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IR Legends: The Tales of Marin and Lyall Farenart

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IR Legends: The Tales of Marin and Lyall Farenart

Post by Adrian on Mon Jun 22, 2015 4:30 am

Hey, y'all.

So, as I begin to wrap up Renegade, I've been wondering what I'll be doing for short stories in the next IR series (besides Aidec's last mission), as there won't be any side stories - all history of my future characters will be detailed in flashbacks during the RPG.

So, I began to look back at the first RPG. As many of us are probably aware, Aidec's mother and father were forced to leave the country (or face life imprisonment) after their 10 year old son accidentally shot and killed Evander Kryze (Azula's brother). They were absent from Aidec's life for six years.

Six. Years.

That's a long time, isn't it?

In that time, they traveled the globe - from Port Farvel, to the beautiful island of Triese di Mare, to other continents, countries, and badlands across the planet. And their travels weren't without adventure, of course.

Thus sparked my idea for a new short story series, one that I wouldn't have to worry about ending, so long as I had an ounce of creativity. But as my idea began to formulate, it evolved:

To everyone who follows Infinity's Row, whether they're current players or former (or if some of you even read up on the RPG for fun), I invite you to add onto "IR Legends." It doesn't have to be a series - it could be some mythological fable, or a little snippet of N'al Renian life, or maybe even a brief history lesson. The world of N'al Ren is malleable, and there's no telling where the limit stands on what it holds. But perhaps we could shed some light on the mysteries of our own world.

If you're feeling up to it, start a thread with the beginning as "IR Legends:", and fire away. I'd like to read each and every one. Who knows: perhaps this could be a companion book when the first Infinity's Row hits store shelves? Smile

Lyall and Marin's first story will be posted on Wednesday. The stories will have time stamps, but probably won't be in chronological order. That way, I won't have to worry about meeting some sort of "deadline."


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Re: IR Legends: The Tales of Marin and Lyall Farenart

Post by Adrian on Tue Jun 30, 2015 5:32 am

Year 1
The Ship

Pardelli Sea
Jundiel 30, 693
Three months after the death of Evander Kryze


An unnamed captain on topside bellowed orders to his seamen as the Allegiant, a N'al Renian trade ship, neared the city of Lumena.

Below the deck, all the way back in storage, two stowaways - a couple - huddled together to keep warm. They were scared, lost, and almost without hope - but neither of them dared to share their concerns with the other. Lyall and Marin Farenart's timeless dream of traveling the world was about to come to fruition - but a dream following a nightmare is never quite the same.

It's been many weeks since tragedy once again befell the Farenart clan. Their only son, Aidec, had accidentally committed manslaughter - a crime for which he would have been gravely punished, had his parents not sacrificed what was left of their freedom back home.

The ship creaked and groaned as sunlight began to stream into the cracks at the bottom of the ship. Apart from the thudding of boots from the sailors topside, the ship was filled with nothing but goods and silence. Until one voice managed to break the tranquility.

"Did we do the right thing?"

Marin's voice crept out from the folds of Lyall's cloak. The man stirred at the sound, craning his neck towards her.

"What do you mean?" he asked, tentatively, for he had been wondering the same thing for the past week.

The woman shook her head. "Is... is he ready to live on his own? I mean, for Ciel's sake, Aidec's ten years old. He just killed someone, he probably won't know what to do with himself, none of the orphanages are going to want him... how do we know he's going to be okay?"

Lyall stared out over Marin's hair, feeling the ship begin to slow down - much like his thoughts.

"We don't."

A sniffle came from his cloak. "That's reassuring."

"But - but we don't know he's not going to be okay," Lyall continued. Marin leaned back, almost hitting her head on the crate beside her.

Her husband waved his hands. "Marin, I get the feeling that... that whatever is going to happen, will happen. There's not much we can place our trust in - perhaps not even Ciel himself - save for fate. We were given two options - see our son sent to prison, where he'd be much worse off, or take the fall and rush away where Aidec... where Aidec can't know for sure if something good or bad has happened to us. Sometimes uncertainty is..."

"...better than the truth," Marin finished, sighing. Lyall gazed at her - at the gray eyes he fell in love with only... was it a decade now? He almost lost track of the time up until now. Taking a bit of his cloak, he dabbed some of the tears away.

"Aidec believed in us for ten years. Now it's time to start believing in him."

"ANCHOR'S AWAY!" The captain's bass-boosted voice vibrated the floorboards beneath the two.

Marin shivered. "Water's gonna be cold. You ready?"

"Nope," Lyall responded. "Let's go."

The two stood, bracing themselves for what was to come next. Lyall slowly raised the heel of his boot, aiming it precisely at a weakened section of the wooden slats. He took three deep breaths, hearing a sailor coming their way down the stairs.

One splintering crack, a rush of water, and several blasphemy-filled shouts later, Lyall and Marin Farenart swam to a patch of sand near the Lumena docks, giving themselves more and more distance from the astonished traders as they ventured forth into a new world.

