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Infinity's Row Archives: A Subplot Directory

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Infinity's Row Archives: A Subplot Directory

Post by Adrian on Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:55 pm

Hey everyone! Earlier last night (or tonight? who knows anymore), several people in the CC Skype group brought up an interesting idea after discussing a well-known issue with IR's subplot shtick:

We have a lot. How should we keep track of it???/


~The Subplot Directory~

Hopefully this will serve as a way for users to store and share information on their characters and the goings-on of the RPG as a whole. You can post here establishing a spot for you to edit your own archive, or you can ask me to do it for you on this OP. Either way, I hope this idea will be helpful to all who want to read up on the shenanigans of IR, and maybe someday we can translate all of this onto the wiki. I'll be posting Aidec's subplot (which extends to my other characters, as they are all connected) below...



*Quite a bit of detail has been changed since some of these posts were made, so not everything is accurate. Keep that in mind.

Intro to Aidec/Hopeless:

The Row:

Aidec Meets Yuffie:


"It'll Be For You":

Elia, Irate:

The First Quest:

Di Garsh:


Saving A Life:

Stein's Death/Realization:

Grave Circumstances:

The Rise of Arker:


Six Months Later:

Missile for One:

Buried Alive:

Deal with the Devil:

"I Never Said OUR Money"/The Heist:

The Bombing of N'ode:

Losing A Friend:


Cards Up Our Sleeves:



Near Your Heart:

The Five Spawns:

Battling a Necromancer:

Change of Plans:

Resh's Return:

A Rundown:

An Account of the Past:

An Account of Ald Ruhn:


Fight For Yuffie:

The Battle of the Iron Dragon:

Return of the Farenarts:

A Showdown with Arker:

The Dick Face Speech/Into the Fire and Flames:


Bars and Wires:

New Recruits:

Love Sucks/Who Is Xanther Blundeau?*:

A Ship Sets Sail:

Xanther Stands Up:

Meeting Marin:


The New Fa'alwind Massacre:


"Yeah, that's called pride":

A Dark Truth:


Sentinel Away:

Flaming Fire Phoenixes/Enter Eridia:

Crashing Caribou:


Kilezhan's Revenge:

Like A Nightmare:

Unusual Activity:

From the Darkness:

The Monorail/Arm & A Leg:

Setting Fire/Silvien:

The Library of Bul Irsa:


Aidec Gets Hijacked:

A Quick Solution:

The First Keystone:

Losing Four, Gaining One:

The Second Keystone:

Old Fa'alwind:

Brother vs. Sister:

"Now We Wait":

Arkesh and Crescent:

The Masquerade Ball:

A Little Secret:

Plan B:

Attempting A Recruit:

The Green Boxcar:

A Quarrel/Part 2:

Boss's Orders:

A Restless Spirit:

Eridia's Sacrifice/Rafael/Betrayal:

Aidec's Epiphany:

Flight of the Thief:


A Ghost/Looking For Lyall:


Escaping Dahkanor:

The Most Dangerous:

Found Out:

Sending A Message:


Darkness Rises:

Brunus and Commodus:

Rumination/Return to Oberion:

Dahkanor Declares Independence:


Start Forgiving:

Finishing the Job:

Mission Failed:

The Intrinsite:


The Noble Five:


Hope After All:

Under the Streetlight/A Favor:

A Beginning in Four Scenes:

A Dark Move:

Brotherly Love:

Off to Battle:

Rise of the Raven Jun:

The Birth of Delilah:


The Diagnosis (and a note):

The Battle at Dawn:

Welcome to Dark Mandalore/P.O.W.:

The Three Skirmishes:

Return to N'al Ren/"Miklos Gravis"/Jarvis' Suicide:

The Wrath of the Raven Jun/Farewell to Perseon:

Aidec's Fall:

Mendel's Return:

The Reunion:


Never Meant to Be Together:

Getting Answers:

Farewell, Aidec:

The Half-Brother/Something Greater:

IR: Syndicate Prologue:

"We All Have the Row in our Hearts":



Regime, Separated:

Streak the Unbroken/Telecolatus:

Good Without Evil:


Fa'alwind Has Fallen:

A Tale of Two Clans:

