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[OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Adrian on Thu Jul 09, 2015 3:20 pm

Name: Mitchell Levithos
Age: 28
Personality: Mitchell is your average, disillusioned citizen. He has a strict, daily routine he adheres to, and tends to be bland all around. Nobody pays him much attention, save for small talk and business.
Bio: Mitchell Levithos was born in Avaditas to a very basic family and grew up a very basic life. He attended school, earned rather good grades, and went on to become a doctor at a very basic hospital. In fact, one of his patients was a girl named Erika Pandor; she was admitted to the hospital at 14, and she grew an attachment to him, not unlike how a daughter is attached to a father. Mitchell tends to dismiss this connection - however, he can't avoid it for long, as he and Erika's lives are about to take a dramatic twist....
Place of Residence: Suada, Avaditas
Occupation: Doctor
Strengths: Mitchell has seen it all in terms of the average human. He's dealt with trauma patients, terrible injuries, the list goes on...
Weaknesses: ...but what he hasn't seen, is what Trait Bearers can do. When it comes to the "extraordinary" that seldom enters his life, he prefers to stay away from it, and has no clue how to react when he comes face to face with anything that disrupts his routine.


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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Salphirix on Thu Jul 09, 2015 3:58 pm

Avon Dasilva III:

Name: Avon Dasilva III

Name Meaning:
Avon | Hebrew, is a sin of lust or uncontrollable emotion
Dasilva | (the) Forest

Alias: The Emperor

Alias Meaning: It’s the title given to all rulers of Avaditas.

Age: 23

DOB: Nivalis 8th (Equivalent to Christmas in real life)

Trait: Greed
Secondary Traits: Narcissism, Passion, Compassion, Envy
Tertiary Traits: Hate, Persistence
Quadiary Traits: Cruelty, Sorrow, Logic, Faith
Quinary Traits: Joy, Strength, Imagination, Restraint
(more traits will be added over time)

Powers: Persuasion [Compelling Voice] when activated the user can persuade the victim to do as they say. This becomes stronger the more greedy the user's intentions are, and occasionally if you're not even trying it will slip out.

Appearance: Avon can be said to simply be tall, dark, and handsome. He stands 5"11 with a more skinny build, his hair is short, raven black that falls a little below his ears somewhat messily and contrasts with his lighter blue eyes. He also has lighter skin. On average he wears the same outfit, consisting of a white long sleeved collared shirt, black vest, red tie, black slacks, and black dress shoes.

Personality: Wiki

Personality Type: ESTJ

Bio: Wiki

Notable Relationships:
Ceyra | Wife | Surprisingly, he has a high amount of respect for Ceyra as a person. And as a wife he feels there wouldn’t exactly be someone better. He hasn't been very good at hiding it but he loves her a lot more than anything he has ever loved--though, he tries to deny it.
Eris | Sister | He cares for her, truly he does, but is honestly worried about her Greed trait. He feels she is loosing it and is becoming Cruelty and a lot of her staff are beginning to dwindle
Charity | Enemy/Half-sister | He just recently met her, but because of the situations pertaining the whole Dasilva family he basically hates her.
Venetia | Mother/Enemy | Hates her for being a "whore". Basically, he feels she has shamed the Dasilva name.
Avon Dasilva II | Father | Frustrated with how he had interest in his half sister rather than paying more attention to him. He also hates how he was weak and couldn't kill their mother. I mean, he also ordered an assassination on him so he could lead Avaditas so I mean. . .

Weapon of Choice: Dual pistols

Strengths: Wiki

Weaknesses: Wiki

Fun Facts:
>Face claim is Walter C. Dornez (younger) from Hellsing.
>He only started smoking when he was 19, due to using it as a stress reliever, however he's become addicted.
>Originally Avon didn't want a wife, even telling Eris there wouldn't be a woman suitable enough to be his. However, upon meeting Ceyra his mind changed.
>Because his nation is so diverse in color he isn't racist. Mostly just because he doesn't give a shit for anyone else lolol.

Charity Perkins//Charitia Dasilva:

Name: Charity Perkins | Charitia Dasilva

Name Meaning:
Charity/Charitia | The giving of something, generosity / Royal version of Charity.
Perkins/Dasilva | Little Peter, the son of Peter / Forest.

