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End of Year News (December 2017)

Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:57 am by Adrian

(It's been one year since I made a news thread, oops)

Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

2017 was a pretty busy year IRL for most of us - according to forum statistics, our busiest month was in June with 1671 total posts, meaning our post rate has been a little …

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Forum Bug

Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:18 am by Adrian

Hi all,

We're aware of a peculiar forum glitch that's causing some subforums to be locked.

Due to the lateness at this time, it might be a while before the glitch can be remedied, because despite my best efforts and as far as I can tell, everything seems to be working fine admin-side. It may have …

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Discord News/Update Test

Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:35 am by Adrian

Just a news, update test. Trying to get this thing to work.

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Slasher III

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Slasher III

Post by Adrian on Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:31 am

In light of creating/reviving Whodunnit, I figured I'd bring this classic game back again. I know a lot of people had fun with it a while back, so I thought a few more rounds couldn't hurt. Without further ado....

Welcome to Camp De-Cap-A-Lot! Breakfast is at seven, the mess hall closes at nine, and there may or may not be a few twisted psychotic killers amongst you bent on murdering you all... oh, and dinner is at eight.

The aim of the game is to survive your stay. In the beginning of the game you'll be given a role. If you are a slasher, your job is to communicate with the other slasher(s) to decide who to kill each night. If you are not a slasher, your job is to survive the night and put your trust in the right people.

When it is night the slashers must decide who to kill, the tabloid reporter must eavesdrop on the slashers, and the cop must decide who to protect. They must message their decision to the host (aka me).
When it is day, everyone in the game will cast a vote to kill someone off. The campers must try and determine who the slasher is, and the slashers must try and trick the campers into thinking they are an innocent camper. You must cast your vote aloud on a post.

Enjoy your stay.
[Description (mostly) from Game made by Seth Madej]


(images also taken from and because I'm a lazy terrible admin ok)

You're a tabloid reporter posing as a camper to get the story of the decade. You can use your paparazzi skills to listen in on the Slasher chat room and the Slasher board, but you can't tell who's talking. But every time you snoop, you have a chance of getting found out and almost certainly killed. You win when all the Slashers are out of the game.

Post below if you'd like to join the game.


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Re: Slasher III

Post by boyhoy on Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:45 am

I'm always down for Slasher. Count me in!

I may fall
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Realizing a year late I haven't given credit to Lady Sen for the amazing avi! <3

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Re: Slasher III

Post by WritingBookworm on Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:58 am



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Re: Slasher III

Post by Fix-It on Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:58 am

Count me in..

everything that lives is designed to end.

we are perpetually trapped in a never-ending spiral of life and death.
is this a curse? or some kind of punishment?
i often think about the god who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle. . .
and wonder if we’ll ever get the chance to kill him.

thank you so much athena!:

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Re: Slasher III

Post by Kane on Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:01 am

Sign me up!

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Re: Slasher III

Post by Cana on Thu Jul 09, 2015 12:24 pm

So, this is pretty much a watered-down version of mafia?

I'm in.

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Re: Slasher III

Post by Sponsored content

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