Be prepared to arrive on Monday, January 8th at 9 A.M. EST.

An education at Harwell's is a hands-on experience, and thus comes with a number of risks. You may be tested and tried in ways you never have been before. But we hope, should you accept, that you find your education here at Harwell's all the more worthwhile because of it.


Matthew C. Reyes (Headmaster)

~  ~  ~

Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional, founded by William Harwell circa 1990 and located in Lebanon, New Hampshire, is a safe haven for young superheroes.

There, you are finally able to learn to properly harness the abilities that set you apart from the rest of mankind. There, you learn to identify and defeat evil. There, you learn what it truly means to earn the title of 'superhero'.

To the new students: first, you shall receive a letter confirming your admittance into Harwell's. Soon after, on Monday, January 8th, 2018, you shall be picked up and brought to the Institute. There shall be a brief welcoming banquet (formal attire is suggested, but not required). After this, according to your ability, you will be placed into one of four Classes: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. You will also receive your superhero name (the costume will be your to design later). Schoolwork begins the following day.

To all continuing students: keep up the good work, and remember, being a superhero is not fun and games. International threats are becoming stronger by the day, and if they remain unchecked, then there is no telling what may happen not only to you, but to the world as we know it. If we are to combat these threats, we need every last hero available to us. That includes you.

I wish the best of luck to you. I pray you won't need it.

A Brief History of Superhuman Existence:
While a rare few superhumans were born before then, it wasn't until the 1960s that superhumans became abundant due to what modern scientists have tentatively traced to genetic mutation. Rumors of others with extraordinary abilities circulated for two decades before 1984, when Lightbringer publicly defeated a supervillain in front of the public. It was after that the existence of superhumans became known to the whole world.

Some were mystified and awe-struck. Others were terrified, afraid that these superhumans would put an end to society as we knew it.
As the years went by, more superhumans terrorized the public. While other superheroes stopped them, it was enough for others to question whether or not superhumans ought to exist at all.

Eventually, culture changed. Time fostered acceptance toward superhumans, and by 2018, many people have come to accept superhumans.
But those who still haven't accepted superhumans are a vocal minority. Even today, it's not easy to be a superhuman . . .

Aliens: Superhumans are not the only beings with supernatural abilities. There are a few different aliens who have also come down to Earth and attended Harwell's, such a Zilia Fiane and the Lears. Unlike superhumans, the existence of aliens are not generally known to the public.

Alternate Dimensions/Universes: Though the general public is unaware of alternate dimensions and universes, they are confirmed to exist. Some dimensions have been destroyed; others still stand. Vincent Christiansen is an example of a superhuman from a different dimension. (Created by Adrian)

ASDOM: The Association for the Safety and Defense of Mankind, referred to as ASDOM for short. What first started as a peacefully-protesting anti-superhuman group has since evolved into a thinly-veiled, paramilitary terrorist organization targeting superhumans. Despite their prejudice against superhumans, they are not afraid to fight fire with fire and use superhumans as weapons against other superhumans. Currently the organization is led by its mysterious Head, whose face, name, and agenda are hidden from the public eye.

BLNN: Also known as Bold Language News Network, is one of the largest international news organizations with ties to many governments and a reputation for dishonesty and unethical journalism. (Created by Comrade Squid)

Classes: Rankings in Harwell's. Students are placed into Classes according to their experience and abilities, and each Class is more difficult than the rest:
-Delta: The starting class for most students. Delta students are taught the basics of superheroics, and are usually not allowed on outside missions. Its Class Head is Silverwave.
-Gamma: The Class after Delta. While a few students can start in Gamma after the Gauntlet, most students achieve Gamma after a semester in the Delta Class. These students have a bit more advanced work than Delta, and usually go on missions with the physical supervision of a faculty member. Its Class Head is the Martial.
-Beta: The second-highest Class, most Gamma students can graduate to Beta after a semester to a year in Gamma. Beta students are busy preparing for Alpha-level work, and go on harder missions. While Beta students on missions are told to keep in contact with a faculty member, they are not physically supervised. Its Class Head is Nightwatcher.
-Alpha: The highest Class. Students can only enter Alpha once they have both spent a full year in Beta and are proven to able to soundly handle Beta Class work. Missions for these students are extremely intense and rigorous, all but official superhero work. A student's graduation from the Alpha Class is a graduation from the Institute itself. Its Class Head is Lightbringer.

Crystal Sun: The Crystal Sun is a centuries-old pagan cult, with no currently known origin. The church, which exists worldwide, believes in and worships a sun deity known as "Kharnith," which is believed to reside inside the Sun itself. While nobody has actually seen physical evidence of this god, members of the Crystal Sun (especially its four Archons) have the ability to channel raw solar energy and use it for passive as well as combative purposes - even at night. The Crystal Sun is quite extremist in its methods to "bring back" its god, and though it experienced a major down-swing in the early/mid 2000's, the church has since made a startling comeback in the current decade. (Created by Adrian)

The Dogs of War: A guild that specializes in offering the contracted services of superhumans to the ultra wealthy for a hefty fee, with a dubious standing with the law. (Created by Comrade Squid and Captain Whitehawk)

The Gauntlet: A test and rite-of-passage for all new Harwell's students. The Gauntlet is designed to test them as a sort of SAT/ACT for students, and helps determine their class placement.

The Guardians: The first superhero group to form. While most of them have retired now, several of them are active elsewhere, operating as staff to Harwell's Institute. Its members include:
-Lightbringer: The first public superhuman. While named after her photokinesis, she has over twenty different abilities, making her the most powerful superhuman alive. Because of this, her mere existence is a controversy. While she has done nothing but be benevolent toward the general public, there are others who are afraid of what might happen if such a powerful woman ever decided to turn against them. She now works as the Vice Principal of Harwell's, as well as the Alpha Class Head.
-Nightwatcher: Lightbringer's second-in-command of the Guardians, anda non-powered member. He was brought up as an assassin, and was one of the first villains the Guardians fought before Lightbringer reached out to him and persuaded him to join them. He now works as the Beta Class Head.
-The Martial: A woman endowed with super-strength and super-human endurance. While outwardly tough and no-nonsense, she harbors a soft spot for all of her students. She now works as the Gamma Class Head.
-Empathy: While most of the Guardians were off fighting at the front lines, Empathy provided much-needed support. He's the primary healer of the group, and has the ability to enhance someone's strength or stamina for a certain period of time. His polite, soft-spoken demeanor makes him a great diplomat for the group . . . as does the fact that he can understand and alter emotions (as his name, Empathy, suggests), or compel people to do things with his voice. Formerly the Delta Class Head, he now works as the Headmaster of Harwell's Institute.
-The Sorcerer: As the name suggests, he possessed magic. He particularly had an affinity for Clairvoyance Magic and Telekinetic Magic, with some Healing Magic up his sleeve. He worked as a magic teacher for Harwell's before his ultimate death three years ago. He has since been replaced by Samuel Beckwith. (Created by NightOwl)
-Silverwave: A superhero possessing ferrokinesis, frequency manipulation, and enhanced senses, as well as the ability to detect other nearby superhumans. He has since gone on to have a daughter, Tristen Madden, who inherited his abilities. He worked as a policeman before Empathy extended the invitation for him to become the new Delta Class Head. (Created by Adrian)
-Helios: Son of Vasilia Weston, he was the only non-powered member of the Guardians before Nightwatcher came along. He fought with high-tech armor, and was a fairly popular superhero before his ultimate death at the hands of Blue Ruin and Alex Song. (Created by Omni)

Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional: Established in 1990 in Lebanon, New Hampshire, Harwell's Institute was the very first school for superhumans. It is nigh-impenetrable, and in order to preserve the anonymity of superhuman students, the general public does not know it is a school meant for superhumans.

ISO: The International Superhuman Organization, or the ISO for short, is an international military and intelligence organization, tasked with ensuring the welfare of innocent superhumans and the detention of supervillains and other terrorists. For decades it has stood as a pillar of hope for superhumans, but recently there has been evidence that it has been infiltrated by ASDOM forces. It is led by Director Kristen Waller, a cold but efficient leader.
-The Board of Superhuman Education: A division of the ISO tasked with overseeing education for superhumans everywhere. There are seven members of the Board, all the leaders of the six major worldwide superhuman schools:

  • Matthew Reyes/Empathy of Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional, the American superhuman academy.
  • Lillian Larson of the Freedom Private School, the superhuman academy in the United Kingdom.
  • Camille Shaw of Lycée Camille Shaw, the superhuman academy in France.
  • Yoko Yamamura of the Kyoto Exclusive High School, the superhuman academy in Japan.
  • Zhou Li of the Gifted Academy of Beijing, the superhuman academy in China.
  • Vera del Toro of the Colégio de los Dodatos, the superhuman academy in Brazil.

Magic: Magic is the very energy, or substance, that allows the universe to function. There are a few people who harness magic rather than having latent superpowers, such as Samuel Beckwith, Aava Monet, and the late Sorcerer. The Harwell's magic system was developed by NightOwl, and more information on it can be found below.
More Magic Info:
There are people, called Witches and Warlocks, who are able to manipulate and harness this energy through casting spells, magic circles, and runes, allowing them to have a multitude of different abilities at their disposal.

To be able to harness this energy, they must have a source to access it from. Most often it’s from an inner reserve, but people can also tap it from mystical artifacts, and even other dimensions, although this last one is very rare. Since magic is a very technical power, being able to harness it requires years of training and understanding of the energy. It should also be noted that each individual has an affinity towards certain branches of magic. Some may be better at fire and light spells, while others are better at clairvoyance and telepathic spells. Now, this doesn’t mean they can only perform those certain types of magic, it just mean other types are more difficult and can take more time for them to learn.

The Price of Magic

Magic always comes with a price. Some time after a witch or warlock begins studying and practicing magic they will suffer a loss of some sort. For some it’s having a fall out with the love of their life, for others, it’s their health. Sometimes this loss will happen well into their adult years while other times it can happen not even a year after beginning their studies.

