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✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi

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✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Empty Re: ✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi

Post by Shaybaysasuke on Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:00 am

Amon Rutherford:
Name: Amon Rutherford
Aliases: Nightstalker
Age: 29
Appearance: ✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Dietfr10
✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Amon2
✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Amon
House/Familia: Osiris
Race: Human

Personality: Amon acts just as his name suggests, hidden. He puts on a charming facade around others, especially around potential business partners, and can act the host in any situation. He never really smiles, effortlessly stoic in any situation. From afar people see him as a decent man who keeps to himself, but that’s because he wants them to see that. In reality he couldn't care less about anyone around him. Family dead and with no friends to speak of, he’s lonely. He spends his days alone in a giant house and his nights entertaining people he despises. These nights are not pleasing to him since he prefers being alone with the fortune he has amassed, but to make money he needs to make relationships, he has to build up a good reputation. So he suffers through interaction with the rich and wealthy people of Eden even if he wants nothing than to be left alone.

Biography: Amon is the son of a wealthy businessman who amassed his fortune by selling enchanted items and weapons. They lived in a mansion on Valkyrie Peak to sell his wares to beachgoers to cool them off. The location combined with his business skills quickly gained him fortune and fame for the family. Large parties were often hosted at the Rutherford house and anyone could come to partake, but private parties were also common for the rich and powerful near the coast. Amon was raised to respect his parents, the business, and the masses of people that entered his house. He was raised to be a host, to be a businessman, but never to be a child. He hated it.
When he was around 20 both his parents passed quietly in their sleep. It was slightly unexpected, but Amon wasn’t phased. Some gossiped that it was planned, like every other aspect of his father’s life. He mourned for a day, held an open funeral the next, and hosted his first party for their passing on the third. He was every part the host that his father trained him to be and quickly gained favor with his father’s past business partners.
The next few years passed uneventfully. Amon ran the company smoothly, using his own magic to create their products and selling them at high, but fair, prices. The Rutherford house still saw just as many parties despite how much Amon hated them. He was content with his life if not for so much social interaction, but it felt like something was missing.
After years of selling incredibly well made, magical weapons, Osiris took an interest in him. So many adventurers had gone to Amon in search of a weapon that could carry them through the dungeon but he himself had never ventured in. After Osiris came to him he decided it wouldn’t hurt to try, after all it may bring him more business or riches in the process. He may even find a new purpose in the dungeon.

Ability Stats:
[504] MAGIC (D rank)
[304] DEXTERITY (F rank)

[304] ENDURANCE (F rank)

[304] POWER (F rank)
[104] AGILITY (H rank)

TOTAL: 1520



Ariel- Enchant type magic that can imbue things with wind. It has been mentioned as being far beyond normal enchant type magic

Development Abilities:

Blacksmith- Enables the user to add special abilities to their creations. He uses this to put his wind magic into his weapons and items for sale.
Alchemy- Amon uses a simple form of alchemy that allows him to create objects to sell. He can make weapons out of this but nothing bigger than a longsword or a spear.


Leave anything else you’d like others to know about your character. I don’t really have a theme for him but I imagine he would play things like this either at a party or while sipping wine and doing paperwork.

Emi Nakamura:


Name: Emi Nakamura
Aliases: N/A
Age: 19
Appearance: ✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Holo_s12
✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Tenor-copy
✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 7a4416d8a4968646395aee75ca87af9442c26255_hq
✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Tenor37a305497aadfaab
House/Familia: Persephone/Morgan
Race: Renard

Personality: Emi is a little all over the place. She’s bubbly, excitable, flirty, and pretty hyper. Her energy can be infectious to the right person and she loves being with others so she can talk to them. She knows that she can be a little much for some people but she doesn’t let it get to her and just continues to be herself. In truth she is a little lonely and that’s why she wants to be with people even if they don’t like her.

