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[OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

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[OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Athena Lionheart on Mon Jul 06, 2015 3:37 pm


If you wish to use this roleplay or its concept/revive it/recreate it on another site, please ask me first. Anaphora and all its titles are entirely my creation, and the characters are the property of their respective creators. I will not take lightly to plagiarism. If you contact me, either through PMs or on Skype (my username is in my contact information, please specify who you are in the request message) I would be more than happy to let you use it with proper credit, but please contact me first.

Asking permission is recommended and the courteous thing to do, but giving credit is not optional.

I do not own the song 'Time to Come'. It was created by the artist Miguel Palafox [MythFox] and uploaded to Youtube by HDSounDI. All text on the page and on other related pages to the Anaphora roleplay and concept under my account is my property and is protected by the below license. The concept behind the words is also my property, and is protected by the license. 'Athena Lionheart' is my pen name, and while I will not reveal my full real name for security reasons all of this belongs to me. I reserve the right to use my creation in the future however I please, in any format or medium, for profit or nonprofit.
The site blanket CC license is not effective for Anaphora

Anaphora by Athena Lionheart is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Revolution spreads like wildfire,
But our fight is far from over.
Courage stirs in every soul,
But our task is not near closure.
Tired hearts will take up arms,
But the end stays out of sight.
Change will rise up like the sun,
But first, we last the night.

One could argue. By accomplishing what we have, our sword is at their throats. Avaditas and Aspernor are a few simple steps from crumbling under pressure.
I beg to differ.
Never have we been in a more delicate situation. Never have we been in more danger. Never have our choices held so much consequence. And they know it, too.
Welcome to Anaphora, where war takes its grip as power and ideals hang in the balance. A balance so easily swayed, so easy to rig or tip.
Up until now, things were straightforward. We had our mostly underage rebels, Anaphora’s Redemption, seeking to fix this broken world. Then there were the governments of Avaditas, Acritudo, and Aspernor, whose goal was to simply eliminate all threats.
And against every odd, our strange band of Trait Bearers did it. They collapsed one of them.
But from here on out, everything has changed.
We have another variable in the mix.
Our personal wars are just beginning.
And we’re learning more about what it means to be a Trait Bearer, as we swim upstream fighting entropy.
What it means to be human.



Tara you are the best <3
You may need to check your preferences to make sure you have all your HTML and BB coding enabled to see it.

Anaphora is a world formed by the Traits. It has four major continents, three of which are home to the nations and the fourth of which is the world’s battleground in the center of the ocean, rich in history and resources, and stained with blood. Long ago, these battles were over morality, freedom, and religion, but in this age Cruore is a place to sacrifice lives for gain and power… and the place where the Trait Bearers united.

Most of this world’s citizens have lost all sense of purpose and quietly follow the governments, even as they grow more and more corrupt. They fight off despair with alcohol and entertainment. They know no other way to live, and have no motivation to find one. Most of them don’t know how to read or write, and history had been destroyed and rewritten by the nations. The people of this world have sold their freedom for food and entertainment long ago, and now they are unknowingly paying the price.

Anaphora does have technology such as television, phones, and the like, but all sorts of communications are monitored 24/7 and all broadcasts are strictly controlled by the leaders of each nation. No technological advances have been made in the past 500 years, when the Trait Bearers began to be wiped out.

Avaditas is ruled by a family of Greed Trait Bearers. The people of this county have nothing to their name except the bare necessities of their empty lives. Avaditas is by far the richest nation in the world, especially since they have the largest foothold in Cruore currently.
Avaditas has a gorgeous and large capital. Residents are hand-selected and it is guarded by only the very best. Rather warm, surrounding landscape fairly barren.

This nation is headed by Cruelty. Notorious for the heartless torture and murder of POWs, citizens who disobey the slightest, and Trait Bearers, Acritudo has a large, ruthless army class of citizens above the regular workers. They were the strongest influence in Cruore until a battle ten years ago. The leading family has been known to kill their children who were not born Cruelty Bearers.
Acritudo has been successfully captured by Anaphora’s Redemption as of A/38/95.
Heavily defended from every angle, Poena is nearly impossible to get in and out of. It sports a slightly less chilly climate then Auster Vigil.

