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Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

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The Jewel Of The Moonbeams

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The Jewel Of The Moonbeams

Post by Lady Senbonzakura on Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:48 pm

AN: This short story is for a Role Playing Game that PyRobot and I are making which you can find here. I wrote this short story to explain a major event that happened before the timeline of the RP, so instead of the "once upon a time" summaries we get with every other intro, I wanted everyone to see what happened, not guess.
I'm going to go ahead and thank PyRobot for making this with me in our new home of Creativity Central.
And with that, here we go!


The Jewel of Moonbeams

Ruko looked into the mirror and saw her reflection. It reminded her the article she and Bernard had read about what the Mortals thought of vampires, how they had no reflection and red eyes and all spoke in French and burst into flames if even the smallest ray of light touched any part of them and were undead and soulless. She laughed at the thought. "Mortals know nothing. Poor things don't really know what goes on. If they only weren't so violent...." was exactly what Bernard had said.

Today the half-vampress' thoughts kept leading back to her fiancée. Well, he wouldn't be her fiancée for long. In about 30 minutes, the wedding would begin and newly-crowned King Bernard would be bound eternally to her, making her the queen of such a large kingdom.

"But why should he, the man who now is immortal as long as the Astral Kingdom exists, marry a petty servant? What good does that do him? Where is the royalty in that?"

That voice was whispering to her again. It cropped up whenever something was making her feel insecure. She hated the voice - it had no look that she could recall, and the sound of the voice could never be remembered. Eventually, after a few minutes, the voice would stop, and she could focus again.

"Well, for one, he loves me, and two, my powers of the night could be transformed into the powers over Moon magic, which would return balance to the kingdom." Ruko said simply, looking through the necklaces and earrings being levitated around her.

"Really? So he's using you for your magically abilities." The presence said.

"No! Bernard could've just asked me to help if he didn't want to marry me. But he does, because he loves me!" She said to the presence, hoping it would go away now.

"Then why hasn't he given you the Way to Immortality yet?"

Then it was gone, like a weight was lifted from the room.

But the damage had been done.

That's actually a very good question, she thought. Why hasn't he?

Bernard's parents were old fools. They believed they would live long enough to enjoy a Way for Immortality. They were too sick. They gave it to their son before they finally withered away on their death-bed, hoping he would keep on the inhumane traditions they had set before him. Whoever tastes it will be immortal as long as the kingdom some how stands

Bernard just wants me to make sure this is what I want before I do something irreversible, she thought happily, but I won't let him down!

Knowing there was still light outside, Ruko put on her half-mask. She knew that the ceremony would last until after the sun sank. She would be able to take it off then.

With the mask on, she could now enjoy the sunset completely. She carefully, as not to sully the dress, walked over to the ceiling-to-floor windows.

A knock on the door kept her from thinking anymore. "Come in." She said hesitantly.

"It's just me, 'Ko. Well, I won't be able to call you that anymore in about 15 minutes." Said the British accent coming up behind her.

"I don't mind, Quinton. 'Once a servant, always a servant,' right?" Ruko asked, as if something bitter was on her tongue.

Quinton came up next to her. "Don't listen to those rascals. They just won't accept that you're not royalty. They are going to survive."

"But will the kingdom? Will everyone fight? Will there be a war?"

The man laughed. "You sound like Bernard! Always over-working and worrying. Heck, he was the one who sent me to check up on you. I bet he would've done it himself if he could.”

The dark-haired vampress started to push him out the door. "Ok, ok, ok, now let me enjoy 10 minutes of being single in peace."

"Alright 'Ko, straighten up the veil and try to calm those nerves. That's no way to walk down the aisle."

"Tell Bernard thank you, and I promise to be on time." She then closed the door, knowing Quinton and how much he liked to stand in the doorway and talk.

10 minutes to be single. Ruko thought. Is it ever enough?

"You should wish for longer than that..."


Bernard winced when his head slammed against the wall. Note to self: 'Ru has deceptive upper-body strength.

"Oh, my bad, dearest." said the vampress on the other side of the ball room with a voice of poison.

"Ruko...I know you're there. You wouldn't just turn on me for no reason. Just as I wouldn't turn on you-"

Ruko slammed the bottom of her scythe on the ground in anger, making Bernard visibly jolt.

