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[ROLEPLAYING THREAD] Infinity's Row: Awakening

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Re: [ROLEPLAYING THREAD] Infinity's Row: Awakening

Post by Salphirix on Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:32 pm

(Welp here's your novel that doesn't actually seem that big even though it's like four pages on docs)

I couldn’t help but take a moment to reminisce the past few months as the night fell upon the row. It had seemed like these months flew by like they were nothing, even though so much had actually happened in five months of basically hiding and minor fighting.

Thanks to Elyse I had been able to figure out which clan Mel and Keiran had been discussing about, learning that I was somehow tied to that clan one way or another. I never bothered Mel, however, because I didn’t feel like asking her about it. I knew well enough if I had bothered with it she’d either deny it or just get more frustrated with it. And, honestly, I didn’t want to have more fights with her. I was sick of fighting.

Around that time also we had discovered Resh had vanished without a trace. Leaving the Row in confusion as to where he had gone. It wasn’t like him at all to leave us, so I assumed he had been taken by someone. And, if it was anyone, it was most likely Fe or Arker. On top of that Keiran finally decided to join our ranks, gaining us another member in the Row.

On Eredeat 2nd my birthday decided to roll around, making me 17 and bringing upon the vivid memory of leaving the Orphanage that held me practically hostage. It was both amazing and odd to think it had already been a year since I left on my own to discover my own path--along the way meeting Keiran who had fully supported me with open arms, joining the Row that became my family, becoming something special with Cameron who proved to me that I’m not alone in this long, lonely journey and that I was worth staying on this planet, and even finding Melana my long forgotten sister who I hadn’t remembered until Azula spiked some strange memory. . . It all seemed so fast, and yet it also seemed like forever ago when I really dived deep into those memories.

For me that day was special, I had spent it mostly with Cameron, escaping from the reality of the world around me to just spend my birthday with him--talking about anything that came to my mind, getting to know even more about him, joking, laughing. . . Thinking about it brought a smile to my face for just a moment.

Though, there are some times I’d rather not think about. The memory is still pretty clear in my head; Mel had finally brought up the clan because, from what Keiran told me, he had pushed her to her limits about keeping it from me. She confirmed that our family was indeed tied to the Haruko clan, I was in fact the leader, and the more she told me I could tell she was starting to get more frustrated. I just didn’t understand why she was hiding this from me for so long.

"Why did you hide this from me?" I asked, my voice shaking slightly.

"Because it's not fair, okay? It's not fair that you were the special child growing up just because you possessed the stupid purple eyes of greatness I was supposed to have. It wasn't fair!" She suddenly yells at me at the top of her lungs, taking me back, "You were the one everyone cared about, you were the one who I had to protect because you were supposed to continue the legacy, you were the mistake that caused so much shit between our family!" Her words stabbed into my heart, and her expression didn't change into an apologetic one. She meant it. She really meant it.

"It's not my fault--."

"Of course it is! If you were never born everything would be so much better! It's not my responsibility to be your ------- guardian for mom and dad just because you were the unique one and I was the failure who screwed up the tradition! I hate you! I don't even know why I bothered trying to find you and give you mom's gun that should be MINE! Just like it's all supposed to be mine but YOU'RE the important one!" Tears stained her cheeks and mine were soaked at this point. I was trying to muster the courage to say something. Then suddenly it all just came out at once.

"I never asked to be born, Mel! I spent half of my life alone by myself with NO ONE! No one wanted me, I didn't even want myself! You think everything has been fine and dandy for me just because I'm the leader of a clan I didn't even remember until now!" I shouted, my voice breaking and becoming dry with each word.

"Well it's not my fault you can't remember shit that you should. You're such a ------- airhead you couldn't even remember m--."

"IT'S NOT MY FAULT!" I screamed, pushing her back against the wall with all my hatred and anger swelling up inside me like a balloon, "I can hardly tell what's real or fake anymore! Maybe you're just lying to me and you're just manipulating my memories! Maybe I'm not even Caroline! Maybe I'm not even related to you! Maybe mom and dad never died and I never had to sit there and watch them be torn apart by a demon unlike you because you left us behind--."

