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[APP THREAD] Superior RPG - Page 3 Empty Re: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG

Post by Cana Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:44 pm

who dat who dat who dat boy:
Name: Alistair Sarkar
Alias (optional): ---
Age: Approximately 1,000 years old, but appears to be around the age of thirty.
Appearance: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG - Page 3 3cd9ce4259caa36ec31123a7ff907f08
Personality: Alistair is, for the most part, level-headed. As a result of hundreds of years of life, it takes a lot to phase him. Emotion is not typically apparent with him, and he hides his rage through a silent, meticulous penchant for punishment. When he does truly become angry, it is explosive. For the most part, though, Alistair is calm and collected. He no longer holds much regard to morals or what is the right thing to do; the lines between right and long have long blurred into a muddy darkness for him.
Bio: Alistair was borne to a fairly standard English farming family in the beginning of the eleventh century. He was only sixteen years of age when the dominoes of disaster began their fall. It all began one day when a young farm boy was out in the fields with his livestock. Suddenly, one of his sheep was said to have been enveloped in a black fire. The village’s mystics all agreed this to be a warning for the inhabitants to flee, but they did not heed the warning. Life went on as usual for a few weeks, but then a merchant’s daughter fell ill and quickly died thereafter. One by one, the mysterious illness infected the the rest of the population like wildfire. Before Alistair knew it, his entire family was on the brink of death. He felt that he, too, would also fall to this illness if something drastic did not happen. He was correct in this assumption.
The words of the village’s mystics echoed in his mind, and Alistair desired to leave but couldn’t find it within himself to abandon his family. Quickly, though, they died, too. He felt himself succumbing to the mysterious illness as well, for he was the last living inhabitant of his village; however, from this point onward, Alistair’s life was drastically changed. In the moments leading up to what would have been his eventual death, through the fevers and black dreams, he was visited by Death himself. He was given two options - to die, or to live an eternal life in servitude of Death. Alistair chose the latter, and he has since been moving around the world, through the countless wars and revolutions, to conceal his immortal state. Through these travels, he has enslaved thousands of minds and absorbed thousands of souls through servitude to Death.
Currently, he resides in Mt. Superior.
> Magic
> Subordination Manipulation - Essentially, Alistair has the ability to enslave human minds and absorb their souls for his own power. Doing so sustains his immortality and keeps his abilities powerful.
> Immortality
Weapon(s)(?): ---
> Magical Ability
> Strong intellect
> Little regard for morals, i.e. no “red tape”
> Rage is explosive and uncontrollable when it occurs
> Lack of empathy
> Jaded
> Reliant on consuming human souls

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[APP THREAD] Superior RPG - Page 3 Empty Re: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG

Post by WritingBookworm Thu Apr 26, 2018 6:17 am

From Dawn to Dusk:
Name: Dawn Black

Alias: Dusk

Age: 21


[APP THREAD] Superior RPG - Page 3 Image21

Personality: Dawn is a good girl through and through. She's sweet and charitable to the point where she's usually passive in conversations, and she's strongly loyal to anyone she cares about. She's insecure and timid, and she's learning so many new things about herself that the world up ahead seems scary. The thing is, she's dealt with pain before, and is not unfamiliar to evil. That gives her a startingly huge sense of justice, and makes her stronger than she knows.

Bio: Dawn was born to Ivan and Grace Black, one of the wealthiest households in the city. Things were only fine for four years; it was then that her mother was murdered. Ivan was struck with grief, and with her passing, he almost shut down. To keep himself from shutting down, he threw himself headfirst into business endeavors. Because of those business trips, his attention was always occupied.

Or so it seemed.

While Ivan did genuinely have more than a handful of business trips, the reason why he was never home was because he led a double life. While he appeared to be a regular, if very rich man, he actually was also running a mafia in the shadows. He'd hire a variety of men desperate enough for work that they would break the law in order for a bit of money.

As Dawn got older, the more she began to realize the truth behind her parents' past, and just how it would come to affect her. Many would remark about how great Ivan was, and how he'd done so well to make himself so esteemed through his hard work and ingenuousness, but it wasn't just that. Running this mafia was how he really clawed his way to the top. It was even how he met Dawn's mother -- she joined the gang, impressing many with her courage and fighting prowess, and quickly became his second-in-command. They ran several operations and fought many battles together, and over time, fell deeply in love. When they at last married and settled down, they were ready to give up their double lives and focus on raising their young daughter. But come Grace's assassination at the hands of someone they'd wronged, Ivan fell back into it. For one last operation, he said. Just so he could bring justice to Grace's murderer, he said. After that, he was done.

Except that turned out not to be the case. Indeed, his operation was successful, and he got away without a trace. But that operation gave him a rush he missed. It gave him a chance to briefly forget about everything that had happened with Grace, and soon he began falling back into it not for necessity, but because it offered a diversion.

With that, combined with his more normal life as a businessman, one would expect him to essentially leave his daughter with neither a mother nor a father. Not quite. Despite the hectic life, he tried to spend at least one hour a day with Dawn, and showered her with love, affection, and gifts. He trained her in fencing, and he spoiled her with everything she could ever want, whether that be glittering jewelry or silky gowns or pure-bred ponies. Ivan really was a loving father, and that was what made Dawn consider her father pure at heart. She actually wasn't even too bothered about his underground activities as she learned about them, because in spite of everything, her father was a good man. She took a liking to some of the members of his mafia, too -- after all, most of them were simply men who were too out of luck to find a real job.

But as time passed, the more brutal Ivan Black became. Some of the members of the mafia did, too. It didn't extend to her, but sometimes when she went on trips with them (her father told her that she would need to get a taste of real-world experience), she would see the way they would murder others, or the way they could cause someone a world of agony without really losing much sleep over it. Dawn began to question if they were good just because she happened to be doted upon, and slowly came to the conclusion that she had been naive.

