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As Dawn Breaks

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As Dawn Breaks

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Tue Jul 28, 2015 3:50 pm

My lord, 1000+ views on ANF. With all the typos and everything that I still cringe at everytime I think about them. First of all, thank you. Second of all, I never gave that story a proper ending. No there is no purpose for me not giving it a proper ending. Ive been working on Back story for ANF for a long time. But NONE of this wouldn't be possible if it weren't for people like Neela, Cheese, Widows Siren (who's on deviantart as vocaloid-luver if you were wondering) and everyone else who helped create the world of ANF. So, without further ado, I am proud to present, the birth of my new epic, As Dawn Breaks.






Dear Gemness,

It's been fifty long years since I've talked to you, brother. I've been in hiding mostly, living amongst the Citadel. They've been kind, and confident in my persists to stop the Illuminating Darkness. But now the rest of you are awakening. I know you're traveling to New York now, but I wanted you to know that starting over again isn't going to be as easy as it has been. I've been to the future, and I'll be there.

I mean that I'll have to take you down.

I'll be tracking you, I'll have to hunt you down, I'll double my army, create beings to do my bidding. All because you wouldn't stop trying to give up. You'll be strong, you'll think before you act, your equals will bond with you, some will be more difficult than others to deal with, but you'll figure out a way.

Then you'll kill me, Gem.

That's where you mess up.

He's back Gem, he's strong. He's used the Helix Star to bond his soul with the Harmonious Magic that was released during the Creation. There is no one who can stop him.

Not even you.

This is not a happy ending, this is the End.

I love you,


With a sigh, I rip the paper up until it's too small to rip any further, then I throw it over the deck swiftly into the calm but stirring ocean. Sound is everywhere here on the ship, the churning of the waters, the slow creek of the wooden boards, the laughter of ladies, and the squeals of children roaming the deck on the sunny day. The men had brought some tobacco with them, and it was as if their was a fire aboard.

But I was happy.

The note, which I had received via a dead drop, had no easy conclusive explanation to its origin. Elaya, who had protected me at all costs, was now saying that she was going to kill me. Knowing that I'm the last person anyone has to kill.

“Whatcha watchin?”

A soft voice said, from behind me. She soon came into my peripheral, she was young, maybe around a teenager's age. She had ginger brown hair and enchanting red eyes. She was a shrub to me, height wise. But her smile was strong. She leaned against the tiller with wonder.

"The sun. I usually don't get to see it." I answer.

She chuckles, amused I suppose.

"You're a vampire aren't you?" She exclaims.

"I suppose ... and you?" I ask.

"I'm something different." She answers proudly.

"What's that?" I ask.

She tilts her head and looks up at the sky. As if she's thinking.

"Uncle Cooper says I'm a one of a kind thing." She answers.

I smile, she's a spunky one.

"What's your name?" I ask in curiosity.

"My name is Guinevere. And yours?"

"I'm Gemness, nice to meet you."

She curtsied and I bowed.

We both laughed after that.

"How old are you Guinevere?" I ask.

She smiles, "I saw the tower of Pisa once. They were still building it."

Gemness laughed, "Do you speak Italian?."

"Sí, parli Italiano?" She answers.

I laugh again.

"How old are you, Gemness?"

"I was born in the post-classical era. But every once in a while, everything goes fuzzy in my mind and I forget things." I explain.

"So do I. I feel as if I've lived entirely different lives. Every time I think about my past ... I cant, its like its not there." She empathizes.

We sit there in silence for a while. As the boat rocks slowly in the waves.

Guinevere looks at me, almost mischievously. "I think we're going to get along just fine. You and i."

Her eyes turn blue.

"Who knows."

"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Adept Creator

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Re: As Dawn Breaks

Post by Sal on Tue Jul 28, 2015 7:13 pm

I'm interested! I can't wait to see more of it Smile


Do you even have a clue?
Do you even have one?

All the evil things we do,
Surprising that you don't run.

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Roleplay Moderator

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Re: As Dawn Breaks

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:03 pm

Thank you so much Goldie!

"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
Adept Creator
Adept Creator

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Re: As Dawn Breaks

Post by Neela on Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:05 pm

Ooh, I think I recognize this Wink Looks good dude!

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Retired Staff

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Re: As Dawn Breaks

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:10 pm

Yasss you know it!!!

"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
Adept Creator
Adept Creator

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Re: As Dawn Breaks

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:36 pm

First of all I want to say that I had seriously a lot of fun making this chapter for some reason, I don't know why it was just really fun to create. It's kinda given me an idea on how I'm weaving this together and that's great haha this is gonna be fun.

Chapter 1: The Harold Angels

December 1802

It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.

Nelson Mandela

My name is Harold.

I was born December 12, 1770, on the country side of New York. I was born with the gift of magic.

My father was a part of a Coven, the Sacri.

They didn't like me very much.