Bastards to Our Names:

Bad Habits/Alexi:

"Do you miss it?":

Heartbroken/Going For A Drink:

Fall In Love:

Return to the Manor:

Not Without Her:

Lunch Together:


The Beginning of the End:

Tag, You're It:

The Dark Deal:


Xanther Is Gone:

To Ald Ruhn...:

...and Beyond:

The Void of Hiraeth:


Dark Revenge:


Leaving the Darkness:

to be continued


And that's it for now. You don't have to follow the format, of course - the above is how I organized mine. You can add links to crucial posts, backstories, forms, tales, or anything else that would accompany your archive. I'll be doing that for mine later tonight.

Feel free to post on this thread and get going!

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Re: Infinity's Row Archives: A Subplot Directory

Post by Shaybaysasuke on Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:46 pm

So these are mostly flashbacks and backstory things because the twins have only been around for about 3 rpg's so there isn't too much stuff to look at. The last two stories are pretty long but I haven't posted them anywhere else so if you want to read them yay more on the twin's tragic past!


Finding their parents:
This goes on until page 10, a couple long posts scattered around as the twins finally find out what happened to their parents.

Dederick's Dream:
As he sits outside Farron's room Dederick has a nightmare that brings him back to his childhood and he believes that he is just as weak as he was back then since he couldn't save Farron.

Ren's Dream:
This isn't really about the twins but it does have to do with their parents. This mostly explains why the twins were abandoned even if they still don't know why themselves (also revealing how exactly their parent's died)

So this next one is pretty long (I had way to much free time during a car trip) that shows the moments before the twins were abandoned.
Long thing about them as kids:
Jacobe and Dederick: We were 11. 11 years old when we were left on our own. Our parents left us out in the woods, far enough away that we wouldn't find home. We were like Hansel and Gretel but without any bread or stones to find our way back. We don't want to make this a sob story, it was actually some of the last happy memories we had with our family.


"I am so bored," I groaned, hitting my head down onto the table.
"Me too, Dederick, but you don't see me whacking my head on the furniture," my identical twin, Jacobe, retorted. He was sitting next to me at the table, drumming his fingers on the surface as he rested his chin on his other hand.
Why mom and father made us come to this stupid party, I didn't know. All I know now is that I am bored out of my mind. It had been tolerable earlier since our cousins were here to play kickball with outside, but they were all younger than us so they had to go home to bed. Now me and Jacobe were the only kids here. I wished Ren hadn't run away, she would've been fun.
"What should we do?" Jacobe finally asked, sitting back in his chair.
I grinned, "We could wreck this party."
I laughed at the look I got, "I'm kidding mr.goodytwoshoes, let's sneak some more cake."
Jacobe still looked hesitant but I grabbed his arm and we snuck around to the back of the room. I took two plates off the table and we both ducked down under the table cloth.
"See look we didn't get in trouble," I said with a mouthful of cake.
"Yeah, yeah whatever," Jacobe replied, taking bites from his plate.
Once the food was gone we got bored again so I pulled him out from under the table to see what else we could do. We made it halfway across the room (where I wanted to start popping the balloons) when Jacobe pulled on my arm to stop me.
"What?" I asked agitated but he looked confused.
"Who are those guys? I haven't seen them here before," he said, pointing over to the front doors.
I looked over at the people he was talking about and realized I didn't know them either. This party was for out father's business, which was made up of mostly family and close friends, so it was weird to see these guys at a company party.
"Dude," I said, grabbing his arm, "are those the guys who got Uncle ((blank until I find name)) and aunt ((blank until I find name))?"
Jacobe squinted as he looked at the two, "No there was only one guy last time and they don't look like him."
"Yeah, so? They look like they could work with them," I retorted. Those guys were wearing the same type of suit and glasses as the one who talked to Ren. I may not have a photographic memory like Jacobe but that's something I wasn't going to forget anytime soon.
I balled my other hand into a fist and Jacobe must have seen it because he put a hand on my shoulder, "I know you're mad with them, I am too, but what are you going to do against two really tough adults?"
"Fine," I mumbled, hating that he had a point.
"Besides Father's going to talk to them," he said, pointing over to the group.
I sighed but went back to our table anyway, watching them the whole way over.