Harnessing Magic

A single rune, magic circle, and spell can’t have more than one effect. For example: if the spell Erif llab casts a small fireball, it also can’t light a small flame upon a candle and a different spell will be needed for that effect.
-Runes: The most basic form of magic and is often the first type a person will learn. Drawing a rune will allow the Witch or Warlock to gain very simple abilities.
-Magic Circles: Magic circles are are a more advanced form of magic. They are conduits that allow the user to tap into the mystic powers that be. These circles are made out of runes, which vary with each effect the user wants and, like runes, the user must draw out the circle (with chalk, markers, pens, etc.) or can permanently carve one onto an object.
-Spells: The only verbal form of magic. Simpler spells are very short, while more complex and powerful spells can sometimes up to a minute to cast.
-Blood Magic: When someone tattoos a rune or magic circle onto their body, it will drain a part of their life force each time it is used, and if it is used enough, the witch or warlock will wither and die. To tattoo a rune or a magic circle onto their body, they must use their own blood to do so. Each time it is used, it will draw more blood to draw over the image. This is a highly frowned upon use of magic.


If a person gets themselves a familiar, they will gain an extra reserve to draw magic out of, instead of being able to only draw it out of their own inner reserve. They will also have a empathic link with the animal, allowing both of them to know what the other is feeling. However, if the familiar dies, the witch or warlock dies as well. Likewise, if they die, the familiar will also die.

Mystical Artifacts

Very powerful spells cannot be performed instantly by a Witch or Warlock and only be stored inside mystical objects. The person using the artifact must also be in contact with it for it to be used. While the spell is being cast upon the artifact, or a Magical Circle is being permanently placed on it, they will also need to put an excess amount of magical energy onto it for it to be transformed into a Mystical Artifact. This process is a long one and can sometimes take a few days to complete.

Superhumans: The common name for humans with extraordinary abilities. Most superhumans have their powers as a result of a genetic mutation, though some also have power through experimentation, lab accidents, or through other causes.

William Harwell: The principal of Harwell's Institute, right up until his untimely death two weeks ago. While not a superhero by any means, William Harwell was heavily involved with the Guardians as their financial backer. As a very financially successful man, and an old friend of Lightbringer's, it was Harwell who provided the Guardians with the connections and the resources necessary to get off the ground. After his daughter revealed herself to be a superhuman, Harwell knew there should be a safe place for her to learn, as well as for other superhumans. So he founded Harwell's Institute, an invitation-only school where teenage superhumans could come to learn, train, and expand their limits.


-All CC Rules Apply-

-All basic RPG etiquette applies (no godmodding, controlling others' characters without permission, etc.)-

-Villains are allowed-

-As of this RP, you are allowed to choose Classes for new characters. They can be anything from Delta to Alpha-

-Powers aren't limited to any number, but they do need to be just a bit more toned down than they were in the previous RPGs. These are students, after all, not fully-fledged superheroes. If a well-prepared, non-powered human isn't able to take your character down, then their powers probably need some rethinking-

-Don't just put IG on forms. I realize that characters have a tendency to grow in ways we don't expect during RPGs, but I also want to see effort-

-IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you have returning characters, you do not need to make a form for them. You're more than welcome to make a form, if you'd like, but all you're required to do is confirm their return on this thread. And you do need to confirm it on this thread, don't just PM me. Any students not confirmed to return will be withdrawn from Harwell's Institute-

-This should be fairly self-evident, but there are two parts to the form, Required and Optional. Required has all the basic character info you need to fill out. Optional isn't required, it's for all y'all extreme character-building heathens (cough cough Whitehawk)-

Personal History:

Personality Type:
Notable Relationships:

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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Tumblr_psuz0sQPWk1t2vv2no5_500

"I'll tell you where the real road lies: between your ears, behind your eyes. That is the path to paradise, and likewise the road to ruin."

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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Empty Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II

Post by Sal Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:13 am

Amber Lycan:
Name: Amber Lycan
Alias: Lupa
Age: 17
Birthday: December 24th
Sexuality: She doesn’t really understand sexuality.

FC: Kagerou Izaizumi from Touhou
A long, brown haired girl whose hair is more wild than her wolfwere roots. Amber sports reddish eyes, is a little on the short side being 5’2”, and her wolf form shows that too standing roughly that same height. As, compared to her parents and siblings, she’s the shortest out of them when a wolf.  She can choose to have her ears and tail out whenever she wants, and now that she’s in Harwell's that tends to be all the time.
As a wolf, if you know who Jacob from Twilight is you’ll basically find she looks exactly like that, give or take being a bit smaller than his werewolf side and more darker in browns. [LINK I] [LINK II] [LINK III]

Wolfwere Physiology - Unlike a werewolf, who is a human who transforms into a wolf/wolf-like creature; a wolfwere is simply the opposite of that. Her family comes from a long line of wolfwere’s with even her mother being one of a different pack.
Canine and Human Physiology - Comes with the fact she can transform from Wolf and Human just by will. While in human form, she has no real distinctions of being a wolf aside from the fangs she has and the adjustable ears and tail she can choose at will to show, not to mention her above average strength, stamina, speed, and endurance. While as a canine, however, she is bigger than the average sized wolf, has a dangerous bite, stronger than an ox, and can run at some high speeds when pushing herself. She can talk telepathically with those around her and even in a distance as a wolf.

Personality Type: ESFP
Personality: Amber is a loveable being, always playful and happy to be around others. She doesn’t seem to be affected by bullying, or people picking on her. She’s just so used to it over the years that she’s learned to cope with it by turning it into something it’s not and denying it’s happening all together. Anyways, Amber is super loyal and passionate, going long lengths to prove herself and keep others around her safe and happy. She likes to break up fights, and plays an almost omega role of keeping peace between all, sometimes wanting to fight for dominance in her groups and act as “leader” but ultimately being subordinate and following what is being told to her. She takes well to those who act more “alpha”.

Some of her downsides tend to be that she’s quite hard to keep focused at times. She tries very hard to get serious in serious situations, but at the same time her way of coping with things that bother or make he feel a bit distraught tend to be by pretending it's not happening at all. She’ll joke and things from time to time on the field. Also, she’s not very good at doing human math or even reading. She has issues sitting in classes that don’t let her move. Her attention is often diverted very easily.

Other things that can be noted is that she uses certain terms in place of others. Such as boyfriend/girlfriend/relationship are replaced with “mate(s)”, homes are “dens”, groups are “packs”, and leaders are “alphas”. She’ll often find someone who fills the role of alpha (as she believes them to be) and actually call them that for a while until she sees someone else as an alpha. She also really, really likes to be pet on the head.

Likes: Forests, nature, full moons and moons in general, any food that is meat based and safe for a wolf/dog to eat, the company of others, playing and having fun with friends and people alike. She enjoys belly rubs as a wolf and loves being pet on the head. If you brush her fur she’ll be very happy with you, as its difficult to do it herself for obvious reasons. She enjoys family, friends, and loyalty. She loves her “pack” (or, the Beta class), and oftentimes likes to use wolf-slang.
Dislikes: Chocolate, being alone for too long as she’s a very social person and likes to feel included, being left out, mud that sticks to her fur, super warm and hot temperatures, anyone pulling on her tail or pulling her ears to “see if they are real”. Amber also dislikes when people call wolves rabid animals or generally offend wolves, werewolves, wolfweres in general. Things she also dislikes is rumors, vegetables, fruits, and sugary drinks and candies.

Hometown: Originally lived in Ontario, Canada, but now lives in Greene, Maine.
Personal History: The Lycan pack is one of the most known and respected of the four (known) remaining packs of wolfweres. Residing mainly in Canada, they were one of the first to have known to merge themselves with humanity in order to keep their bloodline going. Knowing, that if they didn’t act more like humankind they would ultimately be hunted into extinction and risk losing their bloodline if they tried to fight them rather than go peacefully. While the Lycan tribe did merge with regular humans, they still have managed to keep themselves mostly “purebred” or close to it by the males passing down their “last name”, or tribe name, and marrying wolfwere’s and werewolves alike. Of course, with them marry werewolves there was discourse on how “pure” the blood was, as the lines of who was a werewolf and wolfwere was blurred. However, for the most part, it was determined wolfwere’s were distinguishable by the fact they could show just their ears and tail at command while werewolves could not. Originally the fact that wolfweres transformed into full blown wolves was also debunked when a wolfwere/werewolf hybrid child was found to transform into a full wolf. Despite, well, not being able to summon their ears and tail. The packs ultimately gave up living all together, but tried not to go too far and kept mostly to Canada and areas such as Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Washington, the UP of Michigan, and Massachusetts. Most packs try to yearly meet up in a specific location. They also all keep in tabs with the help of the internet, cell phones, etc.

Now, onto Amber. She is the youngest daughter to Alex and Aster Lycan, two wolfwere’s who had established themselves inside society and kept their secret for years. After already having their first two kids, having a third and teaching her how to handle life wasn’t difficult at all--as they were completely prepared for any challenges Amber gave them.

Until she was 3, she lived as a wolf inside her parents home, hidden from most people aside from her family. Once she was able to transform and stay as a human, however, she was able to conform into society. She grew up in a loving household, with a loyal pair of mated parents who gave their children the best. They also had a lovely set of grandparents on both sides who taught them about the olden days of wolfweres and would tell them stories of the original packs before they all went off to merge with the human’s society. Amber loved these stories. So much that she dreamed that maybe one day they could all safely live in their packs again and not be hunted or harmed by humans. With them she found a love for her history and old culture and often boasted how much she knew about it compared to her other siblings.

Anyways, Amber grew to be a lovely child, but things only stay so lovely for wolfweres. Slate Lycan--her older brother--was a bit of a troublemaker, in the sense he was often trying to play Alpha in school and often kicking anyone’s butt that messed with his two sisters. Especially Amber. Amber, well, she had tendencies to act very puppy-like and get bullied for acting “like a dog”. This was something her parents tried to correct her just so people wouldn’t bother her, but she promptly started everytime it was apart of her so she didn’t want to hide it like she had to with her ears and tails.