Age: 16

DOB: V/42

Trait: Faith
Secondary Traits: Compassion, Imagination, Joy, Greed
Tertiary Traits: Passion, Sorrow
Quadiary Traits: Logic, Persistence
Quinary Traits: Cruelty, Hate, Strength, Restraint, Envy
(More will be added later)

Powers: Light manipulation [Photokinesis] allows her to bend light at her will, however her faith and belief (both in herself and her motives) must be strong for her to use it.

Appearance: Charity stands 5’2 with a small build even for a girl her age, she sports long blonde hair that falls a bit below her chest and her bangs are short enough to just reach her eyes--which are a mix of grey-brown but simply just get labeled light brown. Her skin is fair; usually unable to tan, just burn. When it comes to an outfit she really doesn’t have much to choose from, so her wardrobe typically consists of a pink, white, and yellow plaid long sleeved collared t-shirt that is slightly too big for her figure, worn loose jeans, and sneakers that have been worn down by use and attempts to color it. She can also be seen with a brown leathery backpack that holds various items (that are both needs and wants).

Personality: Charity, much like her trait, is optimistic. She's always hopeful and believes if she, and the others around her, try hard enough to achieve their goal of a better world you will get it. She's always beaming and having an upbeat attitude, refusing to let others feel like there's nothing left even when it seems the tables have turned for the worst. If you need support she will always be there for you. Not only is she very cheery but her innocence is something worth mentioning, not only being one of the youngest members, both in mind and age, of the group but gaining the actual title of the “baby of the bunch”.

When it comes to strengths she’s become skilled at keeping her comrades spirits up, reminding them if they try their best they will get the best. Charity also knows how to adapt if things don't go her way and will stand up for what she believes in even if others won't. On top of that all, she's a very dedicated, loyal person.

She is too blinded by her Faith, literally, that she usually cannot realize how badly a situation has turned, getting her into more trouble than needed along with making reality very damaging. She's not very wise and cannot make decisions by herself without the help of those around her, not to mention she is sometimes too ignorant for her own good. Charity also cannot use her abilities very well so she typically does not use them unless it’s something simple. Not to mention she puts too much trust in others than she really should. Furthermore, despite how much she denies it she craves attention from her peers and wants her efforts to be noticed.

Overall, one big thing that holds her together as a person is her blind faith in the world, as long as she’s able to be blinded by her ignorance and innocence she’s okay and is able to keep herself together, not realizing how dark everything is. However, if that was to be taken away from her she’d be unable to handle it well.

Personality Type: ESFJ

Charity Perkins was a child born and raised in Suada, Avaditas with one father by the name of Izak Perkins. She never met her mother and to this day still doesn't know who she is considering her father never dares to speak of her.

Charity knew from the start she was "different"--seeing as she thought and acted differently personality and mental wise compared to the other kids her age, however she never really understood it or bragged it, fearing the worst if she did.

Charity usually spent her times alone, or huddled in her room while her father had one of his "lady friends" over. He was always ignoring her, trying to drown her out of his life with women and alcohol. Charity, though hurt by his actions, always believed he would just get better in time. Yet, that wasn't the case. Her father only continued to get worse until he wouldn't even attempt to look at her and if he did he'd look past her as if she wasn't there. Of course, this killed her inside, but always made her want to have more and more faith that he'd get better.

At school Charity couldn't get along with anyone or fit in anywhere. She tried her best to hide her opinions and views, but it was hard for her seeing as she stuck out like a sore thumb half the time. Once the school contacted her father the government was already on her tail about being a possible Trait Bearer. Of course, she finally realized she was one a little before then and was able to flee before the Government could get to her; stealing a saber on her escape to Cruore and causing several seizures. Later she came across Aila, Axel, and Fina who helped her discover what trait she had and then formed Anaphora's Redemption.

Notable Relationships:
Aila | Close Friend & “Big Sister” | Aila was the first person she had befriended after her journey across the hellish lands of Avaditas and Cruore. Quickly, Charity became close to Aila and even viewed her as an older sibling--even though they were no way near blood related. Still to this day she looks up to Aila and only wants to be noticed by her.
Axel | Close Friend & “Big Brother” | After Aila he was the second person she got to meet and befriended. Like Aila, she quickly became close with him and views him as her protector and older brother. She looks to him for safety and security and occasionally refers to him as a “smiling rock”.
Fina | Friend | Unlike Aila and Axel she never really became as close with her in comparison to Aila or Axel, mostly because she’s felt intimidated by her personality and how strong it is.

