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End of Year News (December 2017)

Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:57 am by Adrian

(It's been one year since I made a news thread, oops)

Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

2017 was a pretty busy year IRL for most of us - according to forum statistics, our busiest month was in June with 1671 total posts, meaning our post rate has been a little …

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Forum Bug

Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:18 am by Adrian

Hi all,

We're aware of a peculiar forum glitch that's causing some subforums to be locked.

Due to the lateness at this time, it might be a while before the glitch can be remedied, because despite my best efforts and as far as I can tell, everything seems to be working fine admin-side. It may have …

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Discord News/Update Test

Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:35 am by Adrian

Just a news, update test. Trying to get this thing to work.

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Code 9

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Code 9 Empty Code 9

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Thu Sep 25, 2014 8:45 pm

Hi guys, most of you know who I am. As you may already know, I have ended my preview of ANF, the rest is being completed and re-formatted for editing and review. So I thought I could share something else I've been working on is a piece cold Code 9. It's a story in which people don't really know why, they're on this planet. They barely know anything about how life used to be except for what the government tells them. So what happens when the human race is dying, and only the smartest, skilled, most trained citizens get to live. Well I present to you, the first Chapter. I hope you like it.

Chapter 1

When I dream, I have wings.

I can fly and shout, I can live as if nobody is there. Nobody can tell me what to do, they can't pull me down and they can't think for me. I am my own person. Technology is not a thing in my world. Beneath me, the rolling clouds accompany my journey across the endless sky. There is a beautiful horizon, and the earth looks as if it is bending. I have no worries in the world, because the skies will carry me wherever I go. I was somewhere beyond gorgeous, it had forests, things that we don’t yet have here. Things I cannot yet touch, feel, or see in the real world.

I was there. On that planet that used to hold life.

Then I wake up.

I realize that wings cannot carry me, because my center of gravity would be unbalanced and I would hurtle to the ground, facing a painful death as my lungs burst from air and my body is flattened by Earth’s ground. At least it would be a beautiful, sweet, death.

My autocosm is incorrect.

Shepherd is the first to come in. In his hands, he holds my day clothes. On his face is a life-like smile. A gray silk t-shirt, gray slacks, and a jacket for the autumn weather outside.

“ You have two hours and twenty minutes before the Initial begins." He says, then he places the clothes on my shelf and walks out the door.

I grin, today is the day.

I get up and grab my renewal oil, and rub it on my skin and lather it into my dry, thin, scuffled and matted hair. Soon, my dry skin is soft, and my hair has regained it’s bouncy, thick sleek waves; which I always comb back. After fifty generations of being on this new world, our skin still hasn't gotten used to the moisture here. I then put on my clothes, which I will be changing into when I enter the Initial.

I hear tunes downstairs, Moe must be down there, she must have been creating a meal downstairs, because a scent caresses my nose. Doe must already be at the Central Centre. He has to get everything right with the coordinators. Maybe Garold is already there. That would be a misuse of time on my part.

I clip on my compain, it's a steel wrist band that acts as a portable profile. Things such as heartbeat, schedules and when I should eat. My entire life is on my compain, well, when I get my binding rings, then my entire life will be on that.

Time for first food.

The words sound on my compain, and then they disappear faster than they appeared.

I put in my eyeware contacts, and everything zooms into place. The whites of my walls seem whiter, the two moons outside seem even more colorful, even though they hide under a thin sheet of blue and green. Our Star seems to be more elusive, reaching even the farther most corners of the planet. It's perfect, everything will always be right, without flaw or mis-detail. Then I put my transmitter liquid into my ear, and send the microscopic bug down the tube. It enters my canal, and i feel a rush of cool run into my cranium, and it’s like getting a drink after a long, sweaty day of intensive exercise.

Finally, my daily morning ritual was done.

Being 16, with a twenty year old body, feels great.

Moe's created something special for me today, avocado soup, accompanied by non-carb bread to dip. Usually I can only eat certain things, but today I can tell that our physician is allowing me a free hand.

“I requested some ingredients today. I thought you might like something that was thicker and more flavorful. I hope you're feeling okay for today." Moe speaks in a low, pleasing tone, she sounds happy, but there is something about her that makes me question that.

“Thank you Moe. Will you be going to the Initiate?"

It's a stupid question. Of course she's going. Units always go with their Offspring when they go to the Initiate.

Because it's the only Initiate.

“Of course I'm going, Kite." She says, as she pours some green water into a purifier, which turns it into a steaming hot cup of Conican. It's a delicious drink, that tastes sweeter than almost anything I've ever tasted.