"I still don't think this was the best place to hide out," Lyall muttered as they began to crash through the thick jungle vines. "I mean, isn't he still-"

"Yes, he hates both of our guts. Which is precisely the point," Marin countered, sliding on a patch of moss. "None of them, those that know us well enough, anyways, would expect us to be anywhere near him."

"...I still think he's crazy."

"We don't have to be around HIM. We just gotta get to the capital - if this jungle doesn't kill us first," Marin muttered. "Besides, regardless of family issues, I've always wanted to visit Parivion. And now we are."

The two came across a rough, long patch of ground - a road, connecting the villages of Mazi's Rainforest to the capital city of Ardenz Kohlina. Hand in hand, they set off on a new path - a path that would ultimately lead them back to the very beginning.


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Re: IR Legends: The Tales of Marin and Lyall Farenart

Post by Adrian on Tue Jul 07, 2015 3:08 am

Year 2
Stranger Things Have Happened, Part 1

Kylos' Promontory, Choranthus
Verediat 8th, 694

"You know, there's plenty of places to hide that AREN'T miserable or inhospitable," Marin grumbled to herself as Lyall helped her up on a narrow and dangerous staircase.

"Well, it's not like we had a choice in the matter," Lyall retorted as a gust of arctic wind threatened their lives. "After what happened in Parivion, we have to stay low-key. The fact that we got out of there alive is a miracle in and of itself."

"Well, I think I spot one more of your 'miracles.'"

They had just rounded the peak of the slope when a hauntingly fascinating sight filled their view. Between the frozen evergreens and black rock, an abandoned and frost-laden fortress imposed itself over Kylos' Promontory - the capital of the former state of Choranthus, before its citizens followed the rest of the country to warmer lands.

"There it is. The top of the world," Lyall breathed, a small cloud forming before his face. "Well, one of the tops, anyways. Surprised nobody else visits."

Marin huffed. "Nobody's desperate enough to come all the way up here. Except us."

The wind began to relent, calming the billowing of Lyall's cloak. "Well, there's no reason to assume we're alone here. Someone's probably in there, feasting on rations or wolves or something." He pulled out a pistol from his folds - the click of the barrel ensured a bullet was safely stored there, for later use. If it became necessary.

"Haven't seen that gun in ages," Marin whispered, frowning. It was just as well. The pistol was the same gun that Aidec used more than a year ago.

A few seconds passed before Lyall responded.

"I shouldn't have given it to him."

Marin regarded her husband with a frown. "Hon, you can't keep beating yourself up over this. We both agreed, the real villain here isn't us, nor Aidec, nor the Kryze's, it's-"

"Marin, you even said it yourself that day, Aidec wasn't ready to hold a gun! Remember? And I said, 'Oh, he'll be fine, he knows better!'"

"And he didn't," Marin cut in. "Trust me, you hold some fault. But you have to let it go now. What happened, happened. Aidec's gonna bear the weight of what occurred for a long time. But hopefully, he can make sense of it."

The two pressed on, towards the looming towers, belfries, and walls of Kylos Fortress.

*   *   *

"Is that... glass?" Lyall muttered, tapping at the crystalline texture of the large doors before them. They made a slight pinging sound.

"Extra durable glass, I'm assuming, if it's survived this long. Weird though..." Marin paced back and forth around the entrance. "If the place is intact - I see no structural damage, and even the few houses we passed seemed able to resist the winters here - if everything is still standing, then why did they leave all of a sudden? What the hell compelled all of Choranthus to leave?"

"Maybe it was some sort of... spooky monster?!" Lyall shouted - his wife didn't realize he had slipped through the doorway and into the shadows, only to give her a scare.

All it did, though, was cause him to slip on an ice patch. "OUCH!" he shouted, landing squarely on his rear.

Marin snickered. "Maybe instead of scaring each other, we should get our asses out of the cold? I'm freezing." She gave him a hand, but Lyall simply pushed himself up.

"Yeah," he grinned, whipping his blond hair back. "Maybe we should."

The two of them stepped through the doorway, arm in arm. The unsettling darkness enveloped them instantly, causing Marin's grip to grow tighter.

"Aren't there any torches we could light?" she whispered, looking back at the doors.

As if in response, both of them instantly swung shut.

And Lyall was torn from her grasp.


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Re: IR Legends: The Tales of Marin and Lyall Farenart

Post by WritingBookworm on Sun Aug 09, 2015 6:52 pm

Adrian why did you leave us with a cliffhanger! Dx

But in all seriousness, this is really good. Marin and Lyall are fascinating characters, so I love that you're using this chance to show how ridiculously fabulous they are. Lyall in particular was a dork when he tried to scare Marin. xD The way you described the scenery was amazing -- nothing too descriptive, but enough to give the reader a good image of what everything looked like.

I can't wait for the next chapter!
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Re: IR Legends: The Tales of Marin and Lyall Farenart

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