"You don't have to sulk about it," I whispered, not taking my eyes off of Father and the other two men.
"Still going to," Dederick muttered, his head on the table as he watched the same thing.
I sighed, he was so stubborn sometimes. I could see where he was coming from, though. These men (assuming we were right that they worked with the man from weeks ago) were dangerous.
"You're sure they aren't the guys that got Ren's parents, right?" Dederick asked, sitting back with his hands over his head.
"Yeah I'm sure," I said squinting to look at their faces, "these guys have brown hair the last one had black."
He stood up again with a huff, unable to sit still, "Why can't I do anything, I could take them. They made Ren run away, I wanna beat them up."
I sighed and stood up next to him, "Because they are about twice your size and stronger than a couple of 11 year olds. You would be killed. And technically they didn't, people they work with made Ren run."
Dederick just groaned, dropping back down in his chair while grabbing his red hair, "I hate that you're smart."
I mimicked him, dropping back down into my chair, "You don't need to be to realize that..."
I trailed off as I saw father begin to get agitated. Dederick followed where I was looking and smirked.
"Haha dad's gonna get them," he whispered.
"I don't know," I replied, "he's not really a violent person."
But I was wrong as after a few more heated words father pulled both men and pushed them out the door.
Dederick elbowed me and I just stuck out my tongue, I could admit when I was wrong but he didn't have to make a big deal out of it.
That wasn't the end of the drama, though, as our grandma started yelling at Father. Mom even ended up walking over to see what the noise was.
All I could make out were the same few phrases being repeated from my grandmother, "how could you?! How could you do that to them?"
Dederick frowned, "Did grandma know them?"
"I don't know," I admitted, but I had a feeling the two men weren't who she was talking about. Father looked as passive as always, whispering replies to her but mom kept glancing at the two of us, worry written all over her face.
After a while of her yelling Father seemed to snap, "Mother I am tired of taking about this. My decision is final as it is the only way. Cecilia get the boys, we are going home."
Mom nodded and went to us, smiling gently, "Dederick, Jacobe get your jackets. It's getting late you boys need to get to bed."
"Ok mom," we both said in unison, causing her to laugh. People always found it funny when we did that.


