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End of Year News (December 2017)

Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:57 am by Adrian

(It's been one year since I made a news thread, oops)

Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

2017 was a pretty busy year IRL for most of us - according to forum statistics, our busiest month was in June with 1671 total posts, meaning our post rate has been a little …

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Forum Bug

Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:18 am by Adrian

Hi all,

We're aware of a peculiar forum glitch that's causing some subforums to be locked.

Due to the lateness at this time, it might be a while before the glitch can be remedied, because despite my best efforts and as far as I can tell, everything seems to be working fine admin-side. It may have …

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Discord News/Update Test

Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:35 am by Adrian

Just a news, update test. Trying to get this thing to work.

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Need your opinions

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Need your opinions

Post by Bat on Thu May 22, 2014 11:43 pm

Hey. I am working on an RPG where it has fantasy and sci fic elements into it. It is like magic vs tech
I have made some forms about the tech and I have been worrying that you guys might get confused. I want your opinion on these forms whether I should do them or just give a simple explanation like no form at all but just describes what it is and what does it do. Okay? Btw if most answers are no to the detailed form, I am also want opinions on the simpler description

Fireshot's Products

Name: XSS-1 or ExoSkeleton Suit Level 1
Functions: It is an exoskeleton suit or cyber suit that gives the user the ability to manipulate elements. The suit release substances form the elements. How do they keep it in place? There is a function called "Gravity Controller". It is grants the user the ability to use gravity in order to manipulate the elements.

Appearance: It is a very thin stick figure like suit that you can wear under your clothes and people will barely notice you have it. It is worn on front of your body. It has two big circular holes that are attached to your palms in order to release the elements. On both sides of each of these big holes are smaller holes that activate the gravity controller.
Strengths: It is very durable and not easy to break.
Weaknesses: The gravity controller has limited distance on what to control. Its distance is 35 radius. Also, if it breaks, it is very complicated for an average technician to fix it.
Other: It is customizable to any way you like it.

Name: ExtremeGear(EG)
Functions: They are a form of vehicles that allows you to go at a very high speed and acceleration. It uses air as a source of fuel in order to float and go at great speed.


There are different types: Board(first row 1# and 3#), Skates(1st row 2# and 4th row 1#), Bike(3rd row 1# and 3#), Air Ride(2nd row 1# and 3#), Bike(3rd row 1# and 3#), Yacht(2nd row 2# and 4th row 2#) and Wheel(3rd row 2# and 4th row 3#)
There is a setting called “Off Mode” - that is when you aren’t using your gear (except for skates). It will be minimized into this:
Minimized Gear:
Strengths: It is great at making sharp cuts, going at high speed and it causes you to make turbulences that can slow an enemy down
Weaknesses: Since EG uses air as fuel, it will eventually runs out and the vehicle automatically stops. You can refuel it by using the Air Pit that is plentiful all over the Neo City, but very few in the rural place. This is the fastest way to refuel. Otherwise another method, which is very slow process, is to set the gear to minimized mode to refuel.
Other: You can add any design you like on it and customize it. There is a link below that can help you pick what EG you would like to have, but it is your choice to describe it or pick one from the link.

Different designs of Extreme Gear*:
*Omnitempus is the only one that isn’t allowed. Any other type of gear is fine.


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Re: Need your opinions

Post by boyhoy on Sat May 24, 2014 12:18 pm

I think the longer explanations are good. It provides more detail and helps people envision what they are using. To me, it's not very confusing. It seems pretty straightforward. If people have questions, they can always ask. Basically, I would keep these long descriptions.

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