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Irongale Fan Thread!

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Re: Irongale Fan Thread!

Post by WritingBookworm on Sun Jul 30, 2017 10:45 pm

'Eeeey. So you know the Anastasia AU short that Hime wrote? I kinda decided to write a sequel.

While the one Hime wrote could have technically been either an AU or canon, this one's pretty firmly non-canon. But still, it was a lot of fun to write (and it also ended up being a lot longer than intended).

Alric Aldaine woke up to a scream.

He catapulted up from his bed, and took a second to recognize that it wasn't coming from his sister, Karra, who was sharing a room with him. She was still adrift in a contented sleep, blissfully unaware to the screaming. Instead, the shrill sound was coming from the adjoining room -- the one Ophelia held.

"Ophelia?" he said, throwing the door open. She was still screaming, rolling around in her bedsheets, trying to escape whatever terrible horrors her nightmares held in store. Alric rushed forward, shaking her awake. "Ophelia!"

A pair of bright, emerald-green eyes lurched open.

"A-Alric?" she said. She took in the queen-sized bed she was sleeping in and the oval-backed chair stationed nearby, like she was only just starting to comprehend where she was. "But I . . . I was just . . . "

"Nightmare?" Alric said gently, sitting down on the chair.

Ophelia nodded, pushing herself up and sitting against the bedframe. She tucked a lock of stray black hair away, behind her ear. "I saw my family." Her voice was carefully controlled. She was fighting back the fear that had consumed her before, trying to be strong. But her voice cracked once again as she continued, "And . . . the execution . . . I could hear the arrows being fired and . . . "

She didn't seem to want to talk about it, but still Alric nodded sympathetically. He reached out, squeezing her hand. A few months ago, he didn't care too much for Ophelia. She seemed like a nice girl, at times, but they'd butted heads at times. The only reason why she was around him and Karra was because of the plan he and Karra had engineered.

Years ago, the Forevigor family had come under attack. Though Princes Kiel and Pippin managed to survive, due to being out of the city at the time, King James was killed, as well as Princess Briony. But, since no body of the Princess was found, there were some who believed that Briony was still out there. Though Kiel and Pippin had both tried to continue living their lives -- both were affianced to Noelle Amaranth and Irene Mai, respectively -- they were still clinging onto any hope that Briony might have survived.

To capitalize on the brothers' desperation and grief, Karra had concocted their most audacious scheme yet -- find someone who could pass as the long-lost Princess Briony, present her to King Kiel and Prince Pippin, and get drunk on the riches the Forevigor brothers would pay for her safe return. He and Karra had found Ophelia, conveniently amnesiac and bearing more than a passing resemblance to Princess Briony, and roped her into their con. If anyone could convince Kiel and Pippin that she was their long-lost sister, she could.

So the months had gone by, the Aldaine siblings teaching Ophelia everything they knew about etiquette, history, poise, and other things princesses were expected to know. Ophelia hadn't taken naturally to the lessons, at first ("She's the worst princess ever," Karra would frequently say to Alric behind Ophelia's back), but she had grown superbly. And, in the middle of it all, something unexpected had happened; Alric had taken a liking to the young woman.

Now, their true test awaited them. The next night, Ophelia was scheduled to meet the Forevigor brothers here in Foolshold, where she would have to convince them that she was, indeed, Princess Briony. Ophelia was nervous about the upcoming meeting. So was Alric . . . to an extent.

The thing was, Ophelia was starting to convince him that she was actually Briony.

"If I really am Princess Briony," Ophelia said, "then that means my parents are dead. I've been searching for my family for so long, and they'll have been gone all this time."

"But you'll still have two brothers," Alric said. He squeezed her hand again. "And you'll finally be able to discover who you really are."

She still didn't look convinced. "It's been so long. Kiel and Pippin have fiances now. What if they don't love me anymore?"

"I have the feeling the Forevigor brothers will always love their sister." Then he added with a smirk, "They'd be stupid not to. Both you and Princess Briony are just too lovable."

Ophelia blushed, but the sentence also got her lips to start curving into a smile. "You talk like you knew her."

"Well, 'knew' her is probably an exaggeration. But I did see her, once."

"All of this time together, and you never told me?" She shook her head, starting to sound like herself again as she said, "Shame on you."

"It just . . . never came up?" Alric tried lamely.