I was interrupted by a punch to my face, my nose throbbing from the impact and body stumbling back. I automatically bring my hand to it, noticing the trickle of blood running from my nostril and dripping onto my fingers.

I expect her to say I'm sorry, or at least go to help me, but she doesn't. She doesn’t do anything to help me. She just walks out and stands at the door frame, back to me, "It should have killed you too."

With that final word she leaves me alone. I was now coughing from the amount of tears that I had produced in such a short time. I was mad. I was upset. I hated her. I hated the world. I had never asked to be the special snowflake nor did I ask to have my memories screwed up. It was bad enough I could barely comprehend what I thought was true. No one understood me, no one understood that I would have rather of never been born than to be alive right now.

And I what I hated the most--that everything was always my fault even when I had no control.

So I grabbed the nearest item and threw it at the wall, screaming and kicking at the air around me. I pushed over the side table nearby and I flung anything in my path across the room. All the while shouting and crying and coughing until I felt like I was going to puke.

And soon after that I had discovered Mel had actually left without saying anything else. The last words she left me with haunting my mind. I hadn’t exactly been the same since then, I didn’t mean to be so distant but. . . I couldn’t help it. Every time I began to talk I would become frustrated or get upset at myself or accidently at them. So, in order to keep conflict from arising I just stopped talking for a while and distanced myself from people. I made small talk and when it came to Cameron I spoke though giving him small kisses, holding his hand, or embraces. I just didn’t want to talk. I hadn’t even told him about what happened with Mel and I, and I still didn’t plan to.

Again more time passed, I had trained more with my mother’s gun and asked Cameron for lessons so I could learn to shoot properly and learn how to actually use it effectively in combat. I had also gotten a new Sanctus that was more simplistic, easy to carry, and fit better to me. I also began training with Keiran when possible. We had become more of sparring buddies since then.

And once Cameron’s birthday rolled around I began feeling numb. Mel hadn’t come back, nor had she contacted me or anyone else since the day she had basically wished for my death, and I became more seclusive to the world around me. I found it easier that way to deal with things, just like back before I joined the Row and met everyone. I had tried my best to be my old sweet and interactive self but, it was hard. And like my birthday I tried spending most of it with him, listening to him talk or just sitting there in the comfort of silence.

Though I was still numb. And as much as I hated it I began to accept it. Things didn’t bother me as much anymore, I wasn’t so scared, I wasn’t so frightened by everything. This new change in me was both frightening but also so welcoming when I really considered it.

And now here I was, staring up at the ceiling listening to all the buzzing noises above me that I had grown accustomed to.


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Re: [ROLEPLAYING THREAD] Infinity's Row: Awakening

Post by Neela on Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:33 pm



Four months...

Four months..

Four months.

That's how long it'd been since anyone had seen Resh and each day it made the weight on my shoulders and the weight in my chest grow heavier until I felt as if it was consuming me.

I tried to find a reason seeing as he left us with none. At first I blamed the stress, I blamed Fe and Arker, I even blamed Ebony pointlessly, most of all though, I blamed myself. Once again however, it was pointless.

I worried that he'd been taken or possibly killed. I worried as much as one probably could but my worrying only seemed to make things worse. It made me feel sick and it exhausted me but I couldn't help but worry. I also couldn't do a thing about it either. We'd tried just about everything and everything had come up empty.
I attempted to distract myself from that all though. I couldn't let myself become paralyzed simply because he was gone. I'd never let someone have so much influence over my life in the past and I couldn't let that happen now. No matter how much I missed him. 

Usually I would've consumed myself in looking after Wren, catching up after those long six months or year, I can't even remember how long anymore, we'd been apart. Trying to become closer but, ever since... Ever since I'd found out he killed the last family we had I wanted to be as far from him as possible. He wasn't the same person anymore, I didn't even know him anymore. I couldn't even look at him and not question why he'd even tracked me down.