She sits down, and I sit down, and we eat. I can't help but stare at her binding ring that Doe gave to her. She's  imputed it show Doe's name, Richmond Cashnoton. A binding ring is bound to a man's finger during the Initiate, and a female’s during the Final Binding Ceremony. You could never take it off yourself, it could only be taken off by a Technician. Even that was restricted unless under government order. It was more valuable than your compain, and only men could keep two. The second was to be given to his partner, who had no Binding Ring.

“I see you staring at my ring." My moe says. She smiles, and I feel a little bit better about myself than usual.

“ It's beautiful." I say. I can't hide my thoughts anymore, even when I've looked at it several times before, it still enchants me.

" Have I ever told you the story of your engineering?" She muses. Breaking the ever so intriguing silence in front of us.

" No, I don't think so." I think about it, maybe I was always too young to understand such a complex thing thing like engineering a human lifeform.

She begins to talk, and then my compain rings again, and this time the letters are green, which means it's a major importance.

The Initiates are due at Central in 12 minutes.

We're late, usually a reminder rings on our house system. Maybe it's a mix up with our operators. Moe gets up and grabs her monitor pad, then types in a few commands. The lights go off, and ah shakes her head.

“ Tomorrow I have to review my program unit. We can't have issues like this." Moe shames herself. She governs the UI and oversees the Operators in the Western Unit, which is where we live. On the better half of the United. She was a class B, one of the lowest, and scored so high she got transferred here and met Doe at the Gathering Center, they were both 17, and it was as if destiny had it for them to be together.

Destiny, an old English word that was scrapped out of the English Dictionary for lack of understanding.

We walked out the door, and although I don't know how to actually use this old English word correctly, I know today is in whatever context.



In no time I'm already dressed in my suit. It's a silk three piece with a restored clock watch to show. Doe's pay lots of money for this type of thing. Although it is not encouraged to show pride, Doe's always love presenting their Offspring in this sort of way.

But of course, my peers look just as astonishing and as talented as I do.

One of my best peers is Garold, he's a Level E citizen like me and he's been studying architecture for the Government. Which means that he'll be in the same Work Unit in the United Western Unit. We'll be each other's Unities, which means that we'll keep each other on track and check up on each other on a lock step schedule.

There's also Magrette, although usually boys don't like to have female peers because of the chance of becoming emotionally attached before the Gathering. Which for us is a week from now, after we move into our new homes. Margaret is a nice peer, she studied engineering and graphical design. I believe her Work Unit will be at the Creation Center her in Central. She'll be an animator, they create our automabots which look so lifelike it's unreal, they move, act and even breath like us, but they live to serve.

The others are a week older, they've already had their Initial and I will probably see them at later events.

The ceremony begins, we file in, in this class, there are two hundred of us, it's probably a medium sized class. Most of us were engineered on a specific date, so about half the class shares the same birthday, the twelfth day of the twelfth month. The speaker comes out, the president of education for Levels C-E. He's tall and old, so that might mean he's in his late 180s. People have lived longer and looked over ever since.

Except for Class I and X citizens.

They don't age. They're perfect.

“Good morning, today we celebrate the end of our Offspring's childhood, and the beginning of their magnificent future. Today the will remove their combines, and the males will receive binding rings. They will receive their class information, and obtain their work unit badges. In a week, they will attend their first Gathering, where they will be given the choice to pick a partner to bind with, if they do find a partner, they will receive their information, how they will, where they will retire, how many children they will have, and, if chosen, if they can engineer a child or give natural birth to them. In the next five years, the very children you see in front of you, will be leading the United into a new era of wonder and excitement."

Applause rings through the big auditorium, there are so many people, that they can only here by their transmitters in their ears. Soon we are called forward one by won. Garold goes before me, and I smile like I’m supposed to. He’s handsome, and if anyone is going to get a partner, it will be Garold first. He has great blonde hair, and his grey eyes dilate to detest the blinding lights of the stage. He stands tall, built, and if anything, ready for his Work Unit.

“Garold June Baron, you have shown greatness and excellence as a model Level E Youth Citizen. Today you become Captain Baron of the United Architectural Unit. You will lead in the construction of vast blueprints, and because of your talent in detail, you will design and advise in building a Class I city, which will become your greatest accomplishment.” The speaker says, he locks a badge onto his coat, and then the speaker hands him a shiny silver case. Garold puts his finger on the top, and the box pops open. The speaker takes one of the rings and puts it on his ring finger. The ring rotates and locks, and I almost see a flinch on his face.