Ophelia elbowed him. "Every day has been focused on being like Princess Briony. There were plenty of chances for you to tell me." She inserted a pause. Then she asked, "What was she like?"

"Honestly? Incredible." He added, "I mean, I only saw her there for a moment. And I was ten, of course, which meant that I was impressionable, which in turn meant that a lot of things were incredible to me. But even then, the sight of her . . . it was breathtaking."

He came to a stop, expecting Ophelia to say something after that. But she just shifted her body slightly so she could face him at a better angle. She sat there, expectant.

It took him longer than it should have to realize that meant she wanted him to go on.

"She was young," he said. "Eight, I believe. But even then, she sat so proudly and so regally, like she was already queen."

"She was sitting?"

"Yeah, in a parade," Alric said.

He closed his eyes, immersing himself back into that day. It was a memory that was years old, but he could still hear the deafening cheering of the crowd and feel the heat -- instigated by both the sun and the little elbow room in the tight crowd -- stifling him.

"Back when he was alive, King James Forevigor would host a ball each Summer Solstice," he said. "Before that, however, came a parade. He basically showed himself and his children off. I attended one on a Sungar day, with my sister. The King came first, then the twin princes. Prince Kiel smiled politely while Pippin was just waving maniacally. And then . . . Princess Briony, acting in the way I described.

"And when I saw her, I started to run and shout out her name, and for once in my life, my eagerness beat Karra's natural athleticism as I made my way through the crowd. I got to her, reached out my hand . . . " Alric raised his arm skyward, like he was still there, scrappy and dirty and looking up to the Princess's face.

"And then she smiled," he said.

He put his arm down, clearing his throat. "Of course, the parade traveled on. The sunlight caught my eyes for one second, and the next thing I knew, she was gone. But even years later, I haven't forgotten the way she smiled. I wondered if I would ever find her again."

Now that he was done with his story, Ophelia smiled wistfully. "You're making me feel like I was there, too."

"I mean, maybe." Nearly the entire population of Albion had attended the parade that day. Even if Ophelia didn't turn out to be Princess Briony, Alric wouldn't be surprised if she had attended. He nudged her with his elbow. "Try recounting what I just did. Integrate it into Briony's story." Ophelia had to meet Kiel and Pippin tomorrow, so she had to be as passable as Briony as possible.

Ophelia hesitated, but tried anyway. "A parade," she started. Her eyes darted to Alric for a split second, seeking reassurance. He nodded, prompting her to go on. "A parade passing by," she said, and Alric nodded again.

She screwed up her face in an attempt to picture the scene. Her imagination -- or perhaps, her memory -- grew more vivid as she s, "It was hot, not a cloud in the sky. There were three floats. In the first was the King, tall and proud. In the second were Kiel and Pippin, and I sat behind them in the third. And from my place, I looked over the crowd of thousands . . . and that was when a boy caught my eye."

"Good," Alric said. "You're doing good."

Ophelia visibly relaxed at the encouragement. Her voice became more confident. "The boy was thin." Then, she added with an impish grin, "Not too clean."


She snickered. "There were guards, but he slipped through them. And then . . . "

The more she went on, the more bereft of uncertainty her voice was. "He called out my name, and ran through the sun and the heat and the crowd. And though I tried not to smile, I smiled. He reached out his hand, and then he . . . "

She froze.

Alric eyed her warily, unsure of what to think about the way she'd stopped so suddenly. "And then?"

Ophelia was looking down into her lap. Then, slowly, she brought her head back up.

"He bowed," she said softly,

Alric's eyes outgrew their sockets.

That was a detail only two people could remember. Himself . . . and Princess Briony Forevigor.

"Uh, I-I didn't tell you that," he said.

"You didn't have to!" Her eyes shone, brim with tears of joy. "I remember."

A chill swept up his skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake. The girl who he'd been trying to pass off as an imposter, the one he'd formed a bond with, Ophelia . . . she was . . .

Alric started to smile. "The parade -- "

"-traveled on!" Ophelia -- no, Princess Briony Foregivor -- lept up from her bed. "But with the sun in my eyes-"

"-you were gone," Alric finished, standing as well.

"But it didn't matter." Briony held out both of her hands in invitation, and he took them both. She gave them an excited squeeze, pouring more of her joy into him. "Because even then, I knew -- in a crowd of thousands, I'd find you again."

And so we did, he thought.