At the same time, the public became increasingly suspicious of Ivan. Initially, the ones observant enough to connect certain crimes to Mr. Black were few. But as the mafia's activities became more frequent, the more others questioned him. When Dawn was nineteen, suspicion heated up into evidenced accusations, and it finally came to a peak when armed men came to the manor with an arrest warrant for Ivan, on several accounts of fraud, robbery, arson, and murder.

It was never in Ivan's plan to come quietly. A great struggle ensued, and the majority of the ones under arrest, including Ivan, managed to escape. But Dawn did not join them.

The police called Dawn in for questioning. At first she refused to say anything about her father, if only out of love for him. But during the questioning, there was something inside her that snapped. She'll usually say it was due to the pressure of the situation, but in reality, she finally accepted once and for all that her father was not a good man.

So she told the police. She told them every last detail she knew.

From her information, the government was able to track down her father and his men. She wasn't there to personally witness the event, but she received a report that while her father and the majority of his men -- the people she had once called friends -- were arrested. It was thanks to her.

Her father was put on trial and sentenced to life imprisonment. Dawn never once saw her father during that period. A small part of it was because she genuinely was repulsed by the man he was, but largely, she kept her distance because she was afraid.

Dawn's life was shockingly uninteresting since then. She moved out into a small apartment and kept pursuing an education for a little while. She dropped that said education to focus on an acting career -- acting really did help her ignore several of life's problems. She entered a relationship with a childhood friend, and she started to recognize that she might not just be attracted to men, but to women as well. Her problems were normal. Her life was normal.

Well, until the whole superpowers thing, that is.

Abilities: Dawn has umbrakinesis, the ability to control darkness. This often manifests in rapiers she forms from local shadows -- which she can materialize and dematerialize at will -- and uses that as her primary weapon to fight crime. She can form darkness into a few other objects like that, and can even use it to cloud someone's sight. And, of course, her vision in the dark is far stronger than her vision during the day.

An important thing to note is that Dawn can't actually create darkness to draw upon -- she has to work with she's been given, and her power is either magnified or limited accordingly. The stronger the darkness, the stronger Dawn's power are. That means in a dark-lit room at night, she's an absolute beast. But in broad daylight, with not so much as a shadow to draw upon? She's helpless. That's why Dawn tries to restrain her crime-fighting until after sunset.

Weapon(s): Darkness rapiers, basically.

-Strong moral compass, kindhearted
-Not all that bad with a sword
-Particularly powerful at night

-Timid, to the point where she's super passive in conversations and won't speak up for herself.
-She's also got some self-hatred in there
-Believes the best in people, even when she really, really shouldn't.
-Particularly weak during the day

-Face claim is Stella Nox Fleuret, a scrapped character from Final Fantasy XV.
-A bunch of stuff was recycled from Juliana Regalis, an old Galesgate character.
-Dawn is confirmed bisexual. She's still figuring that out, and she hasn't told anyone about this, not even her boyfriend.

[APP THREAD] Superior RPG - Page 3 Tumblr_psuz0sQPWk1t2vv2no5_500

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[APP THREAD] Superior RPG - Page 3 Empty Re: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG

Post by boyhoy Thu May 10, 2018 1:29 am

Bryce Coupe:
Name: Bryce Coupe

Alias (optional): Viper

Age: 22


[APP THREAD] Superior RPG - Page 3 Superi10 

[APP THREAD] Superior RPG - Page 3 Superi11
Bryce is 5’11” and 140 lbs. He often wears simple and comfortable clothing and hates to be dressed formally. He is most often clad in pants and a T-Shirt, though switches it up on occasion. He is also fond of wearing a jacket or hoodie, depending on the weather.

Personality: Bryce is hard to pin down, his persona shifting to best fit the situation he’s in. He could be described as aloof or reserved, not being one to put himself out there. He sometimes expresses bursts of emotion; rage, joy, and sadness are all fairly common with him depending on what situation he finds himself in. He prides himself on being adaptive to a scenario and responding however he seems fit. However, he clearly exemplifies elements of being guarded and wary, always assuming the worst in people and waiting for them to prove him right. Bryce has a general distrust and anger towards society based on what happened with his parents, a facet of his past that spills over into his daily life. Bryce is guided by revenge and self-preservation, seeking to get back at those who had wronged him and protect himself and Carrie above all else. Bryce will not hesitate to stab anyone in the back if he feels it is necessary or if it will help him accomplish a goal. He has limitations as to how he will act, though that is often morally grey and determined in the moment. Above all else, if he feels it will benefit him and his sister, he’ll do it.

Bryce often seeks to be in control and hates diving into the unknown; he becomes quite frustrated if he is not in control or lacks information regarding a situation. He is driven and dedicated, a sense of determination present in him ever since he was a small child. He has a sense of confidence about himself, being sure of his abilities and the training he has received though always mindful not to be overconfident. Bryce is highly intelligent and logical, reacting based on his thoughts and facts above all else. He is observant and quick thinking, picking up on small details and using them to his advantage.

When Bryce is with Carrie, a more youthful and jovial side comes out of him. He often feeds off her energy, taking playful jabs at her and teasing her whenever he can. He has immense care for his sister, her being the only person in the world that he trusts completely. He has a fierce desire to look after her, though he is conscious of giving her space and letting her do her own thing. Although the two often joke around together, they are able to almost flip a switch and instantly fall into sync with one another when on a job or trying to complete a task. The two work extremely well together and he is very proud of the teamwork between them. Overall, Carrie is the only person he knows will not betray him and he would do anything to keep her safe, especially with all that is against them.

