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IR: The Birth of a Thief

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IR: The Birth of a Thief

Post by Sentinel on Thu May 29, 2014 3:08 am

I swear, this will have like 2-3 more chapters, so don't flip, just a side project!

16 years ago...

A sharp tinkling of glass shattered the mostly tranquil Bul Irsan atmosphere as N'al Ren slept soundly throughout the night.

"God damn it, Marin. I wish you didn't have to come along," a gruff yet calm voice whispered from the mostly dark antiques shop on Veldtine Street.

A light sigh came from the darkness. "Lyall, you can't blame the baby bump on everything. I'm not that klutzy. And I can take good care of myself," Marin Blundeau-Farenart, the infamous 22 year old criminal scolded, putting her hands on her stomach protectively. With her mousy-brown hair pulled back into a bun, and donning Spandex shorts and a black sweatshirt with "I <3 AR" on it, one would have hardly suspected her of thievery.

"Thank you VERY much," she added, teasing. Lyall gave her a look of mock-disbelief, and picked up a jewelry case from the safe he cracked in just 2 seconds - not his worst, but not his best either. "Got the box. Now, let's try and bolt before - "

"HEY, YOU TWO!" A high-pitched shout pierced through the shop window, and after a brief blinding from the police officer's flashlight, Marin and Lyall were face to face with the barrel of a gun.

The couple took one look at each other and nodded. "Now," they uttered in unison, and as Marin rushed her and her unborn child to safety, Lyall feinted to the right, firing a bullet to the left side of the window. As the pudgy-faced officer was momentarily distracted by the coating of glass fragments, Lyall rushed to his wife's side, who was already scaling the wooden staircase to the upper levels as fast as her unborn child would let her. Even in the pale moonlight, Lyall noticed that her face was unusually red.

"Babe," he started, running his hand through his coarse blond hair, but Marin cut him off. "The contractions are far apart. And my water hasn't even broken yet, so we have time," she explained as the police officer shouted through the shop. Lyall crossed the hallway, throwing open a window that led to the rooftops, and took Marin's hand, helping her through carefully.

All across Veldtine Street, lights began flickering on as sirens began coursing down the road. The criminal couple were all but forced back into the shadows, creeping further from the scene of the crime and towards greater N'ode when Marin stopped suddenly, putting her hands on her knees.

"Hon? Marin, what's wrong?" Lyall stammered in a panicky, unsure voice.

Marin Blundeau-Farenart just looked at him, a nervous yet excited look in her deceptive, brown eyes. "My water broke. Aidec's coming."

(pictures coming soon.)

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Re: IR: The Birth of a Thief

Post by boyhoy on Thu May 29, 2014 5:06 pm

Oh snap. Love the story idea. I enjoy being able to see more into Aidec's past.

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Re: IR: The Birth of a Thief

Post by Salphirix on Thu May 29, 2014 10:23 pm

KEEP WRITING. I MUST KNOW. What happens next. O_O


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Re: IR: The Birth of a Thief

Post by Sentinel on Mon Jun 30, 2014 4:06 am

(K, this chapter may seem like shit and there's a perfectly good explanation for it.

I'm lazy.

I may edit this in the morning (trans.: I'm never going to edit this), but if there's any important issues, address me!)

10 years later

My mother was oddly ecstatic tonight, and for good reason: we were about to embark on one of their "expeditions." I had known my parents were robbers, or "criminals," since I was little. Every night, my mom or my dad would alternate shifts, like rotations, going out into Ald Ruhn to steal whatever was necessary to survive another day.

Did I ever consider them bad? No. Never. I mean, I knew what they did wasn't entirely right, but it was necessary. My father, having never actually received experience, was in turn unable to get a decent job.

My mother's a different story. I've heard a story from the few occasions that we visited my grandparents in Bul Irsa that the Blundeaus were "cursed" - they could never actually keep money. Earn, but not keep. It was always stolen, lost, or burnt up. Whatever it was, the Blundeaus were always poor in terms of money. Such a curse had partial effect on me, but I managed nonetheless.

Tonight, though, I would learn my family's trade. Thievery was a common trait in my family tree. I had everything I needed: bandanna to cover my identity, a bag to hold whatever I found in it, a dagger just in case, and my parents' wisdom in mind.