Alric stared at her, eyes lingering on her lips. Almost unconsciously, he moved closer . . . closer . . .

He had to tell himself to stop.

Briony was a Princess. It wasn't his place to connect with her in such a manner.

Though that hurt, the way he saw it, there was so much more that had been gained than lost. He and Karra would get their reward, though in the grand scheme of things, even that didn't matter. Albion was about to get its Princess. Kiel and Pippin were about to reunite with their sister.

And Briony was about to unlock both her past and her future.

He released Briony's hands, taking a step back. Now that he knew who she was, there was only one thing left to do.

Alric got down to one knee, and bowed.

"Your highness."

Credit to Hime for the drawing!

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Re: Irongale Fan Thread!

Post by Hime on Sun Jul 30, 2017 10:53 pm



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Re: Irongale Fan Thread!

Post by WritingBookworm on Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:49 pm

All the productive things I could be doing today and yet here I am:

Iliyana: [trips and falls]
Pippin: [catches her] … Whoa, Iliyana!
Iliyana: Don’t.
Pippin: I think you just--
Iliyana: Stop.
Pippin: --fell for me.
Iliyana: I would have rather hit the pavement. Put me down.

Kiel: I've lost my friend. Noelle. Have you seen her?
Stranger: What does she look like?
Kiel: [sobs] Beautiful.

Pippin: Hey wanna bang?
Pippin: *hang stupid autocorrect
Irene: Pippin, this is a verbal conversation.

Briony: Sticks and stone may break my bones--
Kiel: That’s a terribly inefficient means of bone breaking, Briony.
Briony: Wh.. No, Kiel--
Kiel: You need a large, sturdy rod.
Karra: Or a club.
Kiel: Or a large enough cliff.
Karra: Or your bare hands and loads of determination.
Briony: [takes a step back] Guys.

Alric: Don’t break someone’s heart they only have one.
Karra: Yeah, break their bones they have 206 of those.
Alric: …
Karra: Plenty to spare.

Kiel: Roses are red. Violets are blue. Sunflowers are yellow. I bet you were expecting something romantic, but no, these are just gardening facts.

Briony: [Drops and breaks mug] F*ck.
[Crashes and banging from somewhere in the house]
Briony: Oh no…
Kiel: [Crashes through the door]
Kiel: What in the frick frack tic tac patty wack snick snack quarterback big mac heart attack race track double back guy named Jack did you just say???

Karra: Thank you all for agreeing to see me.
Kiel: We didn’t… You just walked in and started talking.
Karra: I don’t have time for a history lesson, Kiel.

Pippin: [holds the door open for Kiel] After you.
Kiel: No, after you.
Pippin: I insist, after you.
Briony: [pushes past both of them] After me.

Noelle: You don't need to be so stressed.
Kiel: Okay but consider this: I am.

Karra: Truth or dare?
Briony: Truth.
Karra: What’s your credit card number?

Raemin: How are you feeling?
Iliyana: I’ve been experiencing a bad headache lately that seems to come and go…
Pippin: [enters] Iliyana!
Iliyana: It’s back again.

Karra: You have got to love knitting needles. I can make a scarf. I can make a hat. I can stab someone's eyes out. I can make mittens!
Noelle: What was that middle part?
Karra: I can make a hat.

Raemin: I don't sin.
Irene: I sin a little.
Kiel: I sin sometimes.
Atticus: I sin a lot.
Karra: I'm sinning as we speak.

Briony: Feels like you’re being a little harsh...
Kiel: Thanks, good note. I was going for extremely harsh. I’ll turn it up.

Alric: I’m having a problem with this person.
Karra: Kill them.
Alric: No.
Karra: Then I will kill them for you.
Alric: NO.

Briony: Pippin, you’ve had a lot of sex, right?
Pippin: When, today? Ehhh…some, not a lot.

Direnu: This vermin speaks of things she knows nothing about!
Karra: That is true!
Direnu: She has no respect!
Karra: That is also true!

Pippin: Alright, so you and I are married.
Iliyana: We are not married.
Pippin: Relax, it’s just pretend.
Iliyana: I don’t wanna pretend.
Pippin: Scared you’ll like it?
Iliyana: Okay, if we’re married, I want a divorce.
Raemin: Are you two like this all the time?
Irene: Yes, they are.

Briony: *does something cute*
Alric: Lol I don't care.
Narrator: But Alric did care.

