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Fairy Tail: Malevolence [APP THREAD]

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Fairy Tail: Malevolence [APP THREAD] - Page 5 Empty Re: Fairy Tail: Malevolence [APP THREAD]

Post by Hime Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:18 pm

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Fairy Tail: Malevolence [APP THREAD] - Page 5 Empty Re: Fairy Tail: Malevolence [APP THREAD]

Post by Sal Sat Jan 20, 2018 2:59 am

Due to the rebirth of this RPG, I have taken it upon myself to minorly edit--mostly just remove some of my official forms and insert the forms I never finished. I am quoting the already accepted characters and posting the new forms.

Salphirix wrote:
Returning Characters:
Name: Evaline “Eva” Slater

Current Age: 18

Wiki Link: []

Appearance Changes: The picture you see in her wiki link is currently what she looks like.

Past year Activities:
• Eva left with her brother Evan to train on their own and mainly get Fairy Tail out of their minds. On their journey they stumbled across Pink Pinion, a guild in which their aunt, Rosemary, was the leader of. Since Fairy Tail was disbanded they decided to join for the time being. This way they could take on missions, get money, and still keep working on their magic. While PP was known for assassination missions, Eva and Evan took on other things that didn’t involve that. This is mainly because Eva is now terrified of killing people after accidentally killing two.
• While Evan seemed to fit right in, Eva--although happy--couldn’t seem to find herself a place there like she did in Fairy Tail. Often times she grew homesick, and occasionally flew overhead, but later into the year she stopped this and tried to move on. Sometimes she believed FT would never form again.
• Eva also had to deal with her parents, who labeled the two of them as “Missing”. The two of them contemplated changing their looks entirely, even dyeing their hair, but in the end decided to just try their best to keep out of the limelight. This is why she took so long to return to Fairy Tail until she thought it was safe.
• Eva was disturbed in some ways by the events that took place during the night Justin and her were brought to the future. She still thought about Cade, mainly about Justin. She never, and still hasn't, talked to Justin about the whole thing. Mainly because she's terrified too and she feels he doesn't want to talk about it anyways. Even now she worries about their future and what they'll do to really prevent it--or if they will even have a possible future together.

Any other changes:
• With the help of Rose and Evan, Eva has mostly gotten a handle on controlling Satan Soul. She's become more proficient at it and has developed a lot more at handling it on her own. She has not been able to get a second Satan Soul also, as she hasn't come in contact with a demon yet, but is prepared and fully ready to absorb it and take it if need be.

Team: Team Justin

Name: Yuuki

Current Age: 19

Wiki Link: [LINK]

Appearance Changes: N/A.

Past year Activities:
• Yuuki continued to follow her father in tracking down Umbra. After many leads they destroyed several of their minor guilds under their command.

Any other changes:
• She's more of a minor character, and I won't be using her all the time.

Team: WC members


Name: Zephyr Fylan

Current Age: 18

Wiki Link: [LINK]

Appearance Changes: She hasn't changed too much. She cut her hair a little shorter and has changed up her outfit a little. [LINK]

Past year Activities:
• With the events of Fued (which, while didn't finish through RP was finished and explained over PM's) Zephyr finds out information relating to her Lacrima, her father, and mostly Umbra thanks to Rin Atara. With Aris vanishing and leaving Rogh behind, her and Asher (having adopted him upon Rin's death) went off to find out more things about Umbra and take down what they could.
• Her and her new exceed, Asher, have been working hard to take what little information they know from the various labs and from Rin in hopes of making progress. They have taken out several dark guilds linked to them, along with finding another hidden lab. There hasn't been too much good progress besides her gaining stronger and forming a bond with Asher in hopes to heal his wound from Rin.
• She began to realize she couldn't do this on her own, and Asher encouraged her to find Rogh again at the very least to have him help her out. She is now hoping to revitalize whatever status Rogh and her had left in hopes he would help her fight off the Dark Guild. Zephyr knows he is more than capable in helping her with her task.

Any other changes:
• Zephyr is much more confident now, still modest and such but not putting herself and her abilities down. Now that she's found her courage and strength, she's much stronger and capable, only getting better from here on out.
• Her mission is to destroy Umbra and all that it is, and she will follow this until her very last breath.  