Bio: To say Bryce had an interesting childhood would be an understatement. Bryce attended private school with his sister, living a fairly elegant lifestyle. His mother and father, Elaine and Viktor Coupe, were often not around, except for the occasional night and weekend, though he paid it little mind. They frequently told him that their job required them to be away for long periods of time and he never wanted to be a bother and press for more details. As a result, he simply accepted things as they were. It wasn’t until Bryce was nine that he learned the truth about why his parents were rarely home. Bryce’s parents sat him and his sister down one night and explained to them the true nature of their family.

For generations, the Coupe family had been a large name in the government, specifically the CIA. Bryce’s father, grandfather, and more down the line had all been major players in this specific government agency. It was in the CIA that Elaine and Viktor met for the first time and fell in love, marrying after years of working together. Before the siblings had been born, the couple became an expert team, responsible for the takedown of a number of terrorist networks and cells, infiltrating enemy spy camps, and more unspeakable and highly classified acts. The two were on the top of their game and highly respected by the government and public alike, though the majority of their deeds were unbeknownst to the masses due to their classified nature.

However, as their recognition spread, the Coupes began to be faced with more challenging obstacles. And it was their decision that drastic times called for drastic measures. As a result, they began to go off book so to speak, flying by their own moral compasses and doing what they felt was necessary to get the job done. This involved techniques not supported by the US government, negotiating with other terrorists to bust a major player, black market dealings to secure weapons and information, and more. Once the CIA became aware of their underhanded tactics, it did not go over well to say the least. They were punished severely, losing their jobs when the Director found out.  They had to practically beg to be forgiven, pleading for mercy. Even then they were put on probation, unable to work for a period of months as punishment.

This enraged the Coupes. For years they had put their life on hold, given themselves fully and wholly to this agency, and kept the population of the United States safe from harm countless times. They were hardly recognized for their efforts, though they never complained. They simply did it to protect their country. And their efforts brought results. Regardless of what means were used, the end result justified it. Worse, they had to beg for their jobs? After all the work they had done, society turned its back on them.

They decided to not return to the CIA after their probation ended, appalled with the treatment. Their decision was justified as their departure from the CIA was made public knowledge and they were used as scapegoats for a CIA failure they had no part in. The public turned on them, viewing them as cruel and heartless. So they decided to turn their back on society as well. They used their reputation from the CIA and the contacts they had gained through the work to quickly rise in the underground world. They were then able to focus on their own lives and having a family, to which Bryce and Carrie were born. The Coupes were widely successful with their underground, dark networks and the CIA even contacted them on occasion to take care of an issue they didn’t want on government records. They obliged, though never forgot the betrayal they were given by the agency and society as a whole.

After being told the story of their family, Viktor and Elaine turned to the two young siblings and posed a simple question to them.

“Do you think we were wrong?” they asked, hands clasped together as they peered at their children from across the dining table.

Bryce immediately shook his head no; he was young but even he could tell that his parents were good people and didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. He didn’t know a lot of the stuff about the CIA or terrorists, but he knew his parents did good things and helped a lot of people so they should be treated fairly and his sister agreed.

Once they had the siblings’ answers, Viktor and Elaine shared a look before turning to the pair once more. It was then that they asked their children if they would want to help them in their family business. If they wanted to help get rid of bad people in the world and protect the good ones. The siblings agreed once more. Viktor and Elaine made the children promise never to speak of this to anyone, secrecy being necessary considering the delicate nature of their line of work. The children promised they would remain silent.

It was then that training for Bryce and Carrie began. Their parents, with their keen eyes and adept observations, immediately picked out the strengths and weaknesses of their children. Both of their children were highly intelligent, though Bryce had a knack for the sciences such as biology and chemistry and a prodigy with combat. Alternatively, Carrie had a more electronic and technological mindset and a skill with deception. Viktor and Elaine capitalized on these gifts and specialized training accordingly for each sibling.

Training for the siblings went on for years. It was a rigorous endeavor, though the two were never discouraged due to the end goal that they both shared and the support each other and their parents provided. They even enjoyed it from time to time, considering they were participating in fields that they actually enjoyed. The schedule was intense with both still attending school, though their parents constantly encouraged them to keep going and do their best at all times. All the while, Bryce’s skills in combat improved immensely and he became adept at using weapons, with incredible skill in bladed weapons. He used his knowledge of biology and chemistry to apply poisons to these weapons and even create compounds on his own. Despite this, his parents had high expectations and continued to push him to improve even when he thought he was skilled. They always taught him that someone out there is better so he constantly had to keep going to be even better than he was the day before.

After grueling years of training, Bryce finally reached the age of 14 and entered a private high school. It was in his freshman year that his parents first asked him to participate in a job they had lined up. This specific job was simple in nature; Bryce would go with his parents to take care of an individual who did not pay his debt to their client. Bryce was chosen to come along due to the simplicity of the job and the fact that his skills in combat could be utilized to the utmost degree in this particular instance. So late one night, they set out for their destination, a large manor on the outskirts of town.

Once they arrived, Bryce’s mother quickly disabled the security measures and broke through the technological defenses in place. Hacking into the network on her portable device, she guided Bryce and his father through the mansion. Stealthily, they weaved through the estate, subtly taking out a few bodyguards and security personnel when they ran up against them. It took less than 10 minutes until they snuck into their target’s room, finding him sleeping soundly in his bed. Bryce’s father gestured toward the man, obviously indicating Bryce should be the one to take his life. He hesitantly approached, feeling suddenly apprehensive about having to take the life of a defenseless man. He tried to justify it in his mind that this man was a horrible person and did wrong to many, but it didn’t help Bryce cope with what he was about to do. He shakily raised a knife above his head and faltered, weighing the gravity of what he was about to do.

