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Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

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Camp Half-Blood: Fate of Sorrow

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Camp Half-Blood: Fate of Sorrow

Post by WritingBookworm on Sat Oct 11, 2014 1:59 am

As I was typing up the next section to Juliana's backstory, I realized that I might want to try keeping it all in place so people can follow along and not have to jump from thread to thread. So yeah. Enjoy!

~ ~ ~ ~

December 23rd, 1905.

That was the day my life changed.

The smell was no better outside than it was inside. In the factory it had reeked of ground metal and the hot sweat of workers such as my sister and I. After coming out, one evil was traded for another--cigar smoke burned my nostrils from the inside out, and a vile scent wafted from fresh horse droppings on the cobblestone road.

I gagged and choked, quickly putting my dirty white shirt over my nose. "These smells. They're awful."

"As they always are," said an older, deeper female voice. "Residing in New York City rarely necessitates pleasantries."

Walking up next to me was my sister, Amara. At sixteen, she was only two years older my elder, but she acted like an adult. She was plain, modest, and hardworking, but also strict, serious, and she never allowed any nonsense or childishness from me.

"Be grateful we don't have to work these next two days," she said. "Allow yourself to enjoy these blessings, for there are few of them in life."

I barely refrained from rolling my eyes. "You don't have to be so serious all the time," I muttered.

Amara's lips pursed, her eyes nailed on me. We had the same deep blue eyes, but I was never able to look that intimidating.

Finally she chose not to say anything. She tore her eyes away from me and sighed, instead staring out into the snow-frosted streets. Horse hooves clomped on the road as they approached, a black carriage in their wake. I couldn't help but feel a little jealous; if only we were that lucky. Some got to lounge in pristine mansions and travel in luxury whereas Amara and I got stuck as orphans struggling to eke out a living by working in a dirty factory, where the employers really couldn't care less about you.

I narrowed my eyes and glared at the carriage as it rolled by. I followed it all the way down the road, sending all of my loathing at it even as it shrank into the distance.


I blinked and turned toward Amara's plain face, bordered on either side by inky black hair that fell past both of her shoulders. "We need to go."

I nodded and tried a smile. She turned around and walked down the street, and I followed her.

A few minutes into the walk and I was counting down the time in which we would arrive home. It was especially cold in New York today, and neither of us owned coats. The moment we arrived at our home was the moment we'd be warm again.

I turned my head and surveyed my surroundings. A mother was holding the hands of two young boys as she escorted them down the street. A brown-capped Newsie waved a newspaper in the air as he blared the headline. Two men exited a bar with half-empty beer bottles, and I turned away before I could smell their breath, looking up instead.

When I did, I saw the golden sun, paler due to the gray clouds. But it still seemed to shine as it sank down the grand snow-capped mountains, radiating tendrils violet, peach, and rose.

I gasped, forgetting myself as I stared into the sunset. A slow smile overcame my face, and I stretched my arm out, as though I could sink my fingers into the warm and soft colors. It was so beautiful. . .

Amara keeps walking, and I realize I've just been standing there. I blink and sprint back to her side before she can scold me.

The rest of our journey home would have passed without much event if not for the huge, guttural roar that stopped us right where we were and echoed off of the buildings. Men and women all around us paused and murmured as they looked around.

My eyes darted around the area. "Amara? What was. . ."

"I don't know." She put a hand on my shoulder and guided me backward so that I was behind her. "Stay close."

Then I heard people cry out. I gulped, fear driven into my heart like a stake. Yet I craned my neck to see what had appeared--

Or who had appeared. A blond teenage boy was running down the street in a mad frenzy, shoving several aside with a hand. And in the other hand--

My eyes grow to the size of plates as he came nearer and began to zip past us--

"Is that a sword?" I exclaimed.

"Juliana!" Amara protested.

The boy stopped before he could run past us. He's thin, wirey and drenched in sweat. Sure enough, in his hand was a legitimate bronze sword.

Startled, he turned his pale, pointed face toward me--

When I saw his eyes, I lost all sense of where I was. I could only gaze deep into his bright orbs. They were green; as green as the rich and lovely sea.

"You. . ." he knit his eyebrows. "You can see it? It-It doesn't appear as anything else?"

"Of course we see it!" Amara snapped. "Don't think of coming closer to my sister with that thing!"

The boy didn't seem to hear her. Something was dawning across his face.

"By the Gods," he said. "You're both like me." He was addressing the two of us, yet he couldn't stop staring at me. "You're both. . ."

Another roar rattled our bones. It seemed closer this time.

"There's no time," he said. "But you need to come with me if you want to survive, please!"

Amara and I exchanged glances.

Then I looked back to the boy and nodded. The three of us began to run.


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Re: Camp Half-Blood: Fate of Sorrow

Post by Paradox on Sat Oct 11, 2014 2:08 am

I know I've already read this, but this is really nice!
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