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End of Year News (December 2017)

Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:57 am by Adrian

(It's been one year since I made a news thread, oops)

Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

2017 was a pretty busy year IRL for most of us - according to forum statistics, our busiest month was in June with 1671 total posts, meaning our post rate has been a little …

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Forum Bug

Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:18 am by Adrian

Hi all,

We're aware of a peculiar forum glitch that's causing some subforums to be locked.

Due to the lateness at this time, it might be a while before the glitch can be remedied, because despite my best efforts and as far as I can tell, everything seems to be working fine admin-side. It may have …

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Discord News/Update Test

Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:35 am by Adrian

Just a news, update test. Trying to get this thing to work.

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1st Annual IRAC - Winners

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1st Annual IRAC - Winners

Post by Adrian on Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:09 pm

1st Annual Infinity's Row Awards Ceremony


Hello again, everyone! I know reading a speech isn't exactly what you want to see first hand, but someone's gotta type it. First off, I want to thank Hermy with all my heart for joining our community, on both Central and on CC. She has such a kind heart and powerful mind, and frankly, we were blessed to call her a friend. Good luck, Hermione!

I also want to thank Hime, her sister. She bravely took on the responsibility of such an amazing RPG, and she's doing a great job of it. Leadership must be genetic in their family....

Lastly, I want to thank everyone that participated in the RPG, in one way or another. Even if you lingered for just a couple of posts, you helped nudge the plot and characters into who they are now. Your guys' imagination gave the RPG life and substance.

And now...

THE WINNERS! (I'll go in order of anticipation, because I'm a jerk Smile) (Thanks to the awesome judges for making the important decisions!)

Funniest Character

This award goes to the most hilarious person, who cracked jokes and lightened every grim situation our characters faced. Congratulations to:
Cameron Valerio (boyhoy)

Most Serious Character

This award goes to the most level-headed character. His calculating, analytic ways are not to be overlooked. Congratulations to:
Elias Carstairs (WritingBookworm)

Most Tragic Character

This award goes to the most unfortunate character - and despite her short comings, she still manages to press on to fight for what's right. Congratulations to:
Amber Valentine (boyhoy)

Nicest Character

This award goes to the character with the biggest heart of gold. Her optimism and charity made her an outstanding Row member. Congratulations to:
Gentry Yate (WritingBookworm)
(i swear this isn't rigged)

Meanest Character

This award goes to the "bully" of the group. They could definitely be regarded as the "bad cop" of the Row. Congratulations to:
Ebony Marachelle (Mythie)

Smartest/Most Clever Character

This award goes to the brains of the group. The winner here is pretty clear. Congratulations to:
Elias Carstairs (WritingBookworm)

Best Fighter

This award goes to the brawler, the master of fighting in the Row, and a reliable ally in combat. Congratulations to:
Aidec Farenart (Sentinel)

Most Attractive Male

This award goes to the handsomest Row member. If looks could kill, his would bring the dead to life. Congratulations to:
Everett di Romano (Hime)

Most Attractive Female

This award goes to the most beautiful Row member. If looks could kill, she and her bestie would probably bring about the zombie apocalypse. Congratulations to:
Amber Valentine (boyhoy)

Coolest Weapon

This award goes to the flashiest, most useful tool in N'al Ren: definitely the envy of all other blades. Congratulations to:
Sentinel (Aidec Farenart) (Sentinel)

Best Ship

This award goes to the most popular ship in the RPG! Hopefully I don't start forum-wide riots. Congratulations to:
Gelias (Gentry + Elias) (WritingBookworm)

Best Couple

This award goes to the greatest (as decided by voting and judging, at least) OTP in N'al Ren (Yufdec 5evar). Congratulations to:
Cameron x Caroline (boyhoy/GoldenGirl)

And now, we crown our monarchs!

Figurehead King of N'al Ren

This award was a close tie between Resh and Cameron. Ultimately, luck decided their fates. Congratulations to:
Resh Archambault (Nee-Chan/Hime)

Figurehead Queen of N'al Ren

This award was also another close tie, between Yuffie and Laylet. Ultimately, luck decided their fates. Congratulations to:
Laylet Celarandir (Neela)


Most Unpredictable Character

This award, which I totally did not make up on the spot because I sort of felt bad, goes to the kookiest, craziest, and probably even random character in the RPG. Congratulations to:
Azula Rolaye (~The True Dust~)

Thanks again to all the RPGers, former, current, and future, for their contribution to the most popular RPG on Creativity Center!


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