It was in that moment of hesitation that the man woke up. Bryce, startled, stepped back in shock. This was all the man needed to reach over to his end table for a security alarm. Bryce threw his knife and it pierced through the man’s heart, but it was too late. A blaring racket shot throughout the manor, a robotic voice screaming of intruders. Bryce looked to his parents, trying to apologize, but there was no time and they did not seem keen on listening. Together, the trio raced through the estate once more, desperately trying to avoid detection. As they rounded a corner, two guards emerged from a room off to the side in between Bryce and his parents. Bryce, having used up all of his weapons already, threw out a hand in desperation, knowing his parents would die if he did not intervene. From his palm escaped a pale green smoke that shot forward and wrapped itself around the two guards. He watched in horror as the gasped for air, their skin turning the same shade of pale green and foam beginning to escape from their mouths. He ran forward, pushing the image from his mind and catching up with his parents. Somehow, they escaped alive and undetected. Bryce received a hefty lecture and demands for more training, but other than that, no repercussions were given for his screw up. Bryce kept what happened with the green mist from his parents, though briefly discussed it with Carrie the next day. She more or less dismissed it, but respected his decision not to tell their parents.

Something triggered within Bryce that night, though he would not know what exactly it was until years later. All the while, he worked with his family, honing his skills and completing jobs with much more success than his first. This went on for approximately five years, Carrie being included a year or so after Bryce’s first mission. However, when Bryce was 18, he understood what changed within him that night. The whole Coupe family was on a job together, a high risk job at that. They were attempting to take down a leader within a terrorist cell, under request from the CIA. Or so they thought.

Upon entering the location, they immediately realized they were led into a trap. Opposed to terrorists, they were met by CIA officials themselves. A battle ensued in which the Coupes desperately tried to fight for their lives. Unfortunately, Elaine and Viktor perished in battle. Bryce, seeing this, had an immediate and intense reaction. As if something within him shifted in an instant, he had access to a whole new arsenal of abilities. Somehow, witnessing his parents death unlocked his super powered abilities within him and that odd scenario years ago suddenly made sense. Reminiscent of his poisoned weapons, he unleashed forth a poison spray that allowed him and Carrie to escape with their lives. They immediately went into hiding, packing an appropriate amount of belongings and going on the run. Over the next three years they lived on the edge and off the grid. Bryce used this time to experiment with his powers and discover just how much he was able to do with them.

That fateful night had changed his very being, down to the molecular level. In hindsight, it’s more likely that it simply triggered the expression of his power, but Bryce believed his sudden acquiring of these abilities meant he and Carrie were destined to avenge the death of their parents. He adopted their cynical views and hatred of society, blaming the CIA, and by extension, the majority of society, as much as his parents did for what transpired. The ways they do that are often varied, and more often than not morally unjust, but he doesn’t care. They are only driven by their desire to get revenge on those who have wronged them, and they will let nothing stand in their way until their goal is achieved.

Main Abilities
⏩Poison Manipulation: Bryce has the ability to generate, shape, and manipulate poison and poisonous substances from his own body. Bryce can utilize this ability in a variety of forms depending on the situation and can be infused in his other abilities. He is also able to produce poisons of varying levels of toxicity with ranging effects.

⏩Haemokinetic Constructs: Bryce has the ability to turn blood into tools, objects, weapons, and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures of varying permanence. Bryce can utilize his own blood to create these items, making them stronger in nature. However, utilizing too much could hinder him in varying ways depending on how much is used. Bryce can make use of blood from an external source (i.e. a blood splatter on the ground), though this will result in a weakened construct. If Bryce is to fall unconscious or lose concentration, anything he had created will simply fall apart.

⏩Soul Forging: Due to his extensive training with weaponry, Bryce had awakened within him the power of Soul Forging. With this ability, Bryce can essentially extract a portion of his soul and forge it into any object of his choice, most often times a weapon. This allows the object or weapon to be strengthened more than normal and can be dependent on Bryce’s emotions at the time. Due to the complicated nature of this ability, Bryce has had little success with this particular ability. It has the potential to be his most powerful, though he has the least experience using this and rarely relies on it unless absolutely necessary. It requires the most concentration and energy to maintain, meaning he would only be able to use this ability and no other at the time. If the object is broken or he dismisses it, the soul forged into it simply returns to his being.

⏩Internal Cell Repair: Bryce is able to reform and repair the cells inside his body. This is a passive ability that affects his internal molecular structure. This allows him to maintain the toxicity necessary for his poison ability while preventing him from being harmed by the toxic effects and repair blood cells at a slightly more rapid rate than normal. This is strictly for Bryce and cannot be used to repair cells of another being.

➤Sub Abilities
⏩DNA Link: Shared with Carrie, Bryce has a link that can allow him to sense his sister’s general location as well as communicate telepathically with her. Their communication can only be successful if they are within a certain range of each other. He is also able to detect if she has been harmed or if she feels as if she is in danger.
⏩Poison Immunity: Due to his ability with toxic substances, Bryce is immune to the harmful effects of poisons.

Weapons: Bryce relies on his abilities in combat though is versatile in an expanse of weaponry due to his training and, by extension, some of his abilities.

Strengths: Having been groomed from a young age, Bryce has become incredibly adept at fighting. He has quite the affinity for combat and is extremely versatile in his fighting methods. His stamina and endurance are high, allowing him to fight for extended periods of time. Although it has been a relatively short time since his abilities have been activated, he is a natural with using them and skilled at doing so. He is very intelligent and has strengths in the fields of biology and chemistry, further enhancing his creativeness with his abilities. Bryce is a quick thinker in the moment and has a keen eye for reading a situation, making him adaptable if necessary.

He is extremely loyal to those who he deems worthy of said loyalty, though getting to that point is a struggle for him. Bryce is excellent at executing a plan given to him and has a never ending dedication to whatever task he is faced with. His perseverance is high and he refuses to give up when he sets his mind to a task.