Biography: Emi was the daughter of the chief of the Nakamura tribe of Renard. She was raised as a princess and was always happy in her childhood. The tribe was well-off, the people were content, and no bad ever seemed to find them.
However, for as long as she could remember her tribe had always hated the Chienthrope, especially the Hellsing clan. The feud was always intense but nothing ever came from it save harsh words during a trade or meeting. One night when Emi was 9 years old a few younger people in her tribe decided to move against the Hellsing clan. They raided their village and killed the young princess, not realizing who she was. Panic ensued in the village and the young Nakamura rogues fled, not wanting to cause any more trouble than they had.
Little did they know that young Ludovic had fled the village and his family blamed the Nakamura tribe. They wasted no time in waging war against the Renard people and fights broke out quickly. Not expecting an attack so soon the Nakamura’s were unable to fully prepare. Emi’s parents were murdered in the initial outbreak of fighting and she was struck on the head, left to die alongside her parents. A guard in her home took her and tried to run off but was quickly ambushed. He hid the young princess and left to fight off their attackers but ended up dying as well. The entire tribe was murdered that day and the princess was lost.
Years later Emi is on her own. She woke up alone in the woods and had to learn how to fend for herself. She found a weapon nearby but never travelled in the direction of her tribe’s village. She doesn’t remember a thing.
She grew up on her own, foraging for food and killing animals when she needed to. Her personality changed dramatically from when she was royalty. She was no longer regal and steady, she was wild and fun. She always talked to strangers she would meet for as long as she could just for someone to talk to. She wandered around the Eastern Jungle for 10 years until she made it to Orario’s walls. She had never seen a big city before

Ability Stats:
[120] MAGIC (H rank)
[100] DEXTERITY (H rank)

[100] ENDURANCE (H rank)

[100] POWER (H rank)
[100] AGILITY (H rank)

TOTAL: 520


Hell Finegas- When Emi gets super upset or angry she can give off a burst of energy. Even if she knows she can’t win against someone she will run at them and attack with everything she has.

Development Abilities:



Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt:
Name: Artemis
Alias: Goddess of the Hunt, Goddess of the Moon
Physical Age: Looks about 18
Appearance: ✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Artemi10
✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Artemis4
✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Artemis5
✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Artemis3

Personality: Artemis is a very free spirit. She can always go along with the flow of a situation, and will always do her best to be encouraging. She does prefer to be out in the woods with nature but she loves her familia and fellow deities with all her heart. Hunting is one of her greatest passions so it isn’t uncommon to stumble upon her in the woods. Her younger persona usually puts people in a more relaxed state of mind but don’t be fooled. She knows how to protect herself and if someone she loves is in danger she will not hold back.

Recent Biography (NOT MYTHOLOGY!): Over the years Artemis has slowly risen in rank among the gods and made a name for herself. Her steady headedness and kindness gained her favor, and her hunting abilities weren’t anything to look over. Her famiia are her favorite people and she wants to see them grow as much as they can, and she’ll always be there when she can if they need help. She also grew very close to Aphrodite, and while she knows many of the gods may see her as the youngest, she doesn't mind. As long as they don’t underestimate her she can get along with anyone.

Magic and Abilities:
-Hunter’s mark: Artemis is able to hit anything she has in her sights with her bow and arrow. The hit doesn’t always need the intent to kill and she can hit her target wherever she needs to to bring them down

-Dia Panakeia: Artemis has the ability to heal in ways similar to an elixir. When she heals moonlight seems to spill from her fingers onto the wounded area.
-Nature identification: Artemis can identify any animal or plant in the forest at a glance.
-Moon strength: Artemis gains strength at night since she is the goddess of the moon.

✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Tumblr_pap6dlLqkE1vvee4vo3_500
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✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Empty Re: ✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi

Post by LuciusCypher on Fri Dec 14, 2018 12:28 am

Xia Draguard "Dragon Cleaver:
Name: Xia Draguard
Aliases: Dragon Cleaver
Age: 17
✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 S2rjfQ2
House: Houseless
Race: Human

Personality: Xia is a nice and eager girl, still naive to the harshing parts of life but willing to confront them nonetheless. Always wants to be helpful but sometimes gets ahead of herself. She dislikes bullies and seems fearless to the point of foolishness; she’s the type to not care about things like levels, ranks, or hierarchy, and would defy anyone she feels doesn’t deserve her respect. She likes to focus her anger and rage towards monsters and has a hard time fighting other people, preferring to negotiate and deal with them peacefully. Has a dirty side that loves filthy human and shocking people, even though she’s usually not serious about it. Doesn’t care much for romantic types and thinks that she’s too awkward to ever find the right person for herself.
Biography: Xia was born in an orphanage, as she never knew who or what became of her parents. She grew up with stories of the familia and wanting to join on when she grew up. She’s always been brave and courageous even as a child, willing to adventure far from the safety of the orphanages walls and getting involved in troubles beyond her knowledge. She wasn’t afraid of adults or bullies, fighting both with as much as her small body could muster. And even as a child, she was capable of much more than most people realized.

It wasn’t always great for Xia. Being an orphan meant there were very few opportunities for her unless she could stand out. And while she certainly had the determination to go far, she wasn’t the only child wanting more in their life. Others with more privilege and ability competed with her for honors that XIa wanted, and often they would win and Xia would be left with nothing. But she never gave up despite these failures. She’d wake up everyday, train her heart out, try to find work, and at the end of the day she’ll go back home and sleep.

When Xia was fourteen years old she finally got her first big break. She joined a small familia led by a god named Kratos, a god of strength. She was able to win his attention by showing that she was not above doing menial jobs like carrying heavy loads, hard labor, and even carrying the bodies of adventurers without a single complaint. Unlike the others who wanted to be adventurers, Xia would be more than happy as a mere support, and so she joined the Kratos Familia as a support member.

The familia was rough to say the least. They valued strength over all else, and as far as they cared Xia was not only new but weak. They didn’t care much for her and only wanted her out of the way as they went on adventures into the dungeon, but Xia didn’t mind. It was a learning experience and she would do her best regardless. She joined many delves and did good work securing treasure, magic stones, and covering for the others even when she didn’t have any weapons. Soon she gained some respect by the other members of the familia and they gave her a gift; a large metal greatsword. It was originally just suppose to be a joke; it was far to big and heavy for a girl like her, let alone a support. But Xia either didn’t realize or didn’t care; she loved it and used it whenever they went on adventures.

Day-by-day Xia began to prove her strength. Using the greatsword given to her she was able to go toe-to-toe with all sorts of monsters, becoming a skilled warrior even if others had more experience than her. She even learned a bit of magic from Kratos himself, though he didn’t intend to teach her anything. She saw him use some sort of spell to summon weapons as he was training his familia, and ever since then Xia had been spending her alone time mastering this spell. She had no formal knowledge of how to use magic and simply learned through observation and practice. It would take a whole year before she finally managed to figure it out, and when she did it was a momentous occasion.

Xia was to follow one of the senior members of the familia as they took some new warriors to the tenth level of the dungeon for training. It was a bit dangerous for fresh level 1 adventurers, but their mentor was a level 2, so no one felt that there was going to be much problems. But there was. As the mentor was teaching the group about battle formations, they were attacked by a wyvern, a monster far too powerful to be around these levels. Xia was ordered to take the recruits to a safe level while the more experienced adventurer held off the Wyvern, but it wasn’t looking good for him. He ended up getting poisoned and was losing the battle quickly.