Somewhere during those four months, I couldn't even remember when because everything had begun to blend together, if left the Row for a very short time. I headed home, or well, what I had once considered home. I almost didn't recognize it anymore. 

Long ivy had grown over the windows and the door was hanging loosely on it's hinges as the old wood had begun to rot. It was no longer home for many reasons, now it had only become a house. 

I didn't stay long, just as long as it took to gather some personal belongings as well as go through the remains in the attic where Althea kept a lot locked away apparently. Things I didn't know about.

It was filled with boxes and chests and while few were simply empty and most others contained useless things I found a few interesting journals and documents all written in Ancient Listere. I took them back with me and that's how I occupied myself in this underground bunker. I can't say my mind never thought of Resh however, not a day went by that I didn't think of him. 

It had felt like an eternity yet somehow, it had only been four months.

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Re: [ROLEPLAYING THREAD] Infinity's Row: Awakening

Post by Kane on Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:41 pm

The sound of tropical birds called all around me as I used Aglis to chop down heavy leafed fronds that blocked my path. It was our sixth day in the Nox Jungle looking for Yuffie's father. With the heat of Verediat combined with the constant rain showers of the jungles, almost no searching had been accomplished since we arrived.

Orchids and Aloe vera bloomed on the musky earthen floor as I searched around for some source of water. The showers were too quick to catch any water from, so the heavy, water filled fruit trees were our only option. I wiped my forehead as I came upon a grove of trees bearing colorful red fruit. My boots squished the fallen, half decomposed friut as I made my way over to the largest of the group of trees. I grabbed the metal spigot at my side before I forced it into the tree's soft outer bark.

Water began to trickle slowly out of the metal apparatus as I placed a bucket underneath it. I sighed as I waited for the water to fill up at least half the bucket. The water coming out of the spigot came slower and slower until it stopped altogether.

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Re: [ROLEPLAYING THREAD] Infinity's Row: Awakening

Post by Shaybaysasuke on Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:45 pm


I set down the book, finally finishing the story. I ran my hand through my hair, still not felling tired despite what time it was. I got up and quietly left the room (though I doubt Dederick would wake at anything at this point) and set off to just wander around the place we had called home for about 4 months. I enjoyed walking around at night, it was calming to me and if any of the others ever needed a person to talk to I would be somewhere, always ready to lend an ear. I knew I was one of the worst at fighting, despite how much I had improved since I had first joined the Row with Dederick, so I enjoyed being able to help them, even if it was just emotional support.

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Re: [ROLEPLAYING THREAD] Infinity's Row: Awakening

Post by Hime on Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:50 pm

(OMG you guys are so talented and making me cry with happiness ;~; I'll have to post later though bc my phone is dying)


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You've made us awful proud
Funny how our lives change,
'Cause you're our hero now."

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Re: [ROLEPLAYING THREAD] Infinity's Row: Awakening

Post by WritingBookworm on Wed Jun 03, 2015 9:06 pm

(@Lyss OH MY GOODNESS CAROLINE can I just give her a big hug? T.T
@Neela Of course this begins and ends with four months xD
@Kane Oooh I'm in love with the way you described the scenery Very Happy
@Shaybay and Acel Ohmergersh you guys are so talented and I wanna read more Very Happy)

-----Hannellat 1st, 692 AW-----

Mordecai Reaves had never thought it would come down to this.

He barely paid attention to the snowflakes, swaying down from the sky and clasping themselves into strands of his black hair. He gave no heed to the chatter and conversations of the N'al Renians milling about him, nor to the other teenagers anxiously walking inside. His eyes were fixed on the grand building before him, tall and exquisite and towering over him like a king.

The Capital Building.

The place where those interested would apply for the 113th Squad of Runite's Row.

Twenty four hours before, he never thought he would actually be applying for the clan.

But that was before his parents had been killed.

Mordecai closed his eyes, and let himself remember . . .