Weapon of Choice: Saber - Crede

Fun Facts:
>Her real name is Charitia Dasilva. However because the situations of her birth she is just called Charity Perkins. Perkins being the last name of her father and Charity being the less formal version of her royal name.
>It was confirmed she's related to Avon Dasilva III and Eris Dasilva I.
>She looks up to Axel and Aila like they're her older brother-sister.
>She's one of the youngest AR members, tying with Lalya Sutters in being "the baby of the bunch".

Lol nope you're gonna have to wait<3


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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Athena Lionheart on Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:56 pm

All accepted! Smile

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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Kane on Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:06 pm

Name: Eris DaSilva I
Name Meaning: Greek name meaning "Goddess of discord"
Alias: Red Princess 
Alias Meaning: Mainly called this by her staff. "Red" due to blood and "Princess" due to her manner
Age: 13
DOB: Aestas 36th
Trait: Greed
Secondary Traits: Cruelty, Hate, Envy
Tertiary Traits: Narcissism, Strength, Passion
Quadiary Traits: Sorrow, Imagination, Persistance, Logic
Quinary Traits: Joy, Restraint, Compassion, Faith 
Powers: Persuasion 
Appearance: Eris has a peachy complexion and fair blonde hair. Her eyes are light blue like the color of a the sky. She's fairly short for her age at around 4 feet and 2 inches.
Personality: Eris, in a word, is insane. She's a sadistic, lying devil child wrapped up in seemingly harmless packaging. Her "cute" appearance allows almost all suspicion and blame to fall to those around her. She is more than happy to watch people take the blame. In fact, she loves watching people being blamed for things she actually caused. She shares her brother's bloody ambition. She too doesn't care about the people around her. Only her brother makes her feel wanted and belonged. She also shares her brother's self absorbed demeanor.
Personality Type: ESTP
Bio: Eris was born into the Greed family. She looked to be a beautiful girl to the entire world. The troubling part to her family was that she wasn't. From an early age, she loved torturing animals and burning things. Her brother, Aven, would often join her in this when she was younger. They eventually formed a strong bond between them. When her father was assassinated, she felt no remorse at all. 
Notable Relationships: Avon- She consideres herself to only care for Avon and no one else.
Ceyra- She doesn't care of her sister in law at all, but they have had a few moments.
Weapon of Choice: Scythe 
Strengths: Her ambition and confidence are her two greatest strengths. Every word she says holds an air of assurance and knowledge like she knows everything. 
Weaknesses: Her cruelty will blind her more than anything as well as her ambition and desire for it. It will lead her into dangerous situations that she will have trouble getting out of.
Fun Facts: 
~She has a bunny that she cares for more than any other animal. She would never consider killing it or harming it in any way.
~She actually enjoys gardening a little, but she would never admit that to anyone.

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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Fix-It on Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:47 pm