He closes the box, and assumes his position on the sidelines. Then the speaker comes to me, and I can see him close up now. His breath has no smell, his hair is sleek and black, besides the look of age and his timber, aged voice. He smiles, as if he has something great to share with me.

“ Kite Majesty Cashnoton, above all you have shown explanatory work at home and in school. You have incorporated talent, and your abilities are favored among the United. So, I announce that you have been selected to be a Level I citizen.” He says, and he has to pause for the wide applause heard in the background.

I’m stunned. I’ll be a Level I, I’ll succeed the homosapien race?

“I know that this is much for you, but at your recent checkup your physician drew some blood from you. That blood is being tested, and soon you might be a Class I. The chosen race to be before Class X. You have been ranked Commander of The Western Unit, under mentorship of Commander Jonathan Clash B. . Now, I present you with your binding rings.” My hand shakes, but I try to calm it, I can’t, because they have taken off my compain. I place my finger on the top of the box, and it fails.

I swallow. This is embarrassing.

I place my finger firmly down on the box, and it clicks open. The speaker takes one and puts it on my ring finger, it rotates, and I feel twelve tiny needles go deep into my skin. It stings, but it’s bearable, then I see the ring grow green in the middle. The outside rings get a little larger, then stops growing. On it reads:

Kite Cashnoton, Class I.

I take my place on the sideline a few yards away from Garold. I can see him staring at me, he’s locked on me, and it stays that way for two hours until the anthem plays.

Then he moves his lips.
I can’t tell if it’s a grin, or a snarl.

Code 9 64008dfad6ce0340d7c7f4b4bda49998
"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Code 9 Empty Re: Code 9

Post by Wishie on Thu Sep 25, 2014 9:37 pm

Aside from some grammatical things (which are entirely small and can be overlooked) this is intriguing and I hope you continue!

Code 9 3_by_t12
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Code 9 Empty Re: Code 9

Post by Paradox on Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:03 pm

This is interesting!

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Code 9 Empty Re: Code 9

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:19 pm

Thanks guys, and those darn grammar errors, I swear they appear out of nowhere...

Code 9 64008dfad6ce0340d7c7f4b4bda49998
"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Code 9 Empty Re: Code 9

Post by Sal on Fri Sep 26, 2014 5:54 am

This is super cool! The idea is really unique and I hope you continue to write!


Do you even have a clue?
Do you even have one?

All the evil things we do,
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Code 9 Empty Re: Code 9

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Wed Oct 01, 2014 7:33 am

Chapter 2:

It’s a new home, and a new day.

I have everything already furnished. A monitor pad sits on a steel countertop, a food creater sits idly in the center of the kitchen, and a ingredient programmer sits right by the shoot. I don't really know any ingredients, so my daily diet consists of hand picked choices from my physician, whish is usually things like white meats and multi-grain cereal. For a bedroom, I have a simple bed, with no upgrades like the one at home, with the easy rest system and the temperature adjust monitor. In the sitting area there is a couch and a screen server. The screen server only comes on if group conversations are needed.

Although it feels as if i'm finally living on my own, away from all the chit-chat of meetings that my mother conducts at home in her private meeting room. Without the laughing and did-you-hears that used to always make me smile. I don't really think it feels any better than I thought it did. It's just an apartment in a house for un-Partnered, Level E males.

It doesn’t feel the same without Moe and Doe.

My buzzer buzzes.

I open the door to see a young man with a suitcase, and what looks to be an automabot beside him. He looks nice, and wears the insignia of a Medical Physician.

“Good morning Mr. Cashnoton. I’m here to inform you about your test results, may I come in?” He says, his voice slightly high, and his tone straightforward, like Doe’s voice.

“Yes, please.” I say, and it’s as if he’s already mapped out the apartment. He sits at the small round table, then he opens up his case to reveal a letter, along with a blue and red bottle. A letter, they don’t usually have those anymore.

“Mr. Cashnoton, I am sorry but to inform you that your first round of blood test results did not come around positive. I can inform you of your future readings though.” He says, and smiles. He keeps it straightforward, and everything about him says, be formal and polite. You don’t want this one thinking you’re cold-hearted.

I nod for him to reed my future tests. It’s highly accurate when they read these things. They’re nice to know.

“First, you are very healthy male, and your life expectancy is around two hundred. You should look for a girl with a nice physique, and your readings show that if you had natural births it would be better for your future Offsprings. Also …” His voice trails off, and he warpshis stone face into a worried expression. Then it pops back, as so that he doesn't mess up his strategy.