The nation of Hate. From the outside, this may look like a better nation than Acritudo. Never be deceived. The people in this country have no freedoms whatsoever and are ruled by fear. Any citizen can be chosen to fight in their wars at any given moment. The old or sick are killed off, and the entire country is composed of only one race.
The capital of Aspernor is the home of all the best strategists in the world, along with the tightest security on the planet.


wiki | tropes page | fan thread
Anaphora is the story of the humans who live in the world the RPG is named for. It is a Character-Driven, Loose Plot, Minimal Interference RPG. Basically, what this roleplay will become is entirely dependant on the characters and their choices. Conflict is derived by incompatible character goals. Your choices matter. I will interfere very little as GM of the roleplay. Handholding will not be permitted. This RPG demands a certain amount of personal responsibility for both understanding and contributing to the world. With that said, I will gladly clear up any ambiguity you come across. Just ask! Smile
To make it easier for you, characters types are organized into the basic categories for you to more effectively create a character that fits into the world and story. Some are limited by reservable spots, some are not. Be sure to consider your character first, and not feel limited by these. I would think of these as ‘starting points’.
There are now four major categories for characters!
I will be rating them in three different ways to give you an idea of which is best for you
*-Low   **-Moderate   ***-Considerable   ****-Important   *****-Critical
Activity- Basically, how much we need you to be active in this category. Definition of active is in the rules.
Creativity- How much effort we’d like in character design and post quality. Don’t worry, this is just to give you a general idea. It basically just means how much thought we’d ask of you.
Weight- How much your character will be impacting the roleplay, just by existing. Higher ranking means that that slot is extremely important to the roleplay as a whole.

-Anaphora’s Redemption-
Activity   ****
Creativity   ****
Weight    ****
Your Trait Bearer character can begin as a member of Anaphora’s Redemption, a Bearer in one of the countries, or as a Bearer on the run/in hiding. Either way, you’ll eventually get into Anaphora’s Redemption. The goal of this organization is to screw up the government’s lives as much as possible and create a better world, and show possibility and hope to all people. So far, they have succeeded in taking out the leadership of Acritudo.

Activity   ***
Creativity ****
Weight   ***
(Leaders and their families are naturally higher in all categories)
The goal of the government characters will be to keep their countries, clearly. And their lives. Positions such as governors will be given the ability to create and develop their own cities to an extent, though veto power is given to the leader and is necessary, me. Acritudo government characters will be in a unique situation, to say the least...

-Citizens of Anaphora-
Activity   *
Creativity   **
Weight   *
Citizens of Anaphora are non-Bearers who can get caught up in these affairs in any way imaginable. They might start out seeming irrelevant and unextraordinary, but you never know where they might end up or what they’ll become.

Activity   *****
Creativity   *****
Weight   ****
ENTROPY is a highly-specialized group of Negative Bearers. Capped at seven members, this organization can be compared to an anti-AR that has its own motives. They will be introducing seven new Traits. Now, to keep this interesting, Entropy is going to be coordinated over Skype, in PMs (because forum PMs annoy me greatly). There are four open spots, so you’ll need to go quickly! More information will be given as your characters are created!

I’m setting up this world, but where it goes is in the hands of you all. Will the Bearers win, or the leaders? Or maybe even someone else? It’s up to you.


-Most people with a Trait were born with it in this age.
-Humanity show no potential for the holding more than a single Trait at a time.
-Losing a Trait will occur when the Bearer has abandoned their Trait and what it stands for.
-Gaining a Trait is possible, and often happens due to some monumental event in a person's life or some great revelation. Either way, they come to a fuller realization of that element of humanity.
-The Traits are fairly open to interpretation and debate. They are anything but concrete and as straightforward as the descriptions may seem. The descriptions I'm giving to you are based off of what the modern understandings and even stereotypes of the Traits are in Anaphora. And it's also good to note that this implies the translation of the Traits from Anaphoran. What my labels might say to any of you might not be the meaning ingrained into your character.

-The powers are the physical manifestation of the Trait. They are not powers for power’s sake. That means to force them could have very varied results.

Positive Traits
-(Trait)- means this Trait is full.
 Passion is the Trait of Fire and Emotions. Passion Bearers experience far more potent emotions than other humans, and are very in tune with them. This leads them to be excellent at understanding and  even motivating people. Passion Bearers tend towards being very fiery and easily angered, and often have trouble hiding any of their emotion. This transparency often makes them seem very trustworthy, even in spite of their quite literal explosiveness. Passion Bearers often end up as leaders, and most of them do a good job. They're excellent at stirring up their troops or allies and set a great example, chasing a goal they care deeply about endlessly and tirelessly.
 As Bearers, they also have power over fire. This is one of the most dangerous Trait/trigger combination, since emotions set off their fire abilities. Since they have a lot of powerful emotions, it's wise to always be cautious when around them, as flames tend to appear without warning.