From all of this, Slate, in a complete accident, showed his ears and tail when sticking up for his sister. He snarled at the boy picking on Amber, who had pushed her to the ground after she wouldn’t “fetch the ball” he threw. The kid freaked out, telling his parents and the Lycans became exposed. Wolfwere’s were not liked, and several of their packmates had in the past been discriminated against, banned from activities and certain stores, and fired from any jobs they held just because of a misunderstanding of them. The Lycans were going to be no exception.

After this incident, Amber and the rest of her family had to flee to the United States in order to make a new life for themselves. Amber, upset by this entire ordeal wanted to one day be able to show Wolfwere’s were harmless and could live among humans, helping out, being. . . well, able to live coincide with humans without having to exactly be humans. And this would happen when Amber was able to enter Harwell’s.

She’s now spent her time trying to make a name for herself, to show people wolfweres shouldn’t be feared and hopes one day maybe the packs will be able to come together and live as they once did. As, the stories her grandparents told her kept her hopeful for a new future. She has a long way to go to understand herself and how difficult it would be to do such. But, she has hope. She’s been in the Beta class for a little now, and is doing her best to work hard.

Notable Relationships:
Father - Alex Lycan || Their relationship was always strong, him leading and guiding her in the ways of both wolf and human. Mostly human, however, as he hoped she would learn to merge with society to live a peaceful life. Him and her both argued on how they saw themselves now. Alex had accepted life as having to be more human, while Amber thought it was wrong they had to hide their true selves.
Mother - Aster Lycan || Got along great, she was very nurturing to Amber, and the fact that Amber was her youngest daughter made her very protective and loving. Like with all her children, she birthed them as actual wolves, which made their birthing process a lot more personal and natural for her. This motherly bond grew to something great, and, Amber could always go to her mother for just about anything.
Older Brother - Slate Lycan || Decent relationship, he often was her protector and sometimes made her feel a bit like he was being too overprotective of her. She feels bad about the situation he put them in, blaming herself for not just sticking up for herself. He is very athletic and performs in sports, mostly track and football, learning to hide his wolfwere strength and in turn taught her as well so she didn’t accidentally hurt someone.
Older Sister - Opal Lycan || They argued a lot over dumb things but overall had a nice relationship. Both Amber and Opal had different opinions as well, and Opal spent most of her time dating people trying to find her “mate” for life. She found human boys were extremely difficult to handle for more than a few weeks, though, and that was something Amber could jokingly admit to as well. Even though, well, Amber never found her confidence in asking her potential mates out.

Strengths: Amber, even outside of her wolf form, is pretty strong. She has a great sense of listening to whoever is above her, which is usually everyone, and is loyal to the very end. Her drive is great and her flexibility with going between wolf and human helps immensely in getting out and in of situations. Also, being able to speak telepathically while in wolf form can be helpful in a lot of different situations.
Weaknesses: She’ll get distracted and aside from her being a wolf it’s very hard to put her in certain situations where she can be extremely useful especially for having a giant wolf form. She might not seem serious at times but this is just her way of coping with various things. Amber often times will also have to completely forget her wolf form, which makes her rely on her enhanced abilities rather than her more natural form.

☾ Inspiration from this character actually started from my Webkinz, Amber the Timber Wolf. I have gathered other inspiration from Twilight and my own self changing a few things.
☾ Fun facts. Wolfweres, when born from two wolfweres, are born as wolf pups. Any other combination of parents; wolfwere x werewolf either male or female, human x wolfwere, will give birth to them as humans.
☾ The Lycan pack often named their people after geology things like stones and gems. Alex is actually short for Alexandrite. Amber, Slate, and Opal are all self explanatory. The pack their mother is from, Nightshade, names their children after flowers and plants.
☾ The four known wolfwere tribes are Lycan, Nightshade, Primal, and Eclipse.

[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II WiqR2Mz
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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Empty Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II

Post by Lady Senbonzakura Sun Jun 03, 2018 12:40 pm

Gretchen Norman, Lachtna Martin, Fiachra Martin, Professor Samuel Beckwith, and Domhnall Martin will return.
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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Empty Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II

Post by Shaybaysasuke Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:30 pm

Adair and Riada Scathan will be returning! As well as a secret that I can't tell you guys yet Wink
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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Empty Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II

Post by Comrade Squid Sun Jun 03, 2018 5:16 pm

First of all, I would like to say that Slade Norman/Daikaiju, Annie McCallister, Eric Daniels Jr. and Edmund B. Hommel will all be returning! Sophia Hayes would be too, but unfortunately she is deceased. Furthermore, given the serious changes to Slade over the course of the previous RPG, I am presenting a form with updated information.

Name: Slade Norman

Alias: Daikaiju (Formerly Smokescreen)

Age: 18

[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II 678a3a8ea896c7fcae207d7b40662700
Height is around 6'2"
[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Evolve-goliath
Measures slightly under 25 feet when standing up fully, though it's often hunched over or running on all fours. Weighs over 16,000 kg, and twice as large as an adult male African Elephant.

Hometown: Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Personality: Slade is nothing short of an extremely outgoing and friendly person. He cares about others very naturally, and always seeks to be a helping hand a good influence. It's difficult to get him to dislike somebody, as he's cordial even to his enemies, though he does take a very stern view towards wrongdoers. Stern, but not angry. In his mind, nobody is beyond redemption. Most of this was molded after his father's behavior, and after his death, most of Slade's actions have been in a desire to emulate him. Unfortunately,though he tries, he lacks Robert Norman's wisdom.

He has a very brotherly attitude towards others, striving to be a totem of strength for others to rely on, as well as a good friend. He functions naturally in a group, and always tries to prevent in-fighting and make sure everyone works together, reflecting his overall idealist nature. When the stakes are down, he seeks to protect those close to him, sometimes at his own expense, but he doesn't mind sacrificing himself to save the people he loves.

However, even he has his limits. The trauma he faced after his father's death, coupled with the atrocities he's committed, has utterly broken him in more ways than once. What was once an upbeat and happy boy is now a miserable shell of a young man, filled with nothing but self-loathing and clinging to the memory of the family he used to have. While he still tries to keep up appearances, it doesn't take long to dig down and realize his true persona. Worse, in order to convince himself that he is capable of doing what he does, he has slipped into a psychotic willingness to do as his masters order, embracing the role of a villain and a monster to avoid facing the reality. At the end of the day, Slade's number one sin is Greed; he knows what he does is horribly wrong, but he is unable to relinquish the safety of his remaining family.

Personality type: ENFJ(The Giver)

Smoke Generation- Whenever physically exerting himself, or in states of duress or in high temperatures, Slade's body begins to automatically emit an odorless smoke. This smoke seems to originate from the sweat glands, and appropriately, it begins to emit in situations where most people would be sweating.
Temperature Control- Slade has some control over his body temperature. While he cannot decrease it beyond the normal, he can increase it to degrees which would be impossible for most humans, to the point where skin can becomelding to the touch. The temperature of the area around him can be increased substantially as well, though the aura only extends roughly three feet around him in all directions. This ability exerts Slade's energy depending on how high he increases the temperature, so he can't use it forever. As a side-effect, extreme heat is less effective against him than most people(but if you light him on fire, he'll burn).
Monstrous Transformation- When Slade's temperature reaches its peak, a process which usually takes at least half a minute to achieve, he can choose to tap into his power source and transform into his "monster" form, known to most as Daikaiju. The transformation process causes Slade to generate the flesh and bone to create Daikaiju around him, merging with it as his consciousness is transferred to the monster's brain. In his monster form, he possesses extreme strength and power, surprising speed, sharp claws for slashing and climbing, a tail which he has complete control over, and the ability to briefly breathe a stream of fire at temperatures of over 4,000 degrees fahrenheit. However, the drawbacks are severe. He can only hold his form for several powers at best. The transformation process requires a ton of energy, and Slade is so drained after leaving his form that he can barely move.

Personal History:  Slade grew up in a fairly average manner, with seemingly little abnormality in his life. He was born to Robert and Michelle Norman, and shortly after followed by a younger sister named Isabelle. He became aware of his powers sometime during his pre-teen years, but he never told anybody outside of his immediate family.  Every year, his family would travel to Winchester, Indiana, where most of his extended family lived, for Thanksgiving and Christmas. While he was there, he met his cousin Gretchen Norman, and the two bonded.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Slade was thirteen in the form of his father's death in a workplace accident. His mother was unable to financially support the family on her income alone, so Slade sought out employment before he graduated High School, sacrificing his education in the hopes Isabelle could achieve hers.
Having already discovered his powers, he tried to find superhuman work that would allow him to use them; his abilities were the most valuable thing he had. When he signed up for "protection work" for an organization known as ASDOM, he did not know their intentions, and when he found out, it was far too late. ASDOM knew of the whereabouts of Michelle and Isabelle, a few thinly-veiled threats brought Slade quickly in line.

From then on, Slade was forced to mercilessly attack superhero after superhero under the guise of "Daikaiju". No one outside of ASDOM knew of the man, only the monster. ASDOM did keep part of their word, providing him and his family with a handsome sum for as long as he provided his services. Eventually, they had a new job for him- he was young, and more reliable than their other superhuman agents of the same age, so therefore deemed the most capable of infiltrating Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional. They made sure the Institute took notice of him and invited him, with only the knowledge of his secondary powers. Once there, he was horrified to discover that his beloved cousin Gretchen was also a student, and that he would have to fool her. Worse, due to his outgoing nature, he began to develop genuine friendship(and some would say beyond friendship) with Lucille Lear, the girl he was supposed to keep an eye on.

Finally, all hell broke lose during the Christmas break, when his friends discovered his true identity right as ASDOM attempted to close its grip on Lucille. The mission failed, ASDOM lost its spy in the Institute, and Slade had to report failure for the first time. Another round of vicious manipulating and borderline brainwashing restrengthened his loyalty, which dwindled during his time at Harwell's. However, deep down, while he knows that Gretchen, Lucille, and the others will never forgive them, he longs for the days when he could pretend everything was normal.

And he's determined to go to hell and back to finish this once and for all, for better or worse.