Name: Cinzia Montalvo
Name Meaning: Italian version of the name Cynthia.
Alias: --
Alias Meaning:
Age: 18
DOB: A/47/77
Trait: Restraint
Secondary Traits: Faith. She will believe almost anything people say, if they can say it with a straight-face. She has lots of hope built-up inside of her.
Tertiary Traits: Persistence. She still hasn’t given up searching for her parents who abandoned her, and is willing to do whatever it takes to find them. She just wants to know why. “No matter what the truth is that’s waiting ahead, I won’t be afraid!”
Quaternary Traits: Sorrow. She wants to know why she was left, and why the government hates the Trait-bearers so much.
Quinary Traits: Greed, Joy, Hate, Compassion, Joy.
Powers: Being a Restraint-bearer, she can negate another bearer’s powers once she becomes fully self-controlled and enters a meditating-like state.
Appearance: ((Her Face-claim is Petra Ral from Shingeki No Kyojin)) Cinzia is located on the average spectrum for her age. She is 158 cm (5’1) and she weighs 55 kg (121 lbs). Her hair is a reddish-orange color that looks a bit like the color of oranges. Her eyes are amber with a dark blue ring around near the sclera. Her hair is short enough to touch her shoulders.
Personality: Cinzia is notably a kind person. She enjoys helping and being around others but does not subject herself to peer pressure. She is a very restrained trait bearer. Cinzia is very disciplined and is willing to follow whoever steps up onto the podium. She learns a lot from herself, and is continuing to learn more about who she is. Cinzia is only rude under certain circumstances—which don’t occur very often. She dislikes fighting and the idea of hurting other people, but will toss that belief out of the window for her friends and family.
Personality: Cinzia is notably a kind person. She enjoys helping and being around others but does not subject herself to peer pressure. She is a very restrained trait bearer. Cinzia is very disciplined and is willing to follow whoever steps up onto the podium. She learns a lot from herself, and is continuing to learn more about who she is. Cinzia is only rude under certain circumstances—which don’t occur very often. She dislikes fighting and the idea of hurting other people, but will toss that belief out of the window for her friends and family.
Personality Type: INFP
Bio: Cinzia was born Aestas 47th in the nation of Avaditas to a family of unknown origins. As you see—Cinzia was abandoned shortly after birth for reasons that remain un-explained. She was found and taken in by the local orphanage where she lived a fairly normal life until she found out she was a Restraint trait-bearer.
A small quarrel broke out at the orphanage between Cinzia and another trait bearer who remains unknown, and Cinzia ‘accidentally’ took away the other child’s ability. The care-taker turned them both into the government in an attempt for their traits to go away. The other bearer quickly lost theirs after only a month, but Cinzia’s restraint just wouldn’t disappear. After a year of grueling and almost never-ending attempts at persuading her out of it, she was sentenced to death.
Without thinking ahead, Cinzia snuck out of her cell—snatching a sword on the way out and ran. As she reached the outside, a guard confronted her. She dissolved his powers quickly and stabbed him in the stomach. She ran for her life, for her freedom and for her trait. She knew somewhere she could help someone, and that became her life goal; to help another trait-bearer from a similar fate. After she had to murder someone, she decided never again would that happen at her hand.
Notable Relationships: She has grown attached to her rapier..
Weapon of Choice: Dark-gray rapier that she calls Desolation.
Strengths: She is generally a nice person and makes friends easily. She likes to think of herself as trustworthy, and is also pretty light on her feet.
Weaknesses: Cinzia is not very good at fighting, and her ability could use some work. She puts too much trust into others which can lead to disasters.
Fun Facts: Her Face-claim is Petra Ral from Shingeki No Kyojin.
Her lyrical theme is Bulletproof by La Roux
Her instrumental theme is Glow by HDSOUNDI
She was born Aestas 47th 9977 [A/47/77]
Cinzia sometimes wears a burgundy backpack with white trim that contains items like water and some dry foods.
Athena was very excited for this character to be introduced into the role-play Very Happy
She really likes flowers Smile
Cinzia looks pretty cute in a dress.


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thank you so much athena!:

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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Athena Lionheart on Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:22 pm

Looking good, guys! Very Happy

Lyssy can have final say on any Eris changes, + she's 14 now, since her birthday passed two days ago c:

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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Wishie on Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:37 pm

I just want to say that I am SO excited for this :3

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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by WritingBookworm on Sat Jul 11, 2015 8:01 pm

Lucian 'Luke' Zeidan:
Name: Lucian Zeidan

Name Meaning: Lucian means 'Light'. There’s not really much of a meaning for ‘Zeidan’ (that was just a name on the internet that we thought sounded cool), but there are slight variants of it that mean ‘growth’ or ‘progress’.

Alias: Luke Zeidan (he used to privately call himself Luke Randall instead of Luke Zeidan, since he thought Quintus was much more of a father than Vandor ever was, but now he's starting to accept his heritage once more.)

Alias Meaning: Luke also means light. xD

Age: 18

DOB: Nivalis 91st, 9,976

Trait: Compassion

Secondary Traits: Faith, Strength, Sorrow, Cruelty

Tertiary Traits: Joy, Passion, Hate

Quadiary Traits: Logic, Persistence, Restraint, Imagination

Quinary Traits: Greed, Envy, Narcissism

Powers: Healing l Compassion Bearers have the ability to heal the wounds of living beings. Compassion's powers are among the more spontaneous, the user often unaware that they are even using them as their natural kindness and empathy triggers the healing.