 Persistence is the Trait of Water and Perseverance. Persistence Bearers are known for never giving up on something they care for. In a fight, they will not only hold their ground, but force on forward no matter the odds. They along with Logic and Passion Bearers would make the best lawyers or protesters for change, never giving up. They tend to vary a lot, but once they've found a cause they can truly believe in, they all share that dependable determination that can survive nearly anything and the patience to continue after even Passion has burned out.
 Persistence Bearers tend to be very reliable with their powers, since theirs are usually pretty well controlled. Their abilities require simply the application of determination. The rare ice powers aren’t understood very well.

 Joy is the Trait of Air and Peace. These Trait Bearers bring sparks of happiness and comfort with them anywhere they go, doing what they can to make somebody's day. Even when all seems lost, Joy is there to lift your spirits and make you smile. They're the ones who keep reminding you why life is worth it.
 Joy Bearers' powers over air are used at their maximum potential when they are at peace internally.

 Strength is the Trait of Earth and Will. Strength Bearers are steadfast and immovable, unshakable in their decisions and unbreakable in their will. If Persistence and Passion are forcing on, Strength is there to hold ground, and few are foolish enough to mess with them. Strength Bearers are often fiercely protective of their allies, and when they resolve to protect something, it stays protected. Forever.
 Their powers are also very controlled and safe, as they are best activated with a show of will. An undisciplined Strength Bearer is extremely dangerous. Uncontrolled Strength leads to horrible consequences, including earthquakes.  

 Compassion is the Trait of Healing and Kindness. Compassion Bearers truly show us the best in humanity. Selfless and caring, Compassion Bearers unbiasedly try to ease the hurt of humanity, physically and emotionally. Easily one of the most admirable Traits, Compassion Bearers throughout history have displayed an amazing amount of courage, healing the wounded, helping the weak, and loving the lonely.
 Compassion's powers are among the more spontaneous, the user often unaware that they are even using them as their natural kindness and empathy triggers the healing.

 Imagination is the Trait of Illusions and Inspiration. Throughout history, Imagination Bearers have brought innovation and invention to Anaphora. They are often thought of as spontaneous and somewhat strange, but they vary in personality just as much as any other sort of Trait Bearer.
 The power of illusions is most effectively triggered by sparks of brilliance, by the realization of a great idea, by inspiration. When they have an idea, it will often manifest itself in the most fitting of the five senses. One of the less reliable Bearers.

 Logic is the Trait of Telekinetic Abilities and Rationality. Logic Bearers are naturally inclined to reasoning and thinking. They seem to have an innate understanding of truth and correct debate. When trained in these areas, they're even more potent. A good Logic Trait Bearer is right up there with Passion Bearers for convincing and motivating people, but they naturally rely on facts and proofs and don't hit the emotional points easily. Logic Bearers tend to be good lawyers, debaters, strategists, and engineers, and are thought to be the natural partners of Imagination Bearers. When Imagination brings an idea to the table, Logic is there to find out what does and doesn't work.
 Logic Bearers can use several telekinetic abilities. These include telekinesis, telepathy, and minor shields of telekinetic energy. These powers are some of the more confusing, especially to the non-Logic Bearer. The average Logic Bearer tends to have such a built-up chain of logical conclusions for a thought process that the clearest answer that's been gleaned is these abilities are activated by complete confidence in a conclusion. When they are completely sure they've got the correct answer, their powers respond to aid them in the implementation.

 Faith is the Trait of Light and Belief. Bearers of this Trait are infamous for unwavering commitment to something they believe in. They're not necessarily gullible by any means, though some might well be, but once they find a truth they can stand behind they will defend it forever, through words, weapons, or actions. They are not generally easily dissuaded.
 Faith's light powers are triggered by a strong sense of belief or conviction. In that sense, they can be quite spontaneous and untrustworthy. On the other hand, they can be some of the most reliable Trait Bearers, able to invoke their light if they put their trust in it.

Power Negation
 Restraint is the Trait of Negation and Self-Control. These Bearers are naturally adept at controlling their impulses and tongues. They are not likely to succumb to pressures or temptations, and are generally not quick to speak or to anger. However, they are also known to be a little slow to speak up or react in a fight.
 Negation is activated when the Trait Bearer is fully self-controlled. They clear themselves of all negative thoughts and wrong motivations, and once they have achieved this their powers shine through. They are possibly the most reliable of the Trait Bearers.

