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Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Cana on Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:37 am

"Where's home for you?" I asked. It sounded like she lived in a tropical jungle, or something of that nature. I guessed the Southeast could also qualify.

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Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Ace on Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:19 pm

"No worries, I just thought it might be nice to have something to snack on in case this went long," I say, opening up a pack of gummies and tossing some into my mouth. No matter what age, gummy snacks would always be my favorite.

"Oh, okay, that makes sense as to why you were late. Guess you just got distracted, huh? You didn't miss anything anyways, so don't worry," I say, taking a seat in the spots I'd saved us.

"Want some?" I ask as I pull out another snack.

When my half-sibling puts his hand on my forehead abruptly without much warning, I reflexively smack it away just as he says something about going to the infirmary.

"I am completely fine. Just shut up and sit down, you're causing a commotion," I groan. Honestly sometimes I wasn't sure how I could be related to these people. We were nothing alike.

Now that everyone was beginning to settle down, I begin to make my way over to the amphitheater, but stop when I notice something out of the corner of my eye. Making his way over to the stage was Chiron, in all of his full centaur glory, so I stopped and watched for a bit as the campers who had been nearing the end of their song quickly wrapped up and got off. Thank goodness for that.

As Chiron neared the stage, he seemed to be carrying something in his hands. I couldn't see what it was from all the way over here, but it seemed to be a large envelope or package of sorts. Did it have anything to do with why we were being gathered here like this?

"Hello, everyone. Please, settle down," Chiron announced as he took the stage, his presence demanding the attention of everyone in the amphitheater. After waiting a few moments for the chatting and shouting to die down, he cleared his throat to speak.

"I apologize for asking you all to gather here without any information as to what this is all about. I assure you it is not because I am keeping you in the dark on purpose - I myself was unaware of what there would be to tell you. However, after just returning from Mount Olympus, I can say there are quite a few things that will be of great importance to everyone gathered here. Unbeknownst to even me, I was summoned to Olympus in order to relay some of the matters discussed amongst the Olympians," he says, coughing again to clear his throat.

I hope he realized that some of the people in the crowd were probably already confused by his use of, as most campers would've said it, "big words". He was returning from Olympus though, so I could see why he was using this sort of eloquent speech as opposed to speaking in more simple terms about what had transpired up there.

"First and foremost, a vote was passed in order to... lessen the restriction upon gods being able to visit camp. As such, we may have visitors from Mount Olympus more often, so please be on your best behavior if this does occur. However, as you all know the gods are quite busy with all their other endeavors, so please don't expect one every week - I'm sure they will decide when is best for them. Zeus still needs to grant permission, and Dionysus will be notified whenever a visitor is coming, so whenever I receive the information I will try to pass it on so that you are all aware."

Continuing right along, Chiron added, "I was informed that there would also be recruitment for a new minor god in order to deal with a certain issue I will cover shortly. Keep this in mind, but it is not mandatory to apply and the details are still being worked out so I was told it would be quite a while until this process begins."

"Additionally, Artemis requested that I notify the Hunters to prepare for a Hunt in the coming weeks. I'm afraid she didn't give me any other information aside from that."

At this point, Chiron's face seemed to darken as he paused for a few moments. Perhaps he was choosing his next words carefully.

"Finally, there main reason the meeting in Olympus was called. I must ask that you all remain calm, as this matter is still developing. Now then, I was informed that there has been an increased amount of monster sightings, not only in North America as one would expect but also in other locations around the world. Unfortunately, there is still very little information as to why this phenomena is occurring. As such, I ask for your patience in this matter. At any rate, it has been decided by unanimous vote that any demigod children at Camp Half-Blood will be asked at one point or another to head out to various international sites in order to curb the rising monster population until an explanation to this can be found. There have still been no orders for anyone to be sent out, so try not to worry about it until I can provide you all with more details as I receive them. To further clarify, these will not be quests given by the Oracle - this is an entirely separate issue from quests, which I was told would not be affected by this. I understand this issue is unprecedented, but I hope for everyone's cooperation and understanding in this matter. Once I know more, I will let the Head Counselors know so that they can disperse this information among you in a way they thing is best. That is all."