Family: Robert Norman(Father; Deceased), Michelle Norman(Mother; Alive), Isabelle Norman (Younger Sister; Alive), Gretchen Norman(Cousin; Alive)

Likes and Dislikes:
Likes- Making other people happy, fruity beverages, "leisurely" exercises such as jogging, high-quality chick flicks, being with friends and family, brisk winter days, his family being alive, his friends at Harwell's
Dislikes- Friendships ending, cats, hardcore sports, monster movies, uncomfortably hot days, unintentionally hurting people, working for ASDOM

-Has an infectiously likable personality
-Outgoing and social, easily makes friends
-Atheletically built and physically strong
-Functions best in a team
-Well-trained and dangerous
-His powers give him incredible strength and power, turning him temporarily into a complete juggernaut

-His monster form is large and cumbersome, and tires out easily
-Overburdens himself with other people's problems in attempts to help them
-Overprotective, scared of letting others take risks and puts himself in danger to ensure their safety
-Riddled with guilt over betraying his friends and the crimes he's comitted as Daikaiju, at times hesitant to kill even for his own protection
-Forced to block out his feelings to complete his missions, but he's terrible at it
-Everything he does is to protect his family, primarily his mother and sister, anything that happens to them may affect his performance.

Other/Trivia: POP SURVEY: Slade should have facial hair after timeskip- yay or nay?
Name: Wesley Hampton

Alias: Lunarsol

Age: 12

[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Armin-Arlert-armin-arlert-37048170-480-640
Height is 5'3".

Hometown: Leeds, England

Personality: It's hard to put Wesley's personality into a final, worded form. After all, he's still a child, even moreso than any of the other Harwell's students. Furthermore, Wesley's cultist upbringing has subjected him to considerable brainwashing, trapping his personal growth for quite some time and leaving him unprepared for regular social interactions. As a result, he's shy, timid, and easily overwhelmed, choosing to avoid people he considers loud and abrasive and rarely straying from the wing of more compassionate older students.

Wesley is smart, but not in a cold and logical manner. He's surprisingly good at reading emotions from others and interpreting "vibes" about things and places, in an acute and borderline extrasensory manner. He's in an incredibly artistic soul with a lot of interest in color and natural beauty, and a good painter as a result. In many ways, he's the artisan to Annie's engineer.

Personality Type: INFP (Mediator)

Sexuality: Asexual

Solarpathy- From the moment the sun rises to the moment it sets, Wesley's powers are all related to Sol and its bright light. Though his powers are amplified when he's in direct sunlight, he's capable of using them indoors as long as the sun is visible in the sky. During this time, he can expel a superheated beam of sunlight from his palms, which is very useful as a weapon, and can generate a 'pulse' that causes his body to become incredibly bright for les than a second, temporarily blinding anybody looking at him when it happens.
Lunarpathy- Once the sun sets, Wesley's powers become moon-themed, as well as somewhat more passive. Like his solarpathy, he's more powerful when in direct moonlight, but he's capable of using them at any time when the sun is not visible. While this requirement is fulfilled, Wesley can generate a pair of bright crescent-chaped blades starting in his palms and extending to his elbows. Similarly, he can also use lunar energy to heal the injuries of others, though it's not the most powerful healing by any means.

Personal History: At the moment of his birth, Wesley's family were devout members of the Crystal Sun, a very powerful and global religious cult. Ever since, he's been relentlessly drilled with brainwashing to be ultimately loyal to the cult, and its divine goals. His life has been defined by his upringing, and by his parent's desire to make him a fervent cultist like themselves. At the time, he did not know the extent  of the mental abuse he was receiving, but he knew his situation was not normal from his just brief glimpses of the outside world, and the whole situation frightened him.

When he was ten years old, his parents travelled out of Leeds with him to the United States, for a cult meeting in Albany, New York. While there, he got the impression that his parents were displeased with him- they said nothing, but he could feel it in the way they spoke to him. He knew they thought he was unworthy of the Crystal Sun, as he was weak, timid, and he cried often. Wesley knew he would be unsuited to devotion to Kharnith.

And so he ran. Their hotel was less protected than their home, and the state of New York was much bigger than Leeds. He spent several nights without the cover of a roof, which terrified him- but he knew that once he ran, he couldn't go back. Finally, once he felt he was far away enough, he joined an orphanage, he attempted to hide his distinctly English accent and told them his last name was Hampton, hoping the cover would be enough to fool the cult.

Family: Felix (Father; Alive), Monica (Mother; Alive)

Likes and Dislikes:
Likes- Painting, colors, quiet and gentle noises, relaxing atmospheres, compassionate people, good books, warm fireplaces
Dislikes- Loud noises, being yelled at, unpleasant atmospheres, irritating clothing, volcanos, losing his reading glasses

Strengths: He's got a wide variety of powers that allow him to be useful in many situations, he's smart and empathetic, and he's eager to be of use.

He's physically weak, nearsighted, unaccustomed to non-cult life, very timid, and his powers depend heavily on the time of day.

Other/Trivia: In the future I will try not to use so many Shingeki no Kyojin FCs.
Name: Lucas Vaughn

Alias: Huntsman

Age: 16

Appearance: Lucas's appearance isn't anywhere near typical of a male human sixteen year old. One major contributing factor is likely the four arms that have grown underneath his original pair, two on each side, scrawny and with only three digits. Maybe it would be the severe altercations to his head, which now resembled that of a jumping spider's, with eight black eyes and a pair of chelicerae over his mouth. Perhaps it's wiry body, or the exoskeleton, or the thing covering of grey fur all over his body.

However, his hideous appearance is not without advantages; his fingertips now contain small claws, which allow him to climb on surfaces, and his flexible bones give him greater mobility in tight situations. Shame they're so fragile now.

He's 5'5" when standing completely tall.

Hometown: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Personality: Lucas, in terms of his personality, isn't too undigestable. He's polite, very awkward, and shy, though that last characteristic is more or lessa result of his unfortunate powers. He has major self-conscience issues, resenting his appearance greatly and usually feels like an outside. As such, this does lead to occassional angry or bitter moments from him.

Personality Type:
ENTP(The Inventor)

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Climbing- Lucas's claws allow him to stick to, and climb on, almost any surface.
Shot Web- Lucas is cabale of launching a sticky, prehensible substance from the glands in between his mandibles which can be used as netting or rope.
Venom- He can also spray venom from this same gland, though he still has some incontinence.

Personal History: Lucas, as a child, was a very hyperactive and easily distracted child. He didn't do well in school but he was a social butterfly, very happy to be in school just because he'd be with friends. His other hobby was found in comic books, particularly of the Marvel variety. While they had dropped drastically in popularity ever since the 1980s, they were still printed for the niche group that enjoyed them, which Lucas happened to be a part of. His personal favorite hero was none other than Peter Parker, or Spiderman.

However, this came to bite him(like a spider) one night when he was a child when he encountered a being. A genie, an alien, an angel, he couldn't quite remember- it didn't really matter. Evidently, he had done it some favor, though he couldn't remember what, and it rewarded him by granting him with one wish. With little regard for his uncle, Ben Vaughn, the young tyke eagerly declared that he "wanted to be spiderman".

Initially, nothing happened, and he chalked it up to it just being a dream. Things remained stable until he reached his teen years, and puberty set in. While the other kids in school developed acne, Lucas grew six additional eyes of varying sizes on his face. While his peers experimented with their developing secondary sexual characteristics, he gained the ability to spit webbing. While the kids started to look more like young adults, he began to look more and more like a spider... person... thing.
Intially, his family was able to play off the little grey hairs and red bumps forming all over his face as a very bad case of acne, but once the mandibles formed all hope was lost.

When the extent of his deformations became clear, his parents pulled him from school and decided to send him to his aunt's farm in the outback, where he could at least exist without being a complete outcast. Though he had nothing against his aunt, he found life there boring, with no social circle or wi-fi signal to keep him entertained. His sisters visited him often though, which he was glad of. One day, however, he got a letter...

...from a place called Harwell's.

Family: Aaron Vaughn(Father; Alive), Misaki Vaughn(Mother; Alive), Ben Vaughn(Paternal Uncle; Alive), Talia Vaughn(Paternal Aunt; Alive), Sachiko Vaughn(Older Sister; Alive), April Vaughn(Twin Sister; Alive)

Likes and Dislikes:
Likes- Friend circles, sunny days, Spiderman, the internet, peanut butter, cozy warm places, running really fast
Dislikes- Loneliness, being wet, peanut butter getting in fur, bad WiFi connections, marmalade, darkness, ironically actual spiders

Strengths: He's speedy, able to access many places due to his ability to crawl up walls, his webbing is incredibly useful.

His bones are very fragile(though he has an exoskeleton for protection), he's very awkward, it's very difficult for him to fit in with regular people due to his distinctively nonhuman appearance

Please don't break my neck for this Writing
Name: Britannia "Britney" Falkenwrath

Alias: Skunk

Age: 17

[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Aihara.Yuzu.%28Citrus%29.full.2260437
Height is 5'6".

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Personality: Britannia lives for one thing above all else- fun. She cares about others, and she cares about succeeding, but at the end of the day, she wouldn't really care if she didn't make it into the history books as long as she lived a fun-filled and adventurous life. Deep down, she knows one day she will be much more busy than she is, so she enjoys herself as much as possible. Partying, socializing, and relaxation are all high on her priority list. She's friendly, if a bit smug at times, and she makes friends easily, hence her popularity at her old school. However, Britannia is not the most logical person, and lives for the moment, rarely considering the consequences of her actions. And when consequences do arise, she tends to simply avoid the problem, which usually leads to it getting worse.

Personality Type: ENFJ(The Teacher)

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Chemical Sludge- Britannia is capable of projecting a corrosive, acidic substance from her fingertips, which burns human skin upon contact and dissolves after several minutes. Generating this sludge draws from her physical energy.
Toxic Gas- Similarly, she can also a cloud of poisonous gas from any orifice in her body. The cloud lingers in the air for roughly thirty seconds before dissipating and restricts airflow as well as causing minor burns at its strongest(she can also generate weaker gases to knock enemies unconscious). Generating this vapor also draws from her physical energy.
Poison Creation- Again by using energy from her own body, Britannia can create poisons of varying effect and lethality, the most dangerous being the most difficult. When correctly assembled, the poison will need to be either injected or ingested to cause an effect.
Self-Immunity- Britannia is completely immune to the effects of her own toxins, and heavily resistant to any foreign chemicals, gases, and radioactivity.