Weaknesses: Bryce has a constant sense of self-doubt surrounding him, especially since Carrie and he have been on their own. The weight of another life in his hands has plagued him with the fear that he is making a poor decision which can lead him to be indecisive, often weighing pros and cons of an issue too intensely. Bryce has the main priority of self-preservation of himself and his sister, making anyone else expendable in his eyes if they have not proven their loyalty to him. This makes him slightly untrustworthy and very untrusting of others. Due to his parents’ story and his own past, he has a general dislike and sense of mistrust in his view of society. Bryce has an unusual hatred for technology, avoiding anything other than a cell phone as much as possible and rarely trying to utilize it in any form. Bryce is also terrible with directions, especially those damned cardinal directions.

From an ability standpoint, many of Bryce’s powers rely on his body which means his expending of energy or materials from his body could be a major weakness if he allows it to get out of control. Given his tenacity and stubbornness, he often has difficulty knowing when he is going too far.

>His face claim is Heiwajima Shizuo from Durarara!! This is also the same anime Bryce’s Evergreen face claim was from.
>Bryce prefers dogs over cats.
>Bryce is afraid of swimming in the ocean, not because of the animals but because he cannot see where it ends and that terrifies him.

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Post by Cana Thu May 10, 2018 1:38 am

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(There are sections of the form that aren't 100% completed, but I wanted to go ahead and post it. I'll finish it after the weekend, when I come back from camping.)


• • • • •

Carrie Coupe | 21 | Female

Carrie is a petite girl who stands at only 5'2" and weighs 115 lbs. As someone who’s not a fan of bright colors or traditionally “girly” clothes, she can usually be seen wearing black clothes with her cap or her hood over of her head. She has icy blue eyes and light blonde hair that goes down to her middle black. She’s rarely seen with her hair down since she always ties it up with a ribbon to keep it out of the way.

Over the years, Carrie has mastered the art of acting and has only shown various sides of her personality to certain people. Because of this, many people have various differentiating opinions about her. Some knew her as the sweet private school girl who was the teachers pet and was always at the top of the class, while many in the underground only know about her in fearful whispers as a ruthless killer who'd shoot you dead in the back without a seconds notice. Yet, now many simply know her as the sarcastic and playful forger who mainly deals in ID's and fake documents. Years ago, there were two people who knew her as a daughter. Currently, she is only known a sister to one. However, after spending her whole life pretending to be various different people, even Carrie isn't sure anymore how much of her personality is an act and how much of it is genuine. She isn't even sure if she gives a damn or not.

One thing that she knows for sure, however, is that she's damn smart and is a very tactical individual. Planning almost everything she does. Thanks to being forced to become a self made woman of the world at a rather young age, she's also learned that you have to stand your ground to get by, if you give the bastards an inch and they'll take a mile. She has a lot of resentment and mistrust towards society because of her teachings and everything she's been though, causing her to not sugarcoat her words and not care how they affect those around her. She is an exceptionally driven woman who will do anything to protect her brother and accomplish her goal of finding the people who killed her parents in front of their very eyes. Despite this, she has a lot of patience and has no problem with playing the long game to get the job done.

There are two very different tales about Carrie’s life. The one the public was made to believe and the one she will tell, that is if there’s some twist of fate in which you ever get close enough to find out. However, some would argue that both have their own merit of truth to them . . .

Carrie grew up in a rather nice home and even attended private schools, living an elegant life. Her parents, Elaine and Viktor, however, were often not around because of work, leaving them in the care of their nanny for most of the time. She didn’t mind. Their nanny was nice and she her older brother, Bryce, was always with her, so she never found that she was lonely. It wasn’t until her parents decided that they were old enough that they finally found out the truth behind their parents numerous and constant trips.

When she was 8, she was sat down in their living room with her brother as her parents told the siblings their tale. The Coupe family were an important name in the government for generations, specifically the CIA. His father, grandfather, and even further back than that had all risen in ranks and works hard for their government. It was a tied with family tradition and honor, if you will. It was there that their parents fell in love after years of working together. Before they decided to have children of their own, the couple became an expert team, responsible for the takedown of a number of terrorist networks and cells, infiltrating enemy spy camps, and more unspeakable and highly classified acts. Being on the top of their game, they became highly respected by the government and public alike, even if the majority of their deeds were unbeknownst to the masses due to their classified nature. As how it usually went when it came to government work.

However, it seemed as if the more their missions succeeded, the more challenges the couple was forced to face, which eventually made them turn to their decision that they needed to create their own rules to get the job done. This involved techniques not supported by the US government, negotiating with other terrorists to bust a major player, black market dealings to secure weapons and information, and more. They managed to keep up their work in secret for a while, but when the CIA learned of it, it did not go over well for them. They were punished severely, losing their jobs when the Director found out and were almost thrown in prison. They had to practically beg to be forgiven, pleading for mercy. Even then they were put on probation, unable to work for a period of months as punishment.

This was inconceivable to the couple. After sacrificing years of their life for their duty, giving everything they had for the agency, and even keeping countless people out of harms way, this was how they were repaid? They never once asked for recognition, they simply wished to do their jobs. The jobs they were damn good at, if any of the higher ups even bothered to look at the results they pulled in over the years. And to rub salt even further into the wound, the fact that they had to beg for their jobs was the final straw. If society was going to turn their back on them after everything they had done for it, they decided to do the same to it.

They never returned to the CIA after their probation ended. As it turns out, their decision was justified as their departure from the CIA was made public knowledge and they were used as scapegoats for a CIA failure they had no part in. It was almost heartbreaking for them to see how quickly the public turned on them, viewing them as cruel and heartless creatures. In the end, this only helped them keep the decision they had made.

They used their reputation from the CIA and the contacts they had gained through the work to quickly rise in the underground world. After they were able to steady client base and things calmed down a bit, they were finally able to focus on their own lives and children, something they had to hold off on during their years spent with the CIA. The Coupes were widely successful with their underground, dark networks and, to their surprise, their former agency even contacted them on occasion to take care of an issue they didn’t want on government records. They obliged, though never forgot the betrayal they were given by them and society as a whole.