Father was really on edge. Mumbling angrily to himself the whole way home. I had never seen him like this so those guys must have told him something bad. When we got home he went right upstairs and locked himself in his study. Mom told us not to worry, but I couldn't help it. If they were the same type of people from Ren's disappearance then nothing they could have said would've been safe. Mom seemed to know the two of us were as on edge as Father was (must be where Jacobe gets it) and brought us into the living room. She started the fire place and went into the kitchen to get us something to eat. (The food at the party was too fancy so it was gross) Jacobe was quiet, too, and even though that was normal for him that "twin telepathy" people always talked about told me it was because of this whole thing.
"So what's on your mind," I asked him, sitting next to him on the couch as I flipped on the tv.
"The fact that those guys spell nothing but trouble," he replied calmly while grabbing a book and flipping to the page he had marked.
"Well I got that," I retorted, turning to the TV show, "but I don't know why you're worrying about it. Dad took care of them."
"Did he?" Jacobe wondered out loud, "Will a raised voice and kicking them out keep them away? I trust dad and all but what if he can't stop them like uncle what's his face?"
I stayed quiet, once again the know-it-all had a point. Great now he has me worried. Being me, however, I didn't let it show as I kept watching the tv. Jacobe looked at me out of the corner of his eye before going back to his book.
"See I told you," he said all matter of factly. Stupid twin telepathy.
We shut up as mom walked in, both of us pretending to be focused on the thing in front of us.
"Alright," she said with her usually bright smile, "PB&J for Jacobe and turkey and cheese for Dederick."
She set down the plates in front of us and we thanked her in unison, causing another laugh.
"You two crack me up," she said shaking her head with a smile. She kissed both of our heads as we began to eat, walking up the stairs afterwards towards Father's study.
I turned up the volume on the tv slightly, not wanting to hear any yelling if it happened. Father was a good man, and loved us all, but it was still scary to hear him yell, especially when he yelled at mom. Thank the gods that wasn't often. The two of us finished our sandwiches as we continued to read/watch and then took our plates back to the kitchen.
"Is it dishes night?" I asked Jacobe who thought for a second before groaning.
"Yeah, and we have a lot tonight."
I sighed but went over to the sink anyway, starting to clean the dishes as Jacobe dried them and put them away. We barely went through 10 dishes before Father and mom walked in. We both turned as Father put his hand on our shoulders.
"Leave that for tonight, boys," he said smiling warmly, "I'll take care of them in the morning, it's getting late."
We looked at each other for a second, father never really smiled unless we did something he was proud of or if mom walked into the room. Mom had walked in before him. And I don't think we've done anything that good lately. The two of us locked eyes and mentally shrugged
'Oh well'
We let Father lead us to our bedroom with mom close behind us. This was strange, too. Father usually worked late so we would have to say goodnight to him in his study. Once again we locked eyes but let it slide, not knowing what was happening. Father tucked us in, mom by his shoulder and they both kissed us goodnight. As they stood at the door father turned around.
"I love you boys, so much," he said still smiling.
"More than you know my dears," mom added smiling along with him.
As they closed the door and turned off the hall light we waited for their footsteps to reach their room and heard the click of their door closing. I flipped on my bedside lamp and Jacobe did the same with his identical one.
"That was really weird," I said, voicing what I knew we were both thinking.
"Extremely," he agreed, laying back on his bed while nodding.
"Like I wasn't crazy, right. Dad was being really nice," I said, turning on my side to look at him across the room.
"Yeah he was, mom even seemed to be paying more attention than usual," he said, mirroring my pose.
"Do you think it was because of the stuff those guys said?" I asked, almost hesitantly.
He took a second to think, "Yeah, I really do. I want to know what it was, though, because it was something that upset grandma."
"What are you talking about?"
"I don't think she was yelling about dad kicking those guys out. I want to say 'them' was us," he explained.
I laid down, staring at the ceiling as I processed that. What would that mean? Was it something we did? Or something Father and mom did? Either way I really didn't want to think on it too much, that was Jacobe's job.
"Well I'm tired so I'm going to bed," I said while reaching over to flip off my lamp.
" too," Jacobe replied while doing the same.
As we both laid there I knew neither of us would be sleeping well.
Little did we know it would be the last time we would sleep in our beds.


I was awoken roughly by two arms shaking me, my father's harsh voice the only thing I could make out.
"Come on. Wake up we have to go," he said, getting me out of bed and handing me my clothes.
"Where are we going?" I heard Dedrick's sleep heavy voice ask from the other side of the room.
"That doesn't matter right now," my mother replied, her voice sounding a bit off, "we just have to go."
I dressed quickly, the only communication between Dederick and I being confused glances. Once we were dressed we made our way downstairs slowly, both because we were still half asleep and were really confused. Father was standing by the door and mother was in the kitchen.
"Come on boys," she said, handing us bagels wrapped in napkins, "No time to eat lets get going."
She tried for a smile but I could tell it was forced which only heightened my confusion.
"Ok but where are we going?" Dederick asked, already eating his bagel.
"Let's just go," Father said, practically out the door already, "You'll see when we get there."
I glanced at Dederick again who just rolled his eyes and followed him. We both got in the car, eating our food in silence. After the food was gone we were both hit by a wave of exhaustion and fell back asleep a few minutes later.
For the second time this morning I was woken up roughly, my father's hands on my shoulders once again.
"Wake up. We're here," was the only thing he said. I looked out the window but saw nothing but forest around us.
"Where is here?" Dederick asked, starting to sound annoyed by the lack of answers.
"W-where were leaving you," my father answered, his voice catching slightly. We both stared at him and out mother, thinking it was some kind of joke.
Dederick gave a short laugh when no one said anything, "You're joking right?"
"No Dederick," my mom said sounding close to tears, "we're serious."
We both just stared, Dederick getting slowly more agitated by the second as he realized that they weren't kidding.
"So what you're going to leave us out here with nothing?" He yelled out, looking back and forth between them.
"No," Father said, going back to the car, "we have some things to help you."
He came back with two swords in his arms (the ones he always kept above the fireplace) and a piece of paper and a sack full of what I assumed to be money.
Dedrick took his sword and the other stuff while father handed me my sword.
"Wow parents of the year right here," Dederick said as he strapped the sword to his belt, "let's leave our kids out in the middle of the woods with some swords they barely know how to use, it's perfect."
Dederick was already walking away from them, not even sparing them a glance as he made his way into the trees. I stood right where I was, still trying to process what was happening. My mother was sobbing now, unable to hold back her cries that she was leaving her babies. But she still was. Father didn't even look at the two of us, now making his way back to the car while pulling my mom with him. She was hysterical now, unable to stand up straight.
"Jacobe come on," I heard Dedrick call from the forest, "they don't want us anymore why bother with them."
I moved to turn around just as my father was and I could see the first year I ever saw on his face before I followed after my brother. The only family I had left now. And the only family I would have for many years to come.

