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Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

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Asphodel: The Fan Thread

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Asphodel: The Fan Thread Empty Asphodel: The Fan Thread

Post by Comrade Squid on Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:07 pm

Asphodel: The Fan Thread Asphodel

This is the fan thread for all things related to Asphodel. Feel free to post any fanart, prose, or worldbuilding fluff you might have down below.

I've also compiled a glossary of unique terms in the RPG's lore to try and avoid any confusion. Let me know if you have a word that can be added!

Ahriman - God of the Sheolfolk and embodiment of all things evil. Created the Seven Vices as gifts to the Sheolfolk, his children. Disappeared during the cataclysmic event known as the Sundering.

Archangels - The ultimate embodiments of one of the seven Virtues. Once, there were many, but after the Sundering there are only seven, one for each Virtue.

The Bloodbirth
- An event long ago in which Elodi and Ahriman clashed, allowing their spilled essence to mix together and result in the birth of the Homini, a new race.

Elodi - God of the Elysians and embodiment of all things good. Created the Seven Virtues as gifts to the Elysians, his children. At the age of 18, every Elysian is (or was) granted a personal audience with him, where they choose their name and are considered ready to serve him. Disappeared during the cataclysmic event known as the Sundering.

Elysians - An angel-like race created by Elodi to serve him. Ageless, and naturally inclined to following Virtues instead of Vices, but there are exceptions.

Elysium - The homeland of the Elysians, originally a chain of floating islands that have since crashed to the surface during the Sundering.

Fiefs - Territories founded by the Homini, but not necessarily occupied by the Homini; some have been taken over by the Elysians or Sheolfolk.

The Forgotten
- A guild of Homini and half-bloods working for the Elysians as black-ops, saboteurs, and assassins. Currently led by Ahsa Bakir.

Generals - The ultimate embodiments of one of the seven Vices. Once, there were many, but after the Sundering there are only seven, one for each Vice.

Homini - A human-like race that resulted from the Bloodbirth. Unlike the Elysians and the Sheolfolk, they are mortal and capable of natural deaths, and they do not have any preference regarding Virtues or Vices. Homini hold the key for 'bonding', a capacity that makes them highly sought after by the Elysians and Sheolfolk.

Neurovores - A species of gelatinous, amoeba-like creatures native to the underdark. They are slow and stupid, but unique in that they can retain the memories of the people they consume and display them to others. Used by the Sheolfolk to gather intel.

The Overrealm - The sky that Elysium used to inhabit before the Sundering, when the floating islands crashed to the surface.

The Ravagers - A band of ruthless pirates and anarchists founded by Leviathan, the current General of Anarchy. They have a cult-like mindset and view Leviatthan as an idol, someone to strive to be like.

Sheol - The homeland of the Sheolfolk, located underneath the Underdark. The eruption of a volcano underneath it during the Sundering forced its inhabitants to the surface or the upper levels of the Underdark, rendering the city inaccessible.

Sheolfolk - A Fae-like race birthed by Ahriman to serve him. Ageless, and naturally inclined to follow Vices instead of Virtues, but there are exceptions.

The Sundering
- A cataclysmic event in which both Elodi and Ahriman disappeared from the world concurrent with several natural disasters that caused significant damage to both Elysian and Sheolfolk territory. The Sundering reignited the war, as both factions believe they can reclaim their lost glory by winning.

The Surface - The known area of the continent that the Elysians, Sheolfolk, and Homini inhabit. It is bordered entirely by water and there is no world known outside of it.

The Underdark - A subterranean cave network inhabited by the Sheolfolk. Following the Sundering, the volcano under Sheol flooded the lower levels with lava and toxic gas, forcing the Sheolfolk to the upper levels or even the surface.

Vices - Powers granted to the Sheolfolk by Ahriman, of which there are seven varieties in total; Pride, Despair, Gluttony, Anarchy, Wrath, Lust, and Greed. Each one grants its holder with powerful, destructive abilities and each one has an equal and opposite Virtue.

Virtues - Powers granted to the Elysians by Elodi, of which there are seven varieties in total; Humility, Faith, Diligence, Justice, Patience, Chastity, and Charity. Each one grants its holder with powerful, supportive abilities and each one has an equal and opposite Vice.