Chiron bows his head before turning and quickly making his way off stage. For a few moments, I could've sworn there was actually absolute silence in the Camp for once. Then, a few panicked demigods began to shout as they realized what this meant, and they tried to wrap their brains around how big of a deal this actually was for all of us. We had all been bombarded with three extremely important announcements all at once. However, aside from the fact that some of us might actually be able to see our godly parents and that someone here could be a god in the time to come, what concerned me most was the final topic Chiron had spoken about. Some of us who had never left Camp in years could essentially be picked to be sent off to any corner of the world at any time, and have to fight who knows what kind or how many monsters. Demigods didn't exactly have the longest lifespans, and the main reason was was monsters. If you thought about it in terms of probabilities, this was basically a death sentence for some, especially if they weren't ready for this sort of combat. Honestly, even for me this idea was a bit chilling. In a matter of moments, our very lives, our futures had become uncertain. As the chaos began to unfold as quite a few of the campers began to shout to others, I just wondered what this meant for myself. If, or rather when, I was chosen, would I be paired with capable demigods? Which of us would return, and how many of us wouldn't?

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Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Shaybaysasuke on Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:40 pm


I mainly tuned out the first two points of Chiron's speech, which I assume the handful of my siblings did as well. Most of the campers were probably either worried or excited that their godly parent might show up here one day but considering Dionysus was here all the time it wasn't a huge deal for us. I had nothing to do with Artemis' huntresses either, but the last point caught my attention. I sat up a little straighter, letting my arms rest on my legs as I listened to Chiron relay the news.

This wasn't good. I gave a nonchalant smile and shrug to the few kids in my cabin, trying to play it off as no big deal for now so they wouldn't freak out like some of the others, but this could mean trouble. I would have to find him later and talk to the other counselors too but for right now I stayed seated, waiting for the chaos to die down.


I glanced over at the huntresses once more at the mention of the hunt, finally realizing why they had been called here. I chewed on my lip as I realized what the increase in monsters would mean for them. Even if some of them didn't like me all that much and they weren't my siblings they were still connected to my mother and I would hate for any of them to get hurt.


Now I was awake. From the mention of the gods being able to visit to the sudden influx of monsters there was enough information to keep my head spinning. Not to mention the sudden spike of fear in some of the campers that I was taking in, making me feel even more dizzy than I was.

It wasn't even just the thought of seeing my father again (even if that was my ticket to getting more information about my mother), but the fact that everything was about to get a little more dangerous around here. For better or for worse.

Instead of panicking like some of the other campers I instead focused on taking some of that fear from them, the added panic not helping my nerves but at least I could help some of them think a bit more clearly. No one needed to panic yet.

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Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Adrian on Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:44 pm


...Increased monster sightings...

My body began to shake in slight panic, but considering all the other campers were freaking out, it was my job to keep cool. Why was this happening, though? Would this change anything? What about the demigods already out there, trying to live active and "normal" lives?

What about... what about the demigods that we can't seem to find?

"Excuse me, I... bathroom," I muttered to nobody in particular, scampering out of the amphitheatre as fast as I could. I needed room to breath - and to think.


"I... didn't expect to hear that."


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Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by WritingBookworm on Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:29 pm

- Electra -

Just as I'm about to comment on how Temple still had Niji and Constance beat by virtue of his hair's simplicity, Chiron launches into his speech. I look at Temple, trying to see his reaction. Our parents could visit us? How long would it be before Demeter or Khione visited, then?

- Clarissa -

I take a deep breath, steadying myself even though I'm already firmly on the bench. Increased monster sightings? Maybe that wasn't a big deal. I was one out of hundreds of campers. The chances I would have to go soon were few and far between.


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Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Lady Senbonzakura on Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:16 pm

By the time Chiron had finished his speech, Temple was immovable as stone. His frosty blue eyes were wide, and flickering back and forth at a dizzying speed. He kept his gaze at his hands, which were interlaced tightly in his lap so that they wouldn't shake. He didn't want to worry Electra, so he didn't look over at her, but he felt her gaze anyway.

Giving gods easier access to Camp Half-Blood? Had they lost their minds?! What if Demeter wasn't done? What if she took this opportunity to do more? What would she do next? Take his hearing? His sight? His life?

Temple closed his eyes, trying not to remember that night. When she stood over his bed and reached her fingers around his throat, and squeezed like it was nothing.

It was half his lifetime ago, but every second was still branded into his mind.
Lady Senbonzakura
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Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Sal on Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:20 pm

{ Alyssa }

I wanted to reply to Jayce, but Chiron made his appearance before anything else. Hearing his words made my stomach squeeze together, and my mind raced with the possibilities. I was expecting something pretty big, but this was more than I ever thought.