This one is also about the twins when they were alone, leading up to them finally catching up with the Row.
The twins find another family:
I woke up, cracking an eye open and squinting against the sunlight shining through the tree branches above me. I groaned and turned around, pushing my head back into the blanket. I heard a chuckle beside me and looked up at my twin, sitting on a log and reading a book.
“Morning, sleeping beauty,” Jacobe said, without looking up from his book.
“Ugh, what time is it?”
“If I had to guess…” he thought for a second, glancing up at the sun through the leaves, “About 8.”
“And how long have you been up?”
“2 or 3 hours maybe.”
I sighed; I had no clue how he functioned with that little sleep. I sat up, throwing my blanket off and stretched. I ran my hand through my ginger hair, grimacing at how greasy the strands felt. Jacobe laughed at the face I made and I just threw my worn blanket at him, “Just get the map out, I’m gonna wash up and find something to eat.”

I laughed again as I caught the blanket. Dederick stood up, grumbling about not getting enough sleep anymore, before grabbing his sword and our nearly empty sack of money. I folded the corner of my book, replacing it in my bag and pulling out the worn out map. The map that would help us find the Row. Over the years we had been out on our own we had been trying to track down Runite’s Row. More often than naught we would be pretty far behind them, but on some rare occasions, like now, we would be so close to finding them. I looked over the seemingly random scribbles the map had acquired, looking for the most recent one. According to a civilian in the last town, the group was headed in this direction, but I didn’t know what would be over here. I continued to trace the many lines, trying to remember anything important that would be around here. I looked up as I heard a train whistle pretty close by. I was about to look back down at the old paper, ignoring the sound, before it clicked. There was a train station, and the Row was heading in that direction. And if we didn’t hurry…

I pushed aside some branches on a briar bush, careful not to get caught, and walked up to the a small creek sitting just outside of the trees. I threw my sword and the money to the ground and dipped my hands into the water, throwing it onto my head. I shivered as the cold water reached my neck, but it still felt better than greasy hair. I went to repeat my motion and almost fell into the water when I heard Jacobe yell.
“Jacobe?” I called out as I grabbed my sword again, “Jacobe!”
Dammit, I thought to myself as I ran back into the trees. I slashed at the leaves, running back to our makeshift campsite. I collided with something hard, falling backwards and grunting as I smacked against the ground. The object I had run into also gave a groan as it hit the earth. I sat up and looked over my twin, searching for any injuries.
“What is it? Is something here?”
“No,” he gasped, slightly out of breath from sprinting over here, “There’s a train station nearby. We need to go before the Row gets on a train.”
My eyes widened and I turned in the other direction as I heard a second whistle. I grinned, if we hurried and caught up with them we might be able to stay with them. We wouldn’t be alone anymore. I turned around to Jacobe, who already had our stuff on his back still with a wild grin on my face.
“Come on, let’s hurry.”

I ran after Dederick, sprinting across a field to reach the train station before the Row left again. If we could reach them, we could have a family again. I really enjoyed being with Dederick, but sometimes it still got lonely being just the two of us. Now, if we could get to them, we wouldn’t have to be alone anymore. I could feel a huge smile coming onto my face as we ran, picking up speed as another whistle sounded off, much closer this time. I could see smoke rising up above a building and Dederick picked up speed, full out sprinting to the platforms. I caught up to him on the train platform, looking around as he bent over, trying to catch his breath. There was a large amount of people milling around the station, and I couldn’t really tell if any of them would be in the Row. I turned in a circle, spotting a rather tall boy with blonde hair. It was him, the infamous Resh Archambault. Dederick finally stood up straight, spotting the blonde boy at the same time I did. His grin grew even wider (if that was possible) and he pulled me over to him, tapping him on the shoulder.