After being told the story of their family, Viktor and Elaine turned to the two young siblings and posed a simple question to them. “Do you think we were wrong?” they asked, hands clasped together as they peered at their children from across the dining table.

Carrie was quick to say no. Even at her young age, she knew that her parents were some of the greatest and nicest people there were. There was no way they deserved what happened to them. To which Bryce agreed.

Once they had the siblings’ answers, Viktor and Elaine shared a look before turning to the pair once more. It was then that they asked their children if they would want to help them in their family business. If they wanted to help get rid of bad people in the world and protect the good ones. The siblings agreed once more. Viktor and Elaine made the children promise never to speak of this to anyone, secrecy being necessary considering the delicate nature of their line of work. The children understood and promised they would remain silent. Shortly afterwards, training began for Carrie and Bryce. It didn’t take long for their parents to immediately figure out the strengths and weaknesses, with years and years of experience behind their belts. Even though they already knew their children were highly intelligent, they found that Carrie had a technological mindset and quite the skill for deception, while Bryce was a prodigy with combat and had a knack for the sciences. Viktor and Elaine capitalized on these gifts and specialized training accordingly for each sibling.

Training went on for a number of years for Carrie, not that she minded. Even though it was a draining endeavor at times, seeing as she had to keep up with her training on top of her school activities, she always had the support of her parents and her brother to keep her spirits up through everything. And soon enough, the years passed by and her brother entered high school, which meant he would begin going on missions along side their parents while she would stay at home. She wanted to go too, but her parents told her in one more year she would be allowed to go along too, but she still found it unfair. Unfair and lonely. Even though her family wasn't gone for too long each time as Bryce was still learning to be on actual missions, she still didn't like being let alone in their house with just their nanny.

But soon enough, the year passed and her chance did come.

(more bio to come later...)


  • Force Fields: She is able to generate barriers, or force fields, for defending with or striking someone with at will. Her barriers can withstand a great amount of force before they finally break, however, if she becomes unconscious or her mind becomes unfocused, they'll dissipate weather she wants them to or not. They usually appear invisible, but she can make them appear glass like if she wants to.

  • Telekinesis: She has the the ability to move objects with only her mind, allowing her to appear as if she's flying (even if it's only for short distances), fling objects at people, and even stop projectiles from hitting her. Although she usually just uses her barrier ability when it comes to bullets. She has quite the knack for this ability, being able to lift and move around various objects at once with ease, but finds it very exhausting to lift heavy objects like for more than a few moments.

  • Electrokinesis: Carrie’s electrokinesis ability allows her to produce and channel the electrical energy around her to use offensively. She can charge devices, drain devices, and project her electricity in a variety of controlled ways such as shooting bolts of lighting at people. She is also immune to any electronic attack she may encounter as her body will simply absorb it and she can direct it right back at them, giving them a taste of their own medicine with her own stacked on top.

  • Technology Manipulation: This is the power that Carrie has found to be the simplest to use. Perhaps due to her preexisting knowledge of machinery before discovering it. She can create, control, and manipulate electronics with her mind. Carrie’s power over her ability is able to work with or without contact with them, but she has found that if something's too far away her powers can’t reach it. For example, she can use this to take control of a car before she even gets into it, force an ATM to give out large amounts money, make cameras play on a loop, and even change the lights at an intersection.


  •  DNA Link:
    She is able to constantly know where Bryce is, no matter where he is, as well as if he’s hurt or not. She is also able to communicate with him telepathically if he is within range, however it’s not full on mind reading since they can’t delve into the others mind. They can only send out signals to the other if they are within a certain range of each other.

Carrie generally relies on her abilities for fighting, but she does keep a small bag of bullets on her and a knife, just in case.

Carrie’s strengths are those of the mind rather than brawn. Since she had been groomed since she was a kid to use her mind effectively, she has become a very intelligent young lady and has developed a very resilient mind. She knows the art of forgery and knows her way around tech. She is able to make fake id's, passports, documents, and is able to easily spot a fake. Even before her powers awakened 3 years ago, creating listening devices, tiny cameras, phone jammers, etc., was child's play to her. Her powers have only enhanced these abilities. Her stamina is higher than the average persons, but is still no where near the level of her brothers. This allows her to keep up after him on missions.

She also is a very skilled liar. She's mastered the act of coming off as a sweet young girl to trick others into letting their guard down when they're around her. She can, and will, use her femininity and bright blue eyes to her advantage whenever she gets the chance.

While Carrie has a good bit of stamina built up, she has never been one for physical combat, always preferring to take on a support role or back seat to the fighting. And as such, has never had much muscle on her. Ever since her powers manifested, she's come to rely too heavily on them, resulting in her ability to fight without them next to none.

Carrie is an extremely distrusting person of everyone around her other than her brother and is prone to bouts paranoia. She tends to see the worst in people and wonder what ulterior motive they might be planning or secrets they could be hiding. The attitude she has at times with people doesn't help with it either. While she's never told anyone, not even her brother, she has a lot of self hatred and fear surrounding her. One of the powers she has is creating barriers for protection, but because she chose to ignore her powers when they first manifested all those years ago and never properly harness them, she wasn't able to protect her parents. She fears not being able to protect her brother as well, but is even more scared that a part of him secretly resents her for not being able to do anything back then.

She's bi. She's only ever been in one serious relationship before, which ended after several months back in her highschool days. She's not looking for anything anymore, instead being more interested in simply having some fun every now and again.

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Thank you so much Athena! You're amazing!!
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There's probably crap I need to add but I'm gonna post anyways because otherwise I'll "forget."