Personality: True to his Trait, Luke is a kindhearted young man who genuinely believes that everyone has good inside of them, and has made it his mission to bring it out even in those who might not be able to be saved. He's generous and selfless, sometimes to the point of fault. Luke is modest and doesn't try to draw attention to himself. He's usually thoughtful and mature, but he's also passionate in what he believes in, so he can easily be either an instigator or a mediator of a fight.

In the past, when he was known as Lucian instead of Luke, he was not like this; in his early years he was actually cruel and would bully his siblings, especially Therese. But now that that part of his life is over and he's on the right track, Luke always feels incredible guilt from this and has his sights very firmly set on redeeming himself because of this. Instead of tearing others down, he builds them up. He hasn't ever really forgiven himself of this, and usually no matter what he does to change or potentially rectify it, it's not enough.

Luke has other flaws as well. He can be passionate, so there are times where he can have a pretty nasty temper. His fuse varies on the situation. He has a strong moral code (exemplified in the fact that he's sworn to never take a life, no matter what the situation may be), and while this is generally a good thing, it also has potential to cause problems. He can be too trusting, but not necessarily because he's gullible - it's primarily due to that he wants to believe the good in everyone, and he's governed by his heart rather than his head. He can end up placing his trust even in the worst in people if his instincts tell him to, and while sometimes his instincts may be right, they can also be dead wrong.

Luke's feelings toward his family are complicated. They can be a sore subject, since they can bring memories of the way he used to be. He'll resent them, especially his father, but he'll also want to reach out to them in a likely vain attempt to fix things. He doesn't look forward to fighting them one day, because despite everything, at the end of the day they're his blood kin. But he knows it has to be done in order to achieve his mission, so he's willing to do it.

Personality Type: His Myers Briggs type is ISFP (Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving) while his Temperament is Phlegmatic

Bio: Luke was born as Lucian Zeidan, the eldest son of the leader of Acritudo. True to being among the head of a nation founded upon cruelty, his early years he was snobbish, controlling, and frequently bullied others, especially his younger sister, Therese. Many thought that he would surely become a Cruelty Bearer - but when he turned twelve and he still hadn't demonstrated the ability, it became exceedingly apparent that he was not born with the Cruelty Trait.

To avoid execution, one of the servants, an aging man named Quintus Randall, snuck him out of the castle. Before they could make it, Therese confronted them and almost brought them down with her newfound Cruelty powers, but Lucian managed to temporarily get ahold of her knife and accidentally wounded her deeply around her collarbone. Lucian was horrified at what he'd done, and the sight of so much blood pouring out would forever scar him, but they managed both to make it out of the castle.

Lucian and Quintus fled through Acritudo, on the run from a man named Abraxas Blackthorne. There Quintus informed him that Lucian was actually a Compassion Bearer, and that soon he and the other Bearers would have to unite and bring down the three governments -- which would include his family. After a climactic turn of events, Lucian swore to never take a life, and was ready to truly make a change by the time they managed to arrive in Cruore.

For years Lucian was trained in his abilities and in the Bo staff, and in the process became a kinder, more enlightened individual. Lucian shortened his name to Luke, a symbol for how he's changed and has separated himself from his family. Five years later, in early Aestas 9,995, Luke decided that the time for hiding was over, and soon joined Anaphora's Redemption.

Notable Relationships:

>Therese Zeidan (Sister/Enemy (well, sort of. She may be in ENTROPY, but let's just say things have changed between them since the confrontation)) : The relationship between Luke and Therese is easily one of the most complicated. In his early years, Therese was nothing more than someone he could take his anger out on, but eventually realized just how much he loved her after accidentally stabbing her and trying to heal her with his Compassion Trait. Now after six years, while Luke recognized that Therese was an enemy, she was also his sister, and has been careful to never once physically attack his sister throughout all of their struggles. Luke knows there is good in her and even trusted her until she stabbed him in the chest. While that event has made him significantly more wary of her, Therese's attack did not make him strictly love her any less. He sees her as someone that simply needs help and true affection -- one that can possibly redeemed. These feelings only strengthened after she proved his theory about there being good in her to be in fact correct, as she demonstrated the ability to use a manifested Sorrow Trait. Now, ever since their confrontation, the game has changed severely.

>Jezebel Zeidan (Sister) : Luke loves Jezebel dearly, and is the closest to her out of all siblings due to the fact that they have both become kind and loving despite their initial upbringing. Hurting Jezebel is one of the easiest ways to make him mad, and he'll truly do anything for her.