Xia took the adventurers to a safe spot, but heard a deathly scream from where they had left. When she looked, she saw that the familia member who escorted them was killed, bitten in half by the wyvern. And now it was going to chase Xia and the others, possibly killing everyone. Everyone was scared. Even Xia. But she couldn’t let fear stop her. In that moment she called forth all the power she had; everything she learned at this moment. The wyvern was coming in fast, but that was it’s flaw; it was coming too fast, it couldn’t stop nor could it maneuver out of the way. It expected Xia and the others to run and tire itself out, or for the wyvern to simply crush them underneath it’s bulk. It would have never expected what would happen next.

Despite being unarmed due to Xia having given her sword to the other member of her familia, she used magic to call forth a more powerful replicate that felt right in her hands. It was light, yet perfectly balanced. A blade made just for her. Once the sword was summoned into her hands she stepped forward and cleaved the wyvern from neck to belly, covering her in it’s blood and guts. The giant dragon screamed a deafening roar, which was silenced when Xia chopped off it’s head. And just like that the beast was slain. Xia had managed to defeat the monster, albeit only thanks to her fallen ally weakening it enough for her to land the finishing blow.

When Xia returned to her familia, it was a mournful time. The one who fell was one of the familia’s strongest warriors, and one who Kratos personally had been training to become a great adventurer. When she reported what happened and what she did, Kratos felt some happiness for her; Xia had proven her strength, despite all odds. Later he even informed her that Xia was eligible to level up. It was a great occasion for her. But the happiness wouldn’t last.

After Xia gained her level a few days later she was told she had to leave her Familia. Many others in her familia were jealous that a “mere support” was able to level up before they could. They blamed her for the death of a beloved member, thinking that she had purposely held back her power so that she could take all of the glory herself. Even the new recruits she saved wondered why she didn’t help earlier if she had this sort of strength. Kratos knew that these words were filled with envy and malice, but he also knew that he could not dissuade them easily. If he didn’t do something soon, they may end up taking some misguided revenge against Xia, and knowing her Xia would not do much against it even if she knew it was wrong. So to save her, and his familia, Kratos had to ask Xia to leave. She understood but hated it; she had worked so hard, and in the end people only felt hatred for what she did. But she wouldn’t let it put her down. She has struggled in the past before and she’ll continue to struggle in the future.

But a hero doesn’t give up. Even when faced with the impossible, even when they’ll be defeated, a hero stands and fights until he wins. Xia may have suffered a defeat this time, but so long as she lives she’ll continue to fight and become an adventurer, a legendary hero that everyone will remember.

Ability Stats:
[number] MAGIC 100 (96+4) (H)
[number] DEXTERITY 100 (96+4) (H)

[number] ENDURANCE 250 (246+4) (G)

[number] POWER 310 (306+4) (F)
[number] AGILITY 260 (256+4) (G)

TOTAL: 1040


Spiritual Weapon - This spell allows Xia to summon a specific weapon attuned to her soul. Anyone else who tries to touch or use her weapon will feel a painful psychic shock as long as they’re holding the weapon. She can summon or dismiss her weapon at will. For Xia it tends to be summoned as a greatsword with an odd property that allows it to be thrown as far as an arrow.

Development Abilities:
Artel Assist - When the user is carrying a certain amount of weight, the skill will help compensate in abilities. The amount compensated depends on the weight.
Cleave - This ability allows Xia to channel great strength through her weapon, creating a blow that cannot be stopped or deflected. It can crush through guards and is unaffected by parries even more stronger and more skilled opponents, however it can still be dodged. This is an ability that allows Xia to cause even the gods to bleed.

Xia has a toy cat she won at a festival. It’s enchanted to act and talk like it was a real cat, but it’s more or less a magic golem in a stuff toy. It’s not strong enough to do any adventuring work but he keeps Xia company and watches over her. HIs name is Nekolas.

Xia is currently renting a room at a decent inn, using the vales she saved up to pay for rent. She’s been doing adventures solo for a while but wants to find a new familiar soon.