Personal History: Britannia's childhood and upbringing were remarkably normal for someone who had superpowers. She didn't discover said superpowers until her early teen years and even then she simply kept them to herself with little internal turmoil. Though the idea of becoming a superhero crossed her mind during her formative years, she had little desire for a such a position of personal responsibility and simply continued to live what she considered to be a 'normal life'. Cult activity, Daikaiju attacks, superhumans dancing in and out of the shadows- none of these things were real to her, they were just things on the news, something for the adults in the room to speak in hushed tones about the reprecussions that would never come, at least for her. Lightbringer might as well have never revealed herself some twenty or so years before Britannia's birth. She had no reason to care, as long as she was able to happily attend high school with her boyfriend Alex.

Until, one day, she received a letter...

Family: George Falkenwrath(Father; Alive), Marina Falkenwrath(Mother; Alive), Felix Falkenwrath(Younger Brother; Alive), Alex [BLANK](Boyfriend; Alive)

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Parties, social events, adventures, exotic food, carefree living, Alex, fruity drinks, the beach, Summer Matthews music
Dislikes- Responsibility, having to make decisions, politics, being trapped, peer pressure, spicy food

Strengths: Popular, sociable, easy-going, charismatic and confident. Decently strong and able-bodied, and has good combat powers.

Weaknesses: Bad in positions of leadership due to amount of responsibility thrust upon her, powers have significant risk of friendly fire.

Other/Trivia: Things are about to get a whole lot worse.
In the future, I may resubmit all my character's forms to use the new one.
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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Empty Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II

Post by Captain Whitehawk Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:11 pm

The Whipper:

Name: Jack de Beauvoir
Alias: The Whipper
Age: 16

[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Handjsuwsbx
Hometown: Plymouth, Minnesota
Personality: Somewhere between uncertain and impartial, the Whipper tries to engage directly in conflict as little as possible, preferring to observe and make side commentary instead.  He styles himself as being detached out of maturity and level-headedness, when really he’s scared of what others could do to him, of not making his mark or being important, and how much he believes he lacks in regard to his own value.  
Personality Type: ISFP // 5w4 2w3 1w9 // SO/sx sp-blind // Hufflepuff // Lawful Good //
Sexuality: Interestingly enough?  Straight.
Abilities: He's good with a whip.  It started with a childhood interest in Indiana Jones, but when he realized that his powers were not ones he could feasibly control, he gave up on mastery of them and switched to be the not-quite-cowboy he'd always wanted to be.  His real superpower actually involves being able to make infinite amounts of whipped cream fly from his fingers.  Jack has more power than that, but is currently unaware of it.  He believes himself to be disappointingly ordinary.
Personal History:

- The Whipper wrote:“My mom was lactose intolerant and it passed down to me, I guess, but ... in a different way.”

Gifts of dairy items on every major holiday to the lactose intolerant Whipper and his mother was a running gag in the family.  Their life was pleasantly mundane: suburban, middle class, complete with the monthly hassle of bill-paying.  They were utterly ordinary in every way.  

Yet, as is the way of classic protagonist tropes, everything changed when the fire nation attacked a nearby superhuman fight got a little too close to their neighborhood.  Besides the death of a few pets and destruction to the local park and a nearby house, everyone was fine.  Or at least, they were, until a few months had passed and his mother's coughing, wheezing, hacking were reported not to be bronchitis, or even whooping cough, but instead leukemia.  The offensive villain of months past had had powers based in radioactivity, and all had been fine, except her.

Later it would be said in a local hospice report that there had been an unusual outbreak of cancer cases in the area, a sudden insurgence in tumors, cysts, and bad health in the past few months.  But statistics, preventative diets, and cancer treatments meant very little to the Whipper when his mother was six feet under.  

At twelve, it was the worst day of his life.  Later he would be able to say that there were days that would be worse but, in the moment, it was the worst pain he could imagine ever feeling.  He left a milk carton on her grave, just because he knew it'd give her something to laugh about up wherever she was.

Somehow, some way, on his sixteenth birthday, despite all attempts not to be found, he was.  As if a good fairy from Hogwarts had been waiting forever for this moment, in the mail was an acceptance letter from Harwell's.  His father would later explain that he'd expected something like this, since there was a little superhuman blood on both sides.  It ruined the moment, but the Whipper tried to savor the surprise anyways.

Family: His mother is deceased, he has a pleasant relationship with his dad, and his little sister doesn't really understand why he'd join Harwell's, but she's indulged him, isn't holding it against him, and requires the occasional postcard, which he sometimes forgets to do.
Likes and Dislikes: Likes electro swing, Indiana Jones, the Peer Gynt suites, most memes, and being able to retire to Youtube in peace when all is said and done.  Dislikes are average and not especially notable.
Strengths: Being relatively intolerant of all manners of silliness and preposterous things keeps the Whipper humble, aware, and grounded.
Weaknesses: Average in most things, though he would like to be more.  Being closed off and detached from others in a nervous way typically requires that someone else go out of their way to interact with him, since he’d shy away from interaction rather than pursue it.
- Can usually be found eating ice cream, it's his favorite.
- Doesn't believe in the cause of most superhumans.  Believes that it's too much to trust that people with that much power won't abuse or otherwise harm others.
- One of his favorite movies is the 2005 film classic, “Sky High.”  
- Faceclaim is Adrian Kali Turner.

The Flipper:

Name: Noel de Beauvoir
Alias: Destiny’s Child
Age: 16

[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II 23413268161_9997818497-1
Hometown: Plymouth, Minnesota
Personality: He's a lil' bitch.
Personality Type: INFP // 4w3 6w7 9w1 // SX/sp so-blind // Slytherin //
Sexuality: Gosh lads, I don’t know.
Abilities: Noel has an innate tie to luck, and this blessing-curse allows him the advantage of the world’s bounty – or to be cut off from it.  The ability is weak, but it allows for such things as fortuitous dice rolling, unusually good card hands, finding useful objects or cash in random places, making it just in time when he previously believed he was going to be late, etc.  At the same time, Noel can have streaks of bad luck that last for roughly the same amount of time as his good luck lasted.  The streaks are uniform in strength.  

Noel’s second ability is precision of movement, an ability passed through his mother’s line and believed to have begun with his grandfather, a potato farmer and infamous cow-tipper.  It’s a form of physical compensation that spurs the body to redirect movements on micro levels, thus resulting in seemingly “perfect” movements.  This means that his angles straighten, his pushes become weaker or stronger, his balance auto-corrects more powerfully, etc.  Only smooth, fluid, perfectly aimed movements out of this boy.  Boys from his last boarding school used to say that being flipped off by him was a privilege, as they had never seen a birdy flipped so perfectly by any human being alive.  The one downside to this ability is that the natural overcompensation can stretch him past boundaries his body wouldn’t normally take, which can lead to torn muscles, fractured bones, broken capillaries, etc.  

Personal History: To be revealed in-game.
•  Jules de Beauvoir – his stiff, detached father.  His father never really loved him, something that pissed Noel off.
•  Irene de Beauvoir – a really nice mom, like a really nice mom.  Kinda had a temper and yelled sometimes but she had really funny jokes and she left gifts for him on his bed after bad days.  He misses her.  A lot.
•  Jack de Beauvoir – his twin brother, always the goody two shoes, soaking up all the attention from mom and getting everybody to like him even when he didn’t deserve it.  An awkward, kind of useless kid.
•  Maria de Beauvoir – his kid sister.  Pouty, whiny, entitled, and bratty.  No sense of personal space.  Really rude, too.
Strengths: A dickwad.
Weaknesses:  No proper military training.
- Primary love language is Giving/Receiving Gifts, the second is Quality Time.
- Noel carries two d20s with him that he’s collected from previous DnD campaigns.  One he made himself, and it’s weighted in such a way that it’ll always land on a 20.  The other functions normally
- Every good twin needs an evil twin, right?


Name: Mysti Seko
Alias: Freyja
Age: 18

[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II E5i5XR2
Hometown: Fresno, California
Personality: Personality?  What personality?
Personality Type: ISTJ // 5w6 2w1 9w8 // SP/so sx-blind // Hufflepuff // Neutral Good //
Sexuality: Lesbian.
Abilities: Magic, but its rules and boundaries are ones she is still yet discovering.  She has met relative success in writing out requests to the universe in paper and then burning it, though the more specific it is the greater the likelihood it will not occur.  Too many of these and she hits dead periods of being able to do no magic at all.  She also has a strange amount of luck.

Personal History:  Freyja was rescued from an abusive father by her neighbors, who offered to adopt her upon hearing of what things had gone on in that house.  Rescued at about fourteen, she has been living in a much easier lifestyle with the Sekos, and has since received a lot of therapy to help her resolve issues left over from her time of abuse.  

What began as a mere curiosity with witches and the tarot turned into something more when she found that mere "like to charge, reblog to cast" posts on social media platforms seemed to be working -- and in record time.  After a week of clicking and experimenting, it was to her growing surprise that she found all of them coming true.  She tried inventing her own, just vague nothings.  She acquired crystals and various herbs to hang around her room, much to her parent's bewilderment.  It'd been a practice run solely by guess work and what information she could read up on.  That is, until the letter from Harwell's arrived.

Family: Raised by a social worker and a gym teacher, Freyja lived a strange mix of poor and yet lacking nothing, for her parents, while certainly flawed and sometimes careless, deeply cared for her and her wellbeing.  Freyja was one they'd adopted, that may have been part of it.  

Likes and Dislikes: Dislikes all the attention her very voluptuous body gets her.

Strengths: Surprisingly solid in her sense of self worth, won't let anyone make little of her or tell her she is anything less than what she is, which is honestly someone pretty spectacular.

Weaknesses:  Though her mother is bi and very open about it, and her parents were very accepting of her sexuality, there's still a part of Freyja that struggles to come to term with her own attractions, thinking of herself as disrespectful or predatory, even when that's not her intention.
- A few notes from her were taken from a friend's character (with their permission).
- Misty runs two tumblr blogs: a sapphic positivity blog and a witchy aesthetic blog.
- She's very artistic, accomplished in both graphite sketches and painting, primarily in oil and acrylic.  She's made her own tarot deck that she uses for divination.
- She is 5'6".