Roll for Initiative:
Name: Ashlyn Prestons

Alias (optional): D20

Age: 22

Appearance: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG - Page 3 Tumblr_n0oppsc6u81swwx3co8_250

- Traits: "There’s nothing I like more than a good mystery."
           "I am horribly, horribly awkward in social situations."
- Ideals: "Beauty. What is beautiful points us beyond itself toward what is true."
- Bonds: "I sold my soul for knowledge. I hope to do great deeds and win it back."
- Flaws: "I speak without really thinking through my words, invariably insulting others."
Overall, Ashlyn is your typical dork. She finds herself obsessed with niche topics, including fantasy, board games, etc. Her digital escapes cause her to be somewhat introverted in real life, which has stunted her social skills to a degree. Though as awkward as she is, she is a very kind-hearted individual, and wants to help as much as possible. Even though it's kind of difficult thanks to her situation.

Ashlyn Prestons was just a normal teenager - well, as normal as a DnD fanatic could be. But when the Uplifting happened, it wasn't just her that was imbued with fantastic powers. Her favorite dice were affected as well.

Quickly, Ashlyn found out something terrible - her entire fate was bound to her now-magical dice. Anything she tried to do, she had to roll for. Trying to look out the window? Gotta roll Perception. Gotta skirt around that big-ass puddle on the sidewalk? Roll for Acrobatics. At first, she didn't even want to go out anymore. But, she realized that if her life was bound to the rules of the Fifth Edition, she might be able to, say, level up. And she did.

After a couple of weeks, Ashlyn came across another superpowered individual - a young man by the name of Cyrus. After succeeding in some Persuasion checks, Ashlyn found out that this man was in search of someone: his father. She vowed to help him to the best of her abilities, though she doubts whether her abilities will help or hinder Cyrus's quest.


  • THE DICE: Ashlyn owns a set of magical dice that essentially dictates how well she performs an action. These dice have to be rolled by Ashlyn before she takes an action, and roll upon an invisible platform in front of her.
  • Ashlyn is, according to herself, a "Level 5 Warlock." This means she has a set of Cantrips (which she can use freely) and Spells (which require enough energy - something she refers to as "magic slots," of which she has 2).


  • Eldritch Blast: "A beam of crackling energy streaks toward a creature within range." Various strength. Has a range of 120 feet.
  • Mage Hand: A spectral, floating hand appears at a point chosen within range. The hand lasts for the duration or until it is dismissed. The hand vanishes if it is ever more than 30 feet away or if Ashlyn casts this spell again. It cannot be used to attack, activate magical objects, or lift more than 10 pounds.
  • Prestidigitation: A magical trick mainly for aesthetic purposes. It can: create sensory effects; light/snuff out candles, torches, or small fires; clean, soil, chill, warm, flavor, color, or mark any non-living object; or create a small trinket/illusory object that fits in her hand, which lasts until the next time she chooses an action.


  • Burning Hands: A thin sheet of flames bursts forth from Ashlyn's fingertips in a 15-foot cone. Somewhat powerful. Can set things on fire.
  • Comprehend Languages: For the duration (one hour), Ashlyn can understand the literal meaning of any spoken language that she hears. She can also understand any written language that she sees, but she must be touching the surface on which the words are written. It takes about 1 minute to read one page of text. This spell doesn't decode secret messages in a text or a glyph, such as an arcane sigil, that isn't part of a written language.
  • Disguise Self: Ashlyn can make herself--including clothing, armor, weapons, and other belongings--look different until the spell ends or until she dismisses it. She can seem 1 foot shorter or taller and can appear thin, fat, or in between. She can't change her body type, so she must adopt a form that has the same basic arrangement of limbs. Otherwise, the extent of the illusion is up to her. The changes wrought by this spell fail to hold up to physical inspection. For example, if she uses this spell to add a hat to her outfit, objects pass through the hat, and anyone who touches it would feel nothing or would feel her head and hair. If she uses this spell to appear thinner than she is, the hand of someone who reaches out to touch her would bump into her while it was seemingly still in midair.
  • Speak With Animals: Ashlyn gains the ability to comprehend and verbally communicate with beasts for the duration. The knowledge and awareness of many beasts is limited by their intelligence, but at minimum, beasts can give her information about nearby locations and enemies, including whatever they can perceive or have perceived within the past day.
  • Invisibility: A creature she touches becomes invisible until the spell ends (after one hour). Anything the target is wearing or carrying is invisible as long as it is on the target's person. The spell ends for a target that attacks or casts a spell.
  • Mirror Image: Three illusory duplicates of Ashlyn appear around her. Until the spell ends (after one minute), the duplicates move with her and mimic her actions, shifting position so it's impossible to track which image is real. She can use her action to dismiss the illusory duplicates.
    Each time an enemy targets her with an attack during the spell's duration, Ashlyn must roll a d20 to determine whether the attack instead targets one of her duplicates.
    If she has three duplicates, she must roll a 6 or higher to change the attack's target to a duplicate. With two duplicates, she must roll an 8 or higher. With one duplicate, she must roll an 11 or higher.
    If an attack hits a duplicate, the duplicate is destroyed. A duplicate can be destroyed only by an attack that hits it. It ignores all other damage and effects. The spell ends when all three duplicates are destroyed.
    An enemy is unaffected by this spell if it can't see, if it relies on senses other than sight, or if it can perceive illusions as false.
  • Major Image: Ashlyn creates the image of an object, a creature, or some other visible phenomenon that is no larger than a 20-foot cube. The image appears at a spot that she can see within range (120 feet) and lasts for the duration (10 minutes). It seems completely real, including sounds, smells, and temperature appropriate to the thing depicted. She can't create sufficient heat or cold to cause damage, a sound loud enough to deal thunder damage or deafen a creature, or a smell that might sicken a creature (like a troglodyte's stench).
    As long as she is within range of the illusion, she can use her action to cause the image to move to any other spot within range. As the image changes location, Ashlyn can alter its appearance so that its movements appear natural for the image. For example, if she creates an image of a creature and moves it, she can alter the image so that it appears to be walking. Similarly, Ashlyn can cause the illusion to make different sounds at different times, even making it carry on a conversation, for example.
    Physical interaction with the image reveals it to be an illusion, because things can pass through it. Another character that examines the image can determine that it is an illusion if it is intelligent enough. If a character discerns the illusion for what it is, the character can see through the image, and its other sensory qualities become faint to the character.
  • Tongues: This spell grants the creature Ashlyn touches the ability to understand any spoken language it hears. Moreover, when the target speaks, any creature that knows at least one language and can hear the target understands what it says.

