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Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD] Empty Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Ace Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:04 pm

~Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!~

Before we start, I would just like to say thank you to Salphirix and Ronan! Also a special thank you to Tara for helping with the wiki, and also you! This RPG wouldn't be possible without each and every one of you joining and I'm so grateful for that! Thank you so much for being a part of this and I sincerely hope you enjoy this RPG to its fullest extent!


Current Date:

Just a place to keep track of the ages and birthdays for each character.
Alex Varninas, 187, January 8th
Roland Masterson, 18, January 25th

Kyle Arrington, 16, February 7th
Damien Calore, 19, February 29th

Clayton Thornton, 36, March 4th
Xavier Del Mar, 19, March 19th
Nikolas Umber, 16, March 30th

Roslyn Noel, 20, April 17th
Luc Åström, 20, April 21st

Alyssa Serrano, 19, May 2nd
Temple Reynolds, 14, May 2nd
Rachel Audington, 18, May 23rd

Kathleen Lester, 13, June 19th
Clarissa Montreal, 17, June 30th

Matt Hall, 19, July 12th
Tessa Royale, 17, July 14th
Hanna Sigurðsdottir, 52, July 17th
Jayce Raiden, 21, July 31st

Electra Reynolds, 15, August 1st
Zhang Zetao, 18, August 13th
Jacob Thane, 20, August 19th

Melaina Knight, 15, September 2nd
Alina Knight, 15, September 2nd
Dante Deparise, 20, September 11th
Diane Luna, 347, September 22nd

Sabine De Vries, 22, October 2nd
Maverick Rothschild, 19, October 17th
Giselle Firmin, 18, October 24th

Avner Baldrick, 18, November 2nd
Clyde Montesano, 18, November 2nd
Lilith Beaulieu, 19, November 15th
Regina George, 20, November 14th
Luna Eventide, 14, November 16th
Adrian Kinez, 21, November 17th
Judal, 18, November 20th
Zeke Edric, 17, November 23rd

Serenity Erebus, 16, December 4th
Victoria Menoa, 17, December 17th
Charlotte Suthers, 19, December 27th
Savannah Lammesfelder, 20, December 30th
Constance Welch, 20, December 31st

None currently! Stay tuned!

None currently! Stay tuned!

*Camper List:*
Counselors are in bold!
Roslyn Noel {Cana}
Jayce Raiden {Ace}

Jacob Thane {Hero of Time}
Xavier Del Mar {Ace}
Giselle Firmin {Hime}

Charlotte Suthers {Kane}
Kyle Arrington {Adrian}
Kathleen Lester {Fix-It}

Matt Hall {Boyhoy}
Luc Åström {Kane}

Zeke Edric {Boyhoy}

Alex Varninas (Zeus) {Writing}
Diane Luna (Unclaimed) {Ace}
Sabine De Vries (Thanatos) {Salphirix}
Hanna Sigurðsdottir (Mortal) {Adrian}
Luna Eventide {Shaybay}

Alyssa Serrano {Salphirix}

Roland Masterson {Adrian}

Regina George {Ace}
Rachel Audington {Boyhoy}

Damien Calore {Ace}

Electra Reynolds {WritingBookworm}

Avner Baldrick {Shaybay}

Maverick Rothschild {Adrian}
Judal {Ace}
Zhang Zetao {Kane}
Adrian Kinez {Adrian}

Clarissa Montreal{WritingBookworm}

Serenity Erebus {Shaybay}

Nikolas Umber {Hero of Time}

Melaina Knight {NightOwl}
Alina Knight {Salphirix}

Victoria Menoa {Boyhoy}
Temple Reynolds {Lady Senbonzakura}

Constance Welch {Lady Senbonzakura}
Lilith Beaulieu {Cana}

Savannah Lammesfelder {Fix-It}

Clyde Montesano {Salphirix}

Dante Deparise {Ace}

~Magical Creatures~
Clayton Thornton (Satyr) {Adrian}

Tessa Royale (Oracle) {Salphirix}


I take my seat at the Amphitheater, looking around for one person in particular. I'd hoped to get here before her and save her a seat, but the place was filling up pretty quickly and I still hadn't spotted her. It seemed like there was going to be an announcement made, and in the meantime some of the other campers were singing some camp songs up on the stage. I wasn't really sure what the message was going to be about - Chiron hadn't mentioned anything, and apparently even the counselors weren't aware of what was going on. At any rate, as everyone began to pack in it was at least a nice chance to get to sit together and chat until whatever it was we were here for began. Hopefully I just spotted her soon though, or worse yet she hadn't passed me without spotting me and sat down somewhere else.

Pulling up my jacket, I glance around before looking down in my pocket for a few snacks I'd grabbed just in case this went a little long. Dinner had been an hour ago so I wasn't too hungry, but it was better to be prepared than not. Besides, maybe I'd be able to share some. If only I could spot her...

