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RWBY: Azure Trailer

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RWBY: Azure Trailer

Post by WritingBookworm on Sat May 24, 2014 4:37 am

So you guys know how before RWBY came out that trailers featuring the main characters were published? Where Team RWBY just basically showed off how awesome their battle skills were? Yeah, I just did something like that for my character in the RWBY RPG because I'm on a complete RWBY tangent right now.
So without further adieu. . .

~   ~   ~

Blue grace rises out of the dark sea.

~   ~   ~

Azure Lancaster sighed contentedly and snuggled deeper into the tree trunk. She serenly closed her eyes and listened the the leaves' quiet shuffling and a bluebird twittering in the distance. If she just imagined it enough, she felt almost like a woodland queen, graceful and ready to give anything to protect the beauty of the land.

She looked down at the crisp white pages of her book and prepared to read.

Something shook distant trees before she could.

Azure paused. Then, with the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end, she stood up and smoothed out her long blue skirt. She gingerly set her fantasy novel on the grass and picked up her untouched, thick silver one.

She took deliberate steps into the vast clearing, starting by placing her heel on the ground, then slowly lowering the rest of her foot onto the grass as well.

Her breaths became more controlled than usual. Her aqua became slits.

She took another step--

Something burst out of the trees and bellowed a roar.

Started, Azure stumbled back. Then she recomposed herself and analyzed the three beasts--certainly Grimm. They were large, stocky, bear-like creatures with mottled black fur and boney spikes potruding from their spines. White masks, fused into their bodies, circled around their eyes--

One pair of which were boaring right into her.

Ursas, she remembered from a textbook. That's what they were.

Azure tilted her head. "I remember reading that you are dangerous creatures," she said half to herself.

Then she smiled.

"Too bad for you."

She opened her thick book. The metal object expanded and contracted and elongated, all of the gears working frantically until it had transformed into a long, thin rapier.

"Because I'm even more dangerous."

With that, she launched herself high up into the air, barely missing a swipe of one of the Ursa's hands. She flipped, righting herself, and slashed into the Ursa's arm repeatedly before backflipping again and landing on its back.

Azure looked up and ran up its spine, ducking and rolling and twisting whenever attacks from the Ursas came. At last she came to a stop when she'd seen that she was standing on its neck. She pointed her rapier downward and punched it into its neck.

With a burst of strength, she ripped the blade free from the Ursa's neck. She rolled across its head with her now-bloodied blade, knelt down, and stretched her arm down to stab the Ursa in both of its eyes.

She readjusted her standing position to maintain her balance as the Ursas body swayed. Once she was stable, she bent her knees and jumped off of the Ursa's body just as it began falling to the ground.

Azure landed and immediately rolled away as she heard a large THUD behind her. She rolled over to the trees before standing up again. She willed her weapon to change again, and within moments the rapier's blade was slowly changing into the barrel of a rifle, complete with a scope.

She mounted the rifle on her shoulder and tilted her head so she could look into the scope. The Ursas were advancing--

Azure fired. Then she fired again, and again, and again. When she was satisfied with the wounds she'd given the beasts, she lowered her rifle, willing it to change back into her rapier, and sprinted towards the two Grimm.

Her weapon, Ruinous Grace, had completed the transformation just as she had gotten between one of the Ursa's legs. She held her rapier out in front of her before spinning like a ballerina, cutting into its skin deeper and deeper with each time that it came across the skin as she spun.

An unearthly howl of pain filled her ears. She ran back up to its front and backed away slightly once more, getting a clear view of the Ursa's neck--

Azure raised her blade and lopped off the Ursa's head with a powerful stroke.

She watched the Ursa's head fall free from its body and roll on the grass. Then she turned her attention over to the final Ursa.

Azure smirked.

She charged the Ursa and jumped onto its back. She ignored the Ursa's protesting roar and launched herself from its back and to a nearby tree before its attempts to shake her off could grow too violent.

She scaled the tree, lifted herself up onto the thickest-looking branch, and then jumped over to the next nearby tree, then the next, until she was a good distance away from the Ursa.

Azure knelt down as Ruinous Grace again transformed. She took out the chamber of the rifle, inspected the bullets, and inserted a thick red bullet at the top.

She slid the chamber back into the rifle and peered into the scope. She manuevered the rifle to the left, then downward, then to the side again--

The Ursa was dead center.

She smiled and pulled the trigger.

Seconds later a bullet had streamed out of Ruinous Grace and had hit the Ursa. The bullet subsequently exploded, drowning the Ursa in a thick mushroom of fire.

Azure coughed and began lowering herself from the tree. Once she'd shimmied down it enough, she let herself drop to the ground and hurried over to her novel.

She knelt down and swiped it, flipping through it and inspecting each and every page.

It was unscathed. Azure breathed a sigh of relief.

The bluenette rose to her full height as Ruinous Grace transformed into a book. She surveyed the scene. The immaculate green clearing was long gone. With blood splattered across the ground, a newfound crater in the ground and several Ursa limbs scattered about, it looked more like a warzone.

Azure heaved a sigh. "Honestly, can't I just read in peace for one minute?"

She turned away and began looking for a new place to read.


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Re: RWBY: Azure Trailer

Post by boyhoy on Sat May 24, 2014 4:49 am

Azure is a freaking beast!!! That was awesome!! I loved it Very Happy

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Re: RWBY: Azure Trailer

Post by Mythie on Sat May 24, 2014 6:58 am

That is beautiful Very Happy

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Re: RWBY: Azure Trailer

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Sat May 24, 2014 9:31 am

Me likey.


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Re: RWBY: Azure Trailer

Post by Salphirix on Sat May 24, 2014 10:10 am

That was really good!! Very Happy Oh my gosh your character kicks butt! XD


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Re: RWBY: Azure Trailer

Post by Sponsored content

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