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Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

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The Rose Adoption Center of New England

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The Rose Adoption Center of New England

Post by Ryko Lyter on Mon Jan 06, 2014 9:51 pm

I looked around the room, seeing my friends at the Rose Adoption center of New England was definitely a sight I've seen for many years.
Rachel had her music on. It was on hard rock, or death metal. I could never tell the difference. All I knew that it was heavy on the guitar. She sat, with her eyes closed, as if sleeping. But she surely was awake. I've had feelings for her since she arrived, and got to know everyone. She came from a family of wrong-doers, in a bad sense. They gave up legal parenting rights when she was 9, and she's been here ever since.
I saw Mark and Isabella, twin siblings, were practicing their folk duo. Mark was on the mandolin, Isabella on the banjo. They had just done "New York Girls," and had started on "This Land Is Your Land." Both were doing well. I've been jealous, because they've always had each other for comfort. They've been here for as long as I can remember.
Nathan was taking care of his parakeet, Bertram. Little guy loved to fly when he could. Nathan's one and only dream was to let Bertram fly free, with his relatives in the wild. Bertram was still young. He was caught from the wild, and domesticated. Nate was always wanting to let Bert fly free again. Nate's loved birds since his youth, he says. He's 14, and he's been here since he was 11.
Andrew was on the computer, playing Wizard- er- Pirate-something-or-other. I was never too sure. He was on his computer a lot, always talking to people. He loved creating his stories, and is a pretty hefty reader too. 15 and has a college-senior reading level. He does worry, rarely though, if he will get taken home by a family. He has friends online, all over the world. Arrived just last year.
Elijah was playing with some other kids in a dart war. 'Nerfty,' I'd always call him. He'd laugh, and say that Airsoft was his specialty moreso than Nerf. Nerf, though, was definitely the indoor version of Airsoft. If you had a needle in his hand, he could shoot it right out with an airsoft. Said to me, once, that he wanted to join the army. He's been here since, I'd say, he was 4.
Me? I'm never too sure about myself. I've always been the try-to-help-with-what-I-can type. People take advantage of that, though. "Max do this!", "Max do that!", "Max, get the file to me by 5:00!". Okay, maybe not that last one. But still. I wanted to help with everything and everything within my power. I need a break from time to time, and it's always nice to think about the future, possibly getting adopted. But I'm 17, I'm near adulthood. It's unlikely, if at all. The only family I have right now are the fellow orphans here, at the Rose.
It was Christmas Eve, and the annual drawing for the grant-the-wish prize was here. Everyone had their prizes figured out. Rachel wanted a set list of songs to put on her music player. Mark and Isabella wanted an assortment of instruments. Nathan wanted to travel to Australia for a week to let Bert free. Andrew wanted a game, or a book. I forget which. Elijah wanted to go for a game of paintball. Nobody had taken into account anyone else with their prizes. I heard Ms. Harley's voice come over the intercom.
"Children of the Rose, We are happy to announce the winner of the annual raffle!"
Applause could be heard throughout the building, but not from the room with my friends. I thought a moment, and didn't want to listen to the announcement that came. I drowned out the noises, and fell asleep.
A little while later, I was shoved awake. Isabella had knocked me out of my seat in the middle of my nap. I grunted as I fell. "What-"
"You've won!" Isabella said, "You've won, Max!"
"I've won..?" I replied, still stunned from my nasty wake-up call, "What did I win?"
"The raffle," Isabella said, "You, Sara and Boris. You are the three winners this year!"
"Oh?" I jumped up. I wasn't excited, but this sure was a surprise.
"What is your wish?" Nathan sat, perched on the chair beside mine.
"I don't know," I replied, "I never had one to begin with."
Silence fell over the room. Even Rachel's music stopped.
"What do you mean, you don't know?" Isabella gave a somewhat stern look.
"Well..." I couldn't find words. I didn't know what I wanted, as I focused more on the people around me than myself. I've given so much, that I never thought about giving back. "Could I have some time to think?" I asked.
"Take all the time you need to, honey," Ms. Harley said calmly at the door, "Go wherever you need to."
I got my jacket, and walked out the door. I went out front of the old orphanage, and just thought. I couldn't help anything but to think. It felt like it had been hours until someone had arrived.
"You okay?" Rachel's, for once seemingly worried voice came from the front door of the building.
I remained silent.
"Mind if I sit with you?" She walked to the bench I was sitting on.
"Go ahead," I replied. She sat down beside me.
I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. She was in her usual sort of outfit. Jeans, long-sleeved T-shirt, dark purple sneakers. I swear, they look more blue than ever. She had grown, definitely had the looks and posture of a 17-year old girl. Only a month younger than me.
"You've got so much going right now," Rachel urged, "Are you sure there isn't anything you want? Not even a small thing?"
"No," I said in reply, "I've been focusing more than ever on the community." I looked up, "Times are tough. The community garden has seen better days. If you look, there are less plots in it than ever. The library has been deteriorating in staff, and there hasn't been much of any hand that's been there to help out. I've been doing more than my part, and I've felt good about doing what I can."
"But there's so much you want, isn't there?" Rachel's hands were shaking, she was cold.
I acted instinctively, passing her my jacket. "Here, you need this," I said, handing the jacket to her.
"Max, please," She declined the offer, "You're in a T-shirt, you won't survive for long without getting cold."
"I'll survive for longer than you," I still held the jacket, "Please, take it."
Rachel gave this sigh of irritation, "Fine," She took the jacket, and put her arms through the sleeves. She shivered a little, most of the warmth had gone away, and it was a little cool inside of the jacket.
"Are you sure that there's nothing that you want?" Rachel asked.
It took me a bit of time to answer this one. I thought for a little while, reflecting on the past. I remember so much from this home. Ms. Harley, Mrs. Pauola, Mr. Kurk, Dr. Green, even Miss Hannah while she was here. I've seen kids come and go from here too. Those of us who call ourselves the 'Rose's comebacks' never left. Mark, Isabella and I have been here since we were toddlers. After that, came Elijah, Rachel, Nathan and Andrew. Even though Andrew was the most recent one, he stayed and was loyal to the comebacks through it all. We've all helped who we could along our way, some more than others. Me? All I wanted to ever have was a family. And I realized, I already had one.
"Nothing," I said, "I think it's a perfect life I've got here." It started to snow after I finished these words. I had seen flurries earlier, but I didn't realize that snow was likely to come. It came down softly, and in it's powder form.
"Are you sure?" Rachel turned to me, "Are you seriously sure that you have everything that you want?"
"Yes," I said, touching my lips to her's. It took a lot out of me to do this, but it felt... rather nice. When we separated, she was a little stunned. Rachel's face carried mixed feelings, but showed signs of affection.
"How long have you-"
"Since a couple years after you arrived," I replied with a smile, "I wanted the perfect moment to do that."
Rachel smiled. "Let's go inside, then," She said, "And tell Ms. Harley your wish." She held my hand as we went in.
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