“ I’m sorry sir, but I must be leaving now for further testing.” He says, in a rushed tone. He gets up quickly, almost breaking the blue and red bottles. He corrects himself by locking them and then rushes out of the door, which shuts automatically.

What had just happened? Was there something wrong with my test results, something that not even they had seen. Frankly, I didn’t want to know.

Or did I?


When I dream. I dream of someone I don’t know.

She’s gorgeous, and every detail about her compliments herself. She’s amicable, and she is talking to a group of Youths, but she’s not a youth. I can tell, because she has no compain on her wrist. No binding ring either. She smiles, and somehow it's as if she lights up the dimly lit room.

She’s perfect, and I think I want to talk to her.

I can’t, my legs are locked, and I can’t moves muscle. I can only watch as another man goes and talks to her, he presents her with a binding ring, and she nods her head. They hug, and they walk out of the room together, before the entire room swells up with men and women getting invited to Bind with each other. I can’t yell, I can’t scream.

I can’t breath.

I wake up to a knock on the door. Which is very eerie for me, why not buzz?

I get up, still in my sleeping clothes. I rush to the door to open it.

An older man stands, dressed in uniform. Beside him is Garold, who is grinning at the fact that I look like a dried muffin that’s been left out too long.

“Good morning, Commander. Get dressed, because in 26 minutes, you’ll be late to your first Work hour.” The man says, I like his tone. It makes me feel empowered, but at the same contained.

I don’t say a word, I shut the door behind me, and do my routine faster than I normally like to do it. I put on my clothes, and leave my dirty ones behind on my bed. I rush out in my newly pressed uniform.

The Mentor stares me down. Then he grabs my arm, his hands big and rough and clobbers. Then he moves me down the hallway and into an elevator with immense force. I don’t know whether to be intimidated by him, or frustrated.

“ Stand up tall, walk straight. Look as if you have a purpose. Feel as if you are above them, but don’t show it. Don’t speak unless spoken to, and don’t interact unless interacted with. In a few months, you’ll be half as decent as we need you to be.” He says. I stare long-sided at Garold. He smirks, but only when I’m looking. He’s always happy, and it makes me sick. Of course he looks better than me, he always does.

The elevator opens, and I follow the Mentor into a PodCar, it’s faster than the standards we have at home, I can tell, because I can’t even see where we have just landed in five minutes. Central is so vast and complex, it mesmerizes me. I didn’t live here growing up, in fact, I lived a couple miles outside of it.

We’re walking into a massive Command Center, and I can see hundreds of other officers going around and trying to make their way into the various buildings. They are lower ranked, only the Class E’s get the highest jobs. Unless you’re a Class I.

In a flat five minutes we are walking through a two hundred foot building, with glass overhangs and bridges that support people walking on them at high places. I almost get entranced by this. There’s so much attention to detail here, it’s tremendous, I don’t see any trash, except for by the disposals. Just clean areas with holographic plants that don’t need to be taken care of.

Soon we’re in a smaller room. It’s still big, just not as big as the outside was. It accompanies about seventy people, most of which are on monitors. Doing something, maybe managing different things, such as pilot locations and making sure adventures are doing what they are supposed to be doing out on the undiscovered land.

In the middle sits a huge steel table, and on a chair is engraved my name. On the next one is Garold’s, and another reads Anias Baron. Jonathan Clash.

My mentor … is Garold’s father. He was so important he had to have a false name.

Of course, it adds up. Every time I used to visit his home, his doe was gone, but his moe was always there. He used to tell me that his father was at work, on a classified, and when it’s classified, that usually means they can’t talk about it.

There are others. A man stands forward, Chief Master Commander, I can tell. A few others round the table, all standing, some grinning, some stern faced. I stand there, by my seat, trying not to make myself look bad. That would be terrible.

“Please, sit.” Says the Chief Master Commander.

He sits, and as if conducted, everyone else takes a seat. He presses a button, around us everything goes dim, and the flashing monitor lights fade. It’s as if this meeting is only for us. They can’t see in, we can’t see out. He brings up a keypad, and glides his flawless fingers around until a holograph pops up. It’s by an ocean. I can’t tell which but I’m sure it’s by one of the eighteen major oceans. There is a small little town with a few houses, nothing special at all.

