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Dylan Can't DRAW! (Shop)

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Dylan Can't DRAW! (Shop)

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Sat Oct 11, 2014 1:09 pm

Hi guys, so many of you know that I am just so bad at drawing. Yeah I know, it's okay, don't pity me. I have a few pieces of work to show you. Plain stuff nothing special. But I'm open for drawings, like for RPGs, stories, anything really, except for dogs and cats, I cannot draw them for my life.

HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES: (You might have to click.)



* You can rush me if I take more than two days, that probably means that I'm off track or I'm foretting

* Be polite, I will not serve a tyrant.

* Sometimes my drawings are more detailed than others, this can be for numerous reasons AND IN NO WAY IS IT ON PURPOSE

* Full body drawings take longer because I'm learning to draw arms and legs, so DO NOT RUSH ME IF I'M DRAWING A FULL BODY.

*Thank you's are always a nice way of currency for me. So I expect some kind of thank you after I'm done.

* Feel free to tell me to correct something. I won't bite.

* I would like it if you would not share your pictures with others unless you show who drew it (me)

* In Chocolate put Monkey. So that I know you read everything.

* It has to be appropriate or I will not draw it. I will do small clevage but that's it. Nothing big.


Drawing Type:

Look (The more detail, the better it will look) :

Wait Time? ( I will try to get them to you as fast as I can) :

Any Background ( I'm not great with background on tablet) :


Anything Else ( Anything at all?) :

Waiting List:



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"Turn the lights off and everything becomes real."
~Dylan Battle~
Adept Creator
Adept Creator

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Re: Dylan Can't DRAW! (Shop)

Post by Cana on Sat Oct 11, 2014 8:26 pm

Your pictures aren't working ;_;

“Truly happy memories always live on, shining. Over time, one by one, they come back to life.”
― Banana Yoshimoto, Kitchen
Profound Creator
Profound Creator

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Re: Dylan Can't DRAW! (Shop)

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Sat Oct 11, 2014 9:23 pm

Oops, maybe I should host them and see if that works.

One second.


"Turn the lights off and everything becomes real."
~Dylan Battle~
Adept Creator
Adept Creator

Join date : 2013-12-08
Posts : 611
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Location : I'm in a mood

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Re: Dylan Can't DRAW! (Shop)

Post by xKnightsX on Sun Oct 12, 2014 6:10 pm

Dylan and I are working on the issue.


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Re: Dylan Can't DRAW! (Shop)

Post by Sponsored content

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