 Sorrow is the Trait of Shadows and Understanding. One of the more mysterious Traits, Sorrow was thought of as a 'Negative Trait' for centuries. Many speculated that it was the one innate human weakness or bad point. But as time went on, Sorrow became known not for its dark powers or sad premise, but for its good. Sorrow is a teacher, the wisest instructor. It teaches of good and bad, of the self, and even teaches us of Joy. And it teaches us acceptance, of the past, of others, and of ourselves. Sorrow Bearers of today are the most feared, but as shrouded in mystery as they always have been, Sorrow often accompanies wisdom. They have accepted the way things are, and but have also accepted the task of working for a change.
 Sorrow Bearers are granted dominion over shadows and darkness. This ability is at its peak when the user has a clear mind and can see without obstruction, at peace with the past and whatever tomorrow might bring. They can also be activated by feelings of sadness, fear, or hurt, as a natural defense.

Negative Traits

Greed is the Trait of Trickery and Endless Want. Greed Bearers have a never-ending thirst for things, material and otherwise. Power, money, fame… Anything that can be acquired, they want it. They vary a lot, but they’re all gifted with words and manipulation.
Their persuasion turns on automatically when they are struck by desire.

Cruelty is the Trait of Pain and Twisted Joy. Cruelty Bearers are usually in it for the fun, in a sick way. They have little regard for the lives of others, and a good majority tends to enjoy watching suffering. This also leads naturally into them wanting to feel in control or powerful. Naturally, Acritudo isn’t the ideal place to call home for those faint of heart.
Their powers can be activated by the pleasure of inflicting pain on others, or the desire for it.

Hate is the Trait of War and Rage. Hate Bearers are dangerous in a way much creepier than the persuasion of Greed and the brutality of Cruelty. Through the manipulation of emotions, Hate Bearers can seriously screw people up, desensitizing them to violence or making them feel hatred towards people or ideas with burning intensity. They can having you thinking left is right and evil is good. This also makes them excellent at provoking others, and could escalate a small bickering between countries to full-fledged war. Aspernor today is home to many brilliant strategic minds, and the Hate Bearers know exactly when to use their advantages. They are extremely effective against Passion Bearers, who already have potent emotions.
Their abilities can be set off by anger or, quite simply, hate. However, their use of it is usually very calculated and precise.

Entropy is a new addition to the roleplay, a powerful new variable in the game. And of course, they’re not going to be creator controlled- this is Anaphora! They will be introducing seven new Traits to the roleplay.


-Please actually put some effort in your form. Please. IG makes Athena a sad Athena.
-Keep the roleplaying realistic. Your country does not have unlimited soldiers or resources. Your Trait Bearers aren’t powerful from day 1. And no godmodding, obviously. The power scale will be the same as the first roleplay, AKA fairly low.
-No more than two of each Positive Trait can be reserved. If you want a certain Trait, you can reserve for that. And no more than 2 Trait Bearers per person!
Note that this does not apply to characters that receive a Trait later on in the roleplay. This rule is here to prevent Trait imbalance and to keep spots open for more roleplayers.
-Anaphora requires a higher level of maturity and common sense then the average roleplay. You’re going to have to be adaptable and know when you need to ask for help or information yet not be handheld through the whole roleplay. If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably good to go. You're all smart cookies x3
-PLEASE BE ACTIVE, ESPECIALLY if you’re a country’s leader, a Trait Bearer, or a member of Entropy. I feel like maybe I didn’t make this clear or stress it enough, but I define active not as posting a certain amount or being online but as your ratio of time spent online and posting elsewhere on the site compared to your posting on Anaphora. Please, I beg of you, don’t just join and abandon this. I’m also not going to ask you to read up on stuff if you’ve missed a substantial amount of pages. If you want to join but know you won’t be very active, try going for one of the unlimited categories designated for lower activity.
There will be a strike system in place for activity. If you...
- Have not posted for a period of several weeks
- Have been posting elsewhere on the site
- Have a character in a position where your inactivity directly hurts the roleplay for others
- Have not contacted Lyssy or I about it will receive a strike without exception. Since you need to fit every point to merit a strike, no excuses will be acknowledged. Strikes will follow the common 3 pattern. I believe this system is fair and lax enough that most people will never have to worry about it.