"Taunt him..."

"Oh, like you're so innocent. You really think I don't see what you did? What you're still doing?"

The king started to grip the wall, attempting to stand up. "You're monologing." He grunted.

The woman stared at him in disbelief. "It's not gonna be a monologue if you interrupt me."

The part-elf nodded, and motioned for her to go on.

Satisfied, she started to walk around her husband, using her scythe as a walking cane, which clicked on the hard floor like her heels.

"Oh, I loved you. Don't doubt that. Be proud of yourself for stealing a girl's heart...But did you love me? HA. FUNNY.

"There is one reason you married me. Only one." She looked down at the shorter man, who had his wings fluffed out, trying to make himself bigger. "You hoped to steal my powers over the moon and the night, become to balance-keeper all your own, to steal my eyes from me."

Their noses were only centimeters apart. Bernard looked into the black sockets of the mask.

"Even if I could see your eyes," he said, gaze suddenly turning hard, "the light in them is gone. The moonbeams I so enjoyed have been taken away. What good are those silver things now?"

"Strike him..."

Bernard had to duck to avoid the swing of the scythe. He flew back a few feet.

"I don't want the subjects to know of this." He said, voice still quivering a little.

"Raise the moon..."

Ruko looked to the window, and focused on the Moon, locked inside her. Outside, the moon rose, blocking out the sun, and creating an eclipse.

"I do."

"Take off the mask..."

Ruko took the porcelain mask off her face, and threw it on the floor. It shattered on impact.

"Get the vial..."

Bernard could tell something was there. Something, someone, he wasn't sure, but definitely involved with the change in Ruko.

Ruko slung her scythe over her shoulder. "Here's what's gonna happen, you either give me the vial, or I'll fight you until I get it."

"How do you plan on that? I no longer die. You aren't immortal like I am."

The vampire smirked. "I might as well be. You would rather kill yourself than kill me."

And with that, Ruko slammed the hilt of her scythe into the king's stomach.

Bernard stumbled, and decided to stay low.

"Get the vial..."

Bernard held the gem in the hand that was tucked between his crouched legs. He used the other one to draw his sai.

"I don't want to do this. You know that."

Ruko walked towards him, interested in his words. "And?"

"Get the vial..."

Bernard lowered his head. "I promise to make it up to you."

With a swift move, Bernard thrust his sword into the gap of her clothes on her stomach.

Bernard could swear he felt the blade pierce his stomach as well. He then stood up, and tried to catch Ruko when she fell.

Ruko's facial expressions kept changing from cold to warm to cold again. Then for a moment, her eyes became clear.


"Shhh." Bernard started to move some hair from her face, "You're gonna be fine. QUINTON. GET HEALERS NOW!"

Ruko's face twisted into evil again. "I'm still here." She said, before coughing. A trickle of crimson stained her lips.

Bernard nodded solemnly. "I'm sure they or it or whatever won't just set you free. You'll have to keep fighting them."

The king lifted the gem to Ruko's face, and she must have understood, for she nodded. He then placed the gem on Ruko's chest, and with a blinding light, she went limp and the gem became a milky white instead of translucent.

Quinton burst into the room, followed by men and women in either green or blue.

"What happened to Her Highness?" He asked.

Tears were already slipping down Bernard's neck, flashes of green and blue light from the doctors' magic making them even more visible.

"Ruko...She's fighting a good fight." He said, looking at the jewel in his hands. "She'll win. I believe in her. And we need to be ready for her when she comes back victorious."

Quinton looked down at the sai with the red blade. “You did this?! You killed your wife?!”

The flashes of blue and green got dimmer.

“I needed to coax the creature out of her. I thought, once the creature was out, I could seal it away, then give Ruko the Way to Immortality and she’d be healed. The creature had other plans, it seemed, and took her soul with it.”

Bernard kissed the gem, which Quinton saw as a bit odd.

“I’ll have to make a necklace or something that this will fit in - I can’t let it out of my sight.”

One of the Healers looked to the king. “I’m not sure we can save her.”

“Sure you can.”

Out of his sleeve, Bernard pulled a small vial, no longer than the width of his palm, and handed it to him.

“Don’t drink it - it’s bad for you.”

Lady Senbonzakura
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