“ Four months ago some of our Advens discovered a great coastline area for our Class I cities. This will be our first major Class I city. It will accompany twelve million Class I’s and some of the governments finest. Your job, as an engineer, is to build the technology to accompany this town. Captain Baron will build the actual city with two hundred Chief Builders. You may choose your own designer, and since we know that you will go to your First Gathering soon, you have two months to get ready for this assignment. You and your Partner will live there for the next 10 years, or until the city is finalized. If you decide to stay there. You will be given the Founder ranking along with the other experts who helped build the city.” He speaks.

Live there? In a new city, with about 300 people, for about 10 years. Have children … there? This wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I didn’t like it.

I speak, “ It’s a great opportunity sir, but what about things such as Medical Care, and School for our Offsprings?”

I think I shouldn’t have questioned him like that.

“You will have a Physician assigned to each family for the period in which is allotted. School will be taught by a teacher in the two years after your Offspring are born. Nothing will change. So don’t bother questioning about it. Understood?”

“Understood, sir.”

“Good, Mentor Commander Baron will take you to your next assignment.” He commands, the dim light goes away, and life resumes around them. They all get up and walk to their next assignment.

Garold closes in on me. He puts his hand on my shoulder, and as soon as we exit he says, “ I think that went better than how I imagined it. Just imagine us and our Partners, raising families together. Building an entire city together. This is what we have dreamed about.”

I smile, but it’s weak.

I never wanted this much freedom, and this much responsibility. This means that if something goes wrong. I could be terminated from my rank. Especially with engineering. I’ve never had to operate on a city grid before. Moe has, maybe she can teach me before I go. I’m frightened by the very thought that if I mess up. I mess up the successors of tomorrow.

It’s as if the fate of an entire civilization lays on my hand.

That’s why Garold is smiling, because he knows. He knows that if I mess up I take the fall, if he messes up, i take the fall. If I succeed, he does too. It’s a trap, it’s a device beyond counsel. I don’t like it. Not even a bit, and as we close into our next assignment station, which is nothing but grid training.

For the first time. I feel uncomfortable.

Code 9 64008dfad6ce0340d7c7f4b4bda49998
"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Code 9 Empty Re: Code 9

Post by Sal on Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:31 am

Yay! Really nice chapter c: looking forward to the next one!


Do you even have a clue?
Do you even have one?

All the evil things we do,
Surprising that you don't run.

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Roleplay Moderator

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Code 9 Empty Re: Code 9

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:38 pm

Sorry guys, I have like already up to chapter 10 done. But I just have this thing called school. So here you go! Excuse the typos, if there are any.

Chapter 3:

For next few days it’s the same routine. But at the same time it’s different.

First, I go to a meeting, sometimes with the Chief Master Commander, and sometimes with other people. It basically depends on the date, but he's usually there on the second day of the week. After a meeting, I do rigorous grid training, and each day I get better at it, each day I can maintain nuclear power better than the last. Next, after four hour training, is weapon training. For my colleagues, it’s easy. For me, it’s more grueling, because I overcorrect my aim at the target. I’ve been trained to correct, and I can’t correct in aiming like I do. After that it’s dinner, and I repeat.

But today, I am going to see my Doe and Moe for the first time in a week. I’m happy, and I want to tell them how much I missed them. But, I can’t, because that would be very unnecessary.

They arrive at my apartment right after Work. Mom brings food in a refrigerated container. It looks delicious, I can’t make food like that because I can’t input the directions into the creation station.

“Hi Moe, Doe. Nice to see you.” I say, trying to hold back my relief. I have to tell them about everything. I have to tell them about work, about how i can’t maintain my apartment. How I’ve been dreaming about my Partner.

They take a seat in my half decent sitting room. Which is cluttered with diagrams, and blueprints for gridwork. They’ve started handing out diagrams for the city. They are very complicated, but their very interesting to work on. Some of the things in the diagrams don’t even exist yet.

What are we building?

I go to rest in a cluttered chair, removing the papers as I sit down. Then I twiddle my thumbs and attempt to begin a conversation.

“Great weather we’re having today.”

They smiled and were silent.

Attempt failed.

Moe speaks, “ So I suppose you’ve had a very eventful first week on your own.”

“Yes, actually, I have been under lots of training lately. I think I’m getting better at my job every day.” I say, why didn’t I tell them yet?

“That’s great, any major assignments yet? I’m assuming you’ve got great opportunities coming your way.”

I swallow.

“No, I don’t think so. the only upcoming event is the Gathering tomorrow.” I say, what was I thinking. I didn’t say it. What did they call that, it starts with an “L”.

A lie.

