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Infinity's Row - Interlude

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Re: Infinity's Row - Interlude

Post by WritingBookworm on Tue Jul 08, 2014 5:38 pm

Gentry informs me of all that transpired. What I had seen in the sky while falling unconscious had apparently been Archer’s plane, so he was able to make his escape. Several of the other invaders were apprehended and are slated to stand trial. In the meantime, it had taken quite intensive operations to treat my gunshot wounds as well as a cracked rib. The doctors had stated that my survival was a miracle.

Gentry’s wound, fortunately, was far less of a problem. Within a few short days, she was well on her way to recovery.

I take longer to get back into my top shape, but by the end of nien day’s passing, I find myself out of the hospital and in a shooting range.

After passing through the entrance, I survey the building’s interior. Individual shooting ranges are glued together, visible only through a transparent wall. On the left I see two men shooting rifles, and on the right is a girl firing her handgun.

I stop when I’m ten feet away from her. She fires the handgun solely with her left hand, each bullet coming in half-second intervals. Underneath her clear shooting goggles, her eyes slide towards me for a brief moment. She fights down a smile as she finishes emptying out her chamber.

When there are no more bullets to fire, Gentry sets the gun down and slides her shooting goggles off. “It’s nice to see that you’re out of the hospital.”

“Like it’s been so long since you’ve seen me.”

“That’s true.”

She turns and faces me fully. She wears a pink, long-sleeved shirt as well as light blue shorts. Her hair, instead of falling straight down her back, has been divided into two pigtails that begin at the top of her head and reach her shoulders. Normally, it makes one look like a little girl. But somehow, it actually makes her appear stronger, and more like Gentry.

“Wow, today’s a really good day,” she says. “You’re out, I’m officially un-grounded--”

“You were grounded?”

“You know when I shot that one guy’s balls off?”


“Yeah. They’re happy that I helped save the day and everything, but they said that that really wasn’t classy on my part.”

“They’re right.”

Gentry chuckles and skips past me. ‘I guess they’re some of the only parents that ground you for saving their lives. But hey, like I said, I’m not grounded anymore, so now I can officially leave the city and find the Row--”

“Hold on.” I turn around to face her. “You’re leaving the city?”

She nods avidly. “I may have been grounded, but I also finally proved to them that I can handle myself. So now I’m going to find the Row so I can join them again.”

But she’d said that she had joined Runite’s Row for the purpose of proving herself to her mother and father.

I knit my eyebrows. “You still feel a need to be in the Row?”

“Why are you asking me that? Do you not want me to leave or something?”

In the name of N’al Ren, that girl was blunt. “No, leaving the city is your choice,” I say honestly. “I’m merely curious, for you joined the Row on the basis that you would prove yourself, correct? That has already been achieved.”

“Well yeah, but. . .” Gentry’s smile falls, and her eyes suddenly look as though she’s aged ten years. “That’s not why anymore. You see, on that night--when everyone was taken hostage--I was in for a rude awakening. Being in the Row? It’s dangerous. I mean, I’ve always known that you risk your life and everything, obviously--but when that Archer guy shot you, I realized what while in the Row, the people that I love? They could get hurt. Badly. I’m sure a lot of the Row members know that, and you knew that when your sister was killed, but I didn’t until that night. At first I seriously considered not joining the Row, so that I could protect the people I love, but I was wrong. That’s exactly why I have to.”
I consider her words. She’s becoming wiser.

“So I’m leaving,” she continues. “Today, in fact. And you. . .” she runs her eyes up and down my body. “I think  you should come. I know that your reasons for joining were a lot different than mine. You did it so you could honor your sister. But have you ever considered doing it for yourself? If you were to go with me, regroup with the Row because you’re genuinely interested in them, then maybe you could find happiness.”

I pin my eyes a little above Gentry. Did I truly have any desire to regroup with the rest of Runite’s Row?

Even after weighing its advantages and disadvantages, I come to the realization that I do not know.

“My apologies,” I say. “I do not believe I will be joining you.”

Her entire body seems to slump. “Well, I’m packed and will be leaving shortly, so. . . I guess this is goodbye?”

“It is.”

Gentry’s eyes are significantly more vulnerable than they have been previously. She swallows a lump in her throat and opens her mouth to say something, but ultimately closes it.

“Okay,” she finally says. “Bye, Elias.”

Then she turns around and begins to walk away.

I keep my eyes trained on her as she goes. Any second now, she wills top and look back, perhaps whisper something to herself.

And sure enough, once she’s almost at the building exit, she stops. Her head faintly twitches to the side.

But then she keeps walking, not once looking over her shoulder. She walks out the door, and I realize that this is one of the very few times in which my calculations were wrong.

~  ~  ~

For the first time in nine days, I enter my apartment.

I take a look around as I lock the door. There’s a leather couch and chair side by side, situated across a small, old television. The only ornaments in the living room are two picture frames standing upon a small glass coffee table in between the couch and television.