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✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Empty Re: ✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi

Post by WritingBookworm on Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:45 pm

Persephone, Goddess of Fate:
Name: Persephone

Aliases: Goddess of Flowers (formerly), Queen of the Underworld (formerly), The Morrigan/Phantom Queen, Goddess of Fate, the Bridge Between Life and Death

Physical Age/What age they appear: Somewhere in her 20's


✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Lust10

Personality: Though she is not the innocent girl she once was, Persephone isn't an ice queen, either. She may come off as cold, though, since she doesn't usually have a sweet expression on her face. But she's more reserved than anything, careful to say nothing unless what she has to say is valuable. She is fair and just, and though she does not like to be cruel, there are a few times where she's thought cruelty necessary. She's particularly kind to those in her house, and though she hasn't had said house for long, she already holds her adventurers in a special place in her heart.

Recent Biography: The legends say she was kidnapped, but that's only because of Demeter's lies. Persephone was once an innocent girl, kept that way by her mother. Centuries passed before she started to want more than to garden and play with fairies. She wanted to experience the world for herself, but, fearful for her protection, Demeter tried to keep her in the dark. Persephone felt increasingly stifled -- and then she met Osiris.

The life he led promised something darker -- but greater -- than this. So Persephone ran away with him. Demeter cried foul and claimed it was a kidnapping, but being with Osiris was the best thing that could have happened to her. She grew under his tutelage, became Queen of the Underworld and the Goddess of Fate.

But like all good things, it did not last. Persephone eventually parted ways with Osiris, and because of this, earned the title of "the Morrigan," aka the Phantom Queen, as she was Queen no longer. Yet her status as the Goddess of Fate was not lost, so in a way, she still reigned. Her past life as Demeter's daughter and her life as Osiris's queen converged, and thus Persephone became the bridge between both life and death.

> Major Ability
Persephone can accelerate the healing of someone's wounds and even make them youthful. But conversely, she can worsen a wound so that even a minor cut is fatal, and speed up their aging.
> Minor Ability/Abilities
-She can shapeshift into a crow.
-She has this aura about her that can influence things, particularly in a battle. Depending on which way she sways, she can change the tide of a battle.
-As a remnant of her former life, she can still make plants grow. It's subdued now, and she can't use it to the extent she once did. But under her touch, roses can bloom.

-FC is Lust from FMA. Like y'all can't tell.

✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Tumblr_psuz0sQPWk1t2vv2no5_500

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✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Empty Re: ✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi

Post by Hime on Sun Dec 30, 2018 9:28 pm

cedric belrose:
Name: Cedric Belrose
Aliases: N/A, since he is level 1
Age: 21
Appearance: ✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Cedric10
> 6’1
> Indigo hair and light blue eyes
> Scarred body due to training and fights
House/Familia: Artemis
Race: Human


Personality: Cedric is kindhearted and known for his brilliant strategic skills. His general vibe is lighthearted and humorous. Towards everyone he is friendly, albeit clumsy, but is fiercely protective of those he’s close to. Though he falls into the “dorky” subset of human, he certainly doesn’t look like it -- he’s considerably handsome in a boyish way, built athletically. Despite his upbringing as an incredibly talented weapon handler, Cedric is extremely humble; he never likes to boast or put himself on a pedestal. That being said, his humility can be a personal downfall, as Cedric often sees himself as a burden to his friends and his familia. He becomes easily discouraged and is emotionally fragile, which stems from being the youngest of four boys. He trusts too easily and almost always ends up hurt.

Biography: Orion Belrose is a well-known weapons master and the father to four boys, one of them being Cedric. The Belrose bloodline has always been one of serving; those who are trained in the art of weaponry are meant to serve the nobles and the gods of Eden. Cedric and his three older brothers were raised doing just that.

Cedric and his brothers were close enough, though there were emotional barriers between them. Their mother had died promptly after giving birth to Cedric, making him “unlucky”; Orion never blamed his youngest son for the death of his wife, but his brothers would often times project their pain onto him. He was also constantly compared to them, since they were older and had much more experience, which took a toll on his emotional health.