“You’re Resh Archambault, right?” I gasped out, winded from the sprint.
“Yeah, who’s asking?”
“I’m Dederick Altir, this is my twin Jacobe. We want to join the Row, if you’ll take us.”
He looked over the two of us and then smiled, “Yeah, you guys can join.”
I looked over at Jacobe, both of us having huge smiles on our faces before Resh took us over to by tickets for the train.

That was the day we stopped being alone. We went from having only two of us, to being part of Runite’s Row. We had finally found another family.
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Re: Infinity's Row Archives: A Subplot Directory

Post by Salphirix on Thu Aug 06, 2015 1:03 am

● carolιne'ѕ ploт ●
Caroline's plot is one of the many subplots scattered around N'al Ren. However, it's good to keep in mind this subplot rarely if at all affects the main plot line of the RPG itself. This plot is really strictly kept between the three characters: Keiran, Melana, and Caroline.

Caroline's subplot is. . . Weird to say the least. It's not like most of the normal subplots, which somehow tie together with the main plot of the Row. A lot of this plot is basically just for my behalf and to further Caroline's story and what I've worked on for the Fray's/Haruko's/Deyanira's. I hope you enjoy it, I promise after the RPG everything will be revealed--either through a story or by a Q & A I have already made up~

Before Infinity's Row:
<> This is a short story written from the POV of Keiran. It depicts the time before Caroline joined the Row, when the two of them were living together. It also just barely explains some major plot points.

IR :: Renaissance: (76-78)
<> Mel meets with Caroline and says they are sisters, but Caroline cannot remember. (Almost100Unicorns played Melana back in those days)
<> There's also some Caroline history (please keep in mind, her memories have been screwed up at this point) along with some Cameline progression.
<> Mel is remembered as Caroline's sister.
<> Caroline and Cameron go to see Keiran, her old friend.

IR :: Iron Maiden: (2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12)
<> Keiran and Caroline reunite with Cameron tagging along. Things don't go so smoothly. (--27)
<> Melana and Caroline meet again. (--50)
<> Caroline tries to save Sergon, but he dies instead. (91, 94)
<> Melana and Caroline have a talk. (--11)
<> Caroline's meltdown + some sibling stuff.

IR :: Runite's Return: (--74, some parts can be skipped over)
<> Caroline is met with Dark!Caroline, Keiran appears, Mel gets mad.
<> Minor plot talk between Keiran and Caroline and then some Caroline talking to herself.
<> Keiran knows about Caroline and Melana's family.
<> Caroline's book ends up being an Autobiography. (--87)
<> Elyse helps her figure out about the Haruko Clan (which one she's in).

IR :: Awakening:
*Insert a four month gap between IR :: RR.*
<> This is a longer post, mostly used to catch up the four months that have been taken from the RPG.
<> Mel moment, thought I'd put this here.
<> Also, kinda/kinda not important but Keiran caring for Caroline? Keeping her from going with the others? More plot start maybe?
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Re: Infinity's Row Archives: A Subplot Directory

Post by Hime on Thu Aug 06, 2015 1:37 am

This is such an amazing idea!! I'll get to work on mine. Smile

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Re: Infinity's Row Archives: A Subplot Directory

Post by WritingBookworm on Wed Jan 27, 2016 3:33 pm

So I finally got around to doing this (or at least, some of it), and have gathered all of the important stuff relating to Gentry, Elias, and Mordecai from Interlude up until the end of Renaissance (and it includes a part to Interlude that I never got around to posting, too, so yay bonus content!). I'll work on gathering things from Iron Maiden next.

Infinity's Row: Interlude:
This is a sidestory, taking place during Apocalypse, that centers on how Elias and Gentry met. While trying to stop a potentially disasterous crisis, the two Row members with contrasting values and morals must set aside their differences and work together.