"Ugh, this is honestly such a waste of time. I was going to give myself a mani-pedi before it got late, but now we have this. Thanks for nothing," I mutter, not speaking to anyone in particular. There were a few boys surrounding me, obviously hanging on my every word, but I wasn't really speaking to them. They just couldn't resist being around me, and so I supposed I would allow it. However, there was no way there way any of them were anywhere near my league. I just thought it might be fun to let them tag along. Too bad the Aphrodite cabin was populated by less than favorable children - after all, I was the only true heir to Aphrodite's legacy. Sometimes it was hard being so fabulous.

"Would anyone like to get me a bottle of water? I'm parched," I announce, causing two of the boys to quickly leap out of their seats and sprint towards the Mess Hall. A girl could get used to this.

"Are you sure we needed to come to this?" I ask the others, looking to the Lieutenant for an answer. "More likely than not it will end up being something about this camp, and nothing concerning us whatsoever. I doubt there will be any announcements about Lady Artemis' movements, after all. She would write to us first to let us know," I add, frustrated that we had to come out here with this crowd. That was the true reason I didn't want to be in this cramped space - there were too many people, and some of them, especially the males, seemed to have the nerve to try and shove me. However, my stance was too solid and they ended up being knocked back into the masses.

"It seems like this really isn't the most productive use of our time. There are many other things we could be doing right now. We must remain vigilant for the next time that our lady comes to collect us for a Hunt."

I wonder where the rest of the Poseidon kids were at while I walk over to the amphitheater. As usual, I was making my way there a little later than everyone else, having forgotten about it completely until I realized I didn't hear the usual chatter outside by the campfire and wondered why the area of the cabins was so quiet. Thankfully I'd made it out in time and it didn't seem like I'd miss anything, but now I needed to hunt for a seat.  

For some reason, something felt like it was missing. I look down at my hands, crossed in my lap, and feel like there was something I was forgetting. But what? Perhaps I was just feeling out of place here, although my siblings were nearby. Still, there was just a little something that felt... off. Perhaps in time I would get used to the feeling, though. After all, I had felt that way when I first moved here from my home. The people here were strange, but all in all they were not any worse than those I had encountered in my childhood. I sometimes felt like I even fit in here, although I had only come here in the first place in the hopes of meeting my birth mother. That goal seemed farther than ever; the day I had been claimed was the last time I had felt any connection to her, any sign that she knew I existed. Perhaps that was what I was feeling now, this bitter feeling of loneliness that caused me to clasp my hands together, an echo of warmth missing, as if a ghostly touch that had once been there was now gone.

I breathe into my hands, hot air pushing away the little bit of cold that had crept in. Although Camp's climate was regulated via the magic border, it seemed this winter had been almost a little too strong, so even inside of Camp we'd seen the temperature drop a few degrees from time to time. It might be those Boreas and Khione kids just playing another one of their pranks though, although I had to admit that now was a perfect time with everyone gathered in one place. I was surprised that no fights had broken out - yet. With all these teenagers in one place, you think there would be some arguments or drama going on, but for the most part everyone just seemed to be enjoying the time before the meeting while we were all out here. Glancing down towards the stage, I spot an Apollo kid leading those who were interested in another camp song. He didn't seem to notice that most people were totally ignoring him, or if he did he just didn't show it at all. At any rate, it was a nice night to look up at the stars and just relax.

Laying myself down on my back at the very top of the amphitheater, I feel the grass press against the clothes on my back as I stare up at the stars, trying to keep myself from falling asleep.

I keep my distance from the amphitheater for now, not wanting to become annoyed and cause an accident down where the entirety of the campers were. It was better to wait here until the announcement finally started, then take a seat nearby on the hill so I could hear. Besides, getting surrounded by a ton of loud, obnoxious teenagers didn't sound like something I really would've chosen to do if I didn't have to.

Pushing my hair back, I spot the Hunters making their way over, some of them obviously nearly as unhappy as I was that we'd been called out here for this sudden announcement. Honestly, I wouldn't have come either had it not been for the fact that the harpies were checking the cabins and I really didn't need to reconstruct the roof for the second time in a month.

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Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD] Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by boyhoy Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:25 pm

I make some idle small talk with a couple of the campers nearby as I wait for the proceedings to begin. It wasn't unusual for Chiron to summon us here for an announcement, but it was rare that he didn't tell anyone about what was happening before it began. Normally he would fill the counselors in, at the very least, before calling together the whole group like this. I furrow my brow, momentarily lost in thought as to what this all could mean.

I shrug before pulling a book out of my bag and flipping it open with a content sigh. I had read this particular guide to ancient battle formations probably four times already but it was the first thing I could grab as I was leaving. Hopefully reading would calm my apprehensions about this encounter; it usually helped when I was nervous anyway.