“Oh, well, do you think you’re looking for anyone in particular?” Doe says, he stands tall, even when he is seated. He has broader shoulders, and unlike my black hair. He has ginger hair and slightly yellow eyes. He’s not intimidating, but it does feel as if everyone is below him.

“I don’t know. I think I’m looking for someone who holds herself right. A female who can make anyone look lesser even if she’s dressed plainly.” It’s as if I’m trying to remember my dreams. She’s beautiful, it’s as if I already know her.

Moe stares smiling. She’s … what’s that word, intriguing.

“ Your setting the bar pretty high, as they used to say.” Doe says, shifting on the couch.

Yes, maybe I am.

Then we eat, and I still feel uncomfortable.


When I dream, it’s of the Final Binding Ceremony.

I’m standing there, dressed in a white suit holding the final binding ring in my hand. I look up, and it’s here. She has hazel eyes, that seem to reflect the beauty of it all, her hair is dark brown, and it’s long, not one strand is out of place. She’s dressed in black with a white corsage. She smiles, and I smile.

But I can’t put the ring on her finger.

I stand there, frozen. She’s staring at me pleading that I finalize our Binding. But I can’t move, and she begins to cry. There is no sound but I can see it. I can’t call for help, and a void consumes us.

Then I wake up.

It’s the First Gathering.

My suit sits propped on my shelf. They must have left it for me, or put it there while I was asleep.

I get dressed quickly, and then I look in the mirror. The suit looks fine, it’s peach, and a salmon tie. My hair is no different, and the only thing the suit compliments is my skin. I smile, maybe someone will notice me, because I stand out in the crowd.

The buzzer rings. But it’s different.

Wake up call for all Gathering attendees, please report to the Gathering center in twenty minutes or less. There is a PodBus awaiting.

It’s time. I grab my silverbox and make my way out of the door. But right as I open it. Someone appears at the door.

It’s the Medical Physician, and he’s smiling again.

“ Excuse me, but i’m late for my future.”

“ This will only take a few moments. It’s good news.” He says, and struts in. He takes out his briefcase, and the only thing in it is a letter. “ I am pleased to inform you that your blood results came back positive. Congratulations, you are now officially a Class I.”

“When will my blood injections begin?”

“ In three days, when you wake up tomorrow, do not eat or drink anything.” He says, but I’m already halfway to the elevator. Although I’m happy about the news, I can’t let anything ruin my future. I cannot let my dream come true.


The Gathering courtyard was glorious. It was as if the angels had come down from heaven to present the glory of the present opportunity. Many males got off with me, Garold, along with a few others, showed much more intent on making the First gathering their last gathering.

I sigh.

Garold notices, and takes the opportunity to side grind my feelings into the wall of pain.

“ Hey, if you don't get her today, then maybe you'll get her at the Fifteenth Gathering." He whispers into my ear. Now, I can vaguely remember why he was ever my friend in the first place. Maybe it was because of his negative positivety. Or maybe it was because he was a magnet, and everything was attracted him in one mindless way or another.

My dress shoes clicked as they hit the concrete at a stylish pace. I walk to the beat, steady and confident. Soon I realize that we've began a steady march together. I like it, it slows my heartbeat and clears my collapsing lungs. We're all a little nervous, and we show it on our bodies, but we come together as one hear.

The welcoming drums sound. They

Then I realize just how massive the Gathering hall is, it's a pastel grey. But a marvel fountain glistens on each side. A quote rests above the entrance. It's a beautiful quote, that means more than it was intended to mean. I will remember it for Final Quotes, it'll be a beautiful quote to say to my Partner as we unite in the Final Binding Ceremony.

We enter straight into a massive ballroom. An antique chandelier hangs two hundred feet above the polished golden floors. There is stage setup, accompanied by one wireless microphone and a stand. Across the room enter the females.

“ Wow …” I hear a male say next, to me. I turn, he’s wearing a baby blue suit which match his eyes and jet black hair. I think he’ll have no trouble finding a Partner.

“ See anyone in particular?” I whisper to the male. He seems startled by my sudden approach, but softens up. Maybe he thinks he knows me from somewhere, maybe grid training.

“Yes actually, May. She’s the girl in the red dress and the blonde hair.” He whispers. I find out that there is no need to whisper. The other males are talking amongst themselves, trying to keep their voices monotone, so they don’t alert any suspicion.

I look over at the female he’s talking about. The red dress she wears brings out her golden yellow hair and light brown eyes. Whoever designed that dress specifically designed it for a Gathering. It’s something that you want in a dress, it makes you look flamboyant, it makes you … noticeable.