The target: a convenience store in downtown Ald Ruhn. I wouldn't be doing anything too dangerous - just keeping an eye out for anyone that could cause us trouble. I was to stand guard at the entrance, while my parents took what we needed.

The streets were too open at this time of night - three imposing people walking down the street would certainly raise suspicion from the few insomniacs gazing out the windows. So my parents and I took to the rooftops, hopping effortlessly over skylights, chimneys, gutters, and gaps as we made a beeline for the inconspicuous little store ahead.

As we raced on, I noticed my father had pulled his bandanna over his face, and my mother drew her hood over her head. So I followed their lead, making sure to conceal my own identity. I did not want to mess this up.

"K, final run through of the plan," my father whispered.

It was rather rudimentary. As this was my first crime, I was to only watch, and not steal. This was in case I actually did get caught - I would be seen as an accessory and possibly get less of a charge (though my parents would have a way of breaking me out). It would be my parents swiping and pillaging what we needed to get through the next few weeks. We didn't steal for greed. We stole for what we need.

If only people understood that.

Soon, we were there - right at the end of the block, a medium-sized green bordered shop titled "Trisha's General Store." It wasn't dark yet - the store closed in an hour, according to the sign on the door. To be honest, I was a little jolted - originally, I was under the impression that this would be under shadow.

But I wasn't about to show fear now. I wanted to prove that I was willing to survive, no matter the circumstances.

* * *

"Why hello, young man! Awfully late, isn't it?" An awfully elderly lady greeted me kindly as I walked in.

I smiled, but inwardly I cringed. She seemed so sweet! And she resembled my own grandmother - light gray hair, yet tall and sturdy. Her blue eyes glittered with life, the way my father's did.

"Yes, but my mother had me do a quick run. Father came home late, but my mother forgot the arugula. Do you happen to have any?"

As I spoke, my parents calmly and quietly slipped in. Trisha appeared not to notice.

"Hmm... come with me. The shipment I got may have expired, but there may be a good bushel among them." She walked around the counter towards the produce section, while my parents browsed and shoplifted.

A sudden rattling came from the canned goods section, and Trisha stopped. I hesitated, fearing the worst, but she resumed walking, even smiling a bit.

"Silly Ratsel. My husband doesn't like keeping him in a cage, so he, how do you kids say, 'chills' around the store. Customers seem to like him," she mused as she investigated the pile of arugula. Indeed, they were looking less-than-appealing.

Trisha frowned, staring at the plants. "Well, I'm sorry, dear. I'm afraid I don't have any good ones," she lamented.

I simply smiled. "That's fine, ma'am. My mother has a substitute, just in case," I replied. Trisha's smile returned.

"Kids should be more upbeat like you. I see far too many looking hang-dogged on the streets. Always begging," she sneered slightly, taking on a more darker tone. "I say, someone needs to do something about them."

I nodded slowly. "Well, take care!"

Backing out of the store as fast as I could, I returned to our rendezvous point. Trisha didn't resemble my grandmother as much after that moment...

* * *

The attic we hid out in was lit up with laughter from my parents. Apparently, they were quite humored by Trisha's behavior. I would have joined them, except for one little issue I had.

"What's the big idea?" I asked them, in a much higher pitch than I would have preferred.

Dad looked at me, blond eyebrow raised. "What do you mean?"

"I thought the store was going to be closed!"

My mother shrugged. "Same." Dad only nodded. I, however, was still confused and pissed.

But before I could respond, Mom continued. "Aidec, I think the lesson you need to learn is to prepare for the unexpected. Going in on pride and assumption is a stupid and dangerous thing to do. Remember, life isn't laid out in a specific map. It's always changing on you, and while you may not be able to adapt to all changes, you can at least prepare for the important ones."

I sighed, sitting between them. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

My dad winked at me, popping a roll into his mouth. "Another lesson - women are always right, even if they're wrong."

He almost got his cheek swiped off by Mom's hand, but he just laughed even harder. She shook her head, sliding me a TV dinner, and I accepted it graciously.

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Re: IR: The Birth of a Thief

Post by Salphirix on Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:49 pm

Yay!! c: You finally posted a chapter! I like~


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Re: IR: The Birth of a Thief

Post by Sentinel on Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:59 pm

6 months later...

Half a year older, half a year wiser. That's what my grandfather always said when I reached this time of year.

