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A Power Stone based RP?

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A Power Stone based RP? Empty A Power Stone based RP?

Post by TurquoiseWildfire on Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:27 am

So when I was more active on deviantART, I decided that I wanted to make a small RP group of my own, loosely based on my favorite Capcom franchise "Power Stone" as you could of probably guessed, I never recruited any members due to it being a relatively unknown title. The name of the group was PSDiscovery-RP if you want to look it up on deviantART

I've put summaries of relevant journals from the original group in spoilers for more information. Of course, since this will probably being more casual than the original idea, I'd be happy to alter the original formula if anyone has suggestions.

"A Guide to Power Stone and PS Discovery":
So knowing that Power Stone is a rather obscure franchise, I thought it would be best to write a journal detailing some of the information about the games that would be good to know before making a character, so here you are ^^

To begin with, Power Stone 1 and 2 are 3d arena based fighters created by Capcom and published by Sega on the Sega NAOMI Arcade Cabinet and later the Dreamcast. The first game is more focused on combo-based, one on one combat in static stages while the second is more of a party game, where four players traverse a large, transient stage while they fight amidst the chaos. It has way more items, 4 new characters, and while the combat system is simplified from the first, it's a far more energetic and active experience. There is an anime as well, but PS Discovery only goes by the games' canon. The games take place in the 19th century, but Power Stone 2 is very anachronistic, as Dr. Erode's world seems to be outside of time. Therefore, while your character may have a cartoony, steampunk-lite aesthetic, they can use the futuristic weapons of Power Stone 2 or your own creation.

This RP takes a bit from both, but more-so from Power Stone 2, as the worlds here are more sprawling versions of the areas in the game.  here is some footage of the game to shed some further light

(video of Power Stone 2 gameplay of which I can't post links yet)

as you can see, the whole goal is to beat your opponent by smacking them, using items, or collecting three Power Stones to temporarily "Power Change" into a mightier form of yourself. You have access to power drives under this time (basic attacks, mostly powerful long range projectiles or strikes) or you can use half of the remaining meter to use 1/2 of your Power Fusions, two massive attacks that cover a good distance, but can only use twice.

In our RP, Power Stones will appear in the heat of action in battle, as they are magical forces. Only 7 may appear in a fight at once, and in order to make one appear during your turn, after being in combat for at least one round (when all of the other RPers all post) you must roll a certain number to have one appear.

first turn: 6
if it fails that turn: 6,5
if that fails: 6,5,4

the probability maxes out at 6-4, and every time a character gets a stone, the number they need to roll is reset back to only 6. Once your character gets three, they will have six turns max in their Power Change form. Using a Power Fusion costs 3 of those turns (if you attack or use the power.), however, and if you have less than three turns left, you may only use power drives for the rest of that time.

if you want a good idea of how Power Changes look, here are the canon characters compared to their transformation, check out the character pages on this wiki:

(Link to Power Stone characters on the Capcom Wiki)

In terms of the ideas taken from the first game, it's mainly the home towns of your characters. There are 8 in total, but if you want to make up a country/city outside of these regions, you may. Just be sure to identify the city/town/area that it is based off, so everyone will have a good idea of your character's origin.

Here are the Canon areas on Earth:
Londo (based on London, England)
Mutsu (based off Mutsu, Japan; a snowy, Northern Prefecture)
Oedo (Based on the Edo region of Japan, Modern day Tokyo)
Mahdad ( Based on Baghdad, Iraq)
Dawnvolta (Based off Central Africa in a mining city)
Manches (Based off Manchester, England)
Tong-An (Based on Eastern Coast China)
Dullstown (Based on Midwestern United States)

There are also many items in Power Stone 2 that your character may either find for temporary use in an RP session, or carry one to use permanently. Feel free to either use any of these items or make up your own. Please keep in mind that some items (guns,bombs,fireworks,etc.) Will have ammo that needs to be refilled. The amount is up to you, but they will run out eventually if they don't have enough supplies. If you make your own weapon, please note that it will be subject to review. We will judge it based on if it is balanced or not.