Dr. Young:

Name: August Young
Alias: Dr. Young
Age: 39

[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II 02-cage-valleygirl
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Personality:  Clinical, no-nonsense, and a little skeptical, Dr. Young favors an empathetic approach with a focus on being honest and truthful above all else.  They're a somewhat naturally cold individual who has slowly learned to let their neutrality aid them in being more pleasant than they naturally know how to be.  While not a disagreeable individual, they began life as being snotty and a tad stuck-up.  Their interest in psychotherapy quickly required they ditch the attitude.
Personality Type: ISTP // 9w1 5w6 3w2 // SO/sp sx-blind // Hufflepuff // Lawful Good //
Sexuality: Fond of women.
Abilities: Cannot fall asleep naturally, body can go for several weeks without proper rest and remain relatively stable.  
Personal History:  All new parents are ultimately met with the struggle of trying to get their child to sleep.  It was with increasing frustration and bafflement that August's parents found that no matter what they tried, their new baby would not fall asleep.  But, as the doctors pointed out, despite all the sleep they hadn't gotten, August showed no signs of being unhappy or even relatively cranky.  They were alert, inquisitive, constantly trying to peruse of the world around them.  They were ravenous in turn, and a little delayed in their responses, but that did not stop them from growing much like their peers.  After a few months spent under watch by a medical team, it was concluded that the little August Young was a superhuman.  What use would sleeplessness give however, was unknown.

Its downsides, however, were to be readily apparent.  They received their first heart surgery in their late teens, and a second in their mid-20s.  In their early 30s, there was a cancer scare and several months of chemotherapy -- their body never quite recovered, and they remain thin and unfortunately fragile.  One of their kidney's has been removed.  Despite a healthy and active lifestyle, their abilities have put them on a very short leash, and they have only a few more years to live.  They have had to learn to keep a fierce grip on their anxiety, lest it rise up and worsen their health.

It took several years in college and graduate school to become a licensed clinical therapist, but Dr. Young stands ready to help superhumans like them who have sustained trauma or mental health issues.  Given the high possibility for damage or danger in such a line of work, they suspect that their flow of clients will continue.

Family: Relatively inconsequential, they were blessed with wealth and calm, understanding parents.  They remain an only child.
Likes and Dislikes: Drinks coffee and tea in droves, loves a good bowl of pasta, especially anything containing pesto.  Nightvale, simply for the absurdity, is a calming pastime.  Dislikes the passage of time and loneliness.
Strengths: While not exactly the warmest, underneath a chill exterior is a deep appreciation for the strange, contradictory nature of humanity, and this sustains them through most irritation they might feel.  Having no need to sleep, they are incredibly productive.
Weaknesses: Especially when frustrated, is often quick to tirade.  There's some mood instability and mental health decay that has slowly been occurring over time for Dr. Young at rates faster than normal, though they assume that as long as their memory is well, they will remain relatively stable.  Their body requires from them a higher caloric intake than normal, leaving them in constant need of snacking food.  A childhood incident taught Dr. Young that too long without calories and they would go comatose.  They have experienced some threats of heart failure in the past, and they suspect they have somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-8 years left to live.  Not very physically powerful or intimidating.  Addicted to the internet.  
- Dr. Young's therapeutic focuses are familial issues, trauma, and abuse.  They've been taught CBT, EMD, psychotherapy, narrative therapy, desensitization, interpersonal therapy, and relationship counseling.  Pretty standard stuff, they have a thorough understanding of mood and dissociative disorders but not so much the genetic disorders such as bipolar or schizophrenia (or at least, they wouldn't be considered a specialist, which is what you'd optimally want for stuff like that), or personality disorders such as narcissistic, histrionic, BPD, or others.  Their primary form of counseling is CBT.
- As a therapist, Dr. Young's success rate is relatively high.  In cases of dissatisfaction or a bad fit, like all therapists Young is in the practice of referring them to someone else who might better suit the client's needs.  There have, however, been a couple particularly disastrous patients ...


Alias: Thanatos
Age: He appears to be in his 30s.
Appearance: Dark, washed out skin, black curly hair bound in a long stream of dreadlocks (which are then ponytailed and tossed back over his shoulders.)  A smooth, tapering face, a flat, triangular nose, round chin, full lips.  Dark brown eyes, thick eyelashes, ponderous brows.  Broad shoulders, thin hips, lean and wiry.  Dresses like a member of the generic passerby: t-shirt, skinny jeans, sneakers, an oversized jacket, a few chain necklaces around his throat, a septum piercing, twin lobe studs in his ears. Permanent under-eye circles add to the strained and drained, yet unyielding look.  There are several permanent bullet wounds through his chest and sides.  Usually they do not bleed, though under duress they may begin to.  They are the only wounds on his body that refuse to heal completely.
Hometown: Unknown
Personality: As he is a serial killer, to the average reader it would be unsurprising to learn that Thanatos has no conscience, furthermore that he finds killing entertaining.  Likewise, the normal structures of society (laws, social orders, morals, manners, other such conventions as those) are equally amusing to toy with.  While attentive to himself, the lack of morals leads to less questioning of his own actions.  As such, once dedicated to a task he will think little of consequence or alternative.  He is not without empathy, he just chooses to ignore it; he’s as likely to kill a child as he is a real enemy.  He understands that what he does harms other people, but he doesn’t believe them important enough to stop for.  There’s no person he listens to, whatever sense of boundary he has rotted away long ago.  

And yet, there is a kind of haze to Thanatos’ mind as it is dominated by unnatural quantities of detachment and apathy.  Where most people have interest and homage in life, their world, and their fellow human beings, Thanatos exists in a vacuum where there is no meaning, no excitement, and no affection.  Memories lack value and meaning, he builds off the past in a clinical manner.  He interacts with the world much like an explorer, toying and fiddling with the things he sees before him, poking them simply for the sake of finding more information.  Specific people he avoids, so much so that he's gone to great lengths to make sure his living status remain hidden from the public and others who were previously connected to him.  His choice of employment is a way of combining his skills (a desire to fulfill utilitarian purposes) with a desire to explore the past, all while sating an interest in killing at the same time.
Personality Type: Sanguine.
Sexuality: Unknown.
Abilities: Thanatos possesses an incredible ability to survive.  Injuries or threat of them can be withstood with ease, making him very difficult to kill, let alone harm.  There’s an unnatural edge to his aim that allows him to stick landings, catch projectiles, throw weapons, and generally be a nuisance with greater accuracy and precision than the average person.  Whether or not he can die is up for debate.
Personal History:
It was browsing through a mythological bestiary that Thanatos discovered the term “ghoul.”  Though it was conventionally understood as a spirit or demon that preyed upon children, hoarded gold, drank blood, and ate the dead, what really caught his attention was the idea that such a creature could be, in fact, dead.  Or rather, undead.  

Rebirth had been boring, frankly dull.  Waking up to dry blood and bullets?  Almost like he’d taken a nap in the middle of a children’s game.  For a moment he’d thought that perhaps he’d drunk something amiss and woken as a zombie, but his mind was his, his body his.  He moved still at the implications of his own will.

He scared the mortuary upon waking up, and watching the man almost piss himself sent a shiver of anger through him.  Killing him was an accident, really.  He didn’t remember if he’d intended to or not, but then he found himself taking the man’s shirt and rifling through a laundry basket for a pair of clean pants and by that point he’d forgotten the whole ordeal.  

In a box he found a collection of not quite familiar and yet known objects: a collection of keys (a pair for a car, another set for a house or apartment, probably), a lighter, a switchblade, a wallet.  The name on the driver’s license had felt foreign and unrecognizable to him.  The face next to it was strange.  He could not see it as his own.

It took several months before he began to remember what had happened before.  It came back through recognition, the connection of details to the present that slowly but surely reconnected himself to what came before. His mind wasn’t spotty or blank, simply disinterested.  Years of information sat in his head like a series of textbooks, perusable at a moment’s notice.  He felt it stronger through connections, seeing something around him and understanding how something from the past overlaid it: a red lipstick like one his mother had worn on Sundays to mass, the smell of diesel fuel like the kind his first car had burned, the faces of men passing by like those he had previously dated or made love to.  

He shaved his head, watched long strands of tight, dark curls drop to the trash.  He changed his clothes, lost his keys and didn’t look for them again.  Names sat in his head like monuments, the identities of people he had information on but no understanding of.  Three faces stood in his mind, indomitable and leering.  One he needed to kill.  Supposedly she couldn’t be, but he knew he could get to her eventually.  And if he couldn’t, that just left him a challenge, didn’t it?  That sounded exciting.  The second was a bastard.  He would pay that man back eventually, if only to watch him squirm.  The look on his face would be satisfying.  Eventually.  Maybe.  It was uncomfortable to think of times before.

But the last, the last he would have to think about.  He didn’t know what to make of him.  There was a heady cloud of memories surrounding that one, and it seemed as if every street corner could contain a fragment of meaning that would lead back to him.  His days were filled with a ghost, and nothing was safe from his presence.  It was too easy to remember, a tame walk through a park could drag him back to a late night in a different park, his hands tracing up this man’s sides, his face drawing closer to his, their breath mingling between them.  He'd lean in and look up, see dark eyes and feel stubble scraping against his chin and his lips, their lips –

He hated memories.

Whoever had existed in his body before, they weren’t here now.  That person didn’t matter.  He decided at 2 AM after a long day of remembrance and something near pain that it was going to stop.  

Though he no longer had the key for the Baptist's office, he knew where he needed to go.  That conversation was an infuriating one.  There was supposed to be explanation, reasoning, some kind of speech required from him.  No, he didn't want to go back to where he'd come from.  No, he didn't want anyone to know about him.  Why would he give a fuck about the ones left behind?  They weren't his prerogative anymore.  No, the Baptist wasn't to tell anyone that he was here.  "If you do," he'd said, "if you do I will slit your throat in your own office."