Interlude Epilogue: The Beginning:
"In other words, you failed."

Damien Fausse--or, as he was more known as, Silverbane--clasped his hands behind his back and took a few controlled steps to the side, as though he was disinterested.

But oh no. He was quite interested indeed.

He stopped and turned his head to the left. In the dark room, he could see uniformed men standing straight-backed against the two side walls. Standing in between the two lines was Ryan Archer, his close associate. Instead of being rigid with fear like all of his other men and women, he just looked annoyed.

"Look, I already told you--"

"You took an entire building hostage with ease," Damien continued, ignoring Archer. "You had half of my men at your disposal, took complete control of the situation--"

His cold blue eyes shifted toward Archer.

"And still you fail."

Archer's annoyance fell. A large bulge sank down his throat.

His eyes narrowed. He stepped closer to Archer. He took another step forward.

Then Damien drew his gun and shot Archer in the head.

A moment of stunned silence passed, the gunshot echoing through the black walls. Then Archer fell to the floor flat on his back. His lifeless eyes stared blankly up at the ceiling.

Damien lowered his gun and closed his eyes. He truly did not wish to shoot any of the ones who worked for him, especially not a man as loyal as Archer. But as Archer had initially exercised complete control of the situation, this was their biggest failure in years. He could not allow losses as paramount as this to transpire again. To ensure that wouldn't happen, a life would have to be taken in front of everyone's eyes so that they might conjure an idea of what would happen if they did fail. Fear was, unfortunately, the only effective way to govern.

Ultimately, lives would have to be sacrificed if he was to ensure that N'al Ren reached its promised era of peace. The ends did justify the means.

Surely Carstairs would understand.

He looked at each and every one of the men with hard, all-knowing eyes. He saw many of them display signs of fear, but all of them stayed calm under the pressure.

That was a mark of great subordinates.

Damien put his gun back in its holster. "You're all dismissed. And I'll need three of you to dispose of the corpse."

The men trickled out of the room. A few of them came over and carried Archer's body out of the room. Soon they'd all filed out, leaving him with a resounding close of the door.

Damien sighed. His quest was becoming ever so difficult. It was only a matter of time before he had to take drastic measures.

"Well?" said a voice. "Is it time?"

Damien closed his eyes. He truly wished that he would not have to resort to this. But he had no choice.

"It is," he said. "Step into the light."

And so the other man did. He was tall and lean, but strong, too. A clean black longcoat reached all the way down to his ankles, and a dark hood entirely cloaked his face in shadow. Gloved hands held a wickedly sharp scythe.

He was known as the Reaper. He had received the name not only due to his appearance, but also because he had never failed to deliver his victims to their deaths.

Damien looked into the Reaper's face, that void of blackness.

"Your next assignment is of critical importance," he said. "You are to obtain what I seek. And if killing Elias Carstairs and Gentry Yate is necessary to do so . . . then so be it. Clear?"

From under the Reaper's hood emerged a smile that was almost blinding. "Crystal."

Damien closed his eyes with a grim finality.

Their fates had been sealed.

Infinity's Row: Renaissance:
Good Luck Charm:

[An ordeal with Fe happens. Eventually the Row find themselves relaxing at a grand ball hosted by Azula, where Gentry finds herself trying to spend time with Elias.]


The Trouble with Romance:

A Delivery:

Nora's Letter:

Can I Have This Dance?:

The Least He Could Do:

Gentry, Meet Mordecai:

[The mission to save the Duke happens]

Elias's Promise:

The Cost of Victory:

The Fall:

An Unknown Variable:

The Message:

Do Fear the Reaper:

Gentry's Escape:

Elias's Resolve:

A Shortlived Reunion:

"You're Safe.":

The Polite Course of Action:

[Gentry and Elias arrive at Azula's estate]

The Best Christmas, Part 1:

The Best Christmas, Part 2:

The Blade and the Blood:

[Plot picks up. There's an attack on a town, and Fulmine sacrifices herself. The end of Renaissance is nigh]

The Heritage of Mordecai Reaves:
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Re: Infinity's Row Archives: A Subplot Directory

Post by WritingBookworm on Thu Sep 15, 2016 3:13 am

Sooo since I'm in an IR mood tonight, I went back and got all of my subplot posts from Iron Maiden! That was a bit of a task, but now they're all here in one place. This has some of my favorite IR posts of all time, including the Genlias kiss (the "Screw Professionalism!" one), the Mordecai reveal, and Natasha's introduction.