*Eldritch Invocations: Ashlyn has two traits: Beast Speech and Mask of Many Faces. These allow her to cast Speak With Animals and Disguise Self without expending any magic slots. She also has Devil's Sight, which lets her see in darkness up to 120 feet.

Weapon(s)(?): Ashlyn typically relies on her spells, or fists, to fight.
Ashlyn can use her action to create a pact weapon in her empty hand. She can choose the form that this melee weapon takes each time she creates it. She is proficient with it while she wields it. This weapon counts as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage.

Ashlyns's pact weapon disappears if it is more than 5 feet away from her for 1 minute or more. It also disappears if she uses this feature again, if she dismisses the weapon (no action required), or if she dies.

Ashlyn can transform one magic weapon into her pact weapon by performing a special ritual while she holds the weapon. She performs the ritual over the course of 1 hour, which can be done during a short rest. She can then dismiss the weapon, shunting it into an extradimensional space, and it appears whenever she creates her pact weapon thereafter. She can’t affect an artifact or a sentient weapon in this way. The weapon ceases being her pact weapon if you die, if she performs the 1-hour ritual on a different weapon, or if she uses a 1-hour ritual to break her bond to it. The weapon appears at her feet if it is in the extradimensional space when the bond breaks.

Strengths: Ashlyn has become very familiar with her "abilities" by now. She knows when to make a choice, and when to stand by, thanks to her skills with DnD. In addition, her "proficiencies" are similar to her character's - she is adept with Arcana, Charisma, Deception, History, Investigation, and Wisdom. Also, she invariably understands Celestial, Draconic, and Sylvan, which would be useful if anyone else spoke it.

Weaknesses: Ashlyn constantly doubts whether her abilities can really be called powers. She understands all of the fantastic things she can do, but the fact that her actions are bound by a bunch of little "plastic boyes" puts a damper on her confidence. She's also not as strong as she wants to be, meaning she finds herself relying more and more on the abilities that she distrusts.

Other: This is literally a full fledged DnD character I made, so I will actually be using dice rolls and RPing them. This is far too ambitious for my motivation levels, but I'm going to force myself to enjoy it.

After nine thousand years I finally post him:
Name: Cyrus Fleming

Alias (optional): Shockwave

Age: 20

Appearance: [APP THREAD] Superior RPG - Page 3 Tumblr_nzs7eqo6q81swwx3co2_250

Personality: Cyrus is a reluctant hero. He places his priorities over everyone else, or tries to. His judgment gets the better of him and he is willing to help others, but there's a part of him that wants to rush through side missions so he can get to the "important tasks" at hand. He doesn't try to be an asshole, but the impatient side of him sometimes gets the better of him.

Bio: Cyrus Fleming is the adoptive son of Tyrien Fleming, a self-professed mad scientist who dropped out of Yale after 3 years. Interested in brain functions and how the mind processes information, Tyrien actually adopted a baby to experiment on brain cells, in an effort to create a "neural teleporter" - what he refers to a biological means of teleporting oneself. This project fell apart when he realized the value of human life, and Tyrien decided to raise Cyrus by himself. All was well until a month ago, when Tyrien vanished, leaving Cyrus to be mutated by the energy wave - or, at least the 20-year-old believed so.

As he began searching for his father, Cyrus began to realize that there were things that Tyrien wasn't telling him - things about his own past. And with a mysterious force on his and Ashlyn's heels, Cyrus is quickly learning that the fate of Mt. Superior is shifting, and if he doesn't move with it, he could find himself on the bad side of things.


  • Regeneration: Cyrus's cells have been augmented to allow for reactive mitosis in case of damage. While this regeneration is fast-acting, the newly made cells won't be of equal strength to non-damaged cells until a few hours, allowing for the possibility of wounds to reopen.
  • Camouflage: In addition to Regeneration, Cyrus has the ability to alter the chemical make-up of melanin in his cells, so that he can blend into his surroundings to varying degrees of success. He has to take care not to do this too much or for too long, otherwise the melanin in his cells will begin to break down.
  • Adrenal Activation: Cyrus can also briefly access his adrenal glands, giving him manual along with automatic control over adrenaline production, which gives him enhanced physical ability along with resistance to pain.
  • Electrokinesis: Perhaps as a result of Tyrien's failed project, Cyrus has the ability to harness electrical fields from the air around him, and, if he's desperate enough, from his own biological nervous system. He's not totally immune to electricity, but he definitely has stronger resistance to it.

Weapon(s)(?): Cyrus found a small pistol with one magazine loaded into it, which he keeps by his side. He hasn't fired it, yet.

Strengths: Cyrus's perseverance is very difficult to penetrate, and he will stop at nothing until he reaches his goals. He's desperate enough to find his father to mix in with people he would normally want to stay away from, and will risk his life if it means getting to the truth.

Weaknesses: Because of his desperation, his risk assessment is... well, shitty. He tends to be hasty with his decisions, and chooses not to think until later. It's not to say he's unintelligent - rather, intelligence isn't his number one priority.

Other: His FC is Colin Ford

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