When Cedric turned 20, it was time for him to separate from his father and venture out on his own in the name of the Belrose family. He served multiple noble houses over the course of a few months until he eventually stumbled upon Orario. When Artemis bestowed her Falna upon him, Cedric knew that he has just been offered the role of a lifetime.


Ability Stats:

[24] MAGIC (I rank)

[154] DEXTERITY (H rank)

[104] ENDURANCE (H rank)

[164] POWER (H rank)

[74] AGILITY (I rank)

TOTAL: 520



Development Abilities:

There are a few weapons that Cedric is especially talented in using.
Sword (general combat)
Axe (heavyweight combat)
Throwing knives (distance combat)
Scythe (lightweight combat)

Cedric hasn’t seen his brothers nor his father  in a few years, considering they have taken on their own paths. For future reference (mainly for myself), Cedric’s brothers are Niahl Belrose (age 34), Adis Belrose (age 28), and Leon Belrose (age 26).


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✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Empty Re: ✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi

Post by Ace on Sat Jan 05, 2019 4:32 pm

Name: “Rory” – she doesn’t actually have a name, but everyone in the Osiris Familia has started calling her this.
Aliases:  Dark Child
Age: Depends who you’re asking
✮ app thread ✮ Danmachi - Page 2 Osiris10
(The crystals are black)
House: Osiris
Race: Light Quartz

Personality: TBD
Biography: Originally a monster, Rory was a Light Quartz that was growing in a unmapped area of the Dungeon, never found by humans. Although she couldn’t speak, she felt almost sentient – she was able to “see” by utilizing light around it, and was always curious about the adventurers that failed to reach the inner sanctum of the area she was in. It was surrounded by other Light Quartz which had formed a sort of cluster, but eventually their hidden area was discovered and all except for her were destroyed or taken somewhere. For some reason, the people who had come did not take this last Light Quartz. After a series of events, Rory emerged in her current form, albeit killing some adventurers along the way - the humans who reminded her of those who had destroyed her home. Just before reaching the surface, however, she found herself in awe of a small group of adventurers who were able to stop her and seemed to actually care for one another. Trying to signify her desire to end the conflict, she eventually emerged onto the surface and entered Orario. With her upper body appearing human and a conscious mind behind it, the Guild wasn't sure what to do with her at first. However, she quickly learned speech and was eventually able to convince them due to her natural talent in destroying monsters. She was classified as a Xenos, a monster who had evolved, and allowed to join a guild. She found the adventurers who had been able to stop her and joined Osiris's Familia to see exactly what made them any different.

Ability Stats:
[775] MAGIC (B rank)
[50] DEXTERITY (I rank)
[540] ENDURANCE (D rank)
[50] POWER (I rank)
[105] AGILITY (H rank)

TOTAL: 1,520

Level 1: Omiwatari - User places their hand on a surface, creating a long stream of sharp crystals to bind and pierce a target.
Level 2: Hashō Kōryū – The user crystallizes a material in the area, and then turns it into a dragon. It can be used as a means to travel or to attack a target.

Level 1: Imito Caligo – The user can create one or more copies of themselves. The user's stats are evenly divided between themselves and their clones: creating one clone will give it half the user's stats, creating two clones will give each a third of the user's stats, and so on. Depending on how high the user’s level is and how many clones they make, this rapid depletion of their reserves can be dangerous by leaving them vulnerable to attack. The trade off is that these clones can act on their own and attack as well. When a clone is defeated, it’s stats return to the user.

Development Abilities:
1. Light Sense: Allows user to see all that is going on around them by using light, even down to minuscule details. Also grants a damage boost to user’s light magic the darker it is in an area.
2. Pantry: Emits a sweet smell from the quartz which attracts stronger, rarer monsters. It can be infused with magic to control one of them, but the time is limited depending on the strength of the monster.

She’s not a loli /s

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