I nod my head in agreement. To say that she was beautiful would be rude. Obviously, this male wants to Pend with her. I think they would actually be a great Binding. They compliment each other in a damsel-prince kind of way.

The chime hums, that means that it’s time for the gathering to begin. A speaker approaches the stage. An old female, who looks as if she’s done Gathering speeches oh- so many times. She smiles, and the small lines in her face deepen.

“Good morning Class C, E, and I citizens. Today marks one of the final steps to the rest of your lives. Today you will meet your Partner, the one you will Bind with for the rest of your lives. As you may know, Class I citizens can pair twice after the apparent death of their Partner, but only twenty years after may they have more children. For now, we will go through the apparent stations …” She speaks loud and clear, she talks about where we will go if we find a Partner, which is to the information station.

The information station. Where the future is unraveled.

It’s where Partners find out how many kids the will have, how they will have them. It also tells of where they will live, if a Partner is being stationed on a year long or more project, that is most likely where you will live. It’s simple and neat, and all the thinking is done for you.

All the thinking is done for you.

I don’t like the taster of those words on my tongue. To think is to live … or is it?

I feel as if I am speaking aloud. As if everyone in the Western Union can hear my voice.

The second chime humms. Everyone moves in and fills the gap between the males and females. In a moment, the entire golden floor is covered in a dance of color and light.

It’s hard to maneuver, and some have already started making their way to the information station before I can make my way towards any single female. It’s hard, because every second someone else comes to claim one. I approach many, but alas, my attempts don’t work. Soon, almost everyone has cleared out of the main room. The only people who linger are chatting people who want to talk before they decide.

But … there is one.

She looks mad as she leans against the wall. She’s stunning, she wears a white dress that brings out her hazel eyes and braided dark brown hair. She stands tall, and she looks as if she’s waiting for someone. Someone who hasn’t saw her yet. She’s scanning the half and a quarter empty room, and then, her eyes lock on me.

She tilts her head. Then, as if she has seen a long lost friend, she smiles. I can truly say that there is no smile in the world like hers. She starts to walk to me. I want to walk towards her, but I can’t move.

It’s as if I’m supposed to stay here.

When she’s finally near me, I realize that her eyes are a lighter hazel than I imagined. Her hair is not dark brown, it’s dirty blonde. She’s flawless, but acts as if she is. She smiles again, and I can’t help but smile.

“ Hi, my name is Connie Lavender. I’m a Class C citizen from Baran City, and I would like to know if you wanted to Pend with me.” Her voice is clear, it’s soft, but strong. Silky, but rough. She sounds like a beautiful morning sunrise, she looks like a sugar brown white rose. If one did exist, she would be the only one.

The only one in the entire world.

I can say the only thing that I can say. Her radiance has captivated my soul.


Author's Note:

Next Chapter: Friday Morning ( OR AFTERNOON)

Ah, it hasn't even gotten good yet.

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"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Chapter 4

In no way was this the way I planned this to go. I thought I would be the one to ask. I thought I would be the one to get the girl everyone wanted. Even though Connie was the most beautiful girl I have ever laid sight on, I thought that I would prove myself wrong.

In a way, I did.

“ Great, let's go to the information station room. I want you to meet some of my friends." She smiles, and although I feel like a confused Offspring, I nod. She takes my hand, and it's so soft and sleek it makes my heart skip a beat.

I have now come to clarify that the information room is ten times larger than the ball room. Monitors are lined up across the thin, sleek walls. Some are even in cubicles. It's very noisy, people are talking, some are smiling, and some are confused. You can tell if something is going wrong by the way they look at each other. Although this seems in the least bit amusing, I feel amused. I think Connie will be delighted when she finds out she has a high ranking officer as her Partner.

A group comes toward us, smiling. There are two that I recognize, the male in the blue suit, and the  female he was awing over about half an hour ago. I was right, they make a perfect couple. Wait, I see Margrette, stunning, but not as gorgeous as Connie. She's accompanied by a built boy. I smile, the girl had backup now.

“ Hi, Connie. I'm glad that you found a Partner. You two actually look good together." A male says, he's blonde, and his face sculpted like a warped work of art.

“ Haze, don't be so ... You." She counters, and I see a half grin forming on her pink lips. “ Kite, this is Haze, Gram, the male in blue, Azel, Gram's Partner, and Haze's partner. I've heard you know Margrette and Davey."