The Wrathmongers - A brutal army of marauders and berserkers, staunchly aligned with the vice of Wrath. Traverses the Overrealm and raids, burns, and kills as it goes. Mostly composed of Sheolfolk, but willing to recruit disgruntled Homini. Currently led by Lucifer, the General of Wrath.

Asphodel RPG Thread (Coming soon!) || Asphodel Application Thread || Asphodel Promo Thread || Discord Server Invite || Asphodel's Map

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Asphodel: The Fan Thread UhVCEBw
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Asphodel: The Fan Thread Empty Re: Asphodel: The Fan Thread

Post by Omni on Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:54 pm



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Asphodel: The Fan Thread Empty Re: Asphodel: The Fan Thread

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:45 pm

If anybody wants to join my Moms Against Cults (MAC) squad let me know immediately!

Asphodel: The Fan Thread 64008dfad6ce0340d7c7f4b4bda49998
"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Asphodel: The Fan Thread Empty Re: Asphodel: The Fan Thread

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Sat Nov 10, 2018 11:29 pm

Asphodel: The Fan Thread Af2ebbc2b153fefce16abd2b1c5c1b17
Leviathan x Lady Love

This is complete crap. Read at your own discretion, it's really not good.

“Don’t be simple with me.”

Her eyes held some sort of code, past it there was metal vault, locked and sealed. Anything beyond that barrier, Levi couldn’t see. It was all sealed away inside of her, and he hated it.

“You don’t get to decide these things.” Levi muttered as he nursed his drink.

“You owe me an explanation.”

“I don’t know!” He yelled. “I don’t know, and none of your nagging or barking is gonna make this any better for you.”

Lady Love took a breath, disgusted at the words that left his mouth, though she couldn’t fake being the victim.

There’s a silence in the bar, though it rumbles with clatter of drinks and the chatter of drunk men. It lies between the two of them, tense and thick, and it made itself known in the way Love wiped a tear from the cusp of her cheek.

Levi made no eye contact, looking off behind her into nothing.

“I came to you, with nothing. No plan, no lies, no judgement. I listened to you, and the last thing you could do is give me the name of our son.”

Leviathan sighed, breaking his code and looking right into the face of his lost beau. She looked tired, her face aching for revelation. Her eyes redder than the dawn, and she reached ever so gently across the table, for his hands which had done more damage than they had healed.

“Please.” She asked.

He sighed, “Okay. Fine.”

The words escaped his lips before he could grab them and pull them back.

“His name isn’t Na’Li anymore, when they found him, they told me his name was Azazel. He works in Hastance.”

“Great, I can be on my way in the morning-”
He stopped her with his hand before she could get up. “It’s not going to be that easy, Love.”

Her face filled with concern, “Why?”

“He’s gone and made friends with the nobility there, I’m not sure you’ll be able to get past the guards.”

“Then, I’ll make them move.”

“Don’t be headstrong.”

She sat back down, her eyes filling with sadness once again.

“He’s fine, and as far as I’m concerned, so is Swan and Andriel. You’ve already got a daughter here. One who loves you and doesn’t need to lose you to go chase some past reality.”

Lady Love looked at her daughter who cheerfully wiped down tables and made small talk with the regulars. She looked just like Leviathan and her brothers, it was uncanny.

“You’re right. When the time comes, I’ll find them.” Said Love.

Leviathan smiled, caressing her cheek. “I’m glad you’ve come to your senses.”

They’re lips moved closer to each other over the small booth, but before they could meet, a loud clang came from the table, scaring both of them into a catatonic state.

“Parents should be considerate enough to not kiss in front of their young.” Ry’El hissed, scowling at the both of them.

Lady Love smiled and laughed. “I’m sorry love, we’ve been gone from the kitchen for too long.”

Leviathan grinned cheekily at Ry. “I apologize, little raven.”

He stares deep into Love’s eyes.

“Your mother wears the loveliest perfume.”


Asphodel: The Fan Thread 64008dfad6ce0340d7c7f4b4bda49998
"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Asphodel: The Fan Thread Empty Re: Asphodel: The Fan Thread

Post by Adrian on Sun Nov 11, 2018 12:56 am

oh god a part two????

