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Soulblade FAN THREAD!

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Soulblade FAN THREAD! Empty Soulblade FAN THREAD!

Post by Sal on Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:39 pm

Soulblade FAN THREAD! 7gitnUM

|| APP THREAD || Jul 10, 2018 3:20 am EST || RP THREAD ||


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Soulblade FAN THREAD! Empty Re: Soulblade FAN THREAD!

Post by Fix-It on Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:48 pm

heres fuyu in the artstyle of danganronpa! because im garbage.
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Soulblade FAN THREAD! 15qxdsl_th

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Soulblade FAN THREAD! Empty Re: Soulblade FAN THREAD!

Post by Paradox on Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:47 pm

Hey everyone! This is basically an info dump on Saara and its politics and military, I just wanted to give everyone an idea of what they're about, since I'm expecting them to do some stuff during the RPG, and I had nothing better to do on my flight than write this up.

The United Republic of Saara (Saaran: Adisavaltea Saara) is a confederal republic near but outside the Federation, located on the island planet of Saara.  Saara’s culture and government are heavily based on the landscape of Saara, a vibrant and deadly world, covered 95% in water, the few islands mountainous and home to a large diversity of species.  The difficult surroundings that the Saarans grew up in has led to their disciplined culture and their equally disciplined republic.  Their nation state is fiercely nationalistic with strong meritocratic and liberal traditions, though with some authoritarian issues.  Most Saarans live in cities most of which are built on the water including the capital, Kalevau.

- Saara's government’s structure is inspired primarily by the governments of Germany and Austria, as well as the Mars Congressional Republic from The Expanse

- The Saaran Language is a conlang currently under construction based primarily on Finnish and Romanian.

- Saara's motto is Freedom or Death (Vare tai Kulemea) until I can come up with something better.

The Saaran Government:
Saara’s government consists of 3 branches, an executive branch, a judicial branch, and a particularly powerful legislative branch.

The Legislature consists of the National Council, ~600 Councillors elected every 4 years by the Mixed-Member Proportional System from across Saara, and the Federal Assembly, ~200 Assemblymen chosen for their positions by the ~60 Cities and Districts of Saara, according to rules set by each City and District individually.  Each City or District is entitled to 3 Assemblymen, and get to decide how these Assemblymen are chosen and how long their terms are.  The President of the National Council is the Chancellor of Saara, the Head of Government.  They hold the position until the end of their term, unless they are voted out by a ⅔ vote of no confidence.  The Chancellor is responsible for most Saaran affairs and is considered to be the primary leader of the country.

The Head of State, on the other hand, is the President of Saara, who serves a six year term, with a two term limit.  They are primarily responsible for appointing the interm chancellor while the National Council is voting, declaring war, and managing the many executive ministries, the largest of which are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of War, Ministry of Economics, and Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Saaran politics are directly tied to opinions of the Federation, due to the roughly 250 year long cold war between the two of them. The views on relations with the Federation range from War on one side, to annexation into the Federation on the other, with those nearer the center calling for more or less tensions with their much larger neighbor. Also, while Federation policy is the largest and most important metric that Saaran political parties are measured by, it is far from the only one.

Saaran Foreign Policy:
Saaran Foreign Policy for the last quarter of the millennium has been centered around the idea of preserving Saara’s independence.  While the Federation is an extremely dangerous adversary, capable of forcibly annexing Saara if it came to it, Saara believes it can preserve its independence by working to make such direct action difficult and not worth the Federations’ while.  The most common way they've done this is through the policy the call “Containment,” surrounding the Federation with allies to force the Federation into a multi-front war should they attack Saara.  They also try to not aggravate the Federation if it's not entirely necessary.

While the Saaran military is surprisingly powerful for its size, the Saarans understand that they would be destroyed in a head-to-head fight, so their foreign policy and military policy reflect this.  They try to subvert and interfere with the Federation’s operation more than fight them directly.  Most Foreign Policy work is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with significant assistance from the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Economics.

Since the election of Alea Korheu of the United Saara Party to the Chancellery, Saara has pursued a more confrontational relationship with the Federation, and have redoubled their efforts to gain allies wherever they can be found in the Cosmos.

The Saaran Military:
The Saaran military is renowned for being much more powerful than one would expect from the small country Saara is.  Most of this can be owed to Saara’s military culture and a continual arms race with the Federation.  Saara knows the Federation has access to weapons that Saara likely never will have, such as the Soulblades, so much of Saara’s military strategy is based around mitigating those weaknesses, utilizing long distance combat, lightning fast strikes, and advanced espionage and information warfare.

While Saara has a fairly sizeable Army and Navy, their Space Fleet dwarfs both.  9 out of 10 Saaran military personnel work in the Fleet, either in Saara’s vast armada of ships or in support and strategy from the ground.  While Saara’s Fleet is large, Saara has generally pursued quality over quantity, leading to a much smaller fleet then most other powers.  That being said, it isn't hyperbolic to say one Saaran ship is worth five Federation ships; they are generally high quality, and additionally have the best acceleration, max speed, and long distance weaponry and sensors of any military ship in the Cosmos. Saaran Stealth Tech is also excellent, and while it might not be the best in the Cosmos, it is certainly more than functional.

The flagship of the Saaran Navy and the jewel in Saara’s crown is the AVSN Mitaton, a massive warship bristling with every form of weaponry known to the Cosmos. Taking Saara’s long distance sensing and weaponry to the max, battles against the Mitaton are typically complete before the enemy ship even knows the Mitaton is there. The Mitaton is a terror to behold, whether leading the Saaran fleet into battle, functioning as a mobile headquarters for operations far from Saara, or carrying VIPs across the Cosmos.

Most Saaran ships either float around Saara or near the border of Saaran and Federation space though they can be found all over the Cosmos, working for Saara’s intrests.
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Soulblade FAN THREAD! Empty Re: Soulblade FAN THREAD!

Post by Sponsored content

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