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Infinity's Row 2: Prologue

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Infinity's Row 2: Prologue

Post by Hime on Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:10 am

This story is a prerequisite to the second IR, which will be coming out sometime next year. Smile For those of you who don't know the rough plot, there's basically a new and more demented villain on the loose approximately 23 years after The Second Great Clan War has ended. This is his first reveal, and also where he gets his chilling nickname: The Puppetmaster. It's not my best writing, but I thought it did a good job of painting a picture of what he's like . . . Which is pretty much just bizarre. I hope you enjoy!

If you have pre-stories of your own, feel free to post them as well!

N'al Ren, 124 AW

In the northernmost tip of N’al Ren, winds howled over the frozen earth. The horizon was shrouded by the heavy snowfall, all things frozen and dead. A small town was nestled in the midst of this mild blizzard, holding the only instance of life for miles around.

“Happy new year my ass.” Two figures were slowly headed towards the civilization, huddled together with heavy coats and hunting gear.

The tallest one, whose chin was adorned with a thick black beard, gave a chuckle. “Oh, lighten up, Faver. We’re in good health — that’s all we can ask of Ciel.”

Faver, the younger looking boy with fair hair and skin, pulled his coat tighter around himself. “Don’t act all cheery, Erus,” he retaliated, tone bitter. “We didn’t get a single morsel of food. That’s the second time this week.”

The winters were growing harsher, as if Gaius were troubled. There was very little food or water; all supplies had to be imported from Ald Ruhn in poor condition. Although no more wars scarred the land, the struggle to revive the former promise of the nation has proven to be nearly insurmountable.

Suddenly, Erus came to a stop. Faver ran into his back, temper immediately flaring. “Watch where you’re going, will you?”

He didn’t answer. His eyes simply watched ahead, an expression of curiosity creeping across his face. Merely a few feet in front of them was a body, covered in snow and barely rising with breath. Faver opened his mouth to speak, but Erus was already running towards them.

“Hello?” he called as he knelt, gently giving them a shake. “Are you alright?”

Gently, he flipped the body over to identify the face. He was shocked to find that it was shrouded by an eerie mask, resembling that of a cat. Fortunately, muffled breathing could be heard.

Faver stood beside his companion, staring down at the stranger with suspicious eyes. “Are you sure you should be . . .”

“Who are you?”

The two men reacted with shock when the masked man finally spoke. He sounded perfectly well, and he was able to sit up with ease. It was almost as though he were merely sleeping in the snowbank.

They glanced at each other. Then, Erus spoke. “We’re hunters from a nearby town,” he explained, attempting to maintain a warm disposition. “I was worried you were . . . Well. May we ask what your name is?”

“You may, but I don’t have an answer.”


The masked boy shook his head. “I know who I am,” he said. “But you can’t.”

Before they could say anything, he hastily stood up and brushed the snow from his body. He was tall and lean, dressed from head to toe in black. The only humanistic quality about him was his long, dark brown hair, which was tied back with a band.

“I should be going now, before something unfortunate happens.”

Erus grabbed his shoulder, shouting, “Wait! What do you mean, something unfortunate?”

“Something that is not fortunate. Or, in other words, something bad. Still want to stick around?” He swatted the hunter’s hand off of him, tense from the physical contact.

Faver’s fists balled up, his cheeks reddening with anger. “Listen, pal,” he warned through clenched teeth. Erus glared at him, pure warning and alarm swimming in his dark eyes. There was certainly something unsettling about this stranger . . . Perhaps even deadly.

However, Faver didn’t pay heed to this unspoken message. He drew his gun instead, pointing it right at the masked boy’s head.

The masked boy was abrupt to react. He tensed his hand, causing Faver’s body to go rigid. He shifted his fingers slowly, forcing him to swivel his right hand around to where the gun was at his temple. The young hunter’s face was blanched like the surrounding snow, hand shaking in resistance to the control. Erus could only watch in horror at what happened next.

A simple flick of the finger was all it took. The trigger clicked, and the gun was shot. A mingled chorus of screams rattled the atmosphere as Faver fell limp to the earth, snow littered with red.

Erus collapsed to his knees, stare wide and tear-filled. His trembling hands found the lukewarm body. All that remained was the crying winds, though Erus was deaf to it.

“Curse you . . .,” he whispered shakily, gaze moving out to the empty skyline.

“. . . Puppetmaster.”  

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Re: Infinity's Row 2: Prologue

Post by Mythie on Fri Nov 20, 2015 4:15 am

Well damn.... All aboard the hype train though!
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Re: Infinity's Row 2: Prologue

Post by Shaybaysasuke on Fri Nov 20, 2015 7:21 am

Sooooo the hype train has gotten me very excited and so I asked Hime and here's a little preview of my villains!

“My sweet, it is time.”

“Yes momma,” the little girl whispered to herself as she stumbled along the alleyway.
“Come out, come out, wherever you are…” she called out a little louder, laughing manically as she checked behind trashcans and dumpsters lining the small alley.

A man sucked in a breath as she neared, hiding behind the last can. Knowing there was no other way to hide from the child he bolted, sprinting out of the lane and into the streets, trying to find someone who could help him.

“There you are…” the man almost screamed as the childish voice echoed on the buildings around them, “You can’t run from me…”

“Help! Someone help me!” the man screamed, tripping over his own feet and scrambling to sit up against a building. The girl was already in front of him, red eyes glowing with excitement.

“No one can hear you…” she said taking a step closer.

“Stop, stop it!” the man screamed.

“No one can save you…” she laughed, taking yet another step.


“You’re mine now…”

Screams were the last evidence of the man’s existence as the small girl threw a handful of needles into his chest.

“Momma, I did it,” she whispered to herself again.

“Good, good,” the voice in her head praised, “You have made me proud, Psyche.”
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Re: Infinity's Row 2: Prologue

Post by Adrian on Fri Nov 20, 2015 11:49 am

The Band of Five

A heart of white one day went forth
Seeking new life in lands to the north.
With hope, passion, and courage in tow
He found a place in the noble Row.

But one day he learned that family meant most
So once more he washed up on Dir'kanian coast.
His tales of peril, and powerful will to survive
Moved his brother to make the Band of Five.

Four others joined him, from the surrounding lands
Convincing an entire hemisphere to finally join hands.
These brave travellers of light, magic, and wit
Brought order to Daseos, and a legacy was writ.

A great age of rebirth spread through the kingdoms
Bringing peace, and hope, and newfound freedoms.
From Melroze to Driftmoore, the hills were alive
Joyful shouts, "Long live the Band of Five!"

Alas, however, things came to an end
For great Whiteheart and his group of friends.
A raw power was discovered deep within earth
A madman sought, his greed become dearth.

A battle ensued, a victor not seen
So began years of silence between
Until one day new heroes arrive
Restoring the legacy of the Band of Five.

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Re: Infinity's Row 2: Prologue

Post by WritingBookworm on Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:07 pm

Oh my gosh guys :O These are all so cool -- now I'm really getting excited Very Happy
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Re: Infinity's Row 2: Prologue

Post by Athena Lionheart on Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:09 pm

And we have to wait until sometime next year for all of this? Gah. Seriously good stuff here, guys.
Athena Lionheart
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Re: Infinity's Row 2: Prologue

Post by Sponsored content

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