Infinity's Row: Iron Maiden:
Gentry and Mordecai's Dance:

A Ball Ruined:

The Reaper's Intentions:

A Second Promise to Nora Carstairs:

The Deadliest of All Weapons:

Findings on Silverbane:

Mordecai's Motivation:

Someone Who Would Never Kill:

A Promise to Natasha:

Silverbane's Home:

The Base:

Mordecai's Disappearance:

Silverbane's Message:

The Beginning of the End: ^

"Screw Professionalism!": ^

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing:

The Reaper Unmasked:

The Final Confrontation:

The Ability to Kill:

A Truce and A New Enemy:

Nothing Personal:

Elias vs. Mordecai

Gentry's Weapons:

The Wrong Couple to Mess With:

To Save the One You Love:

The Death of Mordecai Reaves:

Us Against the World:


Gentry's Decision:


"I, Natasha Reaves, decide that I am all that remains.":

An Unlikely Partnership: ^


[Infinity's Row: Interlude l Anaphora: Pariah l Infinity's Row: Uncontrollable l Anaphora: Vengeance]
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Re: Infinity's Row Archives: A Subplot Directory

Post by Michael DeathFlame on Thu Sep 15, 2016 1:52 pm

Well, I might as well get one of these together too. I'll bold anything that's super plot important in regards to IR2, since the Vrides and Amanda are going to be causing a hell of a lot of commotion then. Everything else is either side plot that you don't technically need to know about; I just put it all together because I like these scenes xD

Infinity's Row: Awakening:

Say Hello to the Vrides:

Yupik, Meet Natasha:

Meet Caria:

Natasha Doesn't Like Yupik:

"A Good Alternative to Pissing Myself."

"And I have a Bow and Arrow:

"What do you Mean, 'They'?"

The Chaos Entity:

Miranda and the Assassins:

Purple Eyes:

Yupik Meets Miranda:

"She Hurt Her."

"Do Gods Such as Yourself Still Have the Capacity to Feel Fear?"

Losing Control:

"Thank You."

A Normal Life:

Natasha's Hot:

Make Room for Yutasha:

A New Family:

Infinity's Row: Unbroken:

"They Have Him..."

"...I Kill All of Them..."

"It's Yupik's Eyes."

Sierra Takes Clemmens's Manhood:

Yupik Wakes Up and Amanda Meets Mordecai:

The Torture Begins:

Yupik vs. Natasha:

Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf:

Natasha's Leaving:

A Promise and a Hug:

"...I Love Her."

Yupik Attacks Sierra:

The Vrides Struggle:

Natasha Calls:


Amanda's Back:

"I Failed Him."


"For Her, I'll Be Unbroken."

"Amanda Says Hi."

A Broken Promise:

"I Shall Be the Mother of Chaos."

"You Have No Idea What She Did to Me."

"Yupik Vride to Natasha Reaves."

Sierra Loses It:

"I Missed You So Much."

Yupik and Gentry:



Natasha vs. Sierra:

Natasha Keeps Her Promise:

Amanda and Catrina: Part 1:

Part 2:

"Oh, Natasha."

Yutasha Sails:

Kae Makes an Entrace:

"Fuck the Row."

Speed Shooting:

"Say Hi to Clemmens."

Ebony Dies, Sierra Snaps:

The Vrides Meet Tormos:

Getting In the First Kiss Before Possibly-Dying:

Where's Home, and Another Nightmare:

"She Knows!"

"I'm Not Alone."

"That Won't Ever Change."

"Sleep Through the Night."

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Re: Infinity's Row Archives: A Subplot Directory

Post by Adrian on Sat Sep 17, 2016 12:49 pm

I gathered all of my subplot/important posts for Awakening these past two nights. Now to work on Runite's Return!


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Re: Infinity's Row Archives: A Subplot Directory

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