Negotiation was simpler after that.  Less questions.  He was given a job.  

Killing became his favorite form of therapy.

Family: Supposedly he has two grandchildren recently inducted into Harwell’s.  He remembered to visit his mother a decade or so ago, only to find and consequently remember that she had died many years ago.  Curious how that happens.  The picnic he had on her grave was pleasant though.
Likes and Dislikes: Dislikes people who take themselves too seriously.  Enjoys challenges, puzzles, and questions to which he has no answers.
Strengths: Survival as a superpower?  Survival as a superpower?
Weaknesses: Not being nice and not having people who care about you makes it very hard to operate solo.  You become completely reliant on your ability to defend yourself.  
- His Spotify playlist.
- His FC is Laquann Dawson, an African-American photographer from Brooklyn, NY.

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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Empty Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II

Post by Fix-It Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:44 pm

Loretta Williams and Summer Matthews will be returning!! I have secret characters whose forms aren't publicly available yet, but here are my new students:

Lucía Compean:

Name: Lucía Compean

Alias: La Quimera or Chimera

Age: 18

[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II KCE0gCk

Hometown: Santa Fe de la Laguna, Michoacán, México

Personality: Naturally adaptable and a quick thinker, Lucía is pretty good at getting what she wants. She’s blunt, although still friendly, and practical. Despite all that, she’s still spontaneous and definitely a risk-taker. But her risks are always calculated, so what’s the big deal?

Personality Type: ESTP

Sexuality: Lesbian

Abilities: Adoptive Muscle Memory.
The power to replicate movements after observation… The user can copy any/all movements/actions after seeing it performed once, including acrobatics, martial arts, and other physical stunts. However, these are not stored permanently. Each skill she learns lasts a day, tops, and then she must relearn.

Personal History: The first few years of Lucía’s life were spent in México City among a loving family and many friends. Her father, despite their home being in a safe part of town, got involved with a local drug cartel and they were forced to relocate when she was 5 years old. The rest of her childhood and most of her teenage years were spent in Michoacán.

It was here where she discovered and began to exploit her superpowers. Lucía spent her little free time watching old superhero movies. She realized pretty quick that replicating their moves, even their crazy battle choreographies, came naturally. Too naturally. Following the path of the ones she saw on TV, Lucía trained herself into power. She was stopping petty thieves and home for dinner by the age of 16.

Family: Luis Compean (father), Victoria Compean (mother), Óscar Compean (brother), Rafael Compean (brother), Alan Compean (brother), Abril Compean (sister). She also lives with her aunt, Juana, and her grandfather, Felipe.

Likes and Dislikes:
- Likes: Dogs, tamales, carnitas, the color red, superheroes, time spent with family, and school.
- Dislikes: Cats, pop music, reality tv, wearing socks, the color purple, and exercising.

- Formidable in combat because of her powers
- A quick thinker
- Motivated to do good and to stay good
- Good at multitasking


- Unpredictable and spontaneous
- Isn’t actually that smart
- Not great on a team

Other/Trivia: She speaks fluent Spanish and English. She’s a Beta student. Her FC is Suzuko Kashiki from DR3 Zetsubo-hen.

Alex Rhee:

Name: Alex Rhee

Alias: Gecko

Age: 17

[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II A6OhB4T

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Personality: Socially unaware and quiet, Alex really shines when he’s left to his own devices. This often comes off as rude. It’s not that he ignores people, per say, rather that he just can’t tell when to initiate conversation and how to even go about doing that. As a result, he struggles with forming bonds and committing to them, leaving him very attached to the people that he actually succeeds with.

Personality Type: ISFP

Sexuality: Pansexual

Abilities: Escape Artistry (something like the Escape Diary from Mirai Nikki, except it’s internal).
The power to be aware of the escape routes they must take if they’re being tracked or losing a fight. The user will know if there is any escape route and if there is, where to go, where to hide, for how long, etc.This power can only be used once every 12 hours and must be consciously activated.

Personal History: Alex is about as normal as you can get in this world. In fact, his life is so boring that there’d be no reason to assume he has superpowers. He’s never needed them. Born and raised by a middle-class family in the suburbs of Atlanta, he grew up in public school and was regarded by his classmates as ‘the quiet but smart kid.’ Many adults, teachers included, saw him as an exceptionally smart elementary schooler and put him in advanced classes. This continued until high school; where he seemingly lost his academic talents and found his way back into the average class. Lonely and depressed, it was around this time that he was lucky enough to score a date with a popular and pretty girl. His discovered his superpowers shortly after that time and his life started to look up a lot more. A girlfriend and cool escape powers? Sounds pretty good to me.

Oh, and he also received an invitation to Harwell’s. That’s pretty cool.

Family: Mary Rhee (mother), Brad Rhee (father), Sam Rhee (sister), Britannia Falkenwrath (girlfriend).

Likes and Dislikes:
- Likes: Pancakes, photography, free t-shirts, reptiles, curly straws, colorful pens, and being left alone.
- Dislikes: Gore, writing in pencil, spending money, chapstick, bacon, scary movies, rain, and bears.

- Escaping bad situations and evacuation
- Book smart
- Works surprisingly well under pressure

- Extremely non-confrontational
- Poor social skills
- Not very well trained in combat
- Bad at making tough decisions (almost always picks the wrong choice lol)

Other/Trivia: Delta student. He works/worked at Domino’s. His FC is Mochizo Oji from Tamako Market.
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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Empty Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II

Post by Adrian Mon Jun 04, 2018 3:53 am

Vincent Christiansen has been found dead in Miami will be returning, of course: as will Tristen and Bridget and my other lovely NPCs. And yes, Silverwave, Tristen's dad, will be joining faculty. So, we're gonna see how that goes.

The Scryer:
Name: Marcus Rutaihwa

Alias: The Scryer

Age: 17

Appearance: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Tumblr_nz7soe8yrf1swwx3co8_250

Abilities: Marcus can perceive and control a popobawa – a Tanzanian demon typically taking the form of a human, but can also shape shift into an animal. Normally, the popobawa (named Lucanus) would be evil – however, it is bound to Marcus’ family and is therefore subservient to him. Lucanus is only visible to Marcus and cannot interact with the “real world” unless Marcus says it is okay.
Astral Projection: Marcus can have lucid dreams about the real world, usually "waking up" in his bed or point of origin. He can see the world as if he was awake – however, he can’t manipulate anything. Since it is technically a dream, Lucanus does not appear and is unusable. As long as he is asleep, he can go anywhere he would able to go if he was awake. And, whether he likes it or not, this happens every night.
Limited Shamanism: Marcus can see other spirits and demons that don’t typically live in the mortal world. These entities can be good or bad, but otherwise Marcus is unable to control them. On occasion, Marcus can bargain with them in exchange for artifacts or information. He doesn’t see these spirits often, as they mainly reside near spiritual ley-lines of the Earth.

Sexuality: Questioning

Personality: Poor Marcus is… trying to keep it together. Between the invisible spirits pestering him to near insanity, plus his grandparents’ pestering him to continue practicing that crazy magic his family’s blood is ingrained in, there’s a lot on his mind right now. He tries to act “normal” around people, but you can tell there’s some instability with him, especially when it seems like he’s talking to thin air most of the time.

Personal History: The Rutaihwa family has a long and extensive history ranging across the southern African landscape, from Tanzania to Cameroon. Many people in the family, men and women, practiced shamanism – an ancient form of magic commonly associated with indigenous tribes in Africa, the Americas, and Oceania. For centuries, the Rutaihwa family has had control of “Lucanus,” a popobawa – a Tanzanian demon with the ability to shapeshift. The inheritance process is difficult to explain or understand, but essentially its control is passed down to the youngest of the family when he or she turns 16 years of age, where it is soul-bound to the teenager. As a result, Marcus Rutaihwa, of Cape Town, South Africa, is the current mwenyeji, or owner, of Lucanus. To prepare for his inheritance, Marcus had undergone training with his grandfather to learn shaman – the mystical art of communicating with the spiritual world. After six months, however, Marcus and his family were forced to seek refuge in Tucson, Arizona, in order to escape a rival family, somewhat hindering his progress.

Strengths: Thankfully, Marcus is intelligent. Not with book smarts, but his ability to learn and retain information for later can help him a lot in situations where extra skill is needed. He’s also coming along nicely in shamanism, and with the right favors and attitude he can enlist the help of spirits when necessary.

Weaknesses: Unfortunately, Marcus has had little time to prepare for all of this. He was supposed to be an ordinary boy in an ordinary city, preparing for university (maybe even an exchange program somewhere like London or New York?) and the rest of his life. Now he must deal with a whole new world that he wasn’t even aware of. As a result, his stress and anxiety levels have been through the roof, and he may appear to be antisocial at times.

Birthday: November 1, 2000

Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

Personality Type: ISFP

Likes and Dislikes: Marcus enjoys peace and quiet. He likes the calm ocean, the silent air of the night. Any respite from the snarky, underhanded comments from Lucanus is fine by him. He doesn’t really care for spirits, which sucks for him because his abilities focus on them. Anything out of the ordinary makes him uncomfortable. Which is why he hasn’t been comfortable in over a year.


Deadsight | "Marwolaeth":
Name: Fianna Rhydderch

Alias: Deadsight

Age: 16

Appearance: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Tumblr_naz09ftYAH1swwx3co4_250

• The "Deadsight" - Fianna has terribly dangerous eyes that she refers to, ominously, as the Deadsight. Much in the way basilisks kill their prey with just their vision, Fianna can cause serious physical and mental harm with just a gaze. However, she finds this to be more of a disability, a dark secret to hide due to her lack of control, so she rarely uses it unless she has no other choice. She hides her eyes behind a special pair of sunglasses that conceal them perfectly. This, of course, blinds her.
• Thaumaturgy - Fianna has the ability to perform minor miracles. This works best when she and her allies find themselves in a position from which they cannot get out, and sometimes the miracle isn't as apparent as she would normally like. That being said, this power has yet to fail her.
• Arcane energy manipulation: Fianna has the ability to generate orbs, bolts, and arcs of pure arcana – a form of raw, esoteric energy commonly used in magical spells. While not inherently deadly, they can generate a lot of force, briefly debilitating a target.