Team: Team Zephyr

Name: Asher

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Looks: Asher is an average sized, purple exceed. On the sides of both his ears he has three steely piercings and three above his brow over his right side. His eyes are more larger, slanted, and are black in color. He has a little tuft of fur on the top of his head and on the sides of his cheeks. He wears a black leather belt and an orange handkerchief given to him by Rin.

Personality: Even for how negative his life has been so far, Asher finds a way to smile. Outwardly, he's a pretty sarcastic and mildly immature sort of exceed who enjoys teasing people in a harmless yet semi-pervy way. He's kind of a moron at times, but he has a heart of gold and looks for the best in people. He tends to latch onto people, and gets in trouble often in various ways. He likes to lighten the mood, making people happy and laugh. Though, even though he smiles and makes himself seem happy he has a lot of emotional problems inside.

He mainly fears that he's a burden. After being abandoned by his first Slayer, and being the main reason for his next partner, Rin, to perish, he's afraid he'll kill off all his partners. He's also afraid of being weak, not being able to learn magics. He also suffers from the fear of abandonment, which is where his latching nature comes from. He also tends to think negatively of himself, a lot more than one would think.

History: It started when a wandering Dragon Slayer came upon a large egg. The Dragon Slayer, thinking it was connected to some sort of Dragon, kept the egg and waited until it hatched. And was disappointed to find the creature was instead a cat, not a Dragon. Either way the Dragon Slayer kept the newly hated feline and came up with the name Asher while traveling the streets. Asher was an immature cat, getting himself into trouble and wandering off a lot. This made his Dragon Slayer, who went by the name Slade, angry quite often. He usually got yelled at, finding himself in lots of trouble very often. His punishments were usually not that harsh, but occasionally he’d drop Asher in the middle of a forest and leave without him, coming back only when he’d been there for a little bit of time.
The relationship between Slade and him wasn’t healthy the slightest. Slade didn’t exactly care though. Sometime after four years of being alive, Asher was put to the test to see if he could master Transformation magic. That failed, miserably, and still to this day he cannot transform. Because of his failure Slade became extremely upset with him, and threatened to leave him if he didn’t learn a magic in one year time. Of course, he tried his best and failed countless more times. Slade planned to leave the feline soon after that one year came around.

Sometime during the time with Slade, Asher got piercings so he would “look cool”. He thought maybe Slade would see him to be “more manly” if he had piercings. But Slade simply thought he “looked like a moron”.
Finally, the day came when Rin and Slade clashed. Rin had been tasked with taking down Slade for Umbra. At first, Asher begged for Rin not to kill Slade and instead take him, but Slade replied that he didn’t give two shits for the feline and wouldn’t care if Asher was taken. He stepped out of the way and let Rin finish her job, feeling a sense of anger. Rin offered to take care of him after finishing her job, and he, who had been orphaned at this point, agreed to come with her.

Very quickly, Asher coped with his new partner and found the relationship a lot better than with how Slade treated him. Even if Rin wasn’t that nice to other people around her, she became soft around Asher and extremely overprotective. Which, was ultimately her downfall in battle when she sacrificed her life for his when he was attacked during her last mission against a rogue ex-Ten Wizard Saint.

Umbra took him back in, despite finding no real use for him until Rin came back. A different Rin. This Rin had come from a different timeline, and possessed a different magic and story, but had a Asher in her timeline. Asher felt bad, knowing that she was only obeying Umbra’s laws because he was being used as bait, but the Rin was still kind to him.
Finally, Rin was set out and Asher followed. She had ordered him to stay back until she was able to introduce him, wanting to make sure things were safe. He wanted to be by her side but knew he could easily get in the way or put both of them at danger. So he obliged and sat back until he was introduced to Zephyr Fylan, one of Rin’s friends in her timeline, and a complete stranger in this one. He took a liking to Zephyr, thinking she was good person with a good heart, but a lot of internal problems.

Zephyr and Asher grew close. Just as Rin had wanted.

Finally, when Rin’s time was up, Zephyr was asked to take in Asher and care for him for the rest of his life. Asher, who promised this Rin he’d continue on and the first Rin as well, joined Zephyr and became her exceed.

Team: Team Zephyr, as he's now Zeph's new exceed.

Fairy Tail: Malevolence [APP THREAD] - Page 5 WiqR2Mz
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