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{APP THREAD} The Divine

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{APP THREAD} The Divine  - Page 4 Empty Re: {APP THREAD} The Divine

Post by Sal on Sat May 19, 2018 10:22 pm

The Queen:
Name: Odette Ro’Maeve
Nickname/Title: The Queen, Royal Highness, the Red Witch
Age: 49
Gender: Female, she/her
Sexuality: Straight

Race: Human - Witch
Traits: Nothing stands out.

Appearance: Odette is a beautiful lady, looking much younger for her age due to the potions she’s consumed to keep her skin young and lively. She is a light haired ginger, eyes matching in a beautiful jasper color. She’s tall, standing 5’8”, and over the years her body has become more frail and on the thin side.

Personality: There were times when she was a happier lady. Odette wasn’t always so quiet and seclusive, away from the rest of the world and those around her. There was a time when Odette was happy, lively, beaming with youth--but those days have long faded as she was wed to William Ro’Maeve. After becoming Queen, she became much quieter and became an icon for the continent of Ru’aun as their first Witch queen.  

In public and to the people, William and Odette Ro’Maeve seemed like a happily wedded royal couple. But, behind the scenes it was very clear she wanted nothing to do with him and he didn’t really care much for her anyways. The two lived separately basically from each other, only ever coming together to produce offspring that would carry on the royal name.

Even though she was the mother of her children, she had a very weird relationship with them. There were times she wasn’t even sure they were her kids. She would interact with them, but it wasn’t like she was a big figure in their lives as she kept to herself and away from the royal family. Odette was never mean to her kids, and still isn’t, but still doesn’t have the best relationship with any of them.

Aside from all of that, Odette is a very wise woman and spends most of her time reading and keeping up her potion studies. She's very isolated and rarely will be seen wandering the halls of the palace. Sometimes she can come off quite cold and pessimistic.
Likes: Animals, books, fall, magpies and hummingbirds, herbs and plants she considers “healing plants”. Odette also enjoys soft music.
Dislikes: William Ro’Maeve, O’Khasis, large cities, large crowds, confining dresses and outfits, her father, and bright sun.

Biography: Odette Ro’Maeve was born as Odette Zhuval, Princess of the Lord of Pikoro. She was a lovely child, sporting a healthy relationship with her mother but struggling to prove worthy to her father. Her father, being a powerful Wizard and having problems with the rest of Ru’aun on their recent negativity towards Wizards and Witches, hoped she would somehow be a beacon of tying the two worlds--magical and not--together.

Of course, Odette wanted nothing to do with it, and lived her own life the way she wanted. She was a very free spirit, spending a lot of time away from home and studying in the vast amount of libraries in Pikoro. Odette was a very good witch, and did very well in the subjects she studied in. Her friends and the children of Pikoro eventually called her the Red Witch; this was a sort of title that was to represent her profound abilities.

But, even with her growing powers and positive outlook by people. . . her father was not happy enough. People were still scared of Witches and Wizards, people still feared, associated them with evil, demons, and Draugr at some point. Her father was sick of it, and, eventually brought it to the King of O’Khasis at the time.

With talk behind doors, it was determined that Odette would eventually marry William Ro’Maeve and become Queen of Ru’aun. Together, the uniting of Humans and Witch would spark a “revolutionary” insight of how good Witches and Wizards could be. And, it would help make their lives easier.

At the same time, Odette was sick of never being enough for her father. She begged him, pleaded her to tell her what she could do to make him proud. And, once all the arrangements for her marriage were set in place--he told her.

“Marry the prince of Ru’aun and I’ll be happy.”

Odette didn’t know what to think. Become queen? That was all? She would leave Pikoro behind and live within the walls of the Royal Palace for the rest of her life? Doing what? Making children and playing the role of a perfect wife?

Odette did not want that. No way. But, if it would make her father finally proud of her--she would do it. Even if it meant giving up her freedom and leaving the man she wanted to live the rest of her life with.

It was spring when she was wed. The young twenty year old becoming the wife of William Ro’Maeve. Once married, she became an icon. She did not love William, and neither did he love her. They didn’t sleep in the same room, each at the same time unless it was for public dinners. They put up a facade during the times Ru’aun would see them. . . but behind the closed doors they weren’t happy. Even when she had her kids, she was not happy.

Weapon of Choice: None, she no longer has a staff and doesn't perform her old magic.
Strengths: x
Weaknesses: x

Other: Her familiar is a Magpie.

{APP THREAD} The Divine  - Page 4 WiqR2Mz
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