I walk to the couch, sit upon it, and reach for both of the picture frames.

The first one is a picture of my family that was taken quite some time ago. Nora is more or less in the center of it, her grin stretching to her eyes, one of which winks at the camera. To her right are our mother and stepfather, and to her left is me. My posture is as straight-backed and rigid as ever, but I’m smiling.

This picture is one of the only ones that actually catches me smiling. Even then, it wasn’t necessarily because I’d wanted to. At age fifteen, Nora had been admitted into Runite’s Row with some of the highest marks to date. She’d gotten her new uniform and insisted that we all take a picture to commemorate the day. I hadn’t wanted to spoil her perfect day, so I’d done my best to put on a smile as the photographer took the picture.

The second picture only shows one person--Nora, of course.

Keeping these pictures is a sentimental and almost uncharacteristic action of mine, but for quite a while, she was the only person that I truly cared for.

But now there’s someone new.

I sigh and place both of the pictures back on the coffee table. I lean back into the couch.

It’s time to face the truths in which I previously denied. Gentry Yate is quite like Nora Carstairs, and just like my sister, she’s able to see right through me.

There is also another face, one that is even more difficult to acknowledge--Gentry also has many differences from Nora. They are by no means the same person. Therefore, I’ve grown attached to Gentry simply because of who she is, not because she reminded me of Nora.

I take a deep breath and stand up.

I can’t say that I’ve moved on from Nora’s death. That will be a very long process.

But I’m taking the first step.

~  ~  ~

It does take a while to find her. But during the night, I locate her in a small gas station, digging through a wallet at a cash register.

“. . . know that I’ve got another one in here somewhere,”  I hear her say as I enter the building.

I scan the interior. The hour is exceptionally late, so there’s no one else here save Gentry and the cashier. Convenient. That means no one else can see what I’m about to do.

Quietly, I walk up to the cash register and to her side. “Allow me.”

Gentry jumps and looks up at me with wide eyes--

Then her pupils come back to her normal size. She smiles.

"What made you change your mind?" she asks.

"It's not as though I have anything better to do," I say, not looking up as I shuffle through my wallet.

"So you just decided that you'd tag along with a fifteen-year-old girl for who knows how long just because you were bored?"

I smirk. "Something like that."

"Yeah. Uh huh."

I hand exactly the correct amount of bills and coins to the cashier. He counts them, inserts them into the cash register and then nods to me. "Have a nice night."

"You know," Gentry says as we turn away from the cash register and begin to walk out of the gas station, “if we’re going to be traveling together, then I say we should get to know each other a little better. So what’s your favorite color?”

“Navy blue.”

“Favorite book?”

“The Sanctimonious Anarchy.”

“That old book? But it’s so boring!”

“On the contrary, there is much interesting wisdom that can be gleaned from its pages. What purpose is there to reading if you are not gaining knowledge?”

“Escape, that’s what--growing close to characters and being taken on such an incredible adventure.”

“All right, then, what would be your book of preference?”

Her face dissolves like she’s now in a happy dream. “The Taylor Ryan Trilogy.”

I arch an eyebrow. “Those books? But they’re sappy and riddled with plot holes and logical fallacies.”

“Ugh, you know what, Elias!”

I smirk.

“Let’s see. . .” she looks up to the sky in thought, and then appears to have been inspired. “Okay, if you were any kind of bird, what would you be?”

I furrow my eyebrows. “That’s an odd question.”

“Well, you know that I’d be an eagle, so I’m asking what you would like to be.”

I find that I actually really have to think about that.

“Perhaps a raven,” I say after a moment.

“Raven?” Gentry shakes her head. “But those can be ominous, and symbolize death, right? I really don’t think you’re ominous or symbolize death.”

“Really? Then what would you suggest?”

“Not a raven.”

“You really should be more specific than that.”

“Fine, then.”

Gentry stops walking and rests her chin on her hand. Her eyes transition from a hard confusion, to a glimmer of revelation, and finally to a light that suggests a conclusion.

“A hawk,” she says. “You’d be a hawk.”

Hawks. They’re focused. Intelligent. Powerful.

“Hmm,” I say. “It’s not a bad choice.”

Gentry smiles.

“The eagle and the hawk, flying side by side,” she whispers to herself.

She takes a deep breath and takes a step forward. “Well, we shouldn’t stand out here any longer. If we really are going to find the rest of Runite’s Row, then we should get moving.”

I nod. “Right.

Together we head out.

The End


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Re: Infinity's Row - Interlude

Post by boyhoy on Tue Jul 08, 2014 6:20 pm

Awwwww that was so freaking amazing. I love the chemistry between the two of them so much!! The fight scene in the chapter before this was phenomenal as well. However, this is probably my favorite chapter of them all. Their actions and conversations were so well written; the emotion was so clearly put and just flawless. It's been a wonderful journey into their pasts and I'm glad I was able to travel with them. I've honestly loved every word of this story. Fantastic job!

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