The Canon items can be found in this walkthrough: (a general IGN walkthrough with an item list)

"Summary and Introduction":
The destruction of Dr. Erode's castle and the Dark Stone by the hands of the Power Stone heroes threw the world back into balance. The extra-dimensional space connected to the castle closed as well, sealing most of their treasures away as well. While Falcon and his rivals were saved, the gems that granted unthinkable power were scattered in that space, never to be seen on Earth again. Only one human was left behind, a lowly shopkeeper native to this otherworldly plane: Mel. After awhile, however, the girl grew bored of the world. Nobody was there to buy or sell. While she had everything she needed to live, the world was vast and empty.

Out of nowhere,  a new, mysterious white Power Stone appeared before her. Knowing that this sort of gem could make anyone's wildest dream come true, she closed her eyes and prayed.

"Let me out of this place. I want to be on Earth will all the friends and customers I've met. This land has nothing left for me."

And with a flash, a portal to Londo, Edward Falcon's hometown appeared.

All seemed well at first, but these portals (appearing as smaller Power Stones) multiplied in numbers. Around the world, these links captured unwary visitors and threw them into Dr. Erode's now derelict and monster-infested world. Now it is up to these heroes to explore the areas, only for one to find that stone and wish themselves away. Who will escape, or more importantly, Can the new generation of Power Stone Heroes erase the dimension entirely and bring its treasure back to Earth?

Welcome to the Power Stone World!


So in short, this RP takes place after the events of Power Stone 2, meaning that it takes place during the late 19th and early 20th century. The items and technology in the dimension are not bound by time, however, meaning that these characters can find and wield laser guns, scooters,and other anachronistic paraphernalia. A character's "Power Change" form is not bound by this either, but it still must be a reflection of their "true self", fitting in with their original character.  None of the original cast are in the dimension, as they escaped for good in the main series. The old areas exist, however; chock full of lesser Power Stones that allow for a character to transform if three are collected ( after being absorbed by their own personal gem.) These can be knocked out of an enemy very easily, however, and the change is only temporary. The energy depletes over time and must be consumed before the three scatter and disappear again. The Stones are mysterious entities, seemingly summoned by conflicts and action.  

In the RP itself, Power Change lasts for five posts (where you state that you attack), but using a character's "Power Fusion", a desperation move that causes mass havoc, depletes the remaining posts under this transformation by 3. If you have less than three left, you are unable to perform a Power Fusion.  DO NOT USE THIS TO GODMOD

In the end, I'm just a huge fan of this old, nearly forgotten series and it would be really awesome to create stories about it ^^ I'd love to hear your thoughts

If anyone is curious, this was my character from and his bio

A Power Stone based RP? Power_10
Orville Hendricks Bio:
Name: Orville James Hendricks

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Birthdate: 09/31

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 150 lbs


Orville is a moderately tall young man at 5'11" and weights 150 pounds. He is broad shouldered, having strong legs and arms from working on the railroad. The grown-up appearance given off by his jawline and goatee are contrasted by his soft, brown hair and bright green eyes. His skin can be regularly seen covered in soot and dirt though, as he has a rather dirty job.

He would rather wear clothes that are comfortable to him, so he dons the same type of outfit he wore back at home. The orange work-shirt and khaki colored overalls are a favorite of his, being his favorite color. He also has a pair of rugged, brown work boots and leather gloves that have seen a few years of wear-and-tear. He keeps two objects clean and neat, however: The hat given to him by his father, and the golden bolo tie that holds his Husk Stone.


Orville is a fun-loving joker in good times. Kind and open, he will take any non-dire opportunity to reach out and reach out to a potential friend. The idea of Southern hospitality has been ingrained since childhood, therefore he treats all people, whether stranger or friend with congeniality. It is with his friends that he will open his mouth, joke around, and be unafraid to make smart-alec comments or witty comebacks.

Regardless, The railroad worker is a social animal and a great friend. While kind, he can be rather impatient and quick to act in the presence of an obstacle. Underestimating his capabilities due to his background or appearance only serves to anger him even more. With this is mind, he can be swift to result to combat or smashing the problem with a hammer. Confidence, while a boon, can also be a downfall in this situation. Second-guessing himself leads to nervousness and indecision. He would rather act now and deal with the consequence as soon as possible.  

