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Becoming a Moderator

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Becoming a Moderator

Post by Adrian on Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:33 pm

Moderators can be explained as the police men and women of the Internet. They are generally seen as a significant group on a forum, and are usually looked up to.

Being a moderator isn't just about having a sexy name tag or having power, however. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with it, such as looking into reports, settling disputes, and handling problematic members.

How can someone become a moderator? Well, there isn't an exact process, but there are many ways to get recognized enough by the admins.


  • Be helpful. Helping others out shows teamwork and leadership, which are important qualities that are looked for when admins find new mods.
  • If something needs to be added (like a guide), then add it! You can collab with others if you want.
  • Have good knowledge of the topics you are participating in (such as RPGs, writing, and art). That will give us admins more confidence that you are well experienced.
  • There is a matter of seniority.* Generally, members who have been around for a while are chosen to be mods

*Exception: Moderator experience on other forums is a big positive. Be sure to provide not only that you have previous experience on the form an admin may send you, but how long and even where you were/are a moderator.


  • Actually ask to become a mod. Admins like modest users, not ones who come off as beggars. If you ask, the chances of you becoming a mod will actually (and greatly) decrease.
  • Get suspended or banned (or even warned). This goes without saying, probably, but we don't want moderators that have a history of being a troll, or starting a flame war, or anything. We can't know if that will happen again, and it's best not to risk having a mod do that.
  • Be inactive for long periods of time. Moderators should be able to patrol the forum regularly (at least once a week), and having people fill up mod spots just to go inactive for months at a time is unfair to the other potential candidates, as well as the admins that elected them.

These are just several ways of gaining positive reputation. When an administrator feels you are ready, they will send you a PM asking if you would like to accept a position as a moderator, and providing a form. Once you accept, you will soon be joining the staff of Creativity Center!

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Re: Becoming a Moderator

Post by boyhoy on Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:11 pm

Awesome guide, Zedd! All members that are interested in becoming a moderator in the future should definitely take the advice given here!

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Re: Becoming a Moderator

Post by Paradox on Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:30 pm

Starts studying intently, thanks Zedd, to tell the truth, I've wanted to be a mod since I joined.

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Re: Becoming a Moderator

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