Haze's partner smile, “ I am Fon. Nice to meet you two." She's got a flare in her voice that represents the confidence in her looks. Her light brown eyes flaunt themselves, and her red hair contradicts her appearance widely, it's as if her hair is an act of defiance.

“Nice to meet you, Gram, Haze, Azel, and Margrette's Partner."

" It's Davey." Margrette's partner says. It comes out so quick it sounds like a whip.

Connie slides in, “ Well, we should probably be moving on to the IFC. I'll hopefully see you guys soon." She says, smiles, and gently takes my hand back. She was so smooth with talking, she speaks with ease, and freely. It's a quality I don't have.

I'm happy Connie does.


We both put our hands on the finger scanners, a needle pricks each of ours, and a single drop of blood gets absorbed for the system. It takes about three seconds for it to load our pre-destined information. A list comes up, and a femal voice reads.

Congratulations Connie and Kite. Our finalized systems have preformed tasks in which we call pre destinies. They will tell you things about the future. Here are you results, Connie Lavender, you have been chosen for natural birth. Because of Kite Cashnoton's DNA and his above average intelligence in things such as engineering and city grid creating, you will have four children. Two boys, two girls.

Kite Cashnoton is requested to leave for his work site in two months. You will complete your ceremony in two weeks so that Connie may recieve her final Work Unit. Congratulations on your test results, and Connie, congratulations on binding with a high ranking Class I citizen. Few have this opportunity.

A light pops up, and that means we have to put our ring fingers on the small pedestal so that it can update the data. As we proceed, a green light glows on my ring and her ring finger glows with a green pulse. This is new, because I've never seen something like this before. Soon it gives a satisfying ting, and that's all for the information station.

Connie turns to face me, and grins. She looks intrigued, almost proud of herself. Maybe she thinks that her stupid decision to pick me had paid off. Connie probably thinks that she has unspoken bragging rights to her peers and possibly when she has her Work Unit, we would be some kind of super power.

“ So you're a Class I. You don't look any different." She chides.

“That is because I haven't had my blood injections yet. What about you, what have you been studying for?" I ask, keeping my voice low. I've never been able to talk like this to anyone before.

“ I'm studying biologics. Things like DNA, and preparing chemicals for blood injections. So I'm most likely am going to be the person giving engineered injections." She pulls her hair back, there is a birthmark right on her left chin. It's now been etched in my memory.

The girl with the many features.

She takes my hand and I squeeze it. She doesn't respond, I hope I haven't made a wrong move. She turns to me. “Let's go outside for some room to breath."

I agree, although it's less crowded now, people are still chatting. Connie walks fast, and you can tell she has a purpose when she is walking. It's actually quite intimidating. As if she's trying to say, I have something known of you can obtain.

I don't know what that is, but I imagine it's me.

I hope it is me.


The two moons shine brightly, and I realize that something must have happened in these hours to pass so much time. Was it that we were just staring at each other or was it a half-day today and I just forgot to reset my sleep aid schedule.

" I forgot it was a half day tonight." She says, and looks up at Orgin and Omar, the twin moons. One bigger than the other, and the other bigger than the other. A small distance away, another planet visits us, Janus. It has lush green land, but the atmosphere is toxic, and only bacteria and plants survive on it's surface. It's huge and you can see the landscape and waters.

"Sometimes I want to live there, on Janus, so that I can stare sideways into this place. This massive world that they call our home. Then, I'll be free, and nobody can hold me back. Nobody in all of existence." You can tell she's imagining what she is speaking, and she loves what she's saying.


“ Why do you talk like this? When has it ever been bad to live here, and why do you seem to despise the United." My words are loud enough to hear, but quiet enough so that no Patollers hear.

She smiles, and she puts her hand on the back of my head.

Then she draws me in.

“ Question everything, Kite. Question everything ever taught, said, or thought." Her words breathing life into me.

I cannot breath. Because she makes me feel as if the air I breath is incorrect.

“ There will be no close contact outside supervised areas." A Patroller yells, even though he stares out everyone outside, you can tell it was mostly aimed at us.

My binding ring beebs.

Return home for four hours of sleep.

When I look up, she has disappeared.

No, she's walking away in the distance, a steady pace, proud and formatted. Soon she's blurred into a crowd of females leaving the Gathering Center.

I run my fingers through my hair. I can still feel her lips on my ear, her soft hands on my back and left hand. Garold finds me, along with Gram also. We all walk to the PodBus together, but as they talk about their data tests, and how many kids they are gonna have. I can't help but hearing her words flow through my head. Clutching onto my soul.

Question everything

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"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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