So when I met King Lexis I was much of an outcast.

It was at a royal ball in realm. The kingdom was in good wealth, and the connections with the wizards of the Earth had not yet been shattered.

"Harold the Great! My stars, how did you get up here?" Evan exclaimed.

"Magic, sir." I answered. Trying not to sound like I was talking down to the King of Angels or anything.

He laughed, "I'm glad you made it, Harold. You're an icon here in Lux."

I blush, "Oh, I wouldn't think it, Sire. Where are your children?"

King Lexis thinks for a moment. As if seriously off taken by my question. "I cannot remember, I think they've taken off to Coppertown when I last heard of them."

A servant passed by with a sparkling drink, he handed me one.

The King stood there smiling; lights shining widely in his eyes.

I took a sip.

It was like fire at first, but then it tasted like honey.

"What is this?" I ask the King.

"We call it Shadel. It's a mix of stardust, honey, goat milk, and tequila. Very sweet." He explains.

Great, poison.

"Where is your lovely wife, Your Majesty?" I ask.

King Lexis looks downcast, if only for a split second.

"Well ... She seems to be sick, I'm afraid." Evan explained.

I look down. "I'm sorry, your Majesty, if I had my equipment, would surely aid you."

His eyes brighten once again. "We have everything you need, come with me at once."


Jan was lain across her bed. She was sweating profusely and every once and a while she would arc.

"Can you help her?" The King asks

"Sire... why aren't there any attendants in here?"

"Can you help her or not!?" He yelled. His eyes violent almost.

I look at him, not afraid, but cautious.

"Fine. Give me some silk, milk, honey, and dirt. Also some water." I order.

The King leaves to carry out my commands without another single order.

I take off my coat, pulling off my rings on my hands off too. A wizard with stones and fur on does not bold well when trying to conduct impromptu magic.

I examine her.

"She's pregnant." I mumble.

I curse under my breath. I put my right hand on her forehead, and my left hand on her womb.

Slowly I begin to feel the blood flowing through her veins. A hard pulse from her heart.

She's not gonna last is she?

I see silk on the headboard, ripping it off; I take the time to wrap it around my arm.

Then I begin to do my magic.

From my hands expel a bright glow. I move them all around her body.

She closes her eyes.

Then I flick my hand and purple smoke expels and goes into her nostrils.

She opens her eyes.

The King returns with the supplies.

I throw him a glare. Dropping my focus, and the purple magic dissipates.

"No disrespect, your Majesty, but your wife is in Labor. If you would have taken care of this earlier-"

"Shut up Harold!" He yells once again.

In an instant, he is flung into the wall. He is lifted back up ... He seems to be choking.

I clench my hand tighter.

"If you EVER yell at me again ..
I will end you."

I wait for him to nod.

Then I let go.

His wings appear, cushioning his fall.

But he does not attempt to fight me.

I gather the equipment. First j through the dirt over her. Then, I dap the water on her forehead. I take the silk and use it as a makeshift bowl to pour the milk and honey into.

Then I begin the words of the Ancients.

In moments the milk and honey intertwine and cover her body in a thin sheet of light.

And about twenty minutes later, I hear the squeal of a child.

"It's a girl."

The child had appeared separate from the body. I had to pull her through the body because she was stuck in the birth canal.

She had beautiful Silver eyes.

I gave her to her mother.

"What are you going to name her?"

The Queen looks at the child. She starts to cry.

"I can't."

"Jan..." I attempt to question.

"She wasn't supposed to be born. She's not supposed to be here." She answers.

I look at her wildly. "What do you mean 'she's not supposed to be her'"

She looks at me. She's actually hurt. You can actually tell that she doesn't want to do this.

"Take her to Rome. We have family there who are willing to care for her until we can figure things out."

I'm still confused. "But why?"

Because she's different.

It was not my thought. It was hers, and for some reason, I knew that I had to do it.

So I took the child away to Rome.

Where I met someone by the name of Phireo.


It was late. The stars were beautiful though, and the moon gave me the energy I needed to get through this charade.

179. 179.

I finally found the number. I was off of my carriage in an instant. With a beautiful baby in my hands, shaking like an old house.

I knocked heavily on the door

The lights outside of the house illuminated the rest of the outside. This was somewhere on the outskirts of Rome.

The door opened to a tall sleek man, with orange hair that cascaded down his back. He looked distraught.

I spoke to him in Elvin.

"Another wizard?" I whispered.

He looked at the baby.

"Is this the child?" He asked.

"Yes, yes it is." I answer.

He carefully tried to take her from my hands.

I let go.

I let ... go.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Phireo." He answered.

The baby started to cry.

He looked up once again and smiled.

"Thank you, Harold." He said.

Then he slowly closed the door.

But before he did, I had caught glimpse of the child's eyes.

They were red.

My god they were red
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Adept Creator

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Re: As Dawn Breaks

Post by Sponsored content

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