The snowflakes descended in almost a reverent manner, gently falling from the charcoal sky and resting upon the numerous people gathered in front of the quaint house, sliding down a few of the officials' scarlet cloaks. In the distance, the boisterous laughs and cheering signaled the celebration of a New Year, but the ones gathered around the house did not share that same mirth. A dark shroud of grief had settled upon many, particularly a teenaged boy swaddled in blankets, shivering from the frosty air.

A Row official, donned in a cloak, held a slim black pen to a worn clipboard. "What is your name?" he said to the boy.

The boy slowly lifted his head up to the official. His chocolate rises were paralyzed by raw fear.

At last his chapped lips formed the words, "M-Mor-Mo-Mordecai Reaves."

"Ah, so you would be their son."

Mordecai gulped. Inch by inch, he moved his eyes to the side--

The sight of the two body bags stabbed into his very core.

Mordecai gasped and quickly looked away, and his uneven breath translated into opaque fog.

The investigator's eyes became softer. "Could you tell me what happened? Could you tell me who murdered them?"

Mordecai trembled, unable to form any words. The cold air slid through the blankets and bit into his pale skin like frosted needles.

"Hey, give the kid a break." He heard another Row investigator walk up to them. "He's in shock. He'll tell us what happened when he's ready."

The first investigator nodded. He retained his sorrowful eyes on the fourteen year old as he ambled away, leaving him to his own lonesome self.

Mordecai held his breath, waiting to see if they would decide to return. When he was fairly sure that they wouldn't, he turned his head for his chocolate-colored eyes to land on the petite, raven-haired child only a few feet away. Other investigators were immersed in comparing their own notes, leaving her to the bitter snow.

He rose from his seat on the ground, thin snowflakes rolling down from his own midnight strands. His bare feet descended upon the snow gingerly with each step, advancing toward her with caution. He paused for a single moment, and then he crossed the remaining distance between them.


The girl jumped. She looked up at him with the eyes of a dove cornered by a demon.

Mordecai gulped. "Do you . . . mind if I sit with you?"

Natasha was silent still. Then, almost imperceptibly, she nodded once.

So he sat.

"I . . . I don't want to do this, Tasha," Mordecai said. "But . . . I think we both know that I can't take care of you. I . . . I . . . "

He raised his eyes up to his sister, and she refused to look at him in turn. He only just managed to fight down the flood of tears that invaded his lower eyelid.

"I can't be around you," he whispered.

He would honestly be surprised if Natasha would even WANT to be around him.

"So I'm going to let you go to an orphanage," he said, forcing himself to get out the words he so desperately wanted to swallow and bury for all time. "I'll let you find a new family, for now. I won't go with you because . . . you know why."

He drew in a deep breath. "But Tasha . . ."

Mordecai offered her his hand, damp with already-melted snowflakes. Natasha eyed it warily and, for the first time, met his eyes.

"I'm going to get my life under control. I'm going to work hard, do my best to succeed and become the brother you want. I'm going to come back for you, and when I do, I'll be so much more than I am now. The question is, Tasha . . ."

Mordecai proffered his hand. Edged it toward her just a little more.

"Do you trust me?"

Her eyes glazed over as she looked down on his hand. Snowflakes drifted down and touched upon her wavy hair, and somehow, she did not shiver from the cold.

Natasha looked up at him.

Then she rested her palm upon his, grasping her brother's hand.

"I trust you."

Mordecai squeezed her hand. She squeezed back.

In that moment, Mordecai knew. He knew that they were unbreakable.

What he didn't know was that this was the last time they ever would be.

Mordecai reopened his eyes.

Being a member of Runite's Row would be a good job. It would pay well, and teach him the meaning of discipline and strength.

God knows he needed these things.

. . . Especially now that he'd discovered a new gift of his.

Mordecai drew in a long, trembling breath. He had to do this. For Natasha.

For Natasha.

Mordecai closed his hand around the family sword, as if to draw strength from it.

Then he set his jaw and stepped towards the building.

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Credit to Hime for the drawing!

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Re: [ROLEPLAYING THREAD] Infinity's Row: Awakening

Post by Neela on Wed Jun 03, 2015 9:08 pm


The past few months had been—in one word: strange. Compared to average Row life it had been fairly uneventful which was probably best for us considering practically half of our team was missing at one time or another. 