Karra: Just because I am still young doesn't mean you can always come to me and talk about your problems.
Atticus: Is that why you made Raemin and Iliyana and Pippin and Irene hold hands. Pushed Noelle into Kiel's arms. Threw Wendy into the air so Felix could catch her and stole Alric's shirt so he would be half naked in Briony's house?
Karra: You don't understand how often they talk to me about how they don't know to start a relationship.

Alric: *sighing about Briony* Ever see someone so out of your league it's depressing?
Raemin: I have seen beautiful blonde Heijiki women, yeah.

Doctor: Any allergies?
Karra: Cowardice and weak-willed men.
Karra: And hazelnuts.

Credit to Hime for the drawing!

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Re: Irongale Fan Thread!

Post by Lady Senbonzakura on Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:51 pm

@WritingBookworm I am ALIVE.
Lady Senbonzakura
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Re: Irongale Fan Thread!

Post by WritingBookworm on Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:49 pm

Yo, so I made an Irongale quiz. Apparently you need an account to view the personality descriptions, though, and I don't feel like making the quiz again on a different site, so I have each result below. I know there are characters that I didn't put in, but I already had a lot. I might make another if people want me to.

Quiz Results:
You are Briony Forevigor! You're a kind, friendly person, sometimes to the point of naïvety. People frequently underestimate you, so they may be surprised when you reveal yourself to be a fiercely independent person, and someone who never stops fighting for those they love.

You are Pippin Forevigor! Though you've amassed quite a reputation for one night stands, you won't hesitate to be loyal to that one special person. Underneath the mask, you're enthusiastic and playful, though you know when to be serious. Sometimes, you may question your worth. But the reality is, nothing would ever be the same without you.

You are Kiel Forevigor! You have a cold, serious demeanor befitting someone meant for authority, and you don't always play well with others. But those who truly know you can testify to your big-hearted, gentle demeanor, which shows up only around a select few. You may be overly controlling at times, but it's okay. Just remember to relax from time to time, and that it's okay to trust others to do the work for you.

You are Wendy LaVane! You may be something of an oddball, but that means that there's no one that's like you. Your quirks are appreciated, and you're blessedly easy to get along with even in groups that have so much contention.

You are Noelle Amaranth! Calm, well-mannered, reasonable, and extremely beautiful, there's not much that isn't to like about you. But deep inside, you may be haunted by things of the past. Just realize that you're stronger than you know, and that, with time, all wounds can heal.

You are Atticus Hellmane! Your charming, well-spoken exterior hides a churning well of hate. You're ruthless, and willing to get rid of anything that stands in the way of what you want -- even if, deep inside, you know it's wrong.

You are Kiana Mordulane! You're a mischievous little thing, aren't you? You're spunky and fiery, sometimes to the point of rudeness and disrespecting authority. Deep inside, though, you're a good person, and just want to be with your loved ones again.

You are the Lady Iliyana Mahon! You're pretty social, and a source of positivity and enthusiasm, with a penchant for occasional cheekiness and savagery. You have a cause -- or a people -- that you're deeply committed to, and you're willing to do anything to make the world a better place.

You are Raemin Naroni! Though you seem pretty guarded and stoic, and aren't one to trust others easily, but you're actually pretty kind. You're immensely loyal to one certain person, and your devotion is admirable. You've seen enough tragedy and hardship to last you lifetimes, but keep going forward. Everything will be fine.

You are Karra Aldaine! Dear me, you're quite the handful, whatwith your arrogance, eccentricity, and tendency for the overdramatic. You harbor a lot of hatred for a certain group of people, but that stems from pain. You're actually extremely loving -- you just have a funny way of showing it.

You are Alric Aldaine! Though you may initially seem aloof and mysterious, you also have an adventurous and witty side that comes out around those you're comfortable with. You may hide this behind a nonchalant demeanor, but you're a caretaker at your core. Just remember that you don't have to shoulder everything, and that it's okay to talk to others about your own problems.

Credit to Hime for the drawing!

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Re: Irongale Fan Thread!

Post by Lady Senbonzakura on Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:15 pm

I got Raemin, which is probably opposite of what I am but hey he's not a bad person to be.

In other news, Iliyana's description is completely accurate. 10/10 Writing.
Lady Senbonzakura
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Re: Irongale Fan Thread!

Post by Sponsored content

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