"Husk" Stone Appearance:

Orville's husk stone is a pink, hexagonal gem implanted into a golden bolo tie. While he always wears the stone, he keeps it on backwards in public, as to hide the stone from any possible thieves.

Fighting Style: Orville uses slightly sluggish, yet powerful kicks and hammer strikes to best his opponent. He is very skilled with his hammer as well, being able to pull off aerials, spin attacks, and even block with the mallet. He has a definite weakness against stabbing-attacks and projectiles, as quick strikes are hard to block with a hammer and his low speed makes him struggles to catch-up with a long-range opponent.

Skill Rank: (Please order these attributes from 1-5 in how proficient they are; 1 being best and 5 being worst)

1. Expertise
2. Endurance
3. Strength
4. Speed
5. Aim

Weapon: Giant Hammer-
Orville's hammer is rather heavy, making it a horrible candidate for a throwing weapon, but his dedicated swings can stun and pummel enemies to the ground. It's a great tool to force an opponent into submission, bat them away, or make his enemy see stars. It can only block huge strikes, however making it mostly an offensive tool.


Originally from Trion, Catherina, a city on the Southeastern coast of the United States, Orville is a current resident of Dullstown for his job. Hoping to make a good amount of money from the recent locomotive boom, he traveled to the Midwest to assist in the creation of the tracks. While he didn't know much about mechanics and the railroad system, he was a handyman at his family's mill, giving just enough preliminary experience and worth ethic in order With his employer eager for workers, he was swiftly picked up by company and began his work immediately.

It was hard work, but the farm boy made plenty of friends and business connections from his work. He was well liked by the locals, his boss appreciated his attentiveness on the job, and life was becoming far more exciting for Orville. One day, he was called in by his boss, a rich, elderly gentleman with the permits to construct tracks from coast to coast. The humble worker was offered a hefty promotion: the supervisor of construction in the Dullstown area. Orville agreed, shook the man's hand, and sat patiently as his employer left the room in order to grab paperwork from another office.

He noticed something shiny on the ground as the old man walked out. There was a glittering, gold bolo tie laying on the ground in front of the doorway. He stood up, calling towards the man and picking up the object.

"Sir, this fell out-"

As his hand grazed the fancy neck-wear, his vision was fogged by a white light. Orville felt the sensation of spinning for several moments, and before he could call out or say anything, he found himself in a large, well decorated hallway. He fumbled the bolo tie, wondering just what in the world had happened when a woman in an apron holding a key walked up to him.

"Ah you too? Welcome!"

She led him to his new room for his new life.

Name of Power Change: Rail Gentleman

Power Change Appearance: Rail gentleman is a mechanical amalgamation of gears, train parts, and Orville's original body. The lavish purple tophat, cape, and chiffon severely contrast the rugged, engine-like theme of the transformation. His weapon is a magical staff that appears to be a large railroad-crossing sign and even has train-like shoes, that lay tracks down beneath him, skating along and increasing his speed.

Power Drive(s):
Locomotive Flash-
Rail Gentleman points his staff in a target direction to summon a extremely fast, moderately sized, train-like projectile on the ground that fades away after about 100 feet. The collision knocks enemies into the air, and continues to travel the full distance.

Engine Force-
Rail Gentleman transforms into a locomotive and dashes for a short distance, causing a small explosion if he crashes into a target.

Power Fusion(s):
Dynamite Road-
Rail Gentleman snaps his fingers, detonating all of the current tracks that he has set up. This attack can have very little effect or devastate the enemy, depending on the location and amount of track has been laid.

Ultimate Railgrinder-
Rail Gentleman stops, widens his stance and spins, grinding on a circular track. This generates a firestorm of heat sparks that fire out in a moderately large, circular area. The attack traps and does a great amount of damage to anyone caught in the blast After the spinning ends, the immediate halt causes a huge spark around Orville, knocking away any of the foes that near him in the blast.

- Has a thick, Southern accent
- Is a great cook; he learned from "his momma"
- Enjoys chiseling intricate designs into the shaft of his hammer

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