I absentmindedly flip through a magazine, one leg crossed over the other, as I wait for whatever this was to actually start. It was exhausting making my way out here and I was only slightly interested in what was going on. Maybe it would be more exciting than I thought, like they would be upgrading the bathrooms or something like that. Oh or maybe there'd be a fashion show! I would love something like that.

As these thoughts fill my mind, I make a point to ignore the bitch-I mean Regina-as she speaks loudly nearby, complaining per usual. She was so negative all the time, it really clogged up my pores. I subtly scoot a bit farther away, just to be safe.

"And then I turned my arm into a sword and cut the damn thing in half! Guts went flying everywhere!" I exclaim loudly, slapping my knee and roaring in laughter. The campers nearby chuckled nervously before hurriedly shoving themselves away from me, though I didn't even notice. I wipe a tear from my eye from laughing too hard before reaching into my pack and yanking out a bag of potato chips. I rip it open before shoveling them into my mouth.

"HEY! When's this going to start?!" I shout to nobody in particular, chip particles spewing from my mouth with each syllable.

Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD] Weiss_schnee___rwby_by_kaisernazrin-d6ms59g
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Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD] Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Kane Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:52 pm


I wandered through the library, the entire place seeming eerily silent and empty for some reason. Behind me, as I browsed the massive oaken bookshelves, two small glowing silver characters hung in the air, keeping a stack of books floating freely in the air. Pulling a new book off the shelf, I did a quick scan of the title, My Life with Cherries & Blueberries: 112 Berry Desserts , before placing it onto the stack floating behind me. I had been wanting to make a dessert for my cabin mates for the start of the new year, but I didn't seem to like any of the recipes that I had stored up in my part of the cabin. Moving through the shelves to a sitting area, I looked at each of the empty tables and seats in turn. Even on the slowest of days, these tables were always filled. Slowly, I began to understand why the library was so empty at all. The announcement, all the kids who had been walking in the opposite direction as I made my way to the library, and even the empty chairs before me now.

"The Amphitheater!" I exclaimed as the characters in the air disappeared, dropping the books to the table below with a dull thud as I realized that I was meant to be on the other side of camp. Racing out of the library, I stopped momentarily outside of the door to draw a few characters in the air, the writing shimmering as the books I had selected raced out of the library and flew in the direction of my cabin. I would have to attend to those more critical matters later. Running towards the Amphitheater, I made my way through the trees to where my siblings, along with the rest of the camp, were probably already gathered.


Tomte sat next to me, his small head bobbing up and down as he gave off a few light pants. Keeping one hand sitting delicately on his body, my fingers scratching him slightly, I looked around at the campers around me. I felt the rough surface of his tongue scrape across my hand causing me to look down at him. Pulling a treat from my pocket, I held it out for him before he took it gleefully before giving a small yawn, already over the event. I smiled before I looked up again, pondering what this entire thing was about. Chiron always did have his reasons for these things, yet this seemed too sudden almost. I decided to keep my concerns to myself as I waited for him to start.


I draped my hands carefully into my lap as I took a seat on the stone benches, my ankles crossing and moving to my left almost instinctively. Before I even sat, I could already hear those around me stirring slightly, whether from distrust or discomfort from being around me. Being a daughter of Hades was hard enough. What didn't seem to help was how people always assumed that I was as frigid as I appeared. Turning slightly and carefully as not to ruffle my skirt too much, I gave those around me a smile and a nod of acknowledgment. Instantly, their mood seemed to lessen somewhat at least, assured by the fact that I seemed to be the type of Hades child that smiled.
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Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD] Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Shaybaysasuke Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:56 pm


I looked around the amphitheater, my head resting on my hand as I struggled to stay awake. I stifled a yawn behind my other hand as I looked around at all the other campers, making sure to pay attention to the other counselors. I was wondering if Chiron had mentioned anything to the rest of them but they looked as lost as I was. At least now I knew I probably didn't sleep through any meetings accidentally. It did leave me wondering what this was all about though, was something wrong?


I walked over to the amphitheatre with my hands shoved in my pocket, whistling softly under the loud noise of all the campers. I just followed the flow of people moving towards the meeting point, not bothering with trying to shove my way through. I'd get in there at some point and if Chiron hadn't told me what was happening today I didn't think there would be a reason for counsellors to get there any earlier than the others. Hopefully I wasn't wrong.


I sat a little ways away from the Huntresses, knowing none of them would be thrilled to talk to me. Instead of letting that get me down I made pleasant conversation with the other campers around me, talking about training and speculating on what we had been called here for.
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Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD] Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Sal Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:30 pm

{ Alyssa }
I definitely had not forgotten about Chiron's announcement at the Amphitheater. Nope. Not at all. Not one bit. Of course I was sprinting towards the place because I just needed some extra exercise outside my already intense camp training.