Sexuality: Grey-asexual

Personality: Despite her restrictive circumstances, Fianna doesn't let anything stop her. She is eager to see the world and explore new territory, even if some of her senses are confined. Fianna is more sensitive to reality, which extends to the people around her, and if something is wrong (be it with something or someone) she usually comes to the conclusion that it must be fixed, one way or another.

But along with her somewhat carefree attitude comes an uneasy distrust of authority figures, especially in the world of superhumans. Her family has had a rough history with the rest of humanity, causing them to become fearful of organizations like the ISO, as well as other groups seeking to control superpowered people.

Personal History: Throughout the Rhydderch family tree, instances of a mysterious and unexplainable enchantment referred to as the Doomblight (Gwallgof in Welsh) has plagued each generation in various ways. The Doomblight manifests in lots of forms but follows a general rule: While it offers a great power, it always takes away something vital to the owner. As a result, at least one person in each generation of Rhydderch’s has a disability of some sort - be it blindness, deafness or muteness, or even paralysis – while displaying exceptional superhuman abilities. It's sort of the "Ultimate Price," if you will.

The Rhydderchs have always been involved in the arcane arts, such as sorcery, alchemy, and summoning. But the clan quickly learned to practice their skills in secrecy - after all, this is Britain we're talking about here. Christianity did not take too kindly to pagan practices in the western lands. Ever since the 16th century, the Rhydderchs took on an unspoken policy of seclusion, which they still maintain to this day.

One of the Rhydderchs' more recent acquirers of the Doomblight was Fianna. The first look she took in this world was a deadly one - the midwife that aided her mother in birth had made the unwitting mistake of making direct eye contact with Fianna. And even as a baby, the Deadsight proved to be extremely powerful. The midwife collapsed to the floor, baby still in arms, and the family was quick to recognize who Fianna was. Ever since she was born, Fianna seldom removed her glasses, save for bathing and sleeping.

Strengths: Despite her family's vow to secrecy, Fianna is quite the people person. She can be very chatty and helpful whenever she gets the chance - perhaps as a result of her, should we say, legal blindness. In addition, her disability has not yet proven to be an obstacle for her training. She's quite good at magic, although thaumaturgy can be fickle and somewhat unreliable.

Weaknesses: Fianna is, of course, blind. Though she can mostly get by just through sound (without even a cane), the chaos of the battlefield might prove to be dangerous, as well as places that are too noisy and cause interference. In addition, she has a heightened fear of authority figures, especially those in religious and governmental circles, as a result of centuries of family distrust. Lastly, she hates her Gwallgof. She would never, and so far has never, use it against anyone, even if she was being physically threatened, because of how terrible it can be.

Birthday: July 20, 2001

Hometown: Morfa Bychan, Wales, United Kingdom

Likes: Music (of all kinds), dogs and cats, comfort clothes, the sea, fall and winter, rain, discovering new things

Dislikes: Cacophony, authoritative powers, and the Deadsight.


I have a third one coming soon but he/they are.... well, you'll see.

[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II A64726_6bab724690da4cbabd281635add02e0a~mv2
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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Empty Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II

Post by WritingBookworm Mon Jun 04, 2018 11:02 pm

All of my previous characters shall be returning.

Lance Lear:
Name: Lance Lear

Alias: Dragonbane

Age: 16


[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II 39518810

-Attack Prediction: Just like Lucille, he has the ability to predict the attacks of others for a limited time. This ability lasts for about five minutes, which translates into roughly three or five posts maximum.
-Enhanced Reflexes: Also like Lucille, he has enhanced reflexes to keep up with the ability to predict attacks.
-Dragon Transformation: When with Lucille, he has the ability to merge into one higher being, which is most easily referred to as a dragon. But since they've been separated from each other for years, neither Lance nor Lucille have been able to transform in years.

Sexuality: Pansexual

Personality: If Lucille is yin, then Lance is yang. He's sunny, kind, and tackles life's challenges with enthusiasm. He's usually the first one to start a conversation, and he always looks for a way to help others. In the past, others have looked to him for leadership, and he took that mantle on with pride.

Or, at least, that's how he was in the past. He was put in charge of Mission Zero, and during that mission, all of his friends died under his command. For now, he's been kept under stasis, but there's no telling how Mission Zero will impact him once he wakes up . . .

Personal History: Lance's story is similar to Lucille's up until a certain point. The two of them were forced to flee their planet when radical Destruction Drakkulus turned against every Creation Drakkulus and any Destruction Drakkulus that didn't agree with them. He did his best to make a home on Earth with her, and together they gradually learned the English language. He looked after Lucille until an unfortunate encounter with more Destruction Drakkulus, when he tumbled from a cliff's edge. As he fell, the last thing he heard were Lucille's presumably final screams.

He wouldn't have survived the fall if not for the lucky arrival of a family of hikers. They rushed Lance to a hospital, where he awoke disheartened and in grief. He mourned his sister's loss for a good two weeks before at last reminding himself that she'd want him to go on and make the best of life.

So make the best of life he did. He was taken in by the family that found him, and he flourished at his local schools. He was invited to Harwell's at age fifteen, and he also thrived there as the first student to pass the Gauntlet as a Beta. His abnormally quick ascent through the ranks ostracized him from the other Beta students, who had to start out in Gamma and/or Delta instead. Lance worked doubly hard to prove that he indeed had a place there, only winning their respect after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. After a year, he made Alpha, and went on a few missions that went relatively smoothly. Eventually, he was put in command of one of those said missions.

But that was Mission Zero.

Strengths: Pretty physically capable, even more confident in his abilities than Lucille. He makes friends easily and makes for a good leader.

Weaknesses: Represses his emotions, just as much of a target as Lucille. Oh, and he may not exactly be himself once he comes back.

Birthday: 6/13

Hometown: Really it's outer space, but he lived with a foster family in San Diego, California

Personality Type: ESFP

Likes: Sports, camping, sunny days, hanging out with friends, memes.

Dislikes: Rain, being alone too much, thinking about the past.

Notable Relationships:

Lucille Lear: He felt a strong protectiveness toward his sister when he was younger, and consistently blamed himself after her 'death.' He tried to forget about everything afterwards, though he still missed her.

-Either a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. Gryffinpuff?

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"I'll tell you where the real road lies: between your ears, behind your eyes. That is the path to paradise, and likewise the road to ruin."

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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Empty Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II

Post by Adrian Tue Jun 05, 2018 7:25 am

(I apologize in advance.)

Oooooh, what's this little box? Try clicking it. I'm sure it won't explode.:

Told you it wouldn't. Would you ever doubt me?

Wait, so what is this?

(It's a form. For the RPG.)

The what?

(The... oh, never mind. Just answer these questions.)

Isn't that your job?

(Normally yes, but I'm a very busy man with important things to do. Also, I thought the gimmick would be funny. (I'm probably dead wrong though.))

Fine. But I'm not gonna write down everything. I'm very insecure about some things.

(I'm sure you are. Here's the form. Try not to be too annoying, eh?)

You're already asking too much of me.

(I know...)

Name: Your mom.

Alias: Octarine. I like it, because it's unique, like me.
(It's also nonexistent...)

Age: 18. Barely legal Wink (Inappropriate.)

Appearance: Ugh, dammit, you ask a lot of questions...
[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II 25380-960541374
Wow, really Adrian? You were too lazy to go find RL face claims?

(I mean, none of them would really match what you look like.)

Unbelievable. Well, FYI, I don't always look like this. Sometimes I'm not even a dude. All depends on how I'm feeling, I guess. You can use masculine pronouns though. I don't really care honestly.

Abilities: Let's see, I can talk to YOU, so that's one. I'm not really fond of staying in one form for too long, so I switch things up. Make things spicy. But my real claim to fame is doing the impossible. Doing an infinite amount of things in one minute? I can do that (though it gets terribly exhausting after the first 30 seconds). Pesky scientific laws getting in the way? I know a guy. (Me. The guy is me.) Need me to get Adrian off of his procrastinative ass and actually post somewhere for once? That might be a little out of my realm... but I'll see what I can do ; )

Sexuality: yes

Personality: Fabulous. I'm a very likeable person. One of the most likeable. People are in awe of how likeable I am. Nobody is likeable like I am, I'll tell you that.
(He's the worst.)

Personal History: Long ago a man and a woman fell in love and had a beautiful baby, and life was grand.

Just kidding, they died.

The man and woman, not the baby. The baby is me if you haven't guessed.

That baby was adopted by this real harpy of a woman in Berlin, but her mean spirit didn't stop him! Soon, he would travel to beautiful Lebanon (the NH city, not the Middle Eastern country), with new friends enemies? people that can tolerate him enough to not kill him too much.

Nobody's sure why I'm able to do all this stuff either - not even me. I don't even remember when my abilities first manifested. Maybe Adrian just hasn't decided on a suitable backstory... or he's keeping something from me.

Strengths: I think I'm a really good team player. I'm smart, kind, funny, well-bred and educated and - oh, this isn't my Tinder profile. Fuck.

Weaknesses: If you must know, I can't really do anything for too long. There was this one instance where I almost broke reality and nearly deleted myself. That was scary, embarrassing, and probably unhealthy. I guess if Adrian the universe doesn't like something breaking the rules, its best course of action is to delete it. Yikes.

(Did I mention he's a pain in the ass?)

Birthday: February 31st. (It's April 12th)

Hometown: Hamburg.

Likes: Indian food, (being a pest), rainbows

Dislikes: These damn questions.

Notable Relationships: I'm best friends with Jesus.

Other/Trivia: I don't even know what to put here

(Okay, I'm done. That should be good enough, unless Writing says you're too messed up.)

Who is that? More importantly, why would she say something like that?

(Well, you already seem like you're quite powerful. Which is why I was on the fence on making you a student in the first place.)

Aw, that's boring. I'm sure there are plenty of kids that would think I'm hip.

(That last word alone ensures that there won't be any.)


(Oh, stop. I still have more writing to do. You need a page on the wiki as well. If you behave, I'll help you write part of it.)

Twisted Evil


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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II Empty Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional II

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