I actually want more thank you Dylan

Asphodel: The Fan Thread A64726_6bab724690da4cbabd281635add02e0a~mv2
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Asphodel: The Fan Thread Empty Re: Asphodel: The Fan Thread

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Sun Nov 11, 2018 4:29 pm

Asphodel: The Fan Thread 33d631dc5fd74bbf5c6e4fe215c5def4
LL x Levi Part 2

“Steady breathes, eyes straightforward, don’t think about it too much.”

Leviathan whispered from a few feet away as Ry’El held her first bow at a target. Her brows furrowed angrily at the dummy full of hay, the little curl of hair that dangled above her nose annoyed the absolute sh*t out of her, and she was beginning to become impatient.

“Can I shoot now?”


“Why not?”

“Because you keep talking. Stop talking.”

She pursed her lips and breathed in more, waiting for her father’s command.

He could see the steady quiver in her arrow, the bead of sweat threatening to fall from her chin. The hot Sun that had made its way high into the afternoon sky burned unrelenting.


Ry’El let loose.

In a flash of a second, the bow whipped through the air, and made it’s home deep into the chunk of wood that rested only an inch away from the dummy.

She missed.

“Ahriman’s balls!” She cursed.

She took the bow and with a swift knee, broke it into pieces. She took her quiver from her back and launched it several feet into the air, where it landed, along with a dozen perfectly made bows, at Levi’s feet.

He stood there, calm and calculating.

“You’re never gonna learn to shoot if you can’t control yourself.”

She looked at him with surprise. “Oh really. Hand me your pistol.”

Leviathan knew where this stubbornness and spite came from, she had been this way ever since she was five, refusing to give up on piano (even after she had ripped the keys off the harpsichord.)
Leviathan without much hesitation retrieved his pistol from his holster and tossed it gently to Ry’El.

With a movement only matched by the natural process of breathing, Ry’El twirled the gun between her fingers, took aim at the dummy, clicked off the safety, and fired two back to back rounds into the dummy’s head.

Leviathan smiled. “Where was this energy a few moments ago.”

Ry’El growled. “Archery is stupid. Why can’t we do something a little bit more modern like hand to hand combat or espionage?”

“I’m worried about you.” Leviathan sighed. “But I guess you’re old enough to learn how to fight.”

Another Pic of Ry:
Asphodel: The Fan Thread 2604b6a64dd836958be926dad3a8b098


Ry’El was tired from a long day, and even more upset that her mother had tasked her with polishing all the glassware before heading up to bed.

Did the woman know how many damn glasses there were?

The Three Horns had closed maybe just an hour earlier, and all the noise of its customers had soon vanished. She could hear the creek of the wood panels beneath the tables, the owls that made their nests in the spare trees outside, the black cat which slept in the crack of a window.

All was quiet.

Until it wasn’t.


A ring came from her left ear. She dodged it, ducking under the counter and pulling out a dagger from the crook of it.

The noise had gone as quick as it came.

She looked up to see where that noise had came from, glass trickles down the wall.

Did he really throw glass at her.

“Some nerve! You could’ve cut me!” She shouted.

She waited for a response. For the attacker to reveal himself.

A moment passed by, and then a shuttering of feet.

Ry’El rolled herself around the counter and launched the dagger into the direction of the sound. A black figure rolled fluidly out of the way as the dagger landed with a THUNK in the pole of a high table.

He stood up, removing his black hood.

Levi smiled, almost out of breath. “Still no aim.”

Ry’El quickly grabbed a handful of freshly polished knives and darted them in the direction of her father, but he was too fast for her, ducking, weaving, and bobbing with little to minimal effort, until he was right up and close with Ry’El.

A blade came oh so close to her face.

“Good game, but you have to work on your stealth. Why would you tell me where you were after you ducked? I didn’t know where you were.”

Ry’El shrugged, a slow smile cracked across her face.

“I heard you before you threw the glass. It was a diversion, wasn’t it? Before I ducked, I saw your figure dance across the fireplace, and so I visualized where you were coming from. I played dumb.”

Leviathan looked confused. “Why would you do that if you knew you were gonna lose?”

From her nose came a small drop of blood, but she smiled victoriously.

“Look behind you.”

Levi let down his blade, and turned slowly behind him.

A barrage of knives floated, only inches away from where he stood, ready to fall fast into any unlucky victim his daughter chose.