Hahaha. . .

When I finally reached the place it was crowded more than Aphrodite kids on a hot new potential gossip or make up. Or whatever Aphrodite kids did. Still haven't figured it out. I tried looking for Jayce, knowing he for sure was more responsible than me to get here early. Aww hellhounds, why didn't I just stick with him after dinner. I'm a fool.

"JAAAYYYCEEE!!!!" I shout loud, knowing he would hear my echoing voice of a silly girl who lacked general responsibility. Also, I just kind of wanted to shout his name.

{ Tessa }

Everyone was gathered at the Amphitheater, Chiron having called us for an announcement that not even I knew. And, being the oracle and stuff usually announcements were something I heard first. Or, at least I caught wind of them because I was probably around Chiron the most out of everyone else.

Even with my lack of knowledge I still came, knowing I had no quests or at least couldn't remember green smoke spew from my mouth, having a dizzy spell, and waking up with everyone concerned for my mental stability with Delphi inside me.

Sorry, Delphi. No hard feelings?

{ Clyde }

It was bad enough that I was stuck around whiny little brats all the time, but now that they were all gathered together I wanted to collectively punch each of them individually. I especially wanted to punch that bitch, Regina. The more she existed on the same planet as I did the more I wanted to give her a piece of my damn mind. Her high horse for starters was pain in the ass to try and deal with, but on top of it she could get people to do whatever the **** she wanted.

Can't that wh**e do her own shit for once? Like, god damn.

Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD] WiqR2Mz
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Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD] Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Hime Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:40 pm

- Giselle -

I showed up to the amphitheater, being sure to remain on the outskirts of the crowd. Everyone seemed to be coming in at once, and so of course, the concentration of campers was dense. I found myself a seat, awkwardly folding my hands and hugging them in between my knees.

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Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD] Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Cana Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:12 pm

I ripped out my earbuds as I approached the amphitheater, steps long and steadfast. The news of random meeting had sparked a fire of curiosity inside of me, and my eyes darted around at the others for some clue of what was about to happen. I, as the Zeus counsellor, had not been informed yet. That was enough to make me mildly concerned in itself. 

I had just finished my evening run, and my gait was loose and comfortable as I entered the amphitheater with the others.  My hand raked my freshly-washed hair into a ponytail, seating myself next to no one in particular; my mind raced at the implications of what was happening. 

"Does anyone know what's going on?" I said to no one in particular.

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Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD] Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Adrian Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:14 pm


My hopes rose, then fell once more to Tartarus as I heard that Chiron had an announcement soon.

Of course not, you stupid goat, I thought bitterly to myself. Nobody has heard anything new about Adrian in ages. It's something else. Keep your head in the ground. Or was it feet on the ground? But I don't have feet...

That's not important. What's important is being realistic. Realistic...

I filed in with the rest of the satyrs and nymphs, glancing around at the other campers. Part of me still hoped to see his light-brown hair, sharp blue eyes somewhere in the mix. But to no avail.


My cabin mates pushed each other around and joked as we collected ourselves into the amphitheatre.

"Maybe it's a new prophecy!"

"Maybe Chiron lost his wheelchair."

"Hey, don't look at me! I would never steal a wheelchair."

Some of the other unclaimed campers looked a little concerned. As counselor, I would try and comfort them a little, let them know that these meetings weren't really a big deal. But this time, I was absolutely clueless. None of the counselors knew what was going on. Even Tessa seemed a little unsure.

So, what the Hades?


I looked around the rest of the Hecate campers. "Has anyone seen Zetao?" He probably got carried away in the library again... I know the struggle.


I glanced over at Luna before returning my focus to Diane and taking in a deep breath. "It's just a meeting. Whatever's going on, maybe it will be involved with the next Hunt. At any rate, I don't see anything wrong with keeping tabs on what's going on around here. It helps keeps us in the know."

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Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD] Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Kane Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:19 pm


I turned slightly on my stone bench as I heard a girl's voice speak up behind me. My eyes landed on Roslyn who seemed to be fresh from a run. Sometimes, I could see her during the evenings as she left her cabin due to the proximity of our cabins. Smiling and waving her over, I tossed my hair over my shoulder before speaking.

"I don't think anyone knows. Did you hear anything?" I asked. We were both counselors and it was unusual we wouldn't be briefed on something like this. Usually, Chiron trusted us to tell our campers what each meeting was for.
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Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD] Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Cana Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:27 pm

"Nope." I popped the P for emphasis, my arms crossing as I leaned back into my seat. I sighed.

"Ah, well. I guess we'll just have to wait," I said, wrinkling my nose. I hated waiting. My hands drummed on my thigh, impatience becoming more and more evident by the second.

"How was your day, Charlotte?" I said, more to distract myself than to find out the information requested.
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Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD] Empty Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Sponsored content

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