-If you’re not sure about something, ask me about it! If you need help with your forms or anything at all, seriously, message me. I love helping and making characters and this RPG, so don’t hesitate!
-Max of 3 5 characters per person. One strike will send this back to 3. Go crazy, people Very Happy


Trait Bearer

Tag the Government’s Leader:
Position in Government:

Place of Residence:

And here’s an optional one for people looking to expand their character a bit more! Feel free to take this time to rework and polish old characters ^-^

Name Meaning:
Alias Meaning:
Secondary Traits:
Tertiary Traits:
Quaternary Traits:
Quinary Traits:
Personality Type:
Notable Relationships:
Weapon of Choice:
Fun Facts:

Note on this form: The Traits are present in every human to a certain degree, but very few have them ‘realized’. Secondary Traits are a step below Manifested Traits (or just Traits, which merits Bearer status and enables the Bearer to translate the Trait into physical form), and while these are apparent in the personality they are not realized. The others are simply the different degrees of the Traits, Quinary being the lowest possible.
Notable relationships can be family, friends, love interests, positive, negative, whatever. Go crazy.

If you plan on being active in Anaphora: Entropy and you already have characters, please post just to say hi so I can get a quick head count! If you would like to release your spot, I’d really appreciate it if you told me! If I don’t receive an answer from you by the time reservations come around, with the exception of those who are absent for real-life things I have already been told about, I will assume you no longer want to participate in the roleplay.
@Ace @Paradox @King Ki11 @Mythie @NightOwl @Canarima @Sentinel @Wishie @WritingBookworm @Kane

Anaphora’s Redemption
name-age-trait (user)
-Aila Lovell-18-Passion (Athena Lionheart)
-Charity Perkins-16-Faith (Salphirix) (ded)
-Serafina (Fina) Lange-18-Passion (Canarima)
-Kihira Mikazuchi-18-Persistence (Ace)
-Liam Stonewell-17-Restraint (Sentinel)
-Atlas Iagan-17-Joy (Kane)
-Lynn Desoll-17-Logic (Wishie)
-Jade Wishter-17-Compassion (Wishie)
-Lucian 'Luke' Zeidan-18-Compassion (WritingBookworm)
-Axel Wakeman-21-Strength (King Ki11)
-Layla Sutters-16-Sorrow (Mythie)
-Larea Olar-19-Strength (NightOwl)
-Jezebel Zeidan-11-Persistence (Mythie)
-Cinzia Montalvo-18-Restraint (Fix-it)
-Maximus Dachelet-17-Joy (TheAlmightySeaMelon)
-Isadora 'Crystal' Elanius-13-Imagination (Jessica Jade)
-Fisna Lanta-17-Persistence (Michael Deathflame)
-Nicarus Miasa-17-Compassion (Fix-it)
-Nivia Syntrum-21-Restraint (Lyssy-chan)
-Vidya Myrandus-19-Logic (Athena Lionheart)
-Lucretia Sedofa-17-Passion (Fix-it)
-(Reservation for Omni: Joy)
-Pietra Brisbois-17-Sorrow (leafeon)
-Dante Ezio-19-Passion (Teddy)
-Penny Akira-16-Joy (Wishie)
-Tess Tuls-19-Hate/Faith (Omni)
-Cedric Jarvis-19-Persistence (WritingBookworm)
-Bai Yun-19-Sorrow (TurquoiseWildfire)


Michael Evergreen-22-Passion (Michael Deathflame)

Government Leaders
name-age-trait (user)

name-age-trait-position (user)

-Avon Dasilva III-23-Greed (Salphirix)

(Family: leader has to approve these)
Sister: Eris Dasilva I-12-Greed (Kane), Charitia Dasilva-16-Greed (Lyssy-chan)
Wife: Ceyra Dasilva-22-Greed (Athena Lionheart)


-Halea Soona-15-Greed-General of Avaditas (~ L a u r e n ~)
-Kaliea Duana-26-Greed-General of Cruore (Fix-it)
-Nikolai Kuno-26-Greed-Veteran (BrahamaRavenrider)
-Cedric Jarvis-19-N/A-Captain of the Castle Guard (WritingBookworm)
-Tesnith 'Tess' Tuls-19-Hate-Maid to Charitia (Omni)

-Runa Atlaia-23-Greed-Ceyra's Friend (NightOwl)
-Jennifer Kowar-23-N/A-Maid to Charitia (Michael Deathflame)

-Vandor Zeidan-40-Cruelty (boyhoy)-DECEASED
-Leyland Zeidan-17-Cruelty (Sentinel) - DECEASED
-Therese Zeidan-16-Cruelty (WritingBookworm) - FLED COUNTRY