She let out a victorious laugh, blood running freely from her nose as all the knives dropped in a symphony of shrieks onto the floor.

“When did you-” He was at a loss.

Ry’El took the cuff of her sleeve and wiped the blood from her nose. “It’s not easy but I figured it out a few months ago. I-”

Ry’El lost her balance, blacking out for a moment but finding the side of the counter to lean on. Leviathan ran quickly to grab her, sitting her down on a stool.

“You mustn't push yourself too hard. Things like that don’t come easy. You could’ve killed me with one knife, who knows, if you would’ve manipulated one more knife you could’ve-”

“Died? Blacked out? I know, I know. And I don’t care, I won, and there’s nothing you can say about it.” She winced, holding a cold spoon to her aching forehead.

He gave a half-hearted smile. “You’re right. You won.”

Footsteps came from the stairs, the tail of a long white dress and simple shoes came into the vision of the two troublemakers.

“What in Zion’s name did you do to my beloved eatery.”

Levi raised up his hands in surrender. “I can explain-”

Lady crossed her arms as she looked at the war scene that had befallen the restaurant. Broken glass, dirty knives on the floor, a cat that now has PTSD.

“Why is her nose bleeding?”

“It’s nothing mom, I slipped and fell.”

Levi threw Ry’El a glance. “Best we come clean, Little Raven.”

Lady Love scowled at him, waiting for an answer.

“I was teaching Ry’El how to fight and she ended up almost killing me. That’s how I found out that she has abilities.”

“Abilities?” Lady Love quipped.

“Just the one, I can move little things.” Ry’El admitted.

Lady wanted to smile, but she was upset. “I just had the carpenter detail this floor, now you’ve gone and ruined it with your training exercises.”

“We can stay and clean it up.” Levi suggested.
Lady Love shook her head, tossing her brown curls behind her as she sighed. “It’s much too late now, and I’m taking Ry’El to the tailors tomorrow for a proper fitting. Off to bed.”

Levi padded Ry’El on the back. The two sharing a silent goodbye as Ry’El got up and walked past her mother for the stairs.

“Wait a minute.” Love chirped.

Ry’El turned around.

Love looked over her shoulder. “Kiss your mother goodnight.”

Ry’El stomped back, kissing her mother on cheek. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight sweetheart.”

Ry’El disappeared up the steps.

Leviathan started picking up knives off the floor.

“You have to realize at some point that she’s not going to get any better at fitting in if she’s always cooped up here learning about how to make a shiv from scratch, Coma.” Said Love.

“Doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t know how to. The girls got a gift, and people with gifts make enemies. There are lot of people out there who aren’t going to like her just because she’s a half-blood.”

Lady Love crouched on the floor, to meet Leviathan’s eyes. She placed her hand over his, halting his impulsiveness.

“She’s going to be seventeen.” Lady Love reminded him. “There’s no need for her to grow up fast. I know you had too.”

“You don’t realize how unrelenting people can be.” Bellowed Levi.

Love took his hand and rose with him. She looked at his black cloak, smiling at the memories she had of him in it.

“The world is changing, and we’re raising her the best way we know how. Though, it’s important to remember that she’s a girl, Coma. Not a young, rugged, Sheofolk boy on the streets. Not a naive, temple girl who only knew the words of false teachers.”

Levi nodded, his forehead meeting Love’s forehead. “Maybe so.”

“That’s why I’m taking her to the tailor’s tomorrow. I want her to look lovely for whatever lad she sets her eyes on.”

Love lost Leviathan in that moment. “Ah, a boy! She can barely comb her own hair, you want a boy in the crossfire?”

Love pulled him closer by the cloak. “She is growing, Up. She needs to grow. Up.”

Levi mumbled foul words, but Love paid no attention to them, picking glass and dust of his hair.

“Now off to bed, there’s work to be done in the morning.” She mused.

Levi nodded, kissing her goodnight, and leaving.

Love took another look at the place, where to start.

She rolled her eyes, picked up a broom, hummed a tune.

And put the polished glasses away.

Part 3 of 4 coming tomorrow

Asphodel: The Fan Thread 64008dfad6ce0340d7c7f4b4bda49998
"So tell me, about your friends. Those ones that . . . made you better or worse."
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Asphodel: The Fan Thread Empty Re: Asphodel: The Fan Thread

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