There was also the fact that due to an infection I had my arm amputated about a month in. Luckily, I wasn't completely helpless and after a lot of persuasion and a good amount of money I'd acquired in the past few years I was able to have a robotic and natural-looking arm constructed and with some practice I'd gotten pretty good with it. 

However, due to this misfortune my combat ability had pretty much gone down the drain and I took up a new hobby. Castumism. 

Aerith had been awesome. She'd helped me learn a lot about it and even almost-sorta practice it. It was good for her too because as new as this was to me it was just about as new to her. So we learned off one another and we'd come pretty far I thought. 

Not only was she a great teacher we'd grown pretty close. Especially since Laylet and I hadn't spoken a word. It was nice to have someone to keep you sane in a time like this. Someone to be able to confide in or look forward to seeing or just to be able to sit with in utter silence with and still feel welcome. 

Little did I know that maybe over all this time I had begun to feel something that was more than just friendship with Aerith. I just hadn't realized it yet.

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Re: [ROLEPLAYING THREAD] Infinity's Row: Awakening

Post by boyhoy on Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:20 pm

For practically the first time since I joined the Row, we had somewhat of a break from everything. A few battles here or there, but nothing major going on. It was a welcome break and gave me a lot of time to recharge and focus on what was really important. I spent a lot of time by myself, training for countless hours each day in an attempt to wield my weapon more effectively. I would practice different stances, different sequences, different positions. Day in and day out. Pushing my body farther than I ever had before. I even asked Caroline for some tips and she provided a lot of useful information. My endurance and strength grew each day and with each successful training session, my confidence grew along with them.

Training not only helped my body grow stronger, but it gave me time to process all that was going on. My engagement was something that still weighed heavily on my mind and an event I still hadn't fully wrapped my mind around. Not only that, Everett seemed to be putting a lot of pressure on himself lately, rarely sleeping and staying holed up in his room for days on end. I was beginning to worry about him, that he was going to distance himself not only from me, but the rest of the Row as well. I couldn't bear to see him like that again. With Resh being gone, it appeared that Everett was trying to take his place and help lead us as best he could. But I could tell it was wearing him down with each hour that passed. As much as he didn't want to admit it, he needed us. He needed me.

So today, Verediat 1st, I make my way to Everett's room and rap gently on his door. "Everett? Are you awake?" I call softly through the wood barrier separating us.

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Re: [ROLEPLAYING THREAD] Infinity's Row: Awakening

Post by Mythie on Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:28 pm

I hear Amber on the other side of the door. "I'll give you two some time" I say simply "But I'm sure she's going to say the same thing, you need to get some sleep" I state before opening the door and offering a nod of acknowledgement to Amber "Have fun, he's grouchy" I mutter to her before heading on my way

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Re: [ROLEPLAYING THREAD] Infinity's Row: Awakening

Post by Shaybaysasuke on Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:33 pm


I opened my eyes slowly, breathing quickly as I pressed my face into the pillow. I glanced at the bed next to me, finding relief that Jacobe had gone on his walk. I was glad he wasn't here, even though that sounds bad, because I might've broken down from that nightmare and I refused to let anyone see my weaknesses and fears anymore. I had seen them all, Jacobe, Farron, all the Row members, dead at my feet. Fe, Arker, and Ren all stood above them and myself, laughing as my vision turned black and I was left all alone because I couldn't save the people i cared about (subtle AoU refrence anyone?). I stood and went to the bathroom, splashing cold water on my face. I looked in the mirror and saw how different I looked after I had joined the Row with Jacobe. My hair was longer, not as shaggy as Jacobe's but close, I had more scars than needed, and I looked stronger. If only I felt it. I moved out of the bathroom, already feeling sleep pull at me again. That's the last time I accept tea from Jacobe to help my "muscles relax." But I had to admit, even with the nightmares I felt more rested than I had in days.

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Re: [ROLEPLAYING THREAD] Infinity's Row: Awakening

Post by Sponsored content

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