(Family: leader has to approve these)
Son: Leyland Zeidan-17-Cruelty (Sentinel), *Formerly* Lucian Zeidan-18-Compassion (WritingBookworm)
Daughter: Therese Zeidan-16-Cruelty (WritingBookworm), *Formerly* Jezebel Zeidan-11-Cruelty (Mythie)


Skada Zuster-16-Cruelty-Basically, the Resident Flying Ninja (Omni)

-Jayce Guerre-30-Hate (Ace Omni)

(Family: leader has to approve these)
Wife: Aurora Guerre-25-Hate (Canarima)
Cousin: Adam Guerre-13-Hate (Paradox)


Chase Spiterwetch-25-Hate-Head Inquisitor (Michael Deathflame)

Citizens of Anaphora
name-age-country-occupation (user)

Evelyn Edis-20-Avaditas-Maid for Ceyra Dasilva (Kane)
Mitchell Levithos-28-Avaditas-Doctor (Sentinel)
Zeri Lein 'Ril Neris'-28-N/A-Pirate (Omni)
Ikam Tuls-23-Acritudo-??? (Omni)
Monica Lanta-13-Aspernor-Chase's Gang (Michael Deathflame)
Odessa Jarvis-22-Aspernor-Chase's Gang (WritingBookworm)
Lynea Desoll-17-Aspernor-Chase's Gang (Wishie)
Ash Kuz-27-Aspernor-Chase's Gang (Michael Deathflame)
Vaelus Apelpisius-20-Aspernor-N/A (Katt Nexus)

name (user)
End (Athena Lionheart)
Never (Salphirix)
Therese (WritingBookworm)
Raze (Ace) Ragnarok (Salphirix)
Oblivion (King Ki11)
Purgatory (Wishie) Pallida (Omni)
Yin (Canarima) Yarra (Mythie)


All of these times are in Central Time, and they are set for Wednesday, July 8th.

Trait Bearers
For new members: 5:30pm
Only one character may be reserved until spots open for everyone. This only applies to people who have not been apart of Anaphora before this post.
These new members may have someone reserve in their absence if they contact me about their situation first. Please already have your form completed if whatever that is keeping you away from the reservations will prevent you from posting after that evening.
For current roleplay members: 5:35pm

Reservations will be done over Skype. If you are interested in going for a slot, you must PM me in Skype prior to reservation start.

For Government Characters and Citizens of Anaphora, there isn’t really much to reserve. If you want a specific spot in a Government, you can reserve that by talking to the leader of said Government. Government forms are subject to approval both by me and by the leader for sake of world consistency.

For space and organization reasons, no forms from any category are to be posted until reservations are completed and organized, at approximately 6:00pm.

Thank you so much for your interest in this roleplay! It means the world to me!
And a huge round of applause for @Salphirix! Without her, this roleplay would not be what it is today. And to all of the members of Anaphora, I want to extend my warmest thanks and all my love. You guys are the best!

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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Kane on Mon Jul 06, 2015 5:05 pm

I'm just posting to say yes I will be active in this rpg!

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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Cana on Mon Jul 06, 2015 6:02 pm

I'll be active Smile

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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Ace on Mon Jul 06, 2015 7:03 pm

Ace reporting for duty Very Happy I'll be active

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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Adrian on Mon Jul 06, 2015 7:20 pm

Liam Stonewell is coming back.


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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Salphirix on Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:51 pm

Lyssy is no longer apart of this RP

jk I've put too much into this to leave xDD But I'll be here friends.


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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Wishie on Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:53 pm


In all seriousness, I love this RPG way too much to quit. I will totally be active.

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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by WritingBookworm on Mon Jul 06, 2015 9:39 pm

Well, of course. Smile I know this was already said over Skype, but count me in.

Credit to Hime for the drawing!

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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Athena Lionheart on Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:19 pm


Noted, everyone! Great to see you all ^-^!

Hey Adrian and Kane! It's been awhile! Very Happy It would be great if you re-familiarize yourselves with the rules and the world if you haven't already since some things have changed and start planning a way to get your characters back into the roleplay. I'll be here to answer any questions you may have! Thanks! C:

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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by NightOwl on Wed Jul 08, 2015 4:28 pm

Obviously I'll still be rping as well!


Thank you so much Athena! You're amazing!!
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Re: [OPEN RPG]-Applications Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

Post by Sponsored content

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