The Farenart family was on the hunt again, but this time, things were a little different. A museum had hired us - shady, right? - to retrieve this sword, a family heirloom, from some estate called Mandalore. It was quite a ways north of Ald Ruhn, so we set out mid-day. That way, it would be nightfall by the time we made our heist.

There were three things we were unprepared for. The first one was the thunderstorm. It had begun as a light sprinkle, garnering little attention from us, but as we approached, I saw the ominous thunderhead looming behind us, as if it were an army and we were leading it into battle. My dad simply patted my shoulder. He knew how much I disliked storms.

"It'll provide a great cover. Don't worry," he reassured me, though nothing could dissuade my anxiety. Mandalore was said to be heavily guarded. Even with the gun Dad gave me, I shook with anticipation.

Finally, the night fell. A new moon rose - wherever it was supposed to rise - and the sky behind us flashed with lightning. The wind began picking up, along with my nervousness.

"The usual plan?" My mother asked, garnering a thumbs-up from dad and a nod from me. The "usual plan" was a concoction we had made - basically, my father kept watch, while my mother and I retrieved what we needed. Seemed arbitrary, but it has helped us far more times than I can count.

The estate loomed out in front of us. In a normal setting, it would have been an aristocrat's dream. But with the storm settling in, the white walls and quaint windows looked daunting and unwelcoming.

Not to mention the flashlights the guards swept across the courtyard. This was going to be even harder than usual.

"OK, new plan," my father whispered as we hid behind a boulder before the gate. "We keep a safe distance from the guards, stick to the shadows, and climb to the roof. Then we'll check out the situation inside."

We went one at a time, and went only so far in before we waited for the other to catch up. Thankfully, the guards seemed to have a specific patrol path, so timing was on our side. In no time, we approached the grandiose walls of the mansion. There were no footholds to be seen.

"OK, Plan B - we need to pry open a window. There's no way we can get to the roof, so we'll have to be discreet," Dad whispered again.

"The thunder claps might provide cover for the noise," Mom responded, nodding. Surprisingly, the window wasn't difficult to force open, and I was boosted inside, along with my mother, Dad closing in behind us.

The only sources of light for us were the flashes of lightning - soon enough, rain began to fall. If we didn't hurry up and get this sword in time, we'd be caught in a torrent. Thankfully, Dad had been given a concept blueprint for Mandalore, including the room where the prized possessions were.

Five minutes of tip-toeing later, we arrived. This time, we switched our usual plan - Dad went inside to retrieve the sword, and mother and I took watch, staring down both corridors at the windows between us and the thunderstorm.

10 seconds later, an alarm went off, and Dad bolted out, white-faced. "I should have known... run!" he whispered harshly before bolting down the right hallway. My mother and I looked at each other, fear in our eyes, before following suit. I didn't realize then that that was the last time I'd see them for 6 years.

And of course, I got lost. How could I have not? All I did was follow my parents, not paying attention to which way we turned. I now found myself in an entirely unfamiliar wing, all alone.

Until a door opened, and a looming figure stepped out.

All it took was one lightning bolt to completely change my life. One thunder clap and I panicked, fumbling for the pistol my father had given me just hours ago, aiming the gun and pulling the trigger.

That's when the muzzle flash revealed not an imposing guard, but an innocent boy. His face went from shock to serenity in just half a second, falling to the ground with a thud.

It felt like an eternity before I realized what I had done. My parents had only shot for warning - I shot to kill. Still holding on to the gun, I rushed to the window at the end of the wing as footsteps began approaching, throwing myself into the howling wind and torrential downpour.

I hit the ground not so softly, having been only 2 stories above the ground. Tears streaming down my face, I high-tailed it back to Ald Ruhn, where I'd exile myself in plain sight: until some higher power gave me a second chance.


Oh my God, I'm finally done. I'm sorry if it seems like it's a little half-assed, it probably is. But this chapter was long overdue, and I may have another story I'm going to focus on that'll tie up some loose ends with Xanther's father and such. So I'll be posting chapters for Infinity's Row ~ The Regime (yes, I got rid of Shokan Indictus, I'm frankly disappointed nobody slapped me for making such a stupid title) and Infinity's Row ~ The Divide. Stay tuned!

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Re: IR: The Birth of a Thief

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