First off, my idiot. . . father, could show up any day to harass my siblings and mostly I. It was bad enough that he still existed, and his stupid high horse attitude was something he refused to let go. I didn't want him anywhere near me or Jayce, or any of the campers really. I didn't need him giving us a bad name for how annoying he was. Gods, I could only imagine how chaotic it would be with him showing up here and there.

Second off, monsters. I wasn't scared to leave camp, but I was coming to an age that was too close for comfort in terms of how easy it was for monsters to come across me. . . and now there was more? And what of Jayce? Or any of the other Big Three children. Most were older now, and had an even worse chance of survival. It wasn't that I didn't trust their skills, but even demigods have their limits when it comes to enemies. By the gods what would newer campers do if they were chosen?

I didn't even want to think of having the snack now. I wanted to sit there because I wasn't sure how to feel. It wasn't fair enough as is but now it was going to be worse.

My teeth gritted together, and my hands balled to fists. I wasn't sure what to even say.

{ Tessa }

My eyes widen with every new bit of information. I felt. . . worried, for everyone. Every single camper here already had it so hard, and now they were going to put through much more.

It was going to be a real mess for a while wasn't it?

{ Clyde }

I didn't even know what to say. This sounded like a load of bull shit to me.


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Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Kane on Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:32 pm


I pulled my hand to my chest, the skin somewhat red from his sudden outburst. Looking up at him, my eyes brimming with shock, I turned away from him slightly, my body facing the stage head-on before I gave a small sigh. Trying to turn to apologize, I heard Chiron step onto the stage and begin to deliver his announcement to the camp. Giving Judal a sad smile that I hoped got at least some of my contrition across, I turned to give my full attention to Chiron.

His news was just as shocking as Judal slapping away my hand when I had only wanted to help. This deployment impacted every single camper, old or young, skilled or unskilled. It seemed dangerous, cruel even.


"New Or-" I began, my words cut equally by Chiron's introduction as well as the shushing of the campers around me. It seemed that this was a big enough deal to warrant a silence that was rare at camp. As Chiron continued, his words turned darker and darker. There was, no doubt, those among the camp seated in this very amphitheater who thirsted for this chance to fight, but I was not among them, and I hoped my siblings felt the same.


Oh was all I could think as Chiron delivered his news, Tomte's heartbeat the only sensation I felt as the news sank in. I could only hope that the situation was not as dire as they claimed it was and that it was more reactionary on their behalf than anything.

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Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Adrian on Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:54 pm


"Hey, Zetao's just trying to help," I reasoned with Judal. "Let's all just take it easy. This is... Tough news to deal with."


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Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by boyhoy on Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:28 pm

I close the book as Chiron begins speaking, my outer persona remaining the same though internally, I was starting to freak out a bit. Things must be bad if Olympus was voting to send us out into the world to fight monsters for them. Sure they normally regarded us with only some semblance of decency, but at least we were sent out due to quests. Never before had we been forced to just leave like this.

Looking around at the campers gathered, I couldn't help but wonder how many faces I would see for the last time here tonight.

I pale at the mention that we could be sent out to fight monsters that weren't even part of quests. Were the Gods insane?! How did Aphrodite even vote for this. Like, had she looked at the demigods who were claimed in her cabin lately?! A Twitter feud? I got you. A battle of sass, no problem! But actually going out of Camp to fight real monsters that could, like, kill me? No thank you!! Why couldn't the fighty people just take care of that for us?

Halfway through Chiron's speech, I become distracted by an ant that was crawling across the ground of the amphitheater. It had apparently detected a crumb of chip I had dropped and was now struggling to carry it back to wherever its home was.

"Come on, little ant! You can do it!" I cheer for the insect, hoping it would be victorious in its battle.

I tilt my head at the announcement, trying to make sense of everything. I hadn't had much experience with Khione, save the dream, so I didn't particularly care if she visited or not. She meant practically nothing to me to begin with. I look across the way, spotting Temple's unique hair color almost instantly, and peer at my half-sibling to see if he had any reaction to the news. I hadn't spoken with him much so I wasn't sure how he felt about our dear goddess of a mother making a potential arrival. Maybe I should bring it up with him later. . . He was just so quiet though; it made it extremely difficult to hold a conversation some times.

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Re: Camp Half-Blood [ROLEPLAY THREAD]

Post by Sponsored content

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