>Aila Lovell (Friend/Crush) : Aila was one of the very first people in the Redemption that Luke met, and to this day could be considered the closest to her out of anyone in the AR. Interactions between the two has eventually led to Luke realizing that his feelings toward her may not solely include that of friendship.

>Quintus Randall (Mentor/Former Guardian) : Initially, Luke's relationship with Quintus wasn't the best. Quintus looked down upon Luke, and even after Quintus helped Luke escape, Luke wasn't Quintus's biggest fan due to the fact that the older man had to show him some very tough love. Eventually, though, Luke came to hold Quintus in very high regard, and looks up to him -- both as a mentor of the bo staff, and as a man in general. Quintus is like a father to Luke, and the Compassion Bearer was greatly saddened when Luke parted ways with him to find the Redemption.

>Vandor Zeidan (Father/Former Enemy) : Vandor was one of the only people that Luke truly hated. He was resentful of Vandor ever since he discovered he executed their mom and called for his own death as well. Luke was also very afraid of Vandor -- and afraid of the fact that he still might love his father. It turns out that he did hold a degree of love for him, for Luke was truly sad when he discovered he'd passed away and to this day feels shame at the fact that the Redemption had a major hand in his death.

>Leyland Zeidan (Brother/Former Enemy) : His feelings toward Leyland were similar to that of his feelings toward Vandor, if with less fear and resentment. Luke's very cautious of Leyland, knowing that he truly was an enemy. He has recognized that redemption for Leyland, while not entirely impossible, was extremely unlikely and thus recognized him as a threat that needed to be dealt with. When word of Leyland’s death reached the Redemption, Luke was definitely saddened, and regrets that things between them were never repaired.

Weapon of Choice: For years, he's been training with a bo staff named Elpis (Greek personification of Hope). It's specifically made of a hard, durable wood so that he'll be able to go toe to toe with his family without the risk of them controlling his weapon.

Strengths: Luke does have a fair amount of strengths. He's kind, so he's generally easy to get along with.  He's thoughtful and tactical, so while he's not the absolute best strategist, he's usually not reckless (unless he's angry or trying to be nice to Therese). Luke's a good fighter, too, particularly with his Bo staff. He's managed to develop his healing abilities a little, and his tact combined with his kindness can make him a good diplomat.

Weaknesses: He certainly has his weaknesses. For a Compassion Bearer, he sure has a big temper, which can get explosive and even violent at times. His selflessness is a fault half of the time, because he can completely forget to think of himself. He tries to see the good in others, and also has a hard set of morals, and while these are generally good things, they definitely have potential to cause problems. Luke hates conflict, so he can avoid his problems rather than confronting it. He's very ashamed of the person he used to be, so he'll be self-depreciative and be hard on himself. Luke has trouble forgiving himself, and there are a few people he has difficulty forgiving as well - namely his father. And thanks to his experience giving a near-fatal wound to his sister, he has a fear of blood, which can be problematic in healing wounds or being in combat in general.

Fun Facts:
>The real-world equivalent of his birthday would make him a Pisces.
>Luke has two themes. One, representing his personality, is ‘Again by Yui, covered by Adrisaurus’. The second, representing his past, is ‘Invisible by U2’.

Therese's will be up soon.

Credit to Hime for the drawing!

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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Athena Lionheart on Sat Jul 11, 2015 10:36 pm

Yay Writing, it's wonderful!

LITTLE FETUS LUKE okay i'm sorry

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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Omni on Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:59 am

So, I'm a bit late to the party, but I have an idea for a character. However, I'm not quite sure from the OP what's still open, since I'm a bit confused by the talk of reservations and the 'Always Accepting' byline; presumably that'd be more clear if I'd been here for the last two years and knew the forum structure better, but, well...

Other than that, the idea I have doesn't fit especially neatly into any of the character categories; she's not a citizen, she's definitely not government, she probably wouldn't work with Entropy--she's had more than enough of secrets and shadowy motives--and while she might join Anaphora's Redemption eventually, she'd probably not start out with them, both because she's not mentally ready and because I suspect a number of them wouldn't want to have her.

So, yeah. It's a weird idea, but I think it could fill an interesting place in the RP, especially given the tone that this seems to be angling for, and any clarification about the viability